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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 6, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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improvement when it comes to the pandemic. the change expected soon to the state's reopening tiers. how can you trust that some vaccine cards are real? the cross-country effort to keep everyone honest. addressing learning loss. the campaign just addressed in oakland schools. march madness champions. the baylor bears are bringing home the trophy to texas for the first time ever. good morning to you on this tuesday, april 6th. >> yes, we are going to get a check on our forecast with mike nicco, who is back. welcome back, mike. >> thank you. nice to see you and frances and reggie this morning. we've got a great start out there as you can see on live doppler 7. those low clouds will return to the coast. we have a pretty strong onshore
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breeze. but even where those low clouds evaporate, which is around most of our neighborhoods away from the coast, high clouds are going to roll in, and they're going to actually bring in a little bit milder temperatures. you can see 70s showing up into the north bay. low to mid-60s dominate most of the bay, and still a lot of the mid- to upper 50s along the coast into san francisco. i do have warmer weather coming up for the weekend. i'll have that coming up. governor newsom could be announcing a new green tier of reopening as more californians are getting vaccinated, and cases drop. amy hollyfield is live in downtown pet lima. amy, we're learning the county could move into the orange tier today. >> reporter: that is the expectation here in sonoma county, which with mean more businesses would be open to allow more people inside. so this would be good news for restaurants, for example. they would be allowed to double the capacity in their dining
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rooms in the orange tier, instead of the current 25% allowed inside, they'd be able to allow 50%. movie theaters would be allowed to have in 50% of their capacity. the next tier after orange is yellow. but governor gavin newsom is expected to announce a new tier, green, that would allow most activities to resume as normal as the number of covid cases continues to drop. >> we are nono these tiers. we had 13 counties this week move to less restrictive tears. we're seeing businesses reopen. over 9,000 of our 11,000 schools have either reopened for in-person instruction, or have announced a date to reopen for in-person instruction. >> reporter: here in sonoma
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county, health officials are still urging caution, saying they would hate to have a surge this close to the finish line. so big news expected today for this county, but caution still being encouraged. reporting live in petaluma, amy hollyfield. there are new details about the future of the oakland coliseum vaccination site. councilman alex padilla has secured an extension. now fema is in talks with the state of how to hand over to alameda county. the fbi is warning about a new scam involving fake cdc vaccination cards for sale as luis pena explains, it's a crime to use the agency's official seal without authorization. >> reporter: in a matter of clicks, anyone could have access to a fake cdc vaccine card. this is what 45 attorneys general across the nation are
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highly concerned about. the fbi categorizing this as a crime. >> we know people have been selling fake vaccine cards. it will make people less safe, and it will make this this pandemic last longer. >> reporter: josh stein is giving the ceos of twitter r r shopify until friday to respond. he believes these black market deals could lead to a wider implementation of a vaccine passport. >> i expect they'll be some form of digital signature. >> reporter: the concept of a digital vaccine passport has become more relevant, according to experts, as the april 15th date approaches, when california will allow theater performances, indoor concerts, among other private gatherings. >> it will likely need to be both paper and digital.
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not everyone has digital access. >> reporter: on a call with reporters, california's director of public health gave some insight as to where the state stands regarding vaccine passports. >> we're going to be following carefully with what the federal government comes out. if they don't come out fast enough, we will come out with technical standards. >> at least eight airlines are not waiting. the commons projects ceo says this digital pass is safe and could prevent fraud. >> the way the data is y the dah digitized. put it in what is effectively, a digital envelope. >> she's a member of the abc7 vaccine team, which is tracking all updates. you can count on us for the latest development as is new vaccine information comes in, just head to
5:06 am new this morning, educators at oakland unified school district have started a campaign to help low income students of color address learning loss from this past year. learning loss increased in march 2020 as many students didn't have access to remote learning, even after students received devices and hot spots. several students still missed months of instruction. vice president kamala harris is heading to chicago today to talk about vaccine equity. this comes after her first trip to oakland since taking office. she visited east bay mud's water treatment plant with governor newsom yesterday. harris was touting president biden's $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan. which includes modernizing aging water sources. >> we must understand how precious this resource is. we must understand the equities, and access to clean drinking water, and address it. >> the vice president also met
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with small business owners at red door catering, and promised more finance support for businesses in under served communities. the baylor bears are the ncaa men's national champions for the very first time. the game featured the top two teams all year. gonzaga went undefeated this season before last night's title game, but the bears started off hot, and never let up, dominating the bulldogs, winning by 16 points. a little closer to home, stanford students are celebrating the women's basketball team. >> the cardinal beat arizona in a thrilling game that went down to the wire on sunday. this is the third time the woman's team has won this title. stanford now has 127 ncaa titles. that's the most ever by any school in the country. fans lined the streets to congratulate them. >> we haven't been able to gather like this in over a year. it's just so important that we're able to come out and
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celebrate, not only them being the road warriors, but a championship. >> what is she dressed as? >> i couldn't tell, but i liked it. >> i just don't know what it is. >> this is the women basketball team's first win since 1992. >> yeah, stanford consistently one of the top college sports programs in the country. every year. úit's pretty impressive. let's take a look at what's going on. it's mostly cloudy in the east bay valleys. temperatures very uniform. from 44 at lafayette to 49 in pleasanton that is our spread. 51 at san jose. the most of us pretty much in the mid- to upper 40s, with increasing clouds. you can see the flags on the ferry building. they are upright, and blowing to the east, as we've got a west-southwest wind. an onshore breeze up to 11
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miles per hour, making that 49 degrees feel just a little bit cooler this morning. here's a look at your planner for today. it's full of clouds through the noon hour. the low clouds return to the coast, and the coastal valley. the rest of us will be dealing with high clouds and sunshine. just a little bit milder than yesterday. got a west wind at 11 at the golden gate bridge, where we're lacking in fog right now. pretty good for outdoor activities. just watch out for the pollen, it's going to be pretty high. as far as any ozone quality issues, absolutely none today, tomorrow,or thursday. let's turn it over to francis, and find out what's going on with the commute. good morning, everyone. mike mentioned some of those winds, and we're finding a high wind advisory as well for the altamont pass. that's where we're also seeing some of the slowing. for the folks making their way
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out of the tracy, westbound 405 is slow. you can see it's moving close to 20 miles per hour. then both hands on the wheel as you make your way across, or through the altamont pass with that windy drive. it's live out there right now. 680 southbound is on the right hand side looking good, as you make your way down 680, and down to the south bay we go, we have another live camera shot for you. this is 101 at 880. headlights are on our northbound 101. the road work on101 along the peninsula has been clear, so you're ready to go all the way into san francisco this morning. it looks like traffic a little lighter this week, with a lost kids on spring break. it is a race against time in florida right now, with toxic trouble at a wastewater plant. >> and the man who fired former minneapolis police officer derek chauvintook the stand in his trial. what the police chief said about the circumstances leading
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john burres is expected to announce a lawsuit against the city of danville today. it comes after a police officer shot and killed a man last month. police say andrew hall fired at tyrrell wilson after wilson pulled out a knife and moved towards hall at an intersection. abc news has confirmed the same officer shot and killed a man while on duty in 2018. the family of the victim in this most recent case is set to appear at the news conference at noon today. developing news in the murder trial of derek chauvin. maurice hall, the man seen in the passenger seat of floyd's suv is expected to plead the fifth amendment today while
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testifying: it comes after afte minneapolis's police chief testified. >> i vehemently disagree that that was the appropriate use of force for that situation. >> the er doctor who pronounced floyd also testified yesterday. he believes the primary reason for floyd's death of lack of oxygen. you can download it now for roku, fire tv, apple tv, or android tv. developing news in florida. more pumps are arriving today to help remove wastewater from a reservoir that's in danger of collapsing. if it does collapse, 340 million gallons of water could be gushed into neighborhoods south of tampa. right now, engineering are working to pump the water into surrounding water ways. a move that could harm the
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ecosystem. more than 300 homes are under mandatory evacuation orders. coronavirus restrictions are lifting across california just in time for spring full bloom. the famed carlsbad flower fields are once again drawing in visitors. they were closed most of last year because of the pandemi. more than 70 million flowers draw people from across the country, including some visitors who haven't been out in months. gorgeous. >> beautiful. do it >> guess who was weekend? you went? post pics. >> we need the photos. >> it's spectacular. it really is. inside my bubble, one of our friends just moved to carlsbad, him and his wife. so since they were in our covid bubble, we visited over the weekend and went to carlsbad. absolutely gorgeous. right around the corner from that is lego land. it's $18 to get in. walk around, check out all the
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different flowers, and i'm not sure you get to take some with you free, but you can definitely buy. it is acres upon acres, upon acres. really neat. in walnut creek wove got pretty much cloudy conditions developing right now. 47 degrees. south wind at 1 to 7 miles per hour. it will be partly cloudy away from the coast where it will be mostly cloudy. because we'll see more sun. it will be milder around our inland bay areas. still no rain in the seven-day forecast. you can see all the cloud cover coming in from the west as we have an area of energy. but not enough to squeeze out any moisture over top of us. so we'll call it partly cloudy and milder. 65 to 71 is our spread across the south bay. 60, to 66 on the peninsula. mid-50s along the coast to near 60 in downtown, and south san
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francisco. up through the north bay start at 67. end up at 73 near santa rosa. 67 along the east bay shore. about 69 to 74 in our eat bay valleys. around the state, you see increasing clouds and high 70s. 72 in l.a. 68 today in san diego. all right, lows tonight will be a lot like this morning in the cloud cover and mid- to upper 40s. here's a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast. we're kind of in a molding pattern, with morning clouds, sunshine, and then the cloud cover will go away. the sea breeze backs off, and warmer weather away from the coast saturday, sunday, and monday. open you enjoy it. abc7 is working to build a better bay area, that includes tracking how the economy is changing during the pandemic. in the south bay, recently
5:18 am
launched mask for meals effort. abc7 news reporter, amanda del castillo has a look at how works. >> things get 86ed in the restaurant business, we don't want them anymore. >> reporter: 86, c19. launched late last year, they started to put that branding on reusable masks and selling them. for every $500 made in mask sales, $100 of that goes to purchasing customer meals from a randomly selected local restaurant. these prepaid meals feed those who are furloughed, unemployed, or under employed during the pandemic. he says the money paid provides much needed support to small business owners. he points to cash boren, and an restaurateur behind the inspiration. >> those little bits and that
5:19 am
kind of activism gives us an excuse to spend our energy, time, and money to benefit the community that we live and work in. >> reporter: to date, more than $2,000 raised. close to 40 local restaurants have been tapped to take part, and 130 plus meals have been provided at no coast. >> it's more than the meals. it's the $400 plus masks that are smart, reusable, not going to landfill, that we put in our community. >> reporter: if you're interested in purchasing a mask, or restaurant, visit in san jose, abc7 news. >> that's awesome work. coming up here, we have the seven things to know this morning. also ahead, did police go too far in ukiah? the arrest on a busy street it that has residents angry, and looking for answers. and the special promotion
5:20 am
underway that just might inspire you to do some spring cleaning. first, a live look outside. it is 5:19, and we
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it's 5:21. if you're just joining us, here are the seven things to know. officials are expected to announce sonoma county will wil advance. we'll also expected to announce details of the green tier opening today. a lawsuit is expected against the city of danville. it comes after a police officer shot and killed tyrrell wilson last month. his family's attorney says wilson was homeless and schizophrenic. the san francisco could reverse its decision to rename 44 schools today. in january, the board moved toward to rename schools associated with slavery and other forms of oppression. alex padilla has obtained a vaccination site. after kind of a raw day yesterday, we'll start to liven things up a little bit today. 5 to 9 degrees warmer as we get
5:23 am
closer to average this afternoon. number 6, there's a high wind advisory for the altamont pass. traffic is also very slow getting out of tracy on westbound 205 as you connect to westbound 580. number 7, today's google doodle is spreading the message, wear a mask, save lives. it comes as several states start lifting restrictions. in today's gma first look, grocery prices have been rising since the beginning of the pandemic, and are expected to get worse this summer. >> in this morning's gma first look, grocery store sticker shock. >> i don't think anybody realized the magnitude of issues that were seen within the supply chain right now. >> reporter: whether you're buying your food or other staples online or in stores, it's not your imagination. costs are climbing. >> nobody wants to absorb the cost. so unfortunately, the person
5:24 am
who is going to bear it is consumers. >> reporter: the price we pay for groceries is up 3.5% over the last 12 months. for a family of four, that could be as much as $500 more a year. analysts predict it will only get worse this summer. coming up at 7:00 a.m., we'll have expert advice on how to navigate these looming price hikes and the products you can swap to keep your grocery bills from skyrocketing. with your gma first look, i'm rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. target is bringing back a program to get you to recycle old car seats and boosters. the company says you can drop off your old seats even if they're damaged or expired. in exchange, you'll get a coupon for the buyback program runs through april19th. coming up, another 90
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minutes of news. >> california hits a milestone in the fight against covid-19. the statewide positivity rate is now the lowest in the country. what doctors say that means as we try to avoid another surge. >> there's no doubt the pandemic has had a big impact. and a live look outside here at sfo. it is 5:25. we'll be right back.
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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now at 5:30, a major victory in california's fight against covid-19. we now have the lowest positivity rate in the country. but can we keep that going as spring marches on? > a community outraged. accusing police of going too far when making an arrest. santa clara shines a light on new businesses. the new lifeline it's offering to help them survive the pandemic. and a local scientist puts a new twist on covid research. how it's combinig the passion for problem solving with the magic of reading. we're going to begin with a check on our forecast this morning with mike. good morning to you. >> good morning joe jobina, reggie. you can see we still have that
5:29 am
onshore breeze. the low clouds are spreading across all of our neighborhoods. i know it's april, but we're already talking about may gray, and june gloom. i've got those terms out of the way, i won't use them the rest of the morning. the winds are fastest in fair field, which you would expect as we further into spring. you can see the low clouds bringing in not only the gray on live doppler 7, but also the gray you see from our exploretory camera at 15, pointing back towards the financial district. good news, the visibility is five miles or greater. the low clouds eventually will slowly pull back to the coast, and they'll shoot through the san bruno gap and the golden gate bridge. that will be the foggiest areas away from the coast. you can see temperatures in the mid- to upper 50s, from half moon bay to san francisco. we get to 62 at richmond. more sunshine at fremont at 67. as we head into our inland areas, where high clouds and sunshine will dominate.
5:30 am
a wealth of 70s in the south bay. the inland neighborhoods and also the north bay. warm weather is on the way for the weekend. i'll have that coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. let's get over to reggie for the news. we're expecting an update as soon as today on california's tier system reopening. the governor has been teasing a new green tier that comes as the state's positivity rate is the lowest in the country. amy, good news for sonoma county, because they could be moving tiers today. >> reporter: but that does get a little confusing, reggie. i've heard businesses get confused by these tiers. it would just allow fewer, if not all restrictions would go away for restaurants and movie theaters. and the governor says we're going to get to this green tier sooner than many people think. good news for sonoma county coming. we're expecting them to hit the
5:31 am
orange tier. doctors say they're still watching the situation across the country closely. they think california has done a good job of being cautious, and could avoid another surge. but they say it could come down to young people. that is the group where officials are seeing the largest surges across the country. >> until we can vaccinate the population that is continuing to have high rates of infection, which really is our young adult population. it's going to be really hard to prevent the spread, or the transmission of covid-19 infection. >> reporter: governor newsom is showing his confidence in his rate of covid-19 spread, by talking about this new tier. that would lift most, if not all restrictions. we're hoping to hear more about it today. we're also expecting to hear that sonoma county will move toward the orange tier. another step toward returning to normal.
5:32 am
live in petaluma. amy hollyfield. a new study is revealing a huge inequity among a specific group in california. according to usc researchers, hispanic immigrants ages 20 to54 are nearly 12 times more likely to die from covid-19, than american born men and women who are not hispanic. the death rate in that group is 8.5 times higher than whites. more kids are back in school in the south bay. cupertino schools just welcomed back grades k through 5th. kids will be on model for two days a week to start, working up to four days a week. abc7 news spoke with a second grader who is excited, and nervous at the same time. >> there's a few changes. and i'm not sure what type of changes they are so i'm a
5:33 am
little nervous about stuff. >> why are you very excited? >> i'm excited because i get to be in first and second grade for the first time. >> according to the cupertino patch, about half of students returned. the other half will continue distanced learning. happening today, san francisco unified school board could reverse its decision to rename 44 schools in january. the board voted to move forward with changes to the names of any schools associationed with slavery, colonization and other forms of racial oppression. but there was backlash as people pointed out historical inaccuracies. the school board is set to meet at 6:00 tonight. more relief could soon be coming for small businesses in santa clara county hit hard by covid-19. the supervisor cindy chavez is cosponsoring a proposal that would provide relief for
5:34 am
grocery stores and gas stations. these fees fall between 100 and, and $500 per business every year. >> any assistance we can provide, we should be providing. i think what's good about this, it's something they would have already built into their budgets. this really adds a little more relief to them. >> county officials estimate nearly 1,000 small businesses could benefit at a cost of nearly half a million dollars to the general fund. a san franciso institution is serving diners once again. tatich grill. the restaurant tried getting by on takeout alone. that didn't work out. now the owner says things are looking up. >> we've had about 120 reservations on the day. about half of those lunchtime, and we probably had another 30 walk-ins. so we're doing really good.
5:35 am
>> it's great to here. if you visit, you'll find a condensed menu. you can make reservations for parties of 2 to 6 people. if you are just by your self, you can walk in and take a seat at the counter. a video showing an officer beating up a man in ukiah. police say they are investigating what happened. wayne freedman has the story. >> it is the kind of video one might expect in a big city, but not a relatively small town. maybe that's why ukiah residents are so upset about this one from thursday of last week. showing police officers dealing with a deranged homeless man, walking naked down state street. >> the gentlemen wasn't at all aggressive toward the officer. he didn't advance toward the officer. >> reporter: family members describe him as being 25 years old, homeless, and bipolar. they said when a local hospital
5:36 am
refused to treat him, he self- medicated on lsd, got hot, took off his clothes. then officers arrived. video showed them using pepper spray, and trying to subdue him. >> he was not coherent. he could not follow directions. when you're sick like that and under the influence of drugs, you really can't understand. he was in his own world. >> reporter: ukiah police slamming his head to the ground, kicking him, and hitting him in the face. >> at that point, he's already on the ground. they didn't need to go any further. >> he had facial injuries. he has a concussion. he had a problem shoulder. >> reporter: magdelano has been hospitalized two times since the incident. the department did issue a statement, which reads in part, and i quote, we are aware of
5:37 am
videos circulating online showing a partial view of the incident. use of force incidents like this are rare, and there is an investigation underway regarding the incident escalation, and whether ukiah police principles and protocols were followed. attorney isaac sweiger has already signed on. he said the city should have trained officers to deal with problems like his. he is now at home with his family recovering. in ukiah wayne freedman, abc7 ews. iah wayne freedman, abc7 a new trend in covid cases in places where they're climbing. how the cdc says kids may be spreading the virus. >> and the new push to decode data science. sometimes that means refocusing on the youngest among us. first, a check on the weather with meteorologist mike nicco. >> good morning, everybody, on this tuesday. we're waking up pretty close to
5:38 am
where we were yesterday. maybe a couple of degrees cooler, but the cloud cover is definitely out there, and keeping us right around 50 degrees across the south bay. we go from from from from from 51 in cupertino. very homogenized thanks to the blanket of cloud cover. you can see the cameras on the ferry building, where the winds are gusting up to 11 miles per hour, coming in from the west, which means we are going to remain a little cool near the coast. look at those near 50s. 58 around the bay at noon. then we break free of some of the cloud cover and hit 65 at 5:00, back to 58 at 7:00. inland, we'll break free of the clouds first. that's why we're 69 at 4:00. but we're also down to 58 by the time we get to 7:00 this evening. here's a look at some of that low cloud cover. at least it's not foggy out there. so mainly cloudy, with just limited fog this morning.
5:39 am
cool conditions. then pretty comfortable for the afternoon hours. so everything is pretty good and green as far as the weather goes. for pollen, that's a whole different story. we have some new players. cedar, juniper, oak, and sycamore. notice the uv index now is almost as high as it gets for us. very high. so that means the burn times around 15 to 20 minutes if you don't protect your skin when you're outside, especially during the height of the day. that's something to think about before you leave this morning. also something to think about, the commute. let's get over to francis and find out what's going on. >> hi, mike. good morning, everyone. thanks for reminding me about the pollen. i'll take my allergy medicine after this. we've been looking at the bay bridge, there was some activity on the lower deck. it was due to an earlier stall that they had pushed toward the toll plaza. the lower deck is light at this point.
5:40 am
and a live shot of interstate 80 in emeryville. headlights move westbound. in the eastbound direction, if you are heading out of town, or up towards fairfield, heads up, there is some road work going on, and there is a full freeway closure as you make your way eastbound 80. there are street detours in place until 6:00 this morning. it will happen again tonight from 10:00 p.m., until 6 tomorrow morning. if you want to avoid that whole stretch, you may want to consider 680 at an ought until the and avoid the slow down. what's very slow is traffic out of tracy, crawling at 15 to 20 miles per hour. and there is a high wind advisory for the altamont pass. so both hands on the wheel as you make your way towards the 680, and 580 interchange.
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terminix. hi. the only way to nix it is to terminix it. youth sports are driving up cases of covid-19 among younger people. that's according to cdc adviser dr. anthony fauci. >> it's the team sports where children are getting together, obviously, many without masks that are driving it, rather than in the classroom spread. when you go back and try to spread where these clusters of cases are coming from in the
5:44 am
school, it's just that. >> it's still unclear if it's a more transmissible variant behind these outbreaks. one solution, of course, is vaccinations, but trials for kids under 16 are still ongoing. you can watch the full interview with dr. fauci at 7:00 a.m. on gma. you'll also find info on california's vaccination progress. data analysis has been critical to tracking and understanding the spread of covid-19. data science is a field that is fast growing, and few people can actually describe it. now a new children's book is trying to demystify it for young people, and maybe even some adults. abc7 news reporter, david louie gives us an inside look at the book. >> reporter: marketing executive, ryan kelly has a 17- month-old daughter. he realized he didn't know how to describe data science to
5:45 am
her. >> how many actual data scientists can't describe what they do to their friends and colleagues as well. so that's where the idea came from. >> over a 7 month period, kelly wrote this children's book, titled flora's the data scientist, and her magical mobile. in the book, librarian, florence, asks strategic questions to find out what things the book's characters like to read about. then she can suggest just the right book. >> the dragon peeked out, licking her cheek, smiling, and laughing. >> reporter: the book is aimed at readers ages 5 to 9. >> it's really about getting kids passionate about stem and problem solving, because this world is full of problems, as you know, david, and we need
5:46 am
the next generation equipped, and willing to help us solve them. >> reporter: the e book version can be downloaded for free during april, which is math and statistics awareness month. the paperback version can be ordered onamazon. >> there is a rhyming pattern that pops up again and again, and she gets excited every time that i read that to her. >> reporter: david louie, abc7 news. >> love that. okay, so this next story, get ready, everybody. some days are just rough. a reporter covering the spring weather in moscow was interrupted live on air, when a dog grabbed the microphone and ran away. she finished the report with the dog, of course. the video was posted on youtube and already has hundreds of thousands of views. >> we watched it several times, and i'm focusing now on this anchor to the left, because wait, are we going to see this
5:47 am
again? so watch. there it goes. look at her. she doesn't know what to do. >> i think that's when you have to embrace the moment. >> you really do. you have to see that it's a golden retriever, so most likely, this isn't going to poorly. >> she didn't know though. >> she didn't know whether to laugh or be appalled. that was cute. >> i was trying to see what that was. kind of like our circle 7 pins. >> and her hair was right. >> slick. >> i'm sure that's happened to all of us at one point in right? no. >> i wish. >> no? no? sometimes people in the crowd you're interviewing try to steal the microphone from you.
5:48 am
>> that happens. 100. >> right. yes. here's a look at san jose, we'll start in the south bay, where it's cloudy and 51. it's going to be mild around our bay, and inland neighborhoods. still pretty cool at the coast. partly cloudy conditions this afternoon. tonight, the clouds return, and keep us seasonably cool. it will eventually taper as cloud cover. it's going to be warmer for our bay area neighborhoods. more of this cloud cover, we'll see. we'll call it fall casts. you can see the lower clouds kind of melting back towards the coast, they'll be pushing through the san bruno gap, and also the golden gate. notice the high clouds will be dominant away from the coast as we head to the afternoon. by the evening hours, the low clouds start to march back to the east for our overnight slumber. when they do finally pull away we're looking at
5:49 am
near 70. 60 to 66 on the peninsula. just near 50s on the coast. 67 to 73 through the north bay valleys. along the east bay shore, 62 to 67. as you head into the valleys, 70, to 74 degrees. dining out tonight is going to be chilly at the coast. low 50s from 5:00 on, we'll drop from mid-60s, to mid-50s around the bay. low 70s at 5:00, to 53 degrees at 8:00. if you're planning for a pretty long dinner, make sure you're dressed accordingly. tonight, you can see the cloud cover. my accuweather seven-day forecast, just minor variations today, tomorrow, thursday, and friday. then you can see the warmer temperatures. even some upper 70s, inland, as we head through the weekend. >> mike, thank you. new at 6:00, chocolate covered coffee beans. the famous clock chocolatier
5:50 am
partnering with peeps. and a safe return to the chase center. the changes coming to the arena, as it gets ready to
5:51 am
5:52 am
a thief with an appetite for fresh dungeness crab was caught on tape breaking in. it grabbed live crabs and drops them in a cooler. the owner of the market says it looks like the crook had some experience. >> to be able to take two and put them in your car like this, it takes some skill. if you get anywhere on the wrong end of the business end here, they'll break your finger. >> the thief made off with 15 to 20 crabs, which
5:53 am
several hundred dollars. right now uber drivers are allowed to see ride destinations before you get in the car as a passenger. this is part of an effort to prove that drivers are independent contractors. now uber tells the chronicle, it is bad for business, because too many drivers are cherry picking lucrative rides. uber no longer has to prove that drivers are independent contractors, because they got prop 22 to pass. starting last month, ferryland opened its gates to a reduced number of visitors. activity is limited to slides. hamilton is coming to san jose. the award winning musical will run at the center for
5:54 am
performing arts. for all, all 2600 seats at the theater will be available for live shows. masks will be required. individual shows becoming available at a later date. nice to see that. it was fun on the small screen. live there in person, i'm sure it's got to be so much better. here's a look at what's going on. as our mornings become more homogenized, no more of those big spreads because of the low clouds coming in. our afternoons are starting to see some of that bigger summer very good. look at this. 53 at half moon bay. 57 in san francisco. we're seeing 70s show up. 56 in half moon bay. 62 in san francisco, to nearly 80 in fairfield by saturday. and sunday's going to be one of our warmest days moving forward. but it won't be at the coast. while we're hitting the 70s and 80s in the east bay. mid- to upper 70s in the south bay, barely 70 around the bay.
5:55 am
san francisco, all the way up to bodega bay. definitely looking more like spring outside. the san jose earthquakes will be playing their home opener later this month in the newly renamed paypal park. the quakes and san jose agreed to a 10 year partnership. paypal park will be outfitted with digital payment technology for a touch free experience. it is coming up in about two and a half weeks on april 24th. preparations underway at the chase center to welcome back fans. the warriors and the arena announcing a collaboration with clorox. sansanitizing stations will also be installed for vans. live events can begin starting april 15th. new at 6:00, as pandemic travel picks up, video of a
5:56 am
flight going viral on tiktok. the passenger that was kicked off of a southwest airlines plane. vice president kamala harris's first trip back to her home state. the promise she's making to small business owners. we have just five more days before the partnership with fema is expected to end. now we're learning more details about the effort to keep that mass vaccination site open.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. now at six a clock, and a pending lawsuit after a police officer shot and killed a man the announcement affected today in the east bay. a warning from the fbi about fake vaccination cards with the cbc logo, popular websites where they are being sold. we will find out if another bay area county can move up into the orange here today. is what we know about a possible new green tear of
6:00 am
reopening. >> good morning to you. welcome to do that, april 6th. >> yes, we are going to start here at the accuweather forecast and mike, good morning to you. good morning, jobina, reggie, francis, hi, everybody. let's talk about how we are switching from definitely early spring to late spring.late spri. it starts with our wind flow. what you are seeing is a definite onshore breeze. the winds are not very strong until you get to fairfield, that is what we always look at as we transition into the summer. they are coming right out of the northwest, and into and across the day and into and int the neighborhoods but because of that, we are definitely seeing a lot of cloud cover. i mean, look at all this cloud cover right now. right there. right across san jose. sold me to even that depict what that is going to do is keep the coast in san francisco in the cold to mid upper 50s, 62 to about 67 around the bay. will push into the 70s and most


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