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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 1, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 million people became newly eligible for the shot. will they be able to get it time. good evening and thank you for joining us. the vaccines our best chance at beating back the pandemic but they are in the race against a variance. will changes to the coronavirus outpace the ability to ourselves? >> we need people to hold on for a little bit longer.
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>> while only a fraction of covid-19 cases undergo genomic sequencing, dr. sarah cody says the proportion of cases that are linked to more transmissible variances climbing signaling a warming trend. the rise comes at the county basis of vavavavavava from the state even as eligibility expands. >> we are a county of nearly 2 million people, the largest in northern california. the allocations are not going as far in our county and others. >> this week, the stanford clinical virology lab confirmed
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the case of a newer india variant in the county. research is being done on how impactful it could be. >> it contains two known spike mutations in the receptor binding domain. these include e.4a4q. infectious disease experts are reminding the public to remain vigilant. >> as we try to get everybody vaccinated, my worry is we will give the virus a chance to develop mutations that will get around vaccines. been we are just goingjust going sliding back down the hill. >> the race continuing between the variance and the vaccine. in san jose you can get vaccinated and be entertained. the mexican heritage plaza has
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teamed up with gardner healthcare services to provide the shots. the clinic is scheduled to be there thursday through may 6th. the music serves a bigger purpose as people weighed out. >> it is to build a cultural bridge and make people felt comfortable with music. it is something they are used to and haven't had something they haven't in quite some time. >> only those eligible can get a shot. some people are showing up as early as 4:00 a.m. to get there is. today, the state expanded vaccine eligibility to include anyone over the age of 50. that allows about 7 million more californians to sign up for a vaccine appointment. finding one in the bay area can
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be challenging. >> in some ways it is a good problem to have. if you have to wait a couple of weeks longer but the reason you have to wait is all of your neighbors and your family members are getting vaccinated then, ultimately, that will make us a safer place. what we want at the end of the day is the highest possible rate of the vaccinated people. that is what gets us to herd immunity. that is why we are not seeing the surgeon other parts of the country. today in san francisco the mayor touted the progress that has been made in the city. >> this has everything to do with the fact that all of what we have done and everything we talked about in the past in terms of where we need to go and get to, we are finally getting there. >> san francisco residents over the age of 50 can get the covid vaccine along with those over 65, essential workers, and others given the green light. mayor london breed announced already 45% of san franciscans have received the first dose. >> san francisco is doing an
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incredible job people. >> the number of new covid-19 cases per day in san francisco has gone from 370 at the city's peak down to 33 last week according to dr. grant colfax. >> both the doctor and the mayor continue to social distancing -- want the community to masks and maintain social distancing. city officials say soon enough they will loosen some restrictions around gathering indoors for those people fully vaccinated. they encourage anyone fully vaccinated who was exposed experiencing symptoms to get tested. the mayor says in san francisco there are approximately 20 covid patients in the hospital
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right now. >> we should be proud of what we have been able to accomplish in the city. city officials say insufficient vaccine supply is the biggest factor limiting the cities vaccination effort.ccina. a governor newsome vowed to wait his turn to get vaccinated for covid-19. today, his turn arrived. the 53-year-old governor received the single-dose johnson & johnson vaccine from state health and human services secretary dr. mark --. the governor encouraged everyone to get vaccinated when it is their turn stressing while the state is headed in the right direction, the pandemic is not over. >> this disease has not gone away. it has not disappeared. it is as deadly as it has ever been. we remove the vigilance. we don't continue to vaccinate. this thing can blow up qup qup q particularly with over 7
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variance we are tracking in the state of california. newsom says more than 18 million doses have been administered in california and 31% of the population has received at least one shot. how long will the vaccines protect us from coronavirus? that is a question we put to dr. patel, a member of our vaccine team. we spoke with him during our 4:00 p.m. newscast. >> it is important for people to know that if you get vaccines from now you will have a strong level of protection six months later. it probably will be a lot longer than that. that is important for us to know as we head into summer, fall, and winter and other variance trying to come after us. >> to contact the vaccine team go to you will find the latest headlines and the rules about who is eligible for a shot. again, that is all on it is a big day. baseball is back and so are fans in the stands. it is a momentous a for the oakland a's home opener. they will play ball next to the federally run mass vaccination
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site is set up in the coliseum parking lot. you can see how close the two events are to each other. j.r. stone joins us live. jr, i imagine there are a lot of precautions in place place p >> reporter: there certainly are. and 5:00 i was the only one in the parking lot. at 6:00 right now i am one of thousands of people out here. i want to step out of the way and you can see all of the different cars, and all of the different groups. tailgating is not allowed. however, they opened the gates 90 minutes prior to first pitch. people are making their way in parking and trying to get a quick drink and then go into the stadium. i want to go to some of the video. you ask about precautions. yes, they are doing pod seeding. he was a groups of 2 or 4. again, you will see seats
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around those groups using zip ties. they have zip tied those off. it is a little different feel when you are inside. some have tape on the ones you can actually use. úit is a different field but baseball is back. we could see 12,000 people here today we have been fans out here and they are excited as well. >> i am super excited. unfortunately, my boyfriend stuck at bart. he is on his way now. >> i may have to get him a chump bump. >> it is also a different field because on the north side of the coliseum, they have the massive vaccination center. that is still going on right now all the way up until 7:00.
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on the south side, that is where all of the a's fans are. it is usually backwards. usually you have all of the a's fans on the north side at a mass vaccination clinic is still happening out here. back out here live maybe we can pull out and see this carload of folks that are coming in. fans are excited to be out here. i will tell you, standing out here we haven't seen this many people and some time. it puts a smile on your face. to go inside of that stadium and to see the green grass, it is one thing to see it on tv. it is another to see a live. you can see these folks are excited. we love all of the excitement. of course we can tell it is a great weather for baseball. thank you, jr. abc 7 news weather anchor spencer christian is here. we had a hot one. we did, indeed. we are still -- i will give you a look at the high
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the official high temperature readings we have not yet confirmed this but we are near record highs. we had a high of 89 degrees. 85 at san jose, 85 at livermore. only 78 in san francisco which is a bit lower than we were yesterday. it is going down as we have an onshore flow and we have fog and the marine layer returning to the coastline. let's talk about tonight's game time whether for the a's season opener against of the houston astros. game time is is is is is is is it will be mainly sunny with temperatures about 70 do three degrees. it will be gorgeous baseball weather. a cooldown is about to develop. i will show you how cool it will be over the easter weekend coming up a little sounds good. we will check back with you. thank you, spencer.
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we are working hard every day to build a better bay area which means making sure our students can get an education. tens of thousands of students in the fremont unified school district will remain at home distanced learning for the rest
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of the school year. the district says it simply could not reach an agreement with teachers to return to class. cornell bernard found many parents are frustrated and upset they are planning to protest. >> reporter: free my parents protested outside of the teachers union office demanding their kids be back at school for in person learning. many thought it was a matter of days before that would happen. >> i don't know to be honest, who to blame. my son is not i am desperate. >> in a surprise announcement the unified school district that it students would remain under distanced learning for the rest of the school year. parents couldn't believe it. >> the kids have been home for over one year. at this age they need eight -- they need to go back to normal life. >> the district has no agreement with the teachers union about returning to class. >> we recognize that is not the outcome our community was
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requiring. >> they say a return to the classroom should involve all students who want to go back. >> the district believes the return to campus should be comprehensive for all students from kindergarten through 12th grade. >> the teachers union says that proposal was not a part of the original agreement. >> it undercut the work we have ben doing for so long bringing back our youngest students. we still feel overall that it would be in the best interest for everyone to make that happen for our youngest learners. >> without an agreement the district says they would miss out on nearly $9 million in additional state funding. >> time is running out and the district is going to lose $10 million. >> other districts have returned to in person learning with younger students. some parents wonder why not fremont. >> the county back into the orange tier. restaurants -- people are going back to work. it is time for kids to go back to their classroom.
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>> the district has plans to expand and person learning hubs and focus on a full return to class in the fall. parents say they will keep the giants open the season on the road tonight in seattle. fans plant ahead to next week's home opener where oracle park will taste some restrictions. with look at the new rules for going to the game. that banner behind you says welcome home but getting inside may not be so easy. >> thank you so much for being here. capital happy opening-day. >> in the days of covid as major league teams throughout first balls across the country they are rolling out protocols for fans. and oracle park that means severe guidelines for what will be the city's largest public event since the pandemic. >> no entry through this gate without proof of a vaccination or proof of a negative test. >> what mlb does is they say
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you need to comply with your local -- your state and local health officers. >> while still in the orange tier for this homestand the giants will limit admittance to roughly 8900 fans are 22% capacity. they will be sitting in pods ordering food remotely and staying in those pods masks on. expect the proof or testing of vaccinations to happen randomly before admission. >> anybody coming into the ballpark will be subject to this requirement. >> those will be mostly season- ticket holders for now. it did not stop average fans fom weighing in outside the park today. >> if we have 500,000 people that have died i think it is worth it. >> i think it is fair. i think it is kind of discriminatory. >> would you take a test just to go to the game? >> no. no. i am already fully vaccinated. i kind of like that idea. >> it is worth noting only new york mets and yankees fans face
6:19 pm
tough --. >> i think it is important to play the long game here. >> one game at a time. so many giants fans are ready for the season to start especially brian stowe. it was 10 years ago yesterday when he was beaten into a, in the parking lot and dodger stadium. two men were later arrested and sentenced to all of these years later he still has one big question. he appeared on our 3:00 p.m. program getting answers. >> my big thing was i wanted to know why. why did they do that to me? i will never get >> we can tell you he is doing very well, thankfully. he can walk again and is fully able to function on his own.
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he says he has excited the season is about to start and plans to be at giants opening- day one week from tomorrow. glad to see
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california conditions life from edge to edge. on the left that is the view of on the western border. get all of the beachgoers. on the right that is the eastern were california nevada a sparkling look out there. up in the mountains the state's department of water resources conducted a snow survey. usually the april snow measurement is the deepest. this time the snowpack statewide is just 59% average. today's news as to the concerns about the drought which is already significant. in this map released today the drought covers 99% of the state. we really really need a little more rain. >> we do. we are running out of real estate to get it though. we are indeed running out of time. we are about to move into a joyous time of the year. we don't see any rain on the horizon right now. just some week chances. here is a look at the 24-hour
6:24 pm
temperature change. it was a very warm to hot day. already it is calling down because we now have an onshore flow.: marine air is moving up on the coast and around the bay. many locations are several degrees colder than they were at this time yesterday. there is a lovely view looking out over san francisco where it is currently 69 degrees. open 73. anyone at mountain view. 64 at half moon bay. what a stunning view of the president sunset sky from the east bay health camera. and ice reflection of the sun off the bay water. 78 degrees in santa rosa. napa 79. 86 at fairfield. 84 at concorde and 81 at nevermore. here is a lovely be view of a blue skies over downtown san francisco. these guys when i remain clear very long because fogg is on the way. will have a fog developing near the coast. kohler pattern begins tomorrow and that continues through easter weekend. we can expect ever temperatures
6:25 pm
and dry conditions for the weekend. he was a look at the forecast animation overnight. notice early in the evening hours mainly clear but we will to the fog pushing against the cosine or beginning to before midnight. and get in between midnight and 5:00 a.m. we'll see more fog pushing locally across the bay. during the daytime tomorrow that marie leah will get a little shallower and shallower. it will be a bright day with some lingering coastal fog. ovrnight low temperatures will be made in the mid to upper 40s. tomorrow's highs down the south bay mainly upper 70s to about 80 in morgan hill. 79 in san jose and the peninsula highs in the low to mid 70s. about 75 at some lingering fog and highs in the low 60s. downtown san francisco will top out at 67 degrees tomorrow. in the north bay 77. 76 in napa. east barre highs about 72 an open. the inland east bay will be a little warmer than that but a lot colder than today with highs around 80-81 degrees and most inland/east bay locations.
6:26 pm
looking ahead at future radar you can see early next week we have some week disturbances heading our way. it doesn't look look look look significant rainfall or measurable rain work its way into the immediate bay area but it will get close enough that there is a chance of some sprinkles. for right now we will not call for any rainany rainany rainanyn forecast. just a dry easter weekend with colder temperatures than we have have the last couple of days. pretty much in the average range up to about 70 degrees for the highs and the inland areas saturday and sunday. monday and tuesday it gets a bit breezier. makes a senokot still relatively mild and clouds start to increase late next week. once again we will keep watching for a chance of the very elusive rain which we much need in the bay area. it is elusive. thank you, spencer . mother was supposed to be an ordinary tuesday night but it was anything but. and oakland family cannot forget the night the home was broken into by robbe.
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tonight is story of terror. it is what one oakland family went through this week they are sharing that story tonight. the good news physically they are okay but emotionally it is something else entirely. >> we have the story you'll see only on 7. i am scared they are going to i don't want them to come back. >> 7-year-old amy can no longer sleep after four men broke into her parents oakland home at about 10:30 tuesday night.esdayi >> they said if you do anything, the first person i shoot will be your daughter. >> coming through the back window -- >> he covered his face with a black mask and he had a gun on
6:31 pm
his hand. >> the robbers tied her and her husband up. >> started bleeding. >> they forced amy and a blanket as they ransacked the home. they took everything from amy's brothers sneaker collection to the bengals off her wrist. >> they tried to pull each off one by one. >> i just just just just just harm to us. >> this happens at a time when asian americans in the bay area and around the country are filling targeted. she says at least three families along her street have been robbed or attacked in recent months. the only thing that kept her from breaking down during her ordeal was what one assailant whispered in her ear. >> okay, don't worry. we are not going to kill you or you. we came here for money. covid-19. have no job and this makes us do this. >> it is almost like he apologized. >> that is why i feel better.
6:32 pm
at least he has a human heart. >> as this family deals with the monumental task of putting their home and their lives back together and message to law enforcement. pay attention to asian-american victims. here is their message to the robbers. >> please don't come back here again. you already got what she wanted. just leave us alone. >> i just want them to be nice and not rob people. >> they can get their own money by making a job. >> i wish that family well. there has been another mass shooting. the third one in over two weeks. and i-year-old boy was among four people killed at a business park in southern california last night. police in the city of orange say the boy's mother was shot and injured while trying to protect her son. the suspect has been identified as -- gonzalez. police say he and all of the
6:33 pm
victims through a personal or business relationship. >> it is a horrible horrible tragedy that mr. gonzales made a decision to use deadly force to deal with issues he was dealing with apparently in his life. he will suffer and face the consequences. >> police say gonzales chained to the gates to the complex close so the first officers on the scene fired shots from outside. he is hospitalized in critical but stable condition. my witness testimony in the fourth day of the trial of former officer derek chauvin. his supervisor was one of the witnesses who took the stand. you testified that the force used on floyd should have stopped earlier. >> do you have an opinion as to when the restraints of mr. floyd should have ended in this encounter? >> yes. >> when is it? are >> when mr. floyd was no longer offering up any resistance to
6:34 pm
the officers. >> that is after he was handcuffed and on the ground and no longer resistant? >> correct. >> floyd's girlfriend also took the stand today. she testified about their struggles with opioid addiction. the defense has argued that drugs and health problems caused his death. you can watch the entire trial on the tv app. it is available for roku and other devices. recent action by congress extended unemployment benefits to more than one year for many because of the pandemic when that extension starts it is causing frustration and some confusion. michael finney is trying to sort this out for you. you joins us live tonight. for many, the unemployment checks could be the difference between eating and going hungry. patience is a virtue they simply cannot afford. at six. that is the blunt assessment of robin miller and her husband
6:35 pm
about her experience with the edd. robin began collecting unemployment in july. despite the extension, the checks stop coming in january. >> i like what is going on without. they have been giving us the runaround since january. >> jennifer began receiving benefits in july. just like robin, her benefits stopped suddenly and both received this notice in their mailbox saying they could be eligible for an additional 13 weeks of benefits. >> i was expecting to be automatically enrolled as the electronic notice stated. >> the email stated she should receive a notice in the mail intan-14 days. it has been more than 30 days and so far she has received nothing. she has now drained nearly all of her savings. >> things are dipping into a reserve we had. it is not going to take us very far. >> we reached out reached out r
6:36 pm
recent teleconference to clarify jennifer and robin's situation. we didn't get very far. >> i can understand the confusion that can come around the hierarchy along with some of these extensions. it can make it more confusing. >> edd declines to talk about their specific cases. robin said she is running out of options. she has already taken out her 401(k). >> i took it all out. we are going through that like crazy. we have a link to the latest information posted by edd. you can find it on thank you so much.
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welcome back with a live look at the golden gate bridge. the sidewalk area on the east side, that is the side facing the city, it will be affected by construction beginning monday. that is a so crews can build a deterrence. it's estimated to be finished in 2023. the net is 20 feet below the sidewalk and extend about 20 feet out from the bridge. it was designed so it will not interview with the view of the bridge. it will help catch people should they jump. remember, if you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide you can -- you can be an ally by goingby goingby going or find an ally as well. health is an important part of building a better bay area.
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there are disturbing numbers out tonight that indicate traffic pollution is hurting some neighborhoods more than others. researchers told abc 7 news reporter that it is leading to racial disparity. >> access to new sensors and satellite technology has yielded some disturbing data on the effects of traffic generated air pollution. >> about 2500 lives were lost and about 5200 children developed new cases of asthma every year due to this traffic pollution. >> new research by the environmental defense fund and george washington university points at the impact is greatest in color. this shows the highest percentage of new childhood asthma cases is in west and downtown oakland which is majority of people of color. the percentage is much lower in the oakland hills which is majority white a few miles away. researchers say the disparity makes a compelling argument for the transition to zero emission vehicles. the bustling port of organs at the jason with heavy truck traffic. major freeways cut through the area. 1 and 2 new cases tied to
6:42 pm
childhood traffic related pollution are reported. in the hills it is 1 and 5. council members at next-door berkeley are aware of health issues traffic pollution causess local control of transportation is difficult. >> i think we are going to have to keep pushing at the state and federal level to give us more authority to do that or just insist the state do it themselves. >> researchers hope policymakers will hope -- will focus on helping communities most impacted by traffic pollution. we have your weather forecast next with a look at easter weekend. you can see what the
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6:46 pm
vacation destination once again to california residents. >> it is very nostalgic. would love to come to santa cruz. it brings a lot of happy memories. it is a little different with the masks but it is okay. >> the mid-ways of the boardwalk were empty no more. 8-12 rides will be open. they include the pirate ship and rock and roll. >> it was really fun. roaring down the tracks once again was the giants differ. this lucky family was the first to ride the wooden roller coaster today. >> i hit my head right when we started going down.going down.g. >> was a fun? >> super fun. it was so fun i think i was crying. >> while there is no set limit on capacity visitors can expect a 25% cap on the rides per state guidelines. social distancing is encouraged and online tickets are
6:47 pm
recommended and of course a mask of mandatory. rides open at the park will temporarily close during the course of the day for cleaning and sanitizing. >> we are complying with all of the guidelines defined under the orange tier. if and when santa cruz moves to the yellow we will follow those as well. we are committed to making sure everyone will have a great time but ensuring everyone stays healthy or safe when they visit our work at the boardwalk. >> the entire time you can see the smiles on people's faces because there is fun rides and great weather. it is the perfect combination for a welcome back to the santa cruz beach boardwalk. this nice warm weather does cause some problems. firefighters are responding to a fire in the hills of woodside. they are coming at the springs fire. sky 7 is over the scene. it is burning in a nature preserve that is heavily wooded and difficult to access. cal fire has dispatched a
6:48 pm
helicopter to make water drops. it is not a big as you can see. the fire has burned about a quarter of an acre. it is just getting started. they think they can get a handle of it really quickly. a portion between skyline boulevard is closed but we will continue to keep tabs on that. heat doesn't help in that regard. what we need is moremoremoremore it feels too early to be so hot and so dry. you're right about that. good news relative to the fire temperatures are dropping rather sharply from today's unusually high range. temperatures in the area of the fire is in the low 70s and the wind is relatively calm at 12- 14 miles per hour. no gusts or extreme heat. let's talk about overnight conditions. fog is returning to the coast or will during the overnight hours. overnight temperatures will be in the mid to upper 40s. some fog will linger at coast.
6:49 pm
low 60s on the coast where the fog will linger. here is the 7-day forecast. it is going to be mainly sunny and a dry easter weekend. it will be mild but quite a bit colder than the last few days have been. has near 70s and later. there is a hence of a sprinkler to but no measurable rain is likely. i wish we had some coming but i can't see it in the yet. >> we all do. thank you, spencer. larry beale with -- baseball is back. it is a tale of two cities. >> yes, the giants and a's. it is opening-day. we have a live report and the a's are minutes away from first pitch
6:50 pm
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to mental health. and it's the only place that offers financial help for health insurance. enrollment is open due to covid-19. if you or someone you know isn't covered, now is the time to sign up. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll now at good evening. opening-day is here. baseball is is is is is giants are in seattle. in oakland it is a rivalry renewed. the eyes are posting the astros at the hotdogs and masks and social distancing. we are almost there. we are getting there. things almost seem normal once again. chris alvarez joining us live. chris i saw you guys tweeting the first few fans walking into
6:53 pm
the coliseum. >> you are exactly right. you saw those tweets.those twee. we are walking the concourse with people that are not media or people that work here. it is the best thing you have ever seen. about 12,000 people can pack this place in a social distant manner. larry as he mentioned what a way to start the season for the a's. 7 of the first 10 games against the astros. it will be key in the al west. we have some video and some pregame warm-ups. again a beautiful day sundrenched in the coliseum. the grass look perfect. the took the west in 2020 but the astros got the revenge in october. they beat the a's and format games in the a lds. oakland 7 times they played houston in this first stretch of the season. they want to jump on them right away. >> we are excited to play the astros. it is always fun to play them.
6:54 pm
that is probably in our opinion our biggest competition in this division. we are the reigning champs and they have got to prove it to us. we are not taking these games lightly but these -- they are good teams. we definitely will be battle tested having to play the dodgers and the astros twice. have to play as. we like to believe these are games. will we are outside 30 minutes before the game. can't be and i but you can hear the pa announcer.p. there but it is just a lot of fun seeing people with their jerseys on. you can see the excitement in their eyes. they are running up around. it is a whole new experience. we are getting a little closer to normal here at the coliseum. it is a lot of fun. even then ashley. dan is excited. got him up out of his chair. are right. first moment of the 2021 season. a snowstorm in detroit. miguel cabrera and the tigers. he wasn't sure it was out so he slid into second. pro tip aim for the biggest
6:55 pm
snowflake. this is bizarre. the dodgers cody belanger hits a homerun in colora. justin turner thought it was called so he is running back to first base. belanger said no it is a homerun. he is rolled out for passing turner on the basis. it is an rbi single. kershaw and the dodgers lose 8- 5. the braves and phillies. panda power. pablo sandoval pinchhitting for atlanta. his first ever homerun opening- day. sandoval's braves lose 3-two meant. staff and the worriers visiting the heat in miami. andrew wiggins whatever he is eating i want some. 5 degrees and 18 in the first half. tyler herro leading miami and he is filed. don't file a three point shooter. what about staff?
6:56 pm
he is taking a couple charges. i wish it was stopped at. he hits the 3. 10 at the have. worriers are traveling 8375 -- 83-75. this morning george kittle posted a picture of himself in a jacksonville, jaguars uniform on social media with the caption next chapter thanks to the faithful for all of the support. you do remember that this is april 1st, right? april fools? yeah. don't worry about that. i am looking at a tweet from 49ers general manager and he tweets just came out of draft meetings for the day and he has his picture there. not funny, george kittle. that is is is is is is is yeah. >> don't mess with us. don't toy with us. thank you, larry.
6:57 pm
coming up tonight at 8:00 it is station 19 follows by followed by gray's anatomy and 1 million little things that 10:00. then, stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. you can watch all of our newscasts live and on-demand. is available for apple tv, androids tv, amazon fire . like that is it for this edition of 7 news. thank you for joining us. i am dan ashley. for all of us here we appreciate your time. we hope you have a nice evening and that was see you again. tonight at 11:00 a
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i'm not sure if there's anything i can say to my family members to convince them to take the covid-19 vaccine. i'm not even sure if i'm convinced. hi darius, i think that people respond more to what we do than what we say. so after looking at all the data and the science about these vaccines, i got the vaccine. and i made sure my mom and dad got the vaccine.
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