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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 29, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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a 6-year-old boy, a 13-year-old girl, and a 25-year-old man. the shooter has been identified as ligen. atf and s.w.a.t. swarmed his place this morning, less than 2 miles from the shooting scene. good evening. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley live in gilroy, a community still stunned and grief stricken by what happened just 24 hours ago, almost to the minute. we have live team coverage, extensive team coverage on this tragedy for you tonight. reporters all across the bay area giving you the very latest information as it comes in. we're going to begin tonight with abc7 news reporter chris reyes, also here with me at gilroy police headquarters. with more in a news conference and updates from authorities that just wrapped up. chris? >> reporter: good afternoon, dan. well, police held their second briefing of the day right here this afternoon. the chief told us that they are now in the process of searching the home and vehicle associated with the suspect.
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>> we have located the suspect vehicle that was used to drive out near the festival. we have obtained a search warrant for that vehicle and they are in the process of serving that warrant now. we also obtained a search warrant for a residence in the city of gilroy that was associated to our suspect, and that search warrant was served today. >> reporter: we also know that a twitter post that was circulating of a man claiming to have shot up the garlic festival is now a hoax. police have tracked down the owner of the account and have taken him into custody. they have concluded that he was not a part of the shooting. earlier this morning, the chief is joined by gilroy's mayor and the fbi to give more details of what happened in the moments before the suspect began firing. >> they were there and engaging the suspect in less than a minute. the suspect was armed with an
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assault-type rifle, and he -- as soon as he saw the officers, he engaged the officers and fired at the officers with that rifle. >> a principal concern at this point is motivation, ideological leanings, was he affilited with anyone or any group. >> this morning our prayers are with the families of those injured and killed in the senseless shooting. we stand with you and we will be providing whatever assistance we can in the days and weeks ahead. >> reporter: now, police are now asking for the public's help in this investigation. if you have any information or any photos or videos especially, they're asking that you upload it on this website. if you are looking for any assistance, especially grief counseling, a temporary center has been set up at rucker
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elementary school, that's 325 santa clara avenue in gilroy. we'll make sure to post all of that information on our website. police are also asking for people's patience because many of them left belongings, including vehicles at the park. they're asking, don't go back to the park. they will connect those belongings with the people who own them in time. in gilroy, i'm kris reyes, abc7 news. >> patience required. okay, kri circumstancs, thank y. we are learning about the victims. a third visitor from new york, 25 years of age. three innocent people cut down by one gunman who was also killed, as you know, by authorities. abc7 news reporter luz pena is live now with more details on those who lost their lives here yesterday. luz? >> reporter: dan, these are the type of calls that we dread to make as reporters. today i spoke to trevor irby's
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grandmother. she said trevor was her best friend. she misses him. she explained to us that he wa here in the bay area for maybe three months. he had moved here with his fiance, and he was scheduled to go back to new york in august, and now that will never happen. june 28th, 2019, a day that will never be forgotten in the line of fire, 6-year-old steven romero, 12-year-old kayla salazar, and 25-year-old trevor irby lost their lives. >> he was loved by everybody. he was an all around good kid. >> reporter: inconsolable from her new york home, juanita spoke about her grandson trevor irby. the 25-year-old was raised by his grandparents. juanita believes trevor and his fiance sarah decided to attend the gilroy festival as a last-minute weekend outing. >> he called me every night. it's going to be bad.
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every time he called me and tell me that he loved me. i tell him i loved him. >> reporter: 13-year-old kayla salazar's life was also cut short. she was at the festival with family and her mother's husband was also shot during the shooting. >> so we run out looking for them. my son was the first one who got notified where they were. >> reporter: 6-year-old stephen romero's grandmother describes the boy as a happy kid who was loved by many. >> i went from hospital to hospital looking for him, but my son told me that he was over here and we came over. but when i got here he was already dead. >> reporter: stephen romero's mother and maternal grandmother were also shot at the festival. his mother went into surgery after a bullet hit her stomach. maribel ramirez says she wants justice for her grandson. going back to that conversation that i had with trevor irby's grandmother, she kept saying to us, i cannot believe it happened to trevor.
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i cannot believe it happened to him. she described to us her grandson as a smart kid who had a biology -- who had a science and a math degree. he had also an emt certificate and he wanted to become a p.a. she also said to us that his parents lost their oldest boy years ago and trevor was the last boy they had. i spoke to those parents who are now heartbroken, and they tell me that they're mourning and they're hoping to take their son back to new york. live in gilroy, luz pena, abc7 news. >> the woman whose husband was shot. she was shot. and i asked her if she had connected with her 3-year-old that was there on the scene. she says, i haven't yet. 3-year-old. and she talked about the courage of the 3-year-old who all she wanted was to go with mommy and daddy when they got on the ambulance. this is america. >> governor newsome outraged
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over this shooting. he has spoken early and often in the aftermaths of shootings like this regarding gun violence. local and federal law enforcement officials now beginning to piece together a profile of the gunman. abc7 news i-team reporter melanie woodrow is live in a gilroy neighborhood where he lived with his family, only a couple miles, melanie, from the garlic festival fairgrounds. >> reporter: not even, dan. just about under a mile from where the gilroy garlic festival was held those past three days. law enforcement officials spent the bulk of their morning here at the ligen home collecting evidence where neighbors say this family has lived for many, many years. investigators carrying bags of evidence from the ligen home this morning, taking pictures of the interior of this car parked on the street and searching the car's trunk. neighbors surprised gilroy police have named 19-year-old santino william ligen as the gunman who shot and killed three people at the gilroy garlic
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festival and injured more. >> i'm shocked this is happening. >> reporter: an instagram profile under his name has since been deactivated. screen graphs from the profile show just three photos, including one that appears to have been taken at the festival before the shooting. officials briefered on the probe tell abc news investigators are aware of the instagram poeftd that included white supremacist information. this is him graduating from gilroy high school. he attended monta vista school before transferring to gilroy. >> good family. lved here for a long time. >> reporter: members of the family also well known for different reasons. santino's grandfather was a two-term santa clara supervisor who passed away in 2018. his father, a competitive runner and his brother a boxer. >> they train, they run. they're really active. >> reporter: two women let themselves pass the home's gate this afternoon, taking a moment before leaving a plant on the doorstep. the sign on the gate reads,
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beyond this place there be dragons. can you tell us your relationship to the legans and why you came here today? >> they're friends of mine. >> reporter: what are you feeling right now? >> i just have concern for my friend. >> reporter: and that woman and the woman that she was with were just a couple of people that we've seen come by the house this afternoon. we've seen people driving by the home including one man who told me he went to high school, gilroy high school with santino, and he also said he was shocked. live in gilroy, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> all right, melanie, thank you very much. more video coming in showing the chaos after shots were fired. almost exactly 24 hours ago where around 5:40 last night, police said an hour ago they've located the vehicle the gunman used to get to the festival. abc7 news south bay community journalist dustin dorsey retraced the killer's footsteps and spoke to one of the vendors.
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>> reporter: police say 129-year-old suspe12 19-year-old santino legan used -- he came to see exactly how long it would take to get to the creek. now, as you can see, we obviously sped up the video for time, but it's as simple as a right off of church hill onto church, another right onto luchessa, and you are right there at the uvis creek entryway. there are walking and bike paths along the creek, but many are closed right now as the investigation continues. now, one of those walking paths at a nearby neighborhood takes you down to this back entrance of the gilroy garlic festival by the kids section where you can see things were left almost exactly as they were jed. yesterday. shortly after the video i was asked to leave by law enforcement officers who were guarding the gate. in the short amount of time that i was there, you could see the chaos by what was left over, knocked over trash cans, sites
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that show people left on the spot to try to find safety as quickly as they can. following the gunshots, guests, vendors and volunteers ran from the scene. michelle schultz had been volunteering all weekend long, but was not there during the time of the fatal shooting. she still says it's a scary moment for everyone that was involved. >> it's just so haunting and we almost went back sunday night. my husband was joking. you know the vendors will giveaway all the food at the end and we should go back. i didn't know, i had a weird feeling and i said, we should just stay home. there's hundreds of people and they volunteer all weekend for charity. they donate all the money to charitable organizations and it's just, you know, we moved to gilroy because we wanted a safe place to raise our daughter and, you know, it's not something you think about. it's just really unfortunate. >> reporter: stay tune with us on air and online as we continue to give you the latest on this gilroy garlic festival shooting story. in gilroy dustin dorsey, abc7
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news. >> we sound out that the rifle that this suspect used was an sks. it was an ak-47-type assault rifle. it was purchased legally in the state of nevada on july the 9th. >> that's gilroy police chief scott smithy on the weapon used in yesterday's attack. the 280th mass shooting in the united states already this year, if you can believe that. as abc7 news reporter lyanne melendez explains tonight, state officials wasted very little time addressing the holes in the nation's gun laws. >> we can't enforce california laws in nevada. >> reporter: it was a statement made by attorney general xavier becerra, reaffirming that california is defenseless despite the state's strict gun control laws. >> these are weapons of war. they're weapons of mass destruction. >> reporter: governor gavin newsom championed a law that requires a background check for anyone buying ammunition, a
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measure that voters passed in 2016 and only recently went into effect. yet some people think they can bypass that by ordering their ammunition online. except that a person cannot have their order shipped to an address in california. it's also illegal to import sell, give, trade or lend a magazine that holds more than ten rounds of ammunition. despite those measures and the fact that assault rifles cannot be sold or imported into california, the suspected gunman brought one into the state. nelson lum is a former s.f.p.d. officer in charge of active shooter training. he says the ak-47-type assault rifle used in the gilroy shooting is easy to shoot. >> it's relatively easy because it's designed so it absorbs most of the recoil. so the weapon doesn't jump as much as it would normally do, you know, with such a high caliber. >> reporter: so you can shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot? >> correct. >> reporter: still, despite the
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shooting, california's tougher gun control laws have been instrumental in lowering the gun death rate from 5, 500 in 1993, to 2,935 in 2010. that's a decline of 56%. the latest california department of justice stats show that in 2016 there were 1,368 gun deaths in california. >> if there's ever a time for a screen for our national leaders to do something, how much louder must we yell? >> reporter: in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> so many facts still to gather here in gilroy, but everyone is so focused on now trying to figure out exactly what happened and why. and, of course, to treat those who were injured. a lot more people were released from the hospital today, thank goodness, but a number are still being cared for, some in serious
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condition. i'll wrap things up. a vigil is going to get underway for the victims here in gilroy in just a little bit. we'll come back live to gilroy with more coverage of this tragedy at the gilroy garlic festival in a few minutes. for now, kristen, let's go back to you. >> dan, as you know, the shooter talked about a white power manifesto on instagram. up next the philosophy from the late 1890s that has become a staple for white supremacists. also ahead, other news, the beginning of the end in the trial of the ghost ship
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while families were spending time together at a local festival, a wicked murderer opened fire and killed three innocent citizens including a young child. we grieve for their families and we ask that god will comfort them with -- >> this is president trump expressing his condolences to
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the families who lost loved ones in the gilroy mass shooting. meantime, a book popular with some white supremacists groups is now being treated as a possible clue into gilroy festival shooting. experts tell abc7 news anchor dion lim it contains similarities to books that have that have inspired other violent groups. >> reporter: in the hours before the gilroy attack, gunman santino william legan is believed to post messages on an instagram account. the book first president bush li published in the 1890s is available on amazon. sociology professor says it's popular with far-right groups. >> it's long been a staple in the white supremacist movement. it's a set of propaganda literature that folks who identify with different aspects of kind of white supremacist ideology will, you know, use as a way to kind of reinforce and support their beliefs. >> reporter: the book lays out a
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moral philosophy of survival of the fittest, arguing that war and violence are the natural order. >> this notion of survival of the fittest, right, some individuals and some groups are essentially more fit for survival. they're culturally biologically superior to other groups. >> reporter: he says the book also celebrates lone wolf style individuals. it with provide a dangerous sense of validation. >> for instance, white supremacists have promoted that lone individuals take the law into their own hands and act violently. and they've been promoting that strategy for decades. >> reporter: in san francisco, dion lim, abc7 news. >> well, the gilroy shooting was the first mass shooting in california since april when a gunman killed one and injured three in a synagogue in poway north of san diego. the nonprofit research group gun violence archive reports this was the 30th mass shooting in california in 2019.
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gilroy police have set up two phone lines. one is for witnesses. it's 408-846-0583. the other line is for anyone still looking for family members who were at the festival. that number is 408-846-0584. now, we have both numbers on our website for you as well. that's police are asking you do not call the emergency line. our thoughts are with gilroy this evening. we have created this badge to honor the shooting victims. if you'd like, you can share it on facebook, twitter and instagram. we are going to move on to other news now. the ghost ship warehouse fire, the four-month trial is coming to a close this week. today final arguments and then the case goes to the jury. abc7 news reporter leslie brinkley has been following the case. >> reporter: prosecutor autry james solemnly read the names of 36 victims as family members wept openly in court, a few breaking down into sobz.
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quote, suspended in smoke with the bottleneck of 80 people at the only exit out. >> the way autry put it this time, left the suspension in smoke. it's just not easy to hear. [ inaudible question ] >> yeah, i think it's still something that just hurts. >> reporter: james said the two defendants, max harris and derick almena acted with criminal negligence and listed for the jury nine crimes they've proven beyond a reasonable doubt including failing to get permits, failing to install sprinklers and alarms, and storing vehicles in a residential building that was originally leased as a storage facility. >> i keep wanting to jump up and down and screaming that's why max is innocent. max didn't sign the lease. he didn't form the lease. he didn't found the ghost ship warehouse. >> reporter: but almena's attorney said his client was depressed after today's presentation to the jury. >> very experienced prosecutor, somewhat gifted, articulate,
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certainly knowing the facts, did a very powerful job. >> reporter: among the eight women and four men on the jury and four alternates, one juror often gazed at the defendants. another quietly wiped tears as the judge admonished them not to let bias, sympathy or public opinion sway their opinion. the defense begins their final arguments tomorrow. the case could possibly go to the jury in the next couple of days. i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> time now to get your accuweather forecast, and meteorologist drew tuma is in for sandhya patel. drew, definitely feels like it's cooling down. >> it does, getting relief from the weekend heat. everywhere feels much more comfortable than it did yesterday. live doppler 7, patchy fog along the coast line. that story certainly the 24-hour temperature change, we are cooler in most locations. concord 11 degrees cooler, hayward 13 degrees cooler and novato. right now this is where we should be this time of year.
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64 currently in the city, 70 in oakland, 76 in san jose. still warm inland, 80 in concord. overnight tonight we'll see the fog. return first along the coast line, after midnight spilling in around the bay shoreline. temperature wise it's a comfortable night for most of us. low to mid 50s over the next 12 hours. you will find that fog slowly pulling back to the coast line throughout the morning. and tomorrow a lot of sunshine and temperature wise pretty much where we should be for late july. 70 the temperature tomorrow in oakland, 63 in san francisco, high of 78 in san jose. 85 the high in santa rosa. and inland we're comfortable in the 80s. 86 the high in antioch. the accuweather seven-day forecast. plan the next 7 days for you, tomorrow is bright, little bit breezy along the coast line. but it's comfortable. slightly warmer here on wednesday. we'll touch 90 in our warm est spots. kind of bounce around on thursday and friday with little change to the forecast. and then, kristen, the upcoming weekend a little warmer, but nowhere near as hot as we were in past weekend with 80s and 90s
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by the afternoon. >> drew, thank you. coming up, new announements the next big
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thinking of getting a new phone? well, you might want to wait until next year. 7 on your side's michael finney is here with apple's big promise. michael, we want speed, right? >> that's what it's about, speed. we have another reason you might want to buy one of the new apple iphones. one analyst now believes all of apple's 2020 iphones will be 5g capable. 5g is the new faster data service, 20 times faster than the 4g most of us are using today. this allows apple to stay competitive with many of the newer android smartphones which will be using 5g. it seems like everyone wants in on video streaming, even car makers. this weekend tesla c.e.o. elon musk suggested streaming video from youtube and netflix would
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be coming soon to his electric cars. the streaming would only be available when the car is stopped. but musk says once self-driving cars are on the road legally, streaming will move along with those self-driving cars. mini vans just aren't selling like they used to. sales are down 13% over the last sales arwo years.% over the last this after rebounding just a bit after the recession. j.d. power says the mini vans share the overall u.s. market is now under 3%. consumers are choosing to buy larger suvs. all sales, i should point out, are down right now. >> aren't mini vans more fuel efficient? that's what i used to think. maybe it's changed. >> the bigger suvs, fuel efficiency isn't on anybody's mind. >> you are right about that. thanks, michael. and when we come back, we will take you back to gilroy and the
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back to our coverage now of the mass shooting at the gilroy
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garlic festival that killed two children and a young man, let's go back to abc7 news abc7 news s ashley live in gilroy. >> we're in touch with the alcohol tobacco and fire agency. there is a vigil that will take place a few feet from where i'm standing at 6:00. we are told it is put on by the community. people described this community as close knit. that's a bit of a cliche. you hear that a lot, but boy, it is sure true here in gilroy. a thousand people gather fofrt festival. it is a festival and unfortunate tragedy. at 6:00 i'll be here with the entire team. but for the moment i'm dan ashley. good night from gilroy. kristen, back to you. >> good night, dan. thank you. and indeed so painful the process and impossible to
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understand. "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next. i'm kristen sze. for drew tuma, michael finney, all of us at tonight, as we come on the air in the west, we have new reporting in that deadly shooting rampage in california. the gunman opening fire at a food festival. families running for cover. three people killed, among them, a 6-year-old boy, whose family tonight says he was a happy, loving boy. what we've just learned about the 19-year-old gunman, armed with an assault-style rifle. his social media posts including what authorities now describe as white supremacist messaging. president trump tonight defending himself against allegations of racism after attacking congressman elijah cummings and calling a baltimore district a, quote, disgusting rat and rodent-infested mess. saying, no human being could want to live there. what's behind this? republican reaction just in. the homeowner shot multiple times, and what the body cam now shows.


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