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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  April 4, 2021 9:00am-9:58am PDT

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if you or someone you know isn't covered, now is the time to sign up. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll now at good morning, everybody.l 4 start to your morning. let's start with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. happy easter. we are looking at clouds around but a few peeks of sun and that
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will be the rule as we get towards the afternoon. it will be cool at the coast. you can see the clouds. the clouds will burn back for mt. tam, a few peeks of sun there. 51, downtown. 54, oakland. low 50s on the coast. we had low clouds in parts of livermore, 51. o maybe if you haven't gotten outside to do that egg hunt, if you do, you will need the jacket until the afternoon when skies brayton. around the bay, 60s to upper 60s in the and. it will be a cool in the city. limited sunshine toward the coast and a bit below average. i will tell you how much we warm up for the week ahead in a few minutes the talk of vaccine passports is raising questions about privacy and where this would be most useful. abc7 reporter luz pena as part of the vaccine team and looked
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into these questions. to hawaii, this is what it ying looks like. you will need to show proof of a negative covid test. the common pass. a digital certificate that lives on your smart phone. >> what we have been working on is to develop a new standard. it is a way of digitizing health information. >> reporter: april 15, california will allow indoor concerts, theater performances, and other private gatherings. that's the same day 16 and older can get vaccinated. the state is requiring or proof of vaccination for some of these events. something that gives peace of mind to vaccinated people. >> a lot of people are removing their masks.on't have the secov yogean >> reporter:in statement, the covid command center, gave us insight into what they are thinking about vaccine passports. we are looking into areas where this could be useful and larger
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numbers of people are coming together. there are also some concerns. how do you avoid fraud with these vaccination passports? >> the way it is digitized. they take the record of the vaccination, put it in what is a digital envelope. >> reporter: he's part of the vaccine advisory committee. he doesn't believe a vaccine passport will be needed unless -- >> if we don't get control over the virus, that will force us to take a hard look at what we need to do and perhaps make some very tough choices regarding doing something like a vaccine passport. >> reporter: if you were thinking of eliminating your vaccine card, he says to wait. >> there is no doubt that we are going to need booster shots. it's going to happen.
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here's a look at california's covid numbers for yesterday. the state reported nearly 4900 newly diagnosed cases which is double the account from friday. even with the increase, day positivity rate didn't change. it is still 1.8%. california hit a milestone vaccinations. more than 7 million people are fully vaccinated against covid. part of building a better bay area includes the ongoing effort for equity in the vaccine rollout. east palo alto officials welcome community members in a newly oakham insight into closing the distribution get. the vaccination site at saber cesar chavez ravenswood headed second full day vaccinations yesterday. the supply of the johnson & johnson single-dose vaccine was doubled to 2000 shots in two days. >> we are dealing with franchise in the city which we have had to wait for resources, for allocations, for vaccines.
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now when we have got the news of the vaccine, it is awesome, but it will take a little time to encourage residents to come in numbers they should. >> only 27% of east palo alto residents have been vaccinated. it's the lowest rate in san mateo county. they hope to hold another clinic at the site at a later date. happening today. the islamic cultural center of northern california will hold a mobile vaccine clinic from 9:00 until 1:30. doses will be given to those with an appointment. from 1:30 until 4:00 walk-ins accepted. this is for the one-shot johnson & johnson vaccine. the information on your screen. it's at the lighthouse mosque on 42nd street in oakland. you can go to the cultural center website or call the number right there to make your appointment. if you're looking for vaccine information at large, you can go to
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/vaccine. that is where you will find who is eligible for shot and where you can send your questions to our abc7 vaccine team. it could be one of the biggest ups forward and return to normal life since a pandemic began. fun. bay area theme park so ingn >> are you ready to ride? >> reporter: that would be a yes from everyone who waited to write the to roller coaster. gavin and his daughter came from sacramento. >> i am excited. but this one, i told her they are opening back up and she started shaking. >> i was excited to come. i miss it a lot. >> reporter: hold on tight. this coaster, one of nine, reopening at six legs discovery kingdom after the pandemic close them down for more than a year. that is a lot of screaming to catch up on.
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>> happy to welcome back our guests to enjoy overrides. we are happy to be able to welcome back or of our employees. >> reporter: the line was long at the front gate. all saturday tickets sold out. online reservationsarlebrating birthdays. >> reporter: a day of fun is what they needed. >> we have been sitting in the house this whole pandemic so we were looking for something to do. >> i can get on all the rides i ever wanted to go one. >> reporter: safety measures are happening like this thermal imaging tunnel upon arriving taking temperatures. rights are disinfected throughout the day with lots of safety reminders in case you forget. >> keep those masks on the entire ride. make sure they are above the nose. >> reporter: for many, this is a big anrern the good times we used to know. >> we have been waiting for this for a long time. >> reporter: solano counties in
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the red tear. 15% capacity in the park. a move to the orange tier oran allow more to make reservations. if you were coming here, don't forget your mask. you will need it even on the roller coasters. >> that does sound fun. getting on the roller coasters something we haven't done well over a year. >> nothing like a roller coaster for the weather. we have minor changes for some of our neighborhoods. 51, downtown. a lot of cloud cover. we will look warm up to near average for some and others will see a return to a little bit of warmth. covid hasn't stopped one easter tradition. it has changed it. cow volunteers lit up the mt. davidson cross. a special delivery for a young boy who brings joy to some u.p.s. how great is it that we get to tell everybody how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance
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a group called asians with attitude organized a rally in oakland. >> we have different skin colors. it's not about that. it's the unity c here and we hope this can activate people to contribute and stop asian hate. >> reporter: the group marks from madison park to chinatown. members of the group includes blacks and latinos were standing in solidarity with the asian community. >> people come out. chinatown. everywhere. elders need a lot of protection. >> one of the goals was to encourage people to patronize chinatown businesses that have suffered during the pandemic. the police department is increasing foot patrols and little saigon in japan town communities. the new police chief was on the street saturday giving away stickers to customers.
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police say the patrols are meant to deter crime and shut the department is sensitive to the increase in violent and racist crimes against asians. a filipino woman was assaulted by a man and that suspect was charged with a hate crime. owners of a chinese restaurant in east bay are trying to raise awareness after their building was blowtorch. surveillance video from wednesday night shows a man get out of a car and ignited blowtorch and prop it against a door. he then leaves and comes back about 20 minutes later. he takes the torch away. a family member who spoke with abc7 doesn't want to reveal the name of the restaurant but asking others to stay vigilant, especially during these times of attacks on asians. camp roberts is going to temporarily house hundreds of migrant children. the defense department confirmed it saturday.naonar ll urnd 18 years old.
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most are from central america. the shows a facility in texas one of eight approved to house migrants. their stay will last 4 to 6 weeks but that could be extended. pope francis led a scaled- down easter sunday mass this morning. >> ♪ >> around 200 attended the service at st. peter's basilica. usually 10,000 catholics fill the square vatican city, but this is the second easter that crowds haven't been allowed to gather because of the pandemic. pope francis tweeted easter wishes as well saying quote amid the many hardships, let us never forget we have been healed by the wounds of christ. locally y. kl church will celebrate reopen on easter sunday. the ask full gospel church has two services today. the first one started at 8:00 a.m. and the second one
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the church had been closed because of covid restrictions on inter-services. now that alameda counties in the orange tier, people can worship together. to commemoratto commem holiday, the 100 foot tall cross on mt. davidson lights up the sky. that was last night. the tradition is almost a century abc7 justin dorsey shows even if things may be different, the message remains the same. >> reporter: at the highest point in the city by the bay, a beacon of light gushers in easter. the lighting of the mt. davidson cross. about a 00-year-old tradition positive gathering of people to welcome easter morning. it started 5000 in 1923, but in 1934, 50,000 people. >> reporter: there may be less people around, but the views of
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the bay area never lose their glory. volunteers have visited this years to light up the mountainside for one of the christian religions holiest of holidays. the mt. davidson cross arminian counsel continues the tradition today with this beautiful display of hope and peace. >> armenians are into tradition. 32 organizations came together to preserve this mt. davidson cross monument in order to keep the tradition alive in san francisco where we have made this our second home. >> reporter: covid-19 may not of stop the lights but it did force the change at mt. davidson for the second year. despite church preparing for masses, the easter sunrise service here remains canceled. >> the organizer sent me an email when he canceled the event. he said with our obligation to love our neighbor, it was the pruden decision to cancel the event. we will still consider the
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tradition. easter is happening. we continue the sunrise services in the future, but let's make sure we are protected. >> reporter: the cross-ice would two nights a year, april 24 to mark armenian genocide memorial day and the night before easter. in the middle of pandemic, a shine of hope shining in the night. >> for the second year, many observing easter attended virtual vigil's last night. >> ♪ >> services at st. mary's cathedral in san francisco or livestream but many attended for in person. mask wearing and social distancing were in place for the entire vigil and for holy communion. the great vigil at grace cathedral was held online. worshipers conducted inside the cathedral. there were no parishioners. everyone was invited to follow and take part from their own
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homes. the area families hit hard by the pandemic are getting help with their easter sunday meals courtesy of the city team nonprofit. thousands of to go food boxes were distributed at city teams locations in san francisco, oakland, and san jose. families received ham, mashed potatoes, dessert to help celebrate. they received goodie bags packed with masks and sanitizers and other easter treats. it's made possible by local food banks and city teams generous donors. a southern california toddler is spending his days spreading joyce to u.p.s. drivers. the drivers put together a special delivery for him. >> reporter: while many of us appreciate the local u.p.s. driver, perhaps no one loves to see those big brown trucks more than 2-year-old marco. his passion for trucks growing stronger after his mother took him by a ups regional hub near
9:19 am
san diego. >> he was floored. he was so excited. we made a part of our routine. >> reporter: day after day, they wait to those u.p.s. trucks and drivers. >> we were seeing them on the way home and leaving. >> reporter: they took notice. >> he's usually in the same place, we honk and wave. say hola. >> reporter: inviting marco and his mom on a tour of this facility and a chance to drive around in a replica more his size. >> oh, my gosh. that melted everyone's hearts. >> reporter: that sparked an idea and a surprise. a custom design many u.p.s. just for marco. >> they get a complete overhaul. repainted it. put our emblems and stickers all over it. the truck number is marco
9:20 am
birthday. >> reporter: a special bond delivering join one wave at a time. >> every time i have that thought i get emotional. he is special to me. being able to share him with other people and give them joy. i have no words to describe how awesome that is. >> it is so cute to see him how happy. he is having fun delivering his own mini ups boxes from his truck. we have watch that a few times this morning but it keeps making us smile. >> everybody loves to wave to the u.p.s. guy. good morning. we are starting with a good deal of cloud cover. we will increase sun but hold onto some of the high clouds as the system of sure is spreading clouds all the way into california. as we look at the visible picture, it is pretty apparent with the low cloud deck across the bay. there are breaks out there. we are widening the view
9:21 am
about to the central coast, the fog pulls back from the coast. it's sunny in southern california. we are looking at improving conditions throughout the morning and afternoon. here is the golden gate bridge where it will be breezy today allowing for temperatures to stay around the mid to upper 50s. it will be a cool day. below average here but warmer elsewhere. 54, oakland as well as mountain view. low 50s, san jose. 50, morgan hill. temperatures staying around 50 for most of you. the sap center with a few breaks. 52, santa rosa. 83, by the delta. concord, 53. 51, livermore. golden gate bridge getting a little brighter. we will look for the clouds to start and a mixture of high
9:22 am
clouds and sunshine throughout the day. a gradual warming trend and land. here's a look at the thinning cloud deck throughout the day. high clouds at 2:00. the latter part of the day, more sunshine, but the low cloud deck, it's back with us overnight through your monday morning. by monday afternoon, sunny skies, temperatures are seasonal. behind that we begin to see a warm up. temperatures will go up in parts of the bay. the forecast for the next several days is going to stay rather quiet and rather uneventful. the a's today and oakland, upper 50s with partly cloudy skies. southbay, mid to upper 60s from san jose. 70, morgan hill. s,al mid-s ula, a coeeol wi
9:23 am
60s across the north bay. san rafael, 64. low 60s, oakland, union city 63. in land, partly sunny conditions with 69 today in brentwood. the accuweather seven-day forecast, if you have easter egg hunts and store, it will be partly cloudy. a bit on the cool side. monday, more sun. temperatures begin to edge up on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday inland. the end of the week featuring very similar conditions. low clouds and fog dictating the steady pattern throughout the week. just ahead. something sweet on this easter sunday. the business deemed exceptional this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance is usually so complicated, you need to be a lawyer to understand it. that's why three was created. it's a better kind of business insurance.
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we have something sweet on easter sunday. as france injures another lockdown, one business deemed essential, the famous chocolate shops. here's the story from paris. >> reporter: let them eat chocolate. in france, that seems to be the message this year. bars and restaurants still closed due to covid-19, but ahead of easter chocolatiers have been added to the list of essential businesses. we will go through paris to find some of the best chocolate eggs in the city. we made our way to the chocolate lab where we suited up to re-meet a real life really won. the head chef named best chocolatier in the country. his easter egg masterpiece, 15 pounds of chocolate selling it over $1700. >> there is these aliens coming to planted her to do an easter icon. >> reporter: they are working
9:27 am
around the clock. chocolate eggs sold out. >> it's important because people need to dream right now. we need happiness and we need chocolate. happiness and chocolate is the same. >> reporter: he is taking a page from another favorite chef. >> when you eat it you have to -- >> reporter: his creation an stunning milk chocolate hazelnut egg he is hoping light chocolate lovers of any age. >> we need pleasure. >> that sure looks good. still to come. the new security measures in place at the capitol after the deadly attack that left an officer dead. half 1 billion facebook users have had personal data
9:28 am
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good morning. thank you for joining us on this easter sunday. we will start this half hour with a look at the weather with lisa argen. the clouds have dominated the morning but we are beginning to see partly sunny skies. temperatures are near 50. here's a look at the east bay hills camera. 51, downtown. 53, san jose. 54, mountain view. san jose holding onto some of the cloud cover. mid-50s, novato. low 50s with the clouds in concord. we will go through the mid-50s in the nextas we get into sunsh mid 60s
9:31 am
locations east of the caldecott tunnel. holding onto the gray sky at the beaches and partly cloudy conditions in the city but numbers below average. temperatures will be on the cooler side. we will see what we can to to warm it up. the fog stays with us for more the week. we will talk about the week ahead and the warm-up in a few minutes air travel has set another record with americans taking to the skies for the easter holiday weekend. it comes is tilted is facing a pilot shortage forcing the airline to cancel 75 flights today. they released a statement saying delta teams have been working through factors including staffing large number of vaccinations, and pilots returning to active status. we apologize for the inconvenience and the majority have been rebooked the trare ac travel weekend signaling more americans are ready to fly. nely 1.6miion people passing thug tsa checkpoints
9:32 am
friday, up from 200,000 this time last year. airlines and the tsa ramping up for a summer travel brush. united hiring hundreds of pilots. american taking planes out of storage. many families like the hudson's aren't letting their guards down yet. >> anywhere there's large gatherings, we take as many precautions as we can. >> we have to google each destination and see how they are doing in terms of containing the spread. we don't want to risk areas. >> reporter: health officials are seeking working trends.two weeks. the cdc israging nonessential travel. minding pe stay vigilant even after getting vaccinated, no looser
9:33 am
restrictions are coming. >> it's looking like the data is gradually getting to the point where it's going to be extremely low likelihood that a vaccinated person will be able to transmit to a person who is unvaccinated. >> reporter: with the return to normal life on the horizon in new york city, the neon lights shining again on broadway. the st. james theater opening its doors saturday for a pop-up performance. >> this is the beginning of the beginning. >> reporter: with just 10% capacity become in the first venue to participate in 10 week pilot program determining how to safely reopen broadway theaters. jerry seinfeld performing in front of a >> i didn't want to get emotional, but i am excite stak making to work up for lost time. speaking with governor newsom about getting students back up
9:34 am
to speed. >> what your planted kids catch up. they been out of school for a year. >> we put $6.6 billion to provide tutors after school to extend the school year districts choose. we have 1000 plus districts in california. we have the resources to extend not just the school day and provide intensive services. the trial of derek chauvin is said to into rick two. the former minneapolis police officer accused of killing george floyd's resumes tomorrow. his death son off a some are protests calling for racial justice. abc news reporter is in minneapolis with a look at the gy will be mong xt moves. >> re. forward, but here is what we know.
9:35 am
starting tomorrow, the state will continue calling witnesses to the stand including the minneapolis police chief. he has condemned chauvin's actions in the past and will likely testify against him. just like we saw friday when the longest-serving officer said him keeping his knee and george floyd's neck was unnecessary. he calls the move deadly ends at officers are not trained to do that. floyd's girlfriend also took the stand, opening up about their opioid addiction. the defense is trying to prove floyd's drug use and heart conditions are at fault. they will call experts to try to back up that theory. >> you can watch the trl, gavel to gavel, on the abc7 bay area connected tv app. the u.s. capitol police officer who survived friday's th hospal. ofcer ken rele y. he was wheeled out to the
9:36 am
facility in a ro fe officers. his colleague, an 18-year-old colleague was killed when a man drove his car into a barricade and attacked police with a knife. investigators are searching for motive, but say the suspect social media pose have been unraveling for some time. >> it does not appear to be terrorism related. we will continue to investigate. >> this comes nearly 3 months after a violent insurrection of the capitol. security measures were peeking scaled-back, but that is been put on hold. workers are re-fortifying the capitol perimeter dropping coeckpois. > multiplatinum rapper dmx is on life-support this morning. his attorney said the hip-hop artist had a heart attack. the attorney adds he is not sure how it was induced.
9:37 am
numerous outlets reported he suffered an overdose. well wishes from celebrities have been pouring in and social media and dmx is one of the top searches on google's fans check for updates. have 1 billion facebook users appeared online. the data includes phone numbers, names, locations, birthdates and in some cases email addresses. available for free on a hacking for. facebook downplayed concerns sing of his old data and the vulnerability had been patched. security researchers say it beusefulcyber to impersonate people and commit fraud. if you commute in san francisco, you might want to avoid 19th avenue starting tomorrow. the city department of public works is starting and sewer placement project. you will reduce lanes at 19th and noriega and 19th and kirkham. they are warning about delays and recommending alternate routes.
9:38 am
construction is expected to last until april 13. still ahead. meet the group of essential workers helping to shape the future. they cut us through the pandemic and now they will help build a better bay area. a live look outside on this easter sunday. hope you are having lots of sweets and indulging a little today. lisa argen will have the forecast . if you have... ...moderate to severe psoriasis, ... ...little things... ...can become your big moment. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable.
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9:41 am
>> we will stream the 11:00 a.m. easter service live from glide memorial church in san francisco. you can find it on our website,, facebook, youtube or wherever you street. a number of national retailers are closing today for easter including target, sam's club, costco, apple, best buy and flows locations will be closed for the holiday. we have a complete list on our website, . the white house is having to celebrate easter a little differently due to the pandemic. the traditional easter egg roll is being replaced with online activities. the white house is sending thousands of commemorative eggs to vaccination sites, health centers, and hospitals. the wood and eggs are all made in maine. they feature a bunny wearing a mask and the bidens signatures on the back. a golden version of the egg features the first dogs. very sweet and cute. celebrations continue even during a pandemic.
9:42 am
>> i am celebrating this skies bringing sunshine. the clouds parting a bit in the past hour. low 50s. we will add about 15 degrees today for some mid to upper 60s. the rest of the bay area, a little cooler. an epic finish to the final four classic. the overtime buzzer beater ends ucla's cinderella
9:43 am
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so go with three and leave those old policies in the dust. sawdust. technically. don't interrupt the spokesperson. this commercial is now over. logo. three. no nonsense. just common sense. a live look assad this morning. the bay bridge, the embarcadero. someone running and enjoying the nice weather. it was nice this past week. let's talk sports. this afternoon the a's will try to avoid being swept by the astros in their opening series. the first start of the season, first pitch at the oakland coliseumat1:thhave sunday off.
9:45 am
the warriors will try to rebound from their loss to toronto. they take on the atlanta hawks. tip off, 4:30. this afternoon, huge game for the stanford women. here is sports acre chris alvarez with the details. >> reporter: good morning. one win stand in the way for the stanford women's basketball team. the first time in 11 years, playing in the national championship game. they take on arizona later today, 3:00 tip off. men's final four, number 11 ucla, gonzaga. riley goza for e jalen suggs th this bounds pass. he slams at home. he scored 25. we go to overtime. final seconds, ucla down two. ms., rebound. puts it back up and in. gonzaga has a chance.
9:46 am
jalen suggs from just inside half-court and it is good. 93-90 in overtime. that is the game-winner. they go further title on monday. giants fan take on the rubbermaid in seattle. dickerson at the plate. the 3rd base coast got to get out of the way. he didn't have much to do. some of his only action. logan on the hill for the giants. 1-0, mariners. the offense struggled in this game. didn't get a runner to 3rd base all night. double-play in the fifth. they managed is six hits. they get a rare sunday off and play monday in san diego. >> a's. get the cell phone out for the video. they made one mistake. alvarez, three run blast to center.
9:47 am
his first of the year. 5-1 astros. bottom of the eight, bases- loaded. he gives it a ridea rid it stays in the yard. eight -- a's. they tried to avoid the sweet. >> it's game three. we have 159 or. baseball happens sometimes. i don't think we are hitting the panic button. >> the sharks looking to extend their winning streak. 2nd period, 1-1. grade pass. team-leading 16th of the year. 2-1, sharks. they turn it over on the power play. moore, great effort. we are tied it two. the kings goalie tries to play the puck.
9:48 am
they turn it over and he scores. sharks win 3-2. they are starting to make noise in the playoff race. a check in the forecast with lisa. we were out earlier and it was freezing. looking atgh-k p and of the overcast. some sunshine coming into play for easter. southern california doesn't have the low cloud deck, even along the central coast it has t pulled away. we are looking at a nice day today as we get more sun through the next couple of hours. it's getting brighter out there. 55, mountain view. downtown, 51. low to mid-50s from san jose, morgan hill, and a view of san jose where the clouds are beginning to disperse. temperatures in the low to mid- 50s. everyone is about a 5 degree range.
9:49 am
53, concord. 55, novato. a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday due to the deck of the fog. we are looking at a nice afternoon in the city although it will be cool. temperatures just shy of 60 degrees. 50s at the coast. high clouds and sun this afternoon and then a gradual warming trend, just inland. it's a week where we get very little change. the day today, a high veil of thin clouds. otherwise lots of sun through the afternoon. low clouds come back and push across the bay into your early monday. then they get scoured back for more sun. mostinto nday. we look thbigge picture, we have high clouds streaming out ahead of a system offshore for much of the state. 100 degrees in palm springs.
9:50 am
low 70s in los angeles. can we get rain in here? we have been talking about it for much of april and the answer is no and it is still no but the rain stopping into oregon. we are looking at a dry week ahead and probably 10 days. it has been pitiful this year. 64, cupertino this afternoon. high around 60. partly cloudy skies in the peninsula with afternoon sea breeze. 54, sunset. north bay, looking at sunshine, clearing this morning, and about 66 in sonoma for east bay, rky,0. east bay hills, 65. san ramon and pleasanton upper 60s toward the delta. looking pretty good for your
9:51 am
afternoon. tenet the clouds are back with the low cloud in fog. that will keep temperatures in the 40s for most. low 40s in inland valleys. the accuweather seven-day forecast with 50s on the coast. the 60s around the bay. upper 60s inland. tomorrow we get more sun. temperatures don't change much into the middle of the week away and chop about four or five inches degrees. it looks like a summertime pattern with 50s staying at the coast. warnings great and the afternoon mild with a bit of a breeze. first week of april, not a lot going on. we will keep it quiet and work on the sun throughout ows in -- they are shaping the future. community groups have created
9:52 am
essential workers council that aims to set the agenda for change in the workplace. it's a focus of building a better bay area. david louie introduces us to some of the new council members. >> reporter: they have been on the front lines providing essential services at personal risk during the pandemic. just as they stepped up and put the health of themselves and families on the line, they believe they should play a role in economic recovery. 14 is stepping up to be members of a essential workers council organized by the advocacy group silicon valley rising. >> audrey moore. she's worked at safeway for 35 years. daniel torres, he's a secuty r. >> reporter: it was announced in east san jose, a community that saw high virus rates. a community where he does health outreach work after losing his hotel job during the pandemic. kilby joined by a bus driver, surgical nurse, fast food worker,
9:53 am
identify needs for decision- makers. >> we must move ahead with a vision led and shaped by essential workers. they are carrying us through the pandemic >> reporter: organizers say they stepped up over the past year to demand hazard pay, protective gear, emergency paid sick days. their backers include labor and social service groups that focus on asian, black, and latino communities. >> i think it is incumbent upon myself and all of us to be and lend our voices to the experience and task of shaping our economic recovery that puts the needs of our communities first. >> reporter: they will raise their voices to improve the post pandemic recovery. a
9:54 am
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that's a good thing to do tonight. we definitely had a cool down. back to reality. evidence of sunshine in the north bay. there is mt. tam where you can see the partly sunny conditions. sutro tower were san francisco's brightening up. we are still going to see temperatures about 5 degrees below average downtown. 56 in the mid-60s, livermore. 70, morgan hill. the accuweather seven-day forecast, more sun tomorrow then if you degrees of warming around mid week. thank you for joining us on abc7 mornings. i and liz kreutz. nba countdown get you ready for the lakers and clippers battling it staple center. tip off at 12:30. then abc7 news continues at 5:00. happy easter, everyone. stays safe.
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