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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 21, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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showing solidarity across the bay area. the asian american community and their allies are coming together. hundreds of people turned out for rallies across the region in san francisco, the peninsula to the east bay. good morning, it is sunday, march 21. we will have much more on the rallies and the messages from the asian american community in a moment at first let's get over for a quick look at the weather. >> it is a chilly start out there in fact we have a frost advisory for the valleys of the northbay and all due to big
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reggie of high-pressure building into the eastern pacific and as we look at the numbers we are in the 40s but upper 30s from livermore to san ramon but the numbers will continue to drop until about 8:00 this morning and we will see the numbers plummet as we get into the next hour or so. probably mid 30s. anywhere from 4 to 8 degrees cooler than yesterday. in san jose some scattered clouds and by 9:00 still in the 40s. at noontime your 60 inland and by the afternoon and well into the 60s around the bay and even upper 60s and we track another warming trend for midweek. hundreds of people showed up to an event in chinatown to show support for the asian american community. this comes after attacks in the bay area and violent shooting rampage in
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>> ehrhardt retired. >> a community in pain with the suffering felt by all. >> we are hurting and angry. >> a show of solidarity demanding attacks against asian american stop >> we have to stand up and are all in the struggle together and if we don't force it now, when will we >> attacks against asian americans seem to be happening weakly. the violence often caught on camera. many victims have been seniors. >> imagine if someone attacked your grandmother, grandfather and killed them. it is sad and painful for the families and painful to the community which has already suffered. >> also great for the apical hymns of the mass shooting in atlanta this week and six are
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asian women. federal authorities have yet to find enough evidence to bring hate crime charges against a suspect. >> we don't need to wait, we know there was hate and that's why we are seeing a response. >> some of the community are scared to be on the streets. >> i think you have to send the message out, if you commit the crimes arrested and there is no free lunch here. >> not everyone believes a larger police presence is the answer. >> a lot of times police are not the appropriate tool or solution including the use of force in situations like with mental health crisis. >> during the rally there were messages of healing and hope hand-painted by community members in the park. >> the mayor said she's focused on safety and solutions and told me next week the city will announce a new program to help keep the community safe. in the meantime police patrols have been increased in areas where attacks have happened.
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a show of solidarity and brisbane as residents gathered for a vigil to denounce racism against asian americans and pacific islanders. there have not been any reports of racist attacks there specifically but they want to make sure everyone feels safe and supported. >> the asian american/pacific islander community is reeling from the attacks. they are being captured and filmed and put out on social media. >> officials are urging residents to call the anonymous tip line to report any concerning incidents. those that do not feel safe walking alone can call the community response coalition to request a chaperone and in the east bay oakland rollers came together to show support and the gather in the park to begin their skate
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which took them through chinatown and ended up in east of oakland in little saigon and they are rolling in solidarity with asians and pacific islanders have been targeted. coming up, the congresswoman of california who is the chair of the congressional asian pacific american caucus will talk about how lawmakers will confront the issue of the attacks and you can watch the full interview this week with george stephanopoulos at 8:00 this morning here on abc 7. the san francisco board of education, in a letter alyssa politicians are calling for the resident resignation of the vice president. this series of tweets is anti- asian. a parents group jury attention to the tweets as they push to recall several board members. >> the series of tweets was made by the vice president in december
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two years before she was elected and in when she described a story where her daughter heard boys teasing a latino about trim, mexicans and the and the boys were asian american and another referring to teachers, students and parents, she wrote to use white supremacists thinking to assimilate and get ahead. >> she seems to be judging asian americans for wanting to study hard and work and give the kids in extrication. >> while many of the tweets have now been deleted, the two of them capture them and publish them as part of the campaign to recall collins along with two other board members. >> this is not acceptable for a person we are trusting their kids with job deep-seated. >> the tweets got the attention and a letter was written calling for her to resign and was cosigned by more than 20
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other local and state leaders. >> it is terrible. this is not acceptable to me and should not be acceptable for anybody and let alone someone who is elected to serve our constituents >> collins has not indicated where the she plans to resign but issued a statement reading in part, i knowledge that in this moment my words taken out of context can be causing more pain for those already suffering and for the pain my words may have caused, i'm sorry and i apologize unreservedly. she found some support in the board president who tweeted, i stand in solidarity president collins in the asian american communities and this week has been marked by hate and violence in this moment of pain, words matter more than ever and i appreciate that the vice president has apologized for her remarks. concern for asian american students at the lowell high school is prompting some to threaten a lawsuit against the
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school board. supporters are upset over the plans to end the merit-based admissions. the san francisco board of education voted to move to a lottery system giving everyone a chance to attend and the group threatening to sue said the plan is racist against asian american who are more than half of the student body. san francisco is on track to enter the orange here this week and that means bars will be allowed to serve customers outdoors without food. well the state suggest they can reopen with modifications, the city will limit offices to 25% capacity and limit into retail and restaurants 250% or 200 people. orange tier allows for outdoor performances. state guidelines allow for life to export evidence at one third capacity starting next month but that mirror says local health officials are still ironing out details with the
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giants for opening day and the city expects to confirm the move on tuesday and it would go into effect on wednesday. as governor newsom plans to make allfor an intelligible for the vaccine by may 1, the state is struggling to reach some populations. california is among the worst state for vaccine equity part of the vaccine team talked with community and state leaders about what needs to change. >> over 24% of californians have received at least one doubt of the covid-19 fixing so far. when it comes to vaccine equity, the cdc says we are struggling. ranked number 44 among 48 states on the list. >> sadly, i'm not super surprised. >> to fix this governor newsom changed the strategy allocating 40% of all vaccine doses to zip codes in the most vulnerable areas of the state.
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the governor also said that the tiered eligibility system is expected to and in five and half weeks and vaccines will be available for all californians. the assembly member says the 40% equity strategy doesn't work for the entire state. >> it means that even though we represent 20% of the population, the formula only would allow for 2% of the vaccines to go to the population. >> 20 legislators signed the letter urging the state to change this strategy. >> what are you another assembly members hoping to achieve with the letter? >> a different way of going about it is focused on census tracts. >> it is one of the hotspots that was not prioritized by the state. community members say they could not wait any longer on the state and are opening up a second vaccination hub with the city and dcfs partnership. >> we will walk-through
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potential second site and already eyeing some additional sites. >> the supervisor announced a mobile vaccination effort set to launch next thursday to in the east bay, community partners are stepping up to make sure members of the african-american community get their second dose of the covid vaccine. every vaccine was held at a church and the focus is on vaccinating black seniors and essential workers and many are members of the congregation. >> people feel very comfortable and safe coming to the church as the leaders in the church and pastors are getting the vaccine. >> people who are vaccinated at the site three weeks ago came back for their second and final dose of the pfizer shot and they were offered to people who signed up in advance because of the limited amount of vaccine availability.
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more shots will be given at the site today. a historic san francisco church will be the host site for distributing the johnson & johnson vaccine. the third baptist church on mcallister street is partnering with a black health initiative and african-american faith- based coalition for the event that runs from noon until 6:00. those eligible include 18 and older who work in healthcare, restaurants, grocery stores, education and childcare and emergency services. people who also have chronic health conditions or disabled can get vaccinated. where monitoring the covid vaccine rollout with the vexing tracker. you can find it on the homepage at . happy spring. >> happy spring. a little on the chilly side yesterday in the low to mid 40s right now in oakland. yesterday only 59, 65 today. everyone warms up that we do have gusty offshore winds for much of the week ahead.
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the 7 day forecast is next. also ahead, some schools are reopening in a few weeks and why some parents are pushing the district to do more and shocking video of father taking a two-year-old into the elephant enclosure at the san diego zoo. witnesses describe the harrowing escape is joint pain, swelling, tenderness. my psoriasis. cosentyx works on all of this. cosentyx can help you look and feel better by treating the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine, or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. watch me! get real relief with cosentyx.
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new this morning, chp is asking for help as it investigates a multi car crash on the bay bridge. they said the driver of of scion posted as a good samaritan to check on the welfare of the victims after the collision. well everyone was distracted, a man from the car stole a one- year-old terrier from the victim's vehicle and took off. the dock has now been reunited
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with the owner and investigators are trying to find the thief. anyone who has dashcam video is asked to contact chp. the pushed and period poverty. santa clara county board of supervisors will consider measure to ensure all public bathrooms are stocked with free period products the california menstrual equity act of 2021 was introduced last month and the board with comments at the meeting and if it passes the measures expected to spend may figuring out the cost associated with stalking the bathrooms for an entire year. a terrifying moment for guests at the san diego zoo witnesses say a man in his toddler barely escaped after entering an exhibit and coming within feet of a charging elephants. the abc news reporter explains how it happens. >> harrowing new video shows an elephant charging at a two-year- old girl and her father moments after they allegedly broke into an enclosure at the san diego zoo.
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according to the zoo the man bypassed multiple barriers on friday carrying his daughter into the habitat reportedly to take a picture. >> the two-year-old was taken into the closure by a male. >> what are you doing, get out of there. >> the man seem here flseem her with the child in his arms and he drops her but picks her up quickly as the elephant closes in. >> it was about one foot for making contact with the gentleman and his baby. >> with the father and daughter as well as the elephant not injured, the man was arrested and is facing charges of child cruelty. >> that's a remarkable story and i'm glad nobody was hurt. in the bay area, a woman is in jail accused of racism and it happened 7:00.
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police were called to the restaurant because the woman was refusing to leave and employees told police the woman hit an employee and made several racist remarks to other employees and the woman was arrested on suspicion of hate crime, battery and probation violation. new details on effort to keep a historic university from closing. the 170-year-old notre dame university and belmont will transform into a graduate an online school. this is video from a rally last march. it is facing challenges raising money and has seen a decline in enrollment. no word on plans for wrapping at the undergraduate programs. in the east bay the oakland teachers union approved a tentative deal with the school district to reopen schools both sides negotiated for weeks before the vote in the deal and seven estimated 13,000 students return to classrooms next month on a hybrid schedule.
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school officials will be rick acquired to visit classrooms. the school board will cast a vote on march 31. oakland unified parents released a statement that says, a school that is open for students five hours a week is not enough in school and will continue to advocate for full- time five day week return for all students this spring and in the fall. 20,000 masks created with an artistic touch were handed out in san francisco. the covid command center teamed up with local artists and nonprofit groups. they focused on neighborhoods most impacted by the pandemic. the initiative was part of the mask on to promote mask wearing to stop the spread of covid-19 and safely reopen san francisco for business. how pretty and it's fun to know we can split switch to spring flowers. >> there is certainly a light at the end of the tunnel with people getting vaccinated and
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now spring has arrived. warm weather and an offshore flow which usually indicates somewhat of an issue around here but we have had some rain and things are not that dry but we are getting into warmer pattern beginning today. here is a look at live doppler 7 high pressure is building in and will be anchored there pretty much all week long. right now it is cold in the inland east bay. 36 on top of mount diablo and danville, the same story. 37 in san ramon. cool and the inland valleys and the east bay and northbay we are in the mid to upper 30s from napa and mid 40s and sing carlos m-37 in mountain view as we look at the 24-hour temperature change, colder from concorde to livermore in 9 degrees colder on the coast and we have the upper elevation
5:21 am
winds blowing out of the north northeast and that is where they will stay. the winds will ease up throughout the day but look at the direction, the northerly component will allow us to warm up anywhere from 2 to 7 degrees today and that is just the beginning of the warming trend. a live look outside start this morning. we have a frost advisory that will expire at 9:00 for the inland valleys of the north bay. send me your and my older this afternoon and warmer and breezy this week and that is the headline as we go through perhaps the end of the month. tomorrow the highs in the mid to upper 60s for most. still cool in san francisco with few 70s as we get into tuesday and the winds begin to gust. looking at numbers in the upper 60s. wednesday in the 70s and we dropped down by thursday. as soon as her monday, we are looking at the winds gusting at the coast and as we get into monday afternoon, 32 to 40 mile an hour winds along the coast,
5:22 am
very breezy from the northbay to the peninsula and south bay. taking it through your tuesday afternoon and actually tuesday afternoon into tuesday night, this is a gustiest winds frame with the winds offshore the entire time and we will be looking at becoming slightly lighter as we get into wednesday . than they really will dialback. warmth due to the offshore winds for much of the work week ahead today a modest warm up, 61 in san francisco, 70 by the delta, mid 60s for san jose and livermore took in the seven-day forecast, a lot of sunshine today, partly cloudy with the winds picking up for monday. warmer still tuesday and wednesday and will call it windy with temperatures well above average. average by thursday then next weekend we are looking warmer again and it will take us once again above average. tonight, join us for a show of hope. the san francisco community
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it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about prescription entresto. march madness is in full swing but this year there's outrage from fans and players off escort after there was a stark difference in the facilities for the men's and women's team. >> the ncaa women's fat basketball team getting what was not there come all the training equipment but only after the university of oregon posted a tiktok video already be more than 6 million times. >> this is the weight room and let me see the man's weight room. >> me and the rest of the team
5:26 am
were like come on, we deserve more than this. >> the disparity triggering outrage. >> we had to had to equality. >> ncaa apologizing. >> i care about women's basketball. and women in sport. we fell short this year. >> players pointing out other unequal treatment from the men getting better food to online branding that overwhelmingly spotlights the men. >> it is in grade institutionalized sexism that we just cannot seem to get rid of. >> ncaa officials are promising to examine the structural issues that it is still unclear what specific steps will be taken moving forward to create real change. there will be
5:27 am
international audience for the delay 2020 tokyo olympics set to happen this summer. spectators from overseas will not be allowed to attend the summer olympics in japan. that decision was announced yesterday. >> we are very confident that these games will indeed be the light at the end of the dark tunnel and these games will send a strong message. peace, solidarity and resilience from tokyo in japan into the entire world. >> in japan the population will not be close to being fully vaccinated by the time the games start on july 23. officials will meet next want to discuss how many spectators will be allowed. still to come on abc 7 mornings. >> she wanted us to have a good life. that's why she worked so hard. >> remember the victims of the shooting in georgia. and miami beach officials cracking down on out-of-control spring break crowds and what has warranted
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good morning and thank you d th joining us. if you are just joining us, we will get another quick look at the weather. >> there is a frost advisory and tell 9:00 in the inland valleys of the northbay and southern salinas valley and also cold in the inland east bay. not to be outdone, lots of 30s as we start in castro valley at 36, upper 40s in alameda closer to the water that as of right now the 30s for livermore, pleasanton and fremont. 35 in napa and delta at 37. there are the areas that the national weather service has highlighted after santa rosa and already we are 4 to 8 degrees
5:31 am
colder from concord to oakland and at the coast, 9 degrees colder. through the day today, looking at temperatures in and around the 60 degrees mark. as we get to 5:00, the numbers are still on the mild side. to upper 60s we will track the warm up in a few minutes. the victims of the shooting in the atlanta area are being honored today. the heartbroken families are demanding justice and as of now investigators have not classified the killings as a hate crime. ellen lopez has the latest from atlanta. >> a community reeling after the shooting rampage that left a people dead, six women of asian descent. makeshift memorial growing outside where the first of three shootings took place. as of now, authorities have not classified the atlanta area killings as a hate crime. they continue to investigate the suspect, 21-year-old robert
5:32 am
erin long. >> what did you hear? you heard business screaming. spigot she and her husband on the business next door with a stray bullet piercing through one of their walls and is the shock wears off she tells me she is only now realizing that her neighbors are gone. the children now left without their mothers. emily did not leave see her 50th birthday. >> she wanted us to have good life and that's why she worked so hard. >> gold spa in atlanta the single mother fatally shot. >> what went through your mind about all the things that the shoulder now? >> i'm a train wreck at night
5:33 am
when i'm alone. >> with the tax for people of asian descent on the rise calls for justice echoing in just this week in san francisco an 83-year-old assaulted with parts of his neck broken and a 76-year-old, punched in the eye and left bleeding. from arizona to new york, rituals to remember the lives lost in georgia. >> the attorney general releasing a statement saying that the asian american community deserves to live free from fear and justice must be done for the a lives taken. today another rally in solidarity with the community right here in san francisco starts at 11:00 this morning. organizer say it is an opportunity for people to grieve and she'll from the violence.
5:34 am
with crimes against asian americans on the rise, there warning of a surge of mental health crisis. they can have long-lasting impact on the victims, loved ones and other members of the community and can lead to increased emotional stress, anxiety, depression, ptsd, substance abuse and thoughts of suicide. organization, mental health america, set almost 3 million reported having a mental illness in the past year. >> practice self care. turn off the television and connect with your friends and family and be aware of any symptoms. if you're not feeling like yourself or you have thoughts of harming someone else, seek help. >> if you are struggling right now we have resources to help you. go to /take action. vaccination efforts are kicking into high gear and it comes as the cdc reports one in six adults have been fully
5:35 am
vaccinated and many americans are feeling safe to travel again. >> vaccination efforts continue to ramp up the nissan stadium hosting the mass vaccination event with the goal of 10,000 shots in arms. >> we have kids that really want to see grandparents. >> to take care of my 98-year- old blind grandfather. it's important to get vaccinated as soon as possible. >> more than 30% of adults in the u.s. have received at least one dose with 20 states committed to expanding eligibility head of the may 1 deadline. >> we are anticipating within five and half weeks where we can eliminate it. >> one year since the u.s.- canadian border was closed and some are calling for the border to be reopened. cases on the rise in 15 states.
5:36 am
the highly contagious uk variant is now spreading in all 50 states in the brazilian variants confirmed in new york. >> we need have 75% or 80% of the population immune. >> many states easing restrictions in the country is seeing a record number of people flying. is covid infection rates fall across the state of california. huge spring break crowds and miami beach and prompted officials to impose an 8:00 p.m. curfew starting tonight. >> the volume is clearly more than it has been in previous years and in part due to the fact that there are very few places open elsewhere in the country. >> the city will also block most traffic headed toward the beach. despite the curfew in miami beach, police arrested a dozen people already from breaking the curfew.
5:37 am
the mayor has declared a state of emergency after seeing large spring break crowds and calls it chaos and disorder that is more than i can handle. tourists are told to stay indoors between endicott p.m. and 6:00 a.m. and officials want to keep the curfew in place until the end or at least april 12. almost there. still ahead, south bay middle school students are the focus of a documentary that premieres this weekend. we met with the stars of the film whose project involves astronauts on the international space station. and as we head to break take a live look outside and it is 5:37 am on i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love,... more adventure,...
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will check in to see what we can expect for the day ahead. going to hollywood are the forwards every american idol contestant wants to hear. anthony guzman heard those words and now he is about to perform on the big stage. american idol kicks off tonight. we spoke with the reaction. >> some say i always knew you would do it and i say it's cool to get there and get the support and congratulations and it's weird to see myself in the paper. >> you can cheer him on tonight and tomorrow night is american idol airs at 8:00 here on abc 7. i love when we have local people on.
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>> good morning, everyone. here is to be of the golden gate bridge where today along the coast, not much of a change in the mid-50s but in the city 4 degrees warmer. that is pretty significant. plenty of sand but we see upper 60s in the inland valleys. the rest of the details on your sunday and the week ahead is next. the warriors try to sweep a two-game series in memphis. could they get it done with another player on the are you managing your diabetes... ...using fingersticks? with the new freestyle libre 2 system, a continuous glucose monitor, you can check your glucose with a painless, one-second scan. and now with optional alarms, you can choose to be notified if you go too high or too low. and for those who qualify, the freestyle libre 2 system is now covered by medicare. ask your doctor for a prescription. you can do it without fingersticks. learn more at freestyle libre 2 dot u.s. ♪ how do i use better than bouillon? i just add a spoonful to my marinades... stir frys... ...sauces... just whisk it in... ...brush it on ...sauté it.
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get a free honey butter chicken biscuit at wendy's thursday through saturday only during breakfast hours. welcome back and here's a live look at the golden gate bridge this morning with a few cars on the road and still dark. let's talk spurts. the warriors head coach is optimistic that the team will receive the covid vaccine soon. but before the game piece of the key team did not have vaccination plan in place. >> not having any of us jump in front of the line and that's
5:44 am
really important to make sure everybody who needs a vaccine, gets one. >> he was tempted to bring his team across the tennessee border into mississippi where residents 16 and older are eligible to receive the vaccine but did not do that. the warriors have dealt with their share of issues this season and right now three players are under the health and safety protocols. last night the shorthanded warriors tried to extend their winning streak and beat the grizzlies for the second consecutive night. we have the highlights in this morning's sports. >> hours before tipoff on saturday the warriors found out the center also is out placed on the covid health and safety protocol. that is some quality coaching. he runs the other way because he knows that the slash. it's a pool party since
5:45 am
returning. a team-high of 26. cannot afford any more injuries and watch them on the free-throw and he goes up for the rebound and lands awkwardly on his ankle and would stay in the game but it was painful. under two months to go and they were down by one and this is a terrible turnover. the steel and the slam. after the game he said he should abuse the timeout. they fell 111-103. >> we did not seize the opportunity and we let them bang around and let them off the hook and in the third quarter we they were able to reestablish themselves. >> we have to find ways to get the win and execute down the
5:46 am
stretch. we have to learn from this one and get onto the next one. >> the lakers superstar lebron james is out indefinitely suffering a high right ankle sprain. he lost the handle on the play coming up. and solomon hill will land awkwardly there on his ankle as he went for the basketball. atlanta won the game 99-104. >> they are still the defending champions but in the second half ohio takes the lead, pumped after the triple. a pump fake in a reload three is good and the bobcats win 62- 58. it's the fourth time the reigning champs have been eliminated in the first. >> it safe to say they are not friends. san jose opens, top shelf 1-0
5:47 am
and the sharks cannot buy a break. the shot goes off and bounces off his knee. the blue score twice in 10 minutes taking the lead. in the second period it's tied up. a power play goal and the blues score 3 in the final period the sharks lose 5-2. that is a look at sports. now let's get a check of the weather. it feels good to finally be into spring. >> definitely changes on the way. we are brightening things up and warming things up. you notice no cloud cover almost over the entire state. it's cold with the dry air mass. 37 in san ramon, livermore at 37 with mid to upper 30s from napa , 46 in the san francisco and
5:48 am
overall we are 6 to 8 degrees cooler from oakland to livermore. 7 degrees cooler in half moon bay. we are looking at the trend of the coldest morning temperatures. we have a frost advisory for the interior valleys of the northbay and you can see it's cold in the east bay as well. seven salinas valley looking at the chilly members. upper elevation wins straight out of the north for most. mount diablo 25 mile an hour wind gusts. keep the upper elevation winds there and at the surface we will have calmer conditions. a look at the camera where we are featuring the cold start, sunny afternoon with the milder day today and looking at warmer and breezy conditions beginning tomorrow taking this through wednesday and then we see a bit of a cool down. as we look right now at the forecast for tomorrow in terms
5:49 am
of temperatures where warm or anywhere from the mid to upper 60s with partly cloudy skies and the winds begin to kick up along the coast and the bay and continues into tuesday with above average temperatures with the breezy offshore wind and as we get into wednesday, more 70s in the inland valleys, 60s the average high for san francisco this time of year is 62. average high in san jose 62 and we will be about 70 degrees as we get to midweek. here is a look at the winds as they crank up early on your monday. 30 mile-per-hour winds early in the morning and by afternoon you can see the red and orange and this is the windiest places in the bay. it really cranks up into tuesday, tuesday night and this is tuesday afternoon with over
5:50 am
30 miles an hour in napa. livermore about 30 mile an hour wind gusts and it continues early wednesday, slightly less wind but still offshore and breezy and you can see from oakland about 25 mile an hour wind gusts but by wednesday afternoon the winds begin to subside with the week weather system thursday bringing temperatures down. we cool it off to near average readings by thursday. today, sunshine in the mid 60s in oakland, 63 this time of year for the normal. 64 in vallejo and santa cruz about 64 degrees. tonight, clear sky with numbers in the upper 30s and northbay. 40 in limerick livermore. the 7 day forecast we are bright and breezy today, partly cloudy and warmer. winds kick up tomorrow. windier tuesday and let wednesday it begins to subside the temperatures much warmer in the mid-70s. looking a bit warmer by the end
5:51 am
of the week. >> a good start to spring. learning to cope and imagine the pressure on the group of 10- year-olds. meeting to code a robot to work in zero gravity in space. three students whose journey is captured in a new documentary that premieres this weekend. >> i want to go to space. >> when the filmmaker started shooting the documentary, he had no idea where it would lead. middle school students were taking a program to learn coding. >> it will make sure take every single one of you to make sure the code is correct. >> i was curious what the world looks like from a student that's 10 or 11 who is coding satellites in space. it's an amazing idea.
5:52 am
>> what was captured in the classroom is curiosity, determination and teamwork. >> we were six fifth-graders and we did that. i find it cool. >> that was four years ago and they're still in awe that they get to see the astronaut test their code. >> there was an astronaut in the iss who is holding the camera and they were showing the robot do everything. >> the film is about inspiration , where we get it from and how we pass it down. and also how it can unite this. >> we united three of the 14 students on same with their teacher who said the documentary captures something special. >> i love its ability to make everybody cry and just three in their faces and stories make learning come alive. >> it is everyone's hope that
5:53 am
dreams come true. >> it's not just some random dream that it was actual reality that ended up happening. >> the documentary, zero gravity, premieres online this weekend. next, the heartbeat of the neighborhood but not for long. why a store with a little someth narrator: covid-19 has changed how we show up and show out with our family. now it's time to take the first step that lets us get back to talking smack with a side of mac and cheese. before we can safely come together, we need the facts. as covid-19 vaccines become available, you may have questions. man 1: should i get it? man 2: is it safe? woman: should i wait? narrator: it's smart to question. now get the facts at so you can make an informed decision when vaccines are available to you. people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes
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5:56 am
reason, the owners are retiring and plan to enjoy every moment. they will be missed for sure. next, a show of unity and support across the bay area. hundreds denouncing violence against asian americans. and a local politician calling for the resignation of a san francisco school board member over tweets.
5:57 am
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showing solidarity across the bay area. the asian american community and allies are coming together to denounce the wave of crimes including the shootings in atlanta. hundreds of people turned out for the rallies. good morning and it is sunday, march 21. thank you for joining us. we will have much more on the rallies and the messages from the asian american community in a moment but first, a quick look at the weather. >> good morning. sunrise just over one hour and we've got the coldest temperatures about one hour after sunrise so with all the clear sky, live doppler showing us we are bottoming out in some neighborhoods with winds in the upper elevations, breezy. lower elevations are calm. national weather service has a frost advisory through 9:00.


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