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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 18, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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sending fear through the asian community. investigators revealing more about a possible motive. tornado outbreak. millions facing the threat of extreme weather. the path of destruction across the deep south. and here at home more people are heading inside for dining with one county now back in the orange. it may not look like this everywhere. the county that may be stricter than the state. the happiest place on earth reopening. what we can expect at disney after more than a year long closure. >> it's thursday, march 13th. we will get to all that. first we talk to mike. it's wet on the roads. >> it is. we have one on the the scale. our commute today will be slippery if not even where is. the drizzle becomes light to moderate rain this afternoon. through midmorning in to the
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afternoon. then it tapers to showers tonight. winds could be up to 30 miles an hour. the east west bridges will be dic, y. here is a look at the first push of wet weather. it's mainly green and it's starting to move just a little bit off to the east. its left behind several hundredths of an inch of rain. a little slippery there as we look down from the roof camera. you will need the wet weather gear all day today and temperatures will be cool in the 50's. back to you. >> thank you. get ready for orange. today san francisco officials will be giving us new insight into what will change when the city moves in to the next reopening tier. that's expected to happen next week. amy is live in san francisco with what state guidelines allow. >> good morning. orange tier is good news if you like to be inside. this will allow gyms to welcome in more people inside. they will be allowed to have
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25% of their capacity instead of the current allowed 10%. bars will be allowed to open. they will only be able to offer outdoor service though. restaurants are really the big winner in the orange. they will be allowed to fill up half of their dining room. 50% of capacity instead of the current 25%. san mateo just crossed over to the orange yesterday. we heard a lot of happiness as people celebrated saint patrick's day inside. >> it's really nice to be open again and have people inside. yeah, just celebrate all the little holidays we have. >> the mayor has said that san francisco may not adapt all of the state's orange tier regulations. the city may keep things more restricted. they will be discussing that today and then they plan to release the details to the public later this afternoon. live in san francisco. abc7 news. >> thank you. santa clara is confirming a
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second case of the coronavirus strain first found in south africa. officials say it's believed to be a case of community transmission and it's not travel related. this as vaccination efforts ramp up across the state and here in the bay area. the governor said the state has given more than 13 million vacant seems. that includes nearly a million in just the last 48 hours. that is a new record. san francisco's mayor said that the city has passed its goal of 10,000 vaccinations per day. we are monitoring the vaccine roll out in california with our vaccine tracker. you can find it on the home page at abc7 developing news a deadly shooting spree in georgia has sent fear through the asian community. robert long is due in court. he is the 21-year-old who admitted to killing eight people at three different spas. six the victims were asian, seven of them women. now police are trying to determine if any of that played
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a role in the attacks but they say long believes he has a sex addiction and the attacks were on locations he considered to be temptations he wanted to eliminate. investigators believe he had plans to travel to florida to continue killing. several people have been arrested in an attack on year-old asian man that happened last month. three 19-year-old's now face a robbery and elder abuse charges. the victim treated for nonlife threatening injuries. asian americans are facing increase in hate crimes across the country. there were at least 500 incidents reported just in january and february alone. police are trying to combat the spike in violence including in san francisco where police have increased patrols in asian neighborhoods. >> we have to investigate 'cases with all resources brought to bear. we need to make arrests which we have done. the asian american, pacific
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islander community needs it know we stand with them. we support them. this is horrible. >> part of building a better bay area is fighting for racial and social justice. to find your ally go to abc7 take action. the house is expected to vote today on protection for undocumented immigrants. these measures would protect children and provide legal status to farm workers. it could be an indication of the chances for extensive immigration reform in this session of congress. the increasing number of unaccompanied minors is complicating the case. the senate is set to confirm basara today as the department of health and human services secretary. the attorney general of california would be the first latino to lead the department. democrats have supported his confirmation but republicans are opposed. they have branded him as
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radical and unqualified. supporters of the effort to recall the governor are confident. they say they submitted well over the 1.5 million signatures needed to put this recall on the ballot. jr stone explains why some say that the time could be on the governor's side. >> all eyes on california governor as the deadline for the recall movement is here. the group announcing on total signatures at a virtual town hall wednesday night. >> 2,117,730. >> those signatures now have to be verified and 1.5 million are needed. as to why this is happening, a number of reasons but many point to the long period of time that schools and businesses have stayed closed during the pandemic, something not seen in many other states. also rising homelessness problems, the governor quick to fire back about his policies on
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tuesday's the view. >> i think what we have done is save lives in california is a very dense state. california was impacted by this pandemic early. >> organizers of the recall effort bold on wednesday night about why this is happening. >> this is about him and his failed policies that have put california in the state of despair that we are in today. >> outsiders say the timing may be better for the governor since schools and businesses are now opening and we are still months away from a possible recall election. >> people are getting closer to living a more normal life than, you know, the sort of memory of a lost these struggles i think will have faded. >> those 2.1 million signatures have been turned over to county officials who have until april 29th to verify them. we could see this issue on the ballot come november. jr stone, abc7 news.
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millions of americans are facing the threat right now of extreme weather. atlanta already canceled school today because of the severe storms that are on the move. that storm system is already left the trail of destruction after spawning tornadoes across the deep south. >> the powerful storms produce more than 20 twisters, mostly across alabama and mississippi. authorities are reporting dozens of homes are damaged across the area. university of alabama students took shelter inside a parking garage and the local church was destroyed again after being rebuilt following a tornado in 2011. >> i just think that he has something greater. >> absolutely. >> it's nothing about -- things like that are going to happen. it is just how we respond to it. we believe that god will do something greater. >> the same storm system also úbrought blizzard conditions to texas, dumping several inches of snow in the panhandle.
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roughly 16 million people in the southeast could see storms through this morning. let's check in with mike. i was looking at what is going on as far as the tornadoes. there's about 24 reports of tornadoes so far and more possible today. so far it's lived up to its billing. here is a look at what's going on. let's look at some numbers and you can see it's milder. upper 40's. a little bit of drizzle leftover from the light rain. you can see temperatures are mild. mid-40s's to around 50. now we will have drizzle and light rain through the morning rush with the roads getting wet. the earlier you go, especially in the east and south bay the more likely you will drive on dry pavement. for the evening waves of light to moderate rain and everybody will be slipping or possibly the potential there for slipping as everything will be wet. here is a look at future radar
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through nine. you can see just waves of light rain mainly. some moderate rain possible. you can see around yukia and toward clear lake. that will increase as we head toward noon, especially across the north bay and then that moderate rain will move into all of our neighborhoods this afternoon, through the early evening. then look as we head toward midnight. it's starting to push away and we wake up tomorrow morning with just isolated showers leftover. things will still be slippery from the rain that falls during the evening and early overnight. through the morning commute you can see by the time we get to the end of it just about everybody is wet. everybody is wet as through the evening. good morning everybody. we did have an earlier issue on northbound 880 and oakland. that situation has cleared. for the most part our roadways are open and everything is moving at the limit. i want to remind you that we have seen minor crashes already this morning. now we will check in on
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emoryville showing you 80 right now and what the conditions are like out there. you can see the headlights making their way westbound. things moving. also want to move over to the richmond, san rafael bridge. we had an issue on the western side of the bridge. that has moved out of the way. this is the eastern side that you are looking at right now. you can see the lights blairing it's wet and then looking at the overall view of the map here. just a very minor slow down out of tracy. everything else looking good. >> thank you. new this morning it appears that a mountain lion attacked and killed a dog in san mateo county. the sheriff's office said the dog was found dead just before ten in woodside. it was possibly killed by a mountain lion. the tax deadline extended. the new date that you will need to file your taxes by. a historic bay area women's college is closing its doors. what led to this decision. and a covid safe beach
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front concert. the high price that proved
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. in the east bay a historic women's college is closing. mills college in oakland announced after fall of 2021 it'll no longer enroll first year undergrads. we spoke to alumni who are heartbroken. >> it's recognized as one of the most diverse liberal arts schools in the country but despite it's features a 135- acre campus in oakland, one of only 34 omen's colleges in the united states and the first single sex college to welcome transgender students, mills is closing. >> in recent years our enrollment numbers have declined and it's more difficult to support the costs of the overall college operations. >> after nearly 170 years it was the pandemic according to college president beth hillman that forced them to end enrollment. >> mills needs to consider a different way to fill its mission. >> while it'll close to college and graduate students it'll be staying open as a new
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leadership institution. >> that will do what mills does best, promote women's leadership, advance gender and racial justice and encourage success. >> many aren't convinced. >> so many people i have met at mills are working for cities around the bay area. >> berkeley vice mayor got her masters in public policy from mills. >> just a wonderful place and, you know, it's really adding to our community. that's what makes it so sad. >> congresswoman barbara lee sent a statement that said she is heartbroken and outraged. she wrote i was able to attend college and earn a degree. i often had to bring my sons to class, something that would have been impossible at other colleges and universities. i'm asking the board to reconsider the decision to close the college. it is critical that the board not allow any path that would diminish opportunities for african american and latin
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students. mills will most likely send out it's final degrees in 2023. you have a bit more time to file taxes. the irs and california have extended the filing deadline to may 17th. this was made to different people more time to navigate the tax changes. this does not apply to estimated quarterly tax payments that applies to some workers. those are still due april 15th. saint patrick's day celebrations looked different. that includes a beach front concert in santa cruz. the so-called vertical concert was the pivot for the dream in. a way to bring live music back to guests. people danced from balconies because no crowds were allowed on the floor. what does it take to put together an event like this? >> a lot on the pool deck but the band. some crew and staff members, no
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guests allowed on the pool deck. they all go through the covid safety precautions when they come in, the band and crew, temperature check, hand sanitize and sign waivers. >> prices range from 300 to $900. ticket sales prove that people úare ready to get their social life back. nearly every room was booked. that's a dog. >> that is. >> those are great tights. >> it was a good time. >> looked like they had fun. >> they did. >> needed that outlet looked like. don't we all? let's talk about getting outside right now. our super commuter that come in through the east bay, highway 4 or 580 are running into light rain. if you keep heading to the west you will stay on wet streets because that's where the rain came from. a tough commute for you. here is a look at what's going on. you can see the parent low is still well to the north it. will take all day today for the cold front to move on through.
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see the clouds that are coming at us from the southwest? that's our light to moderate rain that will move in and spread throughout the afternoon and into the early evening. we have the heaviest part of the storm still ahead of us. here is a look at what's going on today. light to moderate rain. a little breezy today. spring starts early saturday morning. we will have sunshine and spring warmth next week. we will build to it through the weekend and we will taper -- we will end about wednesday of next week in the low to mid- 70s. we have mainly mid50's to near 60 degrees with light to moderate rain. you can see around the state, valley rain, mountain snow, if you are thinking about the sierra, they have some snow on the way. in fact at 11:00 this morning through 12:00 a.m. saturday. above about 5500 feet. we are getting up to a foot. a foot and a half of snow on the slopes. that is great news. tonight you can see how quickly we turnover to isolated showers and temperatures in mid to
5:19 am
upper 40's. here is a look at my seven day forecast. a one on the scale for tomorrow but it's mainly for early in the morning as we should be mainly dry in the afternoon hours. if there is any showers in the afternoon it'll be in the mountains of the north bay. you can see saturday u sun comes out. by sunday we are back to average. a dry cold front will slow the warming monday but then look at the 70's away from the coast by wednesday. >> thank you. a highly anticipated exhibit paying tribute to the work of van gogh will open today. it has already sold 103,000 tickets. the experience has 40 projectorr s. the museum is making it's west coast debut and opening in an old music venue on vanessa market. the exhibit is scheduled to run through labor day. you know we have the sneak peek. >> you went last night. >> i went yesterday afternoon.
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it was amazing. i felt like i was in the art work. i had a moment. >> it was beautiful. the music really made it. >> i watched it twice. you know you watch -- they were like you can stay as long as you want. i said i will. let me get comfortable. >> so glad you liked it. i really d. >> coming up next the seven things to know this morning. also travel bounce back. the places we may be able to go in the
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. if you are just joining us here are the seven things to know this morning. authorities say the gunman accused of killing eight people in atlanta has confessed to the murders. investigators say that the suspect said that the killings were more about violence against women than race. more than 20 tornadoes left behind a lot of damage in alabama and mississippi. the national eather service said that roughly 16 million people in the southeast could see powerful storms through this morning. we will talk more about that coming up. i want to focus on our storm which is not nearly that devastating. we have light to moderate rain out of this light storm on the storm impact scale. less than a tenth of an inch of
5:23 am
rain but it's slippery and will get worse. california attorney general is expected to be confirmed as health and human services secretary. he would be the first latino to lead the department. today san francisco officials will announce details about what will change when the city enters the orange tier. guidelines are expected to be more restrictive than the state guidelines. the city is expected to enter the orange next week. we have wet roads out there so the commute is slick. we have minor crashes, no major issues as we bring you a live picture of walnut creek showing you 680. and a pandemic era ncaa tournament is tipping off today. it's all happening in indiana. you can play along at espn's tournament challenge. head to to make your picks. and as the number of people get vaccinated continues to rise, top vacation spots are
5:24 am
see increase in bookings. will this lead to a travel boom? >> in this morning's gma first look, preparing for post vaccination travel. already this month tsa screening more than 17 million people at united states airports. >> searches to a few of the sort of top vacation spots like cancun are actually higher today than they were in march 2019. >> with vaccinations on the rise, and airlines asking the white house to consider a standard, digital vaccine passport, the eu announcing wednesday that it plans to launch it's own vaccine passport in june for all of its citizens and residents. the goal is for travelers to prove they have been vaccinated. coming up at 7:00 a.m. we will have everything you need to know as the world of travel bounces back with your gma first look. disneyland is getting ready to reopen.
5:25 am
the ceo made the official announcement. >> after a year of being closed we are ready to make magic all over again. >> all right. the reopening for disneyland in california adventure is set for april 30th. starting out only those from california will be allowed to visit. there will be a capacity limit and guests will need to use a reservation system and wear a mask. there won't be any parades or nighttime shows. bts is smashing world records. world records their popular song dynamite holds the record for most viewers for a music video on youtube premieres. they said that 3 million played the video on august 21th.
5:26 am
dynamite was already certified for records including most viewed youtube video in 24 hours. back to disneyland. >> i think it would be good to go when it's 15% capacity. what do you think? >> it'll be -- we have never seen that before. i don't know what that is going to be like. >> i just see space and shorter lines. >> and i see space mountain. >> that too. > we are coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including a hug that was eight months in the making. we will show you the surprise reunion. >> and the changing workplace. what could be sticking around even after the pandemic. >> and when could coronavirus vaccines be ready for kids? an expert is revealing a possible timeline. one thing that's not open is the expolratorium. they say they hope to be open soon, at least by the summer.
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. building a better bay area. for a safe and secure future. this is abc news. asian american, pacific islander community needs to know we stand with them. now at 5:30. protecting asian americans in the bay area. we learn the latest on the deadly shooting spree in atlanta. it is rather stunning for political party would make a difference in your decision.
5:30 am
>> the rush to vaccinate americans to fight off a surge of infections. a high number of power population though still unwilling to get vaccinated. and a live look outside from three of our tower cameras. rain is back in the bay area. mike has a timeline and a look ahead to the weekend. good morning to you on this thursday, march 18th. want to start with mike for a look at that forecast and a lot of you heading into work with rain. >> yeah. yes, good morning. sorry. didn't mean to jump on you there. we definitely have slippery conditions to start thursday. we have drizzle to kind of spotty light rain across the north bay for the super commuters in the east bay, coming in through the pass. highway 4. down for most of the bay in the south bay either the rain has moved on or you never received any like in the south bay. what to expect today through tonight? light to moderate rain. the heaviest of the storm is still ahead of us and breezes gusting up to 35 miles an hour out of the south.
5:31 am
east west bridges, little dicey when the heavier rain rolls in. here is a look at san jose where it's cloudy. temperatures in the mid-40s's to 50's. we will top out in the mid to upper 50's. san francisco police are stepping up patrols in asian neighborhoods. this after several high profile attacks against asian americans in the bay area and of course the spa shooting in atlanta. amy is live for us in the city. >> good morning. san francisco police say they are on high alert after two elderly people were attacked right here at 7th and market yesterday morning. they say that a 75-year-old asian woman and an 83-year-old asian man were punched by a homeless man here at 7th and market yesterday morning. úthey hospital. police say that they are very concerned about recent attacks on the asian community. >> we have to investigate the
5:32 am
cases with all resources brought to bear and we need to make arrests which we have done that. the asian american, pacific islander community needs to know that we stand with them. we support them. this is horrible. >> the police chief said that he plans to increase patrols in mainly asian neighborhoods. he was actually sending out a tweet about violence against asians with the hash tag stop asian hate when the attacks happened on market street. they did arrest the homeless man who they believe punched those two elderly people. the city has seen a rise in the number of attacks and he said that they won't tolerate it. reporting live in san francisco. abc7 news. >> thank you. authorities say that the man accused of killing eight people in atlanta has confessed to the murders. investigators are now trying to figure out if the attacks were motivated by race, if the killer was targeting women or
5:33 am
both. the shootings come amid a disturbing trend of assaults against asian americans. congress is now taking notice. >> and good morning. today house lawmakers holding a hearing on the string of attacks in asian american communities and while the white house was careful not to contribute the motive in the atlanta attacks they are blaming former president trump for his anti asian rhetoric. new detail from the tragedy in atlanta. >> some guy came in and shoot the gun so everybody heard the gun shot. >> the man suspected of murdering eight people in three separate shootings has allegedly admitted to the killings. six of the women long is accused of killing are asian and if police hadn't caught him he planned to carry on his killing spree in florida. investigators now believe that the reasons behind the killings weren't about race and were more about violence against women. >> he has an issue, what he
5:34 am
considers a sex addiction. a temptation for him that he wanted to eliminate. >> the president briefed by the fbi on the situation. >> whatever the motivation here i know that asian americans are in very -- very concerned. >> the murders casting terror and fear throughout asian american communities. >> this is the fears worse. >> and intelligence agencies are warning these sort of domestic violence attacks could be elevated in 2021 and found that due to recent political events violence extremists do pose a threat to homeland security. abc news, washington. new developments. charges have been filed against one of the women in this bay area assault on an uber driver. the 24-year-old was seen in the video coughing on the man earlier this month. she is now facing charges of attempted robbery, assault, battery, and a covid health violation. this morning there is
5:35 am
growing concern from health experts about a spring come back of covid cases and some states seeing a surge. we are live with what doctors believe is causing and how to stop it. >> thank you. as states continue to lift coronavirus restrictions health leaders warning about the weeks ahead. 15 states are reporting a significant increase in infections over the last week as more contagious strains of the virus spread. michigan seeing a 56% increase and a similar problem in minnesota where much of the spread has been traced to kids. experts say to fight this people need to get vaccinated. >> i think people have been confused by a lot of information you that can find on social media that spreads various rumors about the vaccines. i would just really urge everybody to step away from those sources and look at the evidence that these are safe
5:36 am
and effective. >> more states are expanding vaccining i can. nevada is the latest to open vaccines to everybody over the age of 16 early next month. in parts of the country surveys show up to 40% of the population is unwilling to get the shot and in mississippi where vaccination rates are among the lowest there are now reports of a surplus of vaccines. today the president will update coronavirus vaccinations in the united states. this as a new cdc report puts california among the five worst states for vaccine equity. it shows california has been vaccinating wealthier residents at a higher rate. however, important to know the data was taken between mid- december and february and since then the governor has released a new equity plan to give extra vaccines to at risk communities. bay area experts say that
5:37 am
covid vaccines could be ready for children by the end of the year. >> that's according to the chronicle on tuesday. moderna announced six kids between six months and 11 have been vaccinate in their trial. it plans to enroll 6700 kids. it's important for kids to be vaccinated for the country to get to herd immunity. high school students in san francisco will be able to compete in sports this spring. the season will go from april 12th all the way until may 28th. only outdoor sports will be allowed and activities have to comply with state health guidelines. closed, open, closed again. the back and forth happening at the church of eight wheels. >> the pandemic changed our workplaces. in some plays for the better. the things that could have a lasting impact. we will get to that. just taking a look at live
5:38 am
doppler 7. i want to show you where some of the rain is falling. if it's 80 or splits off across680. a little bit of light rain. moderate rain on highway 4, highway 12 and just rolled over highway 160 so watch out for slippery conditions and you can see the pass a little bit of light rainfalling here also. for your morning rush hour, if it's not wet where you are right now, eventually it'll get wet with the drizzle and the light rain. now, once the morning commute ends i'm expecting the rain to become light to moderate and spread into all areas that it's missed so far. you can see on future radar here that the south bay will be the most likely to say dry during the morning commute with just a few rogue showers. after nine you can see you get finally some wet weather with the yellow. the heavier rain. the moderate rain in the north bay as we end lunch and that eventually slides in to the heart of the bay and in to the south bay and east bay as we head in to the afternoon and
5:39 am
evening hours. then watch as a lot of us are going to bed at 11. we wake up tomorrow morning with mostly cloudy conditions, a little bit of fog and leftover moisture on the roads. that shouldn't last long. you can see the clouds will open up. the sun will come out and any showers will be isolated across the north bay mountains. here we are looking at the rainfall amounts by nine this morning. almost all of us touched with a little bit of rain and that quarter to three quarters of an inch of rain on a lot of us by the time we head home this evening. let's talk more about heading out and about and get a a on the roads. good morning. just repeating mike here and reminding our super commuters that will be your slickest spot coming through there. especially around the pass. also the good news is that we haven't seen a lot of crashes so far this morning. we will bring you live pictures outside right now so you can
5:40 am
see what's going on starting with the golden gate bridge. you can see there are some wet roads there in the area. then also i think we are going to see a similar situation at the bay bridge toll plaza. let's move over and see what's going on. it looks much dryer here. we will keep an eye on the metering lights for you. sometimes they have been coming on, sometimes they haven't. look at this map here. we aren't seeing a lot of slow downs this morning. great news there. also want to let you know that the sfmta is keeping the saint patrick's day spirit around for a few more days. check this out. crews dressed up this car. it'll be ondisplay. cable cars stopped
5:41 am
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. new dataleaserelease shows 770,000 people applied for unemployment last week. that's higher than the 700,000 economists expected. overall unemployment remains higher than expected with 4.1 million still looking for work. we will see how wall street investors respond to the news. we are living through dramatic changes in the workplace. it's something we are following in our effort to build a better bay area. covid hit home this time one year ago when the bay area went into lockdown. all this week we are looking atn the path forward. we asked out experts to map out which of the many changes will be permanent. >> we know how the workplace had to change because of coronavirus. people worked from home. they held seemingly endless meetings over zoom. remote learning meant parents had more child care duties.
5:44 am
stress and anxiety increased. all of this is expected to have a lasting impact on the workplace. going forward, companies will find themselves managing employee's lives. they recognize that it affected mental health so many started to offer counseling. as women elected to work from home they lost visibility thea the office so the gender wage gap will be worse. way. we are likely to see is managers giving raises to male in office employees at the expense of their female at home employees. >> employees have broken the mold of working 9 to 5, five days a week. that's going to be hard to pull in. by demonstrating that remote work hasn't hurt production workers now determine where and what time they work. >> there is morning people, there's night owls. let people work when it makes the most sense for them and you are rewarded as an employer by having more productive work force. those employees are happier
5:45 am
well. >> the social justice movement means that companies will need to stand for something to reflect the values of their employees and executive leadership. >> they put the reputation on the line to support one cause or another cause. they actually get really good results. the employees that care about that issue are more engaged from it. >> with some workers expected to split their workweek between home and the office, companies may down size, too many desks sit empty. the consulting firm garden estimate itself costs 45% over salary for an office, parking and other perks. >> the volleyball courts, bikes to go back and forth from building to building, the cafeterias are probably a thing of the past. >> still construction of new office space continues which could accommodate more hiring or it could sit empty. one thing is certain. service and retail worker who lost their jobs, learned how to survive a pandemic, taking on
5:46 am
gig jobs to get by. this shows how they can invent themselves during turmoil. >> we have this amazing human resource. we have people who are resilent who are eager to do things and just given the opportunity they can do amazing things. >> abc7 news. all week long we are taking a look at the lessons learned and the path forward to a better bay area and coming up tonight we are looking at education, even before the pandemic most educators agreed our education system was broken. now with students returnig to the classroom what are the opportunities now for transformation? tonight at six an inside look at the path forward for bay area schools. if you want to see the rest of your path forward pieces on demand right now, download the abc7 bay area connected tv app. you will find the entire 20 minute special on the home screen. these are always great videos to watch. after an eight month separation
5:47 am
grandparents in louisiana embraced their grandson. >> someone special is here to see you. >> okay. that is. >> that was so. >> patrick's mother arranged the surprise after his grandmother and grandfather received their vaccinations. the couple moved to florida eight months ago and made a special trip back to louisiana just to see their patrick. >> that is so sweet. >> that is so sweet. >> he is seriously surprised. >> so surprised. i just love how much he he his grandparents. >> what? >> i can't take it. >> i know. it's so suite. >> i know. >> that's something you always want as a parent. you want your kids to love your parents as much as you do and to appreciate them as much as you do. to see my kids interacting with their grandparents almost like, it really warms your heart and
5:48 am
makes you feel good that maybe i did a pretty good job raising them and maybe they did a pretty good job raising me. let's take a look at what's going on. we are getting a little bit of a lull right now. we have that first wave. we talked about it yesterday. then we would get the light to moderate rain coming in on the second wave. that's what you see. that's eventually going to move up toward some -- if you look at the satellite, and you can see right there this whole slug of moisture. this cloud deck right here. that is what is heading our way and it's going to bring us the light to moderate rain. with owe are just now kind of dipping our toe into the water. that was kind of the appetizer. now we are waiting for the main course. we have had 200ths of an ininch of rain. rain tapers to isolated showers tonight and the weekend spring starts and it'll be brighter and warmer. as far as today, temperatures
5:49 am
about 56 to about 60 degrees. cooler than average again. outdoor dining maybe you want to go to those place itself you are comfortable that you can dine indoors. rain is likely throughout the 5:00 to 8:00 hour this evening. here is a look at what's going on tonight. mid to upper 40's but notice the lack of green out there. that is how quickly this storm moves on during the over night hours. we will see increasing sun tomorrow. couple of degrees warmer than today. same thing for saturday and then sunday we are back to average. a little pull back monday and then look at that warmth. 70's breaking out tuesday and wednesday. be careful out there today. >> thank you. a pandemic ncaa tournament tips off today. it's happening in indiana. this is video from indianapolis where most of the games will be played. the logistics of testing and quarantining have led to a slight shift in the traditional schedule. you can compete with your friends and family in the espn tournament challenge. head to to
5:50 am
make your picks. choose wisely before the brackets close tomorrow at nine. new, more reopenings in san francisco. the public starting tomorrow. first, new details on the crash that killed kobe bryant. we have learned the names of the deputies accused of taking or shar
5:51 am
we have the power to harness california's abundant wind and solar energy, but it's not available all day long. use less from 4 to 9 pm and we can protect california for generations to come.
5:52 am
. the names of four los angeles county sheriff's deputies who shared photographs of the helicopter crash that killed kobe bryant, his daughter and seven others were released publicly. the names, joey cruz, rafael mahia, michael russell were added to the civil rights lawsuit against the county. it claims one deputy bragged
5:53 am
about working the scene and showed photographs of the crash site to a bartender. that bartender then shared with other customers that he had seen the photographs. one of the customers then filed a complaint with the department. the family of a man killed while skydiving has won a multimillion dollar settlement against the facility. tuesday a judge ruled in favor of the family of tyler turner. he died in 2016 at the lodi parachute center. the attorney for his family said the instructor who jumped with turner was not certified. that instructor also died. he said that the ownern of the facility is now running a different skydiving company under a new name. >> and you are trusting them to have properly certified people. it's pretty serious sport. they did not do that for us. they did not do that for my son. >> they fought to get the state to pass a law take makes the operator responsible for
5:54 am
ensuring that instructors are certified and parachutes are properly packed. less than a week after it's reopening the church of eight wheels in san francisco has been forced to close. the city sent the rink a letter stating that it was in violation of the state's stay at home order. the venue limited capacity, it got plastic barriers barriers b uvc sanitizing machines. whales have arrived in the bay area. the they don't usually arrive until april or may but a few have been spotted since last week. boaters asked to watch out for them. people are will asked to help track sightings to alert boats. you can report if you see one o by going to the website. what an amazing sight. so glad they are back. the first round of the storm.
5:55 am
not much to it. less than a tenth of an up inch. some areas dry. now we have a long way to go to get up to that quarter to three quarters of an inch of rain. that's an idea of how much rain to expect. we have -- because of the rain everything is going it below as far as pollen in the uv index. it'll be moderate tomorrow as we see increasing sun and with more things blooming this weekend after the rain and with the warmer temperatures your allergies will come back in full force by saturday. good news, with the rain cooled air coming in today, and as we head in through the weekend with a cleaner air mass, no pollution to worry about. just know that we still have several rounds of rain coming our way. >> thank you. new at six, dating during the pandemic. it can be hard and tinder is trying to help. what they are sending users so they can meet in person. ú a him. >> growing backlash over this
5:56 am
comment about the atlanta spa shooting suspect. the reaction from the asian american community. and more than two million signatures have been turned in to recall the governor. the next step in the process and why time could be on the governor's side. we leave you with a live look outside. we will be right back.
5:57 am
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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc7 news. now at 6:00, the atlanta nt spa shooting highlighting violence against asian- americans. many upset that the sheriff said the suspect was quote, having a a bad day. here at home, i'm tracking rain. this is pier 15.
6:00 am
when to expect showers where you're living. san francisco getting ready for the orange tier. >> good morning, everyone. it's thursday, march 18th. let's go to mike for the forecast. we had our first round of light rain move through. most of it is pretty quiet. so we've tapered to drizzle. our super commuters are dealing showers across highway 4 and 580. up in the north bay it's quiet. offshore, the next round of showers are poised to come on shore and make the commute a little bit wetter. we have light to moderate rain impacting both commutes with 25 to 30-mile-per-hour. temperatures today in the 50s. grab that wet


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