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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  April 6, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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and finally tonight, high on hope. >> i guess here we go. >> legendary songstress mariah carey behind those shades, rolling up her sleeve for her covid-19 vaccine. and in true mimi fashion, when the shot of hope is delivered, hitting that high note. the song known for her multioctave vocal range belting out a note of gratitude. >> it's only part one, it's only part one, right? >> okay. >> and that is "nightline." you can watch all of our full episodes on hulu. we'll see you right back here same time tomorrow. thanks for staying up with us. good
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california has
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positivity rate in the nation, multiple states are seeing covid-19 surges. doctors we talked to our pinpointing transmission to one age group. the effort to keep local businesses afloat and impacted workers fed. i will let you know when it warms up coming up. abc 7 news starts now. building a better bay area, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. it is a cautionary tale, when we look at other states that lifted restrictions too soon. tonight california has the lowest positivity rate in the country but cases are jumping in some parts of the u.s. >> doctors are explaining what needs to be done to stop a new surge. the effort to prevent a 4th surge may focus on one age group.
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stone is live with this developing story and has the outlook from health experts. >> they are hopeful and optimistic that we are better prepared now than before but that concern is still there. >> it is a tale of two states right now, how to prevent cases and how to ensure cases rise, do not want to see the latter. >> reporter: he is referring to mass crowds we have seen in san francisco where the positivity rate is 1% and places where we have seen surges like miami where there are unmasked crowds and a positivity rate of 10%. >> i will not be concerned as long as they do not come here. >> reporter: doctors we talked to are concerned saying the largest surges we are seeing involve young people who expanded their bubbles and could be facing new variance. >> young individuals in this country are not vaccinated, i
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am not just talking about those below the age of 16 but i am talking about below the age of 30. >> until we can vaccinate the young adult population, it is going to be hard to prevent the spread or transmission of covid- 19. >> reporter: doctor grace says it is a race against time to get the vaccine out and better prepare everyone for a possible 4th surge. monday night those we spoke with in san francisco say they feel those in the bay area have been more cautious than other places and therefore are better prepared. >> people are more educated here so they take more precautions. >> reporter: doctors are hopeful that californians keep their guard up as numbers continue to drop here but rise elsewhere. >> michigan's positivity rate is 14%, california is 1 1/2%.
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the governor will announce a new reopening tear comparing it to the bright light at the end of the tunnel so certainly a lot of exciting things happening here in california. abc 7 news. >> let's hope they stay that way. the texas rangers had their own ballpark was at full capacity with nearly 40,000 fans. no other major sporting event in the u.s. has hosted a sellout crowd since the pandemic started. the rangers had said people would be required to have a face covering except when eating or drinking. joe biden was among those opposed to the plan. we asked doctor peter from ucsf about the newly discovered double variant in california, his answer is it is the variance we do not know about that should have us worried. >> we should be concerned about
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variance not yet named. the more we have transmission in the country, in the world, he will have variance that could be scarier than the ones we know about. >> the doctor did express confidence in the current vaccines stopping variance but said we may get to a point where booster shots are needed. a focus on education, kids got back to class today. students in grades k -5 skated their way back on campus. the district is starting with a hybrid model where kids will be on campus for 2 days a week and work up to 4 ultimately. half of enrolled students return to class and the other half are staying home with distanced learning. senator alex visited the mass vaccination site at the coliseum. he says there are talks of a
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extension. a eight to kamala harris says fema has offered support to keep the site open. the fbi is lacking a new scam involving fake cdc vaccination cards. authorities are concerned. they sent a letter to the ceos of ebay and shop of phi asking them to prevent the sales of fake cards on the website. >> we know people have been selling fake vaccine cards. it will make people less safe and it will make this pandemic last longer. i expect there will be some form of digital signature. >> the fbi has advised against posting photos of your card because personal information can be used by scammers. we assembled this team to
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track all updates when it comes to vaccines. you can count on us for the latest developments. a recently launched mask for meals effort is helping to keep locally owned businesses in business. reporter amanda has a first look at how it works. >> when things are 86 in the restaurant business it is out of here. >> reporter: until the pandemic is over his message is loud and clear, 86 c 19. they started to put that branding on reusable masks and selling them. for every $500 made in sales, 100% of that money goes to purchasing meals from a randomly select did local restaurant. these prepaid meals feed those that are furloughed, or unemployed due to the pandemic. beyond a meal relief, he says the money paid provides much-
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needed support to small business owners. he points to a restaurant tour as the inspiration. >> the money will not pay the bills of a average restaurant or bar but it gives us a excuse to spend our energy, time and money toward something that benefits the community. >> reporter: more than 400 masks have been purchased, more than $2000 have been raised, 40 local restaurants have taken part and 130 meals have been provided at no cost. >> it is the 400+ masks that are reusable that we put in our community and starting the conversation about mask awareness. >> reporter: if you are interested in purchasing a mask or nominating a restaurant, visit the website. we will have that information on abc 7 news. san francisco's iconic
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grill is back up and welcoming diners back inside. the restaurant is open at 50% capacity with a condensed menu. they were offering take out until july the closed after deciding the model was not feasible. vice president kamala harris is in los angeles after her trip to oakland since taking office. she visited the water treatment plant. she was touting the president's infrastructure plan which includes modernizing aging water systems. >> we must understand how precious the resource is and we need to understand the equities and in equities of the distribution and access to clean water. >> the vice president also met with small business owners and promised financial support for businesses in underserved
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communities. she will travel to chicago to talk about vaccine equity before going back to washington. the man who fired former officer derek took the stand in his trial. what he said about the actions that led up to george floyd's death. a influx of coyotes is leading to changes at a popular hiking spot. smaller tech companies say it can be bad for business. we will lose some of the chill from today, i have a mild forecast coming up. first, here is a look at what is coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live. >> my beard smells like peeps tonight, which vaccine did you get? >> i got all of them. you never know.
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gma this week, octavia alive, toe for live, luke live, this week on good morning america. in minneapolis, the police chief took trial of his former officer derek who is charged in the death of george floyd. the chief called his death murdered after seeing video of officers kneeling on him. >> that action is not the
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escalation. >> derek snee on george floyd's neck for over nine minutes violated police training according to the police chief and commander of the training division. >> is this a trained technique when you are overseeing the training? >> it is not. >> and cross examination the defense arguing that the policy is different in every case they encountered. >> the reasonableness of a particular use of force must be judged by the officer on the scene rather than with the 2020 vision of hindsight. >> reporter: also trying to throw into question where his knee actually was. >> would you agree from the perspective of officer king's
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body camera it appears that his knee was more on mister floyd's shoulder blade? >> yes. >> prosecutors immediately attacked saying his knee did not move from his neck to his shoulder until right before paramedics came. >> did you see the defendants knee anywhere but on the neck of mister floyd until that time? >> reporter: the doctor that provided emergency care to george floyd was the first person to testify. he said at the time of the incident he believed george floyd died from a lack of oxygen. you can watch the entire trial on the tv application for roku and apple devices. a bicyclist is dead today at 4:30 am this afternoon. a man was riding and was not in the crosswalk when he was struck a pickup. the driver did stop and his cooperating.
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this is the 11th deadly traffic collision in san jose this year. a victory for google today, google's use of code copied without permission from oracle's java program does not require compensation, the code was used to create the android smartphone operating system. some companies fear the decision could harm their ability to profit if giants like google can swoop in. the goal is to create a buffer between their dogs and a family of coyotes. >> reporter: wildlife specialist jonathan is on a mission to keep some of the newest residents safe, a fresh letter of coyote pups. he is placing signs letting dog owners know that certain trails are off-limits to dogs. >> after today onwards you will see more of these.
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>> reporter: a unmanned wildlife camera captured these images of resident coyotes constructing a dan several weeks ago and monitoring confirmed the female was pregnant. >> we got a lot of footage of the alpha female over the last four weeks and she is very big. >> this is the couple's second or delivery. these images show a litter born last year being fed. eventually they are driven off by alpha parents to find their own habitat. >> each year that litter of offspring gets kicked out of this territory. we have one pair that is long- term. >> reporter: for the next several months the mother and father will defend the litter against threats, particularly from fellow canines species. for some it is a inconvenience but others we spoke with feel a kinship to help protect the
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pups. >> it is also their trails, if they are keeping us safe i think it is great. >> reporter: the warning signs show the limited trails that are off-limits which still leaves miles of pathways open to use. a well thought out balancing act designed to keep visitors wild and domestic safe. >> as for the female coyote, young says they are checking the cameras trying to learn if she has given birth, if not they expected to happen any day now. we will try to continue to follow that. it is a interesting juggling act to keep everybody safe and protect the coyotes at the same time. let's turn to the weather, sandy has our cooling trend that came in. >> there was a chill in the air today, you had to definitely put on the layers but it is easier to layer up then to deal
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with the heat and get uncomfortable. over all it did keep temperatures below average for this time of year. look at this view from our exploratory camera. we are looking at the marine layer over san francisco and a cloudy morning with patchy drizzle. cool at the coast and mild inland and we have spring warmth and store for the weekend. here is a look at the temperature changes from today to tomorrow. san francisco is 54 degrees, tomorrow, 5 degrees warmer. oakland is going up 9 degrees. san jose from 63-69 so 6 degrees warmer. we are moving toward a comfort zone for tomorrow. here is a look at how far behind in rainfall we are. 41% in san francisco and oakland so we clearly need more rain but the rainy season is starting to close. we have a few more months to
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go. let's hold out hope for that. live doppler 7 showing you the marine layer, visibility down to 5 miles in half moon bay tonight. temperatures anywhere from the 40s to the 50s now. a look at the hour by hour forecast, if you are commuting at 8 am, there will be some slick areas due to the drizzle and the higher clouds will continue to stream in throughout the afternoon and evening. temperatures in the 30s and 40s, you will need that jacket before you go and in the afternoon it will be a nice day along the coast, mid to upper 50s but around the bay, low to mid 60s. 67 and 69 in san jose. 70 degrees in santa rosa. here is a look at the seven day forecast, morning gray giving way to a mild afternoon. breezy and cool on wednesday, temperatures are coming down. back up again as we head toward
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thursday. minor fluctuations through friday and for the weekend, you have warm weather. mid to upper 70s inland. holding steady going into monday. that is a look at the seven day forecast. we do not have much to complain about in the bay area. a crab caper has a market owner boiling mad. that story is next.
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a thief with a appetite for fresh crab was caught on a surveillance video breaking into a fishmarket's tank over the weekend. the lock gets broken and the man reaches in and grabs live crabs and drops it in a cooler. >> the owner says it looks like this crook has experience. >> to be able to take 2 and put them in your car, it takes some skill. they can break your finger. >> the thief made off wimade 20 crabs which equates to a loss of several hundred. you can go to jail and lose a finger at the same time. >> do not get on the wrong side of business. chris is here with sports.
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sports on abc 7 is sponsored by your local toyota dealers. >> the making, the stanford women's team beat arizona by 1 point. their parade through the stanford campus tonight, the men's title game, here we go, baylor and undefeated gonzaga. starting hot, baylor led by 19 in the 1st but they went on a run. a dunk, gonzaga down by 10, with the 9 and the 2nd
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says it will get no closer, a team-high 22 earning the most outstanding player. the gonzaga head coach had no answer. 86-70 anding gonzaga's perfect run. golden state has lost 7-8 games. 4 games under 500. here is steve as he battles through the bruised tailbone. >> he felt really good. he said he woke up this morning feeling a lot better. everything seems to be trending in the right direction. the a's are looking for their first victory of the year. one minute zero. corey deep to center, a bases clearing double. four minute zero. oakland has given up 9 runs. allowed 8 in all 5. nine minute zero dodgers. the rookie providing the
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