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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 7, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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the president was temporarily banned from social media. and a live look this morning at the u.s. capitol in washington. much calmer there now than what we saw yesterday. the curfew in the city lifted a few hours ago but it will be in effect again tonight and every night for the next two weeks. good morning, everybody. here we are on thursday, january 7th. >> it was an extraordinary and unbelievable scene that unfolded at the u.s. capitol yesterday. four people died. police arrested 50 people. that would normally be extraordinary because it's a big number, in this case it's extraordinary because of how small that number is given that a mob attacked congress. two pipebombs found at the dnc and rnc offices. these are new photos of the damage left behind at the capitol. the president urged the mob to go home after it all started, but obviously that came way too late. faith abubey has a look at the chaos in d.c. >> good morning.
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much quieter here in d.c. this morning. many are waking up horrified by what happened here in the last 24 hours, but encouraged that democracy prevailed. >> overnight a joint session of congress, ratifying the electoral college votes in the presidential election. the move certifying president-elect joe biden's decisive win as he prepares to take office in less than two weeks. >> joe biden and kamala harris will be the president and vice president according to the ballots that have been given to us. >> reporter: and it comes after a tumultuous day at the u.s. capitol. a symbol of u.s. democracy, attacked by violent pro-trump mobs and left in disarray. demonstrators scaling walls, breaking through security barriers, smashing windows and storming restricted areas of the u.s. capitol including nancy pelosi's office. the trump supporters forcing lawmakers to take cover in fear of their lives. pictures show armed capitol
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police outnumbered. guns drawn and barricading doors as the chaos unfolded. d.c. police telling abc news that one man and two women suffered medical emergencies and later died. another woman shot and killed in a standoff inside the capitol. the chaos forcing lawmakers to break from what should have been a quiet day, ratifying the electoral college votes in the presidential election. instead, as a joint session of congress convened, president trump urged his supporters to head to the capitol. >> you'll never take back our country with weakness. you have to show strength and be strong. >> reporter: as supporters breached a building, multiple sources tell abc news, trump rejected calls to bring in the national guard. only signing off after white house officials intervened for the sake of the country. three people inside the white house resigning over the violent display and now some talk among cabinet members to remove trump himself from office. lawmakers from both sides of the
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political aisle shaken but undeterred, returning to the chamber overnight to finish their work. soon after congress certified the results, president trump released a statement saying he doesn't agree with the outcome however there will be an orderly transition of power on january 20th. in washington, faith abubey, abc 7 news. political leaders this morning are demanding to know how that violent mob got into the u.s. capitol in the first place. jobina is at the live desk with what went wrong. jobina? >> thank you. several security experts say they were surprised to see the capitol doors breached with no police resistance. there was plenty of chatter online. extremist groups chattered online for days about their plans to react violently to the certification of the election results. in fact, intelligence reports packed with online threats were widely circulated among federal law enforcement agencies. the reports said that people encouraged each other to attend the event armed and prepared for violence.
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the trump administration admitted that they were surprised it happened. >> all of us in law enforcement in the washington capitol area have been planning for this for a couple of days. this is all going to get analyzed. it will have to be looked at. >> representative karen bass told abc news she believes an investigation is needed. outside the capitol several trump supporters blamed the violence on antifa movements. abc news reports there's no evidence to back up those claims. here in the bay area, strong reaction to that riot and what should happen next. in the south bay the mayor of san jose and a former 16-year congressman want president trump to be held responsible. amy hollyfield is live with more on this. good morning. >> good morning, kumasi. we are hearing strong reaction from all over the bay area. here in the east bay and out of the south bay where we talked to san jose mayor sam liccardo. he's calling for president trump to be held responsible for the
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seenl siege at the capitol. he says democracy is doomed when congress cannot do its lawful work. >> this is certainly dispiriting and sickening to see our institutions under siege. i believe the united states attorney general should bring charges for sedicious conspiracy against this president and everyone who acted with him to undermine our most sacred of democratic institutions, that is elections. >> former congressman mike handa is also calling for more urgent action to remove the president from office in his final days. reporting live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. plenty of people saying that the president and republican party fueled and are to blame for the riot. local gop members disagree.
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>> you are hearing republican leaders across the board saying that this is not the way to go and to stop what they're doing. but the republican party didn't organize this event, so the republican party has no culpability whatsoever. >> both the san francisco and contra costa republican party say they believe there were irregularities in the 2020 election. there is no proof of widespread voter fraud or illegal election tampering. more on the fallout from the capitol rampage in a moment, but we want to check in with mike for a look at the forecast. good morning. >> good morning, kumasi. hi, everybody. rain is on the way tonight through tomorrow. it's a 1 on our storm impact scale. you can see it's still offshore. it's going to bring more rain than what we felt yesterday. it will be breezy along the coast also. i'm not expecting any damage. just maybe a little bit louder outside. we have fog mainly in the south bay. 280 at 17 is clearing up. that tells me the fog is moving
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around. there could be some areas cleared now that could get foggier as we head through the morning commute. there's fog in the tri valley we need to look out for. here's a look at walnut creek, heading towards 24 and heading down the san ramon valley, visibilities will drop a little bit. as far as our planner for today, we're much milder this morning in the 40s. we'll be 52 to 57 by noon. by 7:00, we'll definitely have a chance of rain moving in to the north bay, that will spread southward towards the overnight hours. i'll give you an hour-by-hour look at that coming up after the break. >> thank you. still ahead, the president's temporary ban from social media. an analyst breaking down the impact that tech companies have had on spreading the president's propaganda. and the clashes didn't just happen in d.c. a look
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welcome back. here's a live look at the u.s. capitol this morning. law enforcement are still patrolling the area right now after the riots we saw there yesterday. businesses at the capitol appear to be -- business i should say appears to be on hold today. both the house and senate have no public meetings planned for today. vice president mike pence who was taken to a secure location during the riot is thanking police for their work. he posted these pictures on twitter and wrote in part thank you to the incredible capitol hill police officers and every law enforcement officer for keeping us safe today. thanks to your service the capitol was preserved and we're truly grateful. this morning it appears the president still has his twitter account frozen. the 12-hour ban should have
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ended at 4:00 a.m. he was banned from facebook and instagram for 24 hours. many say it was an important and necessary move >> they can get away with just saying this is misinformation. but when that misinformation incites people to violence, i think the right thing to do is lock down those accounts. there will a few peeks of sunshine after the noon hours, but at 5:00, we want to focus on the north bay. you can see showers lining up, initially light. when they do, they go to yellow and then move through the bay area by 5:00 tomorrow. the steady rain during the morning commute and a few leftover showers through 11:00 tomorrow morning.
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rainfall totals, a tenth of an inch to a third of an inch. much more than we had yesterday. jobina? >> thank you. the chp issued a number of fog advisories, one for the dumbarton bridge, also 280 around the belmont area and for treasure island. we'll take a live look bringing in our south beach camera so we can see the bay bridge. we do not have metering lights on here. smooth traffic as you make your way westbound into san francisco. moving over now to san jose, showing you our 101 camera there. things are also clear on the south bay as far as traffic, but you can see the fog in the area as well. that is why i want to bring in the map here. you can see on the eastern side of san jose and as you make your way into milpitas along 680, you will run into fog. take your time out there. >> thank you. coming up, the response from world leaders about the chaos in d.c. and bay area hospitals prepare for another surge of covid-19 cases. the
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here's some newspapers from across the country. the chronicle's headline states insurrection. the "washington post," trump mob storms capitol. and the daily news in new york with one big word, siege. the bottom of that front page, a day that will live in infamy. leaders from around the world condemning the chaos they watched unfold here in the u.s. here's british prime minister boris johnson calling the events disgraceful. johnson called the events disgraceful adding that the united states stands for democracy around the world. nato's secretary-general described the scene as shocking and that the outcome of the democratic election should be respected. as an angry mob stormed the u.s. capitol building,
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supporters of president trump held stop the steal rallies from the east coast to the west coast. crowds gathered on city streets and outside state capitol buildings waving flags. supporters also rallied in sacramento including several fringe groups. the proud boys, three percenters and some self-described militias. >> we know our votes were stolen. >> they support the president continuing to fight despite his clear loss and they don't believe tensions will ease after joe biden is inaugurated. about two dozen counter protesters came to the rally. sacramento police detained people from both sides and confiscated cans of bear mace and pepper spray. >> back up. back up.
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>> this is what it looked like in beverly hills. police breaking up a fight between a counter protester and a group of trump supporters. video shows officers trying to separate a crowd that surrounded a man that was holding an anti-trump sign. the city declared the gathering unlawful and closed the area. >> challenger shuttle, 9/11, now this, days i will never forget where i was watching what happened. let's move on to something different. we'll talk about the weather it looks dry around 880. fog-free looking north from the coliseum to the bay bridge toll plaza. as you cross the bay bridge and come into san francisco, it's mostly cloudy and 48 degrees. partly sunny today, high clouds thicken as we get closer to tonight's rain. it will be dry during the daylight hours. once the sun sets at 5:06, showers move into the north bay, they become light to moderate and slide south while most of us are sleeping. the weekend ushers in high
6:18 am
pressure and an extended period of dry weather that could last nearly two weeks with temperatures nearing 70 next week. for today, about 59 to 61 for most of us. san jose, 62, a little bit warmer. lake port, 53. much cooler. tonight you can see some of that rain moving through the south bay. the yellows meaning it will still be moderate in the south bay. that's a refreshing change for you. temperatures mild tonight in the 40s. once the front passes, a 24-hour period from tomorrow morning at 6:00 to saturday morning at 6:00, you need to not turn your back on the ocean. stay away from it. large swells up to 25 feet, locally larger in those areas. a risk of sneaker waves. my accuweather 7-day forecast, that's it as far as rain, tonight and tomorrow. 1 on the storm impact scale. a little cooler in the afternoon, saturday and sunday. the mornings will be cooler. you can see temperatures ramp up to the mid to upper 60s by wednesday. be careful tonight and tomorrow morning. it will be slippery. kumasi, reggie? >> thanks. coverage of the chaos at the capitol continues at 7:00 on
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"gma." ginger zee has a look at what's ahead on the show. hi, gingerment >> hi, reggie and kumasi. you know we'll be right there, that's where we start on a thursday morning on "gma" following the latest developments on the extraordinary events that happened at our nation's capitol. the chaos did not stop the lawmakers. i know you've been reporting on this all morning. they did their work, officially confirming joe biden as our next president, the angry mob stormed the capitol before that taking over the building sending lawmakers and staffers employeeing. some people evacuated but others had to hide out. we'll talk to some people stuck in that building. also ahead from the white house, after the stunning report the president purposely delayed the call for the national guard to help stop what was happening. those around him are saying some things this morning and we will bring you all of that. it's such a difficult time in our country right now. so we'll talk to two experts who will help you talk to your loved
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ones in your life and talk to yourself, your children, your family about how we can process all of this. relieve some of the stress and the anxiety. that's coming up here on "gma." >> we could all use a massage, could we not? >> mm-hmm. >> yes. a little massage. >> please. we'll have to give it to ou ourselves here, but i'm willing to do that if that's what it takes. please. okay. ginger, we'll see you at 7:00. we'll be right back.
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all right. if you're just joining us a little recap of what will happen tonight through tomorrow morning. light to moderate showers, up to a third of an inch of rain across the entire bay area. a little breezy along the coast. my biggest concern is going to be with tomorrow's morning commute, that's with hydroplaning because the heaviest rain will have ended as the morning commute begins. there could be standing water
6:23 am
out there also. the drought, it is steady, even with all the rain we received at the end of last year, nothing that changed. please be careful. conserve. kumasi? >> thank you. people across the bay area including here in san francisco say they just couldn't believe their eyes watching thousands of people overtake barricades and storm inside the u.s. capitol. >> it's chaos. i'm embarrassed to be american right now. bafrnlgts yo >> because? >> because we look crazy. >> i'm surprised by not surprised. >> i'm appalled. >> it hurts my heart as an american. it hurts my heart as a black american. it hurts my heart that democracy was america, now we're not. we're a third world nation. >> other people we spoke with say they describe this unrest as an attempted coup. warriors head coach steve
6:24 am
and draymond green talked about their frustration over the events on capitol hill. >> heaven forbid a 12-year-old black boy carrying a toy gun in a park, or a young black male running through a neighborhood on a jog, heaven forbid those things happen, but it's okay for thousands of traitors basically storming the capitol. >> stop calling those people protesters, they're terrorists. they're not protesters. protesters is what you saw when we saw 500 national guard members standing on those same steps when there were black and brown people saying we just want to be treated equally. >> the warriors and clippers kneeled during the national anthem before last night's game at chase center and many of the players wore black lives matter t-shirts. here are the latest coronavirus headlines. we cannot escape the surge that we are undergoing right now. california reporting nearly 30,000 new cases yesterday. the bay area's icu capacity stands at just 7.4%.
6:25 am
though that is an increase from 5.9% on wednesday. the u.s. surgeon general says states need to pick up the pace of vaccinations and move quickly from priority 1a to 1b and then down the line. in the south bay, as the surge in covid-19 cases continues, santa clara county officials are warning the public about delays for getting treatment in our local emergency rooms. the er is full at santa clara valley medical center in san jose. some patients have to wait an indefinite amount of time to receive care. as hospitals take on additional covid-19 patients, that means there is not as much room for those suffering from other issues like heart attacks or strokes. officials are asking the community to self-assess before you call 911. >> think about it and say, okay, is this truly necessary? is there another avenue where i could seek care? >> as of the latest update, more than 720 people are currently hospitalized due to covid-19 county-wide. all right.
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here's some good news. the powerball jackpot is inching closer to half a billion dollars. you could possibly win. nobody took home the 4$410 million grand prize last night. this means that all of that money carries over to the next drawing. the new jackpot is now $470 million. california lottery officials say though there's no jackpot winner last night, there's four winning tickets worth nearly $30,000. here are the winning numbers. 1, 20, 22, 60, 66, 3. the next drawing is on saturday. >> we got too involved -- there was too much going on yesterday to buy these tickets. >> you're right. >> i guess we need to regroup. >> just something different. we started off so well with the red velvet cake you bought me. we were on a high. >> yesterday's show and day started off great. it ended in a whole different way.
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so we need to bring in some of the powerball energy. >> we do. >> let's get on that. >> mm-hmm. coming up next, could congress move to impeach president trump a second time before he leaves office? abc's chief legal analyst dan abrams is weighing in. >> they were pounding on the door, so they told us to lie down on the marble floors. >> bay area lawmakers telling us their harrowing stories that dark day in washington. plus the number of people in the trump administration who have announced that they're resigning is growing. the to help you lose weight! more simplicity with what's in your fridge? which suggests meals based on what you have. more motivation with on-demand workout classes. more freedom with over 300 zero point foods. and new tools to boost your mood
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news. breaking news right now at 6:30, president trump promising an orderly transition when joe biden takes office in 13 days. his statement coming overnight
6:30 am
after congress certified the results of the election. >> let us pray. lord of our lives -- >> a very somber prayer ended the senate's meeting at the capitol early this morning. and the senate will remain adjourned at least until tomorrow. members of congress tell us the horrors they witnessed. mick mulvaney has resigned in protest of what happened yesterday. he is the president's former chief of staff and current special envoy to northern ireland. more on another set of resignations from the trump administration in a few minutes. here's a live look at what washington looks like. much calmer as you can see this morning. good morning on this thursday, january 7th. despite everything that happened yesterday, same result. in just 13 more days president-elect joe biden will be sworn in as the 46th president of the u.s. >> that became official overnight after congress confirmed this election victory. jobina, it was after a full day
6:31 am
of chaos and violence. absolutely. joe biden will deliver his first remarks in wilmington, delaware later this morning. this comes hours after congress completed the electoral vote count. president trump is finally it looks like declaring that he accepts that defeat. overnight he released a statement saying that there will be an orderly transition on january 20th. it comes a day after a day of chaos when supporters broke into the u.s. capitol. four people are now dead, including a woman from san diego who was shot by police during a standoff. the "washington post" identifies her as ashli babbitt. "good morning america" spoke to a witness documenting the riot who was at the capitol when she was shot and watched the scene unfold. >> they got inside, when they started smashing through the
6:32 am
window to get to the chamber, the first person to go through was that woman. when i saw those guns anded hands come out like this, you couldn't see the people, i don't know who was shooting at her, but the second she climbed through the window, she got shot. she died. >> officials say the three other people who died suffered separate medical emergencies. the fbi is looking for the rioters involved in the violent activity at the capitol and surrounding areas. kumasi? >> thank you. we are hearing from bay area lawmakers who were on capitol hill when all of this was happening. abc7 news reporter j.r. stone has their stories. >> they were pounding on the door and they told us to lie down on the marble floors, which we did. and then there was a shot. >> reporter: congresswoman jackie speier describing the moment that people stormed into the u.s. capitol building on wednesday. speier saying she quickly learned there are gas masks under each seat of the chamber.
6:33 am
>> there was an announcement made that the capitol had been breached, that we should get out the gas masks. i have one to show you. it's in packing like this. then when you open it up, you -- you can hear this thing taking off. >> i heard people pounding on the doors. >> reporter: congressman mark desaulnier described what happened as an attack and described those inside the capitol building as part of a mob. >> i don't know how anyone could snow anything about the american constitution and how it's founded and formed to believe they're doing the right thing by attacking the u.s. capitol, attacking the people that the people represent. >> reporter: speaker of the house nancy pelosi addressed the situation wednesday evening. >> to those who strove to deter us from our responsibility, you have failed. to those who engaged in the gleeful desecration of this, our temple of democracy, american
6:34 am
democracy, justice will be done. >> reporter: representative barbara lee tweeting wednesday for president trump's removal, something echoed by desaulnier and speier. >> he has to be stopped. i'm afraid of what he's going to do in the next two weeks. >> reporter: tough images there. dianne feinstein said trump must stop with false claims of election fraud. j.r. stone, abc7 news. former president barack obama issued a statement on the violence saying history will rightly remember today's violence at the capitol incited by a sitting president who has continued to baselessly lie about the outcome of a lawful election as a moment of great dishonor and shame for our nation, but we would be kidding ourselves if we treated it as a total surprise. former president george w. bush issued a statement. he said this is how election results are disputed in a banana republic, not our democratic republic.
6:35 am
i'm appalled by the reckless behavior of some political leaders since the election and the lack of respect shown for our institutions, traditions and law enforcement. mick mulvaney has resigned in protest of what happened yesterday. chief of staff and currently the special envoy to northern ireland. he said on cnbc this morning, "i can't do it. i can't stay." a list of white house staffers are continuing to resign including trump's deputy national security adviser, dan pottinger, stephanie grisham, and white house deputy press secretary, sarah matthews. some lawmakers are talking about invoking the 25th amendment which could remove president trump from office, but how realistic is that? the amendment says that if the president is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the
6:36 am
vice president should take immediate office and be acting president. we spoke with a law professor who said it could happen if trump is considered a danger to the republic. >> that amendment was enacted in the wake of john kennedy's death to talk about someone with literally physical incapacity. the political will of the vice president and the others in the cabinet to do something like that. >> more than three dozen democratic congressmen and women are calling for the president's impeachment. we want to hear from you to get a read of how the chaos at the capitol was being viewed here at home. amy hollyfield is live for us in walnut creek. amy? >> good morning. people are astonished, they're horrified and people are leaning on each other. we all watched these images yesterday unfold in our nation's capitol. we all shared the experience. today there will likely be a lot of debriefing and decompressing
6:37 am
together. there is a lot of emotion to process. here's a sample of what we heard. >> i hope more is done to condemn such acts because it feels like terrorism in a way. it just -- it's very violent and horrific and just -- this is not our country. >> people are kind of fed up. i think a lot of it comes about from the polarization and everyone is just fatigued. everyone is tired of covid-19 and all the social unrest. >> one person we interviewed pointed out what many had said, if this had been a black lives matter protest it would not have been allowed to go on as long as it did and it shows how unfair things are. everyone is hoping democracy will prevail and people won't lose faith in it. everyone agrees this is one of those moments where we remember where we were when this happened.
6:38 am
reporting live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> i was about to speak to libby schaaf during midday live when all of this chaos ensued. we ended up watching it on tv together. i asked her what her message was for the bay area after looking at this chaos and heare's what she said. >> continue to push leaders including myself to be more responsive to the american people, but also to not cross the line between hate, violence and what is the beloved right of every american to engage in protest and free speech. >> she also emphasized not to give up hope on our democracy. the mayor says she's concerned about the tremendous healing work that still has to be done with people on both sides of the political spectrum in pain. she says she has faith that people will come back together and hold leaders responsible including herself to serve the people. london breed tweeted this is an attempted coup encouraged by
6:39 am
the president of the united states. it's a dark day for our democracy and the culmination of all of his anti-democratic words and actions from his campaign through his presidency. she ended by saying we are better than this. >> i think we all just need a deep breath and a group hug. >> virtually. >> i would like that. i would like that very much. the discourse in this country has to change. you're either with me or you're against me. compromise is seen as a weakness. we have to come together. we are all different, look at things differently but can come to a cn agreement on what's bes for the country. chal "challenger," 9/11, yesterday,
6:40 am
all i'll remember where i was. in the peninsula, mid to upper 40s there. a little fog on the bay side. a little less on the coast side, which is unusual for this time of year. mid 40s to around 50. it is definitely mild. here's a look at that thicker fog looking northbound from the shark tank. i want to focus on our next storm, it comes through tonight through tomorrow morning, light to moderate showers, a third of an inch of rain, a little gusty along the coast. for the rest of the day, thickening high clouds a few peeks of sunshine. once the sun sets, light rain will develop in the north bay. it becomes moderate yellow heading towards midnight. it moves southward and exits the south bay by the beginning tomorrow's morning commute. lighter showers will hang around through 11:00 tomorrow morning then increasing sunshine during the afternoon hours. we go from umbrella to slippery streets to needing sunglasses. rainfall amounts are healthy. even in the south bay.
6:41 am
i have my fingers crossed that we can get a quarter to a third of an inch out of that storm. be careful tomorrow morning, my biggest concern are spinouts because of the slippery conditions. let's see what's going on this morning with the commute. here's jobina. >> thank you so much. good morning. so the chp folg ed fog advisories this morning for the dumbarton bridge, the dumb dumb area a dumbarton area and as you approach the tunnel, there's a bit of a slowdown there. nothing particularly causing that it looks like, but just a heads up for anyone there. we do not have metering lights on. a live picture showing you san jose and 101. you can see the fog in the air in the south bay. that's why i want to bring in the map. the fog is there, also really on the eastern part of the city as you travel into milpitas. 680 is going to be foggy as
6:42 am
well. >> thank you. coming up, would a black lives matter protest have been dealt with differently? the message from some local activists. and a look at the big board at the new york stock exchange. we're up about 105 points. another update on how the markets are doing next. and also helping the incoming administration in the fight against ♪ oh, this is how it starts ♪ lightning strikes the heart ♪ the day has just begun ♪ brighter than the sun ♪ oh, we could be the stars ♪ falling from the sky ♪ shining how we want ♪ brighter than the sun ♪ i swear you hit me like a vision ♪
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this sale won't last, so click, call, or visit a store today! developing news this morning, washington, d.c.'s mayor has issued an order extending the city's public emergency for 15 days through the inauguration of president-elect joe biden. here is a live look at our nation's capitol. mayor muriel bowser warns that extremists that support president trump may continue to wreak havoc in the city. the order empowers officials to reduce the hours of operations for businesses, to order people off the street and to spend extra money to protect public
6:45 am
safety. signs of racism were seen during the siege on the capitol. at least two nooses were found and then this sobering image. a man carrying the confederate flag inside the u.s. capitol. we spoke with a stanford professor who says that has never happened until now. >> the people who are wielding this flag and waving it proudly are not innocent. they're making a statement about white supremacy. and hopefully we will see in the next four years a period of healing. >> the confederate flag originated during the civil war as a symbol of sedition. it gained significance as a modern political symbol in the '50s and '60s as a sign of resistance to racial integration. moments after president-elect joe biden's victory was certified, the senate chaplain delivered this moving prayer. >> thank you for what you have blessed our lawmakers to accomplish in spite of threats
6:46 am
to liberty, incline our hearts to do your will and guide our feet on the path of peace. and god bless america. >> chaplain barry black has been the senate's official clergyman for nearly two decades. the fact that a large group of people could so easily breach the capitol has raised a lot of security questions, but there's also a question about racial justice. abc7 news reporter matt boone spoke to local activists on what they saw happen yesterday versus what happened during the black lives matter protests. >> reporter: as the group of trump supporters stormed the capitol, local activist gene bridges had one thought. >> any racial justice protest that you go to, there's a very heavy militarized police presence and very firm boundaries.
6:47 am
the experience is night and day. >> reporter: especially being at the nation's capitol where this woman says she's always felt scrutinized. >> i've been there with colleagues where we are not able to carry food in our purses through the underground tunnels. >> reporter: the summer of black lives matter demonstrations where protesters with showered with tear gas and what happened in washington are not disconnected, argues university of san francisco professor james taylor. >> if african-americans are perceived to advance politically or socially, there's an equal and opposite reaction. >> reporter: whatever the internal motivations were, this was the end result, chaos as a mob broke windows, destroyed barricades and made it into secure areas of the capitol. even from a law enforcement perspective, something was off. >> i was so startled. >> reporter: former fbi agent rick smith says authorities in d.c. were clearly not prepared. >> there should have been better planning. a little disappointed there wasn't better planning for the eventuality. it was allowed to get out of
6:48 am
hand. >> reporter: matt boone, abc 7 news. now to your morning money report. the u.s. labor department just released the latest weekly jobs claims report. this is the first one of 2021. another 787,000 people applied for unemployment benefits just last week. that's a decrease of 3,000 from the week before. it is lower than the 815,000 that economists had forecasted. more than 5 million people are continuing to receive state unemployment benefits. now let's take a live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets under way this morning. we're up right now about 125 points. corporations are responding to yesterday's rampage at the capitol. here's the ceo of salesforce saying our leaders must call for peace and unity now. there's no room for violence in our democracy. may the one who brings peace bring peace to our country. and the ceo of jp morgan
6:49 am
chase responded with i strongly condemn the violence in our nation's capital. this is not who we are as a people or our country. we are better than this. pfizer, the creator of the first fda-approved covid-19 vaccine. now is the time to come together, find ways to solve the problems we face constructively whether we are republicans or democrats, conservatives or liberals, we have a role to play in making this democracy work. >> all right. it's time for weather. we'll open the weather window on sfo this morning where the fog is encroaching not only through the san bruno gap but coming up from the south. you go south of here, it's extremely foggy. we're looking at the roof camera and looking at cloudy conditions but quiet from our roof camera on the embarcadero looking down towards the ferry building and the bay bridge. showers tonight through tomorrow morning, that's a 1, light on the storm impact scale. dangerous surf from 6:00
6:50 am
tomorrow morning to 6:00 friday morning. and then the weekend begins what could be a two-week period without rain and above-average temperatures. today we'll go about 59 to 61 in most neighborhoods 62 in san jose. 63 in lake port. you can see some of that moderate rain falling on the spay. that would be a nice change. temperatures mild tomorrow morning. mainly in the mid to upper 40s. here's a look at 20 to 25-foot breakers, even bigger in those isolated areas. risk of sneaker waves, large northwest swell for a 24-hour period starting tomorrow through saturday morning. my accuweather 7-day forecast, the 1 tonight and tomorrow, that's it. once that light storm passes, we'll have cooler mornings in the weekend and that will mean slightly cooler afternoons. look at those temperatures ramp up to the mid to upper 60s by wednesday. have a good one. kumasi? >> thank you. this morning we are hearing from oklahoma republican congressman mark wayne mullen. he witnessed the deadly shooting at the capitol and he's on "gma"
6:51 am
talking about what happened. he said he doesn't think the president encouraged the mob. >> you see the rioters coming through storming the house, storming the house floor. what was going through your mind? >> obviously we were concerned. i never thought i'd ever see this in the united states and unfortunately i've seen this before overseas. and we're better than this, george. as a country we're better than this. we can debate better than this. and what we do in our country, other democracies look at. and i get people being passionate and being frustrated, but there's a right way and wrong way to do things and yesterday was wrong. the mob was going to come through the door. there were a lot of members and staff in danger at the time. when he drawed his weapon, that's a decision that is very hard for anybody to make. once you draw your weapon like that, you have to defend yourself with deadly force. we're all responsible for our own actions, full stop.
6:52 am
it's our actions. we're all adults here or supposed to be adults. these flames have been fanned for over five years now. >> by the president. >> if anybody is to blame it's all of us. >> you can watch the full interview coming up on "gma" at 7:00. abc news projects jon ossoff and raphael warnock won the senate. it gives democrats full control of the senate. ossoff will be the first black senator. each party now holds 50 seats and that allows the tie breaking vote to be cast by kamala harris. now looking at the latest covid-19 headlines. nationwide the cdc discovered at least 52 cases of the fast-spreading coronavirus variant that was first identified in the uk. that includes 26 confirmed and four probable cases here in
6:53 am
california. state health officials announced 459 people died yesterday. that is nearly a 2% increase from the day before. icu capacity in the bay area has improved slightly. it's now at 7.4%. a bay area group is hoping to help the incoming administration unify the country in the fight against covid-19. specifically the need to get vaccinated. dr. kevin schulman and his colleagues at stanford are advising the biden administration on effective messaging. he says the major challenge is the country's fractured politics which has turned wearing a face mask into something political. strategy number one, a clear unifying message. >> we're not actually interested in a vaccine. we're interested in getting the country opened, reopened and getting all of us back to our lives. >> concepts include leveraging positive stories of the benefits for early vaccine recipients. making the popularity of getting vaccinated as visible as
6:54 am
possible using advertising and urging americans to get the vaccines. on our website you may see where you fall in the line to be vaccinated. answer a few questions on our calculator at >> friend, we need this lotion. >> it's lotion time. what are you thinking about today? >> friend, i'm thinking about so much. i just am trying to find peace, to be honest. yesterday was just a lot. >> it was a lot. >> you know? just watching it and watching it all unfold. >> mm-hmm. >> so -- then the feelings that comes along with that. today, i'm trying to be optimistic and hope that we have learned from this experience and i'm just going to see what happens next. >> absolutely. i feel like we need to focus once again on coronavirus because that is the number one threat to our country health-wise and economically and
6:55 am
that is what we should have been focusing on yesterday to try and just stomp this out. we got completely distracted by nonsense, buffoonery, lies, fairytales and fallacies. >> all that, friend. >> let's get back on track. people are literally dying. >> this is true. >> our ers are full. look, my dad is in the hospital right now. he couldn't even get into a bed because there are so many people who are in the hospital right now. i know firsthand what happens to people in this circumstance. we need to get back on track. let's do it. >> you're right about that. coming up next, the 7 things you need to know today. also need to let you know that abc launched new streaming apps, wherever you are you can get our live newscast, breaking news and weather and more with our abc7 news app on apple tv, android tv, fire tv and roku.
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6:57 am
it is 6:57. if you're just joining us, here's the 7 things you need to know this morning. number one, congress has officially confirmed president-elect joe biden's
6:58 am
election victory after gop objections. it came hours after trump supporters rioted at the u.s. capitol. both the house and senate worked well into the early morning to certify the results. number two, four people died after the violence cluding a woman who was shot by police during the standoff. the "washington post" identifies her as ashli babbitt of san diego. authorities say the three others died from medical emergencies. police arrested 52 people. shortly before 1:00 this morning, president trump made his first admission that joe biden is the next president tweeting through an aide because his twitter account is locked that there will be an orderly transition on january 20th. number four, president-elect joe biden will speak around 10:30 this morning. it will be his first statement since congress confirmed his election win. number fife, here's a look at tonight's storm. light to moderate showers. up to a third of an inch of rain. it will be slippery this time
6:59 am
tomorrow. >> number six, taking a live look outside right now at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights are on again. you should have a clear ride into san francisco. number seven, starting today, anyone who is flying into canada has to show proof of a negative covid test. it has to be taken within three days of arrival and you still have to quarantine for two week weeks. >> canada does not play. >> quarantine forever. >> right? >> canada said, look, you're not going to act right, stay where you are. >> can we start acting more like that? is that possible? >> i don't know. >> can we all be nicer to each other? that would help. >> that's a good start. >> mm-hmm. >> just take it from there. >> well, we made it through today. you can find all of our stories online. >> sun came up. >> sun came up. rain is coming. it will be all right. we have a beautiful city to look
7:00 am
at. "good morning america" is coming up next with all the other things you need good morning, america. breaking news. a defiant congress finally affirms joe biden's victory after that un-american assault on the nation's capital. a mob of angry trump supporters incited by the president. >> you'll never take back our country with weakness. >> thousands overtake barricades, storm the people's house, smashing through doors, shattering windows, seizing control of the building. chasing capitol police. they force lawmakers and staff to barricade themselves inside the house chamber. police held the line with guns drawn. one of the lawmakers who was right there joins us live. the rioters invading the senate chamber and ransacking members' offices, including speaker nancy pelosi's. the chaos turning deadly. one woman shot and killed. more than a doze


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