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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  January 22, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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once again, thank you so much for joining us on the interactive show called getting tonight, several major ting stories as we come on the air. the alarming news on that uk variant of the coronavirus spreading in the u.s. at least 21 states. the uk prime minster boris johnson now saying they believe the uk variant of the virus is not just more contagious, but could also be more deadly. british experts saying up to 30% more deadly. tonight sicientists say it is to soon to be sure. tonight, the vaccines. will there be enough to have second doses on time? what doctor fauci is saying about the window of time. how much time before you have to get the second shot. also news on masks tonight when it comes to fighting off this more contagious variant of the
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virus. news tonight on help for american families and businesses crushes by the pandemic. joe biden laying the ground work to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour for federal workers. calling $1,400 direct payments to some americans. news on former president trump's impeachment trial. nancy pelosi says she will send the article of impeachment to the senate on monday. so, will the trial begin at 1:00 p.m. the next day? or will senate leaders grow tla or come up with an agreement to divide their work with the trial? what our mary bruce learned tonight. >> reporter: the outrage after hundreds of national guard members call in the to defend the u.s. capitol for the inauguration, they were then ordered to leave the capitol, seen getting rest on the floor of a parking garage. lay-ups on both sides furious tonight. so who made this decision and why? what we've learned. and this evening here, we celebrate the life of hank
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aaron, who became baseball's home run king. he broke barriers and did it with grace, but what he faced, what he witnessed along the way, hank aaron tonight in his own words. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here as we near the end of another week together. on this friday night, no break from the news. we begin with the alarming headline on the coronavirus today. britain's prime minster said they believe this uk variant we're now seeing here in the u.s. in at least 21 states tonight, but it's not only much more contagious, that it's also more deadly. scientists are cautioning tonight they need to study this longer but they acknowledge already it does spread, and easily. tonight the u.s. now reporting more than 413,000 american lives lost to the virus.
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new york state will run out of vaccine by the end of the day. andrew cuomo saying a new shipment is on the way but underscoring the need to ramp up vaccine production. so many states say they need supply. these long lines from six flags magic mountain in southern california. tonight, johnson and johnson saying it's getting closer to requesting emergency use authorization for its one-shot vaccine. that would be the third vaccine for the american people. of course phaser and moderna already. biden saying quote, there's nothing we can do to change the trajectory of this pandemic in the next several months but that we have to fight it together. and tonight with concerns over the vaccine supply, what dr. anthony fauci is saying about the timing of the second dose. the window of time. how much time can pass before you have to get the second at shot. abc's whit johnson leading us off again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, a new warning that the highly
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contagious uk variant threatening the u.s. could be more deadly. >> there is some evidence that the new variant -- the variant that was first discovered in london and the southeast may be associated with a higher degree of mortality. >> reporter: that uk variant now in 21 states, believed to be up to 50% more contagious, and british health officials citing early evidence suggesting it may be up to 30-percent deadlier. but they're still investigating and vaccines appear to work against it. >> even if the virus ended up being more deadly the fact that it's more contagious means it's going to infect more people and cause for hospitalizations and more deaths. >> reporter: with the dwindling vaccine supply, the cdc now telling people there is some flexibility when a second dose can't be given on time. >> sometimes the situation is stressed where it's very difficult to be exactly on time. so we're saying you can probably do it six weeks later, namely, two additional weeks. quite frankly, immunologically, i don't think that's going to make a big difference. >> reporter: and tonight, the
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cdc also saying in exception at situations where the same brand of vaccine isn't available for a second dose, it's bettor switch brands than skip that second dose. many already worried they won't be able to get one, like health care worker, nikemma taylor. >> i'm feeling so much frustration and so much anxiety about this. i'm trying to go online and to set my appointment for the second vaccine and there's nothing available. >> reporter: in new york city, the mayor asking the federal government for permission to use second doses as first doses. >> it's going faster and faster. there's just no supply to keep up with it. >> reporter: the state burning through 97% of its first doses, expected to run out by the end of the day. more is on the way, but the shortage forcing 15 vaccination hubs to close for now. >> i did get the covid, and i wouldn't wish it on anybody. >> reporter: in new jersey, long lines before daybreak. and in california, drivers at dodger stadium waiting up to
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five hours. >> there was a three to four-hour wait, so we came back this morning. >> reporter: at this pace of the rollout, the mayor says vaccinating all of l.a. county would take until june 2022. >> these are just stunning images. they say they waited four, five hours and came back the next day. let's get back to whit johnson. we already knew the uk variant was more contagious, now potentially more deadly. but with it spreading quickly, and we knew this, scientists in the last 24 hours doubling down on masks in this country, making sure the mask you're wearing is effective, even suggesting a valet extra layer in some cases? >> reporter: more and more health experts suggesting wearing two masks when you're in a crowd or close proximity with other people. the best is still the n-95, but they are reserved for health-care workers so they're recommending alternatives. the bottom line, the more layers, the better.
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>> that's right, double up with the layers. that only helps. whit, thank you. of course, the pandemic and the economic impact, crushing many american families and small businesses across the country. president biden signing executive orders helping to feed family, laying the ground work to raise the minimum wage to a dollars an hour for federal workers. he's calling on congress for a $1,400 direct payment for some americans. just moments ago tonight there's also news on former president trump's senate impeachment trial, the article of impeachment will be sent to the senate on monday, so what does that mean now for the trial? when will it start? what mary bruce just learned tonight. >> reporter: on his second full day in office, president biden's agenda clashing with the looming impeachment trial of donald trump. biden today signing executive orders famiesanlay the groundwork and lay the groundwork for a $15 minimum wage for federal
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workers. but biden will need congress the deliver his nearly $2 trillion rescue package, and right now congress is focused on impeachment. >> the bottom line is this, we are in a national emergency. we need to act like we're in a national emergency. >> reporter: biden wants an additional $1,400 in direct payments to most americans. >> $600, which was already passed, is simply not enough if you still have to choose between paying your rent and putting food on the table. >> reporter: he's calling for extending unemployment benefits, more money for small businesses and $160 billion for vaccine distribution and testing. >> we have the tools to help people, so let's louis the tools. all of them. use them now. >> reporter: but the senate is about to be consumed with trump's trial. house speaker nancy pelosi today announcing she is going to send over the article of impeachment on monday. according to the senate rules, the trial would have to begin at 1:00 p.m. the next day. >> make no mistake, a trial will be held in the united states senate, and there will be a vote
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whether to convict the president. >> reporter: but a trial next week could put the brakes on the biden agenda. right now, only two cabinet officials have been confirmed. and some senate republicans say that when the impeachment trial begins, everything else will be postponed. >> clearly if the impeachment articles come over monday, the opportunity for president biden to get a cabinet in place is done until impeachment is done. >> reporter: republican leader mitch mcconnell wants to delay the trial several weeks to give trump time to prepare his defense. and late today, the president seeming to suggest he too is open to a delay. >> the more time we have to get up and running to meet these crises, the better. >> so many dirchtd messadiffere messages there. let's get back to mary. chuck schumer, now the majority leader coming to the senate floor to announce a time line has been agreed upon for the
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impeachment trial. article will be delivered to the senate monday. how's this going play out? >> the article of impeachment will be held on monday. the senate trial has to begin at is p. 1:00 p.m. the next day. members will be sworn in, both sides are going to be given two weeks to prepare. in the meantime, the senate can work on other business like confirming the nominees and the covid relief bill. the trial in earnest will begin the week of february 8th. >> sworn in as jurors on tuesday, but then time to prepare. all right, mary keeping us honest tonight. thank you. we're going to learn more after the images causing outrage after 25,000 national guard troops came to the capitol to reut of the lookt thesena me sn gtist, on the floor of a g garage. lay-ups on both sides fierce tonight, and i gather many of
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you at home as well. who made the decision and why? here's rachel scott tonight. >> reporter: tonight, outrage in washington after images like these -- members of the national guard were forced out of the capitol. they've been defending for weeks and ordered to rest in parking garages. images like these show troops lying on concrete floors as the temperatures dropped. >> it breaks your heart. >> reporter: lawmakers on both sides of the aisle were furious. some offered up their offices. hours later, that order was reversed and troops were allowed back inside. >> did you have a warm place to sleep last night? >> yes. >> reporter: it's still unclear who gave the direction. the national guard and capitol police issue a joint statement saying they are working together to ensure troops are appropriate spaces forakan h a surprise vis capitol, passing out cookies and thanking troops. >> i just wanted to come today to say thank you to all of you for keeping me and my family safe.
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>> reporter: and david, still unclear tonight who made that call to move the troops out of the united states capitol and into that parking garage. we know the national guard, the d.c. capitol police as well as lawmakers are looking into this tonight. members of congress also raising some concerns about covid-19 protocols. you saw the troops packed tightly together. we are learning more than 150 tested positive for covid-19, and the military presence not going away. we are also learning that 7,000 members of the national guard could be here in the nation's capital until march. >> rachel, thank you. you heard rachel mention the virus spreading among the troops. there's also growing concern about the toll on american children as well. nearly 2.5 milli,000,000 childr testing positive arizona alone tonight, cases involving children now five times the number we were seeing just last fall. here's marcus moore on that tonight. >> reporter: tonight, with arizona hospitals still
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overwhelmed with covid patients, the state now seeing the virus in a staggering number of children and teens. >> we are now the leading state in the country for covid positivity in children. >> reporter: nearly 1 in 7 covid cases now under the age of 20. arizona's largest hospital system reporting a dramatic spike in the number of children admitted. >> they need iv fluids. they need extra support with oxygen. and about a third, just as adults who are hospitalized with covid, they need icu care. >> reporter: as of mid-january, nearly 2.5 million children in the us have tested positive for covid since the start of the pandemic. last week alone, seeing the highest weekly increase in new cases. for 13-year-old maggie flannery, her covid symptoms got increasingly worse. for two months her mother says she could not get out of bed. >> i had a lot of, like, aching in my body. my chest felt very heavy, and i had trouble breathing. >> reporter: the onetime ballerina in new york has had to drop extracurricular activities due to the virus' long-term effects.
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and while severe cases of covid remain uncommon among children, doctors say they are seeing more instances of the rare multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children linked to the virus. in texas, 11-year-old cason abbott has a long road to recovery after battling that rare covid-linked syndrome. >> with mis-c it has really affected him in such a different way as far just zapping him of his energy level. >> reporter: tonight there are a pair of clinical trials under way. moderna's is looking at age groups 12 to 17. those have already started. and tonight pfizer has announced that its vaccine trials for children 12 to 15 are fully enrolled. and david, tonight, they are under way. >> a lot of parents following this closely. marcus, thank you. tonight meanwhile, a new leader at the pentagon. the biden administration making history with its newest member. retired general lloyd austin
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sworn in, making him the first african-american to lead the pentagon with an overwhelming vote of 93-2. tonight, across this country, the nation celebrating the hall of famer hank aaron. he became baseball's home run king, the first to break babe ruth's record. a champion of civil rights on and off the field. here's steve osunsami. >> reporter: he will forever be remembered for this mighty swing. >> straightaway. fastball. it's a high drive deep into left center field. he goes back to the fence. it is gone! >> reporter: that helped replace a white man with a black man in the record books. this was the call that night in georgia in 1974 when hank aaron slugged his way past the legendary babe ruth with 715 career home runs, and his record of 755 would stand for 30 long years. >> a black man is getting a standing ovation in the deep south for breaking a record of an all-time baseball idol.
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>> reporter: but it needs to be said that hank aaron overcame a whole lot more than a baseball record. he was heckled by racist white fans and players. people were promising to kidnap his children, and the death threats came pouring in the mail. >> i couldn't open a letter for for months. it had to be opened by the fbi or somebody else, you know. i couldn't let that stand in my way. >> reporter: henry louis aaron grew up poor in alabama, where he had to make his own baseball bats with tree limbs. it was when black athletes were lucky if they could make it to the negro leagues, which were separate and certainly not equal to the majors. >> i played with some ball players that knew how to play the game, and they taught me an awful lot. >> reporter: mr. aaron was unshakeable, living up to the great responsibility he felt for how he represented black americans. he became a successful businessman, gave millions to schools and charities, and just weeks ago was part of an effort
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encouraging black americans to get vaccinated for the coronavirus. >> it's just a small thing that can help zillions of people in this country. >> reporter: in his later years, he would often say that he wanted to be remembered most for the lives he helped change. >> i think that i want to be remembered as someone who was able to forget about baseball, but be able to help mankind. >> the atlanta stadium where hank aaron made history is long gone. it was torn down years ago and this parking lot is what was left. but they've kept a piece of the outfield wall where he made that 715th home run. hank aaron was 86 years old and the atlanta braves tell us tonight he died peacefully in his sleep. >> remarkable life. thanks for showing us the wall. later tonight, what happened right after that home run. who was right there waiting?
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are pregnant, breastfeeding, or plan to become pregnainudlo sea, other signs of infection, liver or kidney problems, sore mouth, abnormalities in liver blood tests, diarrhea, hair thinning or loss, vomiting, rash, and loss of appetite. be in your moment. ask your doctor about ibrance. finally, hank aaron and his parents. >> reporter: tonight, a nation celebrating that moment again, when hank aaron made history. >> it is gone! >> reporter: 715 home runs. but there was something else just as moving right after. who was there waiting for him.
3:58 pm
>> met at home plate not only by every member of the braves but by his father and mother. >> hank aaron's parents were in the stands that night. his mother running across the field, throwing her arms around him. hank aaron would talk about what it was he witnessed, what he faced on his journey, and he did it with grace. >> when i look in the stands, you know, after they would say these nasty things, i looked in the stands, saw all these black people in the stands ied se, i could not let them down. >> hank aaron was 40 when he broke babe ruth's record. he would often joke about playing against younger players and beating them. >> the kid that was pitching and catching i was older than the two of them put together. so it was embarrassing but i felt good at it. because it's unusual to participate in this game so billion for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news.
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>> a storm moving through the bay area right now. you can see some of the hot spots on live doppler 7. green is rain, and green is good. and the rain is only going to get stronger next week. we need it. good afternoon. thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. >> and i'm dion lim. heavy rain moved across oakland this afternoon as you can see. abc7 news was in jack london square during the downpour. the rain made streets slick and drivers had to take it slow. and check out the snow on loma prieta. it is light but it is copping down and starting to stick. taking a live look outside where you can see the sun is back out in many places, but it is foggy on mt. tam. right away, let's get to spencer christian with this much needed rain. spencer? >> as larry pointed out, green is good. and there is still quite a bit of it on our radar image. the storm is winding down. for tonight, a ranking only 1 on the impact scale. a storm of light intensity. we'll have scattered light
4:00 pm
showers. it will be breezy at times, and there will be some cold air settling in. notice how the showers taper off rather significantly. and after midnight there won't be much left. then we start tomorrow with o sa take a look at what's coming our way next week. we are going to be in for quite a wet weather pattern from sunday all the way through the remainder of next week. and i'll give you a closer look at that. and the sunny break that's coming our way tomorrow a little bit later. dion, larry? >> all right, thank you, spencer. turning now to the coronavirus. big headline today as california set another unfortunate record, 764 deaths. the previous high was two weeks ago at 708. but there are a couple of hopeful trends here. just over 23,000 newly diagnosed cases were reported, and that's well below the daily average. also, the


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