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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 8, 2021 7:00am-9:01am PST

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monday. >> yeah. >> glad you spent your monday with us. "good morning america" starts now. good morning, america. bombshell revelations. overnight, harry and meghan tell their side of the story. >> i was a bit shocked. >> the astonishing questions about archie's skin color before he was born. >> also, concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he's born. >> what? >> meghan reveals that the pressures of royal life nearly drove her to suicide while she was several months pregnant. >> i just didn't want to be alive anymore. >> accusing the palace of ignoring her pleas for help. plus, what harry is saying about the couple's breaking point with the monarchy. >> i was trapped, but i didn't know i was trapped. >> saying he was financially cut
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off. his strained relationship with his father. when prince charles stopped taking his calls and how meghan saved him. as the couple reveals when they actually got married and their baby girl on the way. all this and how the palace is reacting to the most explosive interview since princess diana's. also this morning, the urgent new warnings about the risk of resurgence. overnight, large crowds partying in atlanta with the nba all-star game in town. spring breakers flooding florida. the concerns about mask-off parties. this as there is hope on the vaccine front. a record 2.9 million doses administered to americans in a single day. help on the way. democrats on the verge of passing president biden's nearly $2 trillion covid relief bill, from stimulus checks to unemployment benefits. what it means for you. on the defense. the embattled governor andrew cuomo defiant. >> there is no way i resign. >> amidst growing calls for him to step down. after more allegations of
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inappropriate behavior and claims of a hostile, toxic workplace environment. the new accuser this morning. high-stakes trial. jury selection getting under way for that former police officer charged with murdering george floyd. protesters taking to the streets calling for justice. the security tight outside the courthouse. and billionaire wedding. one of the richest women in the world, mackenzie scott, worth $53 billion gets remarried to this science teacher in seattle after that high-profile divorce from amazon's jeff bezos. how the happy couple say they plan to give away their fortune. we certainly say good morning, america. good to be with you on this monday morning. so much to talk about on this international women's day. what about mackenzie scott, wonderful, the big charitable plans for her billions. we'll have much more on that coming up in our next half hour.
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>> she has already done so much. we're happy for them. but we begin with that exclusive interview overnight. harry and meghan sat down with oprah and let loose. stunning claims from meghan about how she was treated by the royal family. especially when it came to her mental health. >> harry and meghan also alleging there were concerns about archie's skin color before he was born. james longman in front of buckingham palace with all the reaction. good morning, james. >> reporter: good morning, michael. these are some of the most explosive claims the royal family has ever faced. meghan and harry dropping bombshell after bombshell on lies, on spin, on bigotry, on racism. we remember how damaging the interview with princess diana was for the personalities involved. now the damage to the institution could be that much more serious given a younger more diverse britain is waking up to the problems with the monarchy and the fall out is only just beginning. overnight, bombshell revelations from the duke and duchess of
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sussex sitting down with oprah accusing the palace of racism inside its walls. the duchess alleging it wasn't her or harry who don't want archie to have a royal title, but the institution itself, and the baby would not be provided with security. >> you must have had some conversations with harry about it and had your own suspicions as to why they didn't want to make archie a prince. do you think it's because of his race? and i know that's a loaded question, but -- >> but i can give you an honest answer. in those months when i was pregnant, all around this same time, so we have in tandem the conversation of, he won't be given security, won't be given a title, and also concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he was born. >> what? >> and --
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>> who is having that conversation with you? what? >> so -- >> there was a conversation -- hold up. >> there were several conversations. >> there is a conversation with you -- >> with harry. >> -- about how dark your baby is going to be? >> potentially, and what that would mean or look like. >> and you're not going to tell me who had the conversation? >> i think that would be very damaging to them. >> reporter: neither harry nor meghan revealing who allegedly made those comments or if it was family members or staff. >> what was that conversation? >> that conversation i'm never going to share, but at the time it was awkward. i was a bit shocked. >> can you tell us what the
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question was? >> no. i'm not comfortable with sharing that, but that was -- that was right at the beginning, right? >> like what will the baby look like? >> yeah. what will the kids look like. >> reporter: meghan also revealing while she was several months' pregnant she had thoughts of suicide. >> you said in the podcast, it became almost unsurvivable. almost unsurvivable sounds like there was a breaking point. >> yeah, there was. i just didn't see a solution. i would sit up at night and i realized it was all happening just because i was breathing and i just didn't -- i just didn't want to be alive anymore and that was a very clear and real and frightening constant thought.
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>> reporter: she says she sought help from senior staff from inside the palace, but left empty handed. >> i said i never felt this way before and i need to go somewhere. i was told i couldn't, that it wouldn't be good for the institution. >> so were you thinking of harming yourself, were you having suicidal thoughts? >> yes, this was very, very clear. >> wow. >> very clear and very scary. >> did you ever think about going to a hospital, or is that possible you can check yourself in someplace? >> that's what i was asking to do. >> yeah. >> you can't just do that. >> reporter: we're now hearing that harry and meghan told oprah after the interview that it was neither the queen nor phillip who made those incendiary comments about the race of her unborn child. there's a lot of speculation of who it might have been within the royal family who said that. throughout the interview they
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made a point of saying how much they respected the queen and they were very careful not to criticize here. michael? >> all right, james. thank you so much for that. and if you are struggling with thoughts of suicide or worried about a friend or a loved one, help is available. call the national suicide prevention lifeline, the number is on our screen for free confidential support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. we'll have much more on harry and meghan's bombshell interview coming up in our next half hour, including the reaction from both sides with our royal insiders. >> okay, thank you, michael. now we're going to turn to the latest on the coronavirus emergency. nearly 59 million americans received at least one dose of the vaccine so far. that includes a record 2.9 million vaccines the white house says were administered in a single day. victor oquendo is in miami beach with more on those new concerns about spring break and a risk of resurgence. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, robin. between spring break and bike week in daytona beach, florida
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is set for another busy and crowded week. in atlanta, they're coming off nba all-star weekend. these large and potentially dangerous events have health experts concerned. overnight -- atlanta police out in full force after scenes like this, large crowds partying over nba all-star weekend flocking to the city even though the game was closed to public. in florida, concerns growing as spring breakers flood the state. bars filling up as the biggest tourist season takes hold. many behaving as if the pandemic is already over. >> it gives a sense of back to normalcy. >> reporter: while in daytona hundreds of thousands of bikers expected to roll into the city this week for their annual celebration. one expert calling the situation a, quote, perfect storm. tourists pouring into florida which has more cases of the uk variant than any other state, and potentially bringing the virus back home. this as texas and mississippi roll back mask mandates and restrictions. texas' mask order set to end
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wednesday, raising concerns in houston where so-called mask-off parties are reportedly being planned. >> we're not the dumping ground for events that will put texans in danger and cause people to lose their lives. you simply do not celebrate a fumble in the end zone. >> reporter: health experts warning reckless behavior as so many are on the cusp of getting the vaccine could cost lives. >> given how close we are to the finish line, anyone who gets infected today and dies in the next three or four weeks is somebody who would have gotten vaccinated a month from now. this is why it's urgent to keep going for a little bit longer. >> reporter: drug companies continue working on their own treatments for the coronavirus. merck saying its anti-viral drug reduces the viral load in patients after five days of treatment. it could serve the same kind of treatment as the at-home treatment tamiflu discuss for the flu.
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george? >> all right, thank you victor. we now go to the latest on president biden's coronavirus relief package. checks expected to start flowing soon after the president signs it later this week. senior white house correspondent mary bruce is tracking it all. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, george. while president biden is now on the cusp of his first big win, a defining piece of legislation on his top priority but this did not come easy and exposed the real challenges facing biden's agenda. in the senate it took more than 24 hours of debate to pass it along the narrowest margin, 50-49, a strict party line bill. republicans calling this a partisan spending spree, and democrats in order to stay united did have to make some real concessions. so this $1.9 trillion bill includes those direct payments to most americans. fewer will qualify. you'll get that $1,400 check if you make up to $75,000 a year. those making up to $80,000 will receive a smaller payment. the unemployment payments have
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been extended through september, but just at $400 a week, that's less than president biden asked for. the bill also expands the child tax credit to $3,600 per child. of course, that includes billions of dollars for vaccinations and testing, school reopenings and state and local governments, george. >> mary, almost no wiggle room in the house but this is expected to pass? >> it is, george. because these changes were made in the senate it does have to go back to house while progressive members aren't happy with the changes all signs indicate they'll get this done and it will be on the president's desk later this week, letting biden sign this bill before the unemployment benefits expire and those direct payments could start going out within a matter of days. americans can expect to get these checks this month, george. >> mary bruce, thanks very much. michael? now to more trouble for new york governor andrew cuomo as more women come forward accusing him of inappropriate behavior and a top state democratic leader is now calling for him to resign. stephanie ramos has the very latest. >> reporter: this morning, embattled new york governor
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andrew cuomo on the defense. facing allegations of inappropriate behavior, including harass, and an investigation into alleged underreporting of covid nursing home deaths. top state democrats now urging for his resignation. senate majority leader andrea stewart-cousins declaring, we need to govern without daily distraction for the good of the state, governor cuomo must resign. but the three-time governor is making one thing clear -- >> there's no way i resign. let's do the attorney general investigation. let's get the findings. then we'll go from there. >> reporter: the growing calls for him to step down come after more allegations of inappropriate behavior by the governor, including from former aides, and what former staffers tell "the washington post" was a hostile, toxic workplace environment. karen hinton, now telling the paper cuomo invited her to his hotel room after a work event in 2000 allegedly embracing her intimately.
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>> it was not just a hug. it was an intimate embrace. i pulled away. he brought me back. i pulled away again and said, look, i need some sleep. i'm going. >> reporter: cuomo denying all allegations. the governor says it would be anti-democratic of him to resign before the state attorney general completes the investigation into those allegations. cuomo also says he will not be distracted from the work that needs to be done by this, or by the political differences he may have with those individuals calling for him to step down. robin? >> all right, stephanie. thank you. now to jury selection starting today for the trial of that ex-minneapolis police officer charged with killing george floyd. the deeply disturbing incident caught on camera igniting protests all around the world. alex perez is in minneapolis with the latest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, robin. you can see all of that fencing
7:15 am
around the courthouse here behind me. security is very tight. jury selection is expected to last about three weeks. this morning, jury selection getting under way in high-stakes trial of former police officer derek chauvin, the man charged with murdering george floyd. protesters taking to the streets of minnesota sunday calling for justice. tight security measures in place outside the courthouse, while inside strict covid restrictions. just one member each from both floyd and chauvin families allowed in the courtroom. chauvin facing second degree murder and second degree manslaughter charges. accused of killing floyd by kneeling on his neck for more than nine minutes, pleading not guilty. that video seen around the world will now play a role in how the jury pool comes together. >> both the prosecution and the defense in this case are going to be looking for jurors who no
7:16 am
matter what they've seen or heard, still keep an open mind and listen to the evidence presented on trial. >> reporter: the process of selecting the 12 jurors as well as 4 alternates expected to take three weeks. prosecutors and defense attorneys are narrowing down the candidates using a multi-page questionnaire, asking potential injury jurors what they know about the case from media reports. and whether or not they participated in the rallies that erupted in the world after floyd's death. another question asking if they have any opinions on blue lives matter. >> both sides of this case and the judge, they may have a difficult time finding those people who can really keep a level head. >> reporter: and the court of appeals last week ruled that the judge handling this case must reconsider whether to reinstate third degree murder charges.
7:17 am
it's unclear when the judge will make that decision. >> alex, do we know if cameras will be allowed in the courtroom during the trial? >> reporter: yeah, robin, cameras will be allowed in the courtroom. this will be the first time a criminal trial is broadcast from here in minnesota. the judge said he believes because of the worldwide interest in this case, broadcasting the trial is important for the public to understand what's happening inside the courtroom. robin? >> no doubt many will be watching. all right, alex. thank you. george? we'll move now to pope francis, wrapping up his historic three-day visit to iraq, the first time a pope has visited that country. he led prayers on sunday in the shadow of churches shattered during the reign of isis terrorists. we have more coming up here on "gma," including more on that bombshell royal interview. harry talks about the strained relationship with his father, and feeling trapped. our royal insiders are live with the fall out. also coming up, mackenzie scott announcing that she's remarried to a science teacher in seattle after that big split from her ex, amazon's jeff bezos.
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now, what the new couple is saying about donating her fortune to charity. but first, good morning, ginger. >> reporter: good morning, robin. we arrive in the upswing of spring. you'll see temperatures, some records today in parts of the plains, anywhere from 20 to 30 degrees above average. kansas city, 71, and sioux falls, 66. we were talking about well into the subzero category six weeks ago. yes, we'll see them on the east coast, boston could see mid-60s by week's end. new york city, same thing. yes, we could see quite a few warming trends, especially the overnight it will feel warmer. your local weather in 30 seconds. first, is select cities sponsored by facebook.
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good morning. welcome to an unsettled pattern that's going to bring us wet weather starting today through at least wednesday. and the storms, they get more intense tomorrow wednesday with thunder, lightning, hail, snow, drople, it's all possible. and then it's gone in time for the weekend. today, 53 in half moon bay. 60 in antioch. 30 in lake port to 46 in richmond. my accuweather seven-day forerererererererererererererere 43 degrees, it's warming up. we'll be right back.
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no calories. no sweeteners. just a kick of caffeine. building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc7 news. >> good morning, i'm reggie aqui from abc7 mornings. members on the board of education in san francisco are currently elected. but starting today, one group is looking to change that. the campaign for better san francisco schools will announce a plan to get their proposal on the 2022 ballot. they think city hall should appoint the school board members. many parents are not satisfied with the job the board has done during this pandemic. they say members have been focused on other topics like renaming schools instead of getting kids back into classrooms. and as california school districts get ready to reopen, a bay area health technology is helping students and teachers stay safe. color released an interactive tool that examines the coronavirus and how it spreads in populations like classrooms. the data-driven model will give districts an inside look at
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check out what's going on to our west. this area of low pressure is going to sit out there for the next three days. and that's why we're one on the storm impact scale. the most intense showers, thunderstorms, hail, gropple, lightning, snow down to 2,300 feet is tomorrow wednesday. we have a little bit of rain in the north bay, and then it quickly changes to just isolated showers. most of the afternoon's going to be quiet before more showers start to roll in. so hit and miss variety today. and look how much cooler it gets tomorrow, wednesday, highs only in the 50s. once we get to thursday, friday weather and a warming trend
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through the weekend. >> mike, thank you. coming up, the fallout this morning from that bombshell
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next time, start with carmax... and get a custom offer good for 7 days. the way it should be. carmax. ♪ you're so golden ♪ welcome back to "gma." nothing like the sweet sounds of harry styles on a monday morning to wake you up. that's right. some big news from the superstar singer this morning. one of the performances set to take the stage at the grammys. lara's got all the details for us. that's coming up in "pop news." >> that it is. but first, the top headlines we're following right now, the new coronavirus warning about the risk of resurgence with spring break approaching. urging americans not to -- don't let your guard down. this as more hope on the vaccine front. a record 2.9 million vaccinations over a single day reported over the weekend. also, president biden signing an executive order to promote voting rights on the
7:31 am
56th anniversary of bloody sunday. that's when civil rights marchers, including the late john lewis, were beaten by police on the edmund pettus bridge in selma, alabama. president obama saying, if you have the best ideas, you have nothing to hide. let the people vote. also, a big victory. team lebron yet again, nba all-stars last night. they beat team durant. 170-150, it was a nail-biter, but lebron james coming out on top four years in a row. now i need an assist from george stephanopoulos. >> giannis antetokounmpo. >> thank you. he was named the all-star game mvp. hbcus definitely coming out on top. lebron's team winning money for the
7:32 am
thank you for the assist. >> only way i can help you on basketball. >> i'll take it. we'll continue now with more of the fallout from that interview from harry and meghan. our royal family insiders are standing by live, but first, let's go to james longman outside buckingham palace. good morning, james. >> reporter: good morning, george. all kinds of massive revelations made in this interview but a happier note was struck when a pregnant meghan revealed that she and harry are expecting a little girl. this morning, prince harry and meghan markle telling oprah their side of the so-called war of the windsors. opening up about their decision to leave the uk. >> was the move about getting away from the uk press, because press is everywhere, or was the move because you weren't getting enough support from the firm? >> it was both. >> reporter: harry saying he had several conversations with his grandmother over the course of two years about him and meghan stepping back from royal duties. >> i would never blind side my grandmother. i have so much respect for her. >> where does that story came from? >> i guess it could have come
7:33 am
from inside the institution. >> reporter: he said during the course of two years, he was being cut off. >> my family literally cut me off financially. i had to afford security for us. >> hold up. wait a minute. your family cut you off? >> yeah. in the first half, the first quarter of 2020. i have got what my mum left me. without that, we would not have been able to do this. >> reporter: he says while he's regularly in touch with his grandmother, the queen, his relationship with his father prince charles has been fraught. >> when we were in canada, i had three conversations with my grandmother and two conversations with my father before he stopped taking my calls. >> why did he stop taking your calls? >> because i took -- by that point i took matters into my own hands. i was, like, i need to do this for my family. >> is he taking your calls now? >> yeah, he is. there's a lot to work through there. i feel really let down because he's been through something similar.
7:34 am
he knows what pain feels like, and archie is his grandson. but at the same time, you know, of course, i will always -- i will always love him, but there's a lot of hurt that's happened. >> reporter: also strained his relationship with his brother, william. >> the relationship is space, at the moment, and, you know, time heals all things, hopefully. >> reporter: as for the tabloid story that meghan made kate cry just days before her wedding to harry, meghan calls that moment a turning point alleging that kate was the aggressor and the palace knew, but didn't say anything to stand up for her in the press. >> a few days before the wedding, she was upset about something pertaining -- the issue was correct, flower girl dresses and it made me cry. it really hurt my feelings. >> reporter: she says kate apologized with a letter and flowers and that she forgave
7:35 am
her. >> everybody in the institution knew it wasn't true. >> why didn't she just say that? >> i think so much what i have seen play out is this idea of polarity where. if you love me you don't have to hate her. if love her you don't have to hate me. >> reporter: and the rumor that meghan alone was behind the couple leaving the royal family. >> can you imagine how little sense that makes? i left my career, my life. i left everything because i love him. >> okay, but here's the question, do you think you would have left or ever stepped back where it not for meghan? >> no, the answer to your question is no. >> you would not have? >> i wouldn't have been able to because i myself was trapped as well. i was trapped, but i didn't know i was trapped. trapped within the system. like the rest of my family are. my father and my brother, they are trapped. they don't get to leave. i have huge compassion for that. >> reporter: harry saying he wouldn't be where he is today
7:36 am
without meghan. >> do you think in some ways she saved you? >> yeah, without question. >> i think that's lovely. i would disagree. i think he saved all of us. he ultimately called it and was, like, we've got to find a way for us, for archie, and you made a decision that saved -- certainly saved my life, and saved all of us, but you need to want to be saved. >> reporter: meanwhile, a number of meghan's high-profile friends have come to her support. serena williams who she mentions in the interview has added her voice saying, i know firsthand the sexism and racism institutions and the media use to vilify people of color. she says meghan is selfless and leads by example, but she finishes on a hopeful note writing, i want meghan's daughter, my daughter and your daughter to live in a society
7:37 am
that's driven by respect. george? >> james, thanks very much. let's bring in our royal contributors omid scobie and robert jobson. robert, let me begin with you. we use this word bombshell all the time when it comes to interviews. in this case it really holds. with regard to buckingham palace, can you give us any insight into what's going on behind those walls today, how they're going to react. >> george, the members of the royal family, lawyers at the palace watching the live stream, they'll be preparing to brief the queen about it. the queen hasn't seen the interview and they'll be advising her accordingly. it was a bombshell interview. there were so many claims and counterclaims in that interview that i really feel, although the palace is saying nothing at the moment, they do have to say something because racism and claims of racism and all the stuff about meghan not getting
7:38 am
support when she felt suicidal is really serious stuff and i do think they have to respond. equally i think oprah let them off the hook when they made the claims. they didn't specify who said the things. i think they're hugely big allegations against the family, against the crown. the queen is not some little granny. she wears the crown and it's that they disrespected the british people as well as the monarchy. >> omid, what are you hearing from meghan's side? >> i have spoken to sources close to the couple and there's a sense of relief amongst them and people around them that these stories are out there. we have to remember that this is a couple that felt silenced, and unprotected for quite some time. going back a few years. it's only since they've got that breakaway from that period of review after stepping away from their royal roles they were finally able to speak. now they're hoping they can move on. >> robert, you mentioned the queen is likely to be briefed today. at some point she may see parts
7:39 am
of this interview. the couple made a point of exempting the queen from the criticism. perhaps a calculated move right there. but what do you expect the queen's reaction will be to this? as we talked about the reaction from buckingham palace, will the queen have to say something herself? >> no, the queen won't say anything herself. the reality is they talked about respect, but this is not respectful at all. words are cheap, and -- i really don't see what's achieved apart from worldwide fame for meghan. if they wanted to go to america, they were given the opportunity to do so. they could sit up and do what they wanted to do. nobody is arguing against that. was that necessary to absolutely trash the british royal family and our democracy over here? in america, the flag is -- to me this is like burning the flag like insulting the presidency. i don't think this was necessary. it was full of bitterness.
7:40 am
i think the best thing the queen will do is ride above it. >> omid, an attack directly on the palace as robert is saying. also, the family relationships here apparently so broken by all that's going on. we heard harry say that he hopes time heals all. is there anyway back? >> there have certainly been moments over the past year that have brought them closer together. charles very publicly went through his own coronavirus battle. that was a time when harry and his father were in communication with each other. wi with price philip in hospital there are brief moments of conversation between him and the family. while it was not the way it was before, there are small steps being made forward. i would imagine that now this is all out there, harry and meghan are very keen to move even further. >> okay, thank you very much. in our next hour, how this interview echoed princess diana's bombshell interview. from 1995.
7:41 am
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♪ dramatic music ends, dramatically ♪ chobani flip. all good. no bad. we're back now with mackenzie scott, ex-wife of amazon founder jeff bezos, revealing that she has remarried and her new husband is a seattle schoolteacher. rebecca jarvis has all the details for us. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: good morning, robin.
7:45 am
yes, mackenzie scott is a mom. she's a novelist and one of the richest people in the world who gave away $6 billion of her wealth to charity last year. and now, she's married to a science teacher. billionaire philanthropist and author mackenzie scott formerly married to amazon's jeff bezos, has remarried. the groom dan jewett a science teacher in seattle made the announcement on the philanthropic website, the giving pledge writing, i'm married to one of the most generous and kind people i know. >> i think it's incredibly inspiring. i love hearing these stories, not only someone has found love after divorce but also so soon. >> reporter: in 2019, after 25 years, scott and bezos went through a high-profile divorce leaving her as one of the world's richest women. forbes now estimating that scott's net worth is currently $53 billion. just after her divorce, scott said she intended to donate the majority of her wealth.
7:46 am
in 2020 alone she donated nearly $6 billion alone to historically black colleges and universities, food banks and women's organizations. and jewett is saying he's grateful for the exceptional privilege it will be to partner in giving away assets with the potential to do so much good when shared. >> i think it speaks volumes about their relationship that he is joining her in this charitable pledge and speaks to the fact that he is humble and has the same aspirations that she does. >> reporter: jeff bezos sending his best wishes to the newlyweds. saying, dan is such a great guy and i'm happy and excited for the both of them. as for mackenzie, she's updated her amazon author page. it now reads she lives in seattle with her four children and her husband, dan. we wish them well. this feels like a very happy ending, guys, and one that will benefit a lot of people because of their philanthropy. guys? >> well said, rebecca.
7:47 am
well said. >> we wish them both the best for sure, no doubt. coming up next -- we have our "play of the day." stay right there. what if i told you the best place to begin is within. with collagen, that supports our body from the inside, out. because when we feel supported from within (whir of treadmill, foot impact + heavy breathing) our confidence comes from way deeper. it's within us. (music) fleece vibes. only at old navy, and old
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7:51 am
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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. >> good morning i'm reggie aqui from abc7 mornings. the san francisco unified school district is expected to release more details today on its school re-opening plan. a tentative deal would bring back students at six elementary schools in the first wave which is april 12th. kids at another 18 elementary schools will return in the next phase. families who are not ready to send their kids back to school still have the option for distance learning. hi, mike. >> hi, reggie. hi, everybody. get the wet weather gear handy. unsettled today all the way through wednesday with a better chance of heavier rain, thunderstorms, small hail, graupel. snow down to 2,500 feet tomorrow and tuesday. we'll have a little bit of light rain this morning and then scattered showers the rest of day. it's going to be coolest tomorrow also into wednesday. low to mid-50s. much nicer this weekend, or
7:57 am
let's say warmer. coming up, the latest reaction to prince harry and meghan's bombshell interview and how it compares to princess diana's interview revealing that prince charles had cheated on her. her. we'll have an upd these are real people, not actors, who've got their eczema under control. with less eczema, you can show more skin. so roll up those sleeves. and help heal your skin from within with dupixent. dupixent is the first treatment of its kind that continuously treats moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis, even between flare ups. dupixent is a biologic, and not a cream or steroid. many people taking dupixent saw clear or almost clear skin, and, had significantly less itch. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur, including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes,
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. bombshell royal revelations. overnight, harry and meghan telling their side of the story. from the astonishing questions about archie before he was born -- >> also concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he's born. >> what? >> to meghan revealing that she was driven to suicidal thoughts saying her pleas for help were ignored by the palace. what harry and meghan say was the turning point for the royal family with meghan. the similarities to princess diana -- >> i just wish that we would all learn from the past. >> the moment meghan reached out to one of diana's closest friends for help. the fallout now and how this
8:01 am
interview could affect the monarchy going forward. all this as the couple reveals they got married days before the wedding the world watched. and a baby girl on the way. the risk of resurgence, large parties partying in atlanta. with the nba all-star game in town. the spring breakers flooding florida. there is hope on the vaccine front. a record 2.9 million doses administered to americans in a single day. help on the way. democrats on the verge of passing the covid relief bill and sending it right to the president's desk. from the stimulus checks to unemployment benefits what it means for you. and queens of the court. these two girls basketball teams rising to the top of the game. get ready to meet the real mvps and they're saying -- >> live from louisiana --
8:02 am
>> all: good morning, america. good morning, everybody. they sure are excited. and they are a great way to get our week started. perfect monday motivation, you motivated this team and they came through. you're going to pay it forward on a monday. >> especially on international women's day. how appropriate is that? >> perfect. >> they are champions, all those young women you saw right there. they're champions all those young women you saw right there. basketball teams from lake charles lagrange. both won the state title in their division over the weekend. in fact, this is the first championship -- that's the coach. he promised them he would dance. that's their first victory state title in over 30 years. i met some of these talented young women last year when rob and i went down to that devastated community, and how they're coming back from those back-to-back hurricanes.
8:03 am
i can't wait for you to meet them. in fact, there were four girls basketball teams from southwest louisiana. >> whole community has so much to celebrate. that is great. lot of news to get to this morning. first the coronavirus emergency. more than 59 million americans received at least one dose of the vaccine so far. that includes 2.9 million vaccines. want to go back to victor oquendo in miami beach with more on new concerns about spring break and the risk of resurgence. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, george. it is shaping up to be another busy and crowded week here in florida between spring break and bike week in daytona beach. it's these large and potentially dangerous events that have health experts concerned. in florida concerns growing as spring breaker flood the state. bars filling up as the busy tourist season takes hold, many behaving as if the pandemic is already over. >> it gives a sense of back to normalcy. >> reporter: while in daytona hundreds of thousands of bikers expected to roll into the city this week for their annual celebration. one expert calling the situation
8:04 am
a, quote, perfect storm. tourists pouring into florida which has more cases of the uk variant than any other state. potentially bringing the virus back home. this as texas and mississippi roll back mask mandates and restrictions. texas' mask order set to end wednesday, raising concerns in houston, where so-called mask-off parties are reportedly being planned. >> we're not the dumping ground for events that will put texans in danger and cause people to lose their lives. you simply don't celebrate a fumble in the end zone. >> reporter: some good news here, hope on the vaccine front, a record 2.9 million doses administered to americans in just a single day. robin? >> all right, thank you so much. we have the latest now on president biden's massive covid relief package. the senate passing it over the weekend. the house expected to pass it tomorrow. the bill then going to president
8:05 am
biden for his signature. could happen some time this week. let's go back to our senior white house correspondent mary bruce with more. good morning again, mary. >> reporter: good morning again, robin. this is a big win for the president, but it certainly didn't come easy. democrats were forced to make concessions to keep their party united. this $1.9 trillion bill includes those direct payments to most americans. checks up to $1,400 for those making up to $75,000 a year. those unemployment benefits will be extended until early september, but at just $300. the bill also expands the child tax credit to up to $3,600 per child. it includes billions of dollars for vaccinations, testing, schools and state and local governments. the house is now expected to pass this bill tomorrow, landing it on the president's desk. he is expected to sign it later this week, and then those direct checks could start going out in just a matter of days. michael? >> thank you so much for that. coming up -- more on harry and meghan's stunning interview, already drawing comparisons to
8:06 am
harry's mother, princess diana. plus, we're celebrating some incredible queens of the court. two high school girls' basketball teams persevering after back-to-back hurricanes caused so much damage in their communities. get it, coach johnson. go on with your bad self. they won state titles. and our friend and "modern family" star jesse tyler ferguson and his friend chef julie are whipping up pancakes. it's from their brand new cookbook. that's all coming up on "good morning america." there's so many women that have gone before me and have taken to the sky. do you think there is a need for women in space? well, is there a need for men in space? all these women have been my role models and my inspiration, and i couldn't be here today without them. ♪ women bring an energy to rap that did not exist before. ♪ and the grammy goes to... ...cardi b! who knows how many others could've been
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8:10 am
back now with our "gma" cover story, and more on the reaction after harry and meghan's explosive interview.
8:11 am
bombshell after bombshell sweeping headlines around the globe. the couple's shocking side of the story opening the door into royal life that the palace might like to keep shut. the similar steps that harry's mother princess diane in a took many years ago. maggie rulli has more from buckingham palace. good morning, maggie. >> reporter: good morning, michael. we have been following this closely all morning long, and like you said, the between princess diana, harry's mother, are pouring in. sending shock waves on both sides of the pond. >> i just didn't -- i just didn't want to be alive anymore. and that was a very clear and real and frightening constant thought. >> reporter: harry and meghan speaking out to oprah revealing accusations of racism within the palace and finally telling their side of the story. the couple claiming that the turning point came after their
8:12 am
trip to australia, and that hints of jealousy swirled about how well meghan was received. >> look, i -- i just wish that we would all learn from the past. >> reporter: last night's interview, the most anticipated from a member of the house of windsor since this -- >> well, there were three of us in this marriage. so it was a bit crowded. >> reporter: princess diana telling the world that her husband charles was having an affair with camilla marker bowles, now his wife. that was just one of the bombshells in her interview, opening up about the most private aspects of her life. >> i had blamed her for a number of years. >> reporter: after the broadcast, the queen urging charles and diana to divorce. the public largely siding with diana. now royal watchers are drawing comparisons between diana and meghan. >> there are certainly parallels
8:13 am
with princess diana's interview. she gave a very damning assessment from behind closed doors, and now 20 years later, we have a really critical, really damaging assessment of what life is like within the royal family. >> reporter: two women coming into the royal family as outsiders, both feeling abandoned by the palace when things got tough. >> yes, i did inflict upon myself. i didn't like myself. i was ashamed that i couldn't cope with the pressures. >> so were you thinking of harming yourself? were you having suicidal thoughts? >> yes. this was very, very clear. one of the people that i reached out to who's continued to be a friend and confidante was one of my husband's mom's best friends, one of diana's best friends because who else could understand what it's actually like on the inside? >> reporter: now royal watchers must wait to see if the after shocks of harry and meghan's interview will be anything of the magnitude of the
8:14 am
late princess. >> this is an interview i think we'll be talking about for many months, many years, and one that does have the potential to be very damaging to the monarchy. >> reporter: during the interview, harry and meghan were both very careful to make a point to praise the queen, but they were also very vocal criticizing the institution that she's the head of. so far, there's no comment from buckingham palace, and we'll have to wait and see what kind of lasting impact this interview may have. michael? >> thank you so much, maggie. we'll bring in roya nikka. she's the royal correspondent for "the sunday times." thank you so much for joining us. harry in this interview, he said he was worried about history repeating itself. do you think he had his mother's interview in mind when he and meghan decided to do this one? >> not just his mother's interview in mind, i think he had her whole life experience in mind. we know how strongly harry feels about what happened to his mother. the fact that she felt she didn't get what she needed when
8:15 am
she was a very senior member of the royal family, and we know how that story ended and harry used this phrase again and again. he felt that history was repeating itself. we heard that for the first time from him back in 2019 when they were in south africa when they launched that bombshell saying that they were going to sue a newspaper. it was about history repeating itself and trying to avoid that. we know how strongly he feels about it. >> harry said he thinks his mother would be angry about how this is playing out, that he saw this coming. do you think things have changed since 30 years ago? >> i mean, my understanding of the setup when meghan you know became harry's girlfriend and then she married into the royal family was that she was given a lot of support and that both courtiers and aides within the institution were extremely conscious of mistakes that were made in the past. not just with diana, but also with the duchess of cambridge, you know, back lack of support.
8:16 am
and from what i have been told, she was given a lot of support. that said, that's not how she felt and we know that you know from meghan's own words nothing can prepare you for the reality when you step into that world how much support you're given. >> i can't imagine how tough that would be. harry and meghan moved to america, free from royal rules and intense coverage. but will an interview like this really get them what they want? >> well, you hit the nail on the head there, because you know they moved to america for apparently for a different kind of life. for more privacy they said, to have a bit more of a peaceful life. giving this interview, dropping the bombs that have been dropped, the aftermath of that i think is going to put them under the most intense spotlight either of them have ever felt. >> i could agree with you on that. roya thank you. >> thank you. >> can we just give a shout out
8:17 am
to oprah. she did an incredible job. she gave them a safe space to share their story as she did and her authentic reactions, you could tell she like many watching at home were shocked. >> of course, it's oprah. she's the best at it. now we're going to go to ginger who's the best at weather. what we got, ginger? >> reporter: oh, thank you. oh, goodness to be in that sentence, i'm so pleased and honored. how about i share with you what's happening in oregon. this would be hail. they had anywhere from a quarter inch up to 3/4-plus hail. can i tell you, from the bay area down to southern california, we need this rain that's about to come in. san francisco's more than 11 inches below average, los angeles, certainly the mountains into the hills there, going to get some. around 7-plus inches below average. this storm moves east. we could see severe weather with it and yes, snow, and a lot more cold. good morning.
8:18 am
welcome to an unsettled pattern that's going to bring us wet weather starting today through at least wednesday. and the storms, they get more intense tomorrow wednesday with thunder, lightning, hail, snow, drople, it's all possible. and then it's gone in time for the weekend. today, 53 in half moon bay. 60 in antioch. 30 in lake port to 46 in richmond. my accuweather seven-day forerererererererererererererere it's "pop news" time. happy monday, lara. >> reporter: hey, george. happy monday to you all. we'll begin this morning with the grammys, very exciting musical lineup. we're talking harry styles, megan thee stallion, bts, maren morris, post malone, bad bunny, all set to take the stage. that's not all. taylor swift will be making her
8:19 am
grammys return, five years after her last performance. she's nominated for six grammys this year and no surprise the ceremony will look a little different this year. taking place in an around the los angeles convention center with real people who work in music venues around the city giving out the awards this year. that's pretty great. the 63rd annual grammy awards will air sunday, 8:00 p.m. looking so forward to that. eddie murphy is also in the news this morning, announcing a big return on the heels of his very funny "coming 2 america." murphy says he is planning his standup comeback. murphy tells fellow comedian kevin hart on his podcast he was hoping to make his return a little while ago. needless to say it didn't happen. here's why. >> my plan was to do "dolemite," "saturday night live," "coming 2 america," and then standup, and then the pandemic hit. the whole time last year i would have been out working on my act. when the pandemic is over, and
8:20 am
it's safe for everyone to go out, the plan is to do it. >> reporter: that's great news. the last time eddie took his talents on the road was back in the '80s. his standup specials "delirious" and "raw," two such huge bring it on, eddie. we want more. speaking of wanting more, "wandavision," is just exploding. the show's song writers are opening up about the theme songs they crafted for the show. each episode had its own theme song that corresponded with the era of classic tv it was invoking. you may have noticed there was something that each song had in common, a secret four-note melody called "the devil's interval." listen up. >> which perfectly fit --
8:21 am
♪ wandavision ♪ >> so that's "the devil's interval." >> so it's a deceptive melody that lopez says, which they rightly point out fits with the whole theme of the show. one of the other songs that's blowing up, "agatha all along," it's quite an ear worm. have you heard it? listen. ♪ who's been messing up everything ♪ ♪ it's been agatha all along ♪ ♪ who's been pulling every evil string ♪ ♪ it's been agatha all along ♪ >> reporter: it's got a little "munsters" vibe to it, doesn't it? that's actress kathryn hahn singing the song. i won't tell you anymore. you must watch. you know the show's really catching on when a song from one episode racks up over 2.5 million streams on spotify and achieves the number one spot on
8:22 am
itunes. congratulations to "wandavision." with that, i send it back to you guys in the studio. >> all right, lara. thank you. and speaking of congratulations, now celebrating some queens of the court on this international women's day. four basketball teams from southwest louisiana winning state championships this season. fairview, lake author, st. louis and lagrange. we visited lake charles last fall, rob and i did, after back-to-back hurricanes ravaged those areas. these teams, they persevered and we congratulate them all. joining us now is lagrange, repeated their title win and st. louis took home the title for the first time in 30 years. it all went down in my old stomping grounds. myca, let me start with you, congratulations. you're there with your fellow
8:23 am
st. louis teammates. i remember meeting with you guys and what was it like that moment when you won the first state title for your school in three decades? what was that like, myca? >> it was so emotional. it felt like a relief, like a boulder was lifted off my back. it felt like a relief, it felt really, really great. we've been through so much and my third time being there and to finally win it, it felt like a really great feeling. >> you even got coach johnson he promised he was going to dance in the locker room. >> yes, we got him to. >> what do you think of his moves, dance moves? >> they're real cool. real cool. >> you got one more year to play under him, yes, you're going to show him some love. you know what, i hope all your families are doing well. we continue to think of you all
8:24 am
in that area. >> thank you. >> your basketball court was so damaged that you had to practice elsewhere. myca, just tell us, how did you all persevere and push through this season. >> it was tough, especially playing 31 games on the road. i think what helped us the most was being a team and having each other's backs and like the support system from the parents, to the coaches, to the teammates. we really were there for each other and that helped us a lot. >> very, very proud of you. cross town, you know, back-to-back championships, lagrange. going to bring in jeriah right now. congratulations to you and your teammates. tell us how you got through this challenging year. >> basically as a team, we just facetimed, zoom calls, communicated the whole time. we like to practice and stuff.
8:25 am
we never lost touch with each other. >> yeah, that communication you had with one another. i heard when you were leaving the hotel to go to the big game, something happened? >> oh, yeah. me and a few of my teammates got stuck on an elevator. it was pretty scary. i didn't know how long we were going to be in there. we got out under an hour and were able to get ready for the game. >> jeriah, you're a senior, 4.0. myca has 4.0 average, terrific. you play for the lady gators. you're going to play for some other gators. you signed with the university of florida. wow. are you so excited about the next chapter for you? >> i'm just excited to take my talents and energy from lagrange to there. >> well, you have some immense talent.
8:26 am
this is the quietest i think i have seen both of these teams in forever. you're being on your best behavior. your southern hospitality manners are showing. congratulate your teammates for us, and i got to tell you, we are rooting for you. we continue to root for you and your families, and we're thinking of you. and hey guys. we have a little bit of a surprise to share. let the rest of your teammates know that we're sending over a celebratory lunch from darryl's poy boys for all of you today. share that with your teammates and let them know. but congratulations. thanks so much to both. >> she said we're getting indicatored today. >> that got them going!
8:27 am
8:28 am
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♪ we're back now with the "modern family" star who's made us laugh in our living room for years. now jesse tyler ferguson is making his way into our kitchens teaming up with chef julie tanous on a new cookbook. they're cooking for us in a moment, but first, jesse, let's catch up with you, my friend. your character mitch on "modern family" started as a new parent on the show, and a year after the show ended, you're a new parent. how did the life experiences -- how do they compare, real and the tv life, as a new parent? >> i enjoyed it so much i'm going to get one of my own. when you're on television and a baby cries, a random person
8:31 am
comes in and take the baby away. that doesn't happen in real life. you're in charge of all things. >> how do you find time to write a book as a new dad? >> that's a great question, george. i don't know. i have a wonderful cooking partner, julia. i had a partner in crime with this. we worked on it for two years. actually the pandemic sort of stopped everything, worked in my benefit because i was able to focus on the book and new baby. >> since you mentioned julie, come on down. come on, julie. you guys are working together. hey, julie. tell us about how your experiences growing up influenced these recipes. >> well, it's been a lot of fun to introduce jesse to some southern ingredients. lot of similarities between new mexican ingredients and southern ingredients.
8:32 am
>> right, i'm from new mexico and julie is from alabama. there's a lot of food inspired by the food we grew up eating. >> now we're going to cook something with a southwestern twist. the blue cornmeal pancakes. where do we start? what's so special about blue cornmeal? this looks delicious by the way. >> i love that you have a plate of them. >> that looks good. >> did we fedex that to you? so, blue corn is indigenous to new mexico and it has a higher protein. it makes the pancakes, you can pretend that they're healthier. it also gives them a more sweet flavor than a yellow or white cornmeal. also it's very pretty as well. >> it is pretty. >> it's almost like a purple tint in the batter when you're cooking it. >> these pancakes have the consistency of a flapjack. that's why i love them so much.
8:33 am
we basically, put all of your dry ingredients in one bowl. you have to buy the book to see what the ingredients are. i'm not going to tell you. all the wet ingredients in another bowl. i'm the cameraman now, watch. combine them. buttermilk. >> buttermilk, we love buttermilk. >> people don't always have buttermilk at home. how easy is it to make? >> if you don't have buttermilk, you can make your own. a cup of whole milk and lemon juice. let that sit for two, three minutes and you have buttermilk. >> how does a blueberry butter complement the pancake? >> blueberry butter, why not have blueberry butter when you can -- skip the butter and have blueberry butter. blueberry pancakes are such a delicious, wonderful thing, put the blueberries into the butter.
8:34 am
that's instead of being in the pancakes. blueberry butter is delicious anywhere. we're going to mix this. >> okay, so, pour the liquid ingredients in your dry. use a rubber spatula or wooden spoon to just mix until it comes together. do not overmix your batter. >> robin, i know how you love to overmix. >> you're right, jesse. i love to mix it up. >> we actually have a few cooking over here. i'm the cameraman. >> look at you. >> and you know -- we're not going to tell how many pancakes. the visual cues for when they're done is when they bubble a little bit and get crispy around the edges and here we have a finished product. we put some syrup on that. >> the phone in one hand and cooking with the other. i love it, jesse, you're a man of many skills.
8:35 am
>> he's so talented. >> very talented. here's a photo from our cookbook. that's me. we also have baklava french toast we make. we're having a brunch here afterwards. we have a delicious orange honey syrup that would go in the baklava. >> i have to say, i'm eating baklava french toast it's unbelievable. it's unbelievable. >> now that's what george is going for right now. >> i'm going for it. it's greek. >> he's greek so he's going for it. >> what do you think, george? >> really good. >> it's really good. i have to read this so i have to finish chewing. want to say thank you, thank you to both of you for making our mornings, making us breakfast, we appreciate you. thank you both for joining us. >> thank you. >> so good to see you all. i can't wait to see you in person next time. >> we're looking forward to it.
8:36 am
>> we would love that. >> and you guys can get the recipes on and "food between friends" goes on sale tomorrow. it's worth it, trust me. coming up, fashion icon diane von furstenburg joins us. we have three generations of women making disney magic. we'll be right back.
8:37 am
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8:39 am
we're back now with a perfect guest to celebrate international women's day, renowned fashion designer, philanthropist diane von furstenburg who has a new book out. it's called "own it: the secret to life." good morning, dvf. i read this this weekend. >> it's great to see you. tell us the reason behind this book. what was your motivation? >> well, actually, you know, people -- the publisher came to me and they said, you give such good advice and people quote you all the time. we do really well with these books. would you do the book? at the time i thought i would call it "in charge." because you know my big umbrella for my life, and my friends is to be a woman in charge, but to be in charge is not an aggressive statement. it's really a commitment to
8:40 am
yourself. it's owning you who are. your own your imperfections. they become your assets. you own your vulnerability. it becomes your strength. i thought, to own it is really the secret to life. so then instead of doing something that would look condescending, i decided to do a little dictionary. there are 268 words. most of them i love. some of them i don't like, and everything goes back to own it. >> yes. >> because own it -- i wrote it during covid when all of us were so much more reflective. something that was going to be fun on the verge of frivolous became fun, but serious. >> because we're all re-evaluating ourselves during this time of isolation.
8:41 am
it's like a dictionary, a to z. you alluded to words many of which you love. one in particular you don't care for, complain. why? >> yes, well, my mother, you know my mother was a holocaust survivor and therefore i came out. my birth was a miracle and my mother always taught me fear is not an option and i was not allowed to be afraid, not allowed to complain and not allowed to blame, not even the weather. >> not even the weather. you know, there's no complaining about this book, because even gloria steinem says this book gives us the biggest gift, faith in our uniqueness. oh, i love that. so talk about how it is -- because sometimes it's difficult, especially for women, to embrace our uniqueness. >> well, the truth is that we -- the most important relationship in life is the one we have with yourself.
8:42 am
once we have that every relationship is a plus, not a must. we don't want to be needy. knowing that, we know we just have to accept who we are and the more we accept who we are the easier it is to deal with it. you know, so, many things are not pleasant, but if you own it and you throw the fear away or the blame away or the shame away it automatically feels better already. >> you help us own it with this beautiful, beautiful book. i was going to underline, but it's already done for you. it's brilliant. thank you so much, diane. >> thank you. happy international women's day to all women. we're lucky to be women and it's been really hard during covid. so hang on there. >> we will. bless you my friend.
8:43 am
take care. "own it: the secret to life" by diane von furstenburg. i'm wearing one of my wrap dresses. she didn't notice. yes, she did notice. her book is out today. ginger. >> reporter: you know what, i'm underlining, i hope you don't complain about the weather, thank you, diane, i like that one. you won't complain about this, some beautiful images from dallas, they celebrate america the beautiful and the different types of flora and fauna around the nation. we thought we would say hello there because it's feeling so good. above average precipitat good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. get the wet weather gear handy because we have unsettled weather starting today all the way through wednesday. just some hit and miss
8:44 am
now we have another great story for international women's day featuring three generations of talented women bringing disney magic alive all over the world. erielle reshef joins us with this family of imagineers. hey, erielle. >> reporter: hey, george. they are a very special family from it's a small world to that iconic crystal ball. these three women have had their hands in some of the most treasured attractions in disney. imagine three generations of women making disney magic. >> my mother is leona toombs and has become a disney legend by working at walt disney imagineering from tiki room to pirates of the caribbean. >> reporter: but her granddaughter and daughter say that most people will recognize her as the floating head inside "the haunted mansion's" crustal ball. >> i take my daughter to the
8:45 am
park and when she's in the crystal ball, i say say hi to grandma. >> reporter: she passed away in 1991, but now kim and ali are both walt disney imagineers themselves. >> i'm a set decorator, i do all of the propping and artificial foliage for the different parks. >> what is it like to see your work come to fruition? >> incredibly inspiring. it makes me want to keep doing it and do more. >> reporter: and kim now an executive was instrumental in integrating popular disney characters into "it's a small world." and every year kim can now be seen channeling her mother's legacy as part of disneyland's haunted celebration. now it's her face inside that crystal ball. what has kept you creating magic at disney for more than 40 years? >> i love it. it's my life. it's my family. you know, that's why i encouraged ali to come work there as well. it's just a wonderful family of people. >> reporter: a family legacy of
8:46 am
creating joy for the young and young at heart. and kim says she's most looking forward to mentoring the next generation of imagineers. her daughter is thrilled to be working on the frozen theme park opening in hong kong. quite a legacy. >> it sure is. erielle, thanks very much. coming up, pop sensation zara larsson joins us live. these are real people, not actors, who've got their eczema under control. with less eczema, you can show more skin. so roll up those sleeves.
8:47 am
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we're back now with global pop sensation zara larsson releasing her new album, "poster girl." she'll perform for us in just a moment. but first, let's chat. zara, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> thank you for joining us this morning. we got to say, you're deeply committed to female empowerment, in honor of international women's day you have a special
8:49 am
live-stream concert. can you tell us about it? >> yes, on my youtube, from 2:00 p.m. eastern time. because it's free i would appreciate if people who enjoy it and watching it would donate to the charity of my choice and it will go towards supporting girls' education, which is one of the most important things, i think. i absolutely agree with you on that. your new album is out now, you drew inspiration from abba, among others. what can fans expect from the new album? >> a lot of dance. a lot of positive-sounding songs. even if all the songs don't talk about positivity, it sounds positive. if you're crying, you're crying on the dance floor or in the living room seng singing along, dancing with it. >> crying and dancing. you're speaking my language. thank you, again, for waking up and joining us this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> you're welcome.
8:50 am
we're going to get right to it. >> we'll get right to it. off the new album "poster girl," here's zara larsson performing "talk about love." ♪ patience is a virtue ♪ ♪ i ain't trying to hurt you ♪ ♪ i need you to read between the lines ♪ ♪ calling me out and i's unfair ♪ ♪ told you i don't want to go there ♪ ♪ i think you're so sweet but you're taking this all too seriously ♪ ♪ we can get close ♪ ♪ baby look into my eyes ♪ ♪ i don't wanna talk about love ♪ ♪ i don't wanna talk about love ♪ ♪ i just wanna keep us right here in the moment, why you gotta go get lost in emotion ♪ ♪ i don't wanna talk about love ♪ ♪ i don't wanna talk about love ♪ ♪ i can make your dreams come true ♪
8:51 am
♪ i'll do anything that you like, but i won't talk about love ♪ ♪ i know you're upset, so let's change the subject ♪ ♪ look alive ♪ ♪ look alive ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ you'll be okay ♪ ♪ i don't wanna talk about love ♪ ♪ i don't wanna talk about love ♪ ♪ i just wanna keep us right here in the moment, why you gotta go get lost in emotion ♪ ♪ i don't wanna talk about love ♪ ♪ i don't wanna talk about love ♪ ♪ i can make your dreams come true ♪ ♪ i'll do anything that you like, but i won't talk about love ♪ ♪ because love always blows up in your face ♪ ♪ and love always goes south in the worst way ♪
8:52 am
♪ right now i'm not in the head space because this ain't the time or place ♪ ♪ i'll walk away ♪ ♪ i don't wanna talk about love ♪ ♪ i don't wanna talk about love ♪ ♪ i don't wanna talk about love ♪ ♪ i can make your dreams come true ♪ ♪ i'll do anything you like but i don't want talk about love ♪ ♪ make your dreams come true ♪ ♪ but i won't talk about love ♪
8:53 am
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ikea. "good morning america" is sponsored by calia, by carrie underwood. stay the path. zara larsson did it for us, we didn't even talk about love. what a great performance. thank you. thank you for watching. have a great day.
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