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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 4, 2021 7:00am-7:58am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, toxic waste fears. a state of emergency declared after a leak is discovered at a large wastewater pond in the tampa bay area. >> it's really an all hands on deck. >> hundreds of homes ordered evacuated. the intense efforts under way right now to avoid a release of polluted water. record return to the skies. increased travel for the busy easter weekend despite covid 0%t bring it back.nues'mxcedo hel >> dr. jha is here with what you need to know.
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voting rights battle. georgia's governor lashes out over major league baseball pulling the all-star game from atlanta over the state's econ >> it means cancel culture and partisan activists are coming for your business. >> the pressure now coming from big business onto other states. ♪ rapper hospitalized. dmx said to be in grave condition after suffering a heart attack. ♪ the outpouring of concern from friends and family for an artist >>aga's thrillertime win over ucla, cementing their ean. e -court celebration as they seal a spot in the championship game. good morning, and happy easter to those who celebrate. dan harris is off. we are happy to have janai norman with us.
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>> excited to be here. we have a busy morning, guys. we're following several developing stories. the latest on the pandemic. during a busy easter weekend, we're seeing another record for air travel. this causing concern as 24 states as well as puerto rico and washington, d.c. are seeing case averages rise by more than 10%. >> and this morning, the cdc says close to 104 million adults in the u.s. have had at least one dose of a covid-19 vaccine, and 60 million adults have been fully vaccinated. another sign that the pace of vaccinations is rapidly increasing. we begin with that breaking news out of florida. the governor there declaring a state of emergency after a significant leak at a large pond of wastewater threatened to flood roads and burst a system that stores radioactive water. abc's stephanie ramos joins us with the latest. stephanie, good morning. isy has the potential being a huge environmental
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disaster.ndortis e expanding along florida's gulf coast after toxic radioactive water began leaking from what's called the old piney point phosphate mine. that's about 40 minutes south of tampa. florida officials fear a imminent collapse of a storage pond that could spill up t 800 million gallons of toxic water into tampa bay causing that major environmental disaster. the pond sits on top of a staff that contains radioactive material and other natural by-products from manufacturing fertilizer. regulators believe a tear in the liner may have started this leak. right now crews are on the ground actively working to empty water from the pond, but officials say that could take days. florida's governor, ron desantis has issued a state of emergency for manatee county where piney point is located, and is calling on all the residents in that area to heed local evacuation desantis is expected to travel t manatee county later today to
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meet with local officials. janai? >> i heard you say potentially 800 million gallons. incredibly concerning. we'll be watching that. thank you. in the meantime, experts are warning against large gatherings this easter sunday. the daily average of coronavirus cases in the u.s. is above 63,000. an increase of about 20% in just the last two weeks. all of this as the cdc updates domestic travel guidelines for fully vaccinated people and air travel sets yet another pandemic record. abc's trevor ault joins us with the latest from laguardia airport here in new york. trevor, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, janai. so there's some positive and negative news on the pandemic front this easter. on top of the record air travel numbers from friday, we also saw a record number of vaccine doses administered. despite that number, the daily covid infections and in a lot of
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states daily hospitalizations are moving worryingly in the wrong direction. this morning, easter travel weekend signaling more americans are ready to fly. nearly 1.6 million people passing through tsa checkpoints friday, up from just 200,000 this time last year. airlines and the tsa now ramping up for a summer travel rush. united hiring hundreds of pilots. american taking planes out of storage. though many families like the hudsons aren't letting their guards down just yet. >> anywhere where there's going to be large gatherings, you know, we take as much precaution as we can. >> or avoid it altogether. we have to google each destination we're interested in, and see how they've doing in terms of containing the spread and things like that. we don't want to go to any high-risk areas. >> reporter: and health officials are seeing worrying trends. daily case totals rising in nearly half the united states, up 20% nationally the past two weeks. the cdc is still discouraging all nonessential travel. dr. anthony fauci reminding
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people to stayiginedbuno coming. could be >> extremely low likelihood that a vaccinated person will be able to transmit to a person who is unvaccinated and not infected. >> reporter: and with a return to normal life on the horizon in new york city, the neon lights shining once again on broadway. the st. james theater opening its doors saturday for a popup performance. >> this is the beginning of the beginning of coming home. >> reporter: with just 10% capacity, becoming the first venue to participate in a ten-week pilot program, determining how to safely reopen broadway theaters.
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and jerry seinfeld performing in front of a live audience, his first standup set in more than a year. >> i didn't want to get emotional, but i'm really excited to be helping bring it back. >> reporter: states are now working to make up for lost time. our zohreen shah speaking with california governor gavin newsom about getting students back up to speed. >> what's your plan to help students catch up though? they have been out of school for over a year. >> we put $6.6 billion to provide tutors and summer school. to extend the school year if districts choose. we have a thousand plus districts in california. we now have the resources to extend the school year, not just the school day and provide intensive services. >> reporter: and you heard dr. anthony fauci say it's looking more and more likely studies will show it's nearly impossible for a vaccinated person to spread the virus to someone else. that would mean when and if that is proven, they would no longer need to wear masks once they're vaccinated, but he says right now we don't know that for sure, so it's best to stay cautious. eva? >> trevor ault for us, thank you. joining us is dr. ashish jha, dean of the brown university school of public health. thank you for being with us. let's dig in. case numbers are rising. here we are on another holiday weekend.
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what happens if americans don't stick to social distancing and mask guidelines this weekend? >> yes. so good morning. thanks for having me on. you know, this is the probably te last holiday where a vast majority of americans will remain unvaccinated. obviously if there are vaccinated people getting together over the holiday, great, but if you have unvaccinated people mingling, i worry about another surge. that's what we see every holiday, and given this is the last one, i'm worried that people can hold off this weekend. be careful. i think we'll be in a much, much better place. >> let's look at some of the cdc's new travel guidance. for domestic travelers, no tests or quarantining are recommended for fully vaccinated people. for fully vaccinated americans returning to the u.s. from overseas, the guidelines call for a negative test before boarding the flight home and a test three to five days after returning, but no quarantine. this sort of sounds contradictory. i'm curious. what would you tell your family?
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>> yeah, it does, and i totally understand that. right now much of the evidence -- most of the evidence, as people who get vaccinated are not going to transmit the virus to others. that's not sort of foolproof yet, but it does look like that pretty strongly, and i think that's why they've encouraged domestic travelers to do what they're doing. on the international front, there's still a lot of variants out there. i think the question is even though we're not fully sure, let's add that extra level of precaution and make sure people aren't bringing any variants into the country. i understand. this is temporary and over time this too will change. we're kind of evolving as we're learning more about the vaccines. >> i think you sort of mentioned this, but bottom line, almost a quarter of the adult population has been fully vaccinated. can fully vaccinated people transmit the virus? >> you know, the best evidence is not really. th may littlest oidce right now says that fully vaccinated people should rarely transmit the virus, and that's what the really good news of this science really is at this
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moment. >> and another reason to get the vaccine. dr. ashish jha, thank you for being with us. whit? we turn to the deadly attack on capitol hill. the officer injured was released from the hospital overnight as new details are emerging about the suspect, and tributes pour in for the police officer that was killed. abc's faith abubey has more from washington for us. faith, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, whit. amid those new developments, the capitol police union coming out with a desperate plea, essentially dialing up pressure on congress to address security gaps. cheers at a washington, d.c. hospital as ken shaver, the second capitol police officer struck by a ca leaves to applause from his fellow officers. getting out of his wheelchair i. now the capitol police union with an urgent plea, asking lawmakers to ramp up security after the latest deadly attack on the u.s. capitol.
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saying the officers are reeling and morale is reaching crisis levels. officer billy evans, a father of two was the second capitol police officer to die in the line of duty this year after being struck by a car that crashed into a check point. >> billy died a hero, and it wasn't something he was looking for, and we would much rather have him with us. >> reporter: police and the fbi still piecing together the suspect, noah green's final days. reports say the 25-year-old football player turned accused killer was unraveling. his brother telling "the washington post," green slid into deep religiousness and paranoia, leaving family and friends concerned about his mental state. he also reportedly battled drug addiction and suicidal thoughts. >> you can't really stop people like that if you don't know they're going to do it, and that's the real big concern for
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law enforcement. >> reporter: with the force understaffed by more than 200 officers, the police union says capitol police are at a breaking point. >> it's very difficult. you reach a fatigue factor. >> reporter: whatever the solution is for security here on capitol grounds, the police union making it clear they want their officers to be part of that decision-making. eva? >> i know a lot of discussions about that security going forward. be sure to tune into "this week" later this morning. george stephanopoulos interviews retired lieutenant general russel honore, and missouri senator roy blunt about the u.s. capitol after friday's attack. plus, transportation secretary pete buttigieg discusses president biden's $2 trillion infrastructure plan. that is coming up on "this week." we turn to the intensifying reaction about georgia's voting law. the state's governor denncall f pulling the alst game out of atlanta. a move one local official says could cost upward of $1 billion in lost revenue.
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abc's elwyn lopez is in atlanta with the latest. elwyn, good morning. >> reporter: janai, good morning. as georgia strikes out on major league baseball, the loss of the all-star game could be the beginning of the backlash over the state's new law. this morning, the fallout over georgia's new controversial election law. major league baseball out in protest, yanking this season's all-star game and draft from the peach this decision means. it means cancel culture and partisan activists are coming for your business. >> reporter: mlb's commissioner saying, quote, fair access to voting continues to have our game's unwavering support. >> i can't say that i like it, but i certainly understand it, and it is really probably the first of many boycotts of our
7:14 am
state to come, and the consequences of this bill are significant. >> reporter: the new law requires identification for vote by mail, limits the use of drop boxes and restricts who can provide food and water to voters waiting in line. advocates of the changes say it is needed for election integrity while critics say it suppresses the vote, especially for black voters who are a third of the state's population and overwhelmingly support democratic candidates. this week, more than 70 black executives bought a full page ad calling on businesses to fight what they call restrictive voting laws. >> if you support the constitutional right of voting for all americans, we should make it easier to vote, not harder. >> reporter: the fallout, a potential warning sign after states changed their voting laws. texas under the microscope after the senate passed an election billday that cuts some early voting options. american airlines and dell pushing back at the proposals adding to the growing number of
7:15 am
companies speaking out. here in georgia the economy paying a steep price. tourism officials say they estimate the economic loss from the all-star game's relocation could top $100 million. whit? >> as you noted, a number of other states considering similar measures. elwyn lopez for us, thank you. we move now to the trial of derek chauvin set to enter week two. the former minneapolis police officer accused of killing george floyd. his death setting off a summer of protests calling for racial justice across the u.s. and around the world. abc's reena roy is in minneapolis with a look at the prosecution's next moves. reena, good morning. >> reporter: whit, good morning. if week two is anything like we one, we can expt be pretty explove prosecutors have not released much detail about what their strategy will be moving forward, but here is what we do know. starting tomorrow, the state will continue calling witnesses to the stand, including the
7:16 am
minneapolis police chief. he has condemned derek chauvin's actions in the past and will likely testify against him just like we saw friday when the ssy. he called the move deadly and said officers are not trained to do that. floyd's girlfriend also took the stand, opening up about their opioid addiction. the defense is trying to prove floyd's drug use and heart issues led to his death rather than chauvin himself. they are expected to call multiple medical experts to the stand to try to back that theory up. janai? >> that trial captivated so much of the country. we'll be watching again this week. reena, thank you so much. now to an update, and mossimo giannulli has been released from pris lo loughlin will spend time at home.
7:17 am
zohreen shah has more from los angeles. zohreen, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, janai. you could argue that he was prisoner this year, and this morning, the fashion designer is reportedly back home under confinement. you'll remember that he and his wife, former "full house" star lori loughlin pleaded guilty last year to paying $500,000 in a scheme to get their two girls into usc. months behind bars.nced to five- he was serving in a halfway house in long beach, scheduled to be released in mid april. according to the prisons, he will serve the remaining few weeks of his sentence at home. back in august he apologized to a judge. he said he took full responsibility for his conduct. a source close to the family told us that exclusively for two months he was kept in isolation where he had no access to a tv, computer, and zero access to the outdoors, but he was denied early release when h filefotetwo months. now his wife spent two months behind bars, but prosecutors say that giannulli was more active in the scheme than she was. nearly 30 parents have pleaded
7:18 am
guilty in similar cases, including actress felicity huffman who spent 11 days in prison. eva? >> zohreen, thank you. time now to switch gears and turn to the weather, and let's check in with our spicy meatball as he likes to be called, rob marciano. let's see if he's bringing the heat today. >> for those who weren't watching yesterday, that's a reference, and for those watching now, probably won't be watching next week. good morning and happy easter. i'm happy to report that it's a relatively quiet day weatherwise for this holiday. a week ago today we had that horrific flash flooding in nashville, and this is the cumberland river just west of town, and still a lot of junk in the river, and more rain to come. not today, but in the next couple of days. couple storms coming into the pacific northwest. the first storm drops into chicago, and the second one will have more punch to it. we'll see accumulating snows in places like wyoming, and wednesday and thursday as this ramps up, could see thunderstorms in tulsa, and easton, and little rock.
7:19 am
heavy rain across this area that's still very, very saturated, could see 2 to 3 inches there. potential flooding there in the mid south. that's what's happening happy easter. starting with cloudy skies in san francisco, but we will break out to partly cloudy conditions. temperatures below average along the coast, but as we get around the bay or inland, it should feel pretty average for april. we will see a warm-up about midweek away from the coast. 63, fremont. titi spicy meatballs and beautifully colored eggs in the marciano household today. i know what you are wondering, janai. where is the pink, jumping bunny? >> yeah. >> it's coming up in the next half hour. >> i was bracing myself. i refuse to call you a spicy meatball.
7:20 am
>> thank you. how about a spicy hair ball? >> all right. >> you're still giving me heartburn. thank you, rob. we'll talk to you soon, and looking forward to the easter on this easter sunday. as france endures another coronavirus lockdown, one business deemed essential this time.pital city's famous chocolate shop, and abc's ines de la cuetara has the latest from paris. >> reporter: let them eat, and let it be chocolate. in france that seeps to be the message this year. bars and restaurants are closed, due to covid-19. but ahead of easter, chocolatiers have been added to the list of essential businesses. we're marking our way through paris to find some of the best chocolate eateries in the city. we made our way to the chocolate lab where we met a real life willy wonka. named best chocolatier in the country. his easter egg masterpiece this
7:21 am
year, 15 pounds of chocolate selling at over $1,700. >> the whole idea is these aliens are coming to planet earth to do an easter egg hunt. >> reporter: over at this hotel, they're working around the clock. their chocolate eggs sold out. >> it's very important because people need to dream right now. we need happiness. we need chocolate because happiness and chocolate is the same for me. >> reporter: this pastry chef taking a page from another famous chef. >> ratatouille. when you eat it, you have to think. it's like when i was a small guy or small gal. it's in my memory. >> reporter: his creation, a stunning milk chocolate hazelnut egg that he's hoping will delight chocolate lovers of any age. >> they need chocolate. they need pleasure. >> reporter: for "good morning america," ines de la cuetara, abc news, paris. >> surely i'm not the only one with a watering mouth right now. >> very essential. >> our thanks to ines.
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everywhere. everywhere. everywhere. good morning. happy easter. an oakland church will be celebrating its reopening on easter sunda66th avenue will have two services.
7:28 am
8:00 a.m. and noon. the church had been closed because of covid restrictions on inter-services. now the alameda county in the orange tier, people are able to worship together once again. let's get a check in the easter forecast. we're starting with gray skies in san francisco. temperatures in the upper 50s. 52 in mountain view. we will brighten things up and allow for partly cloudy conditions. there's a look at the golden gate bridge. low 50s in napa. low 60s, oakland. thank you for
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i' i'ill 35. to keep me moving the way i was made to,
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it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d for immune support. gonzaga for the win. oh, banks it in at the buzzer! >> i love the announcers. literally one of my favorite things. >> that's like janai after hometown trivia when you get it right. >> that was me. welcome back to "gma" on this sunday morning. it was an overtime thriller with an amazing three-point buzzer beater giving gonzaga the win over ucla, and a spot in the championship game against ba on'sherinaldcats and the stanfo cardinals are just hours away from tip-off. you can catch this year's women's ncaa national championship game at 6:00 p.m. eastern on espn. >> so much excitement. >> great games so far all around. we have a lot of headlines
7:31 am
we're following right now. first happening right now, evacuations and a state of emergency declared in manatee county, florida because of the imnent thrt of the ersithere. offialit could take 10 to 12 days for the situation to be contained. also right now on this easter morning, pope francis celebrating easter mass at the vatican before delivering his holiday blessing to the world. for the second year in a row now, the celebrations largely scaled back and taking place indoors to avoid people gathering in st. peter's square because of coronavirus. and some pleasant news this morning, the first trailer for the "space jam" sequel, "a new legacy," is finally here. lebron james playing basketball fate, and zendaya is joining the star-studded cast. that is set to premiere on july 16th. >> looking forward to that.
7:32 am
brings back memories. we start with the outpouring of concern for rapper dmx. kiit, and abzaar r: whit, good morning to you as well. you know, from the beginning there was something about that growl in his delivery that spoke to both the pain and the passion, using that distinctive voice. he became a star in his own right. he became the cornerstone of the rough riders, all the while remaining deeply complex, deeply human, even flawed. perhaps that's what makes him so relatable to the fans. ♪ stop ♪ ♪ shut them down open artist who rose to prominence as dmx, fighting for his life after suffering a heart attack. according to sources, the hip-hop artist was at home in mt. vernon, new york when he was
7:33 am
rushed to the hospital friday night. >> he's in grave condition. whatever that is, that's what i'm being told. >> reporter: his songs struck deeply personal notes. a mix of vulnerability and strength that made him unique. his seven albums were already etched in history. >> i suggest you start the paperwork. >> reporter: he has more than a dozen movie roles to his credit. missy elliot, eminem, viola davis among the stars sending support on twitter. ♪ >> reporter: in this tmz video from his last show in vegas, he talked about the fight to constantly get back up. >> you fall down and get back up. everybody here been through some [ bleep ]. but you know what? you'll never know what god is willing to do for you, until you do something for you. >> reporter: through the years, simmons has openly struggled
7:34 am
with the law, addiction issues and overcoming a traumatic childhood, recently saying he was introduced to drugs at the age of 14 by one of his mentors. >> i later found out that he -- he laced the blunt with crack. why would you do that to a child? >> right. >> 30 -- and you know what i'm saying. he knew i looked up to him. he knew i looked up to him, you know what i'm saying. why would you do that to somebody who looks up to you? >> reporter: in 2019, he checked himself into rehab telling his fans through this instagram post. but his popularity and contributions to the culture have long been cemented. in july, more than 500,000 people showed up to watch him on verzuz. h you're feeling now ♪ >> seeing him up there looking
7:35 am
healthy made feel feel good about where he was right now, and i think that the response that we're seeing from the music community right now sending well wishes really speaks to that too. >> reporter: simmons has chronic asthma which we understand contributed to that signature tone. it wasn't all that long ago a couple of years ago i was standing outside of a motel not far away from where simmons lives and he was battling a similar scare. this morning those in the hip-hop community and his family at large are hoping he can stand up once again. janai? >> you mention that song "slippin'." he says i'm slippin'. i'm fallin'. i can't get up. so many fans hope he gets back on his feet to tear it up again. thank you so much. now to our weather man, rob marciano who's always tearing it up. as the easter bunny this morning. >> we got some cherry blossoms. i'm wearing the pink tie this morning. they're popping in d.c.
7:36 am
there's washington monument. it is gorgeous, and they are definitely in peak if not last week was the peak. this always helps. warmer temperatures, and we're bouncing after the record lows yesterday. a good 10 to 20 degrees warmer this morning across the northeastern third of the country. look at the record lows. 13 in morrisville, vermont. allentown, 20, pittsburgh, 21. 24 in raleigh, charlotte, 26. record highs out west. phoenix, 97. 97 in yuma, arizona, and there's the beloved bouncing bunny. easter, texas, 78, egg harbor, new jersey, 64, and basket, new happy easter. waking up to cloudy skies across the bay area. numbers around 50 degrees this weather report has been sponsored by trulicity. the pink bouncing bunny, you
7:37 am
asked for it. you got it. >> we have been waiting for it, rob. >> it's kind of hypnotizing after awhile. >> it is. >> what i'm most happy about is it might be warm enough to go to an easter egg hunt today. >> yeah, thank you for that. >> happy easter, everybody. >> thanks, rob. coming up on "good morning america," we're previewing tonight's s.a.g. awards and how they could give us a big hint about the oscars. i have the power to lower my a1c. because i can still make my own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it. once-weekly trulicity is for type 2 diabetes. most people taking it reached an a1c under 7%. trulicity may also help you lose up to 10 pounds d lower your risk of cardiovascular events, whether you know you're at risk or not. trulicity isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. it's not approved for use in children. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2.
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we've been taking prevagen for around eight years and i just didn't have to work so hard to remember things. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. back now on "gma" and a look ahead to the screen actors guild award show tonight. it could hold the biggest clues of the award season still to come. we're talking about oscar. chris connelly joins us with a preview from los angeles. we're all looking forward to this, chris. >> reporter: good morning, eva. yes. this weirdest of award seasons continue tonight with the screen actors guild awards. they're planning to pass out mre than a dozen awards in just an hour's time. just an hour. acceptance speeches have lasted that long. the sag awards where they get their due. this year, no red carpet or live event. acceptances, pre-recorded. even as the oscars hopes to pull off an in-person ceremony later
7:42 am
this month, the sags will be virtual, dishing out their awards in an hour. the late chadwick boseman's nominated both for "ma rainey's black bottom," and "da 5 bloods." his co-stars each unaware during the filming of the health issues that would claim boseman's life one year later at age 43. >> yeah. he was so invested in what we were doing and knew exactly what we were doing, starts running up and down the terrain, shooting guns, to dealing with everything and then later on finding out that he was sick. it just really made an impact on me. >> looking back on it, at times there was a bit of a distance, but i think that distance was because of what he was dealing with. >> reporter: outstanding female actor, "promising young woman's" carey mulligan.
7:43 am
>> what's my name? sorry, maybe that one is too hard. ecast be "nomla," n. the event is somehow up to the minute, 50 years after the fact, and more than a decade after aaron sorkin wrote it. >> it was painfully relevant then. it felt even more painfully relevant while we were making it. >> reporter: tv categories may offer more love for the creek or for "ted lasso" and jason sudeik sudeikis. >> this is at a time when this was desperately needed. >> in the writing of the show, we tried to stay away from a lot
7:44 am
>> t tngo taste ar i was gh >> reporter: if he is revealed as a winner, fans will await a replay of his hoodified acceptance at the golden globes. keep an eye out for who the best female actors might be. they're likely to be oscars favorites before the night is over. eva? >> good little clues for us. thank you. coming up on "good morning america," while you may get a bad case of sticker shock the next time you go food shopping. thank you. coming up on "good morning america," while you may get a p next time you go food shopping. , 'are my bones strong?' life is full of make or break moments. that's why it's so important to help reduce your risk of fracture with prolia®. only prolia® is proven to help strengthen and protect bones from fracture with 1 shot every 6 months. do not take prolia® if you have low blood calcium, are pregnant, are allergic to it, or take xgeva®. serious allergic reactions like low blood pressure, trouble breathing, throat tightness, face, lip or tongue swelling, rash, itching or hives have happened.
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back now on "gma," and a back now on "gma," and a story that's a little bit of bad news. your next trip to the supermarket might have you doing a double take on the prices. manufacturers warning us we're about to pay more.
7:48 am
abc's deirdre bolton says there are a number of factors at play here. deirdre, good morning. is there any good news? >> reporter: janai, we'll just say there's some upside and there's some downside, but in the meantime, even for a lot of americans so far, while their wallets may be feeling lighting, analysts say this is because of increases in some cases which have already been put into play. companies such as hormel and smucker's, they have raised prices. diapers and paper products, cereal, might be more expensive as early as this june. you might even pay more for pet food. so 9 lives, kibbles and bits, meow mix, milk bone, they may see price increases. the reason is because these companies are paying higher freight, manufacturing and shipping fees. they're also paying more for ingredients. so grain and the pulp that goes into paper products. these are more expensive right now than they were last year.
7:49 am
so blame part of these price moves on the pandemic. americans are buying up home staples, and you have more demand paired with sometimes lmited or inefficient supply chain, and that equals higher prices across the board. you can also blame that february freeze that triggered mass blackouts in texas and that led to chemical plant shutdowns. the recent shipping troubles in the suez canal off the coast of southern california as well completing this trifecta, and that is essentially, janai, costing the global economy billions of dollars per day. janai? skippy and jiff. i don't like paying more for my peanut butte de thank you so much. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ ♪ my only sunshine... ♪
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sponsored by medicare options by blue cross and blue shield companies. all right. it's time for an easter edition of "pop news." mona kosar abdi is in for janai. describe the outfit. what was it, easter basket realness? >> yes. >> a bunch of peeps in the studio. >> i don't know if that's, like, an insult or a compliment. >> we love peeps. >> thank you. i love that intro. let's start "pop news" now. we are starting off with something exciting. the new final trailer for "black widow"in sca johan johansson. take a look. >> one thing's for sure. i'm done running from my past. >> the trailer includes the best look at the flashback from black widow's past during childhood way before her time as an avenger. it'll launch simultaneously in theaters and on disney plus on
7:55 am
july 9th. getting action, and scar jo. >> eva is still running from her past. >> i'm stuck. >> traumatizing. someone new is coming to pbs kids show "daniel tigers neighborhood." >> why isn't max answering me? >> well, daniel, sometimes he needs more time to understand the question. >> starting tomorrow, viewers will meet a young boy named max who has autism. the show will address why he like other kids with autism spectrum disorder are sensitive to loud sounds and flashing lights and why it may take longer to get comfortable in new situations. max will be voiced by actor withthe ng f ts,erfect since april is autism acceptance month. and bruno mars has another talent under his belt. he has gone ahead and turned digital. take a look. ♪ not exactly "24 karat magic." he's now a fortnite emo.
7:56 am
he's sharing this on instagram, to "leave the door open." the avatar is for purchase through a video game item. tele robl separately. >> did you see whit over here trying to swing? >> thank you for the easter basket realness. before we go, a quick plug to tune into "inside the oscars," which janai is apart of. fascinating interviews. have a great weekend. apart of. fascinating interviews. have a great weekend. good morning. i am liz kreutz. let memorial church is hosting a virtual easter celebration. the pastor said he wants to deliver a message of hope to everyone tuning in. >> come out of the tomb.
7:57 am
what has kept you down. anything that has oppressed you. whatever the thing is, you need to come out of that and into life. >> we will stream the 11:00 a.m. service. you will find it on our website,, facebook, youtube, and whatever you stream. bay area families had area are getting help with her easter sunday meals courtesy the city team nonprofit. thousands of to go food boxes were distributed at city teams occasions in san francisco, oakland, and san jose. families received him, mashed potatoes, dessert. received goodie bags packed with masks, hand sanitizer, and other easter treats. they were made possible by local food banks and generous donors. let's get a check on the forecast with lisa. good morning, everyone. we have cloud cover over the
7:58 am
the area. it will clear. we will be left with high clouds. it looks pretty nice here. 51 downtown. 52, mountain view. 53, oakland. another view of the gray sky, but we will look at writer but cooler conditions in san francisco. 52, napa. 53, concord. we will see a mix of clouds ends sun. low 60s in richmond. mid-60s around san jose. accuweather seven-day forecast shows a warm up midweek inland.
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. capitol attack.obviously understand the motivation. >> one officer killed. another injured. the national guard swarms the scene. new questions this week on how to balance security and democracy. and -- >> this big yes, this bold yes, and we can get it done. >> biden's $2 trillion push to rebuild our country. opposi. edn ce in a generation >> it's ke a trojahoe,ut infras. inside the trojan horse is going to be more money and massive tax increases. >> biden banking on public support. >> i think the republicans,
8:01 am
voters are going to have a lot


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