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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 4, 2021 11:00pm-11:59pm PDT

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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. some doctors are calling this a momentous time in san francisco as hospitalizations are way down and vaccination numbers continue to go up. it all comes as governor newsom has suggested changes to the tiered reopening system could be coming this week. >> we're getting to a point. t orangeand ll desiyehenyo s oranthswer y h that we say gd evening and thank you for joining us. i'm dion lim. a change to the tier system could be a boost for businesses, many of which are already getting more customers as more people get vaccinated. abc7 news reporter j.r.
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stone was in a san francisco business today and found plenty of people happy to be out of the house. >> it really feels good to be back outside, man, for real. i'm from tracy. >> reporter: john anderson's entire family had covid-19, healed no longer contagious and back visiting san francisco. >> it was worse for me and mom. the kid got through it quick. >> reporter: doctors say hospitalizations and icu admissions are at their lowest since the pandemic in san francisco, uc sf dr. peter chong calls it a milestone, the key vaccination of nursing home residents and those 65 and older. >> in icu beds currently there are three cases in san francisco county and i just checked the uscf census and we have one. >> reporter: at san francisco fisherman's wharf 90% of business comes from outside the bay area. we're still not there according to gm don mcfarland, but he is
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seeing changes. >> starting to notice uptick of people coming from other parts of the country. >> reporter: saturday and sunday out of towners flocked to the wharf for food and wildlife. >> well, we are a little bit scared, but, you know, life must go on. you have to go out and see the world. >> reporter: many, though, telling us that while the vaccine isn't foolproof, they feel much more comfortable going out now that they're vaccinated. >> i work in a skilled nursing facility and we went from, you know, being terrified a year ago not even sure if we were doing ing no & n your buthat days ago. ves ttle m happy go tbe back outside having words with you all. it feels real good to be back outside, man. earlier in the day easter
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celebrations struck an optimistic tone as the bay area reflects on a tough year back and looks forward. many spent the day at worship services or outside with family and friends. abc7 news reporter cornell barnard gives us look. >> reporter: easter mass on the green outside st.ignatius church in san francisco. >> i feel wonderful being outdoors and able to celebrate mass on easter sunday. this is my first mass in one year. >> reporter: other churches like our lady of lourdes in oakland held easter services indoors with limited capacity. >> happy easter. >> reporter: abc7 live streamed this virtual easter celebration from glide memorial church. pastor marvin k. white delivering a message of hope for those tuning in. >> today on this resurrection sunday you have declared i ain't dead no more. >> reporter: the easter bunny made this surprise visit to hayes valley hiding eggs and
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thsome kids and nfrs. >> she sn sure at the beginning what to expect, but she really likes the egg. >> reporter: i grabbed the chance for a quick easterr a q selfie. don't forget brunch. >> now that a lot of people are getting vaccinations people feel more comfortable to come outside, have brunch, have beer, have food. >> reporter: on oakland's lake merritt savannah hudson and her family were enjoying the holiday. >> it's nice. it's beautiful. you know how it is at the lake. everybody comes to the lake. >> reporter: oakland beefing up its police presence and traffic control after complaints of trash, loud music and cars blocking streets around the lake on weekends. >> man, i can understand what's going on down there, get a little bit crazy, but, you know, hopefully the city is going to find a way to make it work for everybody. >> reporter: cornell barnard, abc7 news. part of building a better bay area is tackling issues of race and social justice. a stop asian hate rally outside san francisco city hall today
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also included self-defense martial arts demonstrations. anime, kung fu and muay thai instructors showed off combat drills and technique to fight back against an attack. rally participants wanted to send a message that the asian- american community is strong, speakers today saying the crimes targeting aapis are beyond alarming. >> i have never in the 53 years that i've been in this country, longer than you were born, many of you, that i feel the sense of danger that i feel now, the danger for my own personal safety, the danger for all your safety if dge says s ing onadministration to fight t racism targeting asian- americans. and part of building a better bay area is fighting for racial and social justice. while we don't have all the answers, we do have a lot of vetted resources. to find out more about how you can take action and be an ally,
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head to on tuesday the san francisco school board could reverse its decision to rename 44 schools. in january you'll remember it voted to move forward with changing the names of any school associated with slavery, colonization and other forms of racial oppression, but there was backlash as people pointed out historical inaccuracies with some of the interpretations. others wondered why the board wasn't addressing reopening schools for in-person learning. moving on now, after 29 years of waiting al cos after a chlenging season and challenging game that was nearly lost in the final seconds. >> it was close, you know. stanford, they're a great team. they didn't make it easy. >> that is ardis jackson, manager of old pro spots in palo alto after tonight's big
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win. president biden, steph curry and tiger woods sending congratulations on a hard fought win via twitter tonight. for more on stanford's thrilling national championship win, let's bring in abc7 sports anchor chris alvarez. chris, despite a season unlike any other with covid protocols, not to mention other challenges, stanford still finishes on top. >> yeah. what an accomplishment and what a finish in tonight's women's basketball game. dion, i apologize after the fact for all the yelling in the sports department, but for the third time many program history stanford, they are national champions. they were the top overall seed and showed the heart of a champion playing in those nail biters. you mentioned the semis and the championship. haley jones, hoop and the foul, big bucket, team high 17, final play going down to the final seconds, aari mcdonald of arizona throwing it up off the mark. stanford wins in a thriller 54- 53 and vanderveer, her third ncaa title. >> i owe it all to my
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teamdon't have confidence in myself. coming down the stretch i saw in their eyes they needed me to come out big and i did thankfully. >> no one knows who scores. it's a national championship and this is a great team. we did not play a great game today, however, but if we can win not playing as well as we need to, i'm excited. >> after the game coach vanderveer said she got 600 text messages to go through. if you text her, give her a little time to get back to you, but steph curry's facetime seemed to get through. my call, i guess it was blocked. the rest of the day in sports in a few minutes. we had a lot going on, including the warriors as well. >> you never have to apologize for screaming in the sports department for something like this. moving on, still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, a san jose couple thinks the ups man is at their door, but instead it's a man going on a racist rant, how the family is now rallying the
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neighborhood to make sure it doesn't happen again. in the fight against covid- 19 the cdc just tapped a stanford doctor to take on a senior advisory role with covid testing. we've got clouds rolling in
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the cdc has tapped a stanford professor to help combat covid in the coming months and years years years ye
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abc7 news reporters luz pena. >> reporter: throughout his life dr. dean winslow has been on the forefront of some of the most historic moments of our nation. this wall is a small reminder of all the decades he has served our country. >> total of 35 years between the air force and the air national guard. >> reporter: and these are all the memories. >> absolutely. >> reporter: colonel winslow is how many of his colleagues know him. he retired nearly five years ago from the u.s. air force. he's a professor of medicine at stanford university specialized in infectious diseases and on monday he will start a new role at the nation's public health agency. were you expecting to get tapped by the federal government to work for the cdc? >> not necessarily, but again, i felt very honored and flattered to be asked to join this effort. >> reporter: dr. dean winslow will join the cdc's team as a senior adviser for the covid testing diagnostic working group. >> first of all, develop a strategy for how to best deploy
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covid-19 in an efficient way. >> reporter: we joined him on his deck to have a candid conversation about covid as he enjoyed the last hours before he leaves to washington to fight an unprecedented war against covid-19. >> the assignment was pitched as anywhere from six to 24 months. >> reporter: do you think that's how long covid will last, 24 months? >> yeah. i think unfortunately, ms. pena, that we may be having to deal with covid for even longer than that. potentially it could end up being somewhat like influenza in that we have outbreaks each year. >> reporter: dr. winslow believes covid testing will continue to be imperative to understand this virus even while the vaccines continue to roll out. is this team also looking into how long the covid-19 vaccines will protect us moving forward? >> yes. that will be certainly part of the mission of the testing and diagnostics working group and even more important is to
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understand from a scientific standpoint why that certain vaccine failures may occur. >> reporter: do you project that covid will continue to mutate and booster shots will become the norm? >> absolutely. it's fairly easy to actually modify these vaccines. >> reporter: dr. winslow remains humble knowing that his work as a colonel in the air force, a stanford professor, infectious disease expert and now a cdc senior adviser relies on the work of many as a team, a team that he believes will lead us out of this pandemic. >> just hope that i can contribute in a positive way. >> reporter: in san francio, luz pena, abc7 news. a jose couple is raising awareness to a racist incident that happened at their front door. a little over a week ago the immigrants from china heard a commotion outside their door. >> he punch our door at least
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100 times and after that it was ring the bells for like another 100 times or something, you two go back to china and then he said you brought covid-19. this is america. you thief, you f word coming as china and all those things and my kids got really scared. >> san jose police are investigating the case as a hate incident. the couple then went door to door to meet with neighbors and are speaking out to protect other families, especially those with children. street closures and parking restrictions around oas la mapp kept large crowds from gathering this weekend. the mood this evening was festive and laid back with plenty of music and performances by the gazebo. police kept close watch along lakeshore avenue which was closed to everyone except residents and churchgoers. parking was restricted as well. eaunday rejoyable along the lake.
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>> it's sort of a meeting place everybody can get togeand not l it cost you anything. >> yeah. >> city officials say large crowds during previous weekends created unsafe conditions. crowds left piles of garbage everywhere. the traffic restrictions will be in effect every weekend through november. well, check it out. a sun halo caught the eye of people around the bay area today. a viewer shared this video with us. you can see there that halo like this often signals a storm is approaching. now there is a storm to our west, but high pressure to the south, that will block it from moving into california. drew, not sure if you take your forecast from sun halos or not, but still quite a sight to see. >> yeah. i mean when we didn'thave these computers s ndreds of yes e of informatiowa looking at the sky and seeing if storms were close or when it
11:19 pm
might rain. unfortunately rain is going evade us again this week. we're looking at a dry pattern over the next seven days and a cool breezy start to the week tomorrow. tonight sutro tower, partly cloudy skies overhead and tomorrow it will be a mainly cloudy start for a lot of us with that marine layer coming back with onshore flow. looking at the tree pollen tomorrow again is high. it's going to run high much of the week. the tree pollen, main offenders are oak, sycamore and juniper. the uv index is running high also the week ahead. cooling off into the 40s and 50s, 51 now in the city, 46 in santa rosa, 48 in palo alto, 51 in concord, 49 the current temperature in livermore. tonight we'll call it increasing cloud cover as the onshore breezes push that marine lehner and around the bayshore line. numbers will continue to fall into the mid-and upper 40s for a lot of us for our starting temperatures first thing tomorrow morning.
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here's live doppler 7 along with satellite. yocais that storm off the coast. it's sitting and spinning there. it brought those high thin cirrus clouds into our sky today causing the halo around the sun earlier this afternoon, but again high pressure will win out just to our south. it's going to keep any storms from moving into california over the next seven days. we will remain dry even though that storm is just off our coastline. what it will help to do, that storm sitting off our coastline, it will help bring back the cloud cover again tomorrow morning. 7 a.m. you can see a lot of low level cloud cover across much of the region. we do expect that cloud cover to slowly burn off, but the afternoon we will see a decent amount of sunshine and temperatures very similar to where we ended up today, pretty seasonable for this time of year. highs in our microclimate starting in the south bay 65 tomorrow afternoon in san jose, 67 morgan hill, 64 for sunnyvale. along the peninsula 62 in palo
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alto, 59 san mateo, 55 in half moon bay, breezy along the coast. downtown san francisco a little bit of afternoon sunshine. it's breezy and remains cool, 57 downtown, 56 the high in daly city. e north bay 64 in sa 65 in sonoma, 64 in novato, about 59 in sausalito. east bay we're in the low 60s, 61 oakland, 62 union city, 61 castro valley and mid- to upper 60s, 65 walnut creek, 68 pittsburg, 65 in livermore. here's the accuweather seven- day forecast. morning clouds tomorrow giving way to sunshine, a little milder heading into tuesday and wednesday under partly cloudy skies. brighter skies to finish out the week. we remain dry. it's a pretty steady pattern saturday and sunday mainly 60s to low 70s away from the coast. >> still waiting for that rain, though, thanks. still ahead a women-led
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six new restaurants are getting their start tomorrow in the tenderloin, all of them a women-run food hall. la cucina is designed to help women of color get a leg up in the restaurant business. they get access to affordable kitchen space where they can make and sell food. it was supposed to open last summer, but then covid happened. starting tomorrow for the first time six entrepreneurs will open their restaurants for takeout featuring six different cuisines. always at this time feeling a little bit hungry and if you're hungry for sports, chris alvarez has a preview. >> coming up in sports steph curry returns to the lineup. was it enough to leave atlanta with a win? stanford women's basketball cut down the
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there's never a bad time to enjoy my newest sauced & loaded curly fries. try triple cheddar or spicy pepper jack, both topped with slow-smoked bacon. ♪ get both, only at jack in the box. sports on abc7 is sponsored about i your local dealers. >> tara vanderveer finishing with the cardinals winning their first national title since '92 in a game not decided until the final buzzer. second quarteiple stretches the lead to ten and older brother russell wilson, quarterback of the seahawks, he lovesit, cardinal up seven at the break. the wildcats get within one.
11:30 pm
the fans were fired up, but haley jones had something totea and the foul. final play stanford up just one, aari mcdonald for three and the win falling away, no good. stanford wins by one. jones, your most outstanding player and vanderveer, her third ncaa title. >> we had some special karma going for us when we dodged the bullet against -- we had to come back against louisville, dodged the bullet against south carolina, dodged the bullet against arizona. i think sometimes you just got to be lucky. i will admit it. we're very fortunate to win. >> taking it one step further and win a national championship after a 29 year long drought. it's a blessing. it's surreal to be here. i don't think even standing up looking at the confetti i'm still waiting for it to really kick in. to the warriors steph curry back in the lineup, golden state looking to avoid an 0-3
11:31 pm
road trip. early first quarter draymond green alley-oop, wiseman, eight points and five rebounds and steph so good with the basketball, creative, dribble, drive, pump fake, hoop and the foul, shimmy shake, too. 18 rebounds for the former rocket. 117-111, the warriors lose with 22 remaining games in regular season. >> right now it's frustrating for sure. i hope everybody in the locker room hates losing as thit, to stay connected and figure it out. baseball now, bunny ears, the coliseum easter sunday, a's looking for their first win of the year. top one jose altuve, deep drive to right, chad pinder replaced by steven biscotti after
11:32 pm
hitting the wall. top of the one, hit to right ma double, 5-1. rookie outfielder becoming the first position player to pitch this a game this year, didn't allow a run. a's get swept and fall 9-2. dodgers come to town tomorrow. this is your abc7 sports report sponsored by your local toyota dealers. much more to come on abc7 news at 11:00. the warriors steph curry sporting shoes with bruce lee on them tonight, the message he's sending about suor antes rangers be welcoming fans to their home opener tomorrow night allowing full
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the murder trial of former police officer derek chauvin is set to resume tomorrow in minneapolis. the prosecution is expected to call critical witnesses including the city's police chief who is expected to testify against chauvin. abc news reporter reena roy talked with people today who came to pay their respects to george floyd. >> reporter: tonight a minneapolis community in pain banding together easter sume ay embody what this moment means for the world and for people of color. >> reporter: the city bracing for week two in the murder
11:37 pm
trial of former police officer derek chauvin. >> once the trial started a lot of trauma came back up to the surface. the city's on edge, but the community is coming together. >> reporter: prosecutors expected to call medical experts to try and prove it was chauvin's knee that killed floyd. the chief of police will also likely testify against him just as the force's longest serving officer did on friday. >> the prosecution is going to really have to come in hard when it comes to cause of death. they'll talk about yeah, there were drugs in george floyd's system, but the neck is and only is the issue as to what we're talking about when it comes to death. >> reporter: the defense trying to create reasonable doubt arguing floyd's use and heart issues contributed to his death. last week pressing his girl friend on their opioid addiction. >> it was your belief that mr. floyd started using again about two weeks prior to his death. correct? >> i noticed a change in his behavior, yes. >> reporter: as america
11:38 pm
watches intently, this hurting neighborhood praying for real change. what are you hoping to see come out of this trial? >> justice. >> true justice means a change from how we do public safety. >> reporter: the trial so far is ahead of schedule and is expected to last at least another two to three weeks. reena roy, abc news, minneapolis. to the covid pandemic now, vaccination set a new one-day record this weekend with 4 million shots given saturday. despite warnings from the cdc not to gather in groups unless everyone is vaccinated the texas rangers say they'll allow full stadium capacity for their home opener tomorrow in arlington. that is upwards of 40,000 fans. the decision is facing some criticism. >> this is probably the last holiday where a vast majority of americans will remain unvaccinated, but if you have unvaccinated people mingling, i do worry about another surge. >> doctors fear the spread of
11:39 pm
contagious variants will increase the country's daily average of cases which has already climbed 20% the past two weeks. meantime vaccination efforts continue to ramp up. this week at least 14 states are expanding vaccine eligibility to anyone over 16 joining 22 other states that have already done so. kamala harris is returning to her hometown of oakland the first time since becoming vice president. harris is scheduled to talk about various topics during her trip including water infrastructure and small business. no details have been released about her event just yet. harris was born in oakland and kicked off her presidential campaign there in january of 2019. she began her career as a prosecutor in the alameda county district attorney's office. warriors star steph curry had a unique way to show solidarity with the stop aapi hate movement. tonight curry wore a special pair of shoes he created with the bruce lee foundation.
11:40 pm
the shoes have a handwritten quote by lee reading, "under the heavens there is but one family." curry will auction off the shoes to raise money for the families of the eight people killed in the atlanta spa shootings. >> the shoes are a very small way to hopefully raise money for that work and that cause and, you know, raise awareness. >> nice to see prominent athletes speaking out on the subject. curry says he has admired lee's pursuit of equal rights and feels angered by the rise in attacks targeting asians. the warriors play the atlanta hawks tonight in atlanta. grammy award winning artist the weekend has pledged $1 million to the u.n.'s relief efforts in ethiopia. the canadian singer is the son of immigrants from ethiopia. he writes in an instagram post his heartbreaks for innocent civilians who have been
11:41 pm
murdered and displaced in the five month long conflict. early november tensions between the ethiopian government and former ruling party of the country's northern area erupted into fighting. thousands have been killed and tens of thousands displaced. still ahead the all virtual s.a.g. awards were held tonight, the historic wins and surprises that could be changing some oscar predictions. i'm meteorologist drew tuma. we've got a cool start to the week tomorrow. we'll have the numbers in the accuweather forecast ahead.
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aaron sorkin's netflix courtroom drama trial of the chicago seven took home the top prize tonight at the virtual screen actors guild awards, the first time a film from a streaming service won s.a.g.'s highest honor and could make some rethink their oscar predictions. >> "the trial of the chicago seven." [ applause ] >> can we take a moment and say how amazing helen mirren looks, also? clearly a big night for actors of color as well. the late chadwick bozeman won best male actor for his his his "ma rainey's black bottom." viola davis won best actress
11:46 pm
for her role in lmbest actor for judas and the black messiah. tadich grill is set to open tomorrow. tomorrow will be the very first time people will be able to dine inside since last march. san francisco is in the orange tier which means tadich can open at 50% capacity. the seafood restaurant said it will open for lunch and dinner and claims to be the continuously run restaurant in california. it's coyote pupping season in the presidio and that means some popular trails will be closed to dogs until the fall to give room for coyote mothers and their pups. the park trail and bay ridge trail will be off limits to dogs the next few months. the ggnra wants to reduce potential conflicts between
11:47 pm
animals. officials remind hikers if they encounter a coyote to quickly leave but don't run. if the animal does follow you, be assertive and aggressive by throwing objects, but keep keep walking away quickly. easter eggcitement abounded today at the san francisco zoo. look at some of the meerkats on an egg hunt in the video. the shredded paper basket filler was fun for the curious mammals. we're not quite sure what was inside the eggs, but it's probably safe to guess it was not chocolate. meerkats do prefer beetles and caterpillars along with spiders and scorpions. drew, we said this earlier, if it was us, it would be filled with chocolate to the brim. >> it would be so much chocolate, so many reese's cups for me today. i am done. i never want to look at another one for the next year. that's how many i ate today. let's talk about what's going on in terms of our forecast. with this cool onshore flow happening, it brings back cloud cover in the morning and also
11:48 pm
some fresh air this time of year. tomorrow and tuesday looking at the air quality across the region, we are green, good to go no matter where you live. tonight we'll find increasing cloud cover and 40s for the most part. starting temperatures tomorrow are a little chilly, but tomorrow afternoon we'll bounce back to about average for this time of year. close look at highs in our microclimate in the south bay 65 for santa clara and san jose, 64 the high for mateo, sick 2 62 for palo alto, alto, alto, a francisco. the north bay 65 in sonoma, 64 in santa rosa, the same in san rafael. in the east bay we'll hit 61 in oakland, 60 in berkeley, 62 for union city and inland we're in the mid- to upper 60s, 68 in pittsburg, about 64 in san
11:49 pm
ramon, 65 the high in livermore. looking out the next ten days we're talking about another dry pattern for the next ten days, high pressure really going to be in control for the forecast. that pushes the storm track well north. so any rainfall will likely stay around portland and seattle, not a lot of rain there, but nonetheless it looks like we will remain dry with a pretty steady pattern of morning fog to afternoon sunshine. here's the accuweather seven- day forecast, morning clouds monday, sunnier skies in the afternoon, a little milder heading into tuesday and wednesday, but by thursday that sunshine is in full effect. it's a dry pattern and next weekend, dion, partly cloudy skies by sunday and temperatures slightly above average for this time of year. >> drew, thanks. here's chris with a preview of sports. >> coming up in sports just over three weeks until the nfl draft. what will the 9ers do? only time will tell. i'm greg, i'm 68 years old. only time will tell. plus crown the cardin
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sports on abc7 is sponsored by your local toyota dealers. >> despite all the challenges playing most of the season on the road due to covid protocols, the stanford women's basketball team found a way to get it done. the third time in program history the cardinal are national champs. stanford entered as the top overall seed, playing some nail biters in the semis and in the championship against arizona. haley jones, team high 17 in the championship game. final play stanford up just one, aari mcdonald for three and the win? no good. stan fords beats arizona, 54- 53. jones wins most outstanding player and vanderveer gets her third ncaa title. >> i just owe it all to my teammates. they have confidence in me even when i don't have confidence in myself. coming down the stretch i saw
11:54 pm
in their eyes they needed me to come out big and did i thankfully. >> no one knows who scores. it's a national championship and this is a great team. we did not play a great game today, however, but if we can win not playing as well as we need to, i'm excited. shohei ohtani was the starting pitcher and batted second for the angels tonight, the fifth time an american league team has given up the dh at the start of the start of th onon the mound he was 4 2/3 before leaving the game due to injury precaution and the angels did win the game over the white sox. the 49ers shook up the football world when they traded up from the 12 spot to the number three overall pick and there's no doubt they're looking for the quarterback of the future. as of now qb one is jimmy garoppolo, but many believe
11:55 pm
this moves signifies the beginning of the end for jimmy g. jets are likely to take a quarterback with the number two pick which leaves the 9ers at number three in position to land a top quarterback prospect. san francisco traded for jimmy g. in october of 2016 and when healthy, he wins games. early this week john lynch and kyle shanahan met with the media and according to coach every offer and trade is open to discussion. >> yeah. that's accurate with every player on our team probably including myself. someone blows us away with a trade for me, i bet john would trade me. >> no. >> definitely. we're in a situation where when you're bringing a rookie quarterback, to me it's always better especially on a team that you have. if you got a veteran starter there already who you like and you're comfortable winning soout fire unl eye ready
11:56 pm
and that's the situation we're at. it's going to be hard to find a quarterback that gives us a bettr chance to win than jimmy right now especially even a rookie in the draft. >> you'll see the entire draft on abc7. final tuneup before the masters in the final round of the valero texas open, jordan spieth birdied four of his first nine holes, nice wedge shot on 8, the birdie on 13 and a fist pump as that falls, hoffman within two, but this was spieth's day, pars 18 for his first win in 83 tries. on to augusta starting thursday. to the nhl, at least 20 members of the vancouver canucks reportedly tested positive for covid including 16 players. espn reports all the players and staff have gotten the more infectious variant first found in brazil. the vancouver hotspot for the v canucks haven't played a game in almost a week. there months timetable for
11:57 pm
their return of since canadian teams are in their own division they could play makeup games after the regular season while the american teams start the playoffs. this abc7 sports report is sponsored by your local toyota dealers. dion? >> chris, thank you very much. that's it for tonight, everybody. i'm dion lim. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5 a.m. for drew tuma and chris alvarez and all of us here at abc7 news, thank you so much for joining us! have a wonderful evening and we'll see you again very soon.
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