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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  February 24, 2021 1:06am-1:42am PST

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let us take you to a place you've been craving. where the aroma of authenticity turns into the scent of home. and the warmth of friends and family is in every bite.
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touching someone to say i love you, to hug you... those are the things that i miss. ♪ ♪ the sports world reacts to the sight offing tooer woods'
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car. how will the biggest guy come back from injury and surgery. >> >> two bay area counties moving to the red tier. outdoor dining is coming back. berkeley improves polly form. from record today to windy weather tomorrow. i will have the forecast coming up. nbc news at 11 starts right now. developing news, iconic golfer tiger woods is in the hospital right now after a series car accident in southern california. his team saying he is awake, responsive and recovering. good evening. thank you for joining us. >> espn reporting that he was on his way to shoot with golf tv when his suv hit a curb, and rolled over several time.
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it happened on rolling hills estates near los angeles. as marcy gonzalez explains from los angeles, the seat belt may have samed his life. >> reporter:ing tooer woods behind the wheel. >> we have a roll over with someone trapped. >> reporter: rescuers using an ax. woods rushed to a hospital. his team putting out a statement saying he under went a procedure orn his lower right leg and ankle. he is recovering in his hospital room. he was the only person in president hospital. no other vehicles involved. >> the first contact with was with the center median and cross into the oeptsing lane of
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traffic, hit a curb and a tree and several roll overs. >> reporter: a tournament was hosted this weekend but didn't play in because he is recovering from his fifth back surgery, saying this to cbs sports. >> i feel fine, i feel fine. a little stiff. >> tig, seven weeks from today, find round of the masters. you're going to be there? >> i slope. >> reporter: fans and friends stunned that athlete who bounced back from on can schools for year is facing another. >> the there have says there is no indication he was impaired but the vehicle may have been speeding. they are looking into whether he was on his cell phone or distracted on a nor tor usely
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dangerous stretch of road. as you can imagine, tiger's accident has generated an outpours of support from the the sports world. larry beil will reaction from steph curry. >> reporter: it was a mixture of shock, concern and relief with the news that tiger woods was involved in a roll but but survived. the similar reaction helicopter crash. it's anyone's guess if he will return to competitive golf, if it's possible. steph curry was asked about tiger woods. >> there season fortunate and sad, knowing what he has through. thankfully he's okay from what i hear apartment this point. it's about quality of life and
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being there for his kids. that's the most important thing. >> hoping for the best news possible. >> reporter: woods is clearly on the back nine of his golf career. wlp he wins another tournament or competes a high level is unknown right now. tiger had public highs and lows, an example how fragile life can do. we will have reaction from the the golf world later in sports. back to you. >> well said, larry, thank you very much. you can learn more about the accident and tiger woods in the abc 7 news app. you will find them on the app
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available for roku and other deviolations. >> sanchts scarry scene in the east bay after a small plane crashed in a car there. it happened just over 580. the plane lost power after it took off. there with two people on board. no word on how many people were in the car nosm one us hurt. crash shut down part of iz dell avenue. the afaa is invest is invest isi grocery stores employing will receive an extra $5 an hour pay boost. i applies in unincorporated areas of the county. in less than an hour two counties jump from the purple tier to the read tier. that means dining,
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thee theaters and more will be able to report. that is welcome news tonight. >> reporter: stanley chan wouldn't wait nor wednesday. he was waiting to seat diners inside. >> we opened a french door so it's in between. it's part of the outside. >> reporter: san mateo county goes to red tier, allowing restaurants. this manager is getting ready. >> we will start getting ready. as we do, deep cleaning, san ticing everything and get ready to open tomorrow in door 25%. >> reporter: that means only four tables inside but it's a start. >> it was really bad. almost didn't make it home. >> reporter: charlotte survived covid last summer. is the first time eating out in a year. her birthday is next week. >> i said i would love to each
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somewhere indoors. >> reporter: houses of worship, 25%. this paster is looking forward to welcoming >> what the church people miss is having together. >> reporter: covid cases and hospitalizations have dropped since january. officials are optimistic they can move forward as long as supply keeping up with demand. >> dry to say with vaccinations and more vaccinations to come, things are only going to get better. >> reporter: well, san mateo county is the in the red tier, and josh becker is calling for all schools to reopen as well. >> we are seeing increase in mental health issues, eating
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disorders. in suicides among kids. we have to get back to being in the classrooms. >> josh becker says he sees his own kids apictured by virtual learning all this time but he adds the first time is making sure teachers feel safe. major new developments tonight. san francisco's unified school board just voted on a health and safety plan necessary to reopen schools. they agreed on the plan terms early yes today. teachers can return to in-person learning when san francisco is in the red tier and everyone is vaccinated. no vaccine is needed if they each the orange tier. they are not in agreement for the number of day for in. person learning. >> we need be in it all together. as a teacher, i'm earning that
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the board and the trust support ed educator voices. >> they want someone to mediate saying they lost confident in the superintendent. san francisco is inching closer to draug the counties in red. cases are developing and the city lifted the travel quarantine. the ten-daequan teen was implemented implemented for travel. >> outside, just lovely today. will it can't? sandhya is here with the forecast. >> yeah, it will continue but it's not going to be as warm as today. today, temperatures soars to
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record levels, redwood city, 78, 76 at sfo, records for today. it was warm in san francisco, 77 today along with liver more. now winds, the off shore winds, 28 miles per hour, mt. st. helena. wind going up until thursday morning. gusts 30 to 60. i will be back with an hour by hour look at winds coming up. >> thank you. sweeping police policy reforms. i'm kate larson, coming up, the between and the public they serve. plus, san francisco losing a literary legend. how they are honoring lawrence. and you are wiped out from all of the zoom meetings?
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stanford researchers know why. first, jimmy kimmel live. >> thanks, i washed my hands twice tonight. who is more responsible for the power outages in texas? is it aoc or wind mills?
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berkeley city council convened a meeting tonight to vote on ground breaking police
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reforms, kate larson on what it meanser the police and public. >> reporter: before the police killed george floyd last may, berkeley shared racial disparities on who they stop on cars, bikes and foot. from 2015 to 2018, black drivers were argt times more likely to be stopped than white drivers. they voted to pass a reform pack thage eliminates stops for low level offenses, requires written consent for searches and prevents parol or proation status, and it prompts them to be fired for social media posts. puck lick comment was critical of berkeley pd. >> on my block, i had multiple levels or harassment by police. >> they shared body cam footage
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from recent incidents that demonstrated racial bias. >> it's truly an opportunity to change the culture of the police department. >> berkeley deserves better and black people deserve justice. >> reporter: but berkeley says they were not consulted about the new policies which they call a one way street. at stake is the safety of the citizens and police officers as it will turn them into this filing clerks. they need to make sure they protect themselves and the community. and separate task force is working to cut the berkeley police department's budget in half there are new developments tonight in a string of coyote testing. a man was bitten bay coyote near
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a quick stop. three days earlier, the attack attacks in july and december. department of fish and wild life is still looking more that coyote. stanford university researchers are analyzing a new phenomenal we all know too well. it's called zoom fatigue. >> yeah, it's exhausting in there. appear to be four main causes, lots of eye contact at close range. staring at your own face can make you critical of yourself. three, being trapped in one spot can make a person restless. and you can't see someone's body long so it takes more energy to communicate. >> it's a wonderful tool when used properly and sparingly. doing it for nine hourpss on da is not the same as being at a rock show and being around
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people. >> that it is not. there is a solution, take note. turn the camera off. look ahead, and only listen. great advice. >> does that work for these cameras we're on? >> i'm going to look away. i'm just going to listen. sandhya's going to talk. >> yeah, just turn around. go ahead. >> the zoom meetings are exhausting. >> it is. it really is. >> it is. >> absolutely. it is. we all need to kind of break away from screen time. absolutely. let me show you, temperatures for tomorrow, today it was unbelievably warm. record setting, above average. but the temperatures are going down. 77 to 67. it will be ten degrees cooler, oakland, eight degrees, at 72, and san jose, you will make it
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to 71 tomorrow. today, it was 79 degrees. we will shave off a few degrees, and the rain, dh which we need. temperatures are in the 40s along the coast to the 60s in places like fairfield and brentwood. wind is playing a hole with the warmth today. the kgo roof camera, we don't have strong winds but that will be changing, winds increase tomorrow and can translate down to some, mainly sunny and dry through the weekend. here is the hourly hour forecast for the winds. they ramp up around 9:00 p.m. 44 to 50 miles per hour around fairfield, napa, and calistoga.. it will be gusty tomorrow. be aware in case there are trees or power lines going down, you are not caught off guard. thursday morning, gusty winds
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but not as strong. the wind advisory got extended for thursday morning. temperatures first thing in the morning will be from the 40s to the 50s. all over the board with the winds over the higher terrain and around the lake and solano county areas, 69 in morgan still, 71 in san jose, sunshine on the peninsula, short sleeve weather. 6 6, half moon days, francisco, 67 degrees. the numbers well above average, 72 in santa rosa. 72 in vallejo. in the east base, upper 60s from richmond, oakland, freemont. it will be up to 70 in concord. pittsburg, and liver more. i want to show you wun computer model and rain possibly in the middle of next week, this is the
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computer model that is bringing rain. i have to warn you, the other computer model is drier. here is the forecast, windy and cooler tomorrow. breezy in the hills thursday morning and we will go with a round of gusty winds for saturday before we drop the temperatures off and the winds in next week. >> thank you, all right, sandhya. >> france's legendary poet lawrence the crowd outside the blook store recited poems. >> he was a positive person in all our lives. >> reporter: he moved to france from new york in 1951. just two years later, he co-founded city lights brooke store at the corner of broadway and columbus. it became the first all paper
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back bookstore. >> he wanted to create a place for people to come and come co >> he published "howl" and led to his arrest. >> it was granted landmark status. he died a month shy of 102nd birthday. >> i had was not just a have a nice day person. he had a political position and ideas and that is what he wanted
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san francisco's historic house, a colorful bouquet of
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balloons. it was toted six blocks down franklin street. many compared it to the
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123450i. good evening. the sports world in shock. one of the biggest stars there is, tiger woods, is in an l.a. hospital recovering from extensive surgery following a car crash this morning. yesterday, woods was filming a tv show. they were laughing and joking. he was on his way to the course this morning when his suv rolled over. reaction from his stunned friends on the tour. >> i was sick to my stomach. i hate it for his family and kids. i hope they are doing okay and hope oes okay. >> i saw the condition of his car, and you just hope he's
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okay. that is the biggest reaction. >> i hope he can recover from it and see him on the government course as early as possible. i hope he didn't damage that i had had done already. >> i have no doubt in my mind he will be back. taking longer. he is one of the most impressive human being i i ever met and i think he will come back just fine. >> after back-to-back fourth quarter collapses, the warriors in new york tonight clinging to a shrinking lead in the final minutes again. about 2,000 fans in attendance. steph curry didn't play saturday in charlotte. he was in. banks in a deep three. some of us loved obi tappin in the draft. warriors drafted james wiseman instead of obi. he had 14 points in 16 minutes after missing 11 games with a
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wrist injury. it's a one-point warrior lead. and wiggins to kelly oubre jr., and steph puts the game away with a floater. warriors han on, and matt olson did not enjoy 2020. the a's first baseman expecting a lot more this year. >> to put it bluntly, i stunk last year in my opinion. yeah, i don't think that represents in any way the caliber player i think i am, and i'm excited to get back out there, and go improve that's the
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sthax so much for watching. >> we appreciate your time.
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>> really? i got nothing. so don't expect anything, shayla and gigi. >> what are you giving in this third, what are you giving these three babies? because they're going to be. >> i don't know. they're not even at the age yet where they're starting to lose teeth. >> but at the same time they're going to get you. you're going to be broke. >> things to look forward to, uncle k-mo. better start saving. >> didn't i say yesterday i'm part of the village? >> you are. >> but i ain't got it right now. >> step it up. >> can i get a loan for your babies' teeth? >> oh, come on. >> i get payday on friday. >> okay. coming up, we're hearing from a man who lived through a terrifying bear attack. plus, coming soon to a postal route near you, the sleek new look for usps mail trucks. but they're not just pretty, but they're also packed with new high tech.
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and bruce springsteen dancing his way into court later today for the dwi-related charges. you're watching "world news now." ♪ messages keep getting clearer ♪ ♪ radio's on and i'm movin' round my place ♪ ♪ i check my look in the mirror ♪ place ♪ ♪ i check my look in the mirror ♪


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