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tv   Nightline  ABC  January 12, 2021 12:37am-1:05am PST

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tonight president trump on the verge of second impeachment, for inciting zblook president trump is impeached again will b twice. >> and fresh fall out from office hail the hero is why split decision by one officer may have helped to save lives and bracing for second wave of violence. what the fbi is warning tonight. this special igli" will be right back. ke clo it! rr dishwasherascadelanum.
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by taking on repetitive tasks for us. unleash your potential. uipath. reboot work. thanks for joining us. tonight for the first time in history the president the united states is facing a second impeachment. the move gaining momentum in the house as the vote nears. the nation's capitol on heightened alert after a failed insurrection left five people dead. now the pursuit
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of accountability. >> this video captures a backpackpullg an ndmeng wh th poles of their ame flags. another video showing a right-hander hurling a fire extinguisher to line of police striking several in the head. >> i talked to officers who have done two tours in iraq who say this was scarier to them than their time in combat. >> with every new detail an image that emerges the calls for accountability get louder. democrats now giving vice president pence an ultimatum either invoke the 25th amendment today or they will go forward with second impeachment, the article is a single charge, incitement of insurrection. >> if president trump is
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impeached again will b the obe >> with more than 200 house democrats signed a vote on impeachment could happen as soon as wednesday. >> i think impeachment could move quickly through the house, all members were witness to what happened. >> even if he's impeached quickly d senate majority leader mitch mcconnell saying the sent won't reconvene until january 19th. >> i'm told there's significant number of republican senators considering to vote to convict donald trump if he was impeached perhaps even enough to get to the two-thirds senate flesh hold you would need. >> republican senator toomey telling fox news this -- >> i do think the president impeachable offenses. >> if he is impeached could lose
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his staff and could never hold federal office again. >> nearly two-thirds of americans feel president trump is responsible for last week's violent insurrection and majority of americans believe trump should be removed from office before president-elect joe biden is sworn in next week. one argument we shouldn't impeach because it will cause more division in a volatile divided country. >> matters don't is get worse, we just had a potential coup, domestic terrorists try to stop the election process. it can't get any worse. -- >> announcing that at least two officers have been suspend over their conduct one filmed taking a selfie and another putting on
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a maga hat with rioters around. >> you tweeted out 10 to 15 investigation and are looking into the i'd y5u if there was facilitation or help within the capitol hill police. >> if there were people there working on the 6th doing something nefarious we want to make sure that's taken care of so we ensure safety for the inauguration. >> alleged domestic terrorist were arrested over the weekend, including two men carrying restraints, larry brock a army grad and combat veteran was turned in by his ex-wife according to after and a bartender from tennessee who law enforcement officials say is seen here holding several zip tie handcuffs. the fbi looking into whether the mob had plans to kidnap lawmakers. >> they came with baseball bats,
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metal pipes, there's information that they were coordinating by using walkie talkies and radios. law enforcement officials have to find out if there were s, small groups of people working in coordination to set in motion the attack. >> death threats against vice president mike pence were heard outside the capitol. >> hang mike pence! hang mike pence! >> house speaker nancy pelosi telling 60 minutes she and her office were targets. >> the staff went under the table, barricaded the door, turned out the lights and were silent in the dark under the table for two and half hours. >> wow. >> other lawmakers also fearing for their lives. >> they were coming for vengeance, they were coming for blood. god only knows what they wouldo military members and current law enforcement officers , the new york fire department confirming two active or retired
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officers seen on capitol ground. eugene goodman black capitol police officer holding back the mob alone praised for quick thinking after deliberately leading them up the steps away from the senate chamber door away from door according to washington post." the potential for coming attacks in days and weeks according to fbi member sew armed protests for all 50 state capitols are planned an in washington, d.c. and fbi c fo courthouse administrative buildings as well if president trump is removed from office. of particular concern, president-elect joe biden's inauguration next week. >> you're going to see check points and barricades and scenthugand points of the city.
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>> as the country braces for the possibility of more violence donald trump remains isolated in the white house. >> you start to see a number of cabinet members leave, latest chad wolf, acting secretary of homeland security. beyond that you had a number of officials, advisors of the president, cabinet officials who have packed up their offices and quietly left because they're worried about their own personal safety. >> trump meeting today with the vice president for the first time since the attack. >> what are you hearing from your constituents? >> disbelief. i come from an area that swung for trump twice and i think he alien ated his supporters and will come down as one of the worse presidents ever and imminent threat to our country. >> now more on the impeachment crisis. i spoke to republican member of congress from south carolina nancy mace, congresswoman, so
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glad to hear you're safe and well. as a member of congress you've been a big supporterser everyone the president but that changed last week as you were barricaded in your office. first and foremost do you think president trump was responsible for instigating the riots. >> i do, members of my own party contributed to the violence that day. rhetoric has real consequences and days leading up to the vote to certify the electoral college vote last week my life was threatened and i was accosted on the eve of the riots so words have consequences especially when people take them literally. it was an enormously sad day for our nation and as a mom i'm sad for my kids that's why i've been such a vocal critic what happened on wednesday we have to acknowledge we have a problem and take responsibility to earn
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the trucht of the american people. trust of the american people. . that's not going to happen overnight. >> you're clearly not blaming the president in your view what should the president be told to be held accountable. >> there's couple options on the table. problem with impeachment it will continue to divide our country. the other thing is once the articles of impeachment are passed of the house dent get to the senate until the eve of joe biden swearing in. do all of us in this country want to endure 100 more days of donald trump or look forward to the future and work with president-elect joe biden. our country and party need to be rebuilt. we need a hot to do in the future. >> will you vote to impeach? >> i am not going to vote to
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impeach at this time. i'm working on explaining why from a constitution al perspective. also i don't want to pour gas on the fire. sense your would be an option but democrats will not bring up the idea to prevent him from running for office again, they want impeachment or nothing. >> understood. i appreciate your sentiment. thanks so much, congress wemome be well. >> thank you. >> coming up how second impeachment may impact president trump's final days in office. hi sabrina! >>hi jen! so this aveeno® moisturizer goes beyond just soothing sensitive skin? exactly jen! lformulated with prebiotic oat. and strengthens skin's moisture barrier. uh! i love it! aveeno® healthy. it's our nature.™ aveeno® each febreze car vent clip gives you up to 30 days of fresh air. so, you can have open window freshness...
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president trump remaining defiant in the face of growing outrage and possible second impeachment that may redefine his legacy. i spoke to republican strategy eickhoff and chief legal analyst and abc news contributor. thank you all for joining us. seems unlikely pence will invoke 25th amendment meanwhile house will impeach as early as wednesday but only few senators have spoke out against president trump how likely will the senate vote to convict? >> i think it's unlikely, the democrats who control the senate would need 17 republicans to join them. the interesting politics, there's two ways to look at this, i think from the republicans perspective if you did vote to impeach it would be
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a chance to be done with donald tru trump, he would not be able to ambitious who might find th themselves have a turn of heart if they get donald trump off the stage, i think it's unlikely but will be part of the debates if in fact it happens. the other side, democrats have to decide, do we really want to the spend the first hundred days of joe biden's administration talking about donald trump? there's a real political calculus, they're caught up in the emotion rightly so, they got to think of the politics long-term and i don't think the politics of this is good for democrats. >> dan, i know you're hearing the charges are already evolving, it looks like impeachment trial would happen only after donald trump of leaves office how might that play out. >> something that's never happened with the president of the united states an impeachment trial occurring after he's already left. there san open question as to
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whether that's doable but most seem to believe that it would be. it's happened before in the tia but that's going to be one of the areas i expect the defense team to focus on. to say they shouldn't even be allowed t and you mentioned that the article has been evolving, i think you're going to see a focus from the house democrats in particular not just on what happened on january 6th leading right up to the event but also the weeks before hand. you're now seeing addition al language which talks about this lie that the president was perpetuating again and again about a stolen election. >> it's interesting, i'm curious if you think of impeachment more as a symbolic move or something that in fact political and personal repercussions for him down the road. >> i think it's a combination of all of that. when you have someone that's a leader of a movement like this that's turned in a cult of personality it's important to
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make sure that the leader of that movement is de-platformed, that their power is taken away, that they are ineffectual, o do more. i think the people trying to say let's just let him go away and not get caught up in the emotion of this, let's just move on, that's a mistake because we see -- we underestimated this movement in the past that donald trump has stoked and it's clear they're not going away. we're also seeing donald trump is paying a price personally. it's reported tonight banks that are doing business with his company are liquidating his assets and closing his accounts and no longer doing business with him, pga pulled their golf tournament in 2022 from his bed minister location so it is having personal and political is
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consequences as we speak. >> in part he's been told that would open him up to threat of civil lawsuits could the president or don jr. or rudy guiliani be held accountable? >> yeah they could be in theory. let's be clear. the self-pardon is uncertain as to whether it would hold up of but it's definitely a bad look. right. for the president to be pardoning himself. and could that encourage more civil lawsuits, sure it could. anyone, any time you can demonstrate that someone is what's called the proximate cause of something like a crime, something where someone gets hurt, injured, et cetera, can be the subject of six lawsuits, but i don't think it's going to be easy, the civil lawsuits, yes they're a danger. yes they will happen. i expect the president will get sued but that doesn't necessarily mean those kind of lawsuits will be simple.
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the self-pardon was complicated political issue and more went into it than simply the fear of lawsuits. >> president trump has been largely silenced on social media in far-right sites like parler have been taken down does it hurt him or galvanize his base. >> clearly it's having serious financial pressure on the president and will continue for some time but i do think there is a backlash effect where his base which is very, very large, you got to keep in mind, only a very small piece of his base is that fringe that showed scary, you know, 69.5 million people don't think like that. but they're looking at this saying, oh, you're off twitter, you're silencing parler, it does beg a question,
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which is to say, at what point is it enough. what donald trump did entirely different than, you know, a conservative on parler who likes it as their platform for opinions. i think it back fires. >> clearly a lot more debate ahead, thank you all for your time and insights. we'll be right back. ♪ (quiet piano music) ♪ comfort in the extreme. the lincoln family of luxury suvs.
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and finally tonight, a programming note, streaming now on hulu, the abc news one-hour special "24 hours, assault on the capitol" you can watch all our full episodes on hulu, see you back here tomorrow. thanks for staying with us. good night, america. >> .
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