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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  March 24, 2021 3:30pm-3:59pm PDT

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first filipino american to hold that office. don't forget to join us tomorrow, we have abc7 news special correspondent and host tonight, chilling new reporting on the mass shooting in boulder, colorado. and this evening here, we pay tribute to the ten lives lost. the procession late today for the slain officer, eric talley, the father of seven. as we now learn more at this hour about the alleged gunman. friends describing his alleged troubles when back in school. describing alleged angeren i is. the suspect now set to appear in court. and the moments in that store. one of the women saved and the colleague she lost. what she witnessed as this all played out. matt gutman in boulder tonight. and we remember the lives lost. the store manager described as a shining light. the woman who acted in local theater, remembered as fearless and funny. the proud father about to become
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a grandfather. ten victims, loved by their families, their friends, their communities. ten victims loved by their families, their friends, their community. and we hear from their loved ones tonight. in other news this wednesday night, president biden tapping vice president harris to the southern border. tonight, the biden administration finally allowing cameras inside a facility housing 700 unaccompanied minors in texas. roughly 16,000 unaccompanied minors now in border patrol custody. the coronavirus here in the u.s. cases on the rise in at least 15 states. in michigan, for one, c ipli in st o mon. is there a correlation in the rise in cases to people who have not been vaccinated yet? age groups now being seen with these new cases with patients a the attack on the capitol involving officer sicknick, who later died. the abc news exclusive.
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parents speaking out about the death of their son following an alleged hazing incident. he was just 20 years old and what he told his mother on the phone just before going to that party. and at this hour, we're tracking severe storms across several states. the potential yet again for long track tornadoes over the next 24 hours. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a very busy wednesday night. we have a lot to get to and we're going to begin tonight with the investigation into the deadly rampage in boulder. ten lives lost, the suspect, ahmad alissa now facing ten counts of murder, now set to appear in court. tonight here, we're learning more about his life, from friends, acquaintances, describing alleged anger issues, among other things. tonight, chilling new details from inside that store, from survivors, witnesses who saw it all play out. the woman who lost a colleague,
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thanking the s.w.a.t. teams for saving her, but what she witnessed. the fbi on the scene of the attack. others visiting tecmereit been com amid an outpouring of grief, people drawn to the site, holding close to one another. a makeshift memorial growing at the fence now surrounding the supermarket parking lot. and late today, the somber procession just before we came on tonight for slain officer eric talley, the husband and father of seven. and tonight here, we pay tribute to the ten people who were lost. yan m lives cut short. they were loved and they left an indelible mark on their community. and you will hear from their loved ones right here tonight. abc's chief national correspondent matt gutman leading us off at the scene again tonight.>>epht, th m bear. 6 his accused killer, 21-year-old ahmad fter surrenin,
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police leading him handcuffed to an ambulance. tomorrow he makes his first court appearance, facing ten counts of first degree murder. investigators are working to unravel a motive, scouring the crime scene for clues, trying to piece together why that location. and whether the gunman was targeting someone specific. alissa lived in this suburban house and according to family members in that police affidavit he had been acting strangely in the days leading up to the shooting. fiddling with this ar-style gun and they suggested he had suffered from some sort of mental health issue. he is a u.s. citizen who came here from syria as a 3-year-old. high school classmates reportedly described him as pleasant, but also quick to anger. they tell "the denver post" heo peers. sources tell abc news investigators have developed a picture of an angry man with a short fuse and very possibly underlying psychiatric problems. and they're trying to learn if he had any connection to
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political groups. whether he became radicalized online. they're looking through his electronic devices, examining his social media. tonight, survivors of the attack now grappling with a new reality. >> now i wake up every night to gunshots and i can't sleep. >> reporter: is that what happens when you close your eyes at night, you see where you were? >> i just wake up. i wake up. i wake up to gunfire. bow, bow, bow, bow, bow, bow, bow, bow, bow. >> reporter: darcy lopez managed the cheese counter at king soopers. that's her in the red coat holding onto the employee right in front of her, being escorted to safety. when the shooting started, she immediately dropped to the ground and crawled into a cabinet. >> i was cramped into a little ball. we were just waiting for a gunman to come around the corner and end it and shoot us. i just said to myself, if this is the world that i live in, just take me.
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just take me. i don't want to live in this world. something's got to give. something's got to change. we have to stop this. so i was just ready to die. >> reporter: and then, the s.w.a.t. team arrived. what was that moment like seeing that s.w.a.t. officer? >> oh, such relief. i'm not going to die, i'm saved. thank you. >> reporter: but darcy can't stop thinking about her coworkers who didn't make it. 25-year-old rikki olds. >> just a kid, braids, flannel shirts. just a kid. spunky kid. >> reporter: and 20-year-old denny stong, the youngest victim. his mother also worked as the store. darcy says she saw her just moments after the shooting. >> i just saw her getting on the bus looking for her kid, where's denny? and she couldn't find hi >> suchcouny. an matt, i know investigators now trying to piece together what the suspect was doing in those crucial days leading up to this awful attack. >> reporter: david, they do, and they want to know who he spoke
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to and what they talked about. and piecing those last days together is especially critical, because police say alissa has refused to cooperate with them. now, we're going to get rst glimf h, but ghnow, t community is focused mostly on mourning. you can tell by that sprawling memorial behind me and tonight, this city is going to hold its first candle light vigil to remember the victims. david? >> matt gutman leading us off tonight. matt, thank you. and sadly, as we have said, far too often here, it is so important that we remember that we honor the lives lost, that their stories are told. togh aut many of them from those who loved them and who were forced to say good-bye far too soon. they are the lives lost in boulder. suzanne fountain, 59 years old, she performed in local community plays and she made a longtime friend on that stage. martha harmon pardee, friends for 30 years. suzanne was in martha's wedding. >> she was a light.
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she had so much more to give to this world. and she will be missed. i love you suzanne with all my heart and i'll never stop. >> kevin mahoney was 61. he was about to become a grandfather. his daughter, erika, tweeting this image of them on her wedding day, writing, "my dad represents all things love. i'm so thankful he could walk me down the aisle last summer. i am now pregnant. i know he wants me to be strong for his granddaughter. i love you forever dad. you are always with me." teri leiker was 51, she had worked at king soopers for 30 years. her friends say she loved her job. she was selfless. 20-year-old denny stong. he dreamed of becomig a pilot. he, too, worked at the store, working extra shifts to save money for training, working to get his pilot's license. rikki olds was 25 years old. she was a manager at king soopers. her coworker, carly low. >> rikki was definitely the
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person that would help you no matter what, even in a difficult situation. rikki would do her best to make it better. >> her uncle robert with this message to his niece, saying he can still hear her laugh. >> i love you. i miss you. and i'm sorry. >> lynn murray was 62, a mother of two, a former magazine photo director. her husband telling reporters she was the center, the anchor of their family. 65-year-old jody waters. she leaves behind two daughters and a grandchild. her friends describing her. >> bright eyed and a great person to be around. >> like a sparkling light in the world. >> lonna bartkowiak was 49. she managed a top in town. and tonight, the growing tribute outside its doors. she was engaged to be married and her friend stacy spoke about her. >> she was just a happy,
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beautiful, bright light, who made everybody's life better just from meeting her. she's an inspiration. >> 51-year-old police officer eric talley. the 11-year veteran of the boulder police department, first on the scene. his patrol car now a growing tribute. he had seven children, the youngest was 7, the oldest was 20. and his mother judy said they spoke every day. >> my son eric was so deeply loved by everyone. why -- why my son gave his life to save those people. >> that officer's sister sharing this childhood photo of the two of them, telling us he was always a protective brother, adding, "i know eric would have wanted to save every single one of those lives. i know why he flew in there first, because he was thinking, there are families in that store." we honor the lives lost here and we will continue to do so.
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in the meantime, though, we do turn to the other news this wednesday night, the surge of migrants at the southern pr biden tonight now asking vice president kamala harris to lead the effort to stem the tide from central america. the president saying, when she speaks, she speaks for me. and for the first time tonight, the administration now allows cameras inside a facility for unaccompanied minors in texas. abc's rachel scott from texas tonight. >> reporter: tonight, for the p first time, the biden administration allowing cameras inside a facility for unaccompanied children. the access limited, only one camera allowed in. reporters told not to speak with any of the 766 teenage boys the facility can hold up to 932 en.eyay ieen llcaty. but what aowcarefullyolled by the administration. these images. children playing soccer, even a classroom. a stark contrast to the overf
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overflowing facilities in donna, texas, and el paso. there, children sleeping on the floor. it was reopened last month to help house and care for the roughly 16,000 kids that are now in u.s. custody. the influx on track to reach an all-time high. in part because their parents know that unlike the previous administration, children traveling alone aren't being sent back to their home countries. >> it is a crisis. it is a crisis that was created by the bide unadministration by their own policies. >> reporter: it is a crisis faced by both the obama and the trump administration, but both parties agree they are now seeing the worst numbers at the border in years. biden facing growing pressure, today naming vice president harris in charge of stemming migration from central america. >> i think the best thing to do is to put someone who, when he or she speaks, they don't have to wonder about, "is that where the president is?" r:enle t bdeaks, she speaks for some p long-term solution to tin
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address the situation here along the border, which in the short-term, david, is only expected to get worse. david? >> all right, rachel scott reporting from texas for us tonight. rachel, thank you. we turn next here to late developments tonight in the investigation into the attack on the capitol. new images showing officer brian si sicknick assaulted with a chemical that might have been bear spray. as we've reported here, he died the next day. and here's our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas tonight. >> reporter: tonight, for the first time we see on video the moment capitol police officer brian sicknick responds to being hit with a toxic chemical on the day of the insurrection. these images obtained exclusively by "the new york times" showing the moment officer sicknick was saulght.or this comes as a faler ordered o
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suspects held pending trial. julian khernd george tanios have been charged in the the governmentult. referencing s video shot by an online media company allegedly shows the critical moment just before the chemical was sprayed. >> give me the bear [ bleep ]. hold on, not yet, not yet. too early. >> reporter: the fbi and d.c. police are trying to determine if sicknick was to mde rereleas autopsy laying out the specific cause of death. david, prosecutors also said today that the proud boys, oath keepers and three percenters were xhooun kating in the days before the insurrection, but they have yet to taes coll ectiveheetly before the insurrection, david. >> all right, pierre thomas from washington tonight. thank you. we're going to turn next to the pandemic this evening and the alarming rise in cases. at least 16 states reporting a spikeow n in cases, that's 10 more in just the past seven days. arizona among the growing number of states now opening
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vaccinations to everyone 16 and up. every available appointment gone in minutes today. across this country, 85 million people now have received at least one dose. 33% of adults. abc's whit johnson now from new york. >> reporter: tonight, with covid cases creeping back up, health officials warning the country has yet to turn the corner on the pandemic. >> we are at the corner. whether or not we're going to be turning that corner still remains to be seen. >> reporter: 16 states seeing a case average increase of 10% in the last week. in michigan, cases tripling and hospitalizations doubling in the last month. >> we may have relaxed restrictions too soon. we really need all the tools at our disposal to control a virus like this that is incredibly unforgiving. >> reporter: but some experts hopeful that the increasing speed of vaccinations will keep the virus in check. >> i'm worried that we're going to see a mini surge, but i actually feel pretty confident that we're not going to see a crush of hospitalizations and
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a crush of deaths we saw in december and january largely because we've vaccinated so many vulnerable people. >> reporter: 28 states and washington, d.c. expanding eligibility to anyone over the age of 16. demand soaring. in arizona today, thousands of new appointments for younger residents disappearing within 20 minutes. >> when i would refresh, oots day would pop up and i would click on it, it says no availability. >> just shows youhe mo vaccinations, availability in this untry. whit johnson with us from a mass vaccination site in westchester, new york, and you reported there that hospitalizations are doubling in michigan, for example. i know the data is still early, but are doctor seeing any link between those hospitalizations, that spike in cases, and groups that have not been vaccinated? >> reporter: david, they are. one medical group in michigan says that hospitalizations are increasing at an alarming rate among unvaccinated adults, up 800% for people in their 40s, but the rates are dramatically lower among seniors, many of them already vaccinated.
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david? >> we're going to continue to track this dynamic. whit, thank you very much. whit johnson tonight. we turn next here to the abc news exclusive, the heartbroken parents speaking out about the death of their son following an alleged hazing incident at bowling green state university. he was just 20 years old. and what his mother says he told her on the phone just before going to that fraternity house. here's abc's will reeve tonight. >> reporter: tonight, stone foltz's family says the 20-year-old old was apprehensive on the phone as he left for an alleged drinking event at a pi kappa alpha fraternity house. >> and i said, "well, that sounds really stupid. why do you have to do it?" and he said, "it's just part of the ritual. i have to, but i don't want to." and i said, "well be smart about it." >> reporter: his mother said on that march 4th night, she texted stone, a sophomore pledge at bowling green state university in ohio, to check in and with a promise to call later. >> i said, "well, then i'll call you at 10:00 to check up on it." i never made that call. that's something i have to live with the rest of my life. >> reporter: his parents say that off-campus event became an
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alleged alcohol-fueled hazing incident. a roommate of a fellow pledge telling a local station that pledges were expected to drink a full handle of alcohol, roughly 40 shots, before they could leave. less than three hours after stone arrived, he was found understand responsive. his peers calling 911. >> okay, are you starting the compressions again? >> yep. >> reporter: stone died three days later in a hospital. his parents are now demanding accountability. >> it needs to stop now. every day that goes by, there's a chance there could be another stone foltz out there. >> reporter: david, local police are investigating and the national pi kappa alpha organization has suspended its bowling green chapter. david? >> all right, will reeve tonight. will, thank you. when we come back, the brew comg i and here, we are tracking severe storms across several states tonight. the potential for those long-track tornadoes.
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now to the developing headline involving north korea tonight. japanese and south korean media now reporting that north korea has launched ballistic missile tests. early reports indicates north korea fired two short range missiles over the weekend. now, if confirmed, certainly a new challenge for the biden administration. when we come back here tonight, the to tpotential for long-track tornadoes across the country. we'll time it out. thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of the body, are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+/her2- metastatic breast cancer, as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole significantly delayed shnk tumorin over half of p. patients taking ibrance can develop low white blood cell counts,
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finally tonight here, a piece of american history set to make history again on mars. from their first flight in kitty hawk, north carolina, in 1903, not even wilbur or orville wright could've imagined this. on the surface of mars, after traveling 300 million miles through space, a small piece of fabric from the 1903 wright flyer will fly now on mars. nasa hopes to fly the four-pound helicopter about ten feet in the air in the coming weeks. nasa's experiment al martian el continuer
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the breaking news is fremont. sky 7 shows the major police activity taking place on highway 84. this is at arden would boulevard. police say there was a shooting involving at least one officer. the scene showsscene showsscenes ground. the eastbound lanes are completely blocked. westbound traffic is being diverted off the roadway and police are asking that you please avoid the area. we will keep you posted as soon as we get get get get get get our other top story, a new deal bay area counties we have with the state which will allow them to retain local control of vaccine distribution. this is after weeks of tense negotiations in the wake of the governor's decision to hire blue shield as
4:00 pm
weekof uncertainty. >> thisllanll. a nuerof local control of distributing vaccines to local community clinics such as gardner heritage services. dolores alvarado with the community health partnership cost the announcement a major win. >> we look at data from a census check as opposedas opposd code. this allows us to really respond quickly. >> the memorandum of understanding also allows santa clara county to continue to use vaccine appointment system rather than being forced to the my turn program. county officials say the agreement ensures vaccines are fairly distributed especi virus without having to deal
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with blue shield as the


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