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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 5, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> i am dan ashley. we are on vaccine watch because it is the best chance of beating the pandemic and building a better bay area. that's why we have put together the vaccine team, monitoring scientific developments, appointment bottlenecks, and looking ahead it with the future holds. >> tonight, dr. look patel and lose pina joins joins joins joio they will give us what we need when it comes to the pandemic. you spent the day looking at what could happen if criminals turn out these fakes at -- -- vaccine cards. >> they categorize this as unauthorized use of a federal agencies seal, like the cdc, as a crime. >> reporter: in a matter of clicks, anyone could have
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access to a fake cdc vaccine card. this is what 45 attorneys general are highly concerned about. the fbi categorizes this is a crime. >> we know people have been selling fake vaccine vaccine va it will make things less safe. it will make the pandemic last longer. >> north carolina's attorney general is giving ceos of twitter, and shop a fight until friday to respond. and, quote, take immediate action to prevent your platforms from being used as a vehicle to commit these practical and deceptive acts. he believes these black-market deals could lead to a wider implementation of a vaccine passport. >> i expect there will be a form of digital signature. >> reporter: the concept of the digital passport has become more relevant as the date approaches when california will allow theater performances in concerts and private gatherings. >> it will likely need to be
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paper and digitals, not everyone has digital access. >> california's director of public health, tomas aragon, gave some insight as to where the state stands regarding vaccine passports. >> we will be following what the federal government comes out with. we are also planning to make sure we come out with -- if they don't move fast enough, we will, with technical standards of what we expect. >> at least airlines are not waiting for the digital certificate. the commons project ceo says this digital pass is safe and could prevent fraud. >> the way the data is digitized, basically, it takes a record of the vaccination, put it in what is effectively a digital envelope. >> reporter: we are also seeing a lot of people posting photos of their vaccine cards online. it is an exciting time. the public is asking people not to post photos. they believe this is a way
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personal information could be stolen to commit fraud. in the newsroom, luz pena, abc 7 news. as more vaccines rollout, is the government considering implemented a vaccine passport? >> reporter: the biden administration made it clear that they will leave it up to states and the private sector to decide. dr. fauci spoke about this and said the government won't require a vaccine passport. >> okay. thank you. now, let's bring in a member of the abc7 vaccine team, we will start with your thoughts on what talking about, the vaccine passport. do you think that is something you would support? >> it depends on how it was implemented. the first thing i have to say with the passport, proof of vaccination, this is not a new concept. even other countries you travel, i don't think people out there, you know, are
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necessarily equating the two. we are ready have these vaccine requirements in many areas of society. already, the vaccine passport has been politicized. i think there is a misconception out there. people are saying this is a dystopian government. we have heard thatheard thatheat left to private businesses in the private sector. either you get a proven vaccination, or you get proof of a negative test. the one concern i have that experts have talked about, even the aclu, is that this was on a digital only system. we might be alienating those who don't have a smart phone, the elderly, the disabled, people who can afford a digital pass, there has to be some type of paper option. as the report mentioned, the paper option leaves an open window for fraud
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does have to be rolled out by private sectors. it'll have to be a diligent and equitable way. >> what seems simple is very complex. >> 100%. >> within 10 days, california will expand vaccinations to anyone over 16. the state just open vaccines to anyone over age 50. according to the abc7 news vaccine tracker emma 23% of californians are vaccinated. we are lagging behind most of the country. we rank 40 thirst -- 41st among the states in terms of percentage of people vaccinated. we are a big state. we are the most populous. but that can't be the only reason our progress is what are we doing wrong, what are we doing right, and what can we do better? >> i wish i could give you this in three quick sentences. i think we are trying to play catch-up to what is happening in december or january. there were structural issues. there were supply-chain issues. we saw in equitable distribution all over the state. it got complicated. they had to shut down because there wasn't supply. once counties started to figure
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out how to run their own show, we heard about this plan this p blue shield. i heard from medical experts and county experts across the state who were saying, why do we have to answer this third- party? it is also causing some confusion. one thing i will praise california for, in the beginning, recognizing we have equitable distribution, we heard governor newsom say we would have 47% of the supply go to these disadvantaged communities, on the other hand, there is a discrepancy on how those are being distributed. i think we can see how this pans out. the last thing i have to mention, as this expands, we have to have a smooth system. this has to be laden glitches. there are no appointments near me, some people say, or the system is down one day, it said there were zero.
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that system seems to favor people who have internet access, tech savvy, those who want to go to their community clinic, and see providers get the shot. it's a complicated state. their rates are not better than ours. it is like 20s or 30s. we have room to catch up. >> i have heard the same thing. so many people are having trouble with it. we have been getting conflicting messages. there might be another surge heading our way. we heard this ominous warning from the cdc, dr. rochelle walensky, listen. >> i'm going to lose the script. i'm going to reflect on the recurring feeling. we have so much to look forward to, so much promise and potential of where we are, and so much reason for hope right now, i am scared. >> but the very next day on abc7 news, ucsf
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gandhi had a different perspective. >> i'm not concerned for at least three reasons. number one, we are doing a good job at rolling out vaccines. second, we are peeling off restrictions, but we are peeling them off slowoff slow the numbers are looking great as they have been. i can bet anything we -- not have a fourth surge. >> all right, two doctors, two different perspectives, i'm having fun putting you on the spot, tonight. let's make you the tiebreaker. is california facing a fourth surge? >> i will first be humbled by the two previous physicians and their wealth of knowledge. i'm somewhat in the middle, but i will side with dr. gandhi. i don't actually think there will be a fourth surge in comparison to the weeks we have seen. cases are going up in some parts of the country. some parts have opened up and dropped restrictions overnight.
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they are being driven by younger people who are not vaccinated. we have to remember a large portion of some of these places, healthcare workers, people above the age of 65 have been vaccinated. there is immunity running around in the community as well. even if we had a rise in cases, which, we hopefully will not, we could see the same increase in icu and cases and deaths. i don't think that's going to happen. we might see a rise in cases, but it is misleading or fear mongering to say there will be a fourth surge. that doesn't mean we can let our guard down. if we can open everything like a floodgate, we lose sight of the vaccination, we could get in trouble. >> it is encouraging to hear. we don't have herd immunity yet. we had more than just a few weeks ago. is that correct? we don't anticipate the
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picture. >> remember, we can still see an increase in cases. some states are reporting that young people are driving the increase in cases. even now, young people having a much lower chance of getting infected, you will inevitably see those in the system. i don't want those to rise. what i am saying is i don't think we will see the deadly surge at this point that we have had in the past. again, and i stress this, if we let the virus run rampant, and it continues to mutate, and we let the variants spread all over the country, we could see a different story. that's if we do everything against what we know is -- what is safe. >> great information. that is really interesting,
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this perspective. of course, he is a member of the abc7 vaccine team. we want to get you answers. go to, and right there, you will have the blue box saying submit questions, here. again, that is is that is also where you will find some of the charts and graphs we have been referring to so you can eat -- keep an eye on the vaccination progress. thanks again. talking more about vaccinations, days were numbered for the most successful vaccination site in the area. take a look at the coliseum, where, for weeks, 6000 shots per day have been administered in part with the federal government. that partnership ends on sunday. however, late today, we will keep it going. the abc7 news report has the latest. >> reporter: if you are eligible, please make an appointment and get vaccinated. >> reporter: alex padilla toward the vaccine site at the
6:12 pm coliseum, still getting shots at a rapid pace. more than 200,000 shots were given so far. fema will abandon the site after an eight week mission. >> it was a very >> reporter: keith carson says the coliseum site is a lifeline to many underserved communities, and easily accessible. >> the major freeway right there, -- >> reporter: it is why he and state and local leaderslocal les this letter to the acting director, asking authorities to keep the site running for another four weeks until the county could take it over. the response from fema -- >> it was kind of a denial letter of the the the the >> he says he is trying to broker a deal with the feds to keep the site running temporarily. how to pay for it is still a big question. >> we don't have a plan or commitment, we have the willingness of all parties.
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>> there is no way we can take from our existing vaccine supply to make up for all of the vaccine -- >> later, they confirmed that kamala harris says the site is going to stay open. there are still no details on who would operate it. abc7 news. a lot more busy monday, of course, tonight, the story of the bay area's biggest county waving small fees for small businesses and making a big bi next, the homecoming for kamala harris, the first woman vice president made her first visit to the bay area today and stopped in her hometown of oakland. >> reporter: i am spencer christian. we have an onshore breeze right now.
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the pandemic forced to the cancellation of the white house easter egg roll for a second straight year. that didn't stop the easter bunny from visiting the president on the first lady. >> as we celebrate the renewal in this season, we know that long before dawn is almost here. we will rebuild our nation. we will reengage and reimagine what we can be. can be. we will remember that with faith, hope, and love, anything is possible. >> the easter egg roll dates back to 1878 and is
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traditionally held the day after easter ringing thousands of kids to the white house. this year, biden sent out commemorative edible eggs to vaccination sites and hospitals. while the bidens were that, vice president kamala harris returned for the first time since taking office. she visited a water treatment plant with gavin newsom. the vice president the $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan which includes rebuilding our drinking water infrastructure. it would replace all lead pipes and modernize aging water systems. >> we must understand how precious this resource is. we must understand the equities and inequities for access to drinking water, and address it. >> the vice president also met with small business owners at red door catering in oakland. she provided more support for businesses in underserved communities. the vice president is back in the bay area for the first time since taking office.
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she arrived to some cooler weather. >> yeah, cool, gray, a little breezy -- >> it's like a factor. all across the area and around the bay, here's a look at what is happening. we have lots of clouds, high- level and low-level. we have a significant onshore breeze right now. 21 mile per hour gusts near novato and other locations are seeing speeds of 21 miles per hour. it is easy and all the cool side. we have mainly blue skies over the skyline of san francisco right now as we look at that direction from our camera. it is 52 in oakland, 54 in mountain view, san jose is at 67 degrees. it's a lovely view looking from the golden gate. we see blue sky and clouds drifting from the west. from novato, it is 60 in napa, 65 in fairfield, that is the
6:19 pm
mild spot at concorde in livermore, and a lovely view of emeryville, these forecasts feature clouds. there is a chance of patchy drizzle. the inland conditions for the next few days make it warmer over the weekend. let's take a look at what will happen overnight. the coastal clouds and low clouds are thinning out a little bit. high clouds will be streaming through. it will return as it gets underway. we will have a bright day by the time we get to midday hours. going into the evening hours, we have more high clouds screaming through, tonight. overnight low temperatures will be in the mid to upper 40s. it is a little chillier in the north bay valleys where we have 40 in napa. tomorrow, under the south bay, look for temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s. it is 69 in san jose.
6:20 pm
in palo alto down to mountain view, we have mid 50s with lingering low clouds. it will be chilly on the it will top out at 59 degrees. we will see upper 60s to 70 in santa rosa. east bay highs, inland east bay, we will see low 70s fairfield and brentwood. it is quite dry as you know. the rainfall season, today, the entire bay area is 50% of average rainfall levels. sfo and san jose are 40% for this time of year. it doesn't look better over the sierra. we are at 53% of average snowpack statewide. we could use some rain. we could use some snow. neither will show up in the forecast. here's what we can expect. it starts to get warmer towards the end of the week. over the weekend, we have high
6:21 pm
temperatures in the upper 60s to around 70. we have mid to upper 70s inland. it will be quite a change from what we experience, today. >> all right, thank you so much. coming up next, watch out where you walk your dog. you could come across a coyote ready to come experience floor and decor's grand opening in pleasant hill! comfortably shop our wide aisles and be amazed with our even wider selection. discover the perfect floor at the perfect price in whatever way is perfect for you. explore floor and decor's newest area location. now open in pleasant hill! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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san francisco wants to create a safe space for coyote pups at the city's presidio. that means every dog walker needs to pitch in in this effort. the goal is to create a buffer between the dogs and the family of coyotes. jonathan young is on a mission to keep some of the areas new residents safe, a fresh litter of coyote pups. he has been busy placing signs, letting dog walkers know that some areas are off-limits to dogs. >> after today onwards is where you will see more -- >> reporter: the timing is critical. an unmanned camera captured two resident coyotes constructing a den several weeks ago. he confirms and monitors that the female is pregnant. >> we have a lot of the alpha female over the past few weeks. she is very big, full of pups. >> this is the second delivery. a litter of pups were born last year, being fed by their mom. the pups were driven off by
6:25 pm
their alpha parents to find their own habitat. >> each year, the litter of offspring gets kicked out of this territory. they will literally have one pair that is long-term. >> reporter: for the next several months, the mother and father will defend against threats, particularly fellow canine species. they are closing trails that run process to the dens and areas where likely to run into coyotes. for some, it's an inconvenience. others feel a kinship to protect the pups. >> it's their trails, too. if they are keeping us safe, it's great. >> reporter: the warning signs show the limited trails that are off-limits. it leaves miles of pathways open for dog walkers to use until pumping season ends in september. it is a balancing act designed to use -- keep visitors safe. >> everyone is trying to live
6:26 pm
together. they are checking cameras to learn if the coyote has given birth. they expect that to happen any day now.
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get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. what you are seeing on your screen is the focus of a use of force investigation. it involves a naked man, that is why we blurred the video, and a small police department in northern california. >> the ukiah city manager announced an independent investigation. we need to know more to understand what is really going on. >> that's why we put wayne freedman on the story. here's what he found. >> reporter: it is the kind of video one might expect in a big city, but not a relatively small town. ab that is why ukiah residents
6:30 pm
are so upset about this one. it shows police officers dealing with a deranged homeless man walking naked down the street. frank shot this video from a few feet away. >> the gentleman was not aggressive towards the officer. he did not a grants towards the officer. >> he is homeless and bipolar. when a local hospital refused to treat him in crisis, he self medicated on lsd, got hot, took off his clothes, and went for a walk causing no problems. then the ukiah police arrived. video from other angles show them using pepper spray and trying to subdue him. >> he was not coherent. he couldn't follow directions. when you are sick like that and you are under the influence of drugs, you can understand. he was in his own world. >> reporter: and other video shows ukiah police surrounding him, slamming his head into the ground, kicking him, and hitting him in the face.
6:31 pm
>> at that time, he is already on the ground. they didn't need to go any further. >> they show injuries, he has a concussion, he had a problem with his shoulder. >> he had been hospitalized two times since the incident. >> reporter: abc7 did reach out to the police for their version of what happened. by late afternoon, they had not gotten back to us. that department did issue a statement which reads, in part and i quote, we are aware of video circulating online showing a partial view of the incident. use of force incidents like this are rare. there is an investigation into whether ukiah police principles and protocols were followed. >> it's a professional white whilst -- wash. >> reporter: he says the city should have trained officers to deal with problems like his. >> it looks like mental illness was a crime. that is wrong. >> reporter: he is now home
6:32 pm
with his family, recovering. in ukiah, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> while we are talking about the lease conduct, the police chief took the trial in derek chauvin who is charged with murder for the death of george floyd. abc7 news reporter andrea wraps up the testimony in the second week of trial. >> reporter: the jury hearing testimony from the police chief in charge of -- at the time of george floyd staff. he explained that this was not a department tactic and went on for too long. >> once there was no longer any resistance, and clearly, when mr. floyd was no longer responsive, and even motionless, to continue to apply that level of force to a person pronged out, handcuffed behind their back, that, in no way shape or form is anything
6:33 pm
is by policy, it is not part of our training, and it is certainly not part of our ethics or values. >> reporter: he faces manslaughter, second-degree and third-degree murder charges in george floyd's death. the prosecution has argued that he knelt on his neck for 9 1/2 minutes, causing his death. the sentiment -- hennepin county medical center tried to revive floyd and testified that his heart had stopped by the time he arrived at the hospital. >> was your leading theory for the cause of mr. floyd's cardiac arrest oxygen deficiency? >> that was one of the more likely possibilities. >> doctor, is there a name for death by oxygen deficiency? >> asphyxia is the common term. >> reporter: some argued that fentanyl and meth contributed to his death.
6:34 pm
dr. ling felt agreed. >> drug use, certain drugs can cause hypoxia. specifically, fentanyl. >> that's correct. >> how about meth and running? >> it can. >> a combination of the two? >> yes. >> reporter: sheldon has pled not guilty to all charges. the trial is expected to last another 2 to 3 weeks. andrea for ge, abc news, new york. you can watch the entire trial on the abc7 bay area connected tv app, available for roku and other devices. investigators are still looking into what drove a man to plow into two police officers, killing one of them. police confirmed the attack was intentional. they are digging into the background of noah green. he was shot and killed following the collision when he got out of the car and lunged at officers with a knife. capital police are asking them to increase security because ranks could be depleted by a wave of retirements. >> there are those who made snotty comments about,
6:35 pm
got all these police to protect one building. yep. it is the most important building in america because it's the seat of our democracy. if that building and the people in it don't function, we no longer have democracy. >> the other officers struck in the attack were released from the hospital over the weekend. >> coming up, one dad had a problem with his daughter, so he wrote a book about it. his story could help you, too. also ahead -- >> stanford survives again. >>
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a san francisco institution is serving dinners they reopened at 50% capacity. the dining room has been off- limits since march. they tried getting along on takeout, but the owner says, things are looking up. >> we are in the middle of lunch hour.
6:39 pm
we have had about 120 reservations, about half of those at lunchtime, and we had another 30 walk-ins. so we are doing really good. >> that is good to hear. if you visit, you will find a condensed menu. you can make reservations for parties of 2 to 6 people. you can walk in for a seat at the counter, which is always nice. officials are considering a plan to waive half $1 million in fees for small businesses because of the pandemic. chris nguyen looks into what a difference that would make for individual shops and stores. >> reporter: in the bay area's largest county, more relief could come for small businesses hit by the covid-19 pandemic. >> the strain on these businesses, they are holding it together by the skin of teeth.
6:40 pm
>> reporter: with an eye on equity, santa clara county supervisors are supervising a proposal that will provide a much-needed boost for smaller grocery store and gas station operators. under the new plan, registration and inspection fees related to weights and measures would be waived by the county for 2021. these fees fall between 100 and $500 per business each year. they are used accuracy and pricing, and preventing customers from being overcharged. >> any assistance we can provide, we should be providing. what is good about this, it is something they would have already built into their budget. this really adds a little more relief to them. >> the board of supervisors allocated $5.5 million to the county's department of environmental health, allowing the county to waive permit fees for gyms, restaurants and nail salons, who are either closed or operated in a limited capacity for much of the past year. as for this proposal, county officials estimate that small businesses could benefit at a cost of half $1 million to the general fund. >> this is a relatively small price to pay to help the community.
6:41 pm
>> reporter: the money will be reimbursed or future actions from the state and federal government. >> we make sure you get the protection as consumers that you need, and at the same time, the businesses are getting some relief. >> reporter: county supervisors will consider the plan on tuesday morning. chris nguyen, abc7 news. abc7 data analysis has been critical to tracking and understanding the spread of covid-19. data science has become a fast growing field few people can describe. a new children's book is trying to demystify data for people and adults. education is part of building a better bay area. david louis gives us the inside look at the book. >> reporter: ryan kelly has a 17-month-old daughter. he works at a data analytics company, but realized he didn't know how to describe data science to heather -- her. >> a lot of friends can't describe what they do to her
6:42 pm
friends and colleagues as well. >> reporter: over a seventh month period, he wrote this book called florence the data scientist and her magical bookmobile. the idea came from a domino data lab. the librarian asks strategic questions to find out what kind of things the book's characters like to read about. then she can suggest the right book. the illustrations provide interest. reading it out loud provides engagement. >> the dragon licked her cheek, smiling and laughing, and making her shriek. >> reporter: the book is aimed for readers 5 to 9. a lesson plan was developed for classroom use. >> it is for getting -- passionate about stem and problem solving. we need the next generation equipped and willing to help us solve them. >> reporter: the e-book can be downloaded for free during april at domino data
6:43 pm
the paperback version can be ordered on amazon. young bea is giving her dad's a favorable view. >> there's a rhyming patternrhyn that makes her excited every time i read it to her. >> reporter: david louis, abc7 news. there is science involved in forecasting the weather. spencer puts it to work to show you what to expect in the weekend ahead. head to the bay area app, it is cloudy. come experience the grand opening of floor and decor's newest location in pleasant hill! our expansive store is fully equipped with safe distancing guides, so you can browse our wide aisles and be amazed with our even wider selection. or easily order online, and pick up all the products you need for your flooring project curbside! so come discover the perfect floor at the perfect price in whatever way is perfect for you. floor and decor, now open in pleasant hill
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because that's power down time.
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all right, it is time to check on the weather. >> one minute we felt like there was summer, now we are heading back to fall. >> last week, we had record highs. now it is on the chilly side. it is generally in the low to mid 50s, especially the farthest inland location where some areas are holding onto temperatures in the 60s. here is a stunning view.
6:47 pm
these are the forecast features. clouds will increase. they are thinning out a little bit. there is a chance of patchy drizzle as well. there is a cool coast for the next few days. things will warm up in all locations across the area. as clouds increase, they will have temperatures in the 40s. it is chillier in the valleys. lows will drop into the 40 tomorrow, under relatively bright skies, highs will range from 50s to 60s near we will have a few upper 60s and 70s inland, tomorrow. here is the seven-day forecast. the temperature range will remain steady through the week. sunday and monday, we will look for high temperatures inland. it is still relatively cool on the coast. apart from tonight's possible drizzle, no rain in sight.
6:48 pm
>> we want the rain, but it does look pleasant. a stanford stanford stanfor women's basketball team is celebrating their third national championship in program history following a thrilling victory yesterday against the university of arizona. dustin dorsey was on campus as the celebration continued with a championship parade. >> the stanford cardinals, national champions in 2021 -- >> reporter: as the fight song suggests it is all right now on the farm after the storybook season for the women's basketball team ended with a national championship leading to a parade on campus on monday. it is the third in program history to add to the 27 all- time titles for stamford, the most ever by any school in the country. the tournament's most outstanding player sophomore, haley jones, talked about the moments on good morning america. >> it happened in slow motion.
6:49 pm
i felt the team with us and i saw the ball come off the rim. >> congratulations followed social media timelines, even the bay area vice president, kamala harris, sent congratulations to the team after completing the championship run in the pandemic. >> the championship parade started at maples pavilion, the usual home of the cardinal. it wasn't always their base this season. covid forced the team to relocate 100 nights as they chased the title. >> it was pretty relentless this year. we are on the road for 2 months. we grew closer. we are resilient. it feels severe to be here -- surreal. >> reporter: fans lined the streets to congratulate their team on the first championship since 1992. >> we haven't been able to gather like
6:50 pm
year. it is so important we are able to celebrate not only them being the road warriors, but a championship, you know, i'm excited to see a student body come out and have a good time, today. >> congratulations to the stanford women, 2021 champions, dustin dorsey, abc7 news. it is so much fun to see. congratulations. it is really thrilling. >> it is incredible. we have chris alvarez with more on that. >> we lost our voices in the sports department. as you mentioned, the stanford women's team returns home. plus, who is aaron rodgers with the former
6:51 pm
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welcome to sports. it was a party 29 years in the making. stanford beat arizona by point. that is the first championship since 1992. one freshman has a special connection to the curry family. their moms were roommates college. last night, he was right there in san antonio, cheering on their goddaughter. they faced time after the game, but made sure to shut him out like a proud older brother last night. >> it is awesome to know she picked the right school. she has an opportunity to play and showcase her talents. she is surrounded by talent and
6:54 pm
greatness. it is awesome. all that thing went through with the getting it done, it is awesome to get that experience. i appreciate it. we have a big night of baseball ahead. the championship dodgers just got underway. the giants began against the giants -- padres. this is a sight we haven't seen for over a year. the texas rangers held their home opener with more than 38,000 fans packing the stands atthe ballpark which opened last year. they called it a sellout. the rangers lost. what a weird site. paypal has agreed has agree their stadium to paypal park. it will have the
6:55 pm
technology. the community will be a focus. the quakes are having 250 seat reserved section for underserved members of the community as well as spotlighting local businesses through signs and marketing out there games. the new york jets have traded sam darnold to the panthers for a couple low round picks. he was the number three pick just a few years ago. the jets have been the number two pick in the draft, expected to take the quarterback. the niners are at number three. the nfl draft begins on thursday on abc7. aaron rodgers is taking the stage of "jeopardy!" tonight. he begins his two-week run with episodes beginning tonight going through next week. i asked him about a category that is difficult for contestants. >> one of the questions seemed like a layup to me. it was related to my team. nobody got it.
6:56 pm
it allowed for a nice little moment. that's what i try to do in the interviews. if anybody had athletics to talk about in their fun facts, i wanted to ask about that. >> you can watch "jeopardy!" after this newscast. it should be a lot of fun. more sports categories is my suggestion to the producers of jeopardy. it's the only time i do well in "jeopardy!" at all. >> it's your skill. that would make sense. i have one skill in sports. you've got to have a category you are good at. >> yeah, yeah. >> i think i did pop culture or pop music. >> history, i'm okay, sports, i'm okay -- >> maybe the three of us combined can be one decent contestant. >> thanks, chris. coming up on abc7 at 8:00, it's american idol followed by the good dr., then stay with us for abc news at 11:00.
6:57 pm
you can watch all of our newscast on the abc bay area connected tv app. download the app now and start streaming. that's it for us for now and this edition of abc7 news. thanks for joining us. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time. we hope you have a great rest of the evening. we hope to see
6:58 pm
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7:00 pm
but winning celebrity jeopardy! and getting to share the stage with the legend alex trebek is something i will never forget. alex was such a gentleman, so smart, so precise. i was in awe. and i will work hard to honor his legacy. scott, brandon, jobeth, let's get in the jeopardy! round with these categories... notice the quotation marks, and... scott. uh, fortune favors the bald, $800, please. [ laughter ] brandon. - who is the dalai lama? - correct. fortune favors the bald for $1,000. answer, the... and brandon, you found it super early.


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