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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 2, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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back something we have missed over a year. good evening, thank you for joining us. >> today, we learn how concerts and shows could resume. a lot of the rules sound familiar. capacity limits, physical distancing, and proof of vaccination or negative test results for coronavirus. the specifics vary based on what color tier the county is in. some areas are in the orange or red. new assignments are announced on tuesday. they are based based based base positivity rates. the benchmarks vary based on how much progress the state has made on vaccines. >> it is important to pay attention to those metrics. that's why we assign reporters to cover those. we will begin with our reporter who looked into what communities are doing to ensuree
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that our neediest are vaccinated. >> reporter: more than 100 vaccines were delivered to the people living at this low income housing unit in chinatown. at a time when supply is lacking, the message was reassuring. >> if you can't come to us, we will bring it to you. >> reporter: rene said she had no doubts about getting the johnson & johnson vaccine, today. she even brought her parents. >> she thought it was important to get vaccinated to continue work and take caring -- take care of her her her her her her >> reporter: the equity measures to vaccinate the most underserved communities will remain in place. >> we are not going to back off on that commitment. >> reporter: that only includes two areas in san francisco, one in the tenderloin and the other on treasure island. the mayor maintains the other underserved neighborhoods will also be given priority. >> we have mobile sites. we have people who are going to certain neighborhoods where we see high infection rates who
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are providing the vaccine to people. >> reporter: another challenge is convincing people a vaccine is safe and effective. >> just because you build it, does not mean they all come. >> reporter: the health department says that that is why mobile and community-based sites are so important to maintain that equity. >> outreach is incredibly important. we certainly can't do it without supply. >> reporter: the city expects to have people vaccinated by this weekend. that number would be higher if supply matched demand for the vaccine. in san francisco, leon melendez, abc 7 >> reporter: governor newsom broke the news late this afternoon that we are about to see big changes in the color- coded tier system. the governor visited san diego, san bernardino and kern counties to push vaccinations. during that final stop, he made the announcement about the state modifying the tears. >> we will make a significant announcement about the whole
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tearing strategy on tuesday. we are likely to make that announcement, updating this on the expectation of supply.of su. >> the governor says the state supply of doses is expected to dramatically increase next week, particularly shipment from johnson & johnson. the governor cautions the shipments will likely drop off in the following weeks. up to 3000 vaccinations a day could soon be administered at the linkedin campus in sunnydale. there's an unused buildingunuseg avenue which is being set up as a vaccination site in partner with el camino health.
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a new drive-through vaccine site opened in the east palo alto area. the facility in the parking lot of cesar chavez middle school is designed to serve a city where the vaccination rate is 27%. that is compared to nearly 45% overall in san mateo county. officials hope to administer about 1000 doses of the johnson & johnson single shot vaccine each day. it will remain open as long as there is funding, vaccine availability, and access to the site. team, you can head to you can also find the latest headlines and rules about who is eligible for a shot. once again, that is all at >> while it seems all the focus is on vaccination these days, the bay area's largest county testinr covid-nneing a dramatic has the steps you should take to keep you and your family safe. >> with warm weather in the forecast this holiday weekend, businesses throughout the bay area are hoping for a much- needed boost. in santa clara county, staying vigilant is top of mind. >> if you will come in contact with other people, make sure you have your mask on.
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>> reporter: variants of concern as defined by the cdc have been detected in the county. a troubling trend is happening as activities are opening. the county health department says testing has dropped in recent weeks. >> we are seeing a lot of variants , which seem to be more transmissible and and contagious. we need people to be careful, if they are putting themselves at risk. >> reporter: only 30% of the testing capacities being used, which is worrisome is more variants pop-up . county officials are urging you to avoid nonessential travel. they are warning workers to get tested on a regular basis, once a month at the very least. >> ebola forgetting about testing. it's a really important importa keep using. i know the vaccine is coming and a lot of people have been vaccinated, but we cannot forget the testing is critical. >> reporter: as california
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opens up eligibility in april, more supply is on the way. next week, santa clara copects appointments for the public. >> we are nowhere near the herd immunity we need for unvaccinated people to let down their guard. >> vaccine plus common sense are playing key roles in keeping people safe. in san jose, chris wynn, abc news. for more than a year, we have been keeping track of coronavirus cases diagnosed in the bay area every day. as you can see on the graph, the rolling average has hit a plateau. it plummeted after the winter surge in january. we are matching numbers last seen in october. this sunday, churchgoers will celebrate one of the holiest of holidays, easter.hol. any of them will return to in person service for the first time in more than a year. abc 7 news reporter dustin dorsey spoke with parishioners about the precautions heading into this weekend. >> reporter: easter sunday celebrants -- celebrates the resurrection of jesus jesus jes
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this weekend will hold a special meaning as it will be the first time many will return to in person indoor services since 2019. >> this will bethfirst me we have been inside the church since covid started. the ceremony of the passion of christ at easter time is the most important thing in the catholic faith. it is really emotional. >> reporter: susie and her family along with members of the catholic church began their easter weekend with a good friday mass. the church is limited indoor capacity is 25%. they have made the required changes to allow for safe distancing. the chance to be together again is still considered a blessing. >> what is it like to be back in person? >> it's great. i love going to church. i love god. >> it's nice to not be segregated, but to be back with the community. we are thrilled. >> reporter: if you are not yet comfortable, have no fear. churches across the bay area will offer outdoor and virtual services for easter weekend.
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that way, people can enjoy their worship safe and comfortable. >> you should go ahead. you should have a level of understanding and emotional peace. action in this county, they are not vaccinated. this is part ofpart ofpart ofpaf that's what christ would have done, all options, keeping in mind the safety, well-being and with great love. >> reporter: easter is said to be a time to be thankful. this weekend, many will be painful to be together again in the south bay. dustin dorsey, abc 7 news. this sunday, we will stream the easter service from san francisco. it starts at 11:00 a.m. you can find that on , on facebook and youtube, and wherever you happen to stream. looking ahead to the weekend, it will not be as warm as the last few days. the weather is looking good.
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>> it is awfully nice for the next few days. >> i have to agree with that. here's a preview of what is coming. you can see the cooling continues, tomorrow. we can expect a range of temperatures on sunday. it's going to be dry. there will be warming early next week. starting at 6:00 tomorrow morning, we will see clouds. the sky will be bright. it will be a cloudy day. going into sunday morning, it starts to get clearer with fewer clouds. a brighter, sunnier day, here's a look at temperatures for tomorrow. it is 54 degrees in san francisco. we are moving south a little bit down hayward. we have 61 or 62 degrees inland. we will have highs in the upper 60s. look at sunday, it will warm up a little bit. if you are looking for mild
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weather, go to the inland areas. we will see 60s and 70s. on the bay and shoreline, we will wait for next week. back to you. >> we will enjoy what we've got. thanks. easter is a great excuse to get together, honestly, but but that's not what many are hoping for. crowds, noise, traffic and parking issues are something neighbors have been complaining about for an awfully long time. they say the issues have returned, recently. some familiar restrictions will return as well. our abc news reporter looks at what is being done to try to make the lake an enjoyable place for everyone. >> reporter: lake merritt is often toutedas oaklands crown jewel during the pandemic. it has become crowded on weekends. >> i like the energy and the act heavy and it is multicultural, everybody in oakland uses the lake. on the other hand, it gets out of hand. we will regulate. there is trash everywhere. the parking is crazy.
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they are driving on the sidewalks and median, peeing in people's yards. it is overly crazy. >> triple parked cars have blocked emergency vehicles. loud music is interrupted by outdoor services. this week, they decided to beef up enforcement to they can maintain order. >> we start always with education. start with communication. enforcement is the last resort. and it will be resorted to when necessary. >> reporter: last year, park ambassadors were employedwere ed remind people to wear a mask and socially distance. this time around, this weekend, those ambassadors will be out to tell people to pick up trash and keep noise level down. >> i think it is a mistake to crackdown in any way. >> reporter: some revel in the joyous clouds. others recommend intervention.
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>> it has been veryveryveryveryy it is a nice place to be, but for sure, the trash has been building up. >> reporter: it is a balancing act for the city to maintain stability and safety but also support vendors and families looking for a place to hang out. in oakland, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. looking ahead, do you want to get away? the cdc wants you to do it, safely. from planes to cruise ships, the newest guidance is next. also coming up -- ♪ >> oh, it was terrible. i was totally stranded. no tp? nope, empty roll. so what happened? well... we started buying charmin super mega roll.
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business is booming, relatively speaking at sfo. it was the busiest day since the pandemic began. they fully anticipate eating that, today with tony 5000 travelers expected. that is a fraction more normal. the travelers we caught up with, today, say they had good reason to jump on a plane, but they understand the risk. >> coronavirus scares me. >> but you are traveling? >> i need to see my daughter. i would only do it for her. >> i miss my girlfriend. ú>> it >> happy birthday to his mom. while the hustle and bustle did not come close to normal times, it was far busier than one week ago when only a few people crossed through. the cdc is updating its
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guidelines for cruise ships. they have to update covid cases every day instead of once a week. they have to implement a testing system. the system is being updated. the guidance did not include information as to when ships could start sailing sailing sai u.s. waters. the cdc has released new travel guidelines, but overall, they don't recommend that people travel. our sister station in los angeles has more on this. >> i haven't been vaccinated yet. i had a heart transplant. i am waiting to see if i can get vaccinated. i'm here to have my follow-up on monday, and hopefully get my vaccination soon. >> reporter: tracy says despite the cdc recommending unvaccinated people not to travel at this time, she had choice fe pco all m doeverhingi s fol
6:17 pm
we just lived that life already. we are super hard -- careful, yeah. >> reporter: they recommend everyone wear a mask and not travel. the cdc is concerned about a spike in covid cases in some parts of the country. despite recommending vaccinated people to stay put, they are saying those who do decide to travel can do so at low risk. >> i have not been vaccinated. i think it is pretty safe in the airports. >> reporter: chase says with his mother's health condition, he is concerned about her flying because he noticed there are travelers who do not follow all the covid safety protocols, possibly putting his mother at greater risk. >> there are lots of people out there who are not being right with the protocols, having mask is down, taking them off, thinking they are not needed. >> reporter: anyone without a vaccination should get tested
6:18 pm
before traveling and after. the cdc also encourages unvaccinated travelers to quarantine for 7 to 10 days after domestic travel. >> i just got back from utah. >> reporter: he says he is concerned about flying because he knows how contagious covid can be, especially with the variants popping up. >> i haven't been vaccinated yet, but the flying concerns me because covid is still around. vaccinated or not, i will be concerned. >> reporter: leo stoller, abc 7 news. >> we asked how soon you will travel when you are fully vaccinated. 20% of you plan to travel this summer. a nearly equal number plan to travel this fall or winter. 9% are ready to go somewhere right now. 5% already have. 5% say that they never will. the purple building opened today for the first time in more than a year. here is a look at the first visitors as they entered this
6:19 pm
morning, discovery duck even got a bath for the occasion. the backyard has been open for several months now, but the indoor portion of the museum is open. reservations are required. there will be two sessions each friday, saturday and sunday. taking a live look at the beach boardwalk where you can see a little of activity, the rides opened up yesterday following the amusement parks longest closure in the 114 year history. keep in mind, capacity limit on the guidelines. social distancing is still encouraged. online tickets and reservations are highly recommended but not required, and a mask is
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a new rainbow flag is flying at castro district. it is usually paid for privately by local residents, and needs to be replaced frequently due to wear and tear. the greenlight initiative launched, and it will use a $50,000 grant to pay for future
6:23 pm
flags. avenue greenlight focuses on helping small businesses and preserving communities. >> it is so nice to see it waving in the wind. it is a beautiful day and a beautiful flag. we are in for a nice weekend. >> it is quite a bit cooler than the last two days. it is still going to be quite nice. here is a live look. we have mainly clear skies as you noticed. the temperature change is striking. it is about 10 or 16 degrees cooler than this time yesterday for most locations. 20 to 3 degrees cooler in palo alto than it was yesterday. here is a look at the sky. it is a mix of blue skies and clouds. we have 62 degrees, 65 in morgan hill, 66 and 50 at half moon bay. we are looking northward from the golden gate bridge. we have a lot of clouds. it is 63 in novato. 76 at fairfield, livermore is at 70. you can see it is warmer inland than the bay and the coast. this is a view from the bay
6:24 pm
hills camera, we have clouds and a stunning level of atmosphere. that is a reflection off the bay waters. it is cooling and continuing tomorrow. we have a seasonal range temperatures. there will be warming next week. we will see the return of a little bit of a marine layer. it is deeper than it was last night along the course line -- we will have a sunny day tomorrow as we will on sunday as well. temperatures will be in the mid to upper 40s. highs tomorrow in the south bay under mostly sunny skies, it will range from the 60s. look for mid 60s, about 64 or 65 degrees at virtually every location. it will be breezy and cool on the coast. temperatures will reach the 50s, 54 in most locations. we have 59 tomorrow near the
6:25 pm
north bay. we will see highs of 66. sonoma will top out around 67. east bay highs, oakland, 62, castro valley, 64, it's above 70 degrees in a few locations. further east, it is a little milder. some computer models are showing slight chances of rain moving into the bay area late next week. this is the forecast. for the first three days of next week, there will be no rain. we might get some sprinkles in our direction. basically, we are looking at a dry week. it will be a pleasant one. we will start with easter sunday. skies will be bright. notice the warming trend going into early next week into his wiinthe lo70s inland around the bay shoreline. then we have a minor cooldown late next week with a few extra
6:26 pm
clouds moving into the area. once again, we don't have any rainfall yet. >> okay, spencer, thank you very much. the latest from washington, where the solo attack on the capitol claimed the life of a police officer. we will walk you through what happened. only on abc 7 news, the
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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. >> a deadly day at the u.s. capitol, a police officer lost his life after a driver rammed his car into a security checkpoint. that was just the beginning of the attack. all thoughts go to the deadly insurrection that failed on january 6th less than three months ago. this incident was isolated, but deadly. elizabeth shows he walks us through what happened. >> reporter: a deadly incident at the nations capitol when a vehicle rammed into a barricade toward to capitol police
6:30 pm
officers, coming -- killing one of them. police identified the officer as william "billy" evans. he served on the force for 18 years. >> it is with a very, very heavy heart that we announce one of our officers has succumbed to his injuries. >> reporter: capitol police opened fire fire fire fire fire rammed a barricade on the north side of the complex. a federal officer says the vehicle was occupied by a single driver. the individual exited the vehicle armed with a knife lunged injuring them before he was shot. according to the fbi spokesperson, the fbi field office has responded to the incident. law enforcement is already on high alert in the wake of the
6:31 pm
capitol attack on january 6th which left five people dead. house speaker nancy pelosi now orders flags at the capitol to be flown at half staff for the second time this year to honor a fallen officer. >> this is a group of men and women who have been through a significant amount of trauma over the last few months. today, it's just another example of what they do every day for us. they put their lives on the line and help officers across the country. recess. most members are not in the building when this happened. president biden is a camp david for the weekend. in a statement, he says, he is heartbroken for the officers family. elizabeth shows he, abc7, capitol hill. and a quick moment to apologize, it appears we have a fire alarm going off in the studio. hopefully, it will subside within a couple moments. back to the story, we did use the abc7 news app to send out this alert you see on your screen as the incident was unfolding. it allowed you to watch what was happening live.
6:32 pm
make sure to download the abc7 news app so you can get these alerts sent to your phone when at the micertmentd the chard zin said habeen handcuffe was, quote, totally unnecessary. >> have you ever, in all the years you have worked for the minneapolis police department, been trained to kneel on the neck of someone who is handcuffed behind their back indisposition? >> no, i haven't. that can kill them. >> during cross-examinationdurin the defense attorney asked if anyone could use necessary force if they are in a fight for their life. although, he also testified he saw no evidence that the officers lives were in danger. you can watch the gavel to gavel coverage on the appthe ap. a large crowd marched
6:33 pm
through oakland with solidarity for the asian and pacific islander community. this stop asian hate rally and march was organized berkeley high school juniors. they showed the path they took through oakland. look at the crowd. they started at city hall and marched through chinatown. organizers said they wanted to help the community and push for change following the many attacks. >> what is really scary -- i feel angry that this has been happening. we feel like more people need speakers and a cone mah finishe performance. now to a story you will only see on abc 7 news. after i reported on a horrific home break-in where a mother and father
6:34 pm
front of their daughter, new video is coming to life involving seniors and their son who jumped in to save them. i pressed the oakland police chief for answers, today. >> reporter: dramatic video comes out of oakland, showing the moments and asian couple in their 70s is attacked and robbed on their front porch on monday afternoon. the couple's son, hearing their mother's screaming, runs out wielding a machete and scares the four robbers away who ran to a nearby getaway vehicle. this case happened one day before a vietnamese couple were tied up, attacked and robbed of much of their life savings much less than 10 minutes away. >> i'm scared they are going to come back, though. and i don't want them to come back. >> reporter: during a time when many attacks on asian americans are coming to light. these victims tell me they are losing confidence in police, especially after a store owner in chinatown was arrested after firing a weapon to stop a robbery in progress. i attended a press conference friday afternoon where they announced the formation of a new violent crimes operation
6:35 pm
center to address the 230% increase in homicides this year. here is what i asked the police chief about concerns from victims that not enough is being done. >> reporter: the victims tell me that they feel like they have lost faith in oakland police. they feel like they have lost faith in you. is there a message i can give to the families that cannot sleep at night? >> the message is clear to me, i have been clear from the beginning when i took over as chief that i want to reduce crime in the city of oakland. with limited resources, i have to use those resources as efficient and effective as i can. i understand the impatience. you know, these investigations take time. takes time to identify and respond. we will do our due diligence. we ask that peop she informion, svideo forward. >> i presented his response to victims in both incidents from
6:36 pm
this week.
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as the pandemic began, churches began to thank front- line workers with food.with foo. this is a produce donation donating to women's shelters and many others. it is a fast-changing economy of building a better bay area. david louis shows you how eating healthy can help others in need at the same time. >> reporter: workers have been in the fields harvesting for 2 days at the organic farms to fill orders. >> we did radishes, lettuce, turnips, carrots, herbs, and the strawberries. >> reporter: the food is headed to palo alto where they can pick up fruits and vegetables
6:40 pm
during the pandemic. the program giving fruits has provided donations to front- line workers and people in need after losing their jobs or sheltering at home. >> the prophet that we make for each sale, we turn it around and buy extra produce from the farmers. and we donate them to the shelters, the care homes, the front-line workers. >> reporter: this front-line workers are organized an army of high school students, including two sons who take orders and handle the pickups. several of the farms are women- owned, promoting healthier eating. >> a lot of times, the donated food can be canned food or pantry goods that are not fresh. but getting fresh produce is probably very helpful. >> with demand showing no signs of slowing, the program will continue. pickups are in palo alto and will continue in sync with the growing season.
6:41 pm
to learn what is available and how to order, to giving david lowe, abc7, eyewitness news. coming up next, the easter weekend weather forecast, and any time you want to see what it looks like outside, you can always head to th you clean dishes as you cook, to save time and stay ahead of the mess. but scrubbing still takes time. now there's dawn powerwash dish spray. the faster, easier way to clean as you go. it cleans grease five times faster. on easy messes, just spray, wipe, and rinse. on tough messes, the spray-activated suds cut through grease on contact, without water. just wipe, and rinse. get dishes done faster. dawn powerwash dish spray. now available in free & clear. liz, you nerd, cough if you're in here!
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there are so many heroes working behind the scenes in this pandemic. learning what drives them can be an inspiring journey. in the case of the man you are about to meet, the journey spreads halfway around the world. ♪ obadiah kenji is driven by faith, whether he is singing with his family in church, or searching for lifesaving clues in virology in stanford. in many ways, they are stops on the same journey. kenji, as his colleagues call him, grew up the son of a minister with dreams of someday studying at stanford. >> i'm an ambitious man to have
6:45 pm
those dreams. you know what? my dad did not even own a credit card to pay for my application fee. >> reporter: he embarked on a long journey, literally studying at stops around the world. the hard work earned him a phd and a lucrative career path in biotech. he says he applied to the clinical virology lab for a chance to help patients. weeks later, the covid crisis hit. >> before i accepted the position, there was no covid. i think god was preparing me to come to stanford and be able to help. >> reporter: his colleagues provide is critical. he says the lab has tested thousands of samples so far, and it is at the epicenter of the search for new variants of covid-19. dr. benjamin pinsky directs the effort. >> we are doing variant detection. we are among the first in the country to identify a number of these variants. >> he says the lab is rich in talent due to its diversity. he employs technicians with a wide variety of backgrounds. 12 hour days are not uncommon.
6:46 pm
the team is driven by a sense of mission. >> when i look at the impact we are having in their lives, the impact we are having to slow down the curve or slow down the pandemic, that gives me a lot of fulfillment. >> reporter: at the end of a long day, he says he returns to the refuge he enjoyed his entire life, spirituality and music. ♪ >> he's not only remarkable, so accomplished, but he sounds good, he? besides singing in church, he has tried his hand at pop music as well. he even starred in his own music video. that will be fun to see. >> what a zest for life and a sense of compassion and giving. what a remarkable man. speaking of remarkable men, let's head over to christian. >> i was hoping that would be
6:47 pm
the transition. >> if i didn't say it, you would have. let's take a look at the weather. right now, we have hi little metal -- high mid-level clouds. they will continue through the weekend. we can expect easter sunday to be seasonally average. of course, a warming trend will begin over the week. we will see an increase in clouds near the coast and the bay. we will start with lingering low clouds in the morning hours. we will have sunny skies later in the day. highs will range to the 50s and 60s inland. here is the accuweather seven- day forecast. sunday will be like tomorrow. then it will get a little warmer on monday. look for highs in the 70s around the shoreline. the coast will not get much more milder. we can expect a slight increase
6:48 pm
in clouds. we don't see the rain coming our way. that makes us happy. we need the rain. >> a remarkable forecast from a remarkable man. larry, not so much. >> oh, larry. if she didn't say it, i would have. >> when is alma back? just wondering. anyway, what a finish at the final four. hey, you don't want any, trust me, you don't want any of this. that's what most viewers say, anyway.
6:49 pm
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now, abc7 sports with larry beil. good evening, disaster averted, just barely. the women's basketball team went down to the wire at the final four. the semi finals, stanford and south carolina, the finish to this thing was just nuts, completely wild. camero r x bloc the night. she was fired up. let's go to the fourth quarter. lexi hall forces the turnover. it might have been a kick ball that was missed, but there is a catch on the break. she had six points. south carolina is down, destiny henderson used three. there are only a few seconds úl
6:52 pm
final seconds, they get the ball in the inbound, turns it over, aaliyah boston with the last-second layup, both are no good. stanford barely hangs on for the ncaa championship. either yukon or arizonarizonarin that's the final in the heart stopping finish. >> it was very physical, right down to the last play, which was, you know, you've got to be aggressive. you've got to be aggressive and be able to handle the ball. you know, it's a great win for our team and our program. >> that was wild. no rr nothing against the war for toronto, this was like walking into a fight with both hands tied behind your
6:53 pm
back. it was ugly. there was recurring tailbone pain. we will give you james wiseman, the rookie with a gem. it completely got away from them. there is 36 points. it beat the buzzer, the raptors are up 30 in the third. they keep building on the lead. they outscore the warriors in the fourth quarter, 46-14. they were down 53 in the fourth. it is the floater. the raptors cruise past golden state. it was 130-77....... now we have better news for warriors fans hoping to attend a game this season. indoor concerts, theater performances, other gatherings can reopen in the state of california on april 15th. keep in mind, local rules will still apply, but this, for the
6:54 pm
warriors and others, is a step in the right direction. >> today is a big milestone day for getting fans back in the chase center to see warriors games. we have been working so hard for the last year with both the state and our county to find a path back for fans at chase center, and the indoor guidance that was issued by the state is really encouraging. major-league baseball is pulling the amateur draft out of atlanta. the response to a voting law that civil rights groups feel is designed to make it more difficult for people of color to vote. among other things, this law would make it illegal to pass out food and water to those waiting in line to vote. the mlb spoke with the players union about the response in georgia, and i have reaction from the giants manager. >> i continue to be proud of the steps major-league baseball is taking to promote diversity, equity and inclusion and voting rights for all in this particular matter.
6:55 pm
>> so we are in a new era of player empowerment. the days of shut up and dribble are gone. the next be hollywood. a lot of production goes on in georgia. they will be under tremendous pressure. production will be yanked. other sports are firing a warning shot across the bow, but there are other states that are considering similar legislation to what we are seeing in georgia. they will feel the economic pressure going forward. this is no question, this is a new era in sports. so states will have to pay attention to this or suffer the consequences. >> certainly, a lot of states in the south have movie industries. we will wait and see. tonight on abc7 is shark tank followed by 2020.
6:56 pm
don't forget, you can watch our newscasts live and on- demand. you can get it on apple tv, android tv and roku, just download the app now and start streaming. finally, if you -- a few moments on what really matters. for others, this weekend signals the unofficial arrival of spring, a season that brings with it arrival of new beginnings. and we sure need a new beginning. last easter, the lockdown had taen full effect. we all remember that. as we adjusted over time to life in a pandemic, what might have faded a bit from memory is the fear and uncertainty thththh grip and months. the virus spread on surfaces, in the air, maybe both? wiping down groceries, pizza boxes, the mail, as if it was all covered in anthrax, the vaccines are replacing much of our fear, but the
6:57 pm
needed injection of hope, and hung e what really matters this year, the sense of rebirth has popped up again like the flowers. so, happy passover, happy easter. i always love to hear from you, let me know what you think. follow me on facebook. >> that is so well said. i love the line injection of hope. that's truly what we have. that's truly what we have. >> that is it for abc7 news. covid has made clear that having health insurance is more important than ever. at covered california, every plan is comprehensive, covering everything from preventive care to mental health. and it's the only place that offers financial help for health insurance. enrollment is open due to covid-19. if you or someone you know isn't covered, now is the time to sign up. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll now at
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and i'm proud to have gotten an opportunity to guest host. so thank you for all the support. everyone here. folks at home. i'm super excited about today's show. i wanna see stephanie, mary, and scott playing this game that we all love so much. let's jump into "jeopardy!" with these categories. scott, you pick first... and... scott, where are you gonna start? 2-word u.s. cities for $1,000. - scott. - what is terre haute? no. mary, stephanie? stephanie. - what is fort wayne? - yes. new phone, who disco? for $200.


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