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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 1, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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fans again. it's been over a year. >> fans can return to the stands on baseball's opening day. we're live at the coliseum with the excitementment. there's a lot to be happy about on this thursday, april 1st. one of the things is the weather unless you don't like it closer to behind you than 80. then you won't be happy. >> we'll try to bring something to everybody to make them happy. closer you are to the coast, the cooer you are today. the sea breeze will get here late this afternoon. bay and inland neighborhoods, we're going to live in another day of historic warmth. it's possible. live doppler 7 is quiet. the marine layer is 160 miles off the shore. that's going to get closer through the day. right now, we're looking at the slight offshore breeze and clear conditions. here's a look at your record highs. look for the asterisk. upper mid 7 0s to low 80s. rest of us mid to up herb 80s.
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going to be warm. another mass shooting in america. this is the third in only three weeks. this time it happened in southern california. four died including a child and a woman was taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds. we're at the live desk with what we learned. >> police say the suspect is in custody after being shot by officers. the shooting started around 5:30 last night at the building complex in the city of orange, three miles north of santa ana. officials say the shooter was still firing when officers arrived. more than 10 shots were fired. others heard the gunfire in bursts. paul's brother earns the business on the property and says his brother has not picked up the phone. >> i'm trying to find out his well being. he's not answering. pretty scared and worried. i wish i knew more. >> the ages and names of the victims have not been released.
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police are determining the relationship between the shooter and the victims. police are planning to provide an update for the public at a briefing at 7:00 a.m. >> thank you. more witnesses are expected to testify today in the trial of the officer charged with killing george floyd. yesterday, for the first time, we saw surveillance video of floyd inside the convenient store moments before the deadly encounter with officer derek chauvin. jurors also saw a clip from officer's body camera after he was confronted by a witness about kneeling on floyd's neck. chauvin responded, that's one person's opinion. you can see motorcycles were running high with the witness to floyd's arrest sobbing on the stand. new this morning, pfizer shared the details into the long term benefits of the covid-19 vaccine. the participants followed up six moss after they received their second dose. the vaccine remains 91%
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effective. it was 95% effective preventing severe covid-19 and 100% effective against the variant that emerged in south africa. pfizer will request full approval from the fda. right now it's under emergency use authorization. millions more are eligible for the vaccine starting today. anyone over the age of 50 can try to make an appointment. it affects 7 million statewide. governor newsom will be among those eligible and planning to get the vaccine this morning. looking ahead, anyone 16 and up will be able to make appointments. one county is already vaccinating all adults. many californians that already eligible are waiting to get an appointment. the san francisco resident says he put in hours of
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work trying to find a vaccine because of his health conditions. he's been eligible for weaks now. >> i found out the hard way being eligible isn't the same as being vaccinated. >> it's just stress. i don't need the stress. brody was eventually able to sign up for an appointment. the california department of public health tells abc 7 the state is expecting a large influx of vaccines this month. in person learning returning to santa rosa city schools. starting today, elementary students go back to the classroom operating under a hybrid learning plan. mid and will high school students get the chance to learn in person. that should happen later this month. kids in free mont are going to be on distance learning the rest of the school year. >> the superintendent explained yesterday the school district and teachers unit couldn't reach an agreement on how to return to the classrooms. the district is walk ago way from negotiations after
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months of talks. lastle night the teacher's union president hopes they'll return to the bargaining table. baseball is back for the first time since the beginning of this pandemic. fans can go to a sporting event in the bay area. abc reporter at central coliseum where a's take on the astros tonight. good morning, matt. >> good morning. opening day always a big day for sports fans. this year, even more so as you mentioned. fans will be able to go inside tonight for the first time. that game kick off at 7:07 or the first pitch at 7:07. there will be modify cases. they've been working hard to make sure it's as safe as possible. all concessions will be ordered on a mobile app, delivered to you in the stands. all transactions will be cashless. face coverings have been required except when you're eating and drinking. overall, the capacity is
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limited to 26%, 12,000 fans fa with groups socially distanced. >> we have seating, two or four. 6 once you order via the ball park app. it will be different than normal. it's a great time to share an experience with your family members, watch the game. really celebrate hopefully victory. if you can't get in for opening day. the plan have a full season this year. 162 games compared to that shortened 60 game season last year. because there is a mass vaccination site still active in the northern parking lot for fans driving to the event, they recommend coming to the south parking lot and of course you can always ride. reporting live this morning, abc 7 news. >> thank you, matt. remember when the a's say
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they're taking the bit coin for payment for a suite at the coliseum? the team says there's a buyer. crypto currency broker voyager digital paid for the suite for the 2021 home games this year. the company paid 1 bit coin roughly $59,000. the voyager ceo plans to share the suite with customers. they become the first team in major league baseball to receive bit coin as a payment. giants open against the mariners. the game is sold out. they're allowing 9000 in the stadium. this is the largest event washington has seen since the pandemic started. >> seattle has been at this longer than anybody in the country. we had the first patient. we're going to be right here in washington bringing fans back for the first time. >> some new safety measures include electro static spraying and bathrooms.
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first pitch between giants and mariners 7:10 tonight. giants expect 8000 fans when they have their home opener next week. president biden's latest project. the campaign he's launching with the help of hundreds of organizations. if you are going to the a's game, bart can help you get there. the extra train service planned for today. i'll look at that forecast coming up after if break. want to focus on being outside today in this record heat. make sure you find shade today's ways of working may work differently tomorrow.
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73 degrees. dropping down to a cool 61 as the sea breeze will
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return during the game. right now, sunny side san francisco 62 degrees. one of the warmest temperatures around. most of san francisco the mid to upper 50s. 62 daily city, a lot of 40s and 50s. a lot of micro climate this is morning. here's a look at what to expect as we head through the day. 60s at coast after reaching the 70s. you will fall this afternoon. rest of us surge mid to upper 70s at noon, low to mid-80s at 4:00. back to mid-70s at 7:00. we're going to have good to moderate which is healthy air through saturday. you can see 87 in the background san jose. we'll talk about that commute. >> hi everyone. good morning. we're going to start here with a look at our maps just letting you know everything is pretty clear this morning. also, i wanted to -- sorry i'm having a little issue over here. we have a live look here showing you walnut creek. we have cleared traffic as
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people make their way southbound. the bart plans to add extra chips to take baseball fans home after oakland a's night game this season. that includes tonight's game. trains will leave for richmond, pleasanton between 10:18 and 10:22. fans on the antioch line will transfer. bart service ends at 9:00 p.m. daily. that was a change brought on because of the pandemic. the agency says it will not add extra post game service for giants home games for how to get between oracel park. the new campaign launching today with the bind administration encouraging everyone. big day for this popular attraction. the beach board walk is reopening. what you need to know before you show
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organizations programming from faith groups to professional sports leagues to spread the word. the department will launch the covid-19 campaign later today. it includes tv ads as well as social media posts will where people can share their vaccination status. president biden pitched a plan to spend billions on new roads and bridges, new investment and public transportation and broad band internet, especially rural areas. yesterday he said it will create thousands if not millions of jobs. >> it's not a plan that tinkers around the edges. it's a once in a generation investment in america. >> the biden administration wants to pay for this with increase in corporate taxes and new penalties
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to corporations that move jobs overseas. house speaker nancy pelosi had a round table yesterday and answered questions about what's happening at federal level to combat hate crimes. of the thousands of hate crimes reported since the start of the pandemic, pelosi says many go unreported and has to change. >> somebody sees something like this, they must listen at the same time what the person says. go back to where you belong. really vile stuff. if we can have that, that helps us to collect the data. >> the covid hate crimes act will be presented before the house next month. it would create a database of all hate crimes to help the government provide support to local communities. pelosi hopes to hold a vote in may. happening today, six flags discovered they'll reopen the park roller coasters to members and season pass holders. first responders and front line health care workers get the first rise as a thank you for all work
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they've been doing. rides have been shut down since last march because of the pandemic. six flags discovery kingdom has been open to guests since july for the animal focus marine world experience. the park is open to the general public starting on saturday. the giant dipper is back after being closed for months. the santa cruz beach board walk is open today. there will be changes including a 25% capacity limit for guests. masks are required, social distancing will be enforced at seaside attraction. online reservations are recommended. if you have a reservation, you'll be able to secure your spot on rides. >> we're thrilled to open on april 1st. it is not an april fools' joke. 8 to 12 will operate through april 11th and
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rest of the move on the weekends only. admission is limited now to california residents only which is one of the state covid restrictions for opening amusement parks. wouldn't that be a terrible april fools' joke? that could be terrible. >> i'm over april fools'. >> i think this year. maybe next year. >> maybe not next year. is this one thing we shed during the pandemic? >> it's our new normal. >> we've i give you that. no doubt. back in the 70s tomorrow, mid 60s this weekend. it's going to get cooler heading that way over the weekend. here's a look at the golden gate. clear conditions about 58 degrees. record highs around the bay. once again, a little cooler at
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coast as the sea breeze returns late this afternoon. that will bring clouds to the coast and the bay tonight. cooler weather then we'll have morning clouds, afternoon sunshine, seasonal temperature this is weekend. let's look at the micro climate. the record high 88 san jose today. 86 to 88 south bay. 87 in redwood city. along the coast, mid 80s. we'll drop to 60s late this afternoon. low to mid-80s downtown and san francisco. 85 to 88 north bay valleys. record high possible there. 85 to 87 with 86 and 87 oakland. hayward record highs. 87 concord and river more. here's a look at the offshore breeze this morning at 7:00. watch at 3:30 or 4:00. winds reverse and come on shore. look along the north bay coast. that's the marine layer clouds look what they do overnight. the north bay 101. the bay into the south bay
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waking up to fog tomorrow morning and cooler conditions in the low to upper 40s. my accuweather seven-day forecast will drop us to 60s at the coast tomorrow. 74 to 80 still warmer than average for the rest of us. morning clouds, afternoon sunshine. temperatures close to average this weekend. coolest monday and tuesday. holding on hope for a chance of rain. it's starting to move away. we're starting to lose our grip on that unfortunately. >> mike, thank you. good morning at 7:00 here on abc 7. ginger has a look at what's ahead. >> good morning. nice to be with everybody this morning. coming up, breaking news in the mass shooting in your state. a gunman opening fire at a business complex killing four people including a child. we'll get into the latest on the fbi investigation. day four of the trial is set to get underway. extremely emotional yesterday
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in court. the never before seen video of the request. new witnesses are expected to take the stand today. we'll be live from minneapolis. the giant vaccine mix up at a facility for johnson & johnson possibly ruining 15 million of those johnson & johnson vaccine doses. is that going to slow down the race to vaccinate. half the country is seeing a rise in cases. baseball is back. taking you inside gma ball parks and how fans are safely returning to the stands. we've this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance is usually so complicated,
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no sign of free free conditioning yet. winds are blowing offshore. highs today from 17 to 21 degrees warmer than average 81 san francisco to
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nearly 88 san jose. records more likely today even though they're higher. they're harder to achieve. it's warmer than yesterday. 65 to 68 is warm in oakland heading through april. for san francisco, we barely warm 64 to 65. we see more warming in san jose. we reach mid 70s by the end of april. >> thank you, mike. on this opening day of baseball season, more women than ever are finding themselves in major league roles. 23 women are coaches or player development this season which is up from three in 2017. the giants made history when she became the first full time woman head coach in major league baseball. >> we tend to fall into comfort zones and like linear paths. i think what's the most fun and interesting is when you take a step or turn off that path. you find yourself in a position that has never been
6:25 am
done before. >> coming up on gma, other women in mlb coaching roles speak how they were inspired to break break barriers and follow their love of the game. san francisco kicked off a program to get a pioneering newspaper has grown to become a
6:26 am
voice in the lgbtq community celebrating a half century of publishing. the bay area reporter published their 50th anniversary edition online. this is the oldest continuously publishedle lgbtq newspaper. editors describe as a bar rag when it first launched. you'd find copies at bars in san francisco. the reporter evolved to become the newspaper of record for the community. courageously covering the community for gay rights and equality. that starts tonight at 6:00 p.m. for the second year in a row, google will not put april fools' pranks on the site today. there was a message from google vp of marketing. google confirmed the memo is real. it says with so much of the world still grappling with challenges related to covid-19, the company feel they should again put a pause on jokes. they will continue to have fun
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with doodles and other surprises this year. coming up next at 6:30, results of a poll show how many in the north bay are sure they want to get vaccinated. one school board member is taking the after old tweets resurfaced. as we
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i'm not sure if there's anything i can say to my family members to convince them to take the covid-19 vaccine. i'm not even sure if i'm convinced. hi darius, i think that people respond more to what we do than what we say. so after looking at all the data and the science about these vaccines, i got the vaccine. and i made sure my mom and dad got the vaccine. because these vaccines are safe. ♪ ♪
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now at 7:30, a vaccine roll out. people age 50 and up can get vaccinated in all counties. we find it difficult to get an appointment. the lengths some are going to get the shot. >> today marks a major milestone for sports fans. they're head back to the a's game for the first time in a long time.
6:30 am
we are live ahead of the opener. here's a live look from our camera this morning. it's going to be another warm day with some record highs. good morning everybody. it's thursday, april 1st. we're checking in with mike for more about this hot forecast we're going to have. >> digging deep into the closet. need the sun glass and sunscreen also. here's a look at live doppler 7. 10 miles visibility means it's unlimited. you can see the picture from the golden gate bridge. there's no marine layer out there now. the flag is showing how the wind is blowing offshore. that's why around the bay and inland. we're going to have temperatures that will threaten records once again mid to 80s. sea breeze will kick in late after reach 75 and 81. they're pretty warm for this time of year.
6:31 am
we'll talk about the weekend and cooler weather is on the way. >> thank you, mike johnson & johnson is promising to meet the goal of 100 million vaccine doses by the end of june despite a major mix up. according to the new york sometimes, employees manufacturing an ingredient used in the vaccine confused the ingredients a few weeks back. that mistake contaminated up to 15 million doses. j and j stressed the batch 468 never made it to the final batch. that facility is not authorized to make the vaccine by the fda. there's no worry about a bad vaccine being distributed. future shipments are delayed while the fda investigates. starting today, more people will be eligible for the covid-19 vaccine. anyone over the age of 50 can now be vaccinated. making an appointment may be a monumental effort. more lengths people are going
6:32 am
to get their shots. >> today there is the potential for 7 million more people to enter the vaccine queue. this has some considering going on a journey like a vaccine road trip. it is not common. people are tracking pharmacy websites and waiting for appointments to open up even if they're hundreds of miles away. places like cvs will take anyone from anywhere. >> they're able to go online and register for their vaccine. that is the most convenient location for them at the time. >> i know neighbors are going to arizona to get theirs. >> why do they have to go to arizona? >> they couldn't go to california? >> i guess. they have friends there. it was a dual trip. >> county sites take residents early. few sites are checking to make sure people are truthful about where they live. a health official we spoke with said they're trusting people to be honest here. >> all right. thank you. nearly 1 in 4 adults in the
6:33 am
north bay say they're these about the about getting a covid-19 vaccine. this is according to a survey by the bay area council. 23 residents responded say they're vaccine hesitant including sonoma, marine counties. go elsewhere, you'll see opposition is lower 16% hesitant in the county and in san francisco only 7% saying they're these about the to get the vaccine. first lady jill biden is urging farmworkers to get vaccinated. she met with 24678 family members of chavez, union members. she discussed president biden's work on overhauling immigration policy by creating fair pathways to citizenship. >> we can and must find each other. today, the legacy of chavez lives on in so many
6:34 am
ways. >> the first lady finished the day by hosting a vaccine drive with the united farmworkers of america and 250 people got their vaccine. happening today, president biden will convene his first cabinet meeting. a right of passage will be used for his new infrastructure plan. the full cabinet will assemble in the east room to allow for social distancing. all attendees, including the president, will wear a mask. the timing of this first meeting is deliberate, a week after the full cabinet was confirmed. vice president kamala harris is heading back to california today. she and second gentleman are traveling. she'll be in oakland discussing water infrastructure to small businesses. on tuesday she goes to chicago and then back to washington. a san francisco school board member is suing the school district and her board colleagues. allison collins who is african- american, has been
6:35 am
facing backlash for weeks over resurfaced 2016 tweets that some feel are racists. in one, she said asian americans quote, used white supremacist thinking to assembly is and get ahead. collins is suing five members that voted to strip her of her involvement. she's seeking $87 million in damages. so much of who i am and 6 how much of me in this world has gotten lost during this smear to label me as a racist. >> the san francisco unified school district has not commented on this lawsuit. the mayor and 10 of the 11 san francisco supervisors have previously called for collins to resign. we sent this push alert out on our abc 7 news app when the news of the lawsuit first broke yesterday. if you want breaking news alerts like these in the
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future, the app is free to download in the app store. oakland a's fans have a lot to celebrate. today is the start of baseball season and first time fans will be allowed into the stands since the pandemic began. abc 7 news reporter matt boone is live outside the coliseum with the covid safety precautions they'll be take. hi, matt. >> reporter: of course there will be safety precautions. most of them we're use to at this point. a lot of excitement as the sun starts to rise at the oakland, coliseum. on the inside, they're making changes. outside, one of the first things you'll notice you're not allowed to do tailgating this year in the parking lot. overall capacity is going to be capped at 26%. that's about 12,000 people. there's going to be no standing in line at the concession stands. instead, everyone will be able to get their food brought to them in the stands after they order on a
6:37 am
mobile app. all transactions, cashless, fans seated in social distancing pods of two or four. the goal have fun, finally enjoy a day at the ball park. >> obviously the energy and excitement they bring to our players and support is so amazing. as of now the mlb is planning a full 162 game season. plenty of opportunities to see a game. if you're driving to the coliseum to see a game because of the mass site in the north parking lot, fans must use it was entrance and park in the south lot. you can take bart and the san francisco giants are playing tonight. their going to be up in seattle. their home opener game won't be until next week. reporting live this morning in oakland, abc 7 news. >> all right, thank you, matt. the alameda county community bank is parking a milestone. one year ago today, the organization started handing out food at the drive-thru
6:38 am
location across the street from the coliseum on oak port street. >> it feels terrible and wonderful in the same breath. we'll probably hand out our sixth millionth pound of food here today. that translates to millions of meals in our community. >> she says the food bank has been changed forever by this pandemic and credits the community. volunteers and the food bank's partners for their generosity as well as the county for letting them use the building and the parking lot at no charge. she wants people to remember that the need for food will not end once the pandemic is over. still ahead, we go job hunting. this could be your dream job if you want to drink on the clock. >> okay. we're looking live at the big board, new york stock exchange up by 65 points. an update on how markets are doing next. plus the special edition to disney land. the park reopens this end of this month.
6:39 am
what will be served on the menu. my favorite, the blue bayou. >> okay. mike knows about the blue bayou. >> yes, sir. good food, good atmosphere. interesting smell that you can bottle. >> the restaurant is inside the pirates of the caribbean. >> so when you sit there, the boats go by. there's a famous smell the water has. that's why i had the candle that burns it. >> okay. >> i need to prince this. >> i'll go ahead and take over from here. 2346 a look at what's going on. look at mid to upper upper uppe
6:40 am
foster city, san bernardino. 63 now in pacifica. look at 41 santa rosa. 47 pablo alto and liver more. a lot of us in 50s thin 50s morning. you'll ramp up to 70 and fall back to 60s as sea breeze kicks in this afternoon. mid to upper 70s at noon. we'll make a charge at record highs in the 80s at 4:00. back to mid-70s delightful evening coming your way. 7:07 first pitch. 73 but the sea breeze should reach you by 10:00 and drop down to cool 61 is degrees. with the sea breeze along the coast. great day for outdoor activities. watch out for pollen going to be high and so is the burn factor. uv index high also. we'll talk cooler weather this week coming up. time to talk to joe and see how that's going. >> thank you. this commute has been great for the most part.
6:41 am
the odd thing is a lot of reports of fires near free ways. homeless encampments. it's not causing a slow down. we're bringing a live picture here. this is our busiest spot now. lights came on at 6:03 bringing a live picture showing off the bridge. we have one lane. it's partially blocked. ment we have road crews causing a slow down for anyone traveling westbound. overall look at the bay area. pretty much everything is in the green except afternoon the toll plaza coming out of crazy. we'll be right back.
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6:44 am
u.s. border parole agents rescued two sisters. it was cap secured on a border patrol camera. you see it here. a man climbs the wall, handed a child. he dangles the child across the wall dropping her onto the american side. he does the same thing with a second girl. agents rushed in to help them. >> we told them not to be scared that we're here for them. we're going to take care of them. very soon, hopefully we put them together with their mom in the united states. that's the key. there's a relative in the united states. it's the mother. the contact has been made with her. >> agents believe this is the
6:45 am
work of human smugglers who charge thousands of dollars to get migrant across the border. border patrol is on track to encounter 2 million people at the southern border by october. now to your morning money report. the u.s. labor department released the unemployment report this morning. 719,000 new claims were filed last week. that's an unexpected increase of 61,000 from the prior week. economists estimates were 675,000. continuing claims are down dropping to just under 3.8 million about 76,000 lower than the week before. the march report will be released tomorrow morning even though the stock market will be closed for good friday. let's take look at the stock market now. the new york stock exchange trading gets underway now. you can see we're up by 60 points. the prices for some brands of toilet paper and
6:46 am
diapers can be going up. scott toilet, huggies, pull ups and other staples. the company's costs are rising. that is getting passed on to customers. the increases will be in the single digits. you can expect to see higher prices starting in june. community leaders in freemont say residents have done a good job. teresa cox hosted virtual town halls to update the community. the panel included the chief medical officer. we are making progress. as you see, it's not anywhere near majority yet. that's why we get the vaccine supplies to kick up in the next few weeks as i mentioned. really going to need to work hard on getting everybody vaccinated. >> since february 1st, washington hospital has given more than 26,000 vaccinations to 15,000 people. at abc 7, we're committed to building a better
6:47 am
bay area. that includes the impact the pandemic is having on our economy. every week here, we're helping you with the job hunt. this week, she has more details on a job that went viral recently. this sounds almost too good to be true. >> it really does reggie. this is not a sponsored segment. some of you may have heard about this job $10,000 a month, free rent. drink wine. yes, it is real at murphy good winery. if someone asks you for the time and you often respond wine time, you're going to want to sit on this job. it is good. murphy good winery is ready to pay someone $10,000 a month to work for this guy and live in sonoma county for 399. >> one of the great towns in america. it really is a dream job. >> murphy good winery is taking applications until june 30th. all you have to do is make a
6:48 am
creative 60 second video pitching them your dream job. >> you could be someone that wants to be in the legal department, an accountant or want to be a wine maker, want to get to culinary. we're willing to bring someone in. we're going to select our top 10, 15 people. we're going to fly them out or drive them up 6 if they're local. >> staff will spend a week getting to know the candidates. then, murphy good winery did something similar in 2009. now he owns his own winery. >> he was from atlanta, georgia laid off from his job. we bring him out and give him this job. now he's truly living the dream. >> we all know the last year has been devastating for millions. they're hoping this new opportunity with this company will help
6:49 am
>> that's what started this whole thing. this sustainable company cares about people. >> okay. are you ready to sip on this? the company murphy good winery, the job is literally whatever you want. the application deadline is june 30th. the application requirements is 60 second video pitch. you must be 21 or older. >> do they tell you how they're going to decide? i'm sure that's really creativity. just what dave likes? >> yes. dave with his lessons. dave is funny. >> plus that man got his own winery after doing this. there's a success pattern here. >> they did it after 2008 was a really rough year
6:50 am
for people. in 2009 they created this. he came out. his video is hilarious and still on youtube. maybe that will give people inspiration. >> i love this so much. right. >> we'll see what dave decides. >> congratulations to whoever wins. the do you need an apprentice? >> right. any way, okay. thanks. that was fun. we'll look at what's going on weather wise. 65 degrees. offshore breeze. we don't see clouds hugging the coast, not this morning. we will tomorrow morning. that will signal a change. looking at the exploratory, it's calm 53 degrees there. today is our second consecutive day of record warmth and our final day sea breeze comes back. starting tonight and fills the coast and bay with clouds. that's going to stop the warming trend tomorrow. we're hoping that's all we can do for now.
6:51 am
hoping for rain monday, tuesday, wednesday. let's get the kids out the door for school. 48 to 53. little cooler. 68 to 74. 68 at the coast. low to mid-80s around the bay and inland as we head through 3:00. going to be a warm afternoon. that's after near record highs of 88 san jose today. 83 in san bernardino. mid-70s along the coast. your temperature will drop late this afternoon. the sea breeze arrives. low to mid-80s downtown. 87 napa is our pick city for the north bay record highs. 86 oakland, 87 hayward the east bay shore. inland 87 concord, livermore. by 3:30, 4:00, they reverse and do a 180 coming on shore. look at clouds coming in during the evening and overnight hours. going to look like a june gloom morning for some ofous tomorrow and be cooler
6:52 am
low to upper 40s. my accuweather forecast. look at the drop in the coast. 60s. most of us warmer than average in the 70s. close to average morning clouds in the afternoon. sunshine saturday and sunday. no storm impact scale. the rain chance isn't good enough monday, tuesday, wednesday. >> thank you, mike. the los angeles county sheriff's office has determined the cause of tiger woods' crash last month but not revealing the details. the sheriff told the associated press investigators need permission from the golf star to release info about the crash. later, he attempted to clarify that position tweeting the release of the accident report is governed under a california vehicle quote. he says his department intends to release the info they earn ed from the traffic collision when they were able to do that. woods is recovering at his home in florida. microsoft's augmented reality technician will
6:53 am
6:54 am
fortson something new is to the blue bayou in disneyland, alcohol. and the two other places that serve beer and cocktails is club 33, a private dining club, and olg's cantina and star wars's galaxy a. it's opened to limited capacity and only to
6:55 am
california residents. you ready for that? >> i'm ready for that. you spend the day in the park, and you have a nice early lunch or dinner, the blue bayou, and you can sit down and relax and daddy needs a drink. >> now you will get the drink. >> and the cocktail is the hurricane because it's like the new orleans square. and we need to go to the olga cantina. >> what's it like? >> it's like a space bar, and all the drinks are popping up in your mouth and makes your tongue numb, and they have a robot deejay too. coming up next, the seven things you need to know today. >> and you can watch all of our newscasts live and on demand in the abc 7 bay area through the
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it's 6:57. if you are just joining us, it's seven things to know this morning. number one, pfizer released new information on the long- term benefits of the vaccine overnight. the study show that is the vaccine was 91 percent effective six months after the participants got their second doses. number two, governor newsom will get the johnson & johnson one and done dose in l.a. this morning. and number three you will need a negative covid test or proof of vaccination if you want to go to a giants' game this year according to the chronicle. the home opener is next and play the mariners tomorrow. santa cruz county is in the orange meaning that the fair admission is limited to california residents only. sunny and 82 in santa cruz,
6:59 am
not a record high like we're seeing here where most areas away from the coast and san francisco will hit the mid to upper 80s, our second and final day of record high temperatures. number six, we have very slow traffic as you make your way westbound on the san mateo bridge. things are crawling with a road crew partially blocking one lane. and number seven, it's april fool's day, and some companies are getting in on the prank. velveeta announced a line of luxury skin care inspired by cheese and a feature was unveiled to help to you find a cash rabbit. [ laughter ] we just don't need it. >> we don't need that, yeah. >> i think you're right. there's been just too much back and forth in real life. too many like -- we're going to
7:00 am
live. no you're not. >> not creative enough? >> like i can't take it. >> too many days we are doing the news thinking this can't be real. >> exactly. >> a good morning, america. breaking overnight, another deadly mass shooting. >> sounds like we have shots fired. >> officers rushed to the scene after a gunman opened fire at a california office building killing four people including a child. the fbi investigating the third high-profile mass shooting in less than three weeks. also this morning, 15 million johnson & johnson doses possibly ruined when ingredients were accidentally mixed up. will it slow down the race to vaccinate? this as young adults are now the majority of new covid hospitalizations. the cdc director urging people to stay vigilant. while travel bounces back, the


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