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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 2, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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happy easter. right now on "america this morning," crucial testimony in the derek chauvin trial as we hear what the former officer failed to tell his supervisor moments after he had his knee on george floyd's neck. >> we just had to hold the guy down. he was -- he was going crazy. >> what chauvin's supervisor is %-p court today. are we on the brink of a new covid crisis? doctors warn we're losing the race against the coronavirus variants. >> this is a new pandemic. we're now fighting a new enemy. >> the new lockdown as hospitalizations rise in the midwest. and breaking overnight, a new boost in the race to vaccinate america. what the fda has decided. new details in the scandal surrounding florida congressman
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matt gaetz accused of having a relationship with a 17-year-old girl. the payments that are now the focus of a federal investigation. plus, the court ruling that could unleash a flood of new robocalls to annoy you at dinnertime. caught on camera, a young buck sleeping on the school bus gets a wake-up call from a deer flying through the windshield. and super twins. one mom's rare diagnosis who leaves her with twins with different ages. right now on "america this morning," crucial testimony in the derek chauvin trial as we hear what the former officer failed to tell his supervisor moments after he had his knee on george floyd's neck. >> abc's megan tevrizian
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our coverage. >> reporter: this morning, jurors will hear a fifth day of testimony in the trial of derek chauvin. the former minneapolis police officer charged with killing george floyd. on thursday, two paramedics testified that when their ambulance arrived on the scene, floyd had no pulse. >> i didn't see any breathing or movement or anything like that. >> did he appear to be unresponsive to you at that point in time? >> from what i could tell just standing at a distance, yes. >> reporter: after the paramedics dropped floyd at the hospital, chauvin got a call from now retired sergeant david pleoger. the jury heard chauvin on body camera video on that call initially failing to mention he had pinned floyd down with a knee on his neck moments earlier. >> we just had to -- had to hold the guy down. he was -- he was going crazy. >> reporter: pleoger testifying that chauvin should have stopped restraining floyd sooner. >> when mr. floyd was no longer offering up any resistance to the officers they could have
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ended their restraint. >> and that was after he was handcuffed and on the ground and no longer resisting? >> correct. >> reporter: jurors heard from floyd's girlfriend of three years, courteney ross, who acknowledged she and floyd had abused prescription drugs. >> it's a classic story of how many people get addicted to opioids. we both suffered from chronic pain. mine was in my neck, and his was in his back. we got addicted and tried really hard to break that addiction many times. >> reporter: under cross-examination ross confirmed floyd was hospitalized for several days after overdosing on heroin in march. >> and it was your belief that mr. floyd started using again about two weeks prior to his death, correct? >> i noticed a change in his behavior, yes. >> reporter: the defense arguing drugs contributed to floyd's death. >> the defense is going to argue
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it's the drugs in his system, that's what killed him. i don't think the defense is doing the greatest of jobs in trying to at least acknowledge derek chauvin was on his neck but it's obviously from the video he doesn't need to bring it up but focusing on a cocktail of drugs. the prosecution is the exact opposite saying it wasn't enough to kill him. >> reporter: chauvin's defense team also seemed to imply that in floyd's final moments when he called out momma, he was actually calling for his girlfriend. >> you and floyd, mr. floyd, excuse me, i'm assuming like most couples, had pet names for each other. >> yes. >> and what was his name for you? i mean, what were you saved -- let me strike that. what were you saved in his phone as? >> momma. >> reporter: as for what's ahead today, jurors will hear only a half day of testimony. the minneapolis police chief could be among the witnesses called. andrew, mona. >> megan, thank you. the store clerk who sold george
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floyd a pack of cigarettes is speaking out exclusively to abc news. earlier this week, chris martin testified he told his manager about floyd using a counterfeit $20 bill prompting him to call police. martin says he doesn't blame himself for george floyd's death but he can't help feeling that he set off a deadly chain of events. >> not only am i like the contributing factor, i'm kind of like the big domino that fell and then now all the small dominos are just scattered. the one thing i would say to derek chauvin is justice will be served. >> coming up later on "good morning america," more of our exclusive interview with martin including his message for george floyd's children. breaking overnight, a new boost in the race to vaccinate americans. more covid vaccine shots will soon be available from moderna, but there's growing concern about new lockdowns being imposed because of a surge in covid infections. abc's ike ejiochi is here with the latest. ike, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, andrew. a steady increase in covid
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infections is prompting region to impose new lockdowns making the push to vaccinate even more urgent. this morning, america is in a tight race to vaccinate before variants prolong the pandemic and health experts say right now the variants are winning. >> eventually i think the vaccines will win this race, but right now the variants are pulling ahead, and while we've got a lot of vaccinations happening, it's not going to be enough. >> reporter: hospitalizations are up by more than 10% in 20 states. the spike is blamed on a number of factors including variants, strains of the coronavirus have mutated to spread more easily. people traveling more and states lifting restrictions including in michigan where more than 6,000 new cases were reported wednesday alone. >> i think the idea of pulling back prematurely on the pressure is understandable why you might want to do that, but the results i think are being manifested in what you're seeing in michigan. >> reporter: across the border in canada ontario is imposing a new four-week lockdown because
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icu beds are filling up with covid patients. >> this is a new pandemic. we're now fighting a new enemy. the new variants are far more dangerous than before. they spread faster, and they do more harm than the virus we were fighting last year. >> reporter: now many are wondering if new lockdowns could happen in the u.s. as more variants are detected here. >> as we have increasing infections and increasing cases meaning increasing hospitalizations and increasing icu stays, it means that the health care system will then be compromised once again, unfortunately, especially if we lag behind on vaccines. >> reporter: but overnight some positive news on the vaccine front, the fda has given moderna the okay to put 50% more doses in each vial allowing the company to speed up shipments. pfizer says its vaccine remains highly effective six months after the second dose and in ohio the state will now attempt
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to vaccinate every college student using johnson & johnson's single shot dose. and a nursing home company in ohio is one of the first in the country to make the vaccine mandatory for its employees. thousands of employees now have until june 1st to get the shot. andrew. >> ike, thank you. a developing story from chicago where a 13-year-old has been shot and killed by a police officer. authorities say adam toledo died during a, quote, armed confrontation and say a gun was found at the scene. the mayor is calling for the police body camera video to be released. toledo's mother said her boy was likely scared and said he wanted to be a police officer one day. >> i just want justice. i just want answers, what happened. i don't have nothing. i don't know what happened. >> the officer involved has been placed on desk duty. the gunman who opened fire inside an orange, california, business complex could face the death penalty. investigators say he knew his victims deliberately targeting
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them. they also say he used bike chain locks to secure the gates delaying police response. four people were killed including a 9-year-old boy. police believe he died in his mother's arms. she managed to survive but was critically injured. new details in the scandal surrounding florida congressman matt gaetz. sources say investigators are looking into whether gaetz and his associate in florida provided cash or other items of value to women they had sex with after meeting online. that associate pleaded not guilty after being indicted for allegedly trafficking a teen girl for sex. the justice department is trying to determine whether gaetz had a relationship with a 17-year-old. he has denied the allegations. breaking news oversees, a passenger train in taiwan has derailed. at least 36 people have been killed. police say the train derailed after hitting a vehicle that had fallen off a cliff and landed on the tracks. 350 people were on that train. time now for a look at your friday weather.
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north dakota's governor has declared a wildfire emergency amid extreme drought conditions. more than 140 fires have burned across the state this year. meanwhile, near whiteout conditions around cleveland were blamed for this highway pileup involving more than 20 vehicles. minor injuries were reported. the early spring bitter blast continues this morning. the windchills from florida to new england look more like january. as of today's high temperatures, only in the 40s in much of the east. warm in the west, 90s in phoenix. coming up, another baby gender reveal party with deadly consequences. the stunt that went horribly wrong. also ahead, new desperation at the southern border. how a mother and her baby were saved from drowning. and one senator's new proposl to respond to the migrant crisis.
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back now with a gender reveal celebration turning deadly. a plane crashing into the water near cancun, mexico. both people on board were killed. the plane just released a pink cloud as part of a gender reveal. more about the desperate scene at the southern border. a mother and baby thrown into the river were just rescued in time by a texas state trooper. >> i heard splashing and see this woman, the baby is in her arm, and the water is going over the baby. >> reporter: this is the harrowing story involving that 6-month-old baby and her mother, thrown off a raft in the rio grande by smugglers. trooper says the mother was clutching her baby in one hand while clinging on to a tree branch with the other. >> i start rubbing the chest of
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the baby because the baby wasn't moving at that point. . there is a reason why smugglers and cartel members do things like throw a young child into the river. they know that when doing so, it will cause border patrol and texas department of public safety officers to focus on that child and to save that child. >> reporter: it comes after that other disturbing scene this week, two girls ages 3 and 5 being dropped by smugglers from atop the border fence, plunging 14 feet to the ground. >> i've seen the video. and i think my of us who saw the video were incredibly alarmed by the steps of smugglers. >> reporter: amid a deadlock in washington, a new call for action from senator joe manchin, a key democrat. he is now floating a 90-day moratorium on immigration. >> that means shutting everything down for 90 days, how we have people coming into our country. sending that message that we're not going to be taking people into this country until we get our ability to make sure we're able to do it and do it right.
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>> reporter: with 18,000 unaccompanied migrant children now in u.s. government care, border facilities are bursting at the seams. this new video shows the ongoing expansion in texas. six massive new tents being added. the facility was built to hold 250 migrants but now holds 4,000. and border facilities are so overwhelmed, some migrants are being freed without court dates or paperwork. a ban on yoga in public schools in alabama will stay in place. efforts to lift the ban have stalled after conservative groups objected saying they have concerns about yoga's link to hinduism and its effects on children. the supporters plan to try to pass the bill again soon. why you could be getting more robocalls at dinnertime. a deer comes crashing into . you won't believe wh
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does your vitamin c last twenty-four hours? only nature's bounty does. new immune twenty-four hour plus has longer lasting vitamin c. plus, herbal and other immune superstars. only from nature's bounty. back now with police unleashing water cannons on people gathered at this park in brussels, belgium. the gathering violated covid restrictionses. people threw bottles and other items at the officers. several of them were injured. egypt is seeking more than $1 billion in damages after the suez canal was blocked by a cargo ship for nearly a week. egyptian officials have not said who should pay for the salvage operation that freed the ship or the lost fees during the traffic jam. investigators are trying to figure out why that ship ran aground. back in this country,
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a supreme court ruling could unleash a flood of new robocalls and in a unanimous decision the justices delivered a victory for facebook by limiting a 30-year-old law that bans certain kind of automated messages. critics of the decision say it will make it harder to block automated phone calls. americans are already being swamped with a record number of spam calls. more than 6 billion last month alone. we turn now to that shocking video from a school bus in virginia that had everyone saying, oh, dear. this morning an unexpected wake-up call for these students in virginia. in the blink of an eye a small deer comes crashing through their school bus. for the student trying to sleep in the front row, it was nothing to fawn over. >> did that deer land on you? >> yes. >> are you okay? >> i was trying to sleep. >> the deer appears to skim the bus' hood before owe bit waspli rating the windshield. luckily the student was in deep sleep crouched down in his seat. >> it would have hit him in the chest or top of his head or something so we're very lucky. he's very lucky.
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>> and he didn't even wake up. >> the bus driver was able to open the door, and the deer scurried off. and the students shocked over what they just witnessed. the dear ran off through a field nearby and seemed okay. in sports, the washington nationals say two more players have tested positive. for the coronavirus. covid protocols postponed their home opener against the mets yesterday, and they will not play today. elsewhere in the big leagues, this season's first home run came during a snowstorm. detroit's miguel cabrera after he hit this slid into second base because he couldn't see the ball and didn't know it was a homer. a big u.p.s. fan gets a special delivery. first the mom who gave birth to the rare super twins who have different ages. i'm still going for what's next. even with higher stroke risk due to... afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin,... i want that. eliquis. eliquis reduces stroke risk better than warfarin.
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time to check the pulse. we begin with a very rare set of twins. >> so noah and rosalee were conceived about three weeks apart, but they were born on the very same day. this is a rare phenomenon called superfetation. >> all right. so mom was induced when doctors realized that rosalee wasn't growing normally. both babies spent time in intensive care, but they're all together at home now, and they are doing well. next, a georgia man whose old boss gave him his last boss in pennies finally has a load off his hands. >> his former boss dumped more than 90,000 pennies in his driveway as a final payment for about $915 in earnings. but after his story made national headlines, a washington-based company that turns coins into cash reached out and offered to help. >> they've now picked up the coins and given him an even $1,000 in the form of a check. >> that's a come-up. and next to the special delivery for a big man from ups.
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>> 2-year-old marco loves the big brown truck. his morning routine includes waving to the ups drivers as they leave their facility near his home in california. one of the workers even surprised marco with his very own truck. >> this is pretty cool. the serial number reads 5-2-18. his birthday. next, police in austin say this was not an april fools joke. >> a squirrel got its head stuck in a tree. first responders finally managed to pull it free. they tweeted it's not a joke. and finally, gap gate. >> michael trahan stunned the world with a video of himself at the dentist closing his iconic gap between his teeth. now he is coming clean. >> so i just wanted to say april fool's! come on, man! the gap is here to stay for a little while. not going anywhere any time soon. april fools!
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a second shooting. the investigation underway in fremont. another pharmaceutical company said it is ready to start testing its vaccine on teens and the new vaccination site opening in one of the bay area's hardest hit cities. bay ball is back but not everything went exactly as planned for the a's opening night. good morning. welcome to friday, april 2nd. look who is here. >> yes. hey, ladies. >> loving that. >> uh-huh. they will start with this forecast with lisa this morning. hi. >> hey. good morning. we are looking at return to the on shore flow. the fog is back at golden gate bridge. with that we are looking at some cooler conditions later on afternoon. 48 in pleasanton. we are look at numbers


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