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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 2, 2021 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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2400. health officials in the basal largest area county says that they are seeing a drop in testing for covid-19. they are reminding everyone, think twice about gathering in large groups for this weekend. we have one of the steps you can take to keep you and your family safe. >> reporter: with warm weather and the forecast on this holiday weekend, as misses throughout the bay area are hoping for a much-needed boost. in santa clara county, staying vigilant is top of mind. multiple covid-19 variants are concerning as the cdc has detected them in the county. it is a troubling trend as more areas reopen. dr. marty fenster schein says that covid-19 testing dropped dramatically in recent weeks. >> we are seeing a lot of variants which seem to be more
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transmissible, more contagious. we need people to make sure, if they are putting themselves at any risk -- >> reporter: the public is making use of 30% of the testing capacity. that is worry is some -- worrisome as more variants pop up. several workers have yet tototoo vaccinated or getting tested on a regular basis. >> people are forgetting about testing. it is a really important tool to keep using. i know a vaccine is coming. a lot of people have been vaccinated. we cannot forget that testing is critical. >> reporter: as california opens up vaccine eligibility, more supply is on the way. santa clara county expects to have first is appointment available to the public, public encouraging >> we are nowhere where we need to be for herd immunity. >> reporter: the vaccines plus common sense are playing key roles in keeping people safe. in san jose, abc7 news. vaccine equity remains one
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of the focal points. it is something governor newsom pointed out to san diego. >> this stage is the only state in the country that has committed 40% of all of to set under an equity equity equity ei the state has moved a blueprint, and a blueprint that is allowed to move forward on the basis of not just topline performance, 18 1/2 million vaccines have been administered, but on the more important metric, and that is the number of vaccines that have been delivered under this equity framework. >> he added that supply is dramatically increasing, which is the reason why eligibility open up yesterday to 50 and older, and will expand again on april 15th. mm be fthe in soo be re cos are haedst
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vaccinated. >> reporter: more than 100 vaccines were delivered to the people living at this low income housing unit in chinatown. at the time when supply is lagging, the message was reassuring. >> if you can't come to us, we will bring it to you. >> reporter: she says she had no doubts about getting the johnson & johnson vaccine, today. she even brought her parents. >> she thought it was important to get vaccinated to take care of her and her family. >> reporter: with a new group eligible for the vaccine, governor gavin newsom says the equity is to underserved communities. they will remain in place. >> reporter: that only includes two zip codes in san francisco, one in the tenderloin and the other on treasure island. the mayor maintains the other underserved neighborhoods will also be given priority. >> we have mobile sites. we have people who are going to certain neighborhoods. that we see high infection rates that are inviting the infection to people. >> reporter: another problem
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concerning >> just because you build it doesn't mean they come. >> reporter: the health department says that is why mobile and community-based sites are so important to maintain the equity. >> outreach is incredibly important. we certainly can't do it without supply. >> reporter: the city expects to have 50% of people vaccinated by this weekend. that number would be higher if supply matched the demand for the vaccine. in san francisco, leon melendez, abc7 news. >> a new drive-through vaccine site opened in east palo alto, today. this facility is designed serve where the vaedoval san mateo county. officials hope to administer 1000 doses of the johnson & johnson single shot vaccine per day, and they will remain open as long as there is funding,
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vaccine availability, and access to the site. florida's governor has signed an executive order banning what he calls vaccine passports. he says to sporting events, restaurants or movies would create two classes of citizens. in the executive order, he says no covid-19 vaccine is required by law, and vaccination records are private health information. to contact the vaccine team, go to go to you will find the latest headlines and rules about who is eligible for a shot at this point. again, all the info for now to developing news out of washington, d.c., a capitol hill police officer is dead, another is injured after a vehicle rammed into a barrier h owhethe latest. >> reporter: a deadly incident at the nations capitol when a vehicle rammed into capitol
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police officers, killing one. the officer is william "billy" evans. he had served on the force for 18 years. >> it is with a very, very heavy heart that i announce one of our officers has succumbed to his >> reporter: a source says police opened fire after a vehicle rammed into a barrier on the north side of the complex. a federal officer says the vehicle was occupied via single driver. authorities say the individual exited the vehicle armed with a knife and lunged toward the officers, injuring him before he was shot. according to a spokesperson, the field office has responded to the incident. law enforcement was alregh the capitol attack on january 6th which left five people dead. nancy pelosi is now ordering flags to be flown at half staff for the second time this year to honor a fallen officer. >> this is a group of men and
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women who have been through a significant amount of trauma over the last few every day for they put their lives on the line, officers across the country. >> reporter: the capitol was recently not in the building when this happened. president biden is at camp david for the weekend. he says, he is heartbroken for the officers family. elizabeth shows he, abc news, capitol hill. right now, a large group is marching through oakland with solidarity with the asian american and pacific islander community. they are leading the stop march the group on the move. many are carrying signs. the group started at oakland
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city hall and is marching through oakland chinatown before ending at the lake merritt amphitheater. an ambitious partnership is seeking to make part a safer place for women. we were atre atre atre atre atra station where the not one more girl campaign was announced. it is looking to put an end to sexual harassment and violence on the train system. advocacy group's's worked with bart to change the code of conduct and the crime reporting system. >> girls should not need an escape plan to get toget toget o i'm calling on every transit agency in the bay area and the nation to follow suit, replicating this groundbreaking model. our solutions will have positive impact on all bus riders, their common sense, and what everyone should be >> posters are being put up to raise awareness. a major change today from the cdc, the agency is adjusting recommendations for those who have been fully vaccinated for covid-19.for cov
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the guidelines say vaccinated people could travel within the u.s. without getting a covid test or having to quarantine after they return home. there were also changes for international travel. >> fully vaccinated people do not need to get a covid-19 test before they leave the united states unless it is required by their international destination. however, fully vaccinated people should get tested and have a negative test result before they board an international flight back into the united states, but they do not need to quarantine when they arrive here. >> the cdc is still discouraging nonessential travel, citing a stained rise in hospitalizations. so maybe it is no coincidence that sfo reports yesterday it was the busiest day of air travel since the pandemic began. and with easter this weekend, today will likely it clips it. we sent wayne freedman out
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there. if you are expecting crowds, he reports it has become a relative term. if you feel like dancing, you would not be alone. but dancing carefully? you had company. >> coronavirus cares -- scares me. >> but you're traveling? >> i need to see my daughter. i would only do it for her. >> reporter: why would defy the cdc? >> i'm going home to minneapolis. >> i miss my girlfriend. >> it's my mom's 84th birthday. >> sfo predicted record crowds for the pandemic. the pandemic part is the qualifier. >> the numbers tell the story. in all three burial -- area airports, there were 25,000 travelers on this day. one year
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3200 looked like back then. the baggage claim felt like an existential cavern. stay healthy with 6 feet of space warned one sign, as if that was going to be an issue. to date, even the bags could remain safely apart. some of the first time pandemic flyers did notice. >> they increased security for one thing. >> nobody was in your way. people were polite. masks were still in latex is still in style. it has been a long year, but finally, some light at the end of the moving walkway. >> we are getting back to normal eventually, right? >> we still need to ask. wayne freedman, abc7 news. baseball is back. speaking of getting back to normal, how did night one go at the coliseum? we will check up with dave cavil. follow your bliss. teachers getting a $5000 grant could go a long way. paid paid back, one man got a paycheck and pennies.
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a paycheck and pennies. >> some bay area locations it's okay that you don't want to be first: you aren't. second covid vaccine. it's okay to have questions: everyone deserves answers. i'm wary that there isn't enough information. it's okay to be excited, or worried, or both. it's alright for it to take whatever it takes for you to be ready. hi mom, ready for your shot? yes, i've been waiting for this day. we just got what? vaccinated. we just got vaccinated! let's get you there. let's get to immunity. air wick our essential mist transforms fragrance infused with natural essential oils into a mist. to awaken your home with an experience you can see, smell, and feel. it's air care, redefined. air wick essential mist. connect to nature.
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a huge statement by major league baseball, the league is moving this year's all-star and amateur player draft out of
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atlanta, georgia. this is to protest georgia's new voting law, which critics say disenfranchises minority voters. this came after decisions withdh te teams, players union and others, and it is a great way to demonstrate major league baseball's values. governor gavin newsom is already lobbying for the game to move here, telling major league baseball to give him a call, saying we actually work to expand voter access, not prevent it. the first major voting -- sporting event with fans took place, last night. you can see video from the season opener, dave cavil joins us, live. dave, thanks for being before we get into the opening night activities, what is your take on the all-star game situation? we are seeing more and more leagues make political statements, these days. >> we are very supportive of the commissioners decision to
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move the game, and the players association, and the players alliance all working together to kind of exert our influence in this situation and really stand by our values. we think it is an important statement. we would be happy to have them at the coliseum. >> that leads us to let's say, if the all-star game is there, i hope the food app works. you were the human pinata. the food app that people have to use went down. you had a few people yelling, where is my hot dog, dave? and you valiantly responded on social media, i felt bad for you, because i'm going to guess you are not the one in control of the app. walk us through what happened. >> we had p league baseball created. we were using it for the padres, the angels, the cubs, and it failed at all the markets. it was not up to snuff in terms of delivering and being able to process thousands of orders.
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you know, we have made some changes. we are adding more mobile hawkers, people will work and walk through the stadium and sell food and beer, things of that nature. we have a slightly different approach starting, tonight. >> and you are encouraging people to bring their own food, now, which is kind of unusual. in most ballparks, that's not the case. but special times, special circumstances. >> it is super rare, but these are covid times. it prevents us from having stands open in normal fashion for people to walk up and buy food. so fans are encouraged to bring their own food or be really patient with us as we work through the challenges and hopefully, get some of these restrictions relaxed so we can have concessions in a normal fashion, soon. >> i heard mask wearing by the fans last night, you had 10,000, was a little bit dicey. what was your assessment?
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>> i think our fans did a good we had a similar situation in arizona with spring training. we have our staff trained to remind people. we have signage. if you are eating or drinking, you can have your mask down. you are supposed to put it back up because it is important we don't have any spread of covid. we need to keep everyone safe. everyone is distanced at least 6 feet with pods of two or four people. we are doing everything we can to ensure a safe environment. >> all right, 10,000 fans last night, when do you expect rules will be relaxed and you can have more people in the park? >> the big thing, we can get to 26%, which is about 12,000, max. we have to get everyone 6 feet apart. like you have seen in schools, we can add capacity and get up to 19,000. we are waiting for direction from alameda county and the state of california to see the
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timing of that. it is nice to have a vaccine site. we are getting people vaccinated at the same time. hopefully, that will speed up the reopening. >> that makes parking a little more challenging. so people will need to prepare for extra time. it is slow to get in the stadium. i don't know if this'll make you feel any better, last night, chris alvarez was out at the ballpark with our producer. they were both dressed in suits. some fans were upset about the food, they thought they worked for the a's, and they were screaming at them, like i want my hot dog, you must this up, you had a year to do this. so you are not the only one feeling the brunt of the fans. we felt it, too. >> i appreciate them stepping in and helping out. we gave out a lot of free hotdogs. i, myself, gave out a bunch of chicken tenders.
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we apologized to fans who had a bad experience. we will do everything we can to make it right and make the experience better as we continue to work through this covid situation. >> really appreciate your time this afternoon. best of luck with all the food scenarios that are out there. in your own food if you want to go to the game, tonight. hopefully, you will beat the astros. yes? >> that's the plan. absolutely. >> thanks so much for your time. >> as we mentioned earlier in the hour, california has issued new guidance for indoor events. the warriors are ready. in a statement they said with an indoor live event guidelines, with the san francisco county department of public health, we hope to have specific details available to share shortly. all right, so we don't know when that ll
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th arinto a nice, mild weekend. let's check with spencer. the morning. >> it's cooler than it was, yesterday. it will be a mild weekend. here is live doppler 7. we have sunny skies and a few high clouds. we have had lingering clouds near the coastline. check out this 24-hour temperature change. this is amazing. it is 23 degrees cooler. it is 18 degrees cooler in oakland, 19 degrees cooler in hayward. here is a view right now. you can see a few clouds off int san francisco, it was 79 degrees. it is 62 in oakland. it is 69 and 75 in oakland hill. we see bluer skies in this direction from the golden gate. it is 67 degrees right now, 82 in fairfield. it is quite mild. temperatures are above average. locationsitis79 blie
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acbafr top camethcontinues, tomorrow. but we will still look forward to average temperatures for this time of year on easter sunday. this dry pattern continuettern the next seven days. overnight, look for low clouds to return to the coastline and push across the bay. the marine layer might get deeper than it was. it might get farther this morning as well. we can expect bright skies and a thinner marine layer. temperatures will be in the upper 40s, highs in the south bay will reach 68 degrees, 78 in the peninsula, 64 degrees in most locations. it is breezy on the coast and quite cool with highs in the 50s. dwntown, san francisco will top off at 59 degrees.
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65 in san rafael, east bay high is 65 in hayward, the inland east bay will top out at 70 degrees in the easternmost locathe upper 60s. looking ahead once more at the possibility of rain, remain high and dry until wednesday where there is a surge of moisture. it looks like it wants to make its way into the bay area. we are not expecting rainfall out of that. it looks like a dry weekend. once again, easter sunday is looking nice, bright and we have a warming trend going into the middle of the week with temperatures climbing into the 70s in the inland areas, around 70 degrees by the shoreline. clouds increased towards the end of the reek. at the moment, it doesn't look like we can expect any rainfall. thank you, spencer.
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the first village of tiny houses for homeless youth is preparing to open in oaklandin d mayor libby schaaf was at the opening. >> look at how powerful it is, an expression of what i think is a commonly held value in oakland that housing is a
4:27 pm
right. -- and that that extends to our young people, whether they are part of a traditional family or not, they are part of our family as the oakland community. >> village near the colosseum was the brainchild of the youth spirit artworks nonprofit. there are 26 homes as well as bathrooms and showers, a kitchen, and a community space for gatherings. a new rainbow flag is flying at the plaza in the castro district. the flag is usually paid for privately by local residents, and it needs to be replaced often for local wear and tear. at the avenue greenlight initiative was launched, and it leaves a $50,000 grant to help pay for future flags. avenue greenlight focuses on helping small businesses and preserving communities. lending a hand to teachers, $5000 grants are up for grabs from the 49ers foundation. who is eligible, coming up. plus
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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. the 49ers will be lending a hand to teachers with $5 grants. it is called the dr. harry edwards follow your bliss award. it seems bring on the man, himself. educator, author, and 49ers team consultant, harry, you wear many hats. tell us about the grants and why the program was created. >> well, the program was created, principally, meaning
4:31 pm
when the partners asked me to come in and talk to the foundation education group about my 50 years of teaching, and what it taught me. one of the things i told him was that we must focus on teachers and students. we must focus on students to get them throughem throughem thh position to make a living, but to follow their bliss, to follow their dreams, not allow their dreams to be limited by their circumstances. we wanted to focus on teachers because, as i told them five years ago, i think that teaching is the the the profession among them all, because unlike doctors, lawyers, engineers and architects who do something for somebody, teachers do things to inspire people to learn so they can do it for so
4:32 pm
something more than we are doing in terms of these thousands of students and the teachers who come through here every year and take advantage of our program. so we want to inspire everybody to do more, to do better. so out of that came this $5000 award program, and because it came largely out of the ideas i expressed on session, unfortunately, they put my name on it, that it is what it is. and we are looking forward to getting out more awards this year than ever. >> hey, it's not a bad thing to be associated with bliss, if you can get there. but correct me if i am wrong, there are five grants that will be awarded? who is eligible, and how can teachers apply? >> teachers from all five counties are eligible, all five northern california areas, they can be nominated by friends or family members, they can be can
4:33 pm
nominated by themselves. we try as best as we can to pick out five people who we really feel are having an impact in their community, -- is particularly important at this time because schools are operating with limited resources, distance learning, teachers are going around trying to find what is the best way to continue the education of their students and so forth online, so these awards become very, very important. we take selecting these types of teachers who look at the awards this year to be a various -- very serious endeavor. we hope to give many more awards. right now, we are getting five. we hope many many many many man they can use this $5000 to enhance classroom resources and
4:34 pm
so forth will apply for the award. >> and how do they apply? is there a website? what do they do? >> yes, they simply address online. look up the dr. harriet bliss awards on the 49ers website. they will get all the information they need, there. they can even send a letter to the 49ers foundation, and they will give them the information they need in order to apply. the easiest thing to do is to go online, look at the website foundation website -- and all the information will be there. >> okay. you know, harry, certainly, the one thing the more light on, is we need to appreciate our teachers more because they have a hard job, and it has been a lot more difficult the past year. so this is a great cause. i hope people will get behind it, and it will get bigger as time goes on. at some point, i hope to seal
4:35 pm
you -- see you on the field. >> hopefully, but irrespective, i think the teachers have been revealed to be the very anchors of our communities, and hopefully, this award will inspire other corporations offer awards as well. it would be great to have 1500 corporations in the bay area give two or three of these awards with the could have more resources to educate our young people. so thank you very much for having me on. and i do appreciate the opportunity to speak on this important program. >> i like your idea, i like where you're going with it. lex expanded out and get more help. >> thank you. >> can i tell you how hard it was to get his class at cal? it was impossible. for the first time in more
4:36 pm
than one year, you can see the crowds as they go inside, discovery duct even thought about for the occasion. the backyard has been open for several month. now the inner portion of the museum is open. reservations are required. there will be to play sessions each friday, saturday and sunday. sunday. penny dr it's okay that you don't want to be first: you aren't. second covid vaccine. it's okay to have questions: everyone deserves answers. i'm wary that there isn't enough information. it's okay to be excited, or worried, or both. it's alright for it to take whatever it takes for you to be ready. hi mom, ready for your shot? yes, i've been waiting for this day. we just got what? vaccinated. wevaated! let's get you there. let's get to immunity.
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it is time now for the four at 4:00. spencer and dan are joining us. the cdc has made changes to travel recommendations for those who have been vaccinated for covid-19. vaccinated people can travel within the u.s. without getting a covid test or quarantining úa some countries may may may may proof of a negative test on arrival, and the cdc recommends that fully vaccinated people should get tested and have a negative result before they board a flight back to the u.s. all right, larry, you have to jump in. a lot of people are wondering, does this supersede examples of hawaii? you still have to take a test before you come? >> yeah, i haven't talked to the lieutenant governor who is the head of the hawaii state program that allows you entry into the state or the islands, i know that they are working on a vaccine passport. it is really difficult -- it's much more difficult than
4:40 pm
think. because they are worried about people copying and making fakes of the little vaccine cards you get. so they are trying to work companies don't think what the cdc said will change any rulings about going to hawaii anytime soon. every state, you know, if you go to texas, florida, whatever, everyone has their own rules. these are recommendations. >> it would not be hard to duplicate those cards. they are not particularly sophisticated. >> no, and that's what they are concerned about. imagine the black market for those cards. >> every solution brings up another problem. that's the way this this is this dramatyou about major-league baseball, announcing they are moving the all-star game out of georgia to protest the state's new voting law, which many are upset about, because they feel it
4:41 pm
makes it difficult for minority voters. the decision came after talks with the players union. plans are being finalized for a new host city. you know, this law -- if you are going to make it a crime to give people water while they are waiting in line to vote, something is really wrong in a lot of places. you know, dan, the days where shut up and dribble is the expectation for athletes, those are long gone. you're going to see teams, leagues, putting a lot of pressure on companies companies states that don't get behind their cause. >> absolutely, and it's been a long time coming. these athletes and teams are very powerful and influential. i am delighted to see them flex their muscle for social and good reason, for standing up for what's right. after all, the team owners and corporations have had power for
4:42 pm
a long time. i'm glad to see them flex their muscles. >> you grew up in the south. >> for conscience, reason and fairness, those who work, they have to hit economic interest. that is -- appealing to conscience and heart, these days. >> good point. onto a bizarre final paycheck. his employer paid him nearly $1000 in pennies. reporter tracy bragg has a look to see who could help. >> reporter: today, these helpers showed up andres from a slippery pile of headaches. >> finally getting all this taken care of, i was dreading thinking i'm going tohave to go through hours of cleaning this. these guys have absolutely saved me. >> reporter: let me explain. after months of battling with his boss for his he tells me that nearly $1000 was delivered in the form of over 90,000 pennies.
4:43 pm
>> it is such a penny -- had anything to do. >> they are covered in something. >> reporter: the amount of brown coins arrived in a smelly, slippery, shiny automotive oil. >> i already tried to clean them, it took me about two hours to get about five bucks. >> reporter: that is, until jeff heard about the problem. >> with the oil and the weight, it would be difficult to transport these coins. >> reporter: he decided to take on the problem. >> we will take it to our partner. it will be cleaned, counted and recirculated. >> reporter: after 15 minutes 10 crisp, clean, and oil he was free hundred dollar bills. >> i'm happy i don't have to go through and wash the pennies, myself. >> okay, can we talk about
4:44 pm
small, petty? >> i hope this person is being petty -- embarrassed and humiliated. what a silly silly silly silly >> my cousin once paid me in pennies. >> i didn't think he hated me. but now i'm thinking, maybe that was the point. >> all right. it is easter weekend. we thought we would get to a tough question. what is your favorite candy? according to a website that searches google trends, california's favorite candy tends to be caramel eggs. the chocolate treats beat out other favorites like chocolate bunnies and starburst jellybeans which are beloved in the midwest. peeps, come on, people.on, peop they are the preferred choice for 8 states. i wish i had the list of those
4:45 pm
states so we could embarrass them. and 14 states prefer the good old-fashioned boiled egg to candy. hard pass on dan? you know i always come to you for the sweet tooth questions. >> we can go around the horn. >> i would just say i don't want to be paid in pennies, but if they would like to pay me and chocolate bunny rabbits -- i just like the traditional easter chocolate. >> i can't think of a traditional easter candy i like, that i would go for dark chocolate covered almonds. >> even your candy choice has to be healthy. >> that's just what appeals to my taste. it's all about taste. i don't happen to like a lot of super sweet stuff. i like supersweet people. >> just not candy. >> yeah. >> i'm right here. >> those eggs are probably my choice. >> those are good, too. >> it is a sad existene.
4:46 pm
we are wrong about these suites. >> you are being judge about our candy choice. >> dan, as you know, there is a price to be paid for 4% body
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
there are so many heroes working behind the scenes in
4:49 pm
this pandemic. learning what drives them can be an inspiring journey. in the case of the man you are about to meet, that journey stretches halfway around the world. obadiah kenji is obadiah ke faith, whether he is singing with his family in church, or searching for lifesaving clues in virology in stanford. in many ways, there are stops on the same journey. he grew up in cameroon, the son of a minister with dreams of someday studying at stanford. >> every ambitious man has those what? danoev ed application fee as a student. >> reporter: he embarked on a long journey, literally studying at stops around the world.
4:50 pm
the hard work earned him a phd and lucrative career in biotech. he says he applied to the clinic overall the -- clinical virology lab. >> before this position, there was no covid. i think god was repairing me to come to stanford and be able to help humankind destroy the pandemic. >> reporter: the help he and his colleagues provide is critical. he has tested hundreds and thousands of samples so far. it is at the epicenter of the search for new variants of úcovid-19. dr. benjamin pinsky directs the effort. >> we are doing the variant detection. we are among the first in the country to identify a number of these variants. >> reporter: the the the the th part of diverse city. they employ technicians with a wide variety of backgrounds.
4:51 pm
he says 12 hour days are not uncommon. the team is driven by a sense of mission. >> when i look at the impact we are having in the lives of the patients, the impact in the lives we are having to slow the curve, to slow the pandemic, that gives me a lot of fulfillment. >> reporter: at the end of a long day, he says he returns to the refuge he has enjoyed his entire life, spirituality and music. ♪ >> reporter: at stanford, cnn, abc 7 all right. you are going to be singing a happy song if you like slightly cooler weather, this weekend. >> i think you will sing a happy song. it is cooler with dry conditions. overnight, we will have mainly clear skies. easy for me to say. mostly clear, mainly claire -- we will have a little bit of fog later in the evening. lows will be in the 40s. tomorrow, look for lingering fog in the morning hours. we will have bright skies by
4:52 pm
mid-may -- midday and into the afternoon. we have low 60s near the bay and 70 in inland areas. here is the forecast. we have highs to 70 degrees in some areas. notice the warming trend that will begin on monday and begin to cool down for the end of next week. >> thanks. on sunday, we will stream the easter service live from the memorial church in san francisco at 11:00 a.m. you can find that on ,, as well as facebook, youtube, and wherever you stream. target announces it will be closed on easter sunday. they posted this image, and they are not alone. other stores like costco plan to close for the holiday. her voice brought her ♪
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covid has made clear that having health insurance is more important than ever. at covered california, every plan is comprehensive, covering everything from preventive care to mental health. and it's the only place that offers financial help for health insurance. enrollment is open due to covid-19. if you or someone you know isn't covered, now is the time to sign up. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll now at
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>> i'm not sure if there's anything i can say covered california. this way to health insurance. to my family members to convince them to take the covid-19 vaccine. i'm not even sure if i'm convinced. hi darius, i think that people respond more to what we do than what we say. so after looking at all the data and the science about these vaccines, i got the vaccine. and i made sure my mom and dad got the vaccine. because these vaccines are safe. ♪ ♪ air wick our essential mist transforms fragrance
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infused with natural essential oils into a mist. to awaken your home with an experience you can see, smell, and feel. it's air care, redefined. air wick essential mist. connect to nature.
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next at 5:00, a brutal attack on an asian couple caught on camera, what oakland police are telling abc 7 news about this, and other crimes as a community remains on edge. plus, the new crackdown to make marriage safer after residents say noise are out of control. also ahead, after a grueling year for venues, the state is allowing indoor concerts, conferences and receptions to resume. plus, the cdc's new green light to travel for people who are fully vaccinated. how this is playing out at home. and how people are feeling
5:01 pm
about being able to go to an indoor church service for the


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