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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 5, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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on track after losing millions of doses. record-setting travel numbers but it didn't come without a glitch. the trouble one airline ran into. good morning. >> we are going to get a first look at the forecast with lisa. good morning. she is on the way. >> i'm on the way somewhere. here i am. >> hey, good morning. >> i want to make an entrance. good morning. we are starting out with low clouds and fog and temperatures in the upper 40s to near 50. we are going to get into some sunshine this morning. numbers respond to that. 51 in hayward. 52, union city. a couple hours of clear sky. a live look outside, partly cloudy with 50s at 9:00. upper 50s inland with sunshine
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arriving at low to mid 60s. temperatures near average today. i will take it, lisa. another variant of covid-19 has been found in the bay area. researchers confirmed one case of what is being called a double mutant. it carries two mutations that helps to latch itself. researchers do not know if it is more infectious or resistant to it could be partially responsible for a new surge of cases in india. there new concerns about a fourth wave of covid infections in the u.s. cases continue to go up. this comes as vaccinations also go up. the u.s. set a new record for basque donations with 4 million shots on saturday. despite warnings from the cdc did not gather in groups, the texas rangers say they will allow full stadium capacity in arlington today. that is upward of 40,000 fans. the decision is facing
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criticism. doctors fear this will increase the daily average of cases which is already climbing. >> if we don't control covid-19 , that gives the virus opportunities for new mutations to arise. now is not the time to let our guard down. >> at least 14 states are expanding eligibility to anyone over 16. they will join 22 other states that have done that. johnson & johnson is taking control over the production of its coronavirus vaccine at a baltimore plant. 15 million doses got contaminated. the mistake was caught and none of the doses were shipped out. it says it is looking for another location for production. the vaccine has not yet received authorization in the united states. johnson & johnson says it should be able to make up for the lost doses.
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what you get when you combine a busy easter weekend plus a pilot shortage? for delta, it meant canceling 100 flights yesterday. abc7 news reporter holly is live with more. good morning. >> reporter: hi. good morning. it was a busy weekend for airline travel. we just got this in, saying that travel was up 800% this weekend compared to this time last year. a terrible time for delta airlines to be suffering from a pilot shortage. that is exactly what is happening at delta as nearly 1.6 million people passed their checkpoints ahead of the easter weekend. airlines and tsa are ramping up for summer. they are expecting a rush. united has hired hundreds of pilots. american airlines is taking airplanes out of storage.
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it isn't going that well at delta. they canceled 100 flights on sunday because of a pilot shortage. delta did release a statement yesterday saying that delta teams have been working through various factors including staffing, large numbers of employees getting vaccinations, and pilots returning to active status. we apologize to our customers for the inconvenience and the majority have been rebooked. delta is seeing demand go up. the airline had more than 1 million passengers over the last few days, as the highest numbers are happening since before the pandemic. that is forcing delta to change their strategy. reporting live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. recent changes in coronavirus restrictions meant the holiday looked a little more normal. easter mass was held on the
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green in san francisco. other churches held easter services indoors with limited capacity. abc7 live streamed a virtual celebration . the pastor delivered messages of hope for those tuning in. today, on this rex sunday, you have declared i'm not dead anymore. >> the easter bunny made a surprise visit were kids got to hunt for eggs. happening today, alex padilla will visit the mass vaccination set. he is expected to discuss this later in the day. this comes days after fema rejected the request to keep the site open longer than the initial program. it will shut down on sunday. vice president kamala harris is returning to her hometown of oakland today for the first time since taking office. she is scheduled to talk about various topics during her trip including water infrastructure and small businesses. no exact
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details have been released yet. she was born in oakland and kicked off her presidential campaign there in january 2019. she began her career as a prosecutor in alameda county. street closures, parking restrictions appear to have kept large crowds from gathering this weekend. it probably didn't hurt that it wasn't particularly warm. the mood on sunday was festive and laid-back with plenty of music at the gazebo. police kept close watch along lakeshore avenue that was closed to every one except residents. parking was also restricted. it made easter sunday more enjoyable along the weight. >> it is a meeting place where everybody can get together and have a little fun. and it doesn't cost you anything. >> officials say large crowds created unsafe conditions during previous weekends. there were piles of garbage and
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the traffic resections will be in effect through november. if he watch this yesterday, i was screaming with you, on the edge of my couch. for the first time in 29 years, the stampfer women's basketball team is coming home as national champions. >> that is it! stanford survive! >> it is so good. the weather comes after a challenging season. the team was forced on the road for nearly 10 weeks. ed helped them prepare for the last three weeks in the tournament bubble in san antonio. haley jones of stanford won the most outstanding player award. she is on gma talking about the win. >> it was amazing pressure. she has created a legacy. we wanted to make our mark on the legacy. it has been a historic year. we wanted to finish it out with a
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bang. >> this is their third title in history. president biden and tiger woods all sending their congratulations on twitter on a hard-fought win. the men played tonight, i am told. >> they are. you know what? i love the ladies. they are killing it. they are so athletic and also, i think, they were really nice to one another at the end. it was a hard-fought game. it was just so nice. >> congrats to them. i love to see that. coming up, a cone zone warning. why you want to change your route. toxic trouble. the problem putting entire neighborhoods at risk. the stampfer doctor takes on the fight against covid-19. the story you will see only here on abc7 about his role in
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the new focus on testing. a weak weather system to the north allowing for a healthy cloud deck. sunny
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good morning to you. i am lisa argen in for mike nico. temperatures will stay where they should be for this time of year. a little bit below average along the coast where the fog wants to linger. a little bit of green. . bit of a weak system to the north, allowing for the cloud cover to start. by the afternoon, a lot of sunshine. 50 in albany and san francisco. hartley cloudy skies. the sun comes up before 7:00. sunny in the afternoon. as we look at the rainfall for
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the last two years, this is what we should get in one year. we are almost an entire season behind for rainfall. so, it is just incredible for two years what we should get and how far behind we are. another dry day on the way. the five in san jose. upper 50s with more clouds along the coast. 65, sonoma. 61 in oakland. inland, upper 60s. maybe a smidgen warmer inland tomorrow. francis. all right, lisa. we have a couple new problems. one is in the south bay. northbound 101, the crashes already off to the right hand side but traffic is slow as you approach the scene. only moving at 11 miles per hour. and also, there is an earlier crash for franklin canyon. they are trying to clear that from the left lane. it might still be on the
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shoulder. a live shot in san jose shows you headlights on northbound 280, and that is 17 coming across the screen. that is looking good. no major problems right now on the peninsula or in the north bay. it is looking good. it is slow if you are headed to the bay bridge toll plaza. there was an earlier stall and there was a high wind advisory for the bridges. reggie's. happening today, if you commute in san francisco you might want to avoid 19th avenue. the department of public works is starting on a project. it will reduce lanes at 19th. they are warning about potentially long delays. they are recommending alternate routes. construction is expected to last until april 13th. how bay area locals are leading the charge after those sweeping new laws. another sign downtown san
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francisco is coming back to life. the city's oldest
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developing this morning, at least 25 people are dead after eight ferry boat sank. it was just outside of the capital. currently, nine people are missing. there were more than 50 passengers on board. officials are calling for an investigation. florida's governor has declared a state of emergency because of toxic waste water. this is a leaking reservoir. authorities are scrambling to
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keep from having this collapse. if it does collapse, it would potentially unleash a 20 foot wall of water. more than 300 homes are under mandatory evacuation orders. engineers are trying to drain the 340 million gallons of toxic waste water. >> that initial push of water would be very great. if that wall were to give way, a full breach, then we are looking at definitely life and human property damage as well. >> it is an old phosphate plant. authorities insist the water is not radioactive. it is coyote that means some popular trails will be closed to docs to give room for the mothers in the pups. the park trail and bay bridge trail will be off-limits for dogs for the next few months. they want to reduce potential conflict between animals. officials remind hikers if you encounter a coyote, quickly leave but do not run.
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if the animal follows you, be assertive and aggressive by throwing objects but keep walking away quickly. the meerkats had easter fun . the zoo tweeted this video of their egg hunt. even though shredded paper basket feller was exciting for them. [ laughter ] we don't know what is in the eggs but it probably wasn't chocolate. your cats would rather have beetles, spiders, and scorpions. >> tasty. a sun halo caught the eye of people around the area. video was shared with us from viewers. this often signals a storm is approaching. according to lisa, that is a no. >> no storm for us. it has been a disappointing winter and spring. we wish there was a storm approaching. there is a low that has been teasing us for weeks but the high clouds ahead of it made up
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of ice crystals, allowing for the reflection of the light and that halo around the sun. good morning, everyone. cloud cover out there in a week x system to the north of us, allowing for the low clouds to be chewed up in more sunshine on the way today. and as we look out towards the embarcadero, 50 downtown. on the coast, it is 50. partly to mostly cloudy skies. low 40s in the north bay. you had clearing earlier. upper 40s with a gusty wind by the delta. a good indicator we won't warm- up too much today. we will see more sun this afternoon and a steady pattern for the next several days into next weekend. don't expect any extremes or any rain. so, if you are an allergy sufferer, it is the tree pollen that is very high. you know that. highs today, anywhere, once again, in that narrow range with 50s and clouds lingering at the coast. 61 in oakland.
6:20 am
lois 60s, san francisco. upper 60s in san jose. the north bay, a little shy of that. before in napa today. 66 in concord. keeping it quiet for the first week of april. a rally for voting reform is planned in san francisco on the heels of sweeping new laws that are more restrictive and are generating major backlash. administrators are planning to meet at noon outside of dianne feinstein's office. more than 20 groups are urging her to pass the for the people act in the senate. it would make it easier to register to vote and strengthen ethics rules. and good morning america is coming up at 7:00 right here on abc7. >> ginger zee as a look at what is coming up. >> reporter: good morning, reggie and jobina.
6:21 am
we have to start with the fight against the coronavirus. this morning as you know, fourth wave fears are growing and we will get into the details of what that means. also as millions head home, a record number of pandemic travelers have packed airports. right now, why one eric line is canceling dozens of flights and why you can expect the ticket prices to go sky high. laura loughlin's husband has been released.
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as we continue to return to classrooms... parents like me want to make sure we're doing it safely. especially in the underserved communities hardest hit by covid. trust me, no one wants to get back to classroom learning more than teachers like me. using common sense safety measures like masks, physical distancing, and proper ventilation. safety is why we're prioritizing vaccinations for educators. because working with our local communities... we will all get through this together, safely.
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good morning to you. sun coming up in 25 minutes or so. we have cloud cover across the bay area. the low clouds allowing for a good onshore flow. it will be breezy. 830, already seeing some
6:24 am
it doesn't take much longer for us to clear out in the east bay. closer to debate, maybe to noontime. mostly sunny and temperatures shy of average in the city. elsewhere, low to mid 60s. jobina. as vaccination efforts continue, a professor has been tapped by the cdc to work on covid testing. dr. dean winslow is a professor of medicine at stanford university, specializing in infectious diseases. today, he will embark on a new role where he will join the cdc team as a senior advisor for the covid testing working group. he sat down with abc7. >> the assignment was pitched anywhere from 6 to 24 months. >> dr. winslow believes testing
6:25 am
will be important to understand the virus while the virus continues to roll out. tomorrow, the san francisco school board could reverse the decision to rename 44 schools. in january, they voted to move forward. there was backlash as people pointed out historical inaccuracies with some of the interpretations. others criticize the board for focusing on school names instead of focusing on reopening schools for in-person learning. 10 inch grill is set to reopen today. it is the first time people will be able to dine inside the restaurant since last march. 172-year-old restaurant closed at the end of july, even stopping takeout and delivery. now that sent briscoe is in the orange tier, they can reopen at 50%. they will reopen for lunch and dinner. six new restaurants are getting their start today all
6:26 am
in a women run food hall. it is a nonprofit kitchen designed to help low income women of color get a leg up in the restaurant business. they get access to affordable kitchen space to make and sell food. it was first announced five years ago and was set to open last summer before covid happened. now, it is finally opening starting with lunch takeout from 11:00 to 2:30. it is located at golden gate avenue and hyde street. the food hall is one of more than 140 businesses gearing up to take part in san francisco restaurant week. it kicks off friday. organizers have recruited 20 chinese owned restaurants as part of an effort to increase the diversity of dining options, special menus for indoor and outdoor dining as well. you can find a full list at next, the tale of two
6:27 am
realities. a new variant is found in the bay area just as governor gavin newsom suggests changes. for the first time, vice president kamala harris will be back in the bay area today. what we are learning about her visit. a san jose couple thinks the ups man is at the door. instead, it is a man going on a racist rant. all the families rallying the neighborhood to make sure this doesn't happen again. it is 6:27. we have a nice quiet start to the morning. we will be right back. their
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in whatever way is perfect for you. floor and decor, now open in pleasant hill for safe in-store shopping and curbside pickup. also open in milpitas, burlingame and san leandro. building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news . now at 6:30, vice president kamala harris headed back to the bay area today. some doctors are celebrating what they call a momentous time in the fight against covid-19. what they say brought about major improvements. >> and the asian american community makes its voice heard. how one superstar is stepping up to support the cause. >> good morning, everyone. it is monday, april 5th. good morning. mike has another day off and
6:31 am
we're starting with the cloud cover. partly cloudy and that onshore flow will bring that cooler air. you will notice that we have the clouds that will continue to stream in right along the coast. we are beginning to see daylight here at 6:48. so, another 20 minutes or so. 51, mountain view. temperatures are little cooler. a beautiful shot there in the north bay where we have a couple hours of clear skies. you'll break out into the sun first there and then slowly across the bay. the coast will be patchy so numbers coming up through the 60s by this afternoon. low 60s, oakland. upper 60s in the inland valleys. vice president kamala harris is coming back to her hometown today after spending the weekend in southern california. she is going to be in oakland to promote the infrastructure plan.
6:32 am
amy hollyfield is live in oakland this morning. hi, amy. >> reporter: hi, we are here at the airport. she is due to arrive this morning. vice president harris returning to her hometown. this was where she kicked off her presidential campaign. today she will be arriving as the vice president. she is expected to talk about water, infrastructure, and small businesses. she is coming from los angeles where she spent easter weekend. she plans to head to chicago to talk about vaccine equity after that this will be her first time in oakland as the vice president. a big moment for her professionally and personally. reporting live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. this is the final week for the oakland coliseum vaccination site. fema rejected a plea to keep it
6:33 am
running an extra four weeks. the county made plans to take over. authorities say they won't be able to continue supplying the vaccines. that will happen just four days before california opens eligibility to everyone 16 and older. there are major signs of improvement in san francisco. doctors say they are just three covid-19 icu cases in the city. hospitalizations are at some of the lowest level since the pandemic began. vaccinations are also going up and it appears more people are being comfortable with getting out of the house. >> well, we are a little bit scared but life must go on. you have to go out and see the world. >> i work in a nursing facility and we went from being terrified a year ago, not even sure if we were doing the right thing, and now we are all vaccinated. >> doctors say the low numbers are milestone and saying key is to vaccinate nursing home residents and those over 65.
6:34 am
adult sports league can start practicing again. a limited number of adult leagues will be able to play for nine weeks through memorial day. all sports must be played in san francisco and they cannot include teams from other counties. you still have to wear a mask. santa clarita city libraries are reopening their doors for in person services including lobby service and pick up. the mission branch reopens this morning at 10:00 and the northside branch thursday afternoon at 3:00. appointments are not necessary. library cards will be issued if you want one. a couple is sharing a racist incident. the couple who are immigrants from china heard a commotion outside their home. >> he punched the door for at least 100 times. after that, he was ringing the bell for another hundred times or something. you know, go back to china. and then he said, you brought
6:35 am
covid-19. this is america. you see if, calling us china. my kids got really scared. >> police are investigating the case as a hate incident. this prompted the couple to take action. they decided to go door to door with candies to meet with neighbors. they are talking about this incident because they want to help protect other families especially those with children. a stop asian hate rally happened over the weekend including self-defense martial arts demonstrations. mma, kung fu, and other instructors showed off their skills. this is beyond alarming
6:36 am
>> i have never in 53 years that i've been in this country, longer than you were born, many of you, that i feel the sense of danger that i feel now. the danger for my own safety. the danger for all the safety if you look asian. >> the judge says she is calling on the biden administration to fight racism targeting asian americans. we certainly don't have the answers but we do have resources . to find out more about how you can take action, go to /take action. steph curry had a unique way to show solidarity with the stop api hate movement. he wore a special pair of shoes he created. they have a handwritten quote saying quote, under the heavens there is but one family. curry will auction off the shoes to raise money for the families of the people killed in the atlanta spa shootings. >> the shoes are a very small way to hopefully raise money
6:37 am
for that work and that caused. >> curry says he has admired the pursuit and he feels angered. the warriors played the atlantic hawks. the new guest host of jeopardy starts his stint tonight. >> and now, here is a guest host of jeopardy, aaron rodgers. >> thank you, johnny gilbert. welcome to jeopardy. >> aaron rodgers taped two weeks in two days in february. he says he watched hours of episodes and took notes to prepare. you can watch jeopardy weeknights right here on abc7. call for more security. what we are learning about the possible motive in the deadly
6:38 am
attack last week. you are looking live at the big board. another update on the markets, next. experts share tips for getting finances back on track after the pandemic. now, we are going to get a check of the accuweather forecast with lisa argen. good morning. >> good morning. already seeing partly cloudy conditions. the system to the north of us is providing that steady onshore flow. it is also going to clear us out through the morning. here's a look from the tower camera where it is cloudy but still a nice view. 50, downtown. 52, oakland. half moon bay, 50. another 10 minutes until sunrise. a pretty neat shot there. low 40s in santa rosa. we had some more clearing in the north bay so that's why you are colder. south winds out towards the delta. that's an indicator that we will stay in a narrow range with 50s at the coast and 60s around the bay. 70s inland. no wild springs.
6:39 am
partly cloudy, turning sunny. that steady pattern with us throughout the next several days. 65 today in san jose with sunny skies. a couple high clouds. les high clouds and yesterday though. 62 in palo alto. san francisco though, close enough to the shoreline, that marine layer will be influencing your weather with mid to upper 50s. 63, petaluma. napa, 64. low 60s on the way for berkeley and oakland. you will need that jacket heading inland. we are going to add on another 5 degrees for mid-60s in concord. warming up a bit inland over the next few days but otherwise, 60s along the shoreline and the cool 50s along the coast. good morning, frances. good morning, lisa and everyone. we have a couple problems. we will start up with the golden gate bridge were a stall
6:40 am
was reported in the northbound direction. they are clearing that right now. as you can see, traffic is still flowing in both directions. you can see the wind blowing. there was an earlier stall on the upper deck. metering lights haven't been turned on but you might want both hands on the wheel because a wind advisory is still in effect. that was issued by chp for the bay bridge and also as we take a look at the maps, you will see we have some of the usual slow spots. westbound 580 out of tracy. there is also a wind advisory for the venetian bridge and lots of brake lights as you make your way through a point heading towards concorde. in the south bay, an earlier crashes been cleared. northbound 101 at mckie. there are some pockets of slowing, moving at 26 miles per hour. and also, franklin county, there was an earlier crash. we will have more weather, news, and traffic after this break.
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ha ha ha! jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? happier than dikembe mutumbo blocking a shot. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. the trial of the former police officer charged with murdering george floyd resumes in minneapolis. it is expected to focus on how derek chauvin was trained. prosecutors say he caused lloyd's death by putting his knee on his neck for nine minutes. the officer says drugs and underlying health conditions caused the death.
6:44 am
the police chief is expected to take the stand today. you can watch the entire trial on the abc7 bay area connected tv app. that is available for roku, fire tv, apple tv, android tv, and all your connected devices were of you stream abc7 news. new details about the men police say rammed his car into a barricade, killing a police officer. his family says he has suffered from depression and head trauma from years of playing football. elizabeth schulze has more on the social media activity. >> reporter: new details about the man accused of ramming into a barricade at the u.s. capitol friday. he killed one officer and injured another. sources tell abc news that investigators are focusing on facebook posts by the suspect and his apparent agreement with the nation of islam leader.
6:45 am
green posted, i encourage everyone to study revelations. the in the times, study who the beast is. his family told the "washington post" he was not a terrorist but suffered from depression and potential mental illness. investigators say he drove his car into a security checkpoint, killing billy evans. an 18 year veteran and father of two. >> billy died a hero's death. it wasn't something he was looking for. >> reporter: the attack comes less than three months after the 6 riot that left five people dead. this morning, the police union says morale is reaching crisis levels and it is warning of a mass exodus. in the next three to five years, we have another 500 officers will be eligible to retire. many of the officers could put in retirement papers tomorrow. >> there are those who made comments about, well, they have all these police to protect one
6:46 am
building. yelp. it is the most important building in america. if that building and the people in it don't function, we no longer have democracy. >> reporter: in the meantime, cheers sunday for the other officers injured in the the attack. the officer stood up and walked to a waiting car. the suspect, noah green, died after he was shot by officers. sources say he tried to change his name but he failed to show up for a court hearing. elizabeth schulze, abc news, washington. the personal information of more than 500 million facebook users have been leaked. experts say names, locations, email addresses, and phone numbers have been posted to a website used by hackers.
6:47 am
facebook says this stems from a data breach in 2019 and that problem has been resolved. experts say the data could still be valuable to cyber criminals who specialize in identity theft. so many families have had to dig into savings during the pandemic. experts say this is an important time to rebuild now that jobs are starting to recover. about half of non-retired adults say the impact of the pandemic will make achieving long-term financial goals more difficult. experts say they are ways to get him back once getting a paycheck again. >> you have to contributed to gibbering extra for a time period you cannot just regain what you would have contributed but also the compounding interest. >> coming up on gma, learn tips on budgeting and some free apps that could help you along the way. that is that 7:00 right here after abc7 mornings. a live look right now at the stock exchange . we are up about 293 points. president biden has
6:48 am
directed his education secretary to look into whether he has the power to cancel student debt by executive order. this is the first time he suggested that he could lean towards debt cancellation. critics say that people have a responsibility to pay loans back regardless of circumstances. supporters say it could level the playing field when it comes to jobs and opportunities. if you own an lg phone, it will likely be the last one you ever buy. the company announced overnight that it is getting out of the mobile business. the company's press release called the market unfruitful. lg will continue making devices until the end of may. warranty services for existing users will continue after that. lg plans to maintain most of its other services and apps. >> i said 500 billion facebook users. there are not 500 billion people on earth. i read that like a dummy.
6:49 am
it is one half of 1 billion. thank you. a shot in the arm didn't stop brad kerry from hitting her signature high notes. >> and is only part one. >> she celebrated by sharing a video of the special moment. she says she was nervous but excited about getting that shot. she encourages everyone to get vaccinated when they can and says we are all in this together. she said, side effect, g6. now, i have had some time to think about this. i love what she said, that was clever but should she said, like, we belong together? >> tweet her again. >> okay. >> good luck with that.
6:50 am
>> she has responded one time in my life. this will be lucky number two. >> it's all about the delayed reaction. that would have been a good one. good morning, everyone. here's a look at live doppler 7. you can see the cloud cover to the north of us. gusty winds in the mountains but nothing else that allows for this is where we have a wind advisory, mid 40s. highs in the 50s today. a pretty view to get you going. 51, mountain view and san jose. 50 in half moon bay. san rafael, a lot of cloud cover but breaking out to 60s on the way. breezy by the coast. 42, santa rosa. 49 in napa. typically cooler but with some clearing, we dropped into the low 40s. out by the east bay towards the delta there, looking at gusty
6:51 am
winds out of the southwest, up to about 30 miles per hour. partly cloudy, mostly cloudy, sunny skies this afternoon. very little change for the week ahead and that is dictated by the low clouds in the fog. it retreats and move across the bay for the next few days. looking up monday morning as we begin to erode that cloud deck, we break out into more sunshine from about 1:00 to 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon. we do get rain but not this week. in fact, not for the next 10 days. mid to upper 50s were the clouds linger a little longer here along the coast. a little bit below average in spots. 66 in concord. mid-60s around san jose and 64 in santa rosa. a nice-looking start to the day. slightly warmer in parts of the bay as we head into tomorrow in the middle of the week. >> thank you. the trial does chicago seven took on the top prize.
6:52 am
it is the first time a film from my streaming service won the highest honor. maybe it will start getting people to rethink their oscar predictions. >> "the trial of the chicago 7". >> [ applause ] [ laughter ] >> chadwick boseman won best male actor. viola davis won best female actor. a vigil is plan for today outside the hospital where rapper dmx remains on life support. he had a heart attack on friday. his family says he is in a coma and on a ventilator. there have been numerous reports that dmx suffered from a drug overdose but that has
6:53 am
not been confirmed. the legend has dealt with substance abuse in the past. the weeknd has pledged $1 million to relief efforts. the singer is the sun of immigrants from ethiopia. he says his hearts are breaking because of those who have been displaced in the conflict. in early november, tensions between the ethiopian government and the formal ruling party of the northern area erupted into fighting. thousands have been killed. tens of thousands have been displaced. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. part of the sidewalk area will be narrower starting today because of construction. construction materials will be stored the bridge railing and barriers on the sidewalk. officials say the sidewalk will remain open during regular hours and they encourage
6:54 am
pedestrians to be cautious. a new treat is coming to mcdonald's. they are launching a new flavor of the mcflurry. this is it. the caramel brownie mcflurry. it is a combination of vanilla softserve, brownie pieces, and caramel drizzle. it will be available in about a month on may 3rd, and only for a limited time. it has been a staple at canadian location since 2017. they will still be serving up the classic oreo and eminem mcflurry's so have no fear. >> are you trying it? trying >> i don't know. >> me either. [ laughter ] >> did you see the glass i put it in? that's not what you get it in. >> it is the paper cup. >> it has that straw. [ laughter ] >> the producers says if the ice cream machine is working. >> as we know, it is often down.
6:55 am
>>, on, wendy's, which tweet does. you can watch all of our new cast lives live available for apple tv, android tv, amazon fire tv, and roku. you can download the app now and start streaming. as we head to break, a live look outside at the bay bridge. a beautiful morning here. we will be right back.
6:56 am
[ sfx: ding ding ding ] [ phone buzzing ] [ sfx: bing bing bing ] [ sfx: bing bloop ding ding bloop bing ] the day can wait... enter the golden state, with real california dairy.
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it is 6:57. here are the seven things to know. a new covid-19 variants has
6:58 am
been discovered. stanford researchers confirmed one case of what is being called a double mutants. they do not know if the variant is more infectious or resistance to vaccines. airports on increase in travelers over the weekend. the tsa screened 1.5 million people yesterday. on the same day last year, it was only 122,000. vice president kamala harris returns to oakland today for the first time since taking office. she is scheduled to talk about various toxics including water infrastructure and small businesses. tannish grill is set to reopen today. it has been closed since last march. the restaurant will be open for lunch and dinner. number five, we are starting out with mostly cloudy conditions. the fog burns back for upper 50s along the coast. sunny skies, mid-60s inland.
6:59 am
and number six, traffic started to increase. you can see it with this live shot. more volume through emeryville but there are still the delays at the toll plaza. number seven, aaron rodgers starts his of jeopardy tonight. he taped all the episodes in two days back in february. you can watch jeopardy right here on abc7 at 7:00. that got me thinking. you realize we got into the wrong gig, right? >> clearly. two weeks of shows in two days. >> and then, peace out. >> have a good week. [ laughter ] >> he doesn't wake up at 3:00 a.m. >> none of it. >> what are we doing? [ laughter ] >> but we live here. >> we get to live here. >> he also lives here! >> that's true. [ laughter ] >> chico, right? >> yeah.
7:00 am
>> have a wonderful day. gma is coming good morning, america. race against time. as millions head home for the easter holiday, fourth wave covid fears are growing. fueled by concerns about a double mutant variant now identified in san francisco. this as the united states hits a record number of vaccinations. 4 million shots in 24 hours, and a record number of pandemic travelers pack airports hitting rental car companies hard. right now why one major airline is canceling dozens of flights and when to expect your ticket prices to skyrocket. state of emergency. the reservoir of toxic water on the brink of collapse, threatening hundreds of homes in florida. a wall of water as high as 20 feet containing polluted salt water could be unleashed. the national guard deployed hoping to avoid ca


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