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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 25, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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their homes. >> chiaramonte said they would get it done and they haven't. wayne freedman is in santa rosa with the very latest. wayne. >> reporter: good evening, eric. behind me is one of those homes in question. it's roughly three weeks away at this point from being finished and that's a major victory from the homeowner who is doing the work himself. it it's interesting. he said something to me today that was fascinating. he said that fire may have taken 30 minutes to burn this home, but it's been two years of heartache, and he blames much of that on the contractor. if you've heard the stories about clients who become their own attorneys, here's the twist. andy guy, one of many tubbs fire victims who have had to become their own contractors. >> framing, the trussing, the damage to our septic system. >> reporter: andy is describing what he called substandard work by the tulare contractor who promised to rebuild burned tubbs fire homes at central valley prices. but the plan never worked out. >> i think it snowballed on
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them. they took on way too much. >> reporter: now they are under criminal investigation by the california contractors state license board, and it faces an avalanche of suits from homeowners who say the company owes them a combined 3 to $4 million. attorney richard freeman. >> i have a half dozen clients from whom money was taken and not one thing was done. not one piece of earth moved. he absolutely took their money as late as april of 2019 and gave them nothing. morally despicable. >> reporter: last may, pam defended the company's motives. >> we're not some fly by night company and we didn't go up there as ambulance chasers to go up there and -- >> do something like this to
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almost 100 people is just, just unconscionable. >> reporter: that's carol. she estimates they owe her $90,000. since then she's hired another contractor and filed suit. >> it will be finished when i see the contractor in jail. that's when it will be finished. >> reporter: so the next question is what happens with the sonoma county district attorney. we asked them today. they said they still have not received the case from the state. but we do know that there are 17 counts being investigated. live in sonoma county, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> wayne, why can't the customers just walk away? >> reporter: well, some of them tried to walk away and some of them have walked away. i spoke today with a man who says he'll never get back the $76,000 he put into it. he's hired another contractor. others can't walk away yet because the construction company still has the construction permits to their homes, but they can't get in touch with the
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company to have those permits transferred. the city of santa rosa is helping with that. >> all right. wayne freedman live in santa rosa. thank you, wayne. if you're facing an issue we can help with, we want to hear about it. we're on all the social media platforms. abc7 news on facebook, abc7 news bay area on twitter, and any time you're online, you can go to >> new at 6:00, san francisco police have arrested a suspect in the theft of a dog that was caught on camera. the theft happened outside a grocery store in japan down july 13th. the dog named lili has been safely reunited with her owner after being found in the tenderloin. san francisco police shared this picture of the suspect, 53-year-old lay van luck. investigators arrested van luck after he was detained by patrol officers suspected of vandalizing cars. a abc7 news is committed to building a better bay area and that means a better bart. transportation is one of the big issues where we look for improvements. we've held bart accountable,
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asking the tough questions time after time on safety issues. like safety, cleanliness and reliability. oftentimes it's abc7 news reporter leslie brinkley asking those questions, so she was at bart's board meeting today as they introduced a new general manager, and she joins us live to explain what changes passengers will notice now that bart's under new leadership. leslie. >> reporter: well, it's likely that riders themselves could get a chance to meet this new general manager, bob powers. he says in the next couple of weeks he's going to be getting out here in the field, in the stations, on the platforms, on the trains, and he wants to ask riders questions about what they think should happen. bart's new general manager is an insider, an engineer who knows the system and is promising to take bart to the next level. abc7 news is part of building a better bay area has been grilleding bart about mounting problems. and today was no different.
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we questioned newly minted gm bob powers. >> there's been a lot lately about safety, homelessness, fare evasion. where does that weigh in in >> we're going to focus on our customers, we're going to follow through on the quality of life initiatives that we have underway. >> reporter: things like a pilot program for new tougher to jump over fare gates in richmond that have drawn criticism, but -- >> so far with the limited data we have, we've seen a significant reduction in fare evasion. 355 to 60% reduction, so those double set fare gates do seem to be working. >> reporter: a decision whether or not to install them in more stations will be made in se expect to see elevator attendants on duty 24/7 in the embarcadero and montgomerie street stations. after the success of the pilot program at powell and civic center to curb the use of elevators as bathrooms. for the first time since 9/11,
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the bathrooms at oakland's 19th street station will reopen next year after they're modernized with an open floor plan that can be monitored by an attendant. the same modernization will take place at powell street. 33 police officers have been hired since january. 25 more are needed to get to full staffing. a top priority for the new gm. >> you know what riders want? they would love to see bart police officers coming onto the trains. they would love to see just someone walking through that has some authority to kind of regularize things. when we start doing that it will be a happy day and riders will feel we've turned the corner. >> reporter: you can imagine if you ask bart riders what complaints they have, they'll give you quite an earful. i think the o get a lot of information when he starts asking riders what they think. back to all the broken escalators? that's a big problem. so what's the timetable on
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getting those replaced? >> reporter: well, yeah, that's finally coming through the pipeline from what he expressed today and the bart officials i talked to today. starting in 2020, bart's calling it the year of the escalator. they say that they've got 40 they're going to be replacing, most of them in san francisco, and those escalators, as new ones will come on board, be transferred in and out starting next year. reporting live in walnut creek, i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> all right, leslie, thank you. and abc7 news devoted a week to covering bart as part of our commitment to building a better bay area. we rode trains all day long visiting every station. we talked to riders and to the people in charge of making bart better to see what changes are coming. you can see all those stories on our website,, building a better bart is part of building a better bay area. >> today four of the world's largest auto makers reached a deal with california regulators to gradually increase fuel efficiency standards. the agreement is a rejection of the trump administration's plans
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to roll back federal vehicle emissions standards. abc7 news anchor dion lim joins us now more with this deal. dion? >> eric, the deal is a compromise between obama-era emission standards and the lax ones by the trump administration. some say it is good for the environment and good for your wallet, energy companies and republicans are calling this a political move. bucking the trump administration's attempts to relax emissions regulations, california and four of the world's largest auto makers making up 30% of new cars sold in the u.s. have entered a pact to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles. >> these countries moving in this direction. the vast majority of governors, democrat and many republican as well, get it and they want to see this kind of optimization. >> california's deal is with the following auto makers. bmw, volkswagen, honda and ford. governor newsome has gotten them to agree to boost the fuel economy standards to 50 miles
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per gallon by the year 2026. in the meantime, president trump, though, has proposed freezing those standards at about 37 miles per gallon by the year 2020. these numbers, according to dan, professor of energy at u.c. berkeley and former advisor for the obama administration say they are a compromise. >> they say we will back off on our annual improvement numbers and give an opportunity for the u.s. epa to get on board with this. >> and in the long run will benefit consumers. >> if anything, a price to depress gas prices because over time we're going to see more and more auto manufacturers taking on electric vehicle targets. >> members of the republican party what long with big energy have been quick to fight back. tom pile of the american energy alliance provided this statement to abc7 news saying, in part, these four auto companies are in denial of the fact that california is no longer in charge of this program. the only thing they have accomplished is sticking their finger in president trump's eye. >> some of our policies in california worked over the
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years, but this is to me all about politics. it's gavin newsom showing he can stand up to donald trump. >> reporter: the trump administration is expected to prevent california from setting its own emissions standards. now, dannon advertise pats more auto makers will join the four already on board, and it is widely believed new york will be the next state to join california with similar emissions standards. i'm dion lim, abc7 news. back to you. >> all right, dion, thanks. gee san announced today it will cut more than 12,000 jobs, 9% of its global work force, after sales fell during the spring. the japanese automaker employs thousands of people at u.s. plants but it has not revealed yet where the jobs will be eliminated from. nissan has struggled to restore its image since its former chairman was arrested in japan for financial misconduct last november. >> tesla's stock is down more than 13% today following the release of the electric car maker's second quarter earnings. the results fell well below wall street's estimates.
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the company lost $408 million despite producing and delivering a record number of vehicles. >> a tesla was involved in a deadly crash in san francisco last weekend. the owner was not the one driving. he rents out his car through an app. >> he said he did everything possible to make sure his vehicle was safe for others to use. >> i'm spencer christian. get ready for a hot weekend. inland temperatures will exceed 100 degrees in s
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a couple came to san francisco to celebrate their wedding anniversary. that trip is now a tragedy. >> sunday they were crossing the street when a speeding car hit them, killing the husband and sending his wife to the hospital.
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she is still there in serious condition. >> only abc7 news obtained video that captured the crash and the wife's attempts to shield her husband from the oncoming car. we've stayed on top of the story because it's one many of you have been nolg both on air and our website >> now, the car involved in this accident, a tesla, was rented using the app get around. today abc7 news reporter chris reyes talked to the car's owner. we will have that story in a moment. >> but first let's talk about what's happening right now. the city is hosting an open house to show off what could improve a six-block stretch of taylor street in the tenderloin between sutter and market. sunday's crash happened right in the middle of that stretch at o'farrell street. abc7 news reporter lyanne melendez has that part of 0 you are team coverage. >> reporter: when police say the driver of this tesla appears to be speeding when she runs a red light, it brought renewed attention to a problem that has existed in the tenderloin for years. jodiy of walk s.f. says the
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tenderloin is on the city's high injury network. the speed limit is 25, yet people don't follow that. >> yeah, no, people don't follow the speed limit. and we do want to even lower the speed limit. we think 20 is plenty, especially in a residential area. there are more one way streets here creating a sense people can drive faster. most of the people who drive through the tenderloin are not residents. late this afternoon the san francisco municipal transportation agency hosted an open house to address pedestrian safety in the tenderloin. last july 18th, a man was struck at the intersection of eddy and mason. while we were shooting this video, a young woman was nearly hit >> like you have this car and i'm just a human so just be aware of your space and your surroundings, right? be a cautious driver, share the road. >> reporter: i'm sorry that happened to you. >> yeah. >> reporter: according to the sfmta, speeding is the 25% of the cause of fatal znts in the
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city. this is taylor and o'farrell, an intersection that is always of grave concern to many because people do speed through here. i downloaded an app, which is going to tell me how fast people are going. now, honestly, i don't know how accurate this is, but let's give it a try. remember, here the speed limit is 25 miles per hour. 32. 35. vision zero s.f. is helping to create more traffic safety in the city, which would include installing more red light cameras. even the police union, which was opposed to them, is now in favor of including them. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, >> and the owner of the tesla involved in that deadly crash said he made sure his vehicle was safe to rent. he was not driving the car at the time of the crash. the driver had rented it through the get around app. the owner today told abc7 news reporter chris reyes what he saw from his tesla's dashcam video
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right before the collision. >> i am surprised because she was very slowly driving and crossing the market street very casually and slowly. you could hardly believe that she would just accelerate just like that. >> reporter: that's what albert kim saw from his tesla's dashcam video of the crash near union square that killed 39-year-old benjamin dean and critically injured his wife kelly dean last weekend. kim has turned over the car's thumb drive to police. they are now trying to recover footage from the moment of collision. >> right at the time of the accident, the data was corrupt. >> reporter: kim rents out his tesla on the service get around. it was his car 21-year-old kelsey mariah cambridge was driving at the time of the crash. for every tesla you rent on get around you put a speed limit. >> yes, because i don't want my car to be totalled. >> reporter: kim says he does everything possible to make sure his cars are safe to rent. >> it's not the performance model so it doesn't have ludicrous mode.
6:18 pm
in my car in the description, . >> rorr: he says at the ti of the crash, the car was even on chill mode. >> chill means it accelerates longer period of time than even standard acceleration. >> reporter: cambridge has been charged with involuntary manslaughter. police say she was speeding through a red light when the crash happened. >> she managed to crash it below the speed limit which i put. >> reporter: kim hopes the crash will put less focus on the car and how safe city streets can be. earlier this week, family and friends of cyclists killed this year rallied for change in city hall. >> i'm like -- i feel very bad about the situation. >> reporter: in san jose, chris reyes for abc7 news. >> stories about this crash have been some of the most clicked on our website. abc7 to learn the latest, get our breaking news alerts. >> let's find out what the weather is going to look like the next few days.
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>> i think it involves a lot of heat, spencer. >> it does. i'm playing around with my computer -- now we have the graphics going. now we get to the heat. here's a look at live doppler 7. we have fog at the coast beginning to move locally out over the bay. we'll see patches of it moving inland tonight. here's a view from emeryville watching swf swallowed up by the fog. it's currently 64 degrees in the city a i don't say the bay oakland 67. 82 at redwood city. san jose 80, 84 morgan hill, 57 at half moon bay. you can see how visible the fog is at the golden gate now. current temperatures up north, santa rosa 72. napa 71. petaluma 81. looking eastward a bit 90 in fairfield, concord 92, and 90 at livermore. and the view from mount tam looking at the advancing fingers of the fog pushing out over the bay, these are our forecast features, the fog will continue expanding tonight near the bay. it will be mild tomorrow and we his weekendit triple digit high temperatures in inland areas both weekend days.
6:20 pm
here's why we have this bit of a heat wachlt. wave. high pressure expanding from desert in california, across the entire state, but here in the bay area we'll feel the heat as well. overnight as the fog pushes out over the bay and lingers at the coast we'll see low temperatures mainly in the upper 50s to low 60s. it will be pretty mild in inland areas like antioch, fremont, concord, livermore where lowes will be in the 60s. very uncomfortable overnight conditions. the forecast animation shows the movement of the fog. 5:00 tomorrow morning as the commute gets underway, there will no doubt be some areas of reduced visibility because of the fog, but touch-tone burn quickly back to the coast line mid-morning and linger there throughout the remainder of the day giving us sunny skies over the bay and our inland areas. highs tomorrow will range from about 64 at half moon bay to 68. here in san francisco going down the peninsula, san mateo 78, a high of 81 likely at palo alto in the south bay, san jose 86 over in the east bay look for highs of 92 at livermore, 94
6:21 pm
antioch. up north 93 -- 83, rather, at napa. don't worry it will get to 93 over theeekend. 87 at santa rosa. looking ahead to saturday, you can see how the heat will increase. we'll see numerous inland locations, especially north bay and east bay with highs at or above 100 degrees. it will be even hotter in some of those hot spots on sunday. over the weekend we'll see highs right around the bay shoreline is up e upper 70s to mid-'80s. on the coast upper 60s on the weekend. monday a sharp cool down ten degrees and more in many locations. the heat wave will last a couple days. the heat spike over the weekend, but relief begins on monday. so let's take a further look at next week's conditions. the highs in the low 90s inland on monday. but only upper 80s on tuesday. and once tuesday arrives, we're going to have a pretty steady pattern for the remainder of the week of 80s inland, 70s around the bay, low 60s on the coast. the typical pattern this time of year. >> all right. >> thanks, spencer. >> okay. >> remember the 2008 recession?
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it's a tough one to forget. >> next the top three triggers for the
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stocks retreated from yesterday's highs on one of the biggest days of the earnings season. weak earnings and disappointing forecasts led to a sell off in the tech sector. the dow shed almost 129 points.
6:25 pm
the tech heavy nasdaq lost 83. the s&p was down close to 16. according to a zillow survey of experts, the next recession will begin next year. there are three likely triggers. trade policy, a stock market correction, or a geopolitical crisis. the housing experts and economists used in the survey predict housing demand will drop next year, but prices will keep going up. >> no recession in sight at the port of oakland. despite the new tariffs between the u.s. and china, overall exports are up from last year. the port says it's because of other asian countries. south korea, japan, and taiwan where export volume has risen. exports to china are down 17%. china is oakland's largest trading partner. the port is exporting moral mon more almonds, meat, oranges and hay. >> ignition and lift off. the fault con9 rocket and the
6:26 pm
dragon spacecraft. >> on board, 35500 pounds of experiments, supplies, food and slime. it is meant to be there as part of a new campaign by tv network nickelodeon to encourage children to pursue science, tech and engineering. >> san francisco's central subway was supposed to help with the city's traffic problem. but ten years after construction began it's still not done. what's the hold up? we're going to take you on a tour inside the subway, part of our efforts to build a better bay area. >> and next, a one-man crime spree through los angeles.
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>> announcer: now, news to build a better bay area from abc7. >> chaos in los angeles, four crime scenes and a 13-hour-long manhunt for one suspect. >> that suspect is now in custody. investigators are still piecing together a trail of violence. >> abc7 news reporter marcy gonzalez shows us what they're dealing with. >> reporter: a violent crime spree spread across four separate scenes in southern california, setting off a tense 13-hour-long manhunt. >> go ahead and add ems. i got a total of three victims.
6:30 pm
>> roger, three victims. >> reporter: the first call to police coming in at 1:50 thursday morning from this apartment building near los angeles where police say 26-year-old jerry killed his father and brother and shot his mother. >> doing a pro tem, he's shown himself to be very dangerous. >> reporter: less than an hour lauer, l.a.p.d. said he killed a female acquaintance and shot her coworker at this hollywood gas station. before 8:00 a.m., he tried to rob a customer at gunpoint at a bank atm. finally quarter to 1:00 another shotting this time on a city bus where one person was killed. >> i got up and shot the dude in the chest. everybody just scattered. >> green jacket. blue dodgers hat. he ran eastbound from this location. >> reporter: police finally tracking him down, tasing him and taking him into custody. marcy gonzalez, abc news, los angeles. >> celebration and joy have replaced protests and anger in
6:31 pm
puerto rico after the governor announced overnight he would resign august 2nd. waves of people carried flags as they marched through san juan today hours after he announced he'd step down in a facebook post overnight. advocates pushed for his impeachment of the u.s. territory. one woman expressed her joy before she boarded a flight from chicago to san juan. >> i am very happy this is happening because this is what puerto rico needs. we need someone to governor and not doing things bad for people in puerto rico. >> calls for his resignation came after a series of text messages surfaced. the outgoing governor and his ads exchanged sexist remarks and mocked victims of hurricane maria. >> the u.s. justice department says it will carry out executions of federal death row inmates for the first time since 2003. five inmates will be executed starting in december. in 2014, president obama directed the department to conduct a review of capital punishment and the issues surrounding lethal injection
6:32 pm
drugs. that review resulted in what effectively was a freeze on executions. the department now says the bureau of prisons has completed that review and the executions can continue. accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein was hospitalized after being found injured in his manhattan jail cell barely conscious. the multi-millionaire is now back in jail on suicide watch. guards say he had injuries to his neck. epstein is in jail awaiting trial after being declared a flight risk. >> the co-founder of san francisco's e-cigarette maker juul was grilled by lawmakers today on capitol hill. james said juul was developed for adult smokers who want to stop smoking and the company never intended under age teenagers to use the product. many lawmakers said they are concerned about juul's marketing tactics. east bay congresswoman said it is an example of the worst of the bay area. juul says it has taken steps to curb under age use.
6:33 pm
>> abc7 news is committed to building a better bay area. we take that literally. we look inside the subway in san francisco which is behind schedule. it will link soma as you can see on the map. it began in 2003, work began in 2010 and it was supposed to be completed in 2018. now it is not expected to open until smooometime next year. busy stockton street runs past high end shopping and hotels. you can see just how busy it is. here's something you can't see yet. >> people don't realize that underneath stockton street there's hundreds of people working every day to build a new subway that will connect south of market with union square and chinatown. >> today we got a tour of some of that underground work. from the seeing to the tracks, 100 feet below street level, crews are working hard to get the station open. it has been plagued by delays, originally scheduled to begin
6:34 pm
operations in december of 2018, the date was pushed back to december of this year. then to early next year. >> we know we've got many months of construction ahead of us. we also have many months of testing. >> after 18 months with with an acting project director, mta has hired a dedicated one, and his first job will be to determine exactly when this project will be finished and how much it's going to cost. >> my first priority besides everything else, is to look and see how much time it will take to finish this job. and start running the trains. >> most of the delays involve the chinatown portion of the line where mta is trying the complex task of building a station and laying underground tracks while trying not to disturb the businesses above. the $1.6 billion project will stretch 1.7 miles and the new project manager has six weeks to come up with new estimates on cost and completion. >> the job is to get this job done. >> that's when we'll find out if there will be even more delays.
6:35 pm
we want to hear your ideas about traffic and transit and how to build a better bay area. share them by joining our better bay area group on facebook. >> all ght.stick around, and yo gold star. what's not sticking around? >> the story that has sold stickers for decades in petaluma. we get a final tour of mrs. grossman's next. >> a woman pays a rental deposit with an app on her phone. turns out the landlord is a fake. is there any way to get that
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the sign tells you everything you need to know. tomorrow dreyer's ice cream parlor in rock lij will close. according to berkeley, employees got the news on monday. dryers would only tell abc news it is closing its flagship store for, quote, a number of reasons. and it looks for a new tenant in that building. >> a north bay sticker store that's been around 40 years will soon be closing. >> mrs. grossman's sticker factory in petaluma has announced it's shutting down its retail store and will end public tours. >> abc7 news reporter liz kreutz got one of the last looks
6:39 pm
around. >> we can skooch in a little more. >> reporter: inside mrs. grossman's sticker factory, it's like a walk back in time. >> our biggest press can hold ten dye plates. we run the presses 20 hours a year. >> reporter: for ten years she's been welcoming girl scout troops, sticker lovers inside the petaluma factory. to get a glimpse into how some of the favorite stickers are made. >> so this is the amazing wall of stickers. >> reporter: jason grossman is the owner. >> we're looking at probably 3,000 miles of stickers here. >> reporter: his last name is no coincidence. your mom's favorite sticker. >> this has got to be it right here. this is mice people. >> reporter: his mother andrea grossman founded the company 40 years a go in 1979. >> this is the first sticker we ever did. it's the red heart. that's our company logo. >> reporter: that signature heart still sold today. people still buy it? >> still buy it. >> reporter: for the grossman family, sticker making is an art. >> the biggest thing, does that sticker have a feel to? does it have spirit to it? >> reporter: as we walked through the factory we were saw
6:40 pm
the machinery that makes it all happen. this is one of the printing presses. it can basically print any color in the world. and this is the original tool. they still use it to this day. mostly wine labels are made here now. most of the sticker production is moving to a factory near sacramento, which is part of the reason the tours and their retail store must come to an end. >> they basically don't want people coming in and seeing how wine labels are made. also insurance reasons. >> reporter: for so many it's a big loss. >> very sad. >> very sad. >> it's a great local business that has opened its doors to the community. >> reporter: for whatever it is, there's just something about stickers. >> i'm going to miss the visitors. i'm going to miss the enthusiasm. i'm going to miss personally meeting people and hearing their stories. >> reporter: in petaluma. >> i'm going to miss that a lot. >> reporter: liz kreutz, abc7 news. >> good news, though. you can still buy the stickers online. >> my experience is when you have small kids, they'd rather
6:41 pm
have stickers than almost anything else. >> i think you're right. >> except ice cream. did you enjoy today's weather? well, you might be missing these temperatures. they're rising this weekend as we take a look at the east bay hills. is that mt. diablo? >> i believe so. >> i believe so. >> spe we're here for you. so chances are, you've seen us around the house. or around the yard... on the shelf... or even out in the field. your mom knew she could always count on us... and your grandma did too. because for over 150 years, we've been right by your side. advancing health and nutrition for everyone you love. so, from all of us at bayer... thank you for trusting in us. then and now.
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we've been reporting about a bay area family who lost $10,000 to a fake landlord. adds the housing crisis steep ens, the scam is growing. >> it caught up with a san francisco woman who thought she was helping her niece find a place to live, but it ended in heart break. 7 on your side's michael finney is here. he helped her out. >> i mean, this actually goes beyond money, this particular one. it means a young woman and her child have no place to live. our viewer's money went to a phony landlord and now she's asking can't the banks get my money back? we decided to try. >> my niece is a sing many mom. she lives in los angeles. >> tracy in san francisco just wanted to help her niece and little grand nephew move from a motel room into a real apartment. >> crystal is her name. she called and she said, i found this place, auntie, and i really want to get it. >> crystal saw the ad on craig's
6:45 pm
list, an affordable inlaw unit in hollywood. >> she had been speaking with the land lord and it appeared to be a go. >> all she needed was the deposit. could aunt tracy send the money? >> i said, i do have $400 that i would be willing to send. >> in a phone call, the landlord insisted tracy send him the money through cash app. a pier to pier payment system. he seemed less jet. >> he was very polite. he kept saying thank you. >> so she agreed, cash app, whisked $400 to the landlord, crystal would get the keys that night. >> so she waited. it was about 11-ish. >> but no one came. crystal wrote to the apartment. >> she said no one is answering, auntie, and she started bawling. i was very upset. how could anyone have done that? i feel that he's preying on people that desperately need housing. it hurt me to the core, and it really does still hurt me.
6:46 pm
>> tracy tried to contact cash app but couldn't find a phone number or email address. tracy contacted 7 on your side. we did contact cash app. a spokesperson said the service is not intended to send money to strangers. the terms of service has this warning. fraudulent transactions may result in loss of funds with no recourse. however, cash app did investigate the case and gave us some good news. which we gave to tracy. >> we have issued a refund of $400. oh, my goodness. thank you. >> even better, cash app says it has shutdown the scammer's account. hopefully for good. >> i'm really grateful. thank you. >> and i want to thank cash app for pursuing this scammer. tracy says she can now help her niece find a real home. next week abc7 will be looking deeper into the housing crisis, facing all of us. if you live here in the bay area. 7 on your side will host two hot
6:47 pm
lines, one for renters on tuesday, and another for homeowners on wednesday. we'll be posting the number and you can call and be sure to watch it here on abc7. it's going to be a fascinating week next week. a lot of great work being done. >> whether you rent or own it's expensive here in the bay area. >> unbelievable. >> michael, thank you. >> it's also hot here in the bay area. >> oh, yeah, that's where spencer christian comes in. he depth cause it, but he's going to tell you about it. >> i have some hot lines of my own coming up. here's a look at live doppler 7. usual evening fog pushing out over the bay. overnight lows under lots of low clouds near the coast and bay. will be mainly upper 50s to low 60s. farther inland milder, 60s uncomfortable for overnight lowes. mid 60s at the coast to upper 70s and low 80s at the bay. low to mid 90s inland. then comes the more intense heat saturday and sunday. look for highs at clover dale,
6:48 pm
clear lake at or above 100 saturday. many locations will be in the upper 90s. sunday it may turnout to be hotter than saturday. 102, 103 at some of the inland spot. more upper 90s inland on sunday in place that don't triple digit out. on monday we get a sharp drop in temperatures, about a ten degree drop in most locations, so cooling is on the way. monday further cooling on tuesday and the remarnd of the week after tuesday will be in a more typical pattern for this time of the year. much more comfortable, of course. the heat back over the weekend, pretty intense. >> good ne >> goodness, thank you, spencer. >> think cool thoughts, like football. >> wouldn't you love to be in shoulder pads, helmet, whole football gear, all that stuff? >> sure, oh, yeah. >> like 95 degrees. >> sure, love it. >> awesome. it's upon us. one of the concern wn the ninersraedosa s the ponlt possibility of a hold out that is no longer a worry. training
6:49 pm
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6:51 pm
>> announcer: now abc7 sports with larry beil. >> good evening. nfl training camps are underway. tomorrow the 49ers and raiders both report to their respective camps. no hold outs in santa clara with the final two rookies signing last-minute deals. that includes the second overall pick, nick bosa. bosa signing a four-year deal worth about $33 million. included in that is a $22 million signing bonus. the star defensive end at ohio state, he hardly played at all
6:52 pm
last season because of an abdominal injury. he suffered a hamstring strain on the second day of o.t.a.s with the niners. in 29 career games with the buckeyes, bosa had 17 1/2 sacks. the 49ers want to see that quarterback pressured. just minutes later after the bosa announcement, the niners also announced they signed their second round draft pick, wide receiver d. bo samuel, worth $7.7 million. he was the 36th overall pick, came out of south carolina. 30 games, 48 catches over 2000 yards, 16 touchdown. also was a kick returner. he has got explosive speed and terrific hands. he's going to be really fun to watch this season, especially yards after the catch. now, the number one overall draft pick, kyler murray reported to his first nfl training camp with the cardinals. says murry is the future of the franchise. no pressure there at all. kings bury is in his first
6:53 pm
season as an nfl coach hoping to take his air raid offense from college, the pros and murry loves it. >> people don't understand how it works. don't think it will work, too scared to change it up. when you have an innovative coach, a coach with a lot of creativity that's going to actually go out there and put on the field instead of just talking about it, you know, it's obviously worked. he's learned from guys that he's been coached from and i just think it's, you know, it's a very dangerous offense once everything is clicking. >> we'll see. the a's open a nine-game stance in a four-game series against texas. a's looking to hold onto the second place wild card spot. the a's 39 and 20 since may 16th. that's the second best record in baseball during that span. with the trade deadline rapidly approaching next week, they know they have an opportunity to get even better. but even if they don't make a deal, the a's have some reinforcements on the way. >> we have some guys that are down. we think we can help us and, you
6:54 pm
know, who knows what the trade deadline will bring and so, yeah, i think any time you have some injured guys, they're a big part -- sean was part of the leader of the rotation last year, that you can get incrementally better from within and not necessarily just have to be a trade as well. >> talking about sean la nigh there. for months it seemed like a foregone conclusion that the giants were going to trade madison bumgarner. now not so fast. the giants have surged up the standings. they're in contention for a wild card playoff spot. if trading your ace makes no sense. mad bum has a 2.0 e.r.a. with 41 strike-outs and 36 innings. sources all throughout major league baseball believe the giants are going to hold onto bumgarner when the deadline comes next wednesday. might even become buyers if the right deal or deals should come along. on to golf, the first round of the fed e saint jude invitation in memphis, rory
6:55 pm
mcilroy missed the cut for the open. 7 back of leader jon rahm who shot an 8 under 62, here he is from the high grass in the rough. his approach almost went in. he's got a three-shot lead heading to tomorrow's second round. the tour de france will wrap up this weekend. today's stage 18, the roughest stage in the yaps, 120, 9 miles straight up, three big climbs. quintana took the stage, 5 hours, 34 minutes 15 seconds. julian came in 14th today. he'll retain the yellow jersey and has a 1 1/2-minute lead. could you imagine bicycling 129 miles when it's 109 degrees out? >> no. >> i'm sure nobody is going to be sore tomorrow either. >> hydrate. >> yes, please. larry, thank you very much. >> well, join us tonight for abc7 news at 11:00. a call for change after reports
6:56 pm
thousands of undocumented immigrants have been deported via the oakland airport. the specific demands community members made tonight of those who oversee airport operations. >> it's a good night tonight on abc7. coming up it's steph curry's "holey moley." followed by ayesha curry, she's taking over "family food fight." at 10:00, catch a reef break and stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. >> they had the same last name. are they related? >> they might be. i'm is not sure. >> stick around, jimmy kimmel live comes on at 11:35. >> that is going to do it for this edition of abc7 news. look for breaking news any time on the abc7 news app. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm eric thomas. for larry beil and the entire newscast, thanks for joining us. have a good night.
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