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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 4, 2021 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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also open in milpitas, burlingame and san leandro. if we don't control over the virus, that will force us to take a hard look at what we need to do. >> as california clears the way for life, events, and the cdc releases travel guidelines for vaccinated people, many are asking if they will need a vaccine passport. doctors are weighing in and what could be required if you want to board a plane. st sy.od th llha one e passin easterca thlioat odmoin d on yesterday.
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i was in a breezy spot. today, we will see changes. if you are by the coastline, it will stay gray. live doppler 7 to start over pretty much everyone has allowed temperatures to be slightly milder. as we look at the numbers, low 50s in novato. 52 there as well as hayward and fremont. it's a little milder to start as we go through the afternoon, partly cloudy skies. the clouds will linger for the morning hours at the coast then we breakout into brighter conditions. low 60s around a to upper 60s inland. that sneer average to most of us. the evening hours, another surge of clouds and fog keeping a gray at the coast but we will talk about changes that warm us up for the coming week when we see you back here in a few minutes.
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the talk of vaccine passports is raising questions about privacy and where this would be most useful. reporter to hawaii, this is what it looks like. you need to show proof of a negative covid tests that comes as a project created the common pass. a digital certificate lives in your smart phone. >> what we have been working on is to develop a new standard, an open standard, but it is a way of digitizing health information. >> reporter: april 15, california will allow indoor concerts, theater performances, and other private gatherings. that's the same day those 16 and older can get vaccinated. the state is requiring testing or proof of vaccination for some of these events. something that gives peace of mind to vaccinated people. >> a lot of people are removing their masks. they don't have the nose covered. you get anxious because you don't know. >> reporter: the san francisco
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covid command center gave us insight into what they are thinking about vaccine passports. we are looking into areas where this could be useful and in particular were larger numbers of people are coming together. there are some concerns. how do you avoid fraud with these vaccination passports? >> the way the data is digitize. they take the record of the vaccination and put it in an digital envelope. >> reporter: the doctor is part of the vaccine advisory committee. he doesn't believe a vaccine passport will be needed unless -- >> if we don't get control over the virus, that will force us to take a hard look at what we need to do and perhaps make some tough choices regarding doing something like a vaccine passport. >> reporter: if you were thinking of laminating your vaccine card, the doctor says to wait. >> there is no doubt we are going to need booster shots.
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it's going to happen. here's a look at california's covid numbers for yesterday. the state reported nearly 4900 newly diagnosed cases double the count from friday. even with the increase, the 7- day positivity rate didn't change. 1.8%. california hit a milestone with vaccinations. more than 7 million people are fully vaccinated against covid. part of building a better bay area includes the ongoing effort for equity in the vaccine rollout. east palo alto officials welcome community members at a newly opened site aimed at closing the distribution gap. the site at cesar chavez ravenswood middle school had its second full day of vaccinations. officials say the supply of the johnson & johnson single-dose was doubled to 2000 shots in two days. >> weird dealing with franchising in the city that we
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have had to wait for resources, now when we get the news of the vaccine, it is awesome, but it will take a little time to encourage residents to come in the numbers they should. >> 27% of east palo alto residents have been vaccinated. it's the lowest rate in san mateo county. officials hope to hold another at the site at a later date. today in east bay, the islamic cultural center of northern california will hold a mobile vaccine clinic from 9:00 until 1:30 doses will be given to those with an appointment. from 1:30 until 4:00 walk-ins will be accepted. it's the one shot johnson & johnson vaccine. the clinic at the lighthouse mosque on 42nd street in oakland. details on your screen. you can go to the cultural centers website or call that number to make an appointment. if you were looking for vaccine information, go to that's where you will find who is eligible for a shot and a
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place where you can send your questions to our abc7 vaccine team. it could be one of the biggest steps forward in our return to normal life since the pandemic began. some theme parks are reopening rides. colonel bernard visited six flags discovery kingdom where lots of thrillseeking families were back having some fun. >> are you ready to ride? >> reporter: that would be a yes from everyone who waited to read the joker roller coaster. he and his daughter came from sacramento. >> i'm really excited. this one, i told her they are opening back up and she started shaking. >> i was excited to come. i missed it a lot. to call dante. this coaster, one of nine reopening at six flags discovery kingdom after the pandemic closed them down for more than a year. that is a lot of screaming to catch up on.
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>> we are happy to welcome back guests. we are happy to be able to welcome back more of our reporter: the line was long at the front gate. saturday tickets sold out. online reservations required. >> we are celebrating two birthdays. >> reporter: a day of a day of what they needed. >> we have been sitting in the house the whole pandemic so we were looking for something to do. >> i can get on every ride. >> reporter: safety measures are happening like thermal imaging tunnel upon arriving taking temperatures. riser disinfected throughout the day and lots of safety reminders in case you forget. >> keep your masks on the entire re. ke>> reporter: for many, this i a big deal. a chance to return to the good times we used to know. >> we have been waiting for
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this day for a long time. >> reporter: solano county is in the red tier. 15% capacity inside the park. a move to the orange tier will allow more to make reservations. don't forget your masks. you will need it even on the were saying usement parkst no s allowed. >> easter sunday, no singing, right? i don't know. we are coming out of some of the strict restrictions, but when we look at the city, we are cloudy and in the 50s. everyone looking at low clouds. little temperature variation. 60s with the sun away from the coast. i will let you know about neighborhoods when we come back. covid hasn't stopped one san francisco easter tradition, but it has changed it. cow volunteers lit up the mt. dadss. >>ecdeliry
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does your vitamin c last twenty-four hours? only nature's bounty does. new immune twenty-four hour plus has longer lasting vitamin c. heimne superars.y-four hour plus a group called patients with attitude organized a rally in oakland. >> we've got different skin colors here. it's not about there. it's about the unity we see. we hope this will feet and stop all asian hate. the group marched from madison park to chinatown. members include blacks and latinos who are standing in solidarity with the asian community.
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>> we are empowering people to come out. different leaders. everywhere. we have elders that need protection. >> one of the goals was to encourage people to patronize chinatown businesses that have suffered during the pandemic. the police department is increasing for patrols in little saigon and japan town communities. the new police chief was on the streets saturday giving away police badge stickers to customers at the grand century mall. the patrols are meant to deter crime and show their sensitive to the increase in violent and racist crimes against asians. three weeks ago a filipino woman was assaulted. that suspect was charged with a hate crime. owners of a chinese restaurant in east bay are trying to raise awareness after their building was blowtorch. surveillance video from wednesday night shows a man get out of a car and ignite a blowtorch and prop it up against a door.
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the man then left. he came back 20 minutes later. he took the torch away. a family member who spoke with abc7 doesn't want to reveal the name of the restaurant, but is asking other business owners to remain vigilant especially during these time against attacks against asians. will temporarily house migrant children. the defense department confirmed on saturday that the national guard base is going to accept 1500 children between four and 18 years old. mr. from central america. this shows a facility in texas one a to improve to house migrants. their stay at camp roberts will last from 4 to 6 weeks but it could be extended. an oakland church will celebrate its reopening on easter sunday. the gospel church on 66th avenue will of two services. one at 8:00 a.m. and one at noon. the church had been closed for months because of covid restrictions. now that alameda county is in the orange tier, people can
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worship together once again. to commemorate the easter holiday, ot tall cross on mt. davidson lights up the sky. the tradition is nearly a century old but the pandemic has forced changes to the plans. abc7 news reporter shows us even if things are different, the message remains the same. joke at the highest point in the city by the bay, beacon of light ushers in easter. the lighting of the mt. davidson cross, it's nearly a 100-year-old tradition lives on. >> i think it's been about a positive gathering of people to welcome easter morning. it started 5000 in 1923 but by the time the cross was built in 1934, it was 50,000 people. >> reporter: there may be less people around, but the abuse of the bay area surrounding the cross never lose their glory.
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volunteers have visited this peek for 98 years to light up the mountainside for one of the christian religions holiest of holidays. the mt. davidson cross arminian counsel continues it today with this beautiful display of hope and peace. >> armenians are into traditions. 32 organizations came together to preserve this cross monument alive in san francisco where we have made this our second home. >> reporter: covid-19 may not have stopped the light but it forced a change at mt. davidson for the second year. despite preparing for mass, the easter sunrise service remains canceled here. >> the organizer sent me an email when he canceled the event. with our obligation to love our neighbor, it was the prudent decision to cancel the event. we will still continue the tradition, easter is happening, we will continue the sunrise services in the future, but let's make sure we are protected. >> reporter: the cross is only the two nights a year, april 24
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of march arminian genocide memorial and the night before easter. and the night of before easter, a shunning of hope. for the second year in a row, many attended virtual vigil saturday night. >> ♪ >> services at st. mary's cathedral were live streamed but many also attended for in person worship. mask wearing and social distancing were in place for the entire vigil and for holy communion. the great vigil at grace cathedral was held entirely online. worship was conducted from inside the iconic cathedral but there were no parishioners. everyone was invited to take pa by the pandemic are getting help with her easter sunday meals courtesy of the city team
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nonprofit. thousands of to go food boxes were distributed at city teams locations in san francisco, oakland, and san jose. families received ham, mashed potatoes, and dessert to help celebrate easter. they received goodie bags packed with masks, hand sanitizer and other easter treats. the meals made possible by local food tanks and generous donors. a southern california toddler is spending his day spreading joy to u.p.s. drivers. now the drivers put together a special delivery for him. >> reporter: while many of us appreciate our local u.p.s. driver, perhaps no one loves to see those big, brown trucks more than 2-year-old marco. his passion for trucks growing stronger after his mother took him by a u.p.s. regional hub . >> he was floored. he was so excited.
6:18 am
it was the coolest thing so we his routine. >>epter: day after day they waved to the u.p.s. trucks and the drivers. >> we were seeing u.p.s. drivers on the way home. >> reporter: drivers like this taking notice. >> he's usually in the same place, we drive out and honk and wave and say hola. >> inviting marco on a tour of their facility and a chance to drive around in a replica more his size. >> that melted everybody's hearts. >> reporter: that sparked an idea and a surprise from those appreciative drivers at u.p.s. a custom-designed mini ups truck just for marco. >> they gave it a complete overhaul. repainted it. put all the emblems and stickers all over it. the truck number is actually marco's birthday. >> reporter: a bonddelivering e a time. me i have that ouget emotna
6:19 am
he is so special to me and being able to share him with other people and give them joy, i have no words to describe how awesome that is. >> we love the. marco was having fun delivering his own mini u.p.s. boxes from his truck. that puts a smile on your face. >> he is so adorable. it is special to him and special to us. a day we can enjoy perhaps outside with the clearing conditions by the afternoon as the low clouds and fog burned back to the coast. it will be cloudy in half moon bay and stinson beach, just partial clearing. san francisco, 5 degrees cooler than average and mostly cloudy conditions. the summertime pattern with low clouds and fog reaching to the inland valleys.
6:20 am
we are looking at a gray start with temperatures around 50 degrees this morning. very little changes out there as we start things. by the afternoon, we will be looking at some improving conditions. as temperatures are cool to start, we look for high pressure streaming in high clouds throughout the day. we will notice the few clouds around will be bringing in temperatures slightly cooler than average. a few computer problems here. we can look forward to the middle of next week where we will talk about weather that will bring numbers in the mid- 70s away from the coast. maybe live cameras would help. okin thetower camera, 59 high francisco. afternoon. cool as we look at exploratorium camera, cloudy skies shrouding much of san francisco.
6:21 am
oakland should see a high of 62. average high in the low 60s. emeryville there. as we get away from bayside, numbers in the upper 60s. you can see the clouds in santa cruz. partly cloudy. numbers in the upper 50s. numbers will stay rather cool. winds out of the west up to 20 miles per hour. in the city, the winds will be that strong. is clouds burned back, skies will get brighter around the a with a few high clouds. there's a system offshore that has been teasing us for days. we will see partly cloudy conditions. another cool day. low 60s for oakland. 66, santa rosa. 66 in san jose.
6:22 am
average high is 67. a look ahead, mid-70s by the middle of the week. little change towards monday, tuesday, and wednesday. even into the end of the week looking at numbers fairly uniform for 60s and 70s around a. 50s at the coast with a fog lingering. we will take a break. when we get back we will talk about taking charge of your finances. so i am robert strickler. i've been involved in communications in the media for 45 years. i've been taking prevagen on a regular basis for at least eight years. for me, the greatest benefit over the years has been that prevagen seems to help me recall things and also think more clearly. and i enthusiastically recommend prevagen. it has helped me an awful lot. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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"good morning america" is coming up in 7:00. here's a preview. coming up on gma, one florida county under a state of emergency at a lake at a
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wastewater storage pond that could soon collapse asking locals to evacuate. the warning this morning. travel numbers on the rise this holiday weekend as the cdc eases travel guidelines despite covid cases increasing in nearly half the country. rapper dmx hospitalized after a heart attack. his condition and the outpouring of support. now to your finances. is covid took a devastating toll in so many ways, some say one benefit is that it has been good for their pocketbook. for those who find bank accounts in the red, you may ask how can i turn things around? we have some answers. >> reporter: a snapshot frozen in time. march 8, 2020. the last time megan would see her 90-year-old grandfather again. >> i lost my grandfather right before christmas. >> reporter: while the pandemic has been emotionally
6:26 am
devastating, in someways she sees the blessings. a year since the same picture, she is debt free. the covid lockdown forcing her to hunker down financially paying off thousands of dollars in credit card debt. >> it was pretty surreal. i felt a weight was lifted off my shoulders. >> reporter: she's a good company. morgan capturing the moment last year when she clicked send on her final payment. nearly $70,000 in credit card debt gone in a year. >> it's hard to explain you feel that lightness. >> reporter: according to wallethub, even during the covid ravaged economy, america in credit card debt. the senior analyst attributing the remarkable feed to several factors. >> a lot less to do. a lot less places to go and spend your money. >> reporter: the three covid relief packages adding to the
6:27 am
extra cash flow putting up to $3200 in direct payments in the pockets of the average american. for morgan it was the pause on federal student loans. >> at one point i was paying close to $1000 a month toward my credit card debt to pay them off. >> it has been strange to see just how many people are really doing well and then you have the flipside this other group of americans who have been struggling to get by. >> reporter: even with a record debt payoff, american households still owe $8000 on the credit cards. >> if credit card debt is mount everest, we might've taken two or three steps away from the peak. there's an awful long way to go. >> reporter: analysts expect an explosion of post-pandemic spending to undo some of the gains. >> we paid it off so we can wreck it back up again. >> to what degree. >> reporter: the highs and the lows of the pandemic have taught megan so much in the
6:28 am
last year, shifting her mindset about debt in ways she hoped doesn't change. >> it made me reflect on how i got there in the first place and being cautious not to live outside of my means. still to come. the new security measures in place at the capitol after the deadly attack that left an officer dead. facebook users have had facebook data exposed online. are you managing your diabetes... ...using fingersticks?
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small business insurance usually doesn't cover everything you need. it's long on pages. short on coverage. that's why three was created. it covers yo ee siss inusonpolicy. because small business owners have enough on their hands. so go with three and leave those old policies in the dust. sawdust. technically. don't interrupt the spokesperson. this commercial is now over. logo. three. no nonsense. just common sense. good morning. thank you for joining us on this easter sunday. hope you are having we will take a look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. cloudy skies around a. we will look for a cool day from the coast with limited clearing there but we will break out
6:31 am
into sunshine in santa cruz where temperatures are near 50. 51 downtown. 53, oakland. 52, san jose. walnut creek, blanket of clouds, 53, concorde. throughout the morning hours, little change in the temperatures. the fog will mix out around the a after 9:00 then partly cloudy skies. 2:00, mid-60s away from the coast. numbers will climb through the upper 60s towards gilroy. san francisco, barely 60 degrees were clouds will keep it cool. we will talk about a warm-up throughout the middle of the week in a few minutes americans are observing another easter holiday amid the pandemic. unlike last year, there are signs of hope and recovery. health officials are asking to proceed with caution because cases are headed in the wrong direction in several states.
6:32 am
>> reporter: weekend, health officials are concerned family gatherings could lead to another a surge in cases of covid-19. >> any time we let our guard down or have been vaccinated people gathering, we are looking for trouble. >> reporter: the cdc new guidance saying fully vaccinated travelers who wear masks and social distance can fly at low risk to themselves. cases are still on the rise. in the last two weeks, the number of daily covid infections jumping 20%. michigan reporting 8500 new cases saturday. its highest daily case total since december. >> by recent numbers, we know we have a reality check. >> reporter: there's good news. in los angeles county, the number people hospitalized continues to decline, dropping below 600. a new milestone in the vaccine rollout. the u.s. averaging more than 3 million shots a day. dr. fauci on cnn encouraging everyone to get vaccinated.
6:33 am
>> it will give you a freedom of getting back to some normality. >> reporter: new york city, slight return to normality as broadway's holder performance for the first time in more than a year. >> i feel anxious but i used to see a show a week so this is great to be back. >> reporter: the performance taking play before a masked and socially distance crowd. the murder trial of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin is set to resume tomorrow after a week of gripping testimony. eyewitnesses reliving the moments leading up to the death of george floyd. what comes next as the prosecution builds its case. >> reporter: jurors gearing up for another explosive week in the murder trial of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin. week one filled with disturbing details, painful videos, and powerful testimony as witnesses
6:34 am
relived what they saw that day like the store clerk who said he feels guilty for alerting his manager he thought george floyd used a counterfeit bill, setting events in motion. >> why guilt? >> if i would have not taken the bill this could've been avoided. >> reporter: the prosecution calling in law enforcement officials to testify against one of their own. >> putting your knee on the neck for that amount of time, that is uncalled for. >> this is not the way we train. that is going to sit well with the jury when they decide if this was reasonable. >> reporter: the defense claiming that bystanders growing louder distracted chauvin. genevieve hansen told the jury she wasn't allowed to offer medical aid. >> would you describe other people demeanor is upset or angry? >> i don't know if you have seen anybody be killed, but it is reese upsetting.
6:35 am
>> reporter: a bystander who could be heard shouting at chauvin. >> those terms grew more angry, would you agree with that? >> they grew more and more pleading for life. >> reporter: the defense expected to continue arguing floyd's drug use and hard issues contributed to his death. >> .2 a different reason for the cause, he's going to do that. >> you can watch the trial the abc7 bay area connected tv app available for roku and other devices. ofkeshaver wareleased yesterda he was wheeled out of the facility in ingtapplause from f officers. his colleague, 18 year veteran billy evans was killed when a man drove his car into a
6:36 am
barricade and attacked police with a knife. investigators are still searching for a motive but they say the suspects social media post have been unraveling for quite some time. >> it doesn't appear to be terrorism related but we will continue to investigate. >> it comes nearly 3 months after a violent insurrection at the capitol. security measures set up were being scaled-back, but that has been put on hold. workers are re-fortifying the security perimeter, dropping concrete barriers at checkpoints. coming up on this week after friday's attack at the u.s. capitol,ll talke security at the capitol complex and his review of the security failures during the january 6 riot. you can watch that interview in this week with george stephanopoulos at 8:00 this morning on abc7. multiplatinum rapper dmx is on life-support this morning. his attorney said the hip-hop artist had a heart attack.
6:37 am
the attorney adds he is not sure how the heart attack was induced. numerous outlets reported he suffered an overdose. well wishes from celebrities have been pouring in. dmx was one of the top searches on google as fans checked for updates. personal data belonging to a half 1 billion facebook users appeared online. phone numbers, names, locations, birthdates, and some email addresses. it was available on a hacking form. facebook play down concerns saying it was all data and vulnerability have been patched in 2019. security researchers say could still be useful to criminals who want to impersonate people and commit fraud. if you commute in san francisco you might want to avoid 19th avenue starting tomorrow. the department of public works is starting on sewer replacement project. it will reduce lanes at 19th and noriega and 19th and kirkham.
6:38 am
there warning of long delays and recommending alternative routes. it's expected to last until april 13. still ahead. meet the group of essential workers helping to shape the future. they got us through the pandemic and they're going to help build a better bay area. a live look outside. the sun is starting to come up. thank you for waking up with us. we are looking at the golden gate bridge. we will check in
6:39 am
6:40 am
a gray wolf that has been tracked through seven california counties is in monterey county. the california department of fish and wildlife says it's afar this out they have seen a gray will travel in at least a decade. it's enngered we've been tracking this lone wolf since tuesday since it was spotted in san benito county. the 2-year-old left its back in oregon likely looking for new
6:41 am
made your territory. glad memorial church will host a easter celebration starting at 7:00 this morning. marvin white wants to deliver a message of hope to everyone tuning in. >> come out of the tomb. come out of what is killed you and kept you down. anything that has impressed you. whatever the thing is, you to come out of that and into life. >> we will stream the service live from glad memorial church in san francisco. you will find it on our website,, facebook, youtube, and wherever you stream. a number of national retailers are closing for easter. target, sam's club, costco, macy's, apple, best buy, and lowe's will also be closed for the holiday. we have a complete list on our website, pope francis led a scaled- down mass at the vatican early this morning.
6:42 am
>> ♪ >> around 200 people attended at st. peter's basilica. usually 10,000 catholics fill the square in vatican city but this is the second easter crowds have not been allowed to gather because of the pandemic. pope francis tweeted easter wishes saying a mad the hardships, never forget we have been healed by the wounds of christ. the white house is having to celebrate a little differently due to the pandemic. the traditional easter egg roll is being replaced with online activities. the white house is sending thousands of commemorative eggs to vaccination sites, community health centers and hospitals like this one in washington, d.c. the wooden eggs are made in maine and they feature a bunny wearing a mask and the biden signatures on the back plus a golden version of e egg features the first dogs. we have all been thinking about those first dogs.
6:43 am
i hope they are back home doing well. >> it will be a little cool for egg hunts if you have that on the agenda for today. sever cove is in the low 40s. going for high in the low 60s. a little snow on the mountains. rainfall has been scarce. as we enter april, looking at a dryer but warmer week. i will explain next. epic finish to a final four classic. the buzzer beater ends ucla's
6:44 am
6:45 am
are you managing your diabetes... ...using fingersticks? with the new freestyle libre 2 system, a continuous glucose monitor, you can check your glucose with a painless, one-second scan. and now with optional alarms, you can choose to be notified if you go too high or too low. and for those who qualify, the freestyle libre 2 system is now covered by medicare. ask your doctor for a prescription. you can do it without fingersticks. learn more at freestyle libre 2 dot u.s. ♪ this afternoon, try to avoid being swept by the astros in therefore two-game series. pi thklkes his first start of seum at 1:07. the giants have a sunday off. the warriors will try to
6:46 am
rebound from their loss to toronto. they take on the atlanta hawks. tip off is 8:30 at state farm arena. a huge game for the stanford women. chris alvarez with the details. >> reporter: just one win stands in the way of history for the stanford women's basketball team. for the first time in 11 years, playing in the national championship game. they take on arizona later today. 3:00 tip off on espn. men's final four. ucla against gonzaga. riley goes up for the slam. jalen suggs the block. he gets the ball. look at this pass. he slams it home. he scored we go toov fil seconds,uc he ms., rebound, puts it back up. 3.3 seconds to go. gonzaga has a chance. jalen suggs and it's good. 93-90 in overtime.
6:47 am
that's the game-winner. they go further perfect season. giants fan take the rubber match in seattle. dickerson at the plate. the third base coach got to get out of the way. he didn't have much to do saturday night. logan webb on the hill for the giants. the third, 1-0 mariners. the giants offense struggled in this game. didn't get a runner to third base all night. giants manage six hits. they get a rare sunday off and they play monday in san diego. ace in astros, fans in the videone mistak the three run blast to center. his first of the year. 5-1, astros. bottom of the eighth, bases- loaded for pindar.
6:48 am
you get a grand slam and you tie things up. it stays in the yard. houston wins. chauvin 0-3 . they tried to avoid the sweep later today. >> it's fine. it's game three. 159 more. baseball happens sometimes. i don't think we are hitting the panic button. >> the sharks looking to extend their winning streak. 2nd period, 1-1. great pass. the team-leading 16th of the year. later, the sharks turn it over on the power play. great effort here. the pass past martin joe's and we are tied. the goalie tries to play the puck. they turn it over and they score. sharks win 3-2.
6:49 am
it is easter. a lot of people are waking up with lots of chocolate and easter baskets. is going to be chilly today. bring a jacket, whatever you do. good advice. we started with cloudy skies. we will brighten up. there's a look at live doppler 7. notice clouds into the inland valleys. walnut creek and pleasanton, san jose, cloudy start for you. visibility not a problem. there is a system offshore that allows for the high clouds to stream in from time to time. we will look at partly cloudy skies with sunshine brightening things up throughout the midmorning and afternoon. here's a look at santa cruz, one of the cool spots. 51 downtown. 53, oakland. low 50s in mountain view. morgan hill, 45. at the coast it is 50. the sun is up about now.
6:50 am
we will look for 12 1/2 hours of daylight today. 52, novato. upper 40s by the delta. 53 in concord. it is clear by fairfield. we will look for the clearing to occur from the east to the west. a gray start other with temperatures fairly uniform to start. then we will see the spread with 60s and close to 70 out there. cloudy with cool conditions today. below average, san and thtline. into themileof week we will be around the a. today with the clouds peeling back by mid to late morning hours, and then into the after nine we have sunshine and a few high clouds. this is monday morning with the low clouds have moved back across the bay. pretty far inland by fairfield. sunny skies for your monday.
6:51 am
temperatures don't change too much until we get into tuesday and wednesday. as we look across the state, you can see the high clouds streaming into the sacramento valley. 100 degrees in palm springs. cool conditions at les in nt o. in the south bay, 60s santa clara. 70 in morgan hill. the peninsula looking at the sea breeze. 60, san mateo. cool day downtown. north bay, about 65. vallejo low 60s. east bay, low 60s from oakland to san leandro. 6 to 7 degrees warmer in the inland valleys with 67 in concord. the seven-day forecast, 50s coast. 60s around the a. brightening up as the deck of low clouds then south for the afternoon
6:52 am
and into monday as well. it disappears. midweek we get into the dry pattern with slightly warmer numbers by about 5 degrees inland. couple degrees of warming along the coast. essential workers in the south bay are stepping up to shape the post-pandemic future. community groups have created essential workers council that aims to set the agenda for change in the workplace. the changing workplace is a focus of building a better bay area. david louis introduces us to some of the new council members. >> reporter: they have been in the front lines providing essential services at personal risk during the pandemic. just as they stepped up and put the health of themselves and families on the line, they believe they can play roll in economic recovery. 14 are stepping up to be members of a southbay essential workers council organized by the at risk at give us a group. >> audrey moore.
6:53 am
she's worked at safeway for 35 years. daniel torres. security officer. >> reporter: it was announced in san jose. a community that saw high virus rates. a community where he does community health outreach work after losing his hotel job during the pandemic. he will be joined by a bus driver, surgical nurse, fast food worker, construction worker and others to identify needs for decision-makers. >> we must move ahead. they are the ones carrying us through the pandemic and his leadership can carry us forward. >> reporter: organizers stepped up over the past year to demand hazard pay, protective gear, and paid sick days. the backers include labor and social service groups that focus on asians and black and latino communities. >> i think it's incumbent upon myself and all of us to be and lend our voices to the experienced of ci economic recovery that puts the
6:54 am
needs of our communities first. >> reporter: they will raise their voices to improve the post-pandemic recovery. a final farewell for a popular art exhibit at golden gate park. if you haven't seen entwined, tonight's the night. 's a people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ ♪ my only sunshine... ♪
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6:57 am
in the city, gray skies are with us. temperatures in the 50s. highs today from the upper 50s to the low 60s. it will be a cool one around the bay and inland temperatures near 70. were not going to get a warm- up until we gets towards the middle of next week. happy easter to everyone. it should be a nice afternoon. thank you for joining us. abc7 news continues at 9:00 a.m. we hope you have a great sunday. enjoy your day with your family. have a great day.
6:58 am
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, toxic waste fears. a state of emergency declared after a leak is discovered at a large wastewater pond in the tampa bay area. >> it's really an all hands on deck. >> hundreds of homes ordered evacuated. the intense efforts under way right now to avoid a release of polluted water. record return to the skies. increased travel for the busy easter weekend despite covid 0%t bring it back.nues'mxcedo hel >> dr. jha is here with what you need to know.


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