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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 5, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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now at 5:00. a double mutant coronavirus variant found in the bay area, what we are learning. and a record weekend of travel forcing one airline to cancel 100 flights on easter weekend. and a toxic waste waterater that could flood inspire inspiri neighbors neighbors and. sanford national champions. congratulations. that was a nail biter. congratulations pouring in online. >> that was exciting. really the only reason i know is because i follow you on twitter. >> that's perfect then. that's all you need to know. >> game 1, it was great. good morning, on monday april 5. francis is back with us and lisa is with us as well. what does it look like? >> we are starting with not totally cloudy skies and clearing in the north bay. sunshine will be with us sooner
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today. and as we look at live doppler 7, you can see the cloud cover here mainly on the peninsula and down around fremont and otherwise temperatures with the clear sky 2 to 7 degrees colder in the north bay. numbers around the bay, we dropped into the low 40s up in santa rosa, 51. hayward and fremont as well as san jose. cloud deck there outside. temperatures in the 50s with partly clourdy skies at 9:00. more sun and upper 50s bay side and inland and 4:00, low 60s around the bay and mid-60s should be bright and combhfrtable out there we'll talk about a little bit of a warmup coming our way when we see you next. >> thank you, lisa. developing news another variant of covid-19 has been found in the bay area. confirmed one case of double mutants that carry two variants of the virus that latch itself
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on to cell. researchers do not know if it it more infectious. it originated in india and could be responsible for the surge in cases in that country. cases and hospitalizations continue to go up. of course so do vaccinations. the u.s. just set a new 1-day record with 4 # million shots on saturday. despite warnings from the cdc not to gather in big groups unless everyone is vaccinated. texas rangers is allowing full stadium capacity for the home opener in arlington upward of 40,000 fans. the decision is facing criticism. doctors father the spread of contagious variants will increase the daily average of cases which has already climbed 20% in the past two weeks. >> if we don't control covid-19, that gives the virus opportunities for new mutations to arise and now is not the time to let our guards down. >> this week at least 14 states
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are expanding vaccine eligibility to anyone over 16. they'll join 22 other states that have already done that. california expands eligibility to 16 and up next thursday, april 15. what do you get when eugene a busy week and a pilot shortagg amid middle of a pandemic. delta cancelled nearly 100 flights yesterday. and we are live at oakland airport with new developments and chavengsz ahead. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning, you're sweet to say welcome back. it was a great weekend for airports. travel is up and appears to be coming back. terrible time for he will delta to be having pilot issues. over the weekends united states airports saw 1.6 million people pass through tsa check points on friday ahead of the easter weekend and that is way up from this time last year when airports saw only 200,000 people
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traveling. air lines and the tsa are ramping up for summer and expecting a rush compared to last summer. united hired hundreds of pilots and american airlines is taking planes out of storage. it isn't going that well over at delta. that airline cancelled 100 flights on easter sunday because of a pilot shortage. delta released a statement saying they are working through various factors including staffing large numbers of employee vaccinations and piles returning to active status. we apologize to customer and a majority have been rebooked for the same travel day. the airline had over 1 million passengers over the past few days highest numbers since the pandemic started. and delta will open up middle seats a month earlier than originally planned because demand is becoming so high. reporting live at the oakland
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airport, i'm amy hole field abc 7 news. >> thank you. the easter holiday looked a little more normal at restrictions. easter mass was held on greens and also inside with limited capacity. abc live streamed from glide memorial church. the pastor delivered a message of hope for those tuning in. >> today on this resurrection sunday, you have declared i ain't dead no more. >> the easter bunny made a surprise visit to haze valley where kids got to hunt for eggs a california senator will visit a mass vaccination site and discuss his visit and california's vaccine distribution efforts at a press conference later in the day. it comes days after fema rejected alameda's request to keep the site open and it will
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hut down on sunday. vice president kamala harris is returning to oakland for the first time since taking the new position at the white house. she is scheduled to talk about various topics during her trip including water, infrastructure and small businesses. no exact details have been released. harris was born in oakland and kicked off the presidential campaign there in january of 2019. she began her career as a prosecutor in the alameda county district attorney's office. for the first time in 29 years the stanford womens basketball team coming home as national champs. >> mcdonald trapped and lives -- that is it! stanford survives again! >> the win for the cardinal comes after a challenging season. the team was forced on the road for nearly 10 weeks because of covid restrictions in santa clara county and helped them prepare for the last three weeks in san antonio. the sophomore won the most
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outstanding player award. >> i just just just just just teammates they have confidence in me when i don't have confidence in histories. >> this is stanford's third championship title in program history. president biden, stanford alum tiger woods sending congrats for the hard fought win. >> bravo! and exciting. good morning here we are live doppler 7, clear sky up in the north bay. weak weather system pushing through allowing for low cloud deck to get mixed out. so we will look for partly cloudy skies this morning and sunshine coming a little bit sooner and maybe an absence of all high clouds we saw yesterday. we will get into a mostly sunny afternoon. right now, numbers in the east bay, in the upper 40s to near 55 for san ramon, dublin and pleasanton at 50 and low 40s
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where we've had the sky scoured out for the past few hours. cloudy skies in the city, partly cloudy and sunny afternoon on the way and we're looking at a bit of a warming trend into tomorrow throughout the inland areas but really not a lot of change throughout the upcoming workweek. cloud deck pulling back throughout the morning hours, you can see the sun in the north bay and then getting mostly sunny by mid-to late morning for your monday. so should be pretty nice out there. away from the coast, we'll hold on to cool numbers in the 50s. mid-50s half moon bay. 57 in san francico, where it is sunny longer, we'll see low to mid-60s. good-looking start to monday and enjoy it out there and we'll talk about the next seven days when we see you next. good morning, francis. morning lisa and good morning everyone. the roads are looking really good this monday morning and starting out with a live shot of the bay bridge. earlier chp issued a wind advisory for the bay bridge. but you can see it is not
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actually looking too bad. no delays around the bay area at this point. although there is some heavy traffic coming out of tracey as you make your way from westbound 205 on to westbound 580. a couple more high wind advisories for the bonitia bridge and antioch bridge. keep your hands on the there is a caution in on peninsula. 101 is good to go ally way into san francisco. jobina. >> thank you francis. a live look from the golden gate bridge in morning. part of the sidewalk area on the east side will be marrow starting today because of construction. on the suicide deterrent net. construction materials will be stored on the sidewalk between the bridge railing and barriers on the sidewalk. bridge district officials said the walk -- sidewalk will remain open during regular hours
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and encourage pedestrians and bicyclist to be caution. florida governor declared a state of emergency because of toxic waste water that good inspire neighbors in a leaking reservoir in manatee county that authorities are scrambling to keep from collapsing f. it collapses it will potentially unleash a 20-foot wall of water 3678900 homes under mandatory evacuation orders and engineers are urgently trying to drain the 340 million gallons of tax i can water. >> that initial push of water would be great and if that wall could give way we're looking at definitely life and human property damage as well. >> the site 1 an old tos fate plant. authorities insists the water being discharged into tampa bay is not radioactive. come up why you may need extra cash to the vacation budget if planning on taking a trip soon. and cdc tapped a stanford
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tomorrow the san francisco school board could reverse the decision to rename 44 schools. in january they voted to move forward to change the names associated with slavery, colon newization among others and then faced backlash. others criticized the board for focusing on school names of reopening. the cdc dr. dean winslow w has about a new role to deal with the pandemic. >> throughout his life the doctor has been on the for front of some of the historic moments of the nailings. this wall is a small reminder of
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all the decades he served our country. >> a total of 35 years between the air force and the air national guard. >> these are all >> absolutely colonel winslow is how many know him and he is specialized in infectious diseases and on monday he starts a new role at the nation's public health agency sgloorp you expected to get tappedby the federal government to work for the cdc. >> not necessarily but again, i felt honored and flattered to be asked to join this effort. >> dr. dean winslow will join the team as a senior advisor for the working group. >> develop a strategy for how to best deploy covid-19 testing and how to do that in an efficient way. >> we joined him on his deck to have a candid conversation with covid as he enjoyed the last
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hours before he leaves to washington to fight an unprecedented war against covid-19. >> the assignment was -- it was pitched as anywhere from six to 24 hours. >> do you think that's how long covid will last, 24 months. >> i think unfortunately, we may be having to deal with covid for even longer than that. potentially it could end up being somewhat like influenza and we have out breaks each other. >> the doctor believes covid testing will continue to be imperative to understand this virus even while the vaccines continue to roll out. >> is this team also looking into how long the covid-19 vaccines will protect us moving forward? >> yes, part of the mission of the testing and diagnostics working group and even more important is to understand from a scientific standpoint why that certain vaccine failures may occur. >> reporter: do you project covid will continue to mutant and booster shots will become
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the norm. >> absolutely because it is fairly easy to actually modify these vaccines. >> the doctor remains humble knowing that his work as a colonel in the air force and stanford professor in infectious disease and now a cdc advisory relies on the work of many as a team. a team that he believes will lead us out of the pandemic. >> i hope i can contribute in a positive way. >> in san francisco, lewis pena abc 7 news. street closures and park closures appear to have large crowds from gathering. the mood was festive but laid-back with plenty of music performances at the gazebo and police kept watch at the lake shore avenue which was closed to everyone except residents. >> it is a meeting place and you can get together and have a little fun and not let it cost
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you anything. >> yeah. >> the city officials say large crowds during previous weekends created unsafe conditions. people left piles of garbage everywhere and traffic restrictions in effect every weekend through november. a sun halo caught the eye of people around the bay area. viewers shared this video with us from sunday. a halo like this often significant analysis a storm is approaching. i don't know about that? >> i see no storm, lisa. >> no, but you know it's a pretty sight that's not too uncommon. when we have a lot of ice crystals in the highest level of the atmosphere where the cirrus clouds sit and where the lit is reflected and refractured from all the ice crystals. pretty site but not uncommon. green here from doppler 7. marine layer cleaned out of the atmosphere as this system heads to the north.
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allowing for a little more sun in our afternoon. even in the morning and parts of the north bay. 48 in santa clara and campbell. 50 in allen rock and looking at the clouds in the south the pence slas. and a clear spot where numbers are colder. looking outside still holding on to the clouds here and if you're an allergy sufferer, the tree pollen has been quite high as well as uv index and not so much the grass and mold but we continue to see that throughout the next several days. we need rain and we don't have any on the horizon. sun today, a few high clouds around. 65 in san jose, low 60s here on the peninsula. upper 50s along the coast with partial clearing there. 57 in san francisco today. up in the north bay, look for about 65 if you're in sonoma. 68 in calastoga and east bailey
5:19 am
60s. 62 in fremont and heading inland, mid-and upper 60s. accuweather 7-day forecast warming up inland tomorrow and wednesday and not much. 60s around the bay. steady pattern with us throughout the week. >> thank you, lisa. thousands of people in southern california have been woken up by a series of earthquakes. a preliminary 4.4 magnitude quake hit near lennox around 4:15 a.m. followed by a 3.3, 30 minutes later and then minutes later an after shock of 2.5 was recorded nearby. no reports of damage or injuries but the shaking is trending on twitter right now. the san francisco zoo meerkats had some easter fun. the zoo tweeted the video of the egg hunt even the shredded paper basket filler was a hit with the animals. we're not sure what's in the eggs but safe to say it's not chocolate.
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they would prefer beatles, spieders and scorpions. >> whoa. >> better than peeps. >> yeah -- -- >> oh, no. >> i almost got you. coming up seven things you need to know this morning
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5:21 here are the seven things to know this morning. number 1, another covid variant was found in the bay area and it is called a double mutant that they believe originated in india and responsible for a new surge in the country. airports across the country saw a record number of travelers over the holiday weekend. the tsa says it screened 1.5 million people yesterday on the same day last year the number was only 122,000. number 3, kamala harris returns to oakland for the first time since taking office. harris is scheduled to talk about various topics including water infrastructure and small businesses. number 4, a prayer vigil scheduled for rapper dmx on life support after a heart attack on friday. he is on a coma and on a ventilator >> and number 5, starting out
5:23 am
with low clouds and fog. breezy winds along the koegs and a lot of sun on the way for the rest of us. upper 60s inland. and number 6, there is a high wind advisory for the bay bridge, and very nearby yeah bridge and antiknock >> and number 7 super bowl champion aaron rodgers starts 2-week stint of jeopardy. you can watch jeopardy week nights at 7 on abc 7. gma first look with travel picking up rental cars are dealing with low inventory and has prices sky rocketing. >> in this morning's gma first look with the pandemic hitting rental car companies hard, many travelers trying to rent a car can't find one or paying a steep price. >> this is a perfect storm on multiple fronts. car rental companies sold off in vent to hers when a year ago no
5:24 am
one was leaving homes. now that demand is coming back they simply can't get cars quick enough. >> with tourists racing to ohio, rental cars are going up to 1,000 a day. and airports seeing massive lines for car. this was the scene in phoenix in march. >> 30% increase in car rental rates and some markets, hawaii and florida, up to 300% increases. >> coming up at 7:00 a.m. how airlines are coping with the pressure of millions of travelers as we near the summer. for gma first look this is abc news, new york. san francisco town edge grill set to reopen. the first time people are able to dine inside the restaurant since last march. the 172--year-old restaurant closed at the end of july stopping takeout and delivery options. now that san francisco is in the orange tier and can reopen at
5:25 am
50% capacity, the seafood restaurant will open for lunch and dinner. it claims to be the oldest continuously run restaurant in california. six new restaurants getting start in the terndz loan today. all in women-run -- in a women-run food hall. it is a nonprofit kitchen to help low income women of color get a leg up in the restaurant business and may get access to affordable kitchen space to make and sell food. the project was announced five years ago and set to open last summer before covid and now finally open to the public starting to lunch takeout from 11 to 2:30 the marketplace is located at golden gator avenue and hyde street. another 90 minutes of news including another celebrity getting vaccinated on camera. you have to see mariah kerry's reaction. >> you do. 500 million facebook users could be vulnerable to fraud. >> and also you saw a capitol police officer kwhild a driver
5:26 am
rammed his car into a barricade. this morning we're learning more about the suspect >> and we are heading to break right now as we take a live look outside. you can see the golden gate off in the distance and we have a high-wind advisory there. we'll be right back
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building a better bay area, moving forward and finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. week 2 for the former police officer charged with murdering george floyd.
5:29 am
the high profile person we expect on the stand today. and vice president kamala harris is expected in the bay area today and what we know about her schedule. starting to notice uptick of people coming from other parts of the country. >> tourists returning to san francisco. the signs of progress in the pandemic. and mariah carey hitting a high note while getting her covid-19 vaccine. her message to fans. >> one of the most chaotic videos of seen of someone getting a shot but entertaining nonetheless. >> but she still got it. >> and she still has. >> never not going to have it. >> thank you. good morning on monday, april 5. >> a check on the forecast with meteorologist lisa agin this this morning. >> good morning to you. partly cloudy conditions. cloud along the peninsula here for the time building. 51 in belmont and redwood city. cooler with less cloud cover in the north way. 50 in livermore. the plan for today starting out
5:30 am
with partly cloudy sky. upper 40s to low 50s and then the clouds quickly get scoured away and looking at numbers in the low to mid-60s by noon time. a lot of sun out there and throughout the afternoon could see even a couple of numbers in the upper 60s towards the delta. a little more in the way of cloud cover tonight. a small warmup on the way for tuesday, but a good-looking monday to start the week. >> thank you, lisa. happening the trial of the former police officer charged with murdering george floyd resumes in minneapolis. the trial is expected to focus on how derek chauvin was trained. prosecutors say chauvin caused floyd's death by putting his knee on floyd's neck for 9 minutes. the defense argues the former officer did what he was trained to do. and that drugs and underlying health conditions caused floyd's death. minneapolis police chief is expected to take the stand today is testify against chauvin. vice president kamala harris is coming back to hometown today after spending
5:31 am
the weekend in southern california. the vice president will be in oakland to promote the white house $2 trillion infrastructure plan. amy hole field is live in oakland this morning. >> reporter:. >> reporter: yeah, xhieting day for oakland. vice president harris will be arriving here today. this is where she was born. this is where she kicked off the presidential campaign and today she is expected to be here as the vice president of the united states. she will be talking about a variety of topics from water in from structure to small businesses. she's coming from l.a. where she spent the easter weekend with her family and she'll be in oakland for a day and then going to be heading to chicago where she plans to talk about vaccine equity and this is especially exciting visit because this will be the first time in oakland as the vice president. this is where she was born and now she is returning as the vice president. pretty exciting visit for her
5:32 am
and her hometown. live in oakland. amy holy field abc 7 news. >> thank you. there are major signs of improvement in san francisco. doctors tell us just 3icu cases in the city and vaccinations cases are going up and abc news reporter j.r. stone found out more people are comfortable getting out of the house. >> really feel good to be back outside i'm from tracey. >> john anderson's inspire family had covid-19. they're healed and no longer contagious and back visiting san francisco. >> it was worse for me and mom. the kid got it away quick. >> hospitalizations and icu admissions are at the lowest level of the pandemic in in in francisco. ucsf doctors calls it a milestone saying it the the key to nursing home residents and dhoez 65 years and older. >> icu beds currently three cases in san francisco county
5:33 am
and i checked the census and we have one. >> in san francisco fisherman's wharf, 90% of business comes from outside the bay area. we're still not there according to gm done mcfarland but he is seeing changes. >> starting to notice an uptick of people coming from other parts of the country. >> out-of-towners flocked to the wharf for food and wildlife. >> well, we are a little bit scared but life must go on. you have to go out and see the world. >> many though telling us that while the vaccine isn't fool-proof. they feel much morph comfortable employing out now that they're vaccinated. >> i work in a skilled nursing facility we went from being terrified a year ago, not even sure if we were doing the right thing and now we're all vaccinated. >> i took the johnson & johnson about 3 days ago and it leave a little soreness in the arm. other than that i'm happy that i took it. >> it feel good to get back
5:34 am
outside having an oyster you all. it feel real good to be back outside. >> reporter: j.r. stone abc 7 news. adult sports league starting sports in san francisco. all sports must be played in san francisco and cannot coordinate with teams from other counties and masks are still a requirement. and just in time for a national library week, santa clara city libraries are opening doors for in-person services and that includes lobby service and pickups. the mission branch reopens this morning at 10:00 and north side branch reopens thursday afternoon at 3:00. appointments are not necessary. library cards will be issued to those who want one. part of building a better bay area is tackling issues of race and social justice. a stop asian hate rally outside of san francisco city hall over the weekend included self defense martial arts demonstrations, instructors
5:35 am
showed off combat drills and techniques to fight back against an attack. rally participants wanted to send a message that the asian american community is strong. speakers say the crimes targeting the aapi community are beyond alarming. >> i have never in the 53 years that i've been in this country, longer than you were born, many of you, that i feel the sense of danger that i feel now, the danger for my own personal safety. the danger for others safety if you look asian. >> that was judge tang calling on the biden administration to fight against racism targeting asian americans. while we don't have all of the answers for issues surrounding race and social justice, we do have a lot of vetted resources for you. find out more about how you can take action and to abc ally.
5:36 am
plus football games to game show hosts. chico native aaron rodgers kicking off a 2-week stint on jeopardy and first a check on the forecast. >> good morning to you. a live look outside. visibility not an issue this monday morning -- looking at clouds and clear conditions to the north. so overall, partly cloudy, sunny skies on the way. a steady pat determine for the week ahead. not big temperature swings and unfortunately not any rain either. on the peninsula, redwood city and san mateo starting out with clouds and low 60s for a sunny afternoon. south bay, say san jose and cooper teen notice clouds to start and breaking up by 10:00. low to mid-60s and san francisco brightening up. still on the cool side. mid to upper 50s towards the afternoon and sea breeze with us and inland valleys temperatures be climbing with the response to
5:37 am
more sunshine by 10:00, 11:00, near oakland temperatures about 60 degrees. inland we're warming up and numbers will be in the low to mid-60s. so once again, with the sun coming out first week of april, feeling pretty good out there but not seeing any rain. in fact, we're about 40% of average. and that certainly is not good, in fact, the past 150 years, only 1975 through 1977 was dryer. so certainly a dry season and we had thought we would see rain. not going to happen. and we're still looking at our snow pack anywhere from 60% of average. so looking at a seasonal week ahead with numbers at or below average with fog lingering at the coast but otherwise lots of 60s round the bay. upper 60s inland as we look at the 7-day outlook in the next few minutes. we'll see things stay steady and that's coming up. francis. hi, lisa and good morning, everyone. a stall reported the upper deck
5:38 am
of the bay bridge and i'll show you a live camera shot of the very bridge where things are actually flowing pretty well. you notice traffic really has been picking up. starting to look more like normal at this point and cars looking good into san francisco right now. also no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza but a wind advisories for bay bridge and antioch and va knee sha and headlights move westbound on interstate 80 and things looking good to her could you lows and a crash in that area. hercules eastbound 4 before franklin canyon they are clearing an accident before frank canyon from the left lane. more news and weath weath weathh traffic after this break.
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this morning new details that police said about a man who rammed his car into the capitol officer, killing him. his family says he suffered from years of head trauma from playing football and we have more on the suspect's social media activity. >> reporter: this morning new details about the man accused of ramming a barricade at the u.s. capitol on friday killing one officers and injuring another. sources tell abc news investigators are focus on facebook posts about the suspect
5:42 am
noah green and parent obsession with the nation of islam leader. he posted i encourage everyone to study revelations and study the end times and study who the beast is. green's family told the washington post he was not a terrorist but suffered from depression and potential mental illness. investigators say he drove his car into a security check point killing a capitol police officer billy evans a 18-year veteran and father of two. >> he died a hero's death and certainly would much rather have him with us. >> the attack comes less than 3 months after the january 6 riot leaving five dead including another capitol police officer. this morning the capitol police union says morale is rapidly approaching crisis levels and warning of a mass exodus, write energy a statement in the next 3 to 25 years we have another 500 officers eligible to retire. many of the officers could put in retiernlt papers tomorrow. >> there are those who made
5:43 am
comments about, well, they've got all the flois protect one building. yep, it is the most important building in america, this is the seat of our democrats democracy t if that building and the people in it don't function properly, we no longer a democracy. >> once outside the officer ken shaver stood up and walked to a waiting car. the suspect noah green died after being shot by officers. and sources say he recently tried to his name but failed to show up for a court hearing. elizabeth shulzte abc news, washington. the personal information of more than 500 million facebook users was leaked online. names locations, e-mail addresses and phone numbers have been posted to a website used by hackers. facebook says the leaked information stems from a 2019
5:44 am
data breech and the problem has been resolved but experts say the data could still be valuable to cyber criminals who specialize in identity theft. the new guest host of jeopardy starts his two-week stint tonight. >> and now here is the guest host of jeopardy, aaron rodgers. >> thank you, johnny gill better. welcome to jeopardy. >> oh, look at him. super bowl champion aaron rodgers taped two weeks of episodes in two days in february. 'the chi' conative says he watched hours and hours of episodes and took notes to prepare. you can watch jeopardy week nights at 7:00 right here on abc 7. a shot in the arm didn't stop mariah carey from hitting high note. >> all right. [ laughter ]. >> okay! >> yay! >> only part 1, only part 1.
5:45 am
>> carey celebrated receiving the first dose by sharing a video of the special moment. she was nervous but excited about receiving the shot. she encouraged everyone to get vaccinated when they can and said we are all in this together. this is my favorite part. in the post she wrote vaccine side effect, g6. >> we don't know if she -- we know she didn't get the johnson & johnson we don't know which of the other two she got. but a really hope it is pfizer so she could say, like you got me feeling pfizer! >> oh, bravo! >> i'm here all week also, i was thinking, we don't know what state she got it in. and we don't know what tier she is in. she hasn't revealed her birthday. >> right, she only celebrates an verse various. >> we all know how old she is but it doesn't matter. >> it doesn't doesn't.
5:46 am
she is forever youthful. put it that way. >> always. hi lisa. >> high there. good morning, everyone. live dop per 7. notice the green. we have a system to the north of us moving through the area. and that's allowing for partly cloudy skies to start out and then mostly sunny this afternoon. so wider look here shows that more cloud cover is to the north of us. high pressure winning out and building throughout the next day or so. but we're looking at temperatures this morning fairly similar. upper 40s to low 50s with partly to mostly cloudy conditions. low clouds and fog pushed further inland again in morning and also the southwest wind gusting to 34 miles-per-hour by the delta. so that means it's not going to get too warm around here. when that happens, that cooling makes its way into the inland valleys which already it has done and so we'll stay in that narrow range with 60s to upper 60s.
5:47 am
checking for rain the next ten days. april, not happening. less than an inch and a half of rain in san francisco. about 1.46, not looking good for us in terms of the draught or future rainfall potential. 65 in santa clara and 64 in sunniville later on this afternoon and temperatures warm up with low 60s in san mateo. redwood city, and downtown 57 and partly cloudy in the north bay and more sun with mid-60s. vallejo about 62, heading to union city, 60. to the lower 60s down through fremont and inland skwlooshgs upper 60s today with more sunshine. a few high clouds around but we'll enjoy it throughout the afternoon and, in fact, temperatures will be slightly warmer as we get into your tuesday and wednesday in our inland valleys and try and make out the changes here. not much, morning clouds and afternoon sun with steady mild pattern even through next week. >> thank you, lee safrjts a vigil planned today outside the
5:48 am
new york hospital where rapper dmx remains on life support. the hip hop artist who's real name is earl simmons had a heart attack on friday. his family says he is in a coma and on a ventilator. now russ reports he suffered a drug overdose but that is not confirmed. the rapper dealt with substance abuse over the years the trial of the chicago 7 took home at the top prize at the screen actors galed ward. it's the first time from a streaming service won highest honors. >> the trial of the chicago seven. [ cheers and applause ]. >> good give us leaders. >> there was a wig night for actors of color. the late chad wick bosman won best actor and viola davis winning best female actor for
5:49 am
role in the film and daniel won best male supporting actor for judas and the black ma sigh yeah. >> you also have to see kerry washington's outfit. >> i didn't see it. >> it is everything. >> is it a stunner. >> stung. >> she is amazing. >> amazing. new at 6:00, california take action after controversial new voting laws passed in georgia. the rally for today and what leaders want to do to make sure things like that are not passed by today. and a final good-bye for a final installation at golden gate park.
5:50 am
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a san jose couple is raising awareness about a racist incident that happened at their front door. a couple weeks ago, heard a commotion outside their home. >> he punched the door for at least 100 times and then running the bells for another hundred times or something and go back to china and you brought covid-19, this is america, you thief and f word communist china and you know, all those things and my kids got really scared. >> san jose police are investigating this case as a hate incident. this incident prompted the couple to take action and decided to go door with see's candies to meet with neighbors and speaking out to protect other families especially those with family. steffen curry had a unique way to promote solid daert. last night he wore a special
5:53 am
pair of shoes created by the bruce lee foundation. they read under the heavens there is butts one family. curry will auction off the shoes to raise money for the families of the eight people killed in the atlanta spa shootings. >> the shoes are a very small way to hopefully raise money for that work and that cause and, you know, raise awareness. >> curry says he admired lee's pursuit of equal rights and feels angered by the rise and attacks targeting asian. the warriors played the atlanta hawks in atlanta last night. the grammy award artists pledged a million buck to ethiopia. he is the son of immigrants to ethiopia. his heart breaks for innocent civilians murdered and displaced in the 5-month long conflict. in early november tensions between the ethiopia government and the ruling party of the
5:54 am
country's northern tea grade erupted into fitting. thousands have been killed and tens of thousands have been displaced. and tom brady is breaking records just not on the field but off the food as well. one of his rookie cards sold at auction for more than $# million. the card signed by the san record smashed the price of all cards. a special art installation at golden gate park is now dark. entwined featured 20-foot tall trees made from sheet metal, 1,000 illuminated cubes intertwined with the tree's branches and shrubs. [ cheers and applause ]. >> artists created entwined to celebrate golden gate park's 150's anniversary and it was beautiful. i got to see it lisa. >> that is pretty.
5:55 am
very nice. good morning. we'll have a pretty nice day here. maybe a few more days of spring break for some of you and if so, we have the 70s in los angeles. upper 60s in san diego and look at the heat in palm springs. 97 there. back home, a cloudy start. a few breaks in the overcast early in the north bay. by about 8:30, then as we go through the 10:00 hour, mostly sunny skies north and still waiting on the sun perhaps in oakland and berkeley and parts of burlingame but by the afternoon, it is mostly sunny and temperatures on the cool to mild side. 60s to 70s for most. you see a little bit of fog there. stuck right around half moon bay, that's where we've been in the upper 50s. pacific yeah and around stenson. if thinking of going to the beach, it is cool there and we have a couple of changes to talk about for the week ahead. not much. if liking the weather you will like the extended outlook and we will have a look at that in
5:56 am
6:00 hour. jobina. >> thank you, mixed fears of another covid variant found in the bare area being dubbed the double mutant. johnson & onsan races to make up for lost time after millions of doses were contaminated. what we're learning about the changed production of the vaccine. and rebuilding retirement fund. if the pandemic cut into savings you are certainly not alone. tips to get finances back on track. and here's a live look outside at 5:56. we'll be right back.
5:57 am
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
5:59 am
building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news a new variant is discovered in the bay area. what we know about the double mutant question researchers are asking. johnson & johnson takes
6:00 am
control. how it is working to get back on track after losing millions of doses. record-setting travel numbers but it didn't come without a glitch. the trouble one airline ran into. good morning. >> we are going to get a first look at the forecast with lisa. good morning. she is on the way. >> i'm on the way somewhere. here i am. >> hey, good morning. >> i want to make an entrance. good morning. we are starting out with low clouds and fog and temperatures in the upper 40s to near 50. we are going to get into some sunshine this morning. numbers respond to that. 51 in hayward. 52, union city. a couple hours of clear sky. a live look outside, partly cloudy with 50s at 9:00. uppe


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