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tv   ABC7 News Getting Answers  ABC  April 1, 2021 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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somebody from a local company that is working on vaccine passports within the biden administration. the good and the bad. we will be sure to answer your questions on that. this giants fan was beaten into a coma 10 years ago parking lot of dodger stadium. he survived the attack and will be joining us live to update us on his recovery and what he is doing now. let's begin with vaccinations
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and covid-19 with the ucsf department of medicine chair. thank you for joining us . >> my pleasure. great to be here. >> big news today. anyone 50 and older is eligible in california for the vaccine. including the governor. that is an additional 7.6 million people. do we have the supply to match? >> we will. the supply is moving pretty quickly. the state has now sorted this out after the very early days in january. i think the state is now getting vaccines into the arms of people. now moving from big stadiums in health systems into pharmacies. i think we are on a pretty good clip. there may be waiting lists. you might have to wait a week or 2, but we are moving along pretty well. >> 72% of the people in a survey in the bay area said they would get the vaccine as soon as it is available to them. that is great, but is that what is driving the supply and demand
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imbalance in the frustration of people not being able to get a vaccine? >> sure. the allocation is by population. in states where more people want vaccine the weight will be a little longer. i would not trade that to be in a state where people did not want vaccine is a good problem to have. if you have to had a couple of weeks longer, but the reason is that all of your neighbors and family members are getting vaccinated. ultimately that is going to make us safer. we want at the end of the day is the highest possible rate of vaccinated people. that is what gets us to herd immunity. that is why we are not seeing the kind of surge they are in other parts of the country.
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there is enough people vaccinated now. putting significant pressure on the case counts. they are seeing and other places that is not true. >> what is the percentage in california fully vaccinated? >> i do not have that in front of me unfortunately.>> i know that we are doing better in catching up. one thing that is interesting is why do some counties seem to get more supply? here in the bay area contra costa county and solano have been vaccinating people for weeks now. they just opened it up to anyone over 16. and other counties they have not even gotten to people in previous tears. why the difference? >> the distribution is still pretty lumpy. overall i think it will even itself out. some of this is not really all about supply. it is the weather people are lining up to get the vaccine. at this point we are down to if you have to a an extra week or
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2 you have to think we are in a year of this. stay safe. wait for your vaccine to become available. we are now a few weeks away from this being wide open to everyone. i think we are looking at a world where by early may, a month from now, everybody who wants a vaccine will have access to one. which is pretty spectacular and amazing. >> it really is. this is pretty big today. the cdc treated if you are fully vaccinated against covid that means -- exposed to someone with covid-19 you are not required to quarantine if you have not had any symptoms. that sounds like them saying you won't transmit it after you have been fully vaccinated. is that how you read it? >> yes. they have been saying a version of that for weeks. for a month or so in january or february the partyline was we are pretty sure
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get really sick and die if vaccinated, which is the best news. we are pretty sure your rate of transmission to be much lower, but we do not know how low. i think we are now much more clear on that. the chances that you can catch the virus and hold onto it and transmit it to others are down a lot. probably about 90%. with that i think they feel comfortable need to quarantine if you are vaccinated. you really are safe. obviously if you feel sick and get sick you need to be tested, but vaccinated people are really protected. not only against themselves getting sick to a very large degree against transmitting the virus. >> this viewer has a good question here. when the country reaches herd immunity is there a possibility
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we could lose it in the future for some reason? >> yes. i do not know the country will reach herd immunity. i do not think anybody will wave the checkered flag that we have hit that magical moment. i think we will see regions will have very high rates of immunity. i think in the bay area enough people will be vaccinated that we can be quite protected. then they will come in and out of the region. the variance remain a little bit scary. the good news is the vaccines still seem to work extremely well against the various the uk and california variance. some of them that are
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potentially vaccine resistant may become an issue. we are never going to become completely out of the woods on this, but i think we will reach a point where the number of cases is very low. people can go back to something that is pretty close to normal life. we have to keep monitoring it because it can shape shift. >> for sure. i am glad you mentioned the vaccines are still working very well against the variance. this public health officer warned of an increase of her county. i want to ask about the johnson and johnson vaccine because the governor got one today. a friend asked me today should she get that one or a different one? she is comparing it to the these wants. lima she still feels it is a little bit lower, so should i wait? what do you say to people who have the concern about johnson and johnson? >> i asked the vaccine experts that question, and they gave the stock answer, which is take the one you can get. that is the right answer. you should give the one you can get today. they said if they could get any of them today they would probably take the j&j.
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the reason was that although the 72% number is a little lower than the 95% number that we are used to with the other vaccines it was done at a time when there were more variance around. i think the general belief is they are pretty comparable in their efficacy. i would not be surprised if we don't get another shot in the fall. all of them are essentially 100% protective against getting really sick and going to the hospital and dying. that is really the number you care about. rather than debating 72 versus 95. the most important number is 100% effective against hospitalization and death. >> that is good to hear. i want to ask you something else . opening day for baseball. i do not know if you are a baseball fan. >> a little bit. my son works in baseball, so i
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pay a lot of attention to the atlanta braves, which is who he works for. >> that is exciting because the fans are being allowed back in the ballparks. two different rules, but in oakland they are going to do about 26% capacity. wearing masks except when eating and drinking. seated in pods. the giants fans have to prove they are covid negative. what are your thoughts? under those rules do you think people should feel safe to go back? >> yes. i think that feels very safe. particularly because the bay area is prevalent is so low but will those rules be good enough if we had a 10% positivity rate? maybe not, by the prevalence of the virus because people has done such a good job being careful in getting vaccinated. the prevalence in the bay area is very low. we not outdoors is safe. decreasing the density is a smart thing to do until we know
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for sure that things are not going to have an uptick and more people are vaccinated. the real question will be as we go forward the issue of if you are going to need to demonstrate your vaccinated. you will see more and more places require proof of vaccination. whether that is an app on your phone or you little cdc card if you have the card hold onto it because you may need to show it to get into some places. >> i want to ask you if you thought proof would be important in terms of returning to work with employers mandating that. >> i think we are beginning to see some of that. i have predicted four months of that will be the debate of the summer. that may be the thing of 2021 employers, travel, airplanes -- they do have a legal right to insist on vaccination. will they do it? how much pushback will there be? it is a legitimate debate to
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have your i would feel comfortable if i knew everybody in the restaurant i was at was fully vaccinated. >> that will be a top that we will continue to revisit. thank you so much for joining us today.>> always a pleasure. coming up. this giants fan was attacked
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by creating a vaccine passport as a way to prove your vaccinated before you get on a plane or go to a game or concert in the future. there is some controversy.
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thank you for joining us, jenny. >> thank you for having me. >> this topic fascinates people, but also confuses and scares some people. you're working with the biden administration and world health organization to help support the development of a vaccine verification system on a global scale. what are we looking at creating here? >> we are realwe are realwe ar the paper cards that when you get your vaccination and turn it into a digital system. if you think about it right now we need to be able to open up the economy again -- we need to think about different ways in which we can show that people have been vaccinated. we are trying to take the paper cards you get after you get your shot and turn it into something you can carry around with you on your phone.>> what would be the step one, two, and three
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>> there are three major components. the issue were who is going to be your clinic or hospital. wherever you got your vaccination at. there will be the wallet, which will be on your phone. if you think about the wallet in your pocket we are talking about the same idea except digital on your phone. then the verifier. may be at the baseball stadium because it is opening day. may be at the airport as you are about to travel. they will look at the wallet to make sure the credential is valid. >> here is the concern. there is the ethical question of will everyone be able to get one? the other part is the privacy concern. how to make sure there is no one on the other end who has access to your information. this is where the watching part comes in. talk about how it could work days block chain technology -- no one is holding onto your information on the other end. >> the block chain that is
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fancy technology in the background, but be cool and important thing is the cryptography. credential they no longer have the credential in their own system. it is on your phone and in your wallets. it's not like they can see where you are going or get any information about when you're credential is getting checked. the same as if you put your drivers license -- if you use it at a bar. they do not know you went to the bar. this technology can work the same way because it is decentralized. >> if that is the case people should really not worry about privacy as a reason not to have a vaccine passport. >> there are many different ways in which these systems could be built. the way we are advocating for is with the decentralized system where it is in your control on your phone. i think people should ask
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questions when they get offered the chance to participate in a passport program about whether the data is decentralized or not . >> decentralization has its issues. i do not mean the strain of the information. i mean how every state has his own rule with regard to what accounts for good testing or what is a passport and then how do you give the different states or countries to communicate with each other and be on the same system speaking the same language? >> each state and country will have to figure that policy piece out. the verifier will scan your phone. they will ask a question. have you gotten the vaccine in the past 180 days with 360 days?
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the answer will either be yes or no. it will be done i think ultimately we will see it done in a way so that each state can ask of the credential if it meets the policy or not. >> we have a couple of questions from viewers coming in. what if your phone gets hacked? >> what we will likely see is just like if you lose your wallet you call your credit card issuers and cancel those and get issued new ones. that will be the same process here with the credential. if the phone does get hacked the nice thing is that you're credential will still be password protected and encrypted. it probably won't be accessed by that person, but there is still a lot to figure out. >> what about people that don't carry phones
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>> 20% of the u.s. population does not use a smart phone. we have been thinking about that a lot be one of the event that is important to the design of the systems we are focused on is making sure paper is included in the thought that the very beginning so if you don't want to have it in a digital format you can have a credential that has many of the same additional benefits and security provisions and and that the digital one has and more of the privacy aspects then carrying the paper card around. it is still printable and something you can carry in your physical wallet. >> thank you for your insight on that. we will have to get you back sometime maybe after we see how new york does. think you. >> it is an exciting space. thank you for having me. coming up next. this is remarkable. the incredible recovery and story of
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it is opening day for the san francisco giants. that means something extra special to one fan. bryan stow went to opening day 10 years ago at dodger stadium. he was beaten in the parking lot nearly to death. now a decade later call him the comeback kid. his recovery is nothing short of a miracle. the former paramedic joins us live today to share his message of hope. good afternoon. so good to see you. >> good afternoon. >> i know it is not the home opener, but are you excited?>> yes. i have been waiting a long time for this. >> no doubt. the first time that the fans could go back later this season. i have to say that you look and sound amazing. do you feel amazing?>> i feel
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great. is a good feeling to be alive. >> feel that way for you because we saw what happened 10 years ago. opening day. you were jumped and brutally beaten in the dodgers parking lot. in a coma for nine months. do you remember anything from that night and attack?>> i do not even remember driving down there. when i came out of my coma like a month later i was talking to my friend. another paramedic that was down there with me. he said that we never even saw the people. that they jumped us. >> are you surprised you went through not only to survive, but you are thriving because you could not walk or feed yourself initially. could not bathe. now you are super independent. you can do all that and more.
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>> yes. my big thing was i wanted to know why did they do that to me? i will never give the answer. >> they never really talked about it. not during their trials or afterwards, right? >> not at all. i am really easy to locate. >> yes. >> they chose not to. >> do you ever think about your attackers time for a few years. i just wonder. right now this is so important because we have been seeing a lot of attacks on innocent people on the street. i know you follow the news. a lot of asian americans being attacked. everybody really. how does that make you feel having been on the wrong end of
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an attack? there is no right end, but you have been through that. how does this make you feel?>> it is crazy to see how the fans react towards their support teams. they are there to enjoy the game. they have too much alcohol. a lot of times it goes too far. to me, a fan should just enjoy going to the game. >> without fear. >> yes. >> i know because of your experience changes have been made with security and the lighting outside the stadium. does it help knowing that you brought about some change and protection for other fans?>> yes it does. i am just sorry it had to come to the thing that happened to me for stuff to change. >> i know you continue to try
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to inspire. tell us what you do. i know you visit schools and talk with kids. what do you tell them?>> that if they do get bullied to find an adult. mentioned to the adult what is going on. that is easily the best way to do it. just be kind to others. that is the easiest thing to do. just be a nice person. >> what do you say to people who are bystanders who see something terrible happening and are standing there thinking should i get involved? should i help? >> bystanders should definitely get involved and help. it is not funny, but the thing that happened to me that what was -- when is happening to me there all of these people around me filming with their cameras. i was saying we will have some
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reference as to who did it. they were filming to take pictures to show their friends. that is abnormal to me, and unheard of. that is what was going on though. >> i hope people hear your message because we are seeing that kind of attack happening right now in our world. so happy here to see you doing so well. do not go away because we are going to take a short break.
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thank you for joining us today. tonight, the deadly mass shooting at an office complex and what authorities have just revealed. they say the suspect locked the gates to keep people from getting out. the horror unfolding on a bystander's livestream. at least four people killed. the gunman reportedly locking those gates with bike locks before opening fire into the one doe windows with a semiautomatic weapon. what we're learning about the 44-year-old suspect and any relationship to the victims. the derek chauvin trial and the death of george floyd. the paramedics now taking the stand. one of them saying when he arrived on scene and got closer, i thought he was dead. and what we heard from george floyd's girlfriend about their struggle with opioids. the coronavirus here in the u.s. and tonight, the alarming new number.


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