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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 25, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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mcconnell, who had some strong words for president trump and unlike his first impeachment, has not ruled out convicting president trump, but jon karl, our senior whashington correspondent, getting a conviction here, an uphill fight. >> george, the math is you need two-thirds. 50 democrats, you're likely to get all 50 of them. that means you need 17 republicans to vote that donald trump is guilty and to vote to convict him. i see that as almost a 0% probability. in the immediate aftermath of the riot, it looked like a real possibility and, look, mitch mcconnell has not said how he would vote but what you're seeing most of the republicans constitutional now that r
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to cvict himnd remo him nend t y ty heproached the senas rinow. the acti ing sergeant-at-arms. the sergeant -at-arms both in te house and senate were relieved of duty. congressman raskin lost a son of new year's eve. 25-year-old son, to suicide, was actually in the house chamber on january 6th with his other daughter, described as some of the most terrifying moments of his life. chosen by house speaker nancy pelosi to lead this effort right now and he will be reading that article of impeachment once they walk into the senate chamber. there you see the president pro tem of the senate, patrick leahy, who has rachel scott said will be presiding over the trial. let's listen in.
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familiar sight, a little over a year ago when the house impeachment managers walked other the first articles of impea impeachment. >> i ask you unanimous consent that the quorum be initiated. >> without objection. the hour of 7:00 p.m. has arrived. the acting sergeant-at-arms will present the managers on the part of the house of representatives. >> mr. president and members of the senate, i announce the
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presence of the managers on the part of the house of representatives to conduct proceedings on behalf of the house concerning the impeachment of donald john trump, former president of the united states. >> the managers on the part of the house will be received and escorted to the well of the senate. >> nine impeachment managers for the house. there were seven in president trump's first trial. 13 in the impeachment trial of president clinton. >> sergeant-at-arms will make the proclamation.
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>> hear ye, hear ye. all persons are commanded to keep silent on pain of imprisonment while the house of representatives is exhibiting to the senate of the united states an article of impeachment against donald john trump, former president of the united states. >> the managers on the part of the house will proceed. >> congressman raskin, jamie raskin, of maryland. >> mr. president, the managers on the part of the house of representatives are here and present and ready to present the article of impeachment which has been preferred by the house of representatives again donald john trump, former president of the united states. the house adopted the following resolution which with the
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permission of the senate i will read. house resolution 40, in the house of representatives, united states, january 13th, 2021, resolved that mr. raskin, mr. castro of texas, mr. swalwell, ms. dean are the managers to conduct the trial. that a message be sent to the senate to inform the senate of the appointments and that the managers so appointed may in connection with the preparation and the conduct of the trial exhibit the article of impeachment to the senate and take all other actions necessary, which may include the following. employing legal, claire call and other necessary assistance, and incurring such other expenses as necessary, to be paid under applicable accounts of the house of representatives, two, for
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sending of persons and papers on the part of the house of representatives any pleadings in conjunction with or subsequent to the exhibition of the articles of impeachment that the managers consider necessary. nancy pelosi, speaker of the house of representatives. with the permission of the senate, i will now read the article of impeachment. house resolution 24 in the house of representatives, united states, january 13th, 2021, resolved that donald john trump, president of the united states, is impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors and that the following article of impeachment be exhibited to the united states senate. article of impeachment exhibited by the house of representatives of the united states of america in the name of itself and of the people of the united states of america against donald john trump, president of the united states of america, in maintenance and support of its itch peoplement against him for high crimes and misdemeanors. article one. incitement of insurrection.
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the constitution provides that the house of representatives shall have the sole power of impeachment and the president shall be removed from office on impeachment for and conviction of treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors. further, section three of the 14th amendment to the constitution prohibits any person who has, quote, engaged in insurrection of rebellion against the united states from holding any office under the united states, unquote. in his conduct while president of the united states, and in violation of his constitutional oath faithfully to execute the office of the president of the united states and to the best of his ability, preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the united states and in violation of his constitutional duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed, donald john trump engaged in high crimes and misdemeanors by inciting violence against the government of the united states, in that on january 6th, 2021,
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pursuant to the 12th amendment to the constitution of the united states, the vice president of the united states, the house of representatives and the senate met at the united states capitol for a joint session of congress to count the votes of the electoral college. in the months proceeding the joint session, president trump repeatedly issued false statements asserting that the presidential election results were the product of widespread fraud and should not be accepted by the american people or certified by state or federal officials. shortly before the joint session commenced, president trump addressed a crowd at the ellipse in washington, d.c. there, he reiterated false claims that we won this election and we won it by a landslide. he also willfully made statements that in context encouraged and foresee bly resulted in lawless action at the capitol, such as, if you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have a country anymore.
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thus incited by president trump, members of the crowd he'd addressed in an attempt to, among other objectives, interfere with the joint session's solemn constitutional duty to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election, unlawfully breached and vandalized the capitol, injured and killed law enforcement personnel, menaced members of congress, the vice president and congressional personnel and engaged in other violent, deadly, destructive and seditious acts. president trump's conduct on january 6th, 2021, followed his prior up forts to subvert and obstruct the certification of the results of the 2020 presidential election. those prior efforts included a phone khan on january 2nd, 2021, during which president trump su urged the secretary of state of georgia to, quote, find enough votes to overturn the georgia presidential election results
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and threaten the secretary if he failed to do so. in all this, president trump gravely endangered the security of the united states and its institutions of government. he threatened the integrity of the democratic system, interfered with the peaceful transition of power and imperilled a coequal branch of government. he thereby betrayed his trust as president. donald june trump, by such conduct, has demonstrated that he will remain a threat to national security, democracy and the constitution if allowed to remain in office and has acted in a manner grossly incompatible with self-governance and the rule of law. donald john trump thus warrants impeachment and trial, removal from office and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust and profit under the united states.
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nancy pelosi, speaker of the house of representatives. mr. president, that completes the exhibition of the article of impeachment against donald john trump, president of the united states. the managers request that the senate take order for the trial, the managers now request leave to withdraw. >> thank you, mr. raskin. and the senate will dually notify the house of representatives when it is ready to proceed with the trial. we thank you. >> the article of impeachment delivered right there. congressman jamie raskin, lead house impeachment manager. members of the house, the impeachment managers, the nine impeachment managers, will withdraw to the house. senate will reconvene tomorrow will all the senators will be sworn in as jurors in the trial, but as we said, that trial will be postponed until the week of february 8th, giving president trump time to prepare his
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defense. i want to bring in dan abrams, as the president is preparing his defense, we heard jon karl, right now, at least, we know the votes aren't there. the question is, what kind of evidence will come forward between now and when the trial begins? >> yeah, i mean, because everything that we just heard is known. we know what the president said at the rally. we know a lot of what the president did and said leading up to the rally. and according to jon karl, that's not enough for most of the republican jurors. so, the question becomes, what else might they find? and i think the only thing that they could find that might make the difference would be something that the president did or didn't do on january 6th. not leading up to it, not in the days before, but specifically there on the 6th of january and that's going to be the question. can they find anything else, is there anything else to find? >> and kate shaw, also our legal analyst, professor of law, it appears that many of the
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republican senators want to avoid that question at all, focus on process. they say it's unconstitutional to impeach a former president. some are raising the question the fact that chief justice roberts is not going to preside is another reason that this trial is unconstitutional. >> well, george, of course, it's right, we've never had a trial for a former president, but impeachment is a rarely used mechanism in our scheme. we only ever impeached two presidents prior to the administration of donald trump. and impeachment is available for other federal officials and there have been trials of former federal officials, just not former presidents. so, in 1876, a cabinet secretary was impeached and tried after resigning. is the gnat considered the question of whether it had jurisdiction to hold the trial, but concluded that it did. and, you know, i'm not sure there's any really decisive evidence that the president's treatment should be different. if the misconduct happens in office, the argument goes, surely the power to impeach, which is the constitutional remedy for high crimes and misdemeanors, should extend to former presidents. >> kate, thank you.
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terry moran, i don't think it's quite sunk in just how extraordinary this is. we just watch ed a president of the united states impeached for a second time, this time for incitement of insurrection. >> it is extraordinary, george. and there's great drama in this moment and in the coming trial, but there's also dread, i think. our previous impeachments have been about policy, andrew johnson, about personal behavior, bill clinton, and to some degree, behavior in office with donald trump. this is about -- this is about the insurrection, an attack on our democracy. there's bloodshed, the deaths mentioned in the article of impeachment itself and beneath that, the struggle we've been having for a long time, this extreme polarization. not about the direction of our country, but about the nature of the country. the very reality that we live in. and i think resolving that through this is going to be impossible. it's another chapter of these extraordinary politics, the kinds of politics that you see,
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frankly, in democracies that are in crisis. >> right, where the jurors themselves, the managers bringing the charges, were all wit unss to the events in question. terry, thank you. we're going to return now to our regular programming. coverage of this will continue on abc news live, of course, on sxfrnlts we are coming on air just a little bit late due to the abc special report on the house delivering the article of impeachment to the senate where the trial against former president donald trump will begin the week of february 8th. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. we begin with the governor lifting the stay at home order paving the way for bay area counties to resume outdoor dining, reopen hair and nail salons and more. the lifting of the order is based on icu capacity. projections for the next four weeks. the bay area is projected to reach 25%. that's up from today's 23 1/2%. and significantly better than we
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saw last week. now we're back to color-coded tiers. all of the bay area in the strictest purple tier. that will be updated tomorrow. governor newsom says california's case numbers are down 37.9% in the last week. >> this is the 14-day positivity rate is down single digits to 9.4%. it was substantially higher just a few weeks ago. 13.6%. >> california has the 26ths highest covid positivity rate anywhere in the country. 27,000 new cases and 328 new deaths were reported just today. california has surpassed 3.1 million cases total including people who have recovered, of course. this is since the onset of the pandemic. that's according to johns hopkins university. vaccines are the key to ending the pandemic and the governor says additional measures are being taken to pick up the pace of vaccinations, which has been a problem. that includes testing a new app
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called my turn, developed with salesforce and a couple other companies. >> you sign up, you get notified via text or e-mail when it's your turn. you can schedule an appointment when it's your turn. as i said, it provides for providers the ability to have all that data automatically shared not only with the state but ultimately allow us to quickly share that data with the federal government. >> officials are aiming for a statewide launch in early february. they're also changing up vaccine eligibility. it will move to an age-based system after first responders, food and agriculture workers, teachers, health care workers, and people 65 and older are vaccinated. in contra costa county the return to the purple tier cshor office lifted the stay-at-home order. as abc 7 news reporter laura anthony reports, some businesses wasted no time getting back to business. >> we got here this morning, dusted everything off, started moving tables, tents.
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>> reporter: as soon as it got a hint that the state's stay-at-home order was about to be lifted, primeau's pizza owner drew nichols sprung into action, redeploying his tvs and outdoor seating within hours. customers began to arrive. >> we really haven't done anything other than people honking, driving by and just knowing that we're open and they started coming in. tonight will be definitely crazy. i'm sure of that. >> reporter: the insignia son in walnut creek was also quick to reopen with a handful of clients, who were anxious to get on with services they put off for more than a month. >> we're so excited, so excited. because it's been five months out of the last year that we were closed and the rest of it was at 25% capacity. so it was a tough year for all of us. >> reporter: but for many restaurants that abruptly dismantled their tents last month remobilizing their outdoor dining operations on such short notice is a huge challenge. like for the walnut creek yacht club, which laid off 20 people and stacked up the tables and chairs weeks ago.
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>> i had to let go of a lot of staff in december. now we're going to be contacting them and find out who's ready to come back, can we come back, we've got to get a schedule together. i've got to start bringing in supplies. but we will be working as hard as we can to get? outdoor seating. hopefully before this pineapple express shuts it all down anyway. >> reporter: weather aside, at least now there's something to look forward to. >> i can't wait. >> we'll see you soon. >> okay, bye-bye. >> reporter: in contra costa county laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> again, san francisco expects to be placed in the purple tier tomorrow, which will allow for restaurants to resume outdoor dining and for salons to reopen. mayor london breed this afternoon said businesses can open back up starting on thursday. she says the stay-at-home order issued in early december made a huge difference. >> if we had continued along the
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pace that we were going and did absolutely nothing, at this time, the end of january, we would be out of icu beds. and because we acted quickly and because you followed the health care orders that were provided by the department of public health, we did so early even before the state required us to do so. because we did that in san francisco we are in a better place. >> and just by way of refresher, purple tier state's most restrictive and means the virus is widespread in the community. in addition to restaurants and salons outdoor collegiate and professional sports can now resume in santa clara county without fans, keep in mind. teams are still required to undergo testing and must keep within their households to avoid spreading any potential virus to the general public. now, to better understand the color-coded county tier system and find out what activities are allowed, go to now to the big storm headed
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our way, evacuation orders are now in place for areas of the santa cruz mountains devastated by last year's wildfires. you can see the areas on this map provided by cal fire. the red shows the areas facing the most danger. they include the san lorenzo valley from felton to boulder creek as well as davenport and swanton along the coast. officials say the areas are at extreme risk for debris flows and powerful winds from the storm that's expected to dump between 8 to 12 inches of rain in the coming days. >> we've got 31 deputies in the field right now that are going to go door to door throughout the entire -- throughout all those areas that are under an evacuation order. they're going to knock on the door and they're going to ask you to leave, and i would really strongly encourage you to take that advice. >> the czu complex fire broke out in august, burning 86,000 acres, destroying nearly 1,500 homes. fires and mudslides, they are a fact of life in
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clifornia. and they are closely related with equally dangerous consequences. abc 7 news reporter wynne friedman has more about worries that last fall's fires may lead to sliding hillsides from the coming rain. >> reporter: around the bay area today how many races were there against time and the coming rain? this was sky hawk in santa rosa where on the hills above these homes burn scars from the glass fire will take years to heal. this winter they pose a particular danger. >> is there any stopping a mudslide? >> no. >> reporter: dr. laura sullivan green from san jose state. she spent today reinforcing post-fire dangers that forced evacuations in the santa cruz mountains and that have people worried in the north bay. >> luckily there's some distance between here and there. >> reporter: nathan solomon thought he'd lost his home when fire roared through sky hawk last fall. now an opposite kind of worry. not flames but water bringing mud. >> we've had a fair amount of growth since the fire. everything's green now at least.
4:24 pm
>> when we see a slow start to the wet season with a few smaller storms, that actually does help these areas. >> reporter: part of the concern here, that when fire burns hot on soil the composition of that soil changes. it doesn't hold water as easily. >> the plan right now is to have our staff actually get into the field. >> reporter: santa rosa fire so concerned that it will open an emergency operation center tomorrow. it has blocked off some areas for fear of debris flow. >> even before the rains there were general safety concerns with allowing people in here. >> you cannot outrun a debris flow or mud flow. they're just too fast. and by the time you realize it's coming it's too late to get out. >> reporter: there is no reassurance in that. from sonoma county wayne freedman, abc 7 news. so that's the reality. and more rain is on the way.
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and we have some threes actually ahead not our stornl impact scale that are coming. we have team coverage on that for you. we'll begin with abc 7 news weather achkor spencer cristian. spencer. >> okay, dan, we have some very intense weather coming our way as you pointed out. here's a look at live doppler 7. you couldn't tell from looking at this because you can only see patches of moisture out at sea. right now a mainly clear sky out of san francisco, temperature in the city 49 degrees and we have a low 50s at oakland, mountain view, san jose upper 40s at morgan hill and half moon bay. and here's a view looking toward the golden gate. you see a few clouds off in the distance. not many. temperatures in the low to mid 50s right now at santa rossa, knost e., vacaville, fairfield and livermore. lots of blue sky but our storm will be coming basically from the north and these are our forecast features. level 3 storm arrives late tomorrow. there will be periods of heavy rain and powerful wind gusts and wet and rainy pattern will continue through the remainder of the week. before we get to the storm let me tell you about the cold
4:26 pm
weather tonight. a freeze warning will be in effect from 2:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. for virtually all the inland areas of the north bay, the east bay and the south bay. temperatures will drop into the upper 20s and low 30s and there will be a hard freeze warning in effect for solano count xwrip more specifically look for lows of 28 degrees tomorrow morning at santa rosa and fairfield, 30 degrees at livermore and cloverdale, 31 at morgan hill and napa. pretty cold just about everywhere. now let's talk about the storm a little bit. the approaching storm ranks 3 on the abc 7 storm impact scale. from 4:00 p.m. tomorrow to 4:00 a.m. wednesday we expect periods of 340d rat to heavy rainfall, one to three inches of rain generally with wind gusts from 30 to 50 miles per hour. here's a forecast animation starting tomorrow morning you can see that first wave of heavy rain and strong gusty wind coming in late tomorrow into the evening and overnight hours. and on into wednesday before it begins to taper off just a little bit. and a flash flood watch will be in effect for virtually all the north bay and certainly for the
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higher terrain of the east bay, south bay, and the santa cruz mountains. now let me toss it to meteorologist drew tuma for a closer look at the storm. drew? >> yeah, and spencer, we were watching those rainfall amounts very closely as well as some very powerful winds that will move through here tomorrow evening. sfuch tracker wind gusts, as we get you into tuesday evening watch as these winds just really race out of the south and southwest. we do expect wind gusts along our coastline to exceed 50 miles per hour. but you can see areawide we're expecting wind gusts 30 to 50 miles per hour. so it is for that fact starting at 7:00 p.m. tomorrow evening, san francisco and our immediate coastline along with solano county will go under a high wind warning for excessive wind gusts, over 50 miles per hour. that will likely lead to downed trees and also some power outages. but the rest of the bay area still going to field some wind. a wind advisory for the rest of us because at 7:00 p.m. still winds racing out of the south,
4:28 pm
gusting close to 40, 50 miles per hour, could bring down more trees and also some more isolated power outages. we're watching that very closely. so the storm concerns we do have tomorrow night into wednesday morning, flooding on our roadways. very high. along with those debris flows and the threat of mudslides around our area burn scars. that is very high. we're going to watch those rainfall amounts very closely. downed trees are possible. small stream flooding is possible. those high rain rates. river flooding, thankfully the concern is low. it's been a pretty dry winter. so that means our rivers can take on this rainfall we do expect. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. put the next seven days into your view. intense rain. especially late tomorrow night into early wednesday morning. but we're not out of the woods once that storm moves out. more rain here on thursday. and kristen, look at that, and dan. over the weekend. on and off light showers. nonetheless for the next seven days your rain gear is going to be essential. >> wow.
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>> all right. thank you so much, drew. you can get up-to-the-minute weather information where you live with our abc 7 news app. you can see the rain with live doppler 7 and we'll send push alerts with breaking information as it happens. >> our weather team is tracking the rain. on 7 on your side. and that team tracking the numerous fraudulent claims that have plagued the e.d.d. since the start of the pandemic. this afternoon it confirmed billions of dollars have been paid out to scammers. >> there is no sugar-coating the reality. california did not have sufficient security measures in place to prevent this level of fraud. of the $114 billion in unemployment benefits paid by california since march, approximately 10% have been confirmed as fraudulent. >> staggering. >> an additional 17% of the pay claims have been identified as potentially fraudulent. >> now, the e.d.d. says it is working to verify the identities
4:30 pm
many remain under investigation. the woman you heard there, julie su, is expected to be nominated for the u.s. labor department by president biden. now to the south bay where santa clara county is withholding vaccine doses from good samaritan hospital after it allowed some teachers to jump the line and get vaccinated l gatos union school district superintendent told teachers and staff they could be vaccinated since they helped raise money for meals for hospital workers. but teachers were reportedly told they needed to lie and say they were health care workers. >> and not consistent with our expectations for vaccine providers in the community. so we will be in continued conversation with them, but at this time we're not in a position where we would provide any additional county allocations to good sam given what occurred. >> abc 7 news reporter chris
4:31 pm
nguyen has been following this story. he joins us with the latest on the investigation into the controversy. >> reporter: in the los gatos union school district a push to reopen classrooms is now shrouded in controversy. >> schools are a fabric of our society, and they need to -- they need to open and we need to move forward. >> reporter: last week teachers were contacted by superintendent paul johnson about an opportunity to receive the covid-19 vaccine ahead of others. in an e-mail obtained by the mercury news the offer was framed by the superintendent as a thank you from good samaritan hospital after the district raised funds at the start of the pandemic to help provide meals for frontline workers. but during a virtual board meeting on thursday, at least one teacher wrote in during public comment stating his opposition. >> the drive to open our schools and please the loudest parents has broken our district leadership. by announcing this unethical partnership with the local hospital to provide vaccines for teachers district leadership has shown their true colors. >> reporter: yet a number of
4:32 pm
lgusd board members said they didn't see anything wrong with accepting the offer. >> the allegation that something untoward or illegal was done or at least unethical i think is false. >> reporter: this afternoon the superintendent released this statement saying, "i completely understand concerns about the vaccine rollout and any characterization i may have made about good samaritan returning a good deed was my own personal interpretation." while i apologize for that characterization, i also will continue to advocate for school staff to be a high priorit for vaccinations. citing state regulations and moving on to lower priority groups, good sam initially said they issued the appointments to the district once the vaccines began to thaw and only after they failed to find people within phase 1a and those over 65. however, county officials weren't buying that explanation, and over the weekend sent this letter to the hospital informing them that the county would not be providing their next vaccine allocation until they could prove that they'd be following the rules surrounding the county's vaccine distribution
4:33 pm
plan. the hospital now says it regrets the error and is conducting an internal investigation to ensure that something like this doesn't happen again. in san jose chris nguyen, abc 7 news. coming up, good news for restaurants and salons as california slowly starts to reopen once more. and a new feature that makes finding information about the
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4:36 pm
hospitalizations and more declines in icus. and that's why we're lifting that stay-at-home order. effective immediately. >> reporter: so some good news as california starts to slowly reopen. the statewide stay-at-home order has now been lifted, allowing counties to return to the color-coded tier system. the change puts most counties into the purple tier allowing hair salons and nail salons to open and outdoor dining to resume. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield has reaction to the news. >> it's great news. long time coming. and you know, we're excited to move forward. >> reporter: restaurant managers are jumping into action, notifying their staff and getting ready to reopen outdoor dining now that the state has lifted the stay-at-home order. tey've been shut down since december 10th and say it has been tough. >> we've been struggling. and we were worried. but this is a little bit of a weight off the shoulder. it's a little bit. there's still weight on the shoulder. so we'll see what happens. >> reporter: and people seem
4:37 pm
happy for them. but also a bit confused. >> i'm a nurse. so obviously, i know why there was an order. but i am like everyone else really looking forward to going back to the restaurants that i love. >> i feel like it's a bit early, but i mean, people need to make their money. so it's just like it makes sense to me a little bit. >> reporter: but after two rounds of shutdowns it sounds like a lot of people are now used to staying in. >> when it opened the last time we didn't really do a lot of outdoor dining. honestly, because i think we'd just gotten used to just eating at home and like doordashing and things like that. so it wasn't really worth going out. >> i'm probably going to stay home and do things the way i've been doing them. so i can just stay away from eerything. >> reporter: amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. all right. so what will this mean for businesses? abc 7 news contributor and "chronicle" insider phil matier is here with us. phil, let's start with this whipsaw that has happened for business owners. what's your take on this stay-at-home order lift? >> well, the governor calls it the toggle switch that's going
4:38 pm
to go back and forth as the need demands. but it is a whipsaw for small businesses and large businesses as well who are trying to at least get some idea of where the goalposts are as we continue on. and this latest was not unexpected. i will tell you that county officials sort of saw this coming in the bay area, but what was a stunner to them, dan, was that it included southern california and parts of the central valley, where the covid infection rates and the icu beds are still at a critical level. so the question here was why are we opening the entire state? if there's still a danger of this spreading up into the north. and that is cause for concern both with businesses and with local governments. >> and the question you raise is a good one. how much pressure is the governor under to do this given the recall effort that continues to gain a little momentum? >> reporter: it's not just the recall. he said that that was nonsense, the credited that the recall inspired this move. he's under pressure from a number of fronts, not the least
4:39 pm
of which is reopening schools. but the biggest pressure he's facing is california still lagging behind in distribution and inoculations of the vaccine. and that is the big concern right now. if we're behind florida and texas and new york, how long is it going to take to get everyone immune? this is really the big picture thing out there for the governor. and i think if he was trying to get pressure off he's trying to get things back into what was considered at least partly normal. but i have to tell you that for a lot of restaurants, you know, every time they shut down that's an $8,000 to $10,000 cost and they can't keep going back and forth like this. >> well, and let's talk about the toggle switch that they've flipped a few times. you know, you flip it down too many times, it won't go back on for a lot of these businesses. in fact, that's already happened to many businesses. >> reporter: it has. and that is -- you just hit the off switch after a few times. which brings us back again to the vaccine.
4:40 pm
the only way we're going to get out of this is if people are vaccinated and we have herd immunity. and also there's questions being raised about how the vaccine is being distributed, how that's going to affect the opening of schools, are police, firefighters, people over 65. dan, even on the county level there's confusion. i have reports and talked with people who from san francisco wound up going out and you can call it gaming the system or just working the internet winding up getting the shot in antioch, in contra costa county. the other day they had the site in san francisco had a couple of people that came in from livermore to get it here. so it's all very just catch as catch can. and it raises questions and continues to raise questions about credibility. what's the credibility of the data? what's the credibility of the plan? as we move from one phase to the other and then back again and then forward again. >> it's frustrating and confusing. there's a lot of relief that things are reopening but there are a lot of questions as to why now and why not earlier and what's going to happen next. you can understand why so many
4:41 pm
business owners are so frustrated. phil great day on the lake! it is. lunch is cookin'! and i saved a bunch of money on my boat insurance with geico. fellas, can it get any better than this? whoa! my old hairstyle grew back. so did mine. [80's music] what? i was an 80's kid. it only gets better when you switch and save with geico.
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some covid vaccine news today. moderna says its vaccine is effective against the new variants of the coronavirus that have emerged in britain and south africa but less so against the latter. the south african variant hasn't been found in the u.s., but the british version has been located in 20 states here. now, merck says it is dropping out of the covid vaccine hunt
4:44 pm
because of poor phase 1 results. another vaccination center is opening in san mateo county. this one is sponsored by dignity health and is for dignity patients 65 and older as well as those who fall under their tier 1 eligibility. if you are eligible, you will receive an e-mail to sign up for an appointment online. vaccine distribution continues to be an area where california is struggling. and now google is stepping in. the tech giant is providing $150 million for vaccine education and equitable access. and is partnering with a health care provider to open vaccination clinics. abc 7 news reporter luz pena talks to us about a loophole in the system that can get you vaccinated fast. so where can i get vaccinated? this is a question millions of people have been searching on google. >> we've seen a five times increase in the information that people are looking for on covid vaccinations, which is a signal to us that people are ready to
4:45 pm
get more information. >> reporter: google's chief health officer says google maps will soon provide access for people to find a vaccination site near them. today the tech giant also pledging $150 million toward vaccine education and equitable access. another plan, vaccination sites. >> can you maybe give us insights into how these vaccination clinics will look like? >> we'll provide the space, basically, the facilities. and one medical will be providing the vaxz-nations in partnership with local public health. >> reporter: they'll queue primary practice one medical. they've been in talks with google since october to make vaccination sites happen. their membership fee is $199 a year. their chief medical officer says they're getting the vaccine doses from counties and offering a way to expedite this process. >> this is kind of like a loophole, you get the 30-day trial you can potentially get the covid-19 vaccine through one medical. >> absolutely. that's the whole point. our goal is to get people vaccinated as quickly as
4:46 pm
possible and as many people as possible. >> reporter: under this partnership with google one medical will offer free trial memberships. >> if you're not already a one medical member, you can get a free membership to one medical that lasts 60 days, long enough to get your vaccination and the idea is you can just get an appointment based on our appointment availability which is in turn based on how much vaccine we have. >> reporter: dr. desalbo says they are open to work with other medical providers and open more vaccination sites on their campuses. but for now the ones in the bay area will be among the first. >> we're gearing up and ready to do that in the next few weeks. >> reporter: in san francisco luz pena, abc 7 news. >> and abc 7 news is monitoring the covid vaccine rollout with our track scene tracker. it also shows you when you might be able to get the vaccine in california. you can find it all on abc 7 more to come here. working from home has done more than just changed where we go. it's changed what we wear. it's changed what we wear. a look at work from home style
4:47 pm
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well, enjoy the dry weather now because it's not going to last much longer. >> yeah. we're talking 3s on the horizon. a pretty strong storm, spencer. >> it is, dan and kristen. on the abc 7 storm impact scale a level 3 storm means powerful wind gusts, 30 to 50 miles per hour. flash flood watch in effect from
4:50 pm
4:00 p.m. tomorrow to 4:00 p.m. thursday for most of the bay area, especially in the higher elevations, north bay, east bay and the santa cruz mountains. high wind warning will be in effect for the coastal mountain ranges from the north bay down through the santa cruz mountains and over in the solano county area that's from 7:00 p.m. tomorrow to 7:00 a.m. wednesday. and a wind advisory in effect for that same period of time for the remainder of the bay area away from the coast and the coastal mountain ranges. and a winter storm warning in effect from 4:00 p.m. tomorrow to 2:00 a.m. friday for the sierra. we expect several feet of snow in the sierra during that time period. and here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. even after the level 3 storm on tuesday and wednesday we have a series of smaller storms coming in all the way through the weekend. dan? >> that's going to be a rough and tumble week here, spencer. thanks very much. one of the few bright spots of this pandemic has been the willingness of so many people to help those who are struggling. the pandemic has posed huge challenges for a non-profit that trains these really adorable
4:51 pm
puppies to become service dogs. before covid, canine companions for independence relied on airlines to get the pups to trainers around the country, but the pandemic changed that. >> the coronavirus pandemic made that increasingly difficult. lots of cancellations with the flights and different things like that. so we started reaching out to our network and some incredible private pilots stepped up to help us. and today one of those amazing private pilots is going on a trip and bringing 12 puppies with them. >> these puppies are being flown to dayton, ohio thanks to a pilot named jeff stewart, who's also the president of blue star gas in santa rosa. he says it's wonderful to help an organization like canine companions during this very difficult time, and away they go. champ and major, the first family's german shepherds, are now at their new home at the white house. the bidens adopted champ in 2008, before they moved into the vice presidential mansion. major was adopted two years ago
4:52 pm
from a shelter in delaware. he's the first shelter dog to move into the white house, by the way. san jose teenager tyler gordon, you might remember him, we've shown you his portraits of kamala harris and jennifer lopez. well, now he's back with another painting that's drawing attention. he posted this picture today on twitter of his painting of amanda gorman. that's the youth poet laureate who spoke at president biden's inauguration. tyler wrote, "your words inspired me so much last week and not only because of what you said but because of the obstacles i know you had to overcome to get there." i am sure she is going to love it. work from home style. up next, tips from the experts, up next, tips from the experts, including our very own mike it's hard to have an invisible illness. like depression. no one sees you need help. no one knows you're not okay. so when someone recognizes the importance of mental health and offers a hand, it means everything. my illness may be invisible. but thanks to covered california, i'm not.
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zoom ready, comfy chic. >> we asked three professionals how they adapted. >> ariel parker works in hr at a law firm. >> precovid. >> very business formal. blazers, shift dresses. >> then the pandemic hit. >> comfort came first. >> now her covid 2.0 attire, more professional. >> i can dress in sweater pieces and diversifying it with earrings. ariel has the mullet philosophy of zoom fashion. business on top and maybe not party on the bottom but certainly comfort. >> leggings or joggers with structured top and earrings, but for patrice kelly, her evolution has been a bit more structured. before covid -- >> i would wear a dress and heels or skirt. >> while she went for comfort early on, she had an epiphany.
4:57 pm
>> leggings and a sweater. i was too comfortable to actually work. i started wearing jeans and just dressing up a little bit on the top. >> and a useful accessory. >> i had my head set and i tuck it behind so it's a little bit more fashionable. >> it's not just women. mike nico is at kgo in san francisco who's doing his reports from home. >> the longer i stayed home it got a little more casual. the tie was gone. started to get bits of the sweaters. that's where we are now. >> don't forget the shorts and slippers. >> oh, there's more to see because we spoke with becky and mike about his fashion sense today on midday live. >> what have you got going on there, mike? seriously professional on bottom? >> oh. oh. >> i can't even tell. those look like nice pants. >> oh, they're shorts!
4:58 pm
absolutely shorts. >> oh, wait. there's more. just keep looking. you can see the look by reggie's face it was a surprise. we think mike always looks it's totally normal to have constipation with belly pain, straining, and bloating, again and again. no way. more exercise. more water. and more fiber is the only way to manage it. is it? maybe you think... it's occasional constipation.
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next at 5, governor newsom reopens california with most of the bay area going to the purple tier. what that means and what happens next. plus, evacuation orders are in effect for santa cruz county. we are there as entire neighborhoods are told to leave as the season's strongest storm bears down. abc 7 news meteorologist will be here how it could produce flash flooding and mudslides. santa clara county withholding doses from santa clara county hospital. >> red flags being raised about the vaccine rollout and racial disparate. >> building a better bay area
5:01 pm
for a safe and secure bay area, this is abc 7 news. we begin with the state lifting


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