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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  April 3, 2021 9:00am-9:58am PDT

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. this is abc7 news. >> they were getting to a point. the question is when you got orange and yellow, is e somethinll an durhis trip acros southern california. pointing to the state's vaccination effort. increase in supply and a low transmission rate. he said he is ready to change how california is reopening. good news to start us off on this saturday. good morning everybody. it's april 3rd. we will have more on when the governor plans toa nance the changes in just a moment. first let's start with a quick look at the weather. >> good morning to you. hi. we have had a stronger push of marine air overnight. that's allowed for the clouds. you can see live doppler 7 with that fog, foot print. almost to the san ramone valley. we are searching out the clouds
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in walnut creek. partly cloudy conditions. it's 53 in oakland. 51 in san jose and speaking of san jose here is mount tam. you can see the clouds from the north bay. upper 40's. 54 concord and finally from our east bay hills camera, i will have a look at the gray skies. it'll be partly cloudy. temperatures cooling off. below average from the city cit the coast. around average bay side. you head inland it's pleasant. in pleasant on in the upper 60's as well as livermore. we will talk particulars for the easter and beyond in the next few minutes. >> all right. the governor said to change california is reopening. >> next week we will make a significant announcement about the whole tier strategy on tuesday. we are likely to make that announcement, updating the whole approach to tiering on
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the basis of our expectation that many vaccine supplies will come to the state. >> the governor said he would like to make the announcement on monday or tuesday as he said but is he first just going to talk with local health officials before revealing the changes. the governor also announced the state is expecting a large shipment of johnson and johnson doses next week. he said that the state can receive about 572,000 but the number will drop significantly in the following weeks. california's seven day positive rate is at 1.8% which is one of the lowest in the entire country. it's paved way for the state to allow concerts, conferences and other indoor events to resume on april 15th but there will be restrictions. the return of indoor event is a big step forward for reopening califoind as abc7 news reporter explains the state has some requirements of its own. >> live concerts indoors, remember those?
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they could be back entertaining bay area fans by april 15th. the state ent giving the green light. live infor theater performances can also resume with capacity limits. christian has been waiting a long time. >> i'm so beyond excited. i was just scared they all shut down and i'm an avid theater goer, music lover, the bay area theater scene has been shouterred for more than a year. >> it's great news that the preforming arts are actually now being identified in some of the reopening tiers. 's very pr >> green from the logo and he hit itself. >> even the warriors could welcome doves fans back to the chase center with capacity limits. >> our job now is to sit down with the county and to make sure that we have our arms around everything that we need to do to ensure that we will be able to return fans to warriors games back into chase center
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very soon. >> as you may imagine if you want to take in a game, a concert or show there will be requirements if you want to go inside. >> state health guidelines will require people attending indoor events show proof of full vaccination or a negative coronavirus test. a tier level will determine how many people are allowed inside. with approval from the department of public health, san francisco supervisor tweeted the warriors could welcome fans back for the april 23rd. game verses the nuggets. restaurants near the chase center say the return of fans will be a game changer. >> we will have a little more foot traffic. the ref flu will change. we will be able to hire more staff. it'll be a lot more fun. and the cdc said people who are vaccinated against coronavirus can at low upti at travel in sfo. thursday was the busiest day there since the pandemic started. the cdc said even with the new guidelines people should only
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travel if absolutely necessary. people at sfo were traveling for all sorts of >> coronavirus scares me. >> but you're traveling. >> i need to see my daughter. >> i'm going home to minneapolis. >> i miss my girlfriend. my mom's 84th birthday. >> the cdc said if you do > and the cdc has released new guidance for the cruise industry. the agency is going to require cruise lines to give daily reports on the number of cases n is stricter than it's last guidance in october that called for weekly reports. companies must outline their plans to test the crew on board. the cdc hasn't set a date for cruises to resume from united states ports. and happening today a new drive through vaccine site is opening in east palo alto.
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the facility is designed to help serve a city where the vaccination rate is just 27%. that's compared to % overall in san mateo county. officials hope to give about a thousand doses of the johnson ask johnson single shot vaccine each day it. will remain open as long as there's funding, vaccine availability and access to the site. and doctors will host a clinic in san ramone. it runs from eight to appointments must be booked online or by calling the number on the screen. up to 200 will be vaccinated with their first vaccination. and cosco has opened appointments for the johnson and johnson vaccine. at least 200 stores are offering appointments. it's for anyone who meets the eligibility requirements including people 50 and older.
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those 16 to 49 with high risk health continues or disabilities. people experiencing homelessness and health care, education, public transit and emergency service workers. you can book at pointment on the website. and fema has rejected a plea for the oakland vaccination site to stay open past next weekend. alameda county had asked to keep it running for another four weeks while it made plans to take over the site. according to the chronicle authorities say they won't be able to continue supplying it with vaccines past the scheduled closure next sunday that. date comes days before california opens eligibility to everybody 16 and older. and a contact the abc vaccine team, feel free to reach out with any stories. go to abc7 you will find the latest headlines and the rules about who is eligible for a shot. again that's all on abc7
9:08 am despite loosening guidelines and increasing vaccinations doctors are still urging people to be careful this easter weekend, especially if you are planning to te any gath and restaurants are helping people stay safe. >> it's year 2 of easter sunday during the pandemic. unlike last year now we are closer to getting back to normal. several aspects of life are still like 2020. many churches will do a hybrid service or continue their virtual route. >> we have brought all of our rites online. >> at glide memorial church in san francisco, their service will include scenes several years back with a combination of 2021. >> we will l the message of redemption and resurrection. >> during easter of last year a wine bar pivoted to family meal kits. those kits helped their business throughout the pandemic. now a year later families are
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signing up again this easter to keep that tradition alive. >> we have realized that we have condensed to letting people enjoy an experience, it was originally created as a sunday event. >> and home and where many are used to gathering for easter but take it outside. if are you vaccinated meeting up with other vaccinated people, no problems. if you are vaccinated and meeting up with unvaccinated people for from more than one house you know, it's -- you are back to the same old stuff. >> according to the latest state data over six million have been vaccinated in california. that's 21% of the state's let our guard down. >> we have some counter examples for having light at the end of the tunnel. there's a throughout break-in the lower peninsula of peninsula. >> if we continue to keep our distance and vaccinate we could be out of the pandemic by the
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summer but it's up to all of us. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> and tomorrow we will stream that easter service live from glid memorial church. it starts at 11:00 a.m. and you will find that on the o website on facebook, youtube and wherever you stream. let's go to check outside. >> in the areas -- in the lower elevations, upper 40's to near 50 in the north bay. are you on top of mount tam. 2300 feet. it's only in the upper 30's. cool air has finally -- we have transported the much cooler area cross the bay area. everybody coming down to april standards. i will explain next. >> ead the warning from the university of california after hackers targeted the system, what personal information now may be at risk. > and the new crack down to make lake merit safer after the trash and noise are ou
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you know when you're at ross and find just what you need... to make any space your space? (sighs) yes! that's yes for less. get the best bargains ever for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. omigrants in custody is reaching numbers not seen in 15 yearsof unaccompanied
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minors and matt gutman is in texas where a facility has expanded in recent days. >> that view of the sprawling complex that the federal government is building, mainly to house the thousands of additional young children and teens expected. a facility so crowded that children forced to take turns sleeping on the floor. this after often dangerous trips to the united states. these two young children were dropped over the border wall. this 6-month-old was saved by a texas ranger after a smuggler threw her in to rangers on patrol. >> a lot of children's socks here that they take off as they come out of the river and then make their way up the bank. the texas governor we saw groups of families just smuggled onto united states soil. >> this area alone in this bridge area and in this brush we have seen 70,000 come through from mexico just since january.
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>> a couple of hundred yard away under that bridge, a temporary border patrol camp, migrants huddled in plan blankets. just in the month of mara loan, over 170,000 were caught at the border. that is a 15 year high and right now, the numbers are only forecast to increase. matt gutman. in the south bay police looking for a man they say shoved a woman to the ground and said go back to china. >> as a person of both asian and pacific islander descent i have been watching with dismay the continues acts of violence. >> the incident happened around 5:00 p.m. on tuesday. the victim was walking on los gatos and said a man shoved her to the ground. the suspect is described as a white or hispanic man wearing a black or gray bike helmet with a car colored neck gator.
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if you are in the area and you saw anything call the police. the university of california is warning students and staff to be on alert after the school system was part of a nationwide hack attack. a group may have stolen and pub lushed personal data from the system. nearly 300 schools, government agencies and companies were targeted. also among them were stanford university school of medicine which reported that some student and employee social security numbers were posted online. now many are hoping crowds do not gather around oakland's lake merit this weekend. those crowds, noise, traffic and parking issues are something that neighbors have been complaining about for a long time. they say that the issues have returned and so this weekend some familiar restrictions are also going to return. leslie looks in to what's being done to try to make the lake an enjoyable place. >> lake merit is often touted as oakland's crown jewel.
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during the pandemic it's become particularly crowded on weekends. >> i like the energy and the activity and it's multicultural and everybody in oakland using the lake. on the other hand it gets out of hand. people can't self regulate. there's trash everywhere,s parking crazy. they are driving on the sidewalks and the median. it's overly crazy. >> triple parked cars have blocked emergency vehicles, nearly churches say loud music is interrupted outdoor services. this week the oakland city council decided to beef up enforcement to make sure that rules followed around the lake. >> every week we are really trying to maintain order and start always with education. start with communication. enforcement is the last resort and it'll be resorted to when necessary. >> last year park ambassadors were deployed to remind people to wear a mask and socially
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distance. this time around this weekend those ambassadors will be out to tell people to pick up trash and keep noise levels down. >> i think it's a mistake to crack down in any way. >> some residents like the joy of the crowds, others welcome intervention. >> its been very lively and you know it's still a nice place to be. for sure the trash has been building up. >> it's a balancing act for the city to maintain civility and safety and also support local vendors and families looking for a place to hang out. in oakland, abc7 news. it appears the kinks have been worked out. a's fans were able to order toad and drinks through the app. on opening night they complained of long wait times and not being able to order. a's president said the team is adjusting its approach. > we were not up to snuff in terms of delivering and being
9:19 am
able to process so many orders. thousands of orders. so, you know we have made changes. we are adding more mobile hawkers, people who will actually work and walk through this stadium and sell food and beer and things like that. >> due to regulations, fans not allowed to buy straight from the concession stand. the a's are encouraging people to bring their own food. the san francisco is gearing up for a tradition on easter eve. the lighting of the mount davidson cross will take place tonight and happen around sun down at 7:30. the cross will be lit up until sun vice on easter. tomorrow morning. the sunrise service on mount davidson has been canceled because of coronavirus concerns and this is actually only the second time since 1923 that the easter morning mass has not happened. its been so warm but things taking a little bit of a turn. >> in fact at my house it was pretty chilly with the winds picking up.
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breezy winds and temperatures if you are buy the coast or around the bay could be below average. it's the inland valley that will enjoy some nice weather. numbers in the upper 60's today through easter but everybody gets more sun on monday as this fog gets chewed out by a system to the north of us. here is a look at live doppler 7 where the fog has made its way across the bay even to the strait earlier. over 2,000 feet and we widen the view and it's almost down into southern california. a couple of dry slots. otherwise we are looking at that steady sea breeze and a pretty robust on shore flow with the low cloud deck in the morning hours. there's a look at the golden gate bridge with numbers in the low 50's. oakland at 53. 51 in san jose and you notice the temperatures fairly uniform from the upper 40's to near 50. that's what happens when we have the deck of low clouds. 53 by the delta and that's where we had the wind gusts up
9:21 am
to 34 miles an hour. that's indicating that the cooler air is making its way across the bay. 54 in concord. it's 52 in napa. here is where we have sun up by walnut creek. the cooling continues for the inland valleys today. mild for easter tomorrow. that's in the afternoon. it'll be another gray start. we get more sun on monday and then will get into a warming trend in to the middle of the week. that's just going to be around the bay. the coast will remain cool. here is a look at some of the high clouds with the low clouds along the coast. this afternoon we will call it partly cloudy. here is a look at your sunday. about the same situation. some patchy fog and a partly cloudy sky throughout the afternoon. then by monday, looks like we will get rid of some of this low cloud deck and that should bring in sunnier conditions. today, it's going to be cool here at the coast. you see all the clouds in place in santa cruz. only mid50's for ocean beach, 54 for half moon bay. santa cruz at 6 # and those
9:22 am
breezy west winds throughout the day. here is a look at your easter sun sunday. we will have high clouds and numbers in the 50's to 60 around the bay. that is cool but numbers inland are mild. monday is a sunnier day and as a result temperatures still kind of cool but at least it'll feel warmer as we get into your tuesday, maybe a little moderation. 67 today in santa claire a.68 san jose. downtown. it's a cool one in the upper 50's and in the north bay northa chilly. yesterday, milder. 67 sonoma, 62 oakland. we had upper 60's for concord with 70 around antioch. what a switch. the seven day forecast, the cooling, for our east bay valley friends today and then tomorrow it's bright america the afternoon but starting out gray, sunnier monday, milder midweek but not a lot of change
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here. 50's coast side, midand upper 60's around in temperate. that's where we should be for this time of year. we have a lot of that fog on the coast. ystalsare making a come back. healing crystals during the pandemic. new social media and experts
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it's okay that you don't want to be first: you aren't. second covid vaccine. it's okay to have questions: everyone deserves answers. i'm wary that there isn't enough information. it's okay to be excited, or worried, or both. it's alright for it to take whatever it takes for you to be ready. hi mom, ready for your shot? yes, i've been waiting for this day. we just got what? vaccinated. we just got vaccinated! let's get you there. let's get to immunity.
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. during this pandemic many are finding different ways to lessen stress and anxiety. for some it could mean taking on new hobbies, new recipes, perhaps finding solacn collecting healing stones and crystals. amanda explores their return to popularity. >> an online instagram shop, forever popular healing stones and crystals. based in the bay area she said business has been booming people looking to maintain positive protective energy. >> i think that because each
9:26 am
crystal has a specific type of property that really helps people like either find direction or -- in the path of what they want to do or like where to start. >> since launching in october and serving customers as far as new york she has found a growing crystal community on social media. all finding a sense of healing during coronavirus. >> we caught up with santa clara university professor dr. plant to ask about this type of intervention. >> we don't work with crystals because there's no evidence for the effectiveness of them. but, on the other hand, placebos work. >> dr. plant called it a placebo but doesn't dismiss what they may do for some people. especially during what he called a mental health tsunami as we continue to deal with the pandemic, racism, conflict and more. >> people are anxious and they are looking for solace. they are going to look toward things that may make them feel comfortable and crystals are
9:27 am
one of those things. >> when dealing with anxiety, panic and depression he suggests seeking professional help. however, she said that she wouldn't classify the crystals as placebos instead pointing to tangible healing properties she has experienced herself. >> i think it's just something that you can manifest like in front of you like i have a crystal. i hold it, i can feel the energy. it's just a starting point for whatever healing process you want to go on. >> in the south bay abc7 news. >> if you are looking for mental health resources and need somewhere to start just head to the website, abc7 /take action for a list of local resources. the oakland museum is cutting 15% of its staff. it's reportedly due to a $2.5 million revenue loss during the pandemic. according to the chronicle, 20 full time positions will be cut. some are taking on new roles
9:28 am
and others can apply for newly created positions. the museum has been closed since last march. the reopening date hasn't been announced. still to come, on abc7 mornings, major league baseball is pulling the all- of atlanta in response to georgia's new voting lawsw.
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. good morning. thank you for join us. we will start this half hour with another look at the weather. >> good morning to you. breaking up the clouds a little bit in san rafael. it was partly cloudy and there it is. we are looking at temperatures that are in the low 50's for san francisco, oakland and mountain view. the clouds hanging on. numbers in to the north bay. shei say up in the y. up. mid50's the delta.
9:31 am
we are getting that cooldown in the inland valleys today. yesterday, wow, it was a cooldown along the coast for sure and the san mateo coast. we will have the low clouds hang along the coast around the beaches, only 50's there in the city. upper 0's, low 60's. we will see upper 60's in san jose and around san ramone. it'll be pleasant where it was pretty warm yesterday. the fog comes back tonight. it starts off our easter sunday. some of you celebrating will get sunshine for the afternoon. we will talk about the rest of the forecast into the first week of april coming up. >> all thank you. in the east bay west contra costa teachers have voted on a reopening plan that will start in mid-april in about two weeks. 78% of the teachers of richmond approved of the model. starts on april 19th. the district will bring back students for instructional hubs for several hours a day on
9:32 am
certain days thenthe llanwi seboost in their food stamps. it is part of an order by the president that adds a billion dollars to the program each month. it'll benefit some of the lowest income families left out of an increase that congress approved last year. the pandemic has prompted a surge in people applying for food stamps. now to the attack at the capitol yesterday. a driver attacked united states capitol police officers, leaving one dead and another injured. officer william evans is the 4th capitol officer to die since january. ty hernandez has the details on the attack. and another hurt after authorities say that a man drove his car into a security checkpoint at the united states capitol. >> the suspect rammed his car into two of our officers and
9:33 am
then hit the north barricade ware barrier. >> police say the suspect pulled a knife and lunged toward officers before he was shot. law enforcement source sources identifying the man as a 25- year-old noah green. if doesn't appear he is known to the capitol his at this time. >> the two injured officers rushed to the hospital. one is in stable condition but officer william billy evans didn't survive. he had served 18 years on the force. a procession of police cars and motorcycles taking his body to the city examiner. >> the man who now will lie in a flag draped casket was an amazing dad to two little kids. he loved serving the members of our lawmakers and visitors to the capitol and keeping them safe. > flags at half stat the white house. the president who as at camp david said in a statement that he is heartbroken for the officer's family. inside the capitol this alarm sending the building in to lockdown. >> no entry for exit is
9:34 am
permitted at this time in any building of the capitol complex. >> a stark reminder of the scene on january 6th when a violent group left five people dead including a capitol police officer. the dc national guard deployed an immediate response force to support the capitol police. >> this rips the scab off and continues to provide a level of uncertainty and worry about the workplace. >> ty hernandez. and the top homicide detective at the minneapolis police department testified in the trial of former police officer, derek chau vin and said kneeling on george floyd's neck was unnecessary. visit you ever in all been fo who handffed pre d onthe neck
9:35 am
position? i haven't. that can kill him. >> during cross, the defense attorney asked if any officer can use -- if an officer can use whatever force is reasonable and necessary if they are in a fight for their life. zimmerman said correct, but he saw no evidence that the officers lives were in danger. and you can watch the entire trial on the abc7 bay area connected tv app available for roku and other devices. now this morning reaction is coming in after major league baseball announced it's moving this year's all-star game out of atlanta in a' thvernor d but others say the republican leaders to blame. >> this morning the mlb playing hard ball with georgia, pulling the all-star game out of the state in protest. the decision taking a woke after the governor signed a
9:36 am
controversial voting bill. mlb commissioner saying in a statement that the league supports voting rights for all americans and opposes restrictions to the ballot box, fair access to voting continues to have our game's support. georgia's governor blasting the decision, labeling it a knee jerk reaction. >> major league baseball has caved to the cancel culture. now that they are coming after your baseball game, they are going to come after your business, after your way of life. i will tell you i'm not backing down. >> this moment has actually called for business leaders to take a stance on any legislation that could be discrimination. >> critics call it a voters in urban counties while proponents argue that it makes the ats elections more secure by adding new id requirements for absentee
9:37 am
ballots. prior to the league's announcement the president said that he would support the move. >> i think professional athletes are acting responsibly. i would strongly support them doing that. people look to them. >> the boycott kneecapping businesses and people trying to climb their way out of the pandemic. the atlanta braves saying this redisappointed and stacy abrams who is credited with getting more to vote said that i don't want to see georgia families hurt by lost events and jobs but said she commends the league for speaking out. previous all-star game hosts like the marlins releasing statements saying that they support the decision to stand up for the values of our game. as the league looks for a new city, the mayor of milwaukee and the governor of california saying they would like to step up to the plate. abc news, miami, florida. all right.
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9:41 am
participants at sf restaurant no better time than to support our local restaurant. >> i'm doing it for sure. good morning. we have a lot of gray sky out there but in san rafael starting to break it up. yesterday we managed some low 70's. right now it's 52. i don't think we will be as warm today. in fact 60's on the horizon for you. little warmer in santa rosa and a little cooler in the east bay. ly have your full accuweather seven day forecast next. >> thank you. also next, survive and advance. the stanford women do just that and will play for the national championship but it wasn't easy. easy. we have the high i was injured in a car crash. easy.i had no idea how much we havemy case was worth. i called the barnes firm. when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. your case is often worth more than insuran call the barnes firm to find out i could've made. what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible.
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♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys
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. a bay area 7th grayer isn't dreaming of being a fashion designer. that's because she already is one. the 13-year-old merges her passion for passion with
9:44 am
victim to support the activism. >> i'm 13 and in 7th grade. i'm a fashion designer and activist. i started when i was 6. i asked my mom if i could go to a sewing class. she said yes. i fell in love. what a really like avant gard. i have been in three fashion shows, two were in new yorkne fashion week. the cancer foundation reached out to us and asked if we could help the cancer kids and i told them that fashion show is [inaudible] and then we decided to do a kit stimals. s the -- eydonad tokids so they something to do in the
9:45 am
hospital. all of the violence has got to stop. i really wanted it say something and speak out out out what's been going on. i still have the video of all those asian elders getting pushed was really sad and made me want to do something about this. i organized a rally called stand for asians. the main message was to raise awareness to the issue and to finally speak out against this and realize that this is going on and to call someone out if they see this happening and to report these hate crimes. it was really amazing to see our community coming together and uniting to support this cause. in the beginning of the pandemic i made masks for all the workers in our community in
9:46 am
general. i wanted to uld look at it and know that this is happening and that we stand for this. here is an example actually. i want to use a platform i have now to educate about the asian history, what has been going on recently. let's speak out against racism. >> i used to be a shy kind of person and more on the quieter side. i think that now that this is happening i think it's very important that everybody comes out to speak about this and speak against this. the rally is everything around the youth and to do this themselves. let us unite in love. a fashion community and the asian community and it's nice to merge them together. i will becoming out with a new merch line that is stand for asian. we will have for -- i stand for
9:47 am
asians or just stand or asians and lets the community know that i believe in this and our voices are stronger together so it's us also about educating others. maybe on the -- [inaudible] it says a couple of facts on the back about what has been going on recently. i think that it's really about spreading positive and educating other people about this but in a positive let's stand for asians. stories littbreezy. >> yeah. it is. you can see right here from thf the bay. that stratus getting an extra push from the westerly winds. we will see clearing today.
9:48 am
it'll remain cool, below average from san francisco to the beaches and if we widen the view you will notice that the fog, all the way down the coast and probably a summertime pattern. we will see numbers comfortable here, sap center rig now with the cloudy skies, upper 60's on the way. it's 51 downtown. 53, oakland, mountain view and 50 morgan hill. another view of the city where we will get partly cloudy skies but one of those days you will have to keep the jacket around. upr 50's today. er 70's 49 santa rosa. 52napa. mid50's in the inland valleys and you will enjoy the upper 60's. it's about 50 in santa cruz and lot of clouds hanging on here with numbers in the low 60's. looking at the cooling, mainly in the inland valleys today but the coast is going to hold onto the low cloud deck. mild for easter. we will have a mix of high clouds today and tomorrow. then we will clear out for
9:49 am
monday and some warming will get underway for the middle of next week. we will looking at temperatures in the first column. near average. 60's in the city. upper 06's inland we will reach that. as you notice for today we will be below average from san bruno to san francisco with all of the clouds here. it's kind of typical when we have the fog along the coast and near average elsewhere. as we check out the game today, upper other 50á's in oakland today with the west winds about 15 miles an hour with partly cloudy skies looking at highs in the south bay pretty nice with partly cloudy conditions, 67 in santa clara. looking at mid-60s's altoto mou view. talk about the clouds from pacifica to half moon bay. ocean beach. only in the 50's. downtown 59. in the low 60's. mid-60s's -- with 67 in sonoma. yesterday you held onto that low cloud deck for a while. today we will have the cool
9:50 am
conditions, little below average in oakland but nice afternoon. low 60's for you. san leandro about 63. castro valley and head inland about three, four degrees for about 67 in san ramone and concord. out toward antioch could be about 70. the accuweather seven day forecast, low clouds and fog return tonight. we will get afterrer afternoon clearing tomorrow. 50's coast, 60's. 70's inland and then by monday we are sunnier, warmer tuesday, and wednesday around the bay and inland and by the end of the week we are still looking at temperatures that are fairly similar. little change to this pattern. li >>all yolet'sp it rst their first victory against the astros. first pitch is at 107 this afternoon at the oakland coliseum. the gain also try to win their first series in seattle against the mariners.
9:51 am
first pitch is at 6:10 tonight. now the stanford women have the day off to get ready for tomorrow's national championship game. yesterday the cardinal beat south carolina in a thrilling finish. here is abc7 sports director with the highlights in this morning sports. >> good morning everybody. it'll be an all pack 12 title game as stanford, stanford women survive a late scare to reach the championship game. stanford and south carolina battle a one seed at the final four. camera break. six blocked shots but only six points overall. straight to the fin irk. 38 seconds left. misses the lay up. jones look at the hustle. runs it down. hits a jumper. sanford is up one. bod . justin bound the ball and hang on. looses it. here comes south with a chance to win. boston no. the follow owe no. hangs on 66, they will meet arizona for the title on sunday. to baseball, astros and a's.
9:52 am
little spark you got of baseball. you getting loud, astros bats extremely loud again. alex bregman, three run bomb in the third. astros score the first five runs of the game. 6-2 in the 7th. got to show a positive moment for the a's. pender is pinch hitting. launched, the a's first homer of the season not enough. they fall 9-5. buster posey and the giants in seattle. visiting the mariners. posey, on pace for 16 bombs this is his second homer in as many games. take age year off helps. i would like to try that. longoria, similar pace. 162-162. he goes deep for a two run shot at the 6th. that tied it at three. rbisingle late. jamce,three quick outs. signed after the bullpen and the giantswin 6-approximate. sharks and kings, in a slump.
9:53 am
slump buster right there. 2-0 team teal and a nice flight for martin jones between the pipes. kick save and a beauty right here this was late in the third. jones with 30 saves. sharks win 3-0. we got destroyed, embarrassing, the words of warriors coach. not at all happy. green late scratch. sprained urry with a recurring tailbone -- and the raptors, beats the buzzer here. one point the warriors were down by 61. 61 points. they trail by. goes for 36. while the doves went to lunch and seth is practicing karate. i have no idea but the but win 130-77. soul searching time for the warriors right now. that is a wrap on sports. have a great weekend,
9:54 am
everybody. next a historic home in san francisco is ready to reopen its doors for the first time ye locals
9:55 am
walter, did you know geico could save you hundreds on car insurance and a whole lot more? so what are you waiting for? world's strongest man martins licis to help you break down boxes? arrrggh! what am i gonna do to you box? let me “break it down” for you... arrgggh! you're going down! down to the recycling center! >>hey, thanks martins! yeah, you're welcome. geico. switch today and see all the ways you could save.
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. here are the winning numbers last night's mega millions drawing. 10, 42, 48, 53, 62, the mega ball 19. nobody picked all six numbers so tuesday night's jackpot increases to is $84 million. >> ancisco landthe fit e e arly ,0 foot house in pacific heights was built in 1886. it is on the national registrar of historic places. visitors can take a self guided audio tour from noon to three. general admission is $10. seniors and kids get in for $8.
9:57 am
advanced reservations strongly encouraged. that seems like a great activity for this weekend. going to be a busy weekend with easter and spring break. lots going on. you know i wish the weather we could have had the weather we had a few days ago. it is on the cool side now. dominating the sky in the sky with the cloud cover here. temperatures will be below average. the cooling trend continues for the afternoon. we will looking at mild weather for easter tomorrow. mix of clouds and sun but we will get a slow the middle of next week. 67 in concord. 65 san rafael. 68 in san jose and warming up midweek. >> thank you. thank you all for joins on abc7 mornings. abc7 news continues at five anb morning. have a great day.
9:58 am
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