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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 3, 2021 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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. building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. >> we are getting to a point. when you have orange and yellow, is there something besides yellow? besides orange, and the answer is yes. >> a surprise from the governor during his trip across southern california. pointing to the state's vaccination effort and increase in supply and a low transmission rate he is ready to change how california is reopening. good morning. it's saturday, april 3rd. thank you for joining us. we will have more on whe governor plans to announce changes in the tier system in a moment but first let's look at the weather. i know we need the rain but i have been loving this nice weather. what a cooldown yesterday. the winds picked up and that
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cool pacific air transported that moist breeze into some neighborhoods. as we look at live doppler seven we are cloudy everywhere taller. 52 in saratoga. we are slightly warmer with that deck of low clouds in the north bay. five to eight degrees warmer. otherwise you can see the cloud from the camera. starting out in the 40's and 50's with mostly cloudy skies. partly cloudy but out the afternoon. good deal of sun but that on shore flow and cooler temperatures will make it feel like april. the first weekend of april. let's see if we can switch things up. i will have the answers in a few minutes. >> thank you. the govesaid that is ready to change how california is reopening. >> next week we will make a significant announcement about
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the whole tiering strategy on tuesday. we are likely to make that announcement updating the whole approach to tiering on the by basis of our expectation of a vaccine supply. >> he would like to announce it on monday or tuesday but first will talk to the local health officials before revealing the specific changes. he also announced the state is expecting a large shipment of johnson and johnson doses next week. he said the state should receive about 572,000 but the number is going to top significantly in the following weeks. california's seven day positive rate is at 1.8% right now which is one of the lowest in the country. the low transmission rate has paveed the way to allow concerts, conference and other indoor events to resume on april 15th but with restrictions. the return of indoor event is a big step forward for reopening california. moment we have all been waiting for. county also still need to
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approve the guide license and the state has in requirements of its own. >> live concerts inside. remember those in they could be back entertaining fans by april 15th. the state giving the green light. live indoor theater performances can also resume with capacity limits. christian avar has been waiting a long time. >> i'm so beyond excited. i was scared that they would all shut down and i'm an avid theater goer. >> the bay area theater scene has been shuttered for more than a year. >> it's great news that the preforming arts are actually now being identified in some of the reopening tiers. it's promising. >> green from the low go and he hits it. >> even the warriors could welcome fans back to the chase center with capacity limits. >> our job now is to sit down with the county and to make
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sure that we have our arms around everything that we need to do to ensure that we will be able to return fans to warriors games back into chase center very soon. >> as you may imagine if you want to take in a game, concert or show there will be requirements if you want to go inside. state health guidelines will require people attending indoor events show proof of full vaccination or a negative test. a tier level will determine how many people are allowed inside. with approval from the department of public health san francisco supervisor tweeted the warriors could welcome fans back for the april 23 under home game verses threturn of fa will be a game changer. >> we will have more foot traffic. the revenue will change. we will be able to hire more staff. it'll be a lot more fun. >> abc7 news. >> the cdc said people who are fully vaccinated can now travel at low risk to themselves.
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there is already been an up tick in travel at sfo. the airport said thursday was the busiest day since the pandemic started. the cdc said even with the new guidelines people should only travel if absolutely necessary. people at sfo were traveling for all sorts of >> coronavirus scares me. >> but you're traveling. >> i need to see my daughter. >> i'm going home to minneapolis. >> my mom's 84th birthday. >> the cdc said if you do travel still socially distance and wear a mask. the cdc has released new guidance for the cruise industry and they are urging people to get vaccinated before setting sale. they will require cruise lines to give daily reports on the number of cases. this is stricter than it's last guidance which called for weekly reports. companies must also outline their plans to vaccinate crew and port people and routinely test the crew on board.
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the cdc has not set a date for cruises to resume from united states ports. happening today a new drive through vaccine site will be open in east paloal it. the facility in the parking lot is designed to help serve a city where the vaccination rate is just 27%. that's compared to 45% overall in san mateo county. officials hope to give about a thousand doses of the johnson and johnson single shot vaccine each day. it'll remain open as long as there is funding, vaccine availability, and access to the site. doctors in san ramone will host a clinic today. it runs from eight to noon. appoint mints must be booked online at coronavirus vaccine now or by calling the clinic and the number is there on the screen. up to 200 people will be vaccinated today with their first vaccination of the moderna vaccine. the cosco opened appointments for the johnson
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and johnson vaccine. nearly two dozen stores are now offering these appointments. its open to anyone who meets the state's eligibility requirements and that includes people 50 and older. those 16 to 49 with high risk health conditions or disabilities. people with homelessness and health care, food, agriculture, education, public transit and emergency workers. you can book an appointment on the website. fema has rejected a plea for the oakland coliseum vaccination site to stay open past next weekend. alameda had asked to keep it running for another four weeks while it made plans to take over the site but federal authorities say they won't be able to continue supplying the cole selfwith supplying it past next sunday. that's days before eligibility is opened to everybody. to contact the news vaccine team go to abc7 you will also find the latest headlines and rules about who
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is eligible for a shot. that is all on abc7 and despite loosening guidelines and increasing vaccinations, doctors are urging people to be careful this easter weekend, especially if you are planning to attend any gatherings. we have more on how churches and restaurants are helping people stay safe. >> it's year two of easter sunday during the pandemic. unlike last year we are closer to getting back to normal. several aspects of life are still like 2020. for instance many churches will do a hybrid service or continue virtually. >> we have brought all of our rites online. >> at glide memorial church their service will include scenes from several years back with a combination of 2021. >> we will still have the message of redemption. >> during easter of last year
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a wine bar pivoted to family meal kits. they helped their business throughout the pandemic. now a year later families are signing up again this easter to keep that tradition alive. >> we have realized that we have kind of condensed it to letting people enjoy an experience, we were originally created as a sunday event. >> and home is where many are used to gathering for easter. >> if you are vaccinated and meeting up with other vaccinated people, no problems. if you are vaccinated and meeting up with unvaccinated people from more than one house you are back to the same old stuff. >> according to the latest state data over six million have been fully vaccinated, that's 21% of the state's population. that is not enough to let our guard down. >> we have some vicious counter examples of having light at the end of the tunnel.
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there's a huge outbreak in michigan. >> he believes if we continue to keep our distance and vaccinate we could be out of the pandemic by the summer. it's up to all of us. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> and tomorrow we will stream that easter service live from glide memorial church. it starts at 11:00 a.m. and you will find that on the website. abc7 news on facebook, youtube and anywhere you stream. easter weekend and it's cooling down. >> yeah. certainly under preformed with our temperatures yesterday. below average a quick cooldown. it's in the low 50's in oakland and yesterday, didn't even manage the 65 which is average. for toit's going to be in the 60's. we will talk about near average temperatures and our fog and the extended outlook next. >> thank you. also ahead the warning from the university of california
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after hackers targeted the sy
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. new details in the attack that killed a capitol police officer. authorities say the suspect rammed his car into two officers and a barricade and got out of the car and lunged at them with a knife. the officers shot green and he later died at the hospital. officer william evans was killed and another officer was hurt. a bay area congressman was on his way back to his office when he got word of what happened. >> i see how at risk these officers are. anyone can get up to that barrier. sometimes you see people harassing them or not being polite. i have always been concerned for their safety. >> authorities say no clear motive has been established. they are looking at social media posts believed to be associated with the suspect. in the south bay police are
5:14 am
looking for a man they say shoved a woman to the ground and said go back to china. >> as a person of asian and pacific islander descent i have been watching dismay the acts of violence against people that look like me. >> the incident happened around 5:00 p.m. on tuesday. the victim was walking on los gatos boulevard and said a man shoved her to the ground. the suspect is described as a white or hispanic man with a black or gray bike helmet. if you are in the area and saw anything we you are asked to call police. the university of california is warning students and staff to be on alert after the school system was part of a nationwide hack attack. a group may have stolen and published personal data from the uc system. nearly 300 schools, government agencies and companies were targeted. also among them was the school of medicine which reported that
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some student and employee social security numbers were posted online. and many are hoping crowds do not gather around oakland's lake merit this weekend. the crowds, noise traffic and parking issues are something that neighbors have been complaining about for a long time as we know through this pandemic, especially and they say the issues have returned and this weekend some familiar restrictions will also return. leslie looks in to what's being done to try to make the lake an enjoyable place for everybody. >> lake merit is often touted as oakland's crown jewel. during the pandemic it's become particularly crowded on weekends. >> i like the energy and the activity and it's multicultural and everybody in oakland using the lake. on the other hand is it out of hand. people can't self regulate. they are driving on the sidewalks and the median.
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it's overly crazy. >> triple parked cars have blocked emergency vehicles. nearly churches say loud music is interrupted outside is thes so this week the oakland city council decided to beef up enforcement to make sure rules are followed. >> ever week we are trying to maintain order and start start r with education. start with communication. enforcement is the last resort. >> last year park ambassadors were deployed to remind people to wear a mask and socially distance. this time around this weekend those ambassadors will be out to tell people to pick up trash and keep noise levels. >> i think it's a mistake to crack down in any way. >> some like merit residents love the crowds, others welcome intervention. >> its been very lively and you know, it's still ace nye place to be but the trash is
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building up. >> it's a balancing act for the city to maintain safety t also support local vendors and families looking for a to hangout. in oakland, abc seven news. a's fans were able to order food and drinks through the mobile app. fans complained about long wait lines and not being able to order. the a's president said that the team is just adjusting. >> we should not up to snuff in terms of delivering and being able to process so many orders. thousands of orders. you know we have made some changes. we are adding more mobile hawkers, people who will work and walk through the stadium and sell food and beer and things of that nature. re not allowed to buy straight from the concession stand. the a's are encouraging people to bring their own food.
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and the sanford william's team is going to the national championship game last night they beat south carolina in a nail biter. final score was 66-65. the cardinal now play arizona tomorrow and this is the first time the sanford's women's team has made it to since 2010. sanford head coach was named the women's college coach of the year. congratulations to all of them on those tiers. well deserved. san francisco is gearing up for a yearly tradition on easter eve. the lighting of the mount davidson cross will happen around sun down around 7:30. it'll be lit up until sunrise on easter tomorrow morning. the sunrise service on mound davidson has been canceled because of coronavirus. this is only the second time since 1923 that the easter morning mass has not happened.
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the weather should be nice enough for outdoor mass for a lot of folks, is that right? >> in the morning it'll be cool. usually -- easter kind of is breezy and cool. we are seeing us settle back into that pattern. the mornings will be gray. it'll be some slow clearing with the lingering clouds at the coast. once the fog mixes out. then it'll be pretty nice. overall temperatures mr. be near at or below average. certainly, stripping away that heat that we had the past couple of days and yesterday, wow, we didn't even manage to warm up very much in some neighborhoods, right now live doppler seven looking at the fog foot print into oakland, down in san jose. up in the north bay. for the morning hours it works to keep us fairly uniform in terms of temperatures. not too cold with the upper 40's and mid-40s's in the north bay. 52 in oakland. 51 in heyward. over in fremont it's 51. as we look from our roof
5:20 am
camera. pretty quiet out there with the cloudy skies. looking at that slow clearing, allowing for seasonal temperatures. little below where that fog sits for today and tomorrow. slow warming not talking. cloud cover arrive throughout the middle of next week. we were hoping for rain but doesn't look likely. as we look at our stats here, the first column we should be from the low 6oin san francisco to the upper 60's in our inland valleys, san jose and livermore. you can see along the coast from san francisco to san bruno we will be running shy of that. over ten degrees cooler than average in san bruno. one of the cool spots this time of year. looking at three degrees cooler than average. san francisco, but as we get into napa and san jose, near average today and that's the big switch whereas yesterday, we had temperatures still well into the 70's. there's a look at the beach if you are thinking of going to
5:21 am
santa cruz, talked about the fog and we will be socked in for most of the morning. some patchy clouds in the afternoon. live for only mid50's from ocean beach. 62 in santa cruz and looking at 60's down in monterey. highs today in the south bay. near average with about 68 in san jose. mid-60s's in sunnyvale. on the peninsula, you have the clouds to start out and then in the afternoon partly cloudy, 64 san mateo. talked about the city in the upper 50's in the north bay. it was cool yesterday. you have a lot of 60's today. about the same with mid-60s's in nevado. 69 in vallejo. on the east bay below average with 62 in fremont and heading inland, little milder. near average today at 67 in concord, 68 in livermore. the accuweather seven day forecast. little change from today to tomorrow where numbers will be dictated by the low clouds and fog as it ebbs and flows in and
5:22 am
out through the morning and evening. otherwise we will get milder toward the middle and next week. you notice highs in the low 70's. inland 60's around the bay and looks like very steady pattern with summer like feel with that fog but no rain. >> all right. thank you. we need that rain. we will cross our fingers. just ahead healing crystals making a come back during the pandemic. new social media and doctors
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. during the pandemic many are finding different ways to lessen their stress and anxiety. for some it could mean taking on new hobbies, new recipes or finding solace and collecting healing stones and crystals. abc7 news explores their return to popularity. >> donna owns catch these v ib es, an online shop, popular
5:25 am
healing stones and crystals. she said that business has been booming with people looking to maintain positive protective energy. >> i think that because each crystal has a specific type of property that helps people like -- either find direction in a path of what they may be want to do or like where to start. >> since launching in october and serving customers as far as new york, she has found a growing crystal community on social media. all finding a sense of healing during coronavirus. >> we caught up with a professor, dr. plant to ask about this. >> we don't work with crystals because there's no evidence for the effectiveness of them. on the other hand, placebos work. >> dr. plant call itself placebo but doesn't dismiss what they may do for people as we continue to deal with the pandemic, racism, political conflict and more.
5:26 am
>> people are anxious and looking for solacx will look toward things that may make them feel comfortable and crystals are one of those things. >> when dealing anxiety, panic and depression dr. plant t instead suggests seeking professional help. however yarsea said she wouldn't call the crystals placebos instead pointing to what she has experienced herself. >> i think its something you can manifest like i have a crystal like i hold it, i can feel the energy. it's just a starting point for whatever healing process or trip you want to go on. >> in the south bay. abc7 news. >> and if you are looking for mental health resources and need somewhere to start head to the website abc7 action for a list of local resources. still to come on abc7 mornings, major league baseball is pulling the all-star game
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♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. . good morning. thank you for joining us. we will start with a look at the weather with lisa. hey. >> hey. our deck of low clouds making its way into the east bay. , over 2,000 feet and it'll linger at the coast. that will set the stage for a cool day out there. cloudy in the east bay. 53 mount diablo. 46 in lafayette with 47 in pleasant hill. we are looking at temperatures slightly warmer with all that cloud cover in the north bay but by the afternoon, several neighborhoods will be a bit below average with the breezy
5:30 am
on shore flow. 9:00 we are in the upper 40's and 50's by the afternoon. there are breaks in the overcast but the clouds linger at the coast so by two we have midand maybe upper 60's by the late afternoon. it's only going to be in the 50's and this sets the stage for the cooling trend in our inland valley action even toward the sacramento valley. with owe will talk about a gray start to easter and if we can warm it up through the week ahead in a few minutes. >> all right. thank you. in east bay teachers have voted on a reopening plan that would bring students back in two weeks. 78% of the united teachers of richmond members approved a hybrid model starting on april 19th. it'll bring back students to hubs for several hours a day on certain days of the week. those who need help will attend in person learning for two hours. and a driver attacked united states capitol police officers leaving one dead and another injured as we said earlier.
5:31 am
officer william evans is the 4th capitol officer to die since january. abc news reporter ty hernandez has the details on yesterday's attack. >> a capitol police officer is dead and another hurt after authorities say that a man drove his car into a security checkpoint at the united states capitol. >> the suspect rammed his car into two of our officers and then hit the north barricade barrier. >> the suspect then pulled a knife and lunged toward officers before he was shot. law enforcement sources identified him as 25-year-old noah green. >> it doesn't appear he is known to the police at this time. >> the two injured officers rushed to the hospital. one is in stable condition but officer william billy evans didn't survive. he had served 18 years on the force. a procession of police cars and motorcycles taking his body to the city examiner. >> the pan who now will lie in
5:32 am
a flag draped casket was an amazing dad to two little kids and he loved serving the members of our lawmakers and visitors to the capitol and keeping them safe. >> flags at half e atmp david said in a statement he is heartbroken for the officers family. inside the capitol this alarm sending the building in to lockdown. >> no entry or exit is permitted at this time in any building. >> a stark reminder of the scene on january 6th when a violent mob left five people dead including a capitol police officer. the dc national guard deployed an immediate response force to support the capitol police. >> this rips the scab off and continues to provide a level of, you know, urn certainty and worry about the workplace. >> ty hernandez, abc news, new york. >> the top homicide detective
5:33 am
at the minute price police department testified in the eeling on george floyd's neck was totally unnecessary. >> have you ever in all the years have you been working for the minneapolis police department been trained to kneel on the neck of someone who is -- handcuffed behind their back in a prone position? >> no i haven't. that can kill him. >> during cross examination they asked if the officer can use whatever force is reasonable and necessary if they are in a fight for their life. zimmerman said correct though he testified that he saw no evidence that the officer's lives were in danger. you can watch the trial on the abc7 bay area connected tv app available for roku and other devices. this morning we are seeing new image from the southern
5:34 am
border. there are new report that miani numbers not seen in 15 years. authorities racing to protect the flood of unaccompanied minors. we are in texas where a facility has expanded in recent days. >> that view of the sprawling complex the federal government is building, mainly to house the thousands of additional young children and teens expected. the facility so crowds that children forced to take turns sleeping on the floor. this after often harrowing trips to the united states. these two children dropped over the border wall near el paso and this six -month-old saved by a ranger after smugglers threw her into the river. we joined ranger others patrol. >> a lot of children's socks that they take off as they come out of the river. >> in the survey with texas's governor we saw groups of families just smuggled onto
5:35 am
united states soil. >> this area alone in this bridge area and in this brush you have seen 70,000migrants come through just since january. >> a couple of hundred yards away under that bridge, a temporary border patrol camp. migrants in foil blankets against the chill. we are now learning that just in the month of mara loan, over 170,000 were caught at the border. that is a 15 year high and right now the numbers forecast to increase. 25 million americans will see a boost in their food stamps this month. its part of an exive it order by the president that adds a billion dollars thprra each month. it'll benefit some of the lowest income family who are left out of an increase congress approved -- the increase that congress approved last year. the pandemic has prompted a surge in peopl applying for food stamps. this morning fall out in the battle over georgia's new
5:36 am
voting laws. major league baseball is moving the all-star game out of atlanta in protest. we are in atlanta with the surprising reaction from leading georgia democrats. >> it's a strong message from major league baseball to republican lawmaker who just passed and signed new voting restrictions in georgia. baseball commissioner is siding the good number of black americans and business leader who believe that the new rules are voter suppression saying i decides that the best way to demonstrate our values as a sport is by relocating this year's all-star game and mlb draft. this week the president came out encouraging this. >> i would strongly support them doing that. people look to them. they are leaders. >> this is money and business we are talking about and even many georgia democrats who fought the new rules are happy with baseball's decision. stacy abrams said i don't want to see georgia families hurt by
5:37 am
lost events and jobs. she said she still commends them for speaking out. georgia's governor said this state will not be bullied. there are dos of state houses across the country that are considering similar measures and this action certainly puts them on notice. it's a road trip that helps pay for itself. an uber driver called himself the ride share foodie. is he trying to visit all 50 states to try different foods and he chronicles it on social media. steve large caught up with him in stockton. >> he is an uber driver. >> what's your favorite thing to eat? >> with an appetite for adventure. >> that's usually how it '. >> i calls himself the ride share foodie. >> this is the ride share foodie. >> his instagram page shows the stop he made across the country hitting all 50 states. his favorite food, a craze
5:38 am
country combination. >> chili and cinnamon rolls. i fell in love with that in kansas. what's going on? how you feel something. >> what's up. >> on a ride to stockton he found international flavors, food truck. >> this is a top seller. we don't do this. >> the owner is grateful for the attention. >> by him doing this it puts a lot of these small businesses on the map. >> the reason why i started was to get out to see what the real america was like. >> his cross country adventure has revealed a nation he said needs to so more of itself. communities of different cultures all have more in common than they often admit. >> some people haven't been from one side of the city to the other. that's 15, 20 minutes. it's very interesting. >> this is really good. >> remix. >> a ride share driver delivering delicious images to his food blogging followers. >> food is a common ground. >> and offering food for thought. >> from stockton? >> on his all american road
5:39 am
trip. >> america is amazing. god bless america. >> what a grate idea. now i'm hungry. that was great. that was steve large reporting. torres visited 45 states so far. he has hawaii, montana montana and the dakota's. still ahead, see how a palo alto's woman program involving produce is about more than food and let's take a live look outside as we head to break looking over the sales force. cool images of course projected on top. it is 5:39 on this saturday, easter weekend. we will check in with lisa and what we can expect in the forecast coming up. are you managing your diabetes... ...using fingersticks? with the new freestyle libre 2 system,
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. welcome back. let's take a live look. ferry building, looking lovely on this saturday. the oakland museum is cutting 15% of its staff due to a revenue loss during the pandemic. according to the chronicle 20 full time positions will be cut. some employees are taking on new roles and others can apply for newly created positions. the museum has been closed has anunce >>now just day away from the start of san francisco restaurant week. this year there are several new additions to the businesses taking part. they include la market place which will celebrate it's grand opening tomorrow. organizers have also recruited 20chinese owned restaurants as part of its effort. special prefix menus will be offered, restaurant week starts friday and it runs through
5:43 am
april 18th. you can find a full list of participants at sf restaurant a lot of food stories this morning. i'm getting hungry. >> i know. association the temperatures have cooled off. it is going to stay cool. here say live look for the sutro tower camera. the high in the city just 59. that will be shy of average and so with that steady on flow the marine layer reaching toward the inland valleys. we will talk about the further cooldown and the easter weekend next. >> thank you. also next, survive and advance. the stanford women will do just that. larry has the highlights coming
5:44 am
5:45 am
. it's the first weekend of the baseball season. the a's will try to get their first victory against the
5:46 am
astros. first pitch is at 1:07. the giants will try to win their first series in seattle against the mariners. first pitch 6:10. now the stanford women have the day off to get ready for tomorrow's national championship game. yesterday the cardinal beat south carolina in a thrilling finish. here is larry with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. it'll be an all pecuniary ac12 title game as the women's survive a arrdanuth rolina ttat the final four. camera break. six block shots but only six points overall. straight to the finish. 38 seconds, misses the layup. look at the hustle. runs it down. hits a jumper. stanford is up run. just got the inbound on the ball. inbound the ball and hang on. a chance to win. boston no.
5:47 am
the follow no. stanford hangs on. 66-65. they will meet arizona for the title on sunday. astros and a's. little spark you got in baseball. you get loud, astros bats, extremely loud again. alex bregman, three run bomb in the third. the astros score the first five runs of the game. 6-2 in the 7th. got to show a positive moment for the a's. launched, the a's first homer of the season not enough. they fall 9-5. how about buster posey and the giants in seattle. visiting the mariners. posey, on pace for 162 bombs because this is his second homer in as many games. taking a year off helps. i would long they had an late. jake, three quick outs.
5:48 am
the opener, giants win 6- sharks and kings. in a slump. 2-0. and a nice night for martin jones between the pipes. kick save and a beauty right here. this was late in the third. jones with 30 saves. sharks win 3-0. we got destroyed ; the words of warriors coach. not at all happy. green late scratch, curry remaining out with a recurring tailbone pain. the raptors, beets the buzzer here. one point the warriors were down by 61. 61 points. they trail by. goes for 36. the doves went to lunch and seth is practicing karate. the raptors roll 130-77.
5:49 am
soul searching time for the warriors right now. that is a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend everybody. i'm larry beale. let's get a check of the forecast now with lisa. happy easter weekend. >> happy easter. if you can find a wind sheltered area. it should feel good but look at the marine layer. it's made its way across the bay. partly cloudy in concord, should be an even further inland push and this is allowing for our big cooldown. temperatures right now in or ind a in the upper 40's. it's 52 in oakland. 50 in berkeley. in the coast lar is not shallow -- visibility is good here on the golden gate bridge. the cooldown continues today. steady, seasonal temperatures, below average where the clouds linger throughout the easter weekend and then looking at
5:50 am
maybe a couple degrees of warming inland into the mid7o's as we get toward the middle of the week. here is a look at the cloud cover. starting out cloudy and then a few breaks in the afternoon. into your sunday. we are going to oudy skies. we are going to be in that regime for the next couple days. on monday, a system minneapolis us. we should get more sun. this takes us out to ten days and we can't get any rain in here. unfortunately the dry pattern continues and we are looking at the first week of april with temperatures at or near average. as for today, looking at number from the mid to the upper other's. this will be below average. the clouds linger for that limited sun along the shoreline. 64 san mateo. the mid-60s's there san rafael and upper 60's advertised should be in the upper 06's. the big cooldown today for the inland valleys and it stabilizes in the north bay and
5:51 am
the south bay as we really struggled in the north bay to warm up yesterday. we have the on shore flow, the low clouds, the fog and really the deck of low clouds at 2,000 feet. once again it should be even deeper as we get into your sunday morning, easter morning with temperatures fairly uniform in the midand upper 40's out there. we could be dropping in to the upper 30's. not going to do that with that uniform cloud cover. we are looking at a steady pattern with very little change as we go through the week ahead. we mr. try to find some for you. the seven day forecast, 50's on the coast. 60's around the bay. near 70 inland. everybody coming down to at or below average readings will keep this trend going for easter for that afternoon sun on the way. breezy at the coast and as we get in to the middle of week we are looking at a slight warm newspaper to the mid-70s and we here. doesn't look like that will
5:52 am
happen. we have that low cloud deck that dictates our temperatures in that narrow range from the 50's to the 70's. >> all right. sounds okay. thank you. as the pandemic started, it started as a way to thank frontline workers. today giving fruit is a great program that supports produce donations and many others. it's one example of the fast changing economy, a pillar of building a better bay area. how eating healthy can help others in need do the same. >> workers have been in the fields harvesting for two days to fill orders. >> we did radish, s, butter lett, ce, turnips, herbs in. the first strawberries of the season. >> it's headed to palo alto where customers will pick up the fruits and vegetables in support of a year long effort. the program giverring fruits has provided donations to frontline workers and people in need after losing their jobs or
5:53 am
from sheltering at home. >> the profits we make each sale we turn around and buy extra produce from the farmers. we donate them to the shelters, the care homes, the frontliners. >> stanford it manager mobilized an army of high school students, including two sons who sort the produce and handle the pick ups. sell of the farms women owned promoting healthier eating. >> a lot of times the donated food can be canned food or pantry foods that are just not fresh but getting fresh produce especially organic produce is probably helpful. iniecluding and and ne the giving fruits program will continue. pick ups in palo alto and will be happening more frequently with the growing season. to learn what produce is available and how to
5:54 am
to givenning next a historic home in san francisco is ready to reopen its doors for the first time in more than a year. what makes this home a must see advanced non-small cell lung cancer can change everything. but your first treatment could be a chemo-free combination of two immunotherapies that works differently. it could mean a chance to live longer. opdivo plus yervoy is for adults newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread and that tests positive for pd-l1 and does not have an abnormal egfr or alk gene.
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here's to a chance for more horizons. a chance to live longer. ask your doctor about chemo-free opdivo plus yervoy. thank you to all involved in our clinical trials. happening today a san francisco landmark has been a welcome back visitors for the first time since the pandemic. the house is reopening for tours, the nearly 12,000 square foot home was built in 1886. it is on the national registrar of historic places. visitor dear sir take a tour on saturdays and sundays from noon to three. general admission is $10. seniors and kids get in for $8. advanced reservations are strongly encouraged. it's pretty cool to go see that. next on abc7 mornings at 6:00 a.m. a step rward for california up door sporting events and concerts getting the green
5:57 am
light. even though millions have been vaccinated, doctors do explain what you should and shouldn't do this weekend.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
. we are getting to a point. the question is when you have orange and yellow, is there something besides yellow, besides orange and the answer is yes. >> a surprise from the governor during his trip across southern california. pointing to the vaccination effort in increase in supply and a low transmission rate. is he ready to change how california is reopening. good morning everybody. it's saturday, april 3rd. we are goingo have more on when the governor plans to announce the changes and the tier system in just a moment. first let's start with a quick look at the weather with lisa. >> hey. good morng


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