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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 31, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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50 can get vaccinget vaccinget major expansion of eligibility affecting about 7 million people across the state. when bay area county is ahead of the game, contra costa county at vaccinating anyone over the age of 16.of 16.of 16.. restrictions relaxed in my the bay area. alameda and santa cruz join san francisco, santa clara, san mateo entering county in the orange tier. this increases the indoor capacity of places like restaurants, churches and movie theaters. outdoor bars can often without serving food and open to places like bowling alleys and indoor pools for the first time. carry are more vaccinations here restrictions and all of it happening in this beautiful weather. there was a lot of up to ms. in the bay area for this easter weekend. cornell bernard shows you how the northbay is getting ready to break. easter came early to hundreds of families in sonoma county. the lucky recipients of these
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giant easter baskets fofofofofoo >> i am going to have fun. >> allison and her mom say this easter is already looking brighter than the last one that is for sure. >> i hope it is a little more happy than last year. last year think for everybody. >> the salvation army of santa rosa organized at a giveaway for underserved families across the region impacted by covid. they received so many donations of candy and toys there was hardly any room for more than 1000 baskets inside of this warehouse. >> santa rosa has been through a rough time andtime andtime and bring a little bit of hope and joy to the community.
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>> easter sunday services are planned at bayside church. >> our themis hope rising for easter this year. that is the difference between this year and last year. >> this church is ready to welcome 1000 people on easter sunday. they say they can do it safely. each family has their own circle in the grass. >> we will go back inside when we can go back inside. it is just as safe as being inside. >> the weather is gorgeous and lots of people anxious to get there easter brunch on. reservations are filling up. owners just reopen after a three month closure. >> the weather has been great and is warm sunning weekends have been fantastic. people are happy to be able to get back out. county officials warned the pandemic is still on. don't let your guard down. >> even though we have 25% of our eligible population now fully vaccinated was to have a long way to go. we want everybody to still wear their masks and avoid gatherings. the quest to get vaccinated is prompting some people to head out on what is being labeled as vaccine road trips. people are tracking websites for providers like cvs.
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if an appointment opens up even hundreds of miles away they are making the journey to get a shot. there traveling because of the difficulty getting vaccine appointment in the bay area. >> it felt like everybody wants a get out of jail free card right now. unfortunately, there are not enough get out of jail cards. >> fema sites will take anyone from anywhere. county vaccination sites like this one in marin take residence only. not every site verifies information. pfizer announced that its second dose vaccine is 100% effect for kids 12 through 15. right now the vaccine is fda approved for people 16 a preliminary study conducted by the drug company showed it may be able to expand that to 12 and up. pfizer says it is passing on the data to the fda and asking for emergency approval over the summer. have been reporting all of the updates so far this year. dr. patel joined us at 4:00
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today to talk about the potential breakthroughs. >> over 2000 people in the town and there were no cases of covid-19 and those clinical trial participants actually got the shot and it is important to note that the antibody response and his group was actually higher than what we previously saw with adults. that is not that surprising. younger adults kids and adolescents tend to have a more robust system. we will see what happens when we submit the data to the fda as this is currently not peer- reviewed. honestly this is great news for pediatricians healthcare advocates parents and children alike as we headed to the fall school year. >> if you're looking for vaccine information go to that is where you will find the latest headlines and rules about who is eligible for a shot and a place where you can send your questions to our vaccine team. they would love to hear from you. again that is all on abc
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migrant workers in california continues to suffer through the economic impact of the pandemic. a group of organizers in san francisco's mission district decided to celebrate cesar chavez today by giving back to those who pick our foods. mia melendez remembers the life of the labor leader. >> there are many ways to celebrate the positive impact of labor leader cesar chavez has had on our society. today we are reminded of his nonviolent stance while fighting with words and actions for the rights of migrant workers. >> we don't have any savings. you get covid all of a sudden and you have to shelter in place and you can't get to work. that means you are are money. >> activists are remembering the past to imagine a better future. that is how the idea of getting food back to farmworkers in the central valley started. the food have already helps feed between 7000 and 9000 families a week in this and surrounding neighborhoods. >> everything we collected we will take prepared meals as
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well as the boxes and so shelfstable stuff. >> chavez and dolores created the national farmworkers association in the 60s to stop the exploitation of farmworkers. by striking they forced the boycott of grapes across the country to shed light on the racial and economic discrimination of these workers. >> in the end, chavez and his spporters got what they wanted from farmworkers,. they got higher wages and benefits. for many families it was a powerful lesson in social justice. >> hernandez was only 12 when he was sent to work in the central valley. the was still ongoing. that is when he met chavez. >> effect my heart, my soul, my spirit, and my mind. it was the beginning of shaping me to be an organizer, and activist and to speak out. >> perhaps chavez will be best remembered for harvesting hope in california's underserved
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communities. a rally supporting a san francisco school board member who has been and battled in controversy is still going on right now. the naacp is calling on the asian american pacific islander community to support allison collins. she was stripped of her role as board of vice president after offensive tweets she posted were discovered. j.r. stone without the rally. he is live at the school district office with more on this. >> that rally is still going on as i speak. you can see the dozens of people off to mymy here who are listening to dr. amos brown of the naacp who is speaking. their thoughts echo what we have seen in the lawsuit and that is being filed.being filed.
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allison collins is at the rally this evening. you can see her in this video. she has yet to speak tonight. she was vice president of the school board but the board voted to strip her of that position along with any committee she could be in due to tweets of hers that had been called racist and ones that were directed at asian americans back in 2016. in 201 they say this have gotten political and collins is the only african-american woman on the board. >> i am deeply disappointed in our elected officials who turn their backs on the only black woman on the school board. a woman who has been an advocate for fairness and equity. one of the strongest vocal supporters of our least advantaged communities. >> back out here live this
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evening, you can see this rally is still happening. dr. brown of the the the the th wrapping up. i am told allison collins will be speaking shortly. that is the where we got a little while ago.while ago.whil. they responded and learned of the lawsuit and have no comment at this time.this t we were at the rally. we will stay there and bring you more as it develops. thank you. we enjoye beautiful weather all around the bay. here is a view of oaklands lake merritt from sky 7. it was sparkling and gorgeous and getting a little toasty. >> it sure was. let's go up on the roof of the building. spencer christian could not keep away from the sunshine. he had to get up there. >> i am your guy.
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we had one official record high today. it was certainly warmer.certain. apart from 75 and half moon bay and 79 at sfo, every other location on the mapthe mapthe mp above 80 degrees today. tomorrow, it could be even hotter in some spots. i will have the forecast coming up a little bit later. thank you, spencer. coming up next, the first visit for the first lady. we are live in central california where dr. jill biden california where dr. jill biden spent the it's okay that you don't want to be first: you aren't. second covid vaccine. it's okay to have questions: everyone deserves answers. i'm wary that there isn't enough information. it's okay to be excited, or worried, or both. it's alright for it to take whatever it takes
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on the fifththe fifththe fih president kamala harris will be in oakland. on tuesday she will travel to chicago before returning to washington. today, president joe biden pitched a $2 trillion infrastructure plan that calls for spending billions on new roads and bridges, new investment in public transportation and broadband internet especially in rural areas. he said it will create tens of thousands if not millions of jobs. >> it is a once in a generation investment in america. castration to pay for it with
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an increase in today, dr. jill biden california for the first time president. hours ago and harrington from our sister station training. just what the first lady been involved in today quick this is historic because came for farmworkers is dolores it was here today where dr. jill biden is the united states and arrived around 2:50 this is a historic building. that is the building where
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cesar chavez fasted for 25 days in 1968 started the family arrived around 2:1540 acres. that building before died to speak to around 100 people thinking farmworkers for their work throughout the pandemic. >> we wouldn't have made it through this year, even in our darkest time. can and we must find hope in each other to keep the legacy of cesar chavez
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>> dr. biden discussed the president continuing to work on a plan to overhaul immigration policies saying that he is working to treat children with sam and families with dignity and create their pathways to citizenship including essential workers. from there, the first lady went to a roundtable with several local farmworkers they express to they need continued support from the president. dr. biden issuing the president and she are on their side saying that we are a union couple. >> dr. biden how does it feel to be around these women? >> following the roundtable dr. biden visited thesited thesitede clinic and the comments county latino covid-19 task force. there, dr. biden issued vaccination cards and handed out pins that said i received the covid-19 vaccine to those vaccinated before she left for the day. the vaccination clinic is
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continuing tonight. there are still vendors set up making sure there are resources for those in need. about 1100 people have been vaccinated and they expect to vaccinate 200 othersothersothers in the south bay, santa clara county officials teamed up with an iconic labor union to vaccinate hundreds ofof farmworkers. >> on the outskirts of morgan hill, a sense of thoseof thoseoe to protect themselves from covid-19. >> i feel awesome and protected. >> matty avenue among hundreds to receive their vaccine dose. countywide the agricultur sector accounts for $1.6
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million per year in economic impact. many workers are of hispanic/latino descent cricket is a community that has been impacted by the virus. >> a lot of the work is side-by- side whether it be a mushroom facility or in the field. the essential nature of their work that is why we are here today to make sure they are safe. >> today's pop up a vaccination site at monterey mushroom was set up with support from the united farmworkers labor union. the partnership, especially meaningful, as america celebrated cesar chavez day and the many contributions made to the union. >> this is an incredible example of a stewardship and collaboration supporting the health and well-being of teammates and other agricultural where fares welfare workers. >> the push topush topush to is a part of the county's focus of prioritizing underserved
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communities. this week the county announced one out of every three residents 16 and up has already received the first dose. >> we have seen a dip in testing and we really need people especially those who i have been tested to continue to get tested. we enjoy record warmth today. there is another day like it in the forecast. spencer shows you just how hot it is going to get where you live. that is next. you can see what the weather is like around the bay any time with
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i pulled out all the shorts and realized when i put them away i should have folded them. now, it is a wrinkled mass. >> i have done that too. the only difference is i would wear them as a wrinkled mass. >> me too. >> all right spencer. more heat to come, right? >> if you stay out of the sun too long you will become a wrinkled mass. let's look back at today's warmth. we had one official record high
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so far. there may be other officials coming in but right now it is san jose. the single spot hitting a new record high temperature at 83 degrees and most other locations, aside from coastal locations were at or above 80 degrees. here is the view looking over san francisco where temperatures have tumbled to a mere 78 degrees. still, anyone at mountain view. 72 at half moon bay. view from emeryville a clear skies. 78 in santa rosa. 79 novato. 83 and and and and and and and santa cruz beaches there is still a lot of activity. people enjoying the warmth of this last day of march. these are the forecast features. record highs are likely tomorrow. a kohler pattern begins on friday. we can expect to dry conditions and average temperatures for this time of the year for easter weekend. on we go to to look at overnight conditions. skies will be clear and low temperatures will be on the mild side mainly upper 40s to low 50s. we can expect low 50s along the
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bay shoreline and in francisco. tomorrow's highs they will be climbing once again into the upper 80s to near 90 in the south bay. we are forecasting 89 in san jose. i would not be surprised if one or two spots top out at 90. on the peninsula 87 will be the high. 70s on the coast tomorrow. at half moon bay and pacifica downtown san francisco 81. tomorrow afternoon we expect the return of a little bit of coastal fog. the coastal areas may not be quite as warm tomorrow as they were today. other locations will be up and they. ties of 85 in santa rosa. 85 -- 86 at oakland and san leandro and union city. over in the inland east bay upper 80s. 89 at concorde and walnut creek. 90 at brentwood. on we go to skipping ahead to the forecast animation for midnight sunday night.sunday ni.
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we expect to move on through monday and tuesday. rainfall totals we project at the moment will be under 2/10 of an inch for most of area locations. perhaps a few higher tolls in the north bay. here is a accuweather 7-day forecast. americas are expected. temperatures will drop off around 8-10 degrees for tomorrow's highs. late sunday we may see an increase in class as the wet weather system approaches producing chance of showers for monday, a lingering chance tuesday and then drying out wednesday. still to come, one of the best parts of california is the coastline. water is a constant struggle for the state. tonight, a look at water sustainability, it's part of the
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california dreaming takes a close look at the issues threatening the california dream people working to keep that dream alive.dream alive.dr. water covers 71% of the earth's surface. only about 3% of it is freshwater making it the planets most precious resource. what you do when the water supply is in danger of going dry? >> california central valley is no stranger to droto dro >> many are figuring out sources. >> you are working away through their. it is not just running water from one side to the other. there is a method to the madness. >> one of the most important features is teaching when to
6:30 pm
irrigate and how much to apply. that is not the most -- but it is about teaching students the amount of water that is necessary no more, no less and went to put it on so we optimize production. we want to produce this in abundance and do it sustainably. >> one of the best ways to use water sustainably is by using it more than once. before the water reaches here, it starts here. and eventually melts and makes its way down creeks and rivers to a reservoir like this one. it is here where water starts its sustainable journey through hydroelectric power. >> the electricity is generated through the following force water. they are at a
6:31 pm
elevation and our generators sit in a lower elevation. it runs through three turbines so we can put out 165 megawatts of power from this asset. after this goes through that process it is now fed into the river and is used for the irrigators at that time. it is actually a beneficial resource. either through irrigation use, power use and also there is a recreational aspect. the recreation up on the reservoir and there is also recreational uses below the power plant here. >> once the water makes its way through the power plant and down over 700 miles over central valley canals, farmers need to know how to do more with less. it is here at fresno state center for irrigation technology where they are doing
6:32 pm
just that. >> we have basically three essential functions. we do field testing and technology. we do research related to agriculture specifically for irrigation and then we have a laboratory that tests and certifies irrigation. >> for different research experiments testing different aspects. that one is focused on a product that may reducemay redue subsidies of water. >> the system basically generates the fertilizer on- site using solar power. >> agriculture almost all of it is about food. it only matters to people who eat. in california irrigation is not optional. irrigation matters to everybody who eats california. sustainable production practices are important. this is how we will continue to feed ourselves and the rest of the world. >> whether it is training the future of irrigation managers, the use of renewable energy with the help of water are the
6:33 pm
research and development of new technologies and irrigation, the future is bright for sustainable water use.water uses >> my hope is that this institution will continue as it has done in the past to generate research and peer science research. it is useful to not only agriculture but other science.o. >> everybody needs to understand how and why it is being done. when they see it being done they understand that a practice is something they have to do and they have to do >> you can stream all of our california dreaming reports on demand including our special right now. you will find it on our abc 7 bay area connected to the app wherever you stream.
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essential workers in the south bay are stepping up to shape the post pandemic future. community groups have created an essential worker counsel that aims to set the agenda for change in the workplace. the changing workplace is a focus on building a better bay area. david louis introduces us to some of the new council members. >> to have been on the front lines providing essential services have personal risks during the pandemic. as they put the health of their cells and the family online they believe they can and should hey a role of economic recovery. is organized by the advocacy group silicon valley rising. >> audrey has worked at safeway for 35 years. daniel torres, daniel torres is a security officer. >> this was announced in east san jose, a community that saw high virus rates.
6:35 pm
he will be joined by a bus driver a surgical nurse, a fast food worker a kite teacher, a construction worker and others to identify needs for decision- makers. >> we must move ahead with a vision led and shaped by essential workers. they are the ones carrying us to the pandemic and his leadership can carry us forward. >> they already stepped up to the past year to demand hazard pay protective gear and emergency paid sick pays -- days. kevin has been a county worker providing emergency housing and rent relief. >> i think it is incumbent upon myself and incumbent upon all of us to be and lend our voices to the experiences and the task of shaping our economic recovery that puts the needs of our communities first. >> of etiquettes they will raise voices to include the post pandemic recovery. coming up next, we will take it to the courtroom in minneapolis to the courtroom in minneapolis covid has made clear that having health insurance is more important than ever. at covered california, every plan is comprehensive, covering everything from preventive care
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three. no nonsense. just common sense. i have no choice but to fight and continue to work toward racial solidarity for all of our communities. for justice for all of
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children. the group she spoke to is calling for leaders in the asian american pacific islander community to support her moved to support racial inequality. they ended the merit-based admissions policy. the board stripped collins from her role as vice president of the board. and a new twist, collins has filed a federal lawsuit against the school district and her colleagues and the board over there response to those tweets. it was another day of emotional testimony from witnesses called in the trial of derek chauvichauvi trevor ault gets you caught up on day 3 of the trial. >> jurors in the trial of derek shelton hearing from christopher martin, the the the
6:40 pm
>> when i saw i noticed there was a blue pigment to it. it was kind of like how $20 bill would have. >> martin describes how he felt that they. >> in disbelief. and a lot of guilt. >> my guilt? >> a full i would have just not taken the bill this could have been avoided. >> the jury testingjury testingu from christopher belfry reported the incident from his car. >> we have seen him placing him in the police car. that is all i saw. i kept driving. i thought he was detained and over. >> over the past three days the jury has heard from numerous witnesses including genevieve hansen
6:41 pm
let her help. >> when you get into that, how did that make you feel? >> totally distressed. >> frustrated? >> yes. >> donella frazier, the teenager who record the video also took the stand. >> i heard george floyd saying i can't breathe, please, get off of me. i can't breathe. he cried for his mom. he was in pain. it seemed like he knew it was over for him. >> derek chauvin is facing manslaughter and second and third degree murder charges to which he has pleaded >> if you like to watch the entire trial gavel to gavel you can do so on the abc7
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a san francisco artist has created larger-than-life art installations for over three decades. in his latest artwork it can be seen in golden gate park. melissa pics car spoke with the artist to see how he creates his art using machinery and technology. >> i make works of art with leds, hydraulics, mechanical parts, integrating this technology that we live around all the time into something full of beauty and joy. i feel art makes me really happy. it makes me happy to see other people and joy it. it makes me happy to see other people enjoy it. >> by making these areas of
6:46 pm
public art, lots of people get to experience it. have a greater impact example cisco has a long history of machine art lot of art installations at music festivals. i did multiple pieces at coachella, the electric daisy carnival. have a number of more permanent works of art. i have been making art for about 30 years from the moment i made my first work of art it became my passion. >> right now have a very large piece of art in golden gate park. it is in a place called meadow. and twined is made up of three large trees. the largest tree is 20 feet tall with a 30 foot canopy. it is ahmed out of sheet metal.
6:47 pm
it has plastic appeals full of leds. it has about 1000 plastic hues in the entire installation. we generated these complex ever- changing patterns that are orchestrated over the entire work of art. we recently added qr codes to all of the shrubs that allows people to take control of that small part of the sculpture and then they can change the color and the heel. and twined has been one of the best works of art i have made. anytime i make works of art the most recent one is the most fun. this one has been
6:48 pm
fun. i like to make these magical places that people can come to. that has been an amazing experience through this year of the pandemic. people needed a place to go. that was a nice way. i get to do this. i feel loved every day. >> that looks amazing. i love the interactive component as well. it is beautiful. >> people are going out to the beach today. let's take a look at overnight conditions. overnight lows will be mainly in the upper 40s to low 50s. some inland locations will have low to mid 50s. tomorrow will be warmer generally away from the coast. today look for highs in the upper 80s to near 90 at many inland locations tomorrow
6:49 pm
the coast still my older than average but there will be a return of fog along the coastline in the afternoon hours which will keep temperatures climbing very high. tomorrow evening at the coliseum the a's open the baseball season against the houston astros. it would be clear and about sunny. here is the 7-day forecast. it will be warm but not record warmth on friday. over the weekend there will be further calling but it will be dreiser easter weekend. we expect some light showers monday and tuesday and then trying out again on wednesday. thank you, spencer. >> spencer mentioned opening- day. larry bailey is here. always so fun. this time maybe meet we are more ready for it than we have ever been. >> we are ready for a lot of things after a year of waiting. that is for sure. now, it is just hours away. opening day for the giants and the a's. the a's. there will be people
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6:53 pm
the park >> got on the field and saw that there were no cutouts. that is a step in the right direction. it will be actual people tomorrow night which we are all excited about. opening days can be pretty festive and pretty loud regardless of how many people we have here. i think everybody is looking forward to getting the impact. i think everybody is eager to see how a bigger place reacts with fans out there. it should be a little more like a regular opening-day tomorrow.
6:54 pm
the giants will open in seattle. both of those games will begin at 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night. stanford has qualified for the ncaa women's basketball tournament for 33 straight years. they haven't wanted all since 1992. the cardinal can't change that this weekend. stanford the number one overall seed in the tournament. they had to come back from a 12 point half-point half-time deficit to beat louisville and advanced to the final format. they will face south carolina friday and one national in my final game. the expectation is stanford and yukon will end up meeting in the championship game. the coach is really proud of her team and all of the challenges they have had to overcome. >> i am so proud of my team for the battle just how hard we fought and how well do we played to be able to go to the final 4. sometimes you have to go through adversity. we have been going through adversity all year long.
6:55 pm
our team really stepped up. >> on the men's side for stanford, williams a talented freshman. he is one-and-one and has declared for the nba draft. after a full start, the sharks trying to chomp their way up the standings. they are hosting minnesota tonight. they beat the wired in a shoot out a couple of nights ago. erik karlsson had two goals. as a part of their hockey for everyone initiative they brought in teen pregame conferences. he will be a part of the game broadcast pick everything else will be the same. >> it would be the exact same lineup. i thought there was some chemistry through the last game. all four lines gave us something. i like the way jones he played. we are going to go back with the same lineup tonight. >> a spanish kayaker performed the first ever double kick flip down a waterfall. he loses his paddle -- is impressive that he survived this is probably what it would
6:56 pm
look like if one of us tried to go down on he doesn't look like he is in control of much going on there. technically it is a world record. he actually started in the snow in chile and went into the water and did whatever that was. to me it looked like i am just happy to be alive. that is what i would call that move. but, whatever. a world record. >> congratulations to him >> it's the coverts followed by american health like the con is and call your mother. at 10:00 -- stay with us for abc's 11:00. that is a for this edition of the abc 7 news. thank you for joining us tonight.
6:57 pm
for all of us here we appreciate your time. we hope you have a great evening. we hope to see you for abc's 7 news at 11:00.
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants-- a pathologist originally from chicago, illinois... a law clerk from houston, texas... and our returning champion-- a medical student from santa clara, california... whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now here is the guest host of "jeopardy!"-- dr. mehmet oz! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny gilbert. welcome to "jeopardy!", everybody. you heard johnny mention our champion bryce's impressive 2-day total. i've gotta say, i have been blown away by his speed and intelligence. he is a true force, but emily and kevin
7:00 pm
and everyone who steps on this stage has their talents as well, so good luck to all three of you. bryce, pick from one of these categories as we start "jeopardy!" ♪ starting with... like, if you were to refuse "ref-fuse." and... - bryce. - paint, $1,000. - emily. - what is "sunrise"? - correct. - animals, $800. - emily. - what is a hexagon? - correct. - dealing with the paint, $600. - emily. - what is "scream"? - you got it. - funny books for $800.


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