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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  April 3, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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being moved is king ramses the second. he rolled for 67 years. tonight, the coronavirus warning, as millions of americans travel this holiday weekend. the new images tonight of packed airports. tsa saying they screened the most travelers on friday since the pandemic began. health officials warning against large family gatherings for a second consecutive easter, as cases rise in nearly half the country. with hospitalizations up in at least 18 states. the u.s. working to get ahead of the virus with vaccines. a record 4 million reported shot the investigation into that deadly attack at the capitol. security barriers going back up today after a suspect rammed a vehicle into officers, allegedly lunging at them with a knife. what we're learning about the officer killed, the father of two and 18-year veteran of the force. plus, new details on the
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25-year-old suspect and his alarming behavior the night before the attack. the fallout tonight after major league baseball's decision to move the all-star game out of georgia over the state's controversial new voting law. the republican governor slamming the move, saying cancel culture is, quote, coming for your business. the trial of derek chauvin entering week two, after a stirring and emotional week of testimony. the prosecution's next move and the game plan from the defense, as some key witnesses prepare to testify. the nfl star under investigation. houston police now looking into a criminal complaint against houston texans quarterback deshaun watson, as at least 20 women accuse him of sexual misconduct. the shocking new video. a suspect trashing a korean-owned business with a metal pole. customers running for cover. the suspect allegedly yelling racial slurs at the store's owners. and who is aaron rodgers?
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the former super bowl champ set to be the next guest host on "jeopardy!" how he prepared for the role. good evening, it's great to have you with us on this saturday, i'm whit johnson. as we come on the air tonight, millions of americans desperate to see loved ones this holiday weekend traveling and packing airports, but health experts are raising alarms, worried about setbacks during this fragile moment in the pandemic. the tsa screening a record number of passengers. more than 1.5 million people hitting the skies friday ahead of what will be the second easter since the pandemic began. at least 24 states seeing an increase in covid cases. a former cdc director telling me this morning there will be a fourth surge. how large and how deadly depends on us. but there is progress in the race to vaccinate. more than 40% of adults have now received at least one vaccine dose.
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oi ord, 03 milliin pations reach into arms in just 24 hours. some experts say this could be the last major holiday with travel restrictions if we stay vigilant. abc's trevor ault leads us off here in new york. >> reporter: tonight, america's airports packed with travelers this easter weekend. >> we want to get back to some kind of normality. >> reporter: the tsa reporting 1,580,000 people flying friday. a single-day pandemic record and a sharp rise from the 200,000 who flew this time last year. the cdc's new guidance saying fully vaccinated travelers who wear masks and social distance can fly at low risk to themselves. >> now i'm vaccinated and her dad is vaccinated and she's vaccinated. and we're just so excited. >> reporter: but non-essential travel is still discouraged. especially if you're not vaccinated.
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in the last two weeks, the number of new daily covid infections jumping 20%, and experts fear it could climb far higher. >> we will have a fourth surge, i'm afraid. how large and how deadly, that depends on us. >> reporter: 18 states and puerto rico already reporting hospitalizations rising at least 10%, including michigan, tonight reporting more than 8,500 new cases. its highest daily case total since december. and doctors there say the patients they're treating are noticeably younger. >> the people who are under 65, who have not, for the most part, been able to get vaccinated yet, are more at risk and we're seeing them in the hospital. >> reporter: however, the vaccine rollout is accelerating to a new milestone. the u.s. now averaging more than 3 million shots a day and more states moving to reopen. california bringing back indoor events later this month. and with new york city venues now at one-third capacity, jerry seinfeld performing his first standup set in front of a live audience in more than a year.
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saying new york is coming back. >> it felt like getting electrocuted in a good way. i try -- i didn't want to get emotional, but i'm really excited to be helping to bring it back. >> many encouraged to see some of the shows coming back. trevor ault joins us now from outside laguardia airport. and trevor, we see those vaccination numbers keep climbing. right now, the cdc says fully vaccinated people should still wear masks in public. but dr. anthony fauci says a change could be coming soon? >> reporter: that's right, whit. dr. fauci says he wouldn't be surprised if a number of studies happening right now showed people who are fully vaccinated can't spread the virus and thus wouldn't need to wear masks. he says looser restrictions are coming, but right now, it's best to stay cautious and keep wearing them. whit? >> we'll have to stand by for some of that news. all right, trevor, thank you. now to our nation's capital and so many questions a day after the incident that claimed the life of a capitol hill police officer. that officer, william "billy" evans, an 18-year veteran, being honored. a second officer injured and recovering.
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and tonight, authorities are learning more about the suspect, noah green, as they search for a motive in the attack. here's abc's faith abubey on capitol hill. >> reporter: tonightnew agoforrh capitol. dropping concrete barriers at the north checkpoint, the scene of that violent and deadly attack that killed officer billy evans, a father of two, standing guard friday, protecting the seat of u.s. democracy. >> it is incredibly sad and just surreal, you know, to know that billy died, you know, serving our country, doing something that he loved so much. >> reporter: a vibrant bouquet of flowers honoring his 18 years of service. this as multiple law enforcement agencies retrace the final steps of noah green. the 25-year-old football player turned accused killer. police and the fbi combing green's social media pages, digging for a motive. and now reports the suspect was unraveling, long before police say he used his blue sedan as a
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weapon. allegedly ramming it into capitol officers, driving into a barricade and then attacking police with a knife. >> the suspect did start lunging toward u.s. capitol police officers, at which time u.s. capitol police officers fired upon the suspect. >> reporter: the now deceased suspect's brother telling "the washington post" in the last few years, green slid into deep religiousness and paranoia. leaving family and friends concerned about his mental state. the night before the attack, texting his brother, "i'm sorry, but i'm just going to go and live and be homeless." the 25-year-old also reportedly battled drug addiction and suicidal thoughts. the deadly security breach comes nearly three months after a mob of donald trump supporters staged a deadly insurrection at the capitol. >> faith abubey is at the capitol for us tonight. and faith, officials were hoping to start giving the public more access to the capitol, but that was before this attack.
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give us a sense of the security presence now. >> reporter: whit, the post-insurrection security measures were just beginning to be eased, but that now appears to be on hold. congressman tim ryan saying last night, lawmakers will now be reviewing all security measures here at the capitol including the fencing. whit? >> all right, faith, thank you. now, to the fallout from major league baseball's decision to move the all-star game and the draft out of georgia in the wake of their new election law. republican governor brian kemp firing back, telling his supporters cancel culture is coming for your business. but major companies taking notice of the georgia law and eyeing other states, as well, considering similar measures. here's abc's elwyn lopez from georgia. >> reporter: tonight, georgia's governor blasting major league baseball's decision to pull this season's all-star game and draft out of the state. >> georgians and all americans should know what this decision means. it means cancel culture and partisan activists are coming for your business.
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>> reporter: in a statement, the mlb commissioner saying their move is "the best way to demonstrate our values as a sport." this after georgia republicans passed and signed into law sweeping changes to the state's election rules. proponents say the new law strengthens election security. but critics say it suppresses the vote. former president barack obama supporting the league, invoking a late braves icon, tweeting, "there's no better way for america's pastime to honor the great hank aaron, who always led by example." atlanta's democratic mayor telling cnn she understands baseball's decision, but she worries about the economic backlash from the law. >> it is going to impact millions of georgians' employment, small businesses, our corporations. and it's very unfortunate. >> reporter: the league's move could be seen as a warning to other states considering changes to their voting laws, like texas.
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american airlines and dell already opposing proposed bills there. here in georgia, governor kemp digging in. >> i will not be backing down from this fight. >> reporter: and whit, cobb county travel and tourism officials tell me they estimate the economic loss from the all-star game's relocation could top more than $100 million. whit? >> elwyn lopez, thank you. we move onto the murder trial of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin, set to resume on monday after a week of gripping testimony. eyewitnesses reliving the moments leading up to the death of george floyd. so, what's next as the prosecution builds its case? abc's reena roy from minneapolis. >> reporter: tonight, jurors gearing up for another explosive week in the murder trial of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin. week one filled with disturbing details, painful videos and powerful testimony as witnesses relived what they saw that day. like the store clerk who said he feels guilty for alerting his
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manager he thought george floyd used a counterfeit bill, setting the events in motion. >> why guilt? >> if i would have just not taken the bill, this could have been avoided. >> reporter: the prosecution also calling on law enforcement officials to testify against one of their own. >> putting your knee on a neck for that amount of time is just uncalled for. >> to say, this is not the way we train, this is not how we're supposed to do that, that's going to stay very well with the jury when they decide whether or not this was reasonable. >> reporter: the defense claiming the crowd of bystanders, growing louder as te pressing firefighter genevieve hansen, who told the jury she wasn't allowed to offer medical aid. >> would you describe other people's demeanors as upset or angry? >> i don't know if you've seen anybody be killed, but it's upsetting.
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>> he's not responsive right now, bro! >> reporter: and bystander donald williams, who can be heard shouting at chauvin. >> those terms grew more and more angry, would you agree with that? >> they grew more and more pleading for life. >> reporter: the defense expected to continue arguing floyd's drug use and heart issues contributed to his death. >> if he can point to a different reason being the cause, he's going to do that. >> reporter: prosecutors will likely call the police chief to the stand next week. he is also expected to testify against chauvin. whit? >> another busy and emotional week ahead. reena roy for us. thank you. now to president biden's massive infrastructure bill. the $2 trillion package, which faces a partisan battle on capitol hill, coming as new jobs numbers signal hopeful signs for the economy. here's abc's mary alice parks. >> reporter: tonight, american businesses optimistic. a new jobs report showing the nation added more than 900,000 jobs in march. with strong gains in hospitality and food service. still today, there are nearly
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8.5 million fewer jobs in the u.s. economy compared to a year ago. that deep hole one reason president biden is casting his new infrastructure bill as a jobs plan. >> it's a blue collar blueprint for increasing the opportunity for people. >> reporter: the enormous $2 trillion proposal calls for rebuilding roads and bridges, expanding broadband and replacing lead pipes. by one estimate, it could create 2.3 million jobs by 2024. to help pay for it, the president would pare back tax cuts to corporations put in place by president trump. but that's a deal breaker for republicans. >> the last thing the economy needs right now is a big whopping tax increase on all the productive sections of our economy. >> reporter: the president friday saying he's still hopeful there's room for compromise. >> i think the republican voters are going to have a lot to sate about whether we get a lot of this done. >> reporter: the president said he'll be inviting republicans here to the white house. he says he's open for debate and
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negotiation. they're also hoping that local mayors and governors start putting pressure on republican lawmakers. but right now, it's not even clear they have all democrats onboard. whit? >> all right, mary alice, thank you. now, the growing controversy and accusations of sexual misconduct surrounding one of the nfl's top quarterbacks. deshaun watson, now the focus of a criminal investigation, but denying any wrongdoing. here's abc's zohreen shah. >> reporter: tonight, more trouble for nfl star deshaun watson, already sued by multiple women accusing him of sexual assault and indecent conduct, now facing criminal investigation. houston police saying, "a complainant filed a report with the houston police department concerning deshaun watson." they're not saying what exactly they're investigating the houston texans quarterback for, and he has not been charged. but watson's lawyer saying, "we welcome this long overdue development. we will fully cooperate with the houston police department." the police investigation follows
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at least 20 civil lawsuits since mid-march accusing watson of assaulting and harassing female. watson tweeting two weeks ago, "i have nevetreated anwo with athinr his lawyer days ago releasing statements from 18 massage therapists who vouched for watson's behavior as never inappropriate. >> i never got a vibe that he was, you know, expecting or seeking anything other than, you know, therapeutic massage. >> reporter: this comes as watson, known for giving back to the community, was asking to be traded. neither the nfl nor the team are taking action so far, saying they will let the legal process unfold. whit? >> zohreen shah with that developing story, thank you. there are conflicting reports tonight out of jordan, a major u.s. ally in the middle east. there are reports of nearly 20 arrests in an alleged plot against the government of king abdullah. the u.s. state department saying it is closely monitoring the situation there. and churches in sicily being used in a different way this
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easter weekend. bishops on the italian island inviting churches to open as covid-19 vaccination centers for one day. this as italy is in the midst of a strict three-day lockdown as the country tries to curb a surge in cases. there's much more ahead on "world news tonight" this saturday. the shocking surveillance video. a suspect ransacking a korean-owned business with customers inside. why police say he could face hate crime charges. and holiday fire threat. firefighters working against dry and windy conditions. plus, a look at the easter forecast, next. we love our new home. there's so much space. we have a guestroom now. but we have aunts. you're slouching again, ted. expired. expired. expired. thanks, aunt bonnie. it's a lot of house. i hope you can keep it clean. at least geico makes bundling our home and car insurance easy. which helps us save a lot of money. oh, teddy. did you get my friend request? oh. i'll have to check. aunt joni's here!
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take a look here. red flag warnings are in effect across the dakotas. and these mild temperatures stretching across much of the country this easter. when we come back, aaron rodgers' next big play. set to be the next guest host of "jeopardy!" how he said he prepared, next. t. cutting edge made user friendly. in other words, we want a hybrid. and so do retailers. which is why they're going hybrid, with ibm. a hybrid cloud approach with watson ai helps manage supply chains while predicting demands with ease. from retail to healthcare, businesses are going with a smarter hybrid cloud, using the tools, platform and expertise of ibm. [ heavy breathing ] allergies with nasal congestion overwhelming you? breathe more freely with powerful claritin-d. claritin-d improves nasal airflow two times more than the leading allergy spray at hour one. [ deep inhale ]
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[ electronic music playing ] ooh! ooh! who just gives away wood? the snapshot app from progressive rewards you for driving safe and driving less. there's an app? -[ chuckles ] beth. -save money with progressive. [ tires screech ] well, that came out of nowhere. to the to the index and the man arrested after violently ransacking an asian-owned business. surveillance video shows the suspect smashing the store in charlotte, north carolina, with a metal pole. customers, you can see there, running for cover. the store's owner said he yelled racial slurs. police telling our north
5:53 pm
carolina affiliate wsoc-tv the suspect could face additional hate crime charges. the parade of pharaohs through egypt's capital today. a special convoy transporting the mummies of 18 ancient egyptian kings and four queens between two museums. each mummy placed in a special capsule filled with nitrogen to protect them. and the star quarterback hosting his favorite game show. who is aaron rodgers? the green bay quarterback and former super bowl mvp will be the next guest host on "jeopardy!" starting on monday. rodgers says he prepared for it like any game he's ever played by watching the film, in this case, hours of previous episodes. when we come back, special delivery. the toddler who loves greeting u.p.s. trucks, getting a surprise of his own. i was uncertain... was another around the corner? or could things take a different turn? i wanted to help protect myself. my doctor recommended eliquis. uiisn to treat and help prevent i wanted to help protect myself.
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finally tonight, america strong. the toddler spreading joy and the special delivery. while many of us appreciate our local u.p.s. delivery driver, perhaps no one loves to see those big brown trucks more than 2-year-old marco. >> there he is! >> his passion for trucks growing even stronger after his mother clarissa alcazar took him by a u.p.s. regional hub near san diego, california. >> he was floored. i mine, he was so excited. it was the coolest thing. and so we just made it part of our routine. >> so, day after day, they'd wave to those u.p.s. trucks and drivers. >> we were seeing u.p.s. drivers on the way home and leaving. >> drivers like ron jimenez taking notice. >> he's usually in the same place, so, as we drive out, we honk, we wave, you know, say "hola." >> hola! >> inviting marco and his mom on a tour of their facility, and a
5:58 pm
chance to drive around in a replica more his size. >> oh, my gosh, that just melted everybody's heart. >> that sparked an idea, and a surprise from those appreciative drivers and u.p.s. a custom-designed mini u.p.s. truck, just for marco. >> they gave it a complete overhaul. repainted it, put all our emblems and stickers all over it. the truck number is actually marco's birthday. >> a special bond. delivering joy, one wave at a time. >> every time i have that thought, i get emotional about it. he is so special to me. being able to share him with other people and give them joy -- i have no words to describe how awesome that is. >> and we loved seeing marco in that truck. thanks to our san diego affiliate kgtv for help with that story. i'm whit johnson in new york. have a great night.
5:59 pm
mrs. abc 7 news. looks like a lot of people did. the bay area is slowly coming back to life. first time in over a year, a major theme park is open to
6:00 pm
public. >> this could be one of the biggest steps forward in the return to normal life since the start of the pandemicthe pandemc area theme parks reopening rights today. cornell bernardo joins us live from six flags discovery kingdom in vallejo where a lot of thrillseeking families are back having some fun. is really nice to see. >> reporter: it really is. it looks like the thrills are back. 17 rides operating at ththththth today, the general public is being welcomed back at 15% capacity. a lot of safety precautions going on. for step for many families, roller coasters. >> this would be a yes from everyone who waited to ride the joke roller coaster.roller coaso >> i am really


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