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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 3, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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public. >> this could be one of the biggest steps forward in the return to normal life since the start of the pandemicthe pandemc area theme parks reopening rights today. cornell bernardo joins us live from six flags discovery kingdom in vallejo where a lot of thrillseeking families are back having some fun. is really nice to see. >> reporter: it really is. it looks like the thrills are back. 17 rides operating at ththththth today, the general public is being welcomed back at 15% capacity. a lot of safety precautions going on. for step for many families, roller coasters. >> this would be a yes from everyone who waited to ride the joke roller coaster.roller coaso >> i am really excited but this one, when i told her they were
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opening back up she started shaking. >> i was really excited to come because i missed it a lot. >> hold on tight. this closer is one of nine reopening after the pandemic closed them down for more than one year. that is a lot of screaming to catch up on. >> we are happy to welcome back our guest but most importantly we are happy to be able to welcome back more of our employees. >> the line was long at the front gate. all saturday tickets sold out. online reservations were required. >> a day of fun is the kids needweha been in were looking for something to do. >> i could get onget onget ongen rides. >> safety measures are
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happening at the park like this thermal imaging tunnel upon arrival taking temperatures. rights are disinfected throughout the day and have lots of safety reminders in case you forget. >> for many this is a big deal. it is a chance to return to the good times we used to know. >> have been waiting for the state to come for a >> reporter: those roller coasters supercool. solano county is in the red tier but i moved to the orient here will allow more guest to make reservations. by the way, the bay area's other themepark is set to reopen their may 22nd. if you're coming here don't forget your mask. you will need it yes, even on the roller coasters. i will think of it as being able to muffle your screams when on the roller coasters. a part of building a better bay area is tracking the
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rollout. east palo alto officials welcomed community members at a newly opened site aimed at closing the distribution gap. the vaccination gap at ravenswood middle school is in the second full day of vaccinations. officials say the supply of the johnson & johnson single-dose vaccine was doubled to 2000 shots in the last 48 hours. >> what we are dealing with is this franchising in the city. we have always had to wait for resources, allocations and vaccines. now, that we have gotten his of the vaccine, it is awesome. it will take time to really encourage the residents to come in numbers they should. >> officials hope to hold another vaccination clinic at the site at a later the four-day vaccination clinic opened in the heart of
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east oakland. a total of 1000 single-dose johnson & johnson vaccines will be administered at the church on 73rd avenue. >> please do do do do do do >> if you are looking for a vaccine information you can head to that is where you can find who is eligible for a shot in a place you can send your questions. now, to a passionate rally in oakland organized by asians with attitude. >> we havewe havewe havewe havee
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>> we are empowering people to come and patrol their own head and different chinatown.differe. >> personal data belonging to facebook users appealed online. includes phone numbers and names along with locations, birthdates, and in some cases email addresses. all of it was available for
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free on a hacking forum. facebook played down the concerns saying it was and it happened back in 2019. security researchers say it could be useful to cyber criminals who want to impersonate people and commit fraud. a car caravan made its way from oakland to san today. protesters say there is a humanitarian crisis with the millions in need of emergency food assistance. in early november, tensions between the ethiopian government in the former parties the area erupted into violent conflict. ethiopian authorities say troops have started their withdrawal and have been fighting on the side of ethiopian forces. a toddler from the east bay is in the fight of his life. >> he is my geundertaking by hi
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grandmother to help him and his family. baseball has stepped into the battle over george's controversy over voting rights are. now, the states governor is heading back. is response to losing the all- star game. cooler weather has arrived covid has made clear that having health insurance is more important than ever. at covered california, every plan is comprehensive,
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new developments with major- league baseball's decision to pull the all-star game out georgia. this is over the states the voting rights law. georgia's governor made his first public comments following yesterday's move. sd dribble bolton tells us, he is not backing down. >> major-league baseball announcing they are moving the all-star game and a draft out of georgia. the decision coming after a new state voting bill was signed into law. brianna kemp defended that >> to voting and weekends voting, protects no excuse absentee voting and was the playing field on voter i.d requirement.
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>> the law suppresses historically disenfranchise voters in urban and other counties. >> we quickly passed a law that is a bag law that has the attentions like the organizations like the mlb and corporations that are thinking twice about georgia. >> the league supports voting rights for all americans and opposes restrictions to the ballot box. there access continues to have the games unwavering support stacy abrams was accredited to increasing voter turnout and says i don't want to see georgia families hurt by lost events and jobs but she said she commends the league for speaking out. atlanta's mayor keisha lance bottoms as she expects there may be other boycotts from businesses and tourist's. >> it will impact millions of georgians, employment, small businesses and corporations. >> the governor is standing by the new law.
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>> s texas state lawmakers to new parties, many have waiting. there statement is a sign that some of the biggest corporations and employers in the state are keeping an eye on these bills. people who don't have access residents were excited to show up for vaccinations in the testing. the organizers say it was a way to lower barriers that may prevent people from vaccinated. the event was held in honor of cesar chavez day and helped many disproportionate around this pandemic. >> adrian rodriguez has stage iv leukemia. his parents run a full truck and has stopped working due to:
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concerns. today, along with other food trucks and antioch police, they all held a fundraiser for the family as well as a stem cell so donor drive. adrian's grandmother says he is one brave boy. >> we are -- there is so much more community over competition. >> i hope the event raised awareness about the need for stem cell donors . mac many things may have a much deeper meaning. leigh spann wells have a deeper example. meteorologist drew tuma is coming up next with your
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pinwheels are spinning in the breeze after south bay hospital symbolizing children waiting for an organ donation. the hospital is marking national donate life month with 42 wind spinners outside of the hospital. h1 represent the child on the hospital's transplant list. the hospital shared these photos with us. a pinwheel is used because it is supported by a single a single stem symbolize that one organ donor can save can save c lives. bay area families hit hard by the pandemic are getting help with easter sunday meals courte of thteam nonprofit. thousands of food boxes were distributed today at the city teams locations in san francisco, oakland, and san jose. families received ham, mashed potatoes, greens, and dessertant to help them celebrate easter.
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they also received 30 bags packed with masks, hand sanitizer, and easter treats. the meals were made possible by local food banks and generous donors. tomorrow we will stream an easter service live from glide memorial church in san francisco. it starts at 11:00 a.m. and you can find that on our website wherever you happen to stream. looking ahead to the easter forecast, a but it should be pretty nice if anybody happens to be social distance to gathering. >> sometimes it is nice to be average. that is where you temperatures fill this for today. look at 24-hour temperature changes. we are seeing as much as 16 degrees: in concorde and fairfield compared to this time yesterday. the reason why you noticed the fog earlier this morning was onshore flow that returns to cooler air and it will bring us
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back to reality so to speak an hour temperatures into the 60s. i see a lot of cloud cover along the coast and a little s a: 54. eeze as th 58 in san jose and 61 in morgan hill. 50 for the current temperature at half moon bay. san jose a live look with son mixing into clouds on this saturday evening. other temperatures mainly in the 50s to low 60s have fog around the immediate coastline. numbers falling into the 40s for your starting temperatures tomorrow morning. for easter sunday, if you're going to be up early for church services it is a mostly cloudy afternoon we will to the cloud cover breakdown. a lot of temperaturesof temperas 50s and 60s. it is pretty seasonable for this time of the year. starting in the south bay
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mostly sunny 66 san jose and 64 for sunnyvale. along the peninsula's 70. half moon bay breezy and cooler at 55. downtown a bit of a chill with a breeze. 56 for the afternoon high under partly sunny skies. the northbay 64 and paloma. 64 san rafael but cooler in sausalito. the east bay mostly sunny after some morning cloud cover. 61 in oakland. 63 union city. 61 for hercules. 66 ravana creek. the pattern as we had into the next 10 days it loke storms weinthe rainfall staying 10 days the bay area remains dry. morning clouds and the sunthe sn easter sunday. we will warm it up a little bit
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but the pattern remains pretty average and pretty dry the next seven days. morning clouds and afternoon showers. now sports with chris alvarez. it is very early in the season but to games and and the a's haven't even had a lady at. nevermind a when. oakland are trying to do both and game 3 against the astros. the drummers doing their thing out there and the stance. the a's new shortstop taking over for marcus simeon. raging to his right and diving back in. that will get you alvarez 831 run blast his first of the year made it 5-1 for astros.
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oakland 0-3 to start season. they would try to avoid the sweep tomorrow. >> it is fine. it is game three. we have 159 more. baseball happens sometimes. >> we have lost three games. it has been ugly a. we haven't played well yet. >> for the first time in 11 years the stanford women's basketball team playing in the national championship game. they will take on arizona tomorrow at 3:00 on espn. stanford survived in the final seconds in the final four game against south carolina. they missed two, not one but two shots in the final possession in the final seconds. their opponent, arizona the powerhouse yukon by 10. that sets up a championship
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game. due to covid protocols in santa clara county stanford had to get comfortable playing on the road. >> we are competitive, motivated and we have strong women on our team. they have dug deep. i think that off the court experience has made us tougher, stronger, more determined. >> if you like it is kind of an advantage for us when we were on the road and other teams were at home. when they came to the bubble in san antonio they didn't know what to expect. i think we were lucky to have experienced that and everything happens for a reason. >> we are going up against a talented team. we know each other. it will be exciting. >> in the nba and increasingly frustrated
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golden state was without stefan curry and green due to injury but that is just not good. closing in on 20 games to go in the regular season and a team that should be fining its way is headed in the wrong direction. >> you saw it. we got destroyed be said. humiliated for everybody involved. i think the game went south on as quickly. we got demoralized. >> be warriors plan atlanta tomorrow. we have giants baseball tonight. it is one of those times of the year april and october are our favorite months. the end of this month of the nfl draft is right here. literally every sport taking place in april. >> i can tell you excitement and talk about difference from one year ago. >> leave that in the past. chris, thanks. coming up next something you have to see. at first it
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finally, a spectacular seen today in egypt as someas somease
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relocated to a museum and a parade fit for a king. a total of 22 mummies, 18 kings and four queens welded their way through cairo. they were transported in a vehicle fit with a special shop observer and got a full escort. perhaps the most notable let me being moved is kicking ramsey the second pick he wrote the kingdom for 67 years. quite a sight to see. with that, that is all we have
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