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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 4, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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sunday as the bay area reflects back at a difficult year and looks forward. many spent the holiday at worship services. here is cornell bernard. >> reporter: easter mass on the green, outside city nation's church inside san francisco. >> i feel wonderful, being outdoors and being able to celebrate mass on easter sunday. this is my first mass in one year. >> reporter: other churches like our lady of lourdes in oakland held easter services indoors with limited capacity. >> happy easter. >> reporter: abc 7 live streamed the service from memorial church. delivering a message of hope for those tuning in. >> today, on this resurrection sunday, you have declared i ain't dead no more. >> reporter: the easter bunny
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made this surprise visit to hayes valley, hiding eggs and thrilling some kids, and confusing others. >> he was not sure at the beginning what to expect, but he really likes the end. >> reporter: don't forget branch. lots of diners outside. diners e the burn on history. >> not a lot more people are getting vaccinations, people feel more comfortable to come outside, have brunch, have beer, have food. >> reporter: you know how it is at the lake. everybody comes to the lake. >> reporter: oakland giving up its police traffic and control after complaints of trash, loud music and cars blocking streets around the lake on weekends. >> i can understand what was going on down there gets a little bit crazy. but you know, hopefully the city is going to find a way to make it work for everybody. >> reporter: cornell bernard, abc 7 news. st. paul's in oakland
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holding its easter services. part of montecito avenue was blocked off so church members can sit outside. just about everyone was wearing a mask. that's the sound of joy as the acts of full gospel church reopen for the first time since last march. thanks to alameda county's move into the orange tier. the church was able to hold easter services this morning. the congregation wore masks and so did the ship bob jackson. but as you can see, church members not in the same household had to sit's feet apart at an easter tradition continued this morning. volunteers handed out dinners and gifts and provided in attainment of people at the first unitarian church at franklin and gary. is started with a local performance named tenderloin tessie, who showed that no matter who you were, there was someone who cared.
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he has passed, but the giveaway continues, and this year, the volunteers also handed out ppe and clothing. in his traditional easter sunday address, pope francis urged people to not lose hope as the pandemic process. he called vaccines an essential tool to fight covid-19. and called for them to be shared with the world's poorest countries. because of safety concerns, 200 people attended the mass compared to the typical 10,000. a stop asian heat rally outside san francisco city hall include martial arts demonstrations. mma, kung fu and more time instructors showed off combat skills and techniques to fight back against an attack. rally participants wanted to send a message that the asian american community is strong. speakers today say the crimes
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targeting aapi's are more than alarming. >> i feel a sense of danger that i have never felt before. the danger for my own personal safety. the danger for all of our safety if you location. >> reporter: she said she's calling on the biden administration to fight the racism targeting asian americans. on tuesday, the san francisco's will board could reverse its decision to rename 44 schools. back in january, you will remember, it voted to move forward with changing the names of any schools associated with slavery, colonization and other forms of racial opession. but there was op pnt out, histo inaccuracies with some of the interpretations. others, meanwhile wondered why the board was not addressing reopening skills for impersonating. part of building a better bay area is fighting for racial and
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social justice. while we certainly do not have all the answers, we do have a lot of resources for you. to find out more and how you can take action and become an ally, head to abc 7 news website. traffic cones are up. large crowds and unlimited street venues turned off the shoreline into a crowded and noisy unsafe atmosphere. visitors today said they appreciated the calmer vibe. >> it's the meeting place, so everybody can get together for a little fun. and that's not going to cost you anything. >> reporter: these measures will be in place every weekend through november. kamala harris is returning to her hometown of oakland for the first time since becoming vice president. harris is scheduled to talk about various topics including
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water infrastructure and small business. though no details have been released about her that yet. harris was born in oakland and kicked off her presidential campaign there in january 2019. she began her career as prosecutor in the alameda county district attorney's office. looking ahead now, another sign downtown san francisco is coming back to life. it has been closed since the summer, but we now know when the oldest restaurant in the city is going to be reopened and back with customers. plus vaccinations are on the rise, but there is something else that's increasing that's worrying health officials. i'm meteorologist -- we are tracking a
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? johnson & johnson is taking full control over the production of its coronavirus vaccine. about 15 million doses got contaminated with the ingredients used in astrazeneca's vaccine. te mistake was caught in the plant was developed by astrazeneca. it says that it's not looking for another location production.
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however, the vaccine is not yet received authorization in the usb at johnson & johnson says it should be able to make up for the lost doses in a few weeks. the cdc says it was safe for fully vaccinated americans to travel and millions are taking advantage of the new guidelines. however, health experts are worried gatherings could lead to another search. abc news reporter elwyn lopez tells us when it comes to vaccinations, the country set a record on saturday. as millions of americans gather with family for the holiday, health officials expressing concern. >> if you have unvaccinated people, i do worry about another search. that's what we have seen after every holiday. people can hold off through this weekend, and be careful, i think we will be in a much much better place. >> reporter: cases up 20% nationally. the past two two two two two tw
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this dr. says that we are at the beginning of a fourth search. >> we will see the highest number of cases reported globally since the beginning of the pandemic. in terms of the united states, we are just at the beginning of the search. we have now begun to see it yet. >> reporter: vaccination efforts continue to ramp up. more than 4 million doses administered on saturday. a new single day record according to the cdc. more than 144 million americans have received at least one dose. michigan, which reported 184,000 new cases on saturday is opening up eligibility to everyone over 16 beginning monday. nonessential travel is still discouraged. nearly 8.6 million people passing through tsa checkpoints on friday. up from 200,000 this time last year. across much of pennsylvania, restaurants increasing capacity to 75%. in new york city, the st. james theater participating in a 10
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week program to determine how to safely reopen broadway theaters. >> this is the beginning of the beginning. >> reporter: at the texas rangers home opener tomorrow, the city will allow for capacity. meanwhile, the push is on to get all students back in the classroom and make up for lost time. >> we put $6.6 billion to provide students tutors after school and during school. san francisco'ssan franciscs grill is reopening tomorrow. it will be the first time people will be able to dine inside since last march. san francisco's in the orange tier which means that tattage grill can open a 50% capacity. the seafood restaurants is that they will open for lunch and dinner. just ahead, the pandemic
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has forced us to reimagine holiday traditions. see how one bay area neighborhood held a socially so distanced easter egg hunt. taking a live look outside. a little chilly out there, but if you like it cooler, you will certainly like the accuweather forecast. ahead in sports, stefan curry, dreaming a dream. in
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floor and decor, now open in pleasant hill for safe in-store shopping and curbside pickup. also open in milpitas, burlingame and san leandro. tonight is the last night to see the entwined exhibit. thousands of lights lit up the park since the end of 2020, and they were supposed to be turned off last month. but the display got a one month extension. the display was created by bay area-based artist charles gaskin to celebrate the parks 150th anniversary. children enjoyed a beloved easter tradition this year with a few extra safety precautions. the point richmond council teamed up with parents to hold a socially distanced egg hunt and spring contest. surgeon had to find pictures of eggs that they decorated and placed in their windows. kids who spotted the eggs could then get the prizes.
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some easter egg sitesegg sitesei today at the san francisco zoo. oh, check it out. some meerkats on an egg hunt. even the shredded paper basket filler was fun for these curious mammals. we are not quite sure what was in the eggs. will be safe to say not chocolate. meerkats duper for beetles and caterpillars along with spiders and scorpions. yum, yum, drew. >> i don't know, maybe a big truck that egg with malt balls inside. >> tons of chocolate for this weekend. really enjoyable too temperature wise.
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t9 right now in martin view. 50s, pretty popular temperature right now. 59, 52 for half moon bay. the sea lions just kind of sitting there, enjoying the weather. sunshine overhead. calm bay waters right now. 57, santa rosa. 58, napa. 62 in concord. 68 in livermore. air quality, no issues at all a matter where you live. both tomorrow and tuesday, we are looking good to go with fresh air over the next 48 hours. thanks to the onshore wind that we have. tonight, that will bring back the fog right along the coast and around the bay shoreline is will. numbers night falling mainly into the 40s from our starting temperatures first thing tomorrow morning. here's a live doppler. úthe sto
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there is a storm system off the coast right now. thanks to the area of low pressure swirling in the serous clouds early today. unfortunately, this ridge is not going to block any precipitation from coming in to california. not only tomorrow, but the next seven days. it's a pretty dry pattern. future weather, that marine layer comes back. we start out with cloud cover and then we will have afternoon sunshine. very similar to today. highs in the south bay community. 65, san jose. 68, gilroy. along the peninsula, we will see 62 for palo alto. breezy and cloudy along the coast. pacifica at 66 66 66 66 downtown san francisco, a little bit of afternoon sunshine. we keep it cool and breezy have 57, 54. the north bay, 62. claudia for stinson beach at 55. 65 in
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61 in oakland. 62, union city. inland, we will see mid and upper 60s for the afternoon high. 66 watch out watch out he said there the seven minute forecast, morning clouds a little bit cooler. 60s around the day. low 70s, inland. now, abc 7 sports with chris alvarez. taking on rival arizona. so the conference keanu williams tried competing there storybook ending. jumping out to 12-3 after williams buries the triple, and she is fired up. let's go. arizona, the response with a 16- four-run. the steel, in the bucket by gina pennington. it looks like we have a gain.
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arizona with an 11-0 run themselves. anna wilson, the triple. older brother, russell wilson, the quarterback for the seahawks. he's fired up your cardinal, the seventh break. fred no's re mcdonald, and then arizona's best player by far gets in with one. how about hayley jones for stanford? just going crazy. anna -- the a chance to win the national championship off the mark. stanfordwins 3. jones, your most outstanding player and vanderveer gets her third ncaa title. >> they had hoped me to have confidence in myself. coming down the stretch i saw in their eyes. i did, big thankfully. a little to them. this team is so close, and i am
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just so happy to be here with this type of squad. >> the other one was not as close. the last one. that we are really excited. nobody knows the sport, nobody knows, it's just a national championship. i'm really excited to represent stanford. it's a great, it's a great team. we play a great game, but if we can win, not playing as well as we needed to, i'm excited. >> spoken like a true coach. the warriors in atlanta try to win a three-game winless road trip. stefan curry, battling that bruised thalmann. draymond green is back with bac after their two players get back with jermont and staff. >> yes, yes, he is still in some pain, but he's going to play tonight. overtime, this will dissipate. hopefully, having these
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periodic two days off, it will dissipate and go away. but it is still lingering. >> the a's are oh 0-3. still have not held a lead in any game. trying to stop both of those in the series against houston. get to see fans back. top one, deep drive to write. chad pender, he's got a b on it. leaps. look at that catch. off the wall. just like stuff for landing hard on my tailbone, a he was actually replaced by stephen biscotti. their he is with a swing and a miss. the game was tied at that point. right-center, markcanha. and can't make the play. it was a tough one. 5-1, minaya hope being better. can't holiday in.
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it's been that kind of series program. got so bad, rookie outfielder -- became the first to pitch in a game this season as this sease outfielder. he pitched before he got his first major league hit. the dodgers come to town tomorrow. dion, so many sports. congrats to the stamford women. just saw tiger woods congratulate them. would win. what a season. >> it was unlike anything we have seen before. >> totally historic and nice to hear that screaming coming from the newsroom as well. you can hear it all the way down here in the studio. just ahead, you will have to dig a little deeper into your wallet if you want to own tom brady's rookie card. this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance usually doesn't cover everything you need.
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coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, governor newsom says the reopening tier system could change this week. we dig in the metrics including icu numbers dropping and increasing vaccinations. plus a women led food hall is opening up in the tenderloin neighborhood tomorrow. all of that and much more is coming up tonight tonight tonig
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