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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 5, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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trip home to oakland for kamala harris, the first since the election. she began with a visit to visit east bay water treatment plant where she was joined by governor gavin newsom. there, the vice president touted biden's 2.3 trillion infrastructure plan which includes rebuilding our drinking water infrastrucinfrasc >> you must understand how precious this resource is. we must understand the equities and inequities of distribution, and clean drinking water, and address it. >> reporter: regarding safe drinking water, the plan would cost $111 billion. the plan would replace all the nations led pipes and modernize the country's aging water systems. >> reporter: part of the plan includes creating thousands of jobs. vice president harris then met with small business owners at red door catering company in oakland. which, last september, received government funding and was able to stay afloat.
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paris came to listen while providing more financial support for more small businesses located in underserved communities. >> sometimes, you can and tell when people are telling you the truth. and they are going to keep their word. i really feel hopeful. i believe this is going to get better. >> reporter: after returning to los angeles this evening, the president heads to chicago on tuesday to focus on vaccine equity. >> when harris arrives in chicago, it will be her first official visit to the city. she will be greeted by the mayor, lori lightfoot. in a tweet, the mayor said that she and the vice president shared a common goal, which is to focus on vaccine equity and getting to those hardest hit communities, dan. >> we could not help but notice the governor at the water treatment plant with the vice president, a sign of support for governor gavin newsom who
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is facing recall. >> reporter: you noticed, too, right? in politics, it is all about perception. like you said, the governor will likely face a recall election, and being seen with the vice president is important. it says, i support you. remember, the first lady, jill biden was at an event in california, honoring cesar chavez, and gavin newsom was in there with her. it's like saying we want to keep this guy as governor. >> those things don't happen by accident. thank you. >> okay. turning now to the fight against covid-19, the fbi is flagging a new scam that involves cdc vaccination cards. liz peña is part of our team and spoke to experts about the scam and how it could point to the implementation of vaccine passports or digital certificates of proof of vaccination. >> reporter: in a matter of clicks, and he would
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could have access to a fake cdc card. this is what attorneys general are highly concerned about. the fbi categorized this as a crime. >> we know people have been selling fake vaccine cards. it will make people less safe, and it will make this covid-19 pandemic last longer. >> reporter: north carolina's attorney general is giving the ceos of twitter phi until friday to respond and, quote, take immediate action to prevent your platforms for being used as a vehicle to commit these fraudulent and deceptive acts. he believes these black-market deals could lead to wider implementation of a vaccine passport. >> i expect there will be some form of digital signature. >> a concept of a vaccine passport has become
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more relevant as the april 15th date approaches when california will allow theater performances, indoor concerts among other private gatherings. >> we will likely need to be paper and digital for the reasons you mentioned. not everyone has digital access. >> reporter: thomas aragon gave some insight as to where the state stands regarding vaccine passports. >> i will follow carefully what the federal government comes out with. we will make make make make mak don't enact enough, we will, with standards of what we expect. >> reporter: at least eight airlines are not waiting for the digital certificate. the commons project ceo says this digital pass is safe and could prevent fraud. >> the way the data is digitized, take the record of the vaccination, put it in what is, effectively, a digital envelope. >> reporter: whose peña, abc7 news. and to to to to to to to
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to you will find the latest headlines and rules about who is eligible for a shot on now to the south bay where santa clara county offcounty off are expected to waive half $1 million in fees for small businesses because of the pandemic. abc7 news reporter chris wynn is in san jose. >> reporter: in the bay area's largest county, more area of relief could come forcome forcoo misses hit by the covid-19 pandemic. >> just the strain on these businesses, i mean, they are holding it together by the skin of their teeth. >> reporter: with an eye on equity, the santa clara county supervisor is bringing a much- needed boost forboost forboost operators. under the new plan, registration and inspection fees related to weights and measures would be waived by the county for 2021. these fees fall between 100 and $500 per business each year. they are used to to to to to to
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adversity in pricing and making sure customers don't get overcharged. >> any assistance we can provide, we should be providing. what is good about this, it is something they would have built into their budgets. this adds more relief to them. >> reporter: the board of supervisors allocated $5 million to the department of environmental health, allowing th county to waive permit fees for small businesses like gyms, restaurants and nail salons who are either closed in the mid- eight capacity -- limited capacity. about 1000 small businesses could benefit at a cost of half $1 million to the ge public. >> i think this is a relatively small price to pay to help úbusinesses in the community. >> reporter: the hope is that the money will get reimbursed under covid legislation or future acts by the state and federal government. >> we make sure you get the
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protection as consumers that you need, at the same time, his misses are getting relief. >> reporter: they will consider the plan on tuesday morning. in san jose, chris wynn, nbc 7 news. and iconic san francisco restaurant is open, toopen, tooo they are serving dinners at 50% capacity inside, and with a condensed menu. it is the first time the dining room has been open since last march. they had been offering take-out until july, but closed altogether because the model wasn't feasible. this is the oldest continuously running restaurant in california. it is the day many parents and kids in cupertino have been anxiously waiting for. students in grades kindergarten through five here at cedric elementary, the district is starting with a hybrid model where kids will be on campus for 2 days a week to start, working up to 4 days a week. the student returning rate is
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50/50. tomorrow, the school board could reverse the decision to rename 44 schools. in january, they voted to move forward with changing names of schools that had to slavery and racial oppression, but as you know, there was backlash as people ported out historical inaccuracies for some interpretations. others criticize them for focusing on names instead of reopening schools for inverse learning. a record number of people traveled this easter weekend. the tsa reports 1 1/2 million screenings yesterday. today on the 3:00 p.m. program, we talked with a health professor about his travel recommendations. >> for vacation travel or nonessential travel, complying with airline instructions in terms of masking, there are still going to be mask requirements on flights, buses and trains for some time to come. keep in mind, we are still going to need that mask. >> norma says that there is no
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full safety, here. there have been some cases for people who are fully vaccinated. those are milder if you are not vaccinated. >> peter ching march madness is a thrilling victory for the women, celebration coming up, and a new host there is a new host on jeopardy, this one with
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today, the supreme court ruled in google's favor in a decade-old support with oracle. the justices decide that google did not commit to build its android operating system. the decision goes on to say enacting copyright infringement in the case would risk harm to the public because it would make oracle a gatekeeper for the code. earthquakes home opener this month will be playing in a new park. the quakes and san jose agreed with paypal park. they will be
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digital technology for a touch free experience. the home opener is april 24th. season ticket holders have priority for tickets. "jeopardy!" will get a new host for the next few weeks. this one might be a little unexpected. >> here is the guest host of "jeopardy!" aaron rodgers. >> thank you, johnny gilberts. and welcome to jeop. >> that is chico native and super bowl champion, aaron rodgers, we spoke with him about this new gig. he is here with us now from throwing tight spirals to tough questions. >> reporter: exactly. he is considered one of the smartest players in the nfl. he actually one celebrity jeopardy in 2015. 2015. the opportunity to host the show, he jumped at the opportunity. he grew up watching jeopardy in northern california. the tradition still continues. he has the same football mindset of preparation and puts it into his hosting duties. >> i prepared hard for this.
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i really wanted to do alex's memory justice. i could do some crazy style of my own. the way in which alex did it, there are moments where i could add in my own dry sense of humor, some possible viral dry moments, but it was about being myself and doing his memory justice. >> reporter: wire so contestants -- why are they so bad at sports? as a great quarter back from cal, and the packers, is there any chance your clue comes up? >> you know, there is a sports category. one of the questions seems like a layup to me. it was actually related to my team. nobody got it. it allowed for a nice little moment, there. >> rogers will begin his two- week run as host starting, tonight. they run through the end of
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next week. you can watch jeopardy weeknights at seven at 7:00. why does no one get the sports questions right? that's the only category i get right. >> there are enough of those as far as you are concerned. >> is can do all of those for me. the stanford university women's basketball team is celebrating their third championship in program following their thrilling victory, yesterday against the university of arizona for the first time in 29 years the stanford women's team is coming home as national champions. >> that is it! stanford survives >> everyone on twitter is saying, if you are not watching, turn it on, now. the team was forced on the road for 10 weeks because of the conditions in santa clara county. it helped them repair for the
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ncaa tournament. sophomore haley jones won the outstanding player award. this is the third title in champion history, president biden and tiger woods sent congratulations on twitter on a hard-fought win. what a game. i hear you all smiling. what a game. >> fantastic, spencer, it was great to see, wasn't it? >> they were great games in the women's and men's competition. let's look at the weather that hasn't been what you would call fantastic. you can see that with the exception of milder northbay locations, most of the area is 5 degrees cooler right now than this area, yesterday. we had low lingering cl we had an offshore breeze to make the temperatures lower than they are. here is a view looking at clouds stacked up at the
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coastline. we have lots of clouds lingering. it is over 54 in san francisco. 64 degrees in morgan hill, and a cool 50 at half we are looking at some readings right now, 61 in santa rosa, novato is at 63, 68 in fairfield, 59 at livermore, and here is our view from the rooftop camera. we are looking at the embarcadero. we have a mix of blue skies and clouds. high clouds will increase, overnight. they will be relatively mild inland for the next few days. and even warmer pattern develops over the weekend. let's get a warm-up. let's look at the animation for overnight. high clouds will increase going into the morning hours. that is the condition morty -- morning commuters will
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see. we will see the high clouds getting thinner. some low clouds are lingering at the coastline. overnight, low temperatures will be in the upper 30s to low 40s, low 40s in other areas, and mid to upper 40s near bay. the highs tomorrow are 55 degrees at half moon bay, san francisco, 64, san jose will top out at 69 degrees, tomorrow. look for low to mid 70s. that will be the mildest region. we have mid to upper 60s to about 70 in santa rosa. now how dry is it? for the rainfall season to date, virtually, the the the th area is well below 50% of the average rainfall levels. it is really dry out there. if this pattern continues, we can call it dangerously dry. right now, let's hope for some rain. we won't see it in the next seven days. here is the seven-day forecast.
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look for a little bit of a cooldown. there are a few clouds increased. it is dry and mild. it is bright and beautiful on friday. going into the the the the the have high temperatures upwards of the 70s. we will see low 70s around the shoreline. we have 60 at the coast. it's a beautiful weekend ahead, we need rain and we don't see it shaping up anytime soon. >> thank you, spencer, much. masses ingenuity helicopter survived its first night on its own. the four pound chopper was on board the perseverance rover and look similar to a remote control helicopter. this one will fly for 30 seconds to take pictures of the surface of mars. it is scheduled to make up to 5 flights like that before it runs out of juice. some money up for grabs, if you haven't done your taxes for a few years, you could be giving away your money. it is not just businesses struggling to manage my type 2 diabetes
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target is bringing back its program to get people to recycle old car seats, boosters or similar products. it says customers can drop them off even if they are expired. ú digital coupon for gear. they have recycled nearly 80
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million pounds of car seats so far. this event runs through april 17 that all target locations. the pandemic forced the closure of the white house easter egg hunt, but that did not stop the easter bunny from paying a visit to the president and first lady. >> as we celebrate this season, we know that long before dawn is almost here. we will rebuild our nation. we will reengage and reimagine what we can be. we will remember that with faith, hope, and love, anything is possible. >> the easter egg roll days is back to 1817 and is traditionally held on easter monday, bringing thousands of kids to the white house. this year, the bidens had to settle for some billing -- sending out eggs to vaccination sites and hospitals. you could be on the verge of losing hundreds from the
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irs. $1.3 billion await taxpayers who did not file a 2017 federal tax return. the irs estimates that nearly half of those refunds are for nearly $900. the law provides most taxpayers with a three-year window to claim a tax refund if they don't file a return, the government keeps the money. i'm not sure if there's anything i can say to my family members to convince them to take the covid-19 vaccine. i'm not even sure if i'm convinced. hi darius, i think that people respond more to what we do than what we say. so after looking at all the data and the science about these vaccines, i got the vaccine. and i made sure my mom and dad got the vaccine. because these vaccines are safe. ♪ ♪
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i am robert strickler. i've been involved in communications in the media for 45 years. i've been taking prevagen on a regular basis for at least eight years. for me, the greatest benefit over the years has been that prevagen seems to help me recall things and also think more clearly. and i enthusiastically recommend prevagen. it has helped me an awful lot. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 newsnews
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the number of people fully vaccinated in california topped the 7 million mark over the weekend. as of today, the number is over 7.3 million. with all the talk of a possible fourth surge, we have not seen any sort of spike in the positivity rate which would indicate the transmission of the virus has picked up. the seven-day remains at 1.6%. california reported 2100 new cases, today, which is the average daily total. a new variant of covid-19 has emerged in the bay area. stanford researchers have confirmed one case of the mutant variate. they are testing other variants. the double mutant got its name because it carries two mutations in the virus that help latch on to cells. researchers have not said if it is more contagious or resistant to vaccines. it was first discovered in india, and could re--- be responsible for re-infections
4:28 pm
>> joining me to talk about this is dr. peter chin hong. thank you for spending some time with us, today. >> thanks for having me on. >> let's start with the variant found in the bay area. do we need to be concerned? >> i think we need to be concerned not only about the variant, but variants not yet named. the moment we have transmission, not just in california, but in the country, in the world, you're going to have the specter of variants who are scarier than the ones we already know about. >> so, big picture, how are we doing in the bay area? the number of icu patients has dropped. is this a final sign that we are recovering? >> yes. i think we have some good rest. now it is a real decline. you know, it's a combination of a bunch of different things, three things, mainly, the first is that we are vaccinating
4:29 pm
those above 65 at the national average. we are not suddenly reopening the floodgates like texas and mississippi. the third thing is, we have some level of immunity already as a state because we were hit so hard back in december. >> so, what do you think, then, of opening vaccines to people 16 and up in california? do you think that's going to help? do you think it is a free-for- all or maybe too soon? >> i think it is good. i'm not as much worried about the people who want to vaccines as much as the people who remain very hesitant about it. after a certain point, it doesn't become fashionable anymore to get the vaccine. there will be this core of folks who are worried about the vaccine. we need to get more of us
4:30 pm
immunized if we are really going to have enough henchmen and and a force field to come here. >> in terms of the groups of people who are hesitant to get the vaccine and concerns about that, do you think that will ultimately prolong how long we are in the pandemic? >> it would to a certain extent. there would be flares from time to time. every time you have a transmission event, you have the possibility that the virus will mutate to something we talk about the india variant of the california variant, there could be a michigan variant because there is a surge right now. these are things i worry about. above all, we are doing good in california. we have three icu patients in san francisco. one of them was at ucsf. that's the lowest we have had since covid started. >> that is positive positive po
4:31 pm
it is interesting to think about how this is interconnected. earlier in the show, that was the number one question. are we going to have a fourth wave in california? what do you think? >> i think it would be a small wave, but we would see an increase in numbers. that's associated with reopening. whether or not that will translate into bad stuff like people getting chronic symptoms, along holler syndrome, people are driving around the country. we can goodcan goodcan goodcan d want to in california, but there are hotspots in the country and around the world. it takes a plane, someone took an airplane from india.from >> right. do you foresee a world where we are getting booster shots every six months or every year? >> i think it all depends on how well these vaccines protect us. we learned that the pfizer vaccine is pretty good against
4:32 pm
the south african variant. that is surprising to to to to even though we have variants, maybe the current vaccine will work. i think it is a game of catch up. at the end of the day, most people believe that the w.h.o. or somebody would need to do surveillance of what is happening around the world and then decide if we are going to get a booster for the year. we think about what is going on in the winter and southern hemisphere. >> all right. dr. peter chin hong, we always thank you for joining us. managing type 2 diabetes? you're on it. staying active and eating right? yup, on it there, too. you may think you're doing all you can to manage type 2 diabetes and heart disease but could your medication do more to lower your heart risk? jardiance can reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults who also have known heart disease.
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i wouldn't have to do myself. all right, time for the four at 4:00. sonoma county could move to the orange tear, tomorrow. the state updates tear assignments every tuesday. sonoma, napa and contra costa counties are in the red tear while the rest of the bay area is in orange. states said they are preparing to retire this color corded reopening plan as more people are vaccinated and cases dropped. details about a green level are expected soon. it is almost going to surreal when they tell us it is back to normal. it has been so long. that's going to be a psychological adjustment. >> i would use the word clichc i am consciously optimistic
4:36 pm
am optimistic. it feels like we are moving in the right direction. i am also concerned about moving things open too fast and throwing away all of our cautious practices. >> let's start with you. >> i got my first real taste of it when i was in the colosseum for the a's game. i felt normal enough as much as it could be, with sporting events, hopefully, they get fans at the end of the month. i'm always bringing the sports vibe. >> in the words of gavin newsom, are we ready to meet the moment? i think the moment has arrived. i think one week ago, you are relearning, what do i do, exactly? how do i do this? it is funny that we are getting rid of a color-coded system and moving to a different type of system. we should stick to one system, here. we keep moving around. >> it is hard to remember.
4:37 pm
green? you know, any kind of reopening is good news. i think we are ready to do it. operations are underway at the chase center to welcome back fans. the warriors announced a cleaning collaboration with clorox. high-powered disinfectant products will be used on a daily basis. sanitizing stations will be installed for fans. last week, health officials said live events could resume on april 15th. the chase center has not announced when it will reopen. i think we have to toss it to chris. you must be excited. >> i'm totally excited. if anyone is ready for this, it is the warriors. they have been working on this since it started. they were the first people to have a plan. they tried to open for the season. they are one of the safest places you can be. they will be ready whenever the state officials and city officials allow them to. >> i felt bad.
4:38 pm
not long after that new arena opened, before they could get rock concerts and the things to help the facility make money, they had to shut it down. >> what do you think? >> unhappy it's going to be reopening. once again, being cautious, i would feel more comfortable at an outdoor venue. if they can make it safe as possible, i am ready to take in a game. >> speaking of cautious, the box office scored a big weekend, godzilla versus kong had a big opening week while simultaneously straining at home. it was the biggest opening of 2021, tom and jerry with 13 million, that was in late february. have you gone to the movies yet since theaters reopened? what are you looking forward to?
4:39 pm
probably the one that is on the horizon that will be a big movie they delay because of the pandemic is tom cruise and top gun. how about you, you, you, you, y >> i have not gone to the movies. i was thinking about that the other day. i'm kind of bored. what do i do? i guess we can go to the movies. we have these options now. i am really excited for steven spielberg's westside story. that was delayed. it is coming out around christmas. it is coming out around this christmas. >> i didn't have a particular movie in mind. now i do. the new westside -- at this point, i would go watch a bad movie. just to be in the theater with a bag of popcorn, feeling normal again -- >> any any any >> i would rather watch a good movie, spencer, then a bad movie. there is something magical about being in
4:40 pm
there are reactions you get. we will get there. >> i am with spencer on this. i am so desperate for the popcorn. now to a story all over social media. it touches a little close to home here as news reporters. a reporter in moscow, russia, was beginning her live report on the nice weather, and you've got to see this, a golden retriever jumped up, snatched her microphone, and took off. the crew chased down the dog, and the reporter continued to report uninterrupted. you can see the anchor is like, what is happening? >> in all these years, i have not seen that before. >> spencer, you are on remote a lot. >> i have not had that happen. i have had snowballs thrown at me while on the air. i have been splashed by a truck going by in a puddle. i congratulate that reporter. she is fast. she is in great shape. she tracked the dog down and
4:41 pm
made friends with the dog. >> i had some strange ones. you are often at events where people have had a beer or two. >> i met events like that. that's part of this adjustment is getting used to the fans being back. i have been in empty arenas and stadiums for a year. >> are you going to miss those people were afraid i was contagious. i felt gross. it was kind of a shock after i started cosentyx. four years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms,
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welcome back. the stanford university women's basketball team is celebrating their third national championship in history following their win against the university of arizona. dustin dorsey was on campus as the celebration continued with a championship parade. >> the stanford cardinastanforda new champions in 2021! >> reporter: as the fight song suggests, it's all right now on the farm after the stanford women's basketball team ended with a national championshipnati leading to a parade on campus. it is the third in program history to add to the 127 all- time ncaa titles for stanford, most by any school in the country. the ncaa most outstanding player, haley jones, talked about the moments of victory on good morning america. >> it happened in slow motion. i got to go with my team once i saw the ball come off the rim.
4:45 pm
>> reporter: congratulations followed timelines, even president joe biden andbiden and harris sent their love to the team after completing their miraculous championship run in the middle of the pandemic. the championship parade started at maples pavilion, the usual home of the cardinal. covid-19 forced the team to relocate nearly 100 nights as they chased the national title. >> we are on the road for 2 months. we moved closer, we are resilient. it is surreal to be here, >> the champions were welcomed home to a socially distanced parade. fans lined the streets to congratulate the team since 1992. >> we haven't been able to gather like this in over a year. it is important we are able to celebrate not only them being the road warriors, but the championship. we are excited to see the
4:46 pm
student body come out. >> reporter: congratulations to stanford women, 2021 ncaa champions. at stanford university, abc 7 news. >> congratulations. that's fantastic. as we know, the pandemic has been devastating. people lost jobs, careers upended. if there is a silver lining, now could be a unique opportunity. can lender is out with a new book called career choreography. he was on gma this morning. he sat down with me to offer advice to find your passion and maximize your potential. >> it is great to see you. how you been? >> i am great, dan. it's a pleasure to see you. >> thank you for coming on. i'm excited about this book. i know people are. "career coreography" is the title. there has been some publicity around it. i have known you for 34 years.
4:47 pm
you spend the time focusing on helping people achieve their dreams. why did you write this book? >> the first 35 years of my career, for the last three or four years, i have been focused on helping people find the right job for them, secure the right job for them, and thrive in the right job for them. so i wrote this book because with the pandemic, there are so many people who are out of work. they need the steps to get back into the workforce. >> let's talk a little bit about the steps, quickly. what steps would you give people who have been laid off during the pandemic to get back into the workforce and find a job? >> first of all, think about it as a great opportunity to reset your career in the most wonderful way. think about the things you love to do. think about the things were really good at. think about your work experience and education. think about what it prepares you to do.
4:48 pm
being laid-off presupposes that you worked before. so think about what you didn't like before. let's change it. let's improve it. it's make it great. the second thing is, i would contact the people who work with you, or who you've been employed by before. those are the people who know your talents, know your good work you. so, a particle in motion attracts other particles in motion. it is very important to network. then, one other thing that is so important, if you worked before, you have a body of knowledge. you have experience. experience. you know where the landmines are. if i'm an employer, i have a choice in so many people to hire, i want the person who will hit the ground running, who can bring it, and who has a body of knowledge and experience that they can call upon, immediately.
4:49 pm
>> that is great advice. it occurs to me is you are talking that this is a unique opportunity for a lot of people who choose to be proactive to reinvent their lives. >> i so agree. it is having the right mindset. make the list. when you interview with somebody, it is so important to know what makes you special. you have to break through the clutter in this competitive job market. know what it is that could value, and all the things you've done throughout your career that can make you the most attractive candidate and the right thing for a particular job. >> "career coreography" is the new book you just published. give me a take away or two that you hope people will come with. >> as i said, let's be optimistic. let's make your heart sing with this new job. i will give you four criteria. 1, take a job that you believe in. take a job that you love. take a job that makes you excited to go to work every day. take a job which takes advantage of all the things
4:50 pm
that you could have. because, then, not only would you be happy, you'll be successful. >> kenny, it is great advice and it comes from someone who has spent decades helping other people identify their dreams and achieve their dreams. congratulations on the new book. all the best. i think you will help a lot of people. >> thank you so much for the time. >> my thanks to kenny. the book is filled with practical advice. it can help improve your life to the next next next next "career coreography" is available online wherever you buy books. inspiring, isn't it? >> it is really inspiring. those are great tips. it makes me happy we do what we do. >> i'm still not sure what i want to do when i grow up, except that i don't want to grow up. >> that's the key. that's take a look at the
4:51 pm
weather. we will have a mix of clouds in some areas of clear sky overnight. a lot of clouds will be moving through. we have lows in the upper 40s. tomorrow, we will see mostly sunny skies. we have 69 degrees at san jose, 72 at morgan hill, i had to see which one that is. we will see highs in the 60s. in most locations, it will be cool. it is a bit of a breeze as well. downtown san francisco will top out at 59 degrees. highs are in the upper 60s near the east bay. some low 70s will be showing up. here is the seven-day forecast. you will get a little cooler wednesday. it is warming going into the weekend. it will be sunny and mild with high temperatures in the 70s in our area. that sounds nice. thank you, spencer. washington, d.c.'s iconic
4:52 pm
cherry blossoms are in peak bloom right now. this season began a week early like we do above average temperatures. japan gifted the trees to the u.s. in 1912 as a symbol of friendship. they attract 1 million visitors every year. the national park service is encouraging people to experience the beauty. >> there quite something in person and virtually. coming up next, we have a horse with a new career. this one, like so many of us, has taken up zoom. we will have details in just a moment. wildflowers provide beautiful natural fragrances, inspiring air wick to create our new spring collection. so we're partnering with world wildlife fund
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coming up tonight on 7 news at 8:00 , it is american idol, then followed by "the good doctor. a former show horse has a new career but this one isn't quite what you would expect. the horse is now a star on zoom. reporter jessica de nova from our sister station in los angeles has the details. >> there you are.
4:56 pm
how are you? >> reporter: it wasn't what he was bred for or why he was flown all the way from europe as a baby. >> he is a total attention buff. he was a show horse so he had to be retired about six months ago. >> reporter: some skeletal and neurological issues forced to close the second chapter in his life as a writing course but janet reynolds, who leases them, wanted to keep me doing what he loves, showing off his talents. >> i thought, he loves to dress up in the lives people and he loves children, why not start doing something silly, dressing him up, putting him on zoom calls or doing videos. >> reporter: usually in his favorite spider-man costume, 26- year-old louis lifts spirits during the covid-19 pandemic. birthdays, students in class, children in chemotherapy, senior centers, autistic children, reynolds says that the requests to feed curiosity
4:57 pm
are endless. >> what does he eat? >> how did he get all the way here into the united states all the way from europe? >> reporter: in return, louis gets to munch on honey granola. and, lots of love. >> being with louis helps him feel away from the things that create that kind of stress him. >> he is a 20 minute distraction for people to bring their day just to sort of cheer them up and make a difference. >> reporter: reporting in simi valley, jessica and over, abc news. >> i remember earlier in the pandemic a farm in the south bay was doing something similar offering tours of their farm animals on zoom. you can get our live newscast, breaking news, weather and more with our abc 7 news bay area app on fev, and is on tv, fire
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>>hey, thanks martins! yeah, you're welcome. geico. switch today and see all the ways you could save. next at 5:00, the future of one of the bay area's most efficient vaccination sites. what officials are going to make sure it keeps up with supply and demand and what we are learning right now. plus, vice president kamala harris comes to the bay area on her first official visit. the busy trip that covers everything from workers to water projects. also ahead committed police go too far? an arrest on a busy street has residents angry and looking for answers. plus, watch out for coyotes. popular park is not playing around when it comes to keeping them safe. and, the local scientist combining his passion for problem-solving with the magic of reading. building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news.


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