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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 23, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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trying to protect her husband because she knows the impact is coming and puts her arm up. unfortunately the car hits both of them right here with catastrophic results. benjamin died, kelly critically injured. lyanne melendez joins us live from san francisco. you talked to some people today who say the has got to do more to protect pedestrians and cyclists. >> reporter: that's right, larry. in 2014, san francisco came up with something called vision zero. and basically, it was to create more safety in our -- on our streets. things like that behind me, a crosswalk very, very visible. of course, these markers that help protect me and bicyclists but advocates say we need to do more and we need to do more faster. the video seen only on abc7 shows the driver of a black tesla speeding and going through a red light before hitting two
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pedestrians in the crosswalk. today in front of san francisco city hall, a moment of silence for those pedestrians and bicyclist who have die this had year after being hit on city streets. >> lucy morales. nancy ing. >> while this chart shows the number of people killed has dropped over the years, city officials say more is needed. >> we need real enforcement on our streets. the mayor put out a directive which we support to focus on the five most dangerous traffic behaviors and increase citations. >> reporter: but san francisco is often criticized for being reactionary yet failing to follow through with enforcement. here's an example. a few months ago, police were stopping people on 19th avenue caught texting while driving. today there is no enforcement in that location. last may citations were given out to uber and lyft drivers who double parked to pick up
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passengers. if you will go today, they're no longer there. the driver of the car that hit the two pedestrians was charged with involuntary vehicular manslaughter and running a red light. those charged often face minimal penalties even if caught speeding or driving carelessly. scott we knower says that is too has to change. >> california state law honestly, when you read it, it's as if people who aren't driving cars barely exist. >> reporter: now, in most cases, unless you were found or charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or you fled the scene, it is very, again very unlikely you will only be charged with a misdemeanor. i'm live in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> do we have an update on kelly dean. >> how is she doing at this point? >> reporter: well, i called the
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hospital this morning. and one official told me there that, of course, she's still under the care of doctors at san francisco general hospital. she is surrounded by family members. but one thing is that her family knows that people here in san francisco are praying for them. >> for sure. thank you, lyanne. reporting live in san francisco. stories about this tragic crash have been some of the most clicked on we have more information about the victims and what's being done to try to prevent a crash like this from happening again. to get the latest, download the news app so you get all our breaking news alert. >> in the east bay, a big rig slid down a hill in pleasantton just after 11:00 a.m. near a.m officials haven't said what caused that big rig to slide. track is slowly getting back to normal on 80 in the east bay. you can see a crash around 1:30
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p.m. blocked several lanes in that eastbound direction near university avenue in berkeley. at least three vehicles were involved. it's not clear if anyone was hurt. all lanes reopened just about 90 minutes ago. >> new details on the canyon fire still burning south of ber r lake berryessa. nine homes have been evacuated but no damage reported at this point. highway 128 from monticello damtom rag canyon road is closed in both directions. >> let's get to drew now for a look at conditions near that fire right now. drew? >> we're tracking temperatures still rather warm right now. in the upper 80s. current conditions, 87 right now. humidity at 34%. one benefit for firefighters the wind direction has been pretty consistent account last 24 hours. out of the southwest right now, currently gusting to 18 miles per hour. as you go through the next 24
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hours our fire danger will be on the rise. you like to take a look. by 6:00 tomorrow evening especially in parts of napa, solano, contrata and alameda counties moderate to high fire danger with the blunz an yell lowsen 0 your screen. that correlates with warmer weather tomorrow, as well. right now from sutro tower, low lying fog. we'll switch on over to the santa cruz camera right now. folks enjoying tons of sunshine on the sand right now. lots of sun. it has responded with temperatures already in the 90s and tomorrow, it's even warmer than today. so we'll look at the numbers how hot it will get where you live. >> thank you, drew. san francisco mayor lonn agreed toured chinatown today in an effort to reassure merchants and residents there would be more police, security cameras along the busiest street where violent assaults and car robberies have taken place. vic lee has that story.
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>> we're going to have to do something. >> reporter: the mayor came to than city hall would be doing it all it can to protect them. the street crimes filled the entire front page today of the world journal. this after a heated community meeting here yesterday. frustrated and angry, merchants and residents asked for more police. this video shows a man with a stick smashing windows of cars along stockton street. these stills taken last week shows a chooz community lieder on the you ground after he was talked by a group which stole his gold rolex watch. he waits for an ambulance which witnesses say took a half hour to respond. this video shows channing being beaten by the same assailants on the same crosswalk. he told me today he ran over to help the victim, a close friend of his when someone from the group punched him in the face.
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>> after the events of what just occurred, i know that there's a lot of fear. >> fear flches kevin khan own the fortune cookie factory, a chinatown institution always crowded with tourists. he wonder what's this will do to local business. >> who want to come to chinatown when they hear all this bad stuff happen to them? >> reporter: this realtor heads the chinatown neighborhood association. he and others want a police box on stockton street and he's offered space rent free in his building. >> those guys wants to make troub, there's a police station there. >> reporter: the captain says he prefers his officers to walk their beat instead. >> for the officers to be mobile abthroughout chinatown is probably better. >> reporter: the mayor says. >> the cameras are going up, add are more beat officers and that's something i've been
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fighting for reporter. the crime prevention group will have cameras up and running in eight weeks. they'll run along stockton street where the attacks occurred. vic lee, abc7 news. >> thank you. activists hit the streets of chinatown today to educate the asian community about the 2020 census. speakers highlighted the importance of the census and the resources available to help people fill it out. language barriers can prevent members of the community from participating. others just don't trust the system. >> folks that are immigrants with green card status are afraid to fill it out. they also have this distrust of any government form or survey, especially if they don't speak english. >> an organization called the asian-americans advancing justice claims one in five asian-americans lives in communities at risk of being undercounted because of income and limited english speaking
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ability. the city of richmond is considering joining several other bay other cities in banning electronic cigarettes. the mayor is it expected to introduce an ordinance during the city council meeting. the meeting starts at 6:30 tonight in the richmond city council chambers. >> oh, my gosh. i never ever thought this kind of stuff would you happen. yeah. >> falsely accused, a terrified woman accused of shoplifting. but she didn't steal a thing. her story in her own words. dmv reform, the effort to speed things up at the dmv. and a mystery safe, a safe uncovered after all the flooding in guerneville. the question is what's inside of it. opening that mystery later this hour. >> and checking our traffic. it is 4:09 on this tuesday. this is looking at walnut creek
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a mom from castro valley says she was racially profile the and wrongly accused of shoplifting in at kohl'ss in san leandro. >> she recorded the incident on her phone and posted on facebook where it's been shared hundreds of times. liz kreutz spoke with her today and joins us now. >> reporter: hi, yeah, this mother who is hispanic says she
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purchased one item here at this kohl's and left the other six items in the dressing room. when she left the kohl's here, she says she was approached in this parking lot by two large men ho did not identify themselves. they were security guards. they told her she had shoplifted. when she started recording, they threatened to call the police and ultimately they did. >> i come here and i shop all the time. i spend a lot of money here. but because i look like a broke mom with a backpack, an you guys target me. >> reporter: this is yolanda montoya, a nurse and mother four who says she was racially profiled and wrongfully accused of shoplifting. she recorded the incident on her phone and shared on facebook. >> please explain to me what i did. >> reporter: it has been shared hundreds of times. it she explained what happened. >> i'm so mad like i'm shaking because i just couldn't believe it. and in my head, i'm like obviously i didn't steal anything.
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where could they have thought i even stole anything. i'm like oh, because i took clothes in the fitting room, because i have a diaper bag, because i look a mess and i look like i might need to steal. i don't know. i don't know. but this was something more than just me going -- because clearly there's no cameras. they didn't see me take anything. so why me? >>. >> reporter: how has kohl's responded? >> they called. they did call and they apologized. i told them that there needs to be a no tolerance policy for this kind of behavior. i feel that you can't just slap somebody on the wrist and just say, this is just a mistake. everybody should feel like they can walk into a fitting room and leave their belongings behind without being accused of stealing. i'm just a normal mom trying to go to the store and shop and now
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i'm -- felt that i need to present myself a certain way, can't carry a certain item or a bag because i'm being judged. >> reporter: and there's a lot of questions still, why did they not check her bags immediately and see that she didn't steal anything or do a more thorough check of the dressing room. when she was released she went to the dressing room and found the items she tried on still there. i'm going to show you the statement kohl's provided. they said kohl's prides itself on customer service and creating a welcome can experience for all customers. we take allegations very seriously. we have apologized to the customer directly and in frequent dialogue working toward a resolution. that's the response from kohl's. liz kreutz, abc news. >> yolanda said ta kohl's apologized to her. does she feel that's enough? what's next? >> reporter: as you can probably tell from what will she said and
4:16 pm
the fact she's speaking with us, it is not enough for her. she wants the security guards to be disciplined and said she plans to take legal action. after she posted that video on facebook, she's received responses from several people from some even at this kohl's and this is a larger issue that needs to be address and she is ready to take it on. >> cal train unveil aid draft of its long-range vision for improvements in service for the next 20 years. 65,000 people ride cal train each day. the goal is triple that and provide service to 180,000 people by increasing the number of trains from five to eight during peak hours and running express baby bullet trains every 15 minutes. cal train estimates it would need an extra $90 million a year for the upgrades. >> the governor announced new leadership for the dmv one day before all employees will be
4:17 pm
retrained. steven gordon will be the new directorer. he was the managing partner of a consulting firm when the governor took office, he announced the creation of a strike team to review the department. their report was released today outlining the progresses already made including a decrease in wait times. >> last august you would have been spending 58 minute more waiting for a transaction than you would today. >> the long wait times had a lot to do with the complications caused by real i.d.s which will be required october 1st of next year for air travel unless you have your passport. the recommendations include revamping dmv technology, training and processes. all offices statewide will be closed for a half day tomorrow. employees will be training to process the real i.d. transactions as well as improving customer service. the offices are scheduled to reopen at 1:00 p.m. >> the new terminal one at sfo
4:18 pm
is officially open. we were inside as the first flights took off. the terminal named in honor of harvey milk, the first openly gay politician elected in california. nine gates will be open for now, but when the renovation is complete in 2023, there will be 25 gates. shopping on the rise at airports. big brands like estee laud area, jack daniels and colgate are expanding foot prins in airports to get travelers to buy imsuls pullsively. travelers on average have nearly travelers on average have nearly an hour of free time translating to 30 minutes of shopping time. >> new details on the pennsylvania school district that threatened to send children to foster care if their lunch bills weren't paid. the school district we jected the offer from a ceo of a coffee company to cover the cost. he says the school board president told him it the money
4:19 pm
system owed by parents who can afford to pay. the district is is in a suburban considering filing liens on property to get the lunch bills paid. goodness. >> so our heat continues here. not as bad as they had it in the midwest and east coast last week. a little bit of heat for us. >> tomorrow searching for 100 degrees. here we go. something for everybody. don't like the heat, go to the coast. larry loves to be by the beach. >> santa cruz beach looking pretty good too. >> live outside, live doppler 7, a quiet scan. no precipitation but some coastal cloud cover right now over parts of san francisco and parts of the half moon bay. the picture right now is a gorgeous one. you can see a light chop on the bay waters. ba baby blue skies. it's a perfect night if you're headed to oracle park. the cubs in downtown once again. later on this evening, a lot of sunshine. temperatures in the low 60s. as the sun goes down, we'll
4:20 pm
introduce some fog later on by 9:00. temperatures start to dip into the upper 50s. if you're going to the game, have the hoodie or jacket with you as temperatures start to cool off. microclimates in full effect. 59 in half moon bay. 3 concord, 80 in san jose. 94 in fairfield. 85 in santa rosa. san rafael coming in at 86 degrees. here's live doppler 7 along with satellite. you can see monsoon season is in full effect right now. look at this. high pressure over the four corners supplying to bring showers in parts of arizona, even las vegas getting rain right now. and parts after southern california. some showers on the map. for us, what this high will do, it will bring that warmer weather inland tomorrow. and also gives it that muggy feel in the morning as it will feel slightly humid for bay area standards. overnight tonight, fog limited
4:21 pm
to the coastline and some isolated areas of fog around the bay shoreline. plenty of stars. mid 50s to low 60s overnight tonight. let's show you the 12-hour day planner tomorrow. a carbon copy forecast in terms of sky condition. cloud cover first thing in spots. then a lot of sunshine throughout the day. by 4:00, it is hotter inland. temperatures getting very close to 100 degrees in our warmest spots. a closer look at highs in our microclimates. south bay 89 in san jose tomorrow. warm in the south bay. 94 for morgan hill, 86 for cupertino. 85 for sunnyvale. 38 redwood city. 76 in san mateo. downtown san francisco 68. a little bit warmer in south san francisco going for a high of around 0 degrees. it will be hot in the north bay. 90 in santa rosa. 99 in clover dale, 58 in sonoma, 87 san rafael. 79 in vallejo.
4:22 pm
east bay 76 oakland. 89 in fremont, 83 the high in castro valley. inland we are breaking with temperatures nearing 100, 9 in brentwood, 98 pittsburgh. 94 the high in pleasanton. the seven-day forecast, hotter inland tomorrow. some high clouds streaming in on thursday as temps take a bit of a dip to finish the week on friday. all indications saturday and sunday is trending warmer across the entire region. a lot of sunshine, the fog goes away. even the coastline starts to warm. the fog will return early parts of next week. >> or the weekend. >> it's a weekend. >> 100. >> that's where you live. >> if you have ac, stay inside. >> bright side. >> thank you. >> always be an optimist. >> the best places around to
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breaking news in the oakland hills. sky 7 live over police activity in the area. police say they're looking for a person possibly armed with a gun. this is on sanford street near interstate 580 and keller avenue. there's a lot of police vehicles in the neighborhood. we'll keep you updated here on abc7 news as well as the abc7 news app on facebook and twitter. >> if you've wondered what happens to all the guns collected during a gun buyback, look at this. these beautiful pieces of art were made from five arms surrendered during a gun buy back event in san francisco this past december. the sculptures were made from bullet casings, barrels, stocks and magazines. one artist created an art piece after her fiance was killed by gun violence. >> those gun parts took someone
4:26 pm
else life before it. i can't imagine like if i got a piece, took my fiance's life. what i'm going to do with it. >> there's the beautiful form. it's a flowering tree but made out of this brutal material that has been used to kill people. that kind of alcantra diction speaks to the issue of how had do we talk about guns. >> art of peace was started by a mother whose son was killed in vallejo. it runs at san francisco's center for the arts. >> new survey giving residents of fremont bragging rights. the personal finance website wallet hub ranks fremont as the second best place in the entire country to raise a family. the survey gives the city high marks in health and safety risks as well as education and child care. overland park, kansas ranked one. aside from fremont, here's how other cities ranked. san jose 16th, santa role sa 36,
4:27 pm
san francisco 30th, oakland 130th. detroit ranked last in the list of 182 largest u.s. cities. correct my memory, didn't you used to live in detroit? >> i did. i lived in the suburbs. metro detroit. there's some really great places. so you know, it's hard to know exactly what's going on. >> a little dangerous at the time though. >> yeah. a shocking new twist to that murder mystery? canada. the people once thought victims now are being considered suspects. the new details coming up. >> plus anger over this viral video of police
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y'know what? my place... is a lot cleaner now. stop cleaning. start swiffering. now news to build a better bay area from abc7. >> and here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. san francisco city lead remembers calling for more enforcement on city streets following a deadly collision. a tesla ran a red light, then struck a couple crossing the street. the collision killed the man and left his wife critically injured. safety voces are using the crash as a call for action. abc7 news reporter joe bin nan for the san tweeted out this picture. the names of the 149s pedestrians and cyclists killed this year were read out loud. world news tonight on the 9/11
4:31 pm
victims is compensation fund and the decision to make it permanent. jon stewart, one of its strongest advocates said we can never replay all the 9/11 community has done for our country. >> new developments with the investigation into a counseling couple killed in canada. there are two suspects in the murder and they may have been involved in other crimes. romine na puig gag joins us live with the update. >> reporter: police say the two teens who just yesterday were considered missing are now considered dangerous suspects. a crazy twist in the investigation of a murdered couple in canada. police now say two teens who were previously believed to be missing are now suspects. connected to the suspicious death of a man whose body was found near their burned vehicle and camper and believed to be involved with the cume's murder 300 miles away. >> now considering cam mcleod and bryan schmegelsky as suspects in the deese lake
4:32 pm
suspicious death and double homicide of lucas fowler and chynna deese. >> if you have information about kam or brian he's whereabouts, call 911. >> reporter: authorities know they have left british columbia and spotted in northern saskatchewan driving a rav437 the public should not approach them if spotted. >> hadth homicide investigation has advanced extremely quickly. >> reporter: the medical examiner is still trying to identify the mystery victim and the american couple seen in this video gassing up just a day before found murdered. their boys reportedly found in a ditch arranged almost identically. police are urging people to be b vigilant asking them to stay in
4:33 pm
populated camp grounds. romina puga, abc news. >> thank you so much. there's plenty you have finger pointing in new york city following the release of video of two incidents showing people dousing officers with water during the recent heat wave. one in harlem includes an officer being hit with the an empty plastic bucket and the other shows sisters being doused in brooklyn. mayor deblasio called the incidents likely criminal and disrespectful. the police union labels them as safety threats and suggests politicians helped fuel the incidents with anti-police rhetoric. >> only hours away from robert mueller's highly anticipated testimony on capitol hill. >> he will appear before two congressional committees to detail his probe into russian meddling in the 2016 election. >> here's a preview. >> reporter: the political stakes are high ahead of robert mueller's highly anticipated testimony before two congressional committees wednesday. >> bob mueller is going to
4:34 pm
having an opportunity to explain this report in his own words. >> reporter: democrats have been pushing for this testimony since mueller wrapped up his nearly two-year long investigation into russia interference in the election in march. a couple of months later, the former special counsel delivered what many expected to be his final words on the matter. >> and the report is my testimony. i would not provide information beyond that which is already public in any appearance before congress. >> reporter: but that message did not deter house democrats from issuing a subpoena for his appearance. they're preparing to question mueller on his decision not to clear the president of obstruction. >> if we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so. >> reporter: republicans are looking to turn the tables by calling into question mueller's reputation as a straight shooter and the origins of the russia probe under the obama administration. >> i've heard all i need to hear from mueller. i've read his report.
4:35 pm
i accept the findings. i don't think it's going to change public opinion. >> reporter: president trump accused democrats of attempting a do-over with the hearing and long called the investigation a hoax. >> so you have no collusion, no obstruction and yet it goes on. they think this is helping them. i personally think it's hurting them. >> reporter: this it be mueller's 89th time testifying op capitol hill. he's known for his very short and often one-word responses. ahead of tomorrow's event, the justice department sent him a letter saying he must stay within the boundaries of his report. mona abdi, abc news washington. >> abc news will have a special report on the mueller testimony set to begin at 5:15 our time tomorrow morning and we'll be streaming the entire testimony on our website, >> brexit hard liner boris johnson officially becomes the uk's prime minister tomorrow. conservative party members overwhelmingly elected him to
4:36 pm
replace theresa may. i president trump hailed his election before a group of conservative teenagers today in washington, d.c. >> there are a britain trump. they call him britain trump. people are saying that's a good thing. they like me over there. that's what they wanted. that's what they need. >> along with brexit, johnson inherits escalating tensions with iran over the seizure of two oil tankers one by the uk and the other by the iranians. >> in north carolina a judge approved a legal settlement allowing transgender people to use restrooms matching their zwrernd identity that could end a lawsuit against north carolina's so-called bathroom bill and the law that replaced. >> first boston, now modesto. plans for a straight pride parade are under way in the central valley city. a flyer circulating is advertising the event in late august. so far the city has not provided the vent fanner with a permit. feelings about the event are
4:37 pm
mixed. >> i don't feel we need to give a permit when you go to the page it, talks about whiteness it, talks about western civilization. it talks about being caucasian. >> i think it's ridiculous. >> if i'm here, i'll be there. >> we have to have a voice. don't people feel that way. >> the man behind it says he is part of the group national straight pride coalition. he says the event is his group's cultural answer to their opponents. bizarre sight on a street in china. a car rolling down the little you. see the door open. without a driver but with two children inside. watch a cab driver leave his vehicle and he's on a dead run. this guy is going as fast as he can to catch up with the car. finally catches up with the run away vehicle here. opens the door. and has the dexterity to hop in and slam on the brakes, saving the kids inside and possibly pedestrians and property. >> wow, that is incredible.
4:38 pm
a police officer risks his life to pull a man from a burning car and it was all caught on camera. we have that story coming up. >> and i'm drew tuma, live look from our santa cruz camera. a lot of folks enjoying the beach today. a nice spot to the go tomorrow as temperatures are on the rise. the numbers in the acc
4:39 pm
4:40 pm
this is some unbelievable video. flames shooting into the air. an officer risking his life
4:41 pm
trying to get that man out of the car. looks like the car is ready to explode all caught on camera. abc7 news reporterer amanda del castillo has the story. >> reporter: fremont resident beth cone anything capture this had fiery scene just a block from her home. a 28-year-old driver took out a tree on the road saturday night. impaled by the tree and on fire. driver stuck inside the car. >> shouldn't have survived and did he and he walked away. it's because of that officer. >> reporter: cone anything started recording as police officer jason trav zin ski arrived on scene. he first attempted to put it out with a extinguisher. >> all betts were off and i had to drag him out any way he could. >> reporter: he enters through the back clearing a path through the wrongs, moving toward flames following the driver's pleas for help. >> once i got hold of his hand, i was able to drag him over the seat and out the back. >> reporter: he says the tree was the biggest challenge.
4:42 pm
after maneuvering the man through the car, he was able to get the driver on his feet. >> he told that guy, stand up and get across the street if this thing blows. we need to get away. >> reporter: the three-minute long video shows the flames taking over the car moments after the rescue. evidence of the wreck remained on monday. the tree has been removed. even with the remarkable foot and, he says rescuing the man from the burning car was business as usual. >> there's nothing special what i did. any single one of my partners would have done the same thing. >> reporter: fremont pd is investigating the crash as a possible dui. the driver was take it on the hospital and not arrested. amanda del castillo, abc7 news. >> he's playing it down the officer is a real-life hero. that car was ready to go at a moment's notice. >> heroes. >> absolutely. >> let's turn to the forecast. and we are heading for triple
4:43 pm
digits. >> i know. some of us will feel the heat tomorrow. tonight we're tracking numbers in the mid 50s to low 60s. overnight tonight. the fog our marine layer is going to be very compressed ming the fog is very limited first thing tomorrow morning. we'll show you where that fog is to early tomorrow morning. 7:00 in the morning. fog over the city and some very patchy fog from richmond, oakland as far as south as hayward. by 9:00 in the morning, this fog is pretty much out of here leading to a sunny day tomorrow. highs on your wednesday, 68 in the city tomorrow. 76 in oakland, near 90 in the san jose tomorrow afternoon with a lot of sunshine. 87 in napa. 97 in concord and antioch coming in with a high of 98 degrees. here's the seven-day forecast. hotter inland. clouds to the sky for thursday. temps take a minor dip on friday. we're right back up roasting saturday and sunday. inland triple digit heat for
4:44 pm
both days with the fog returning early next week by monday and tuesday. getting close toer to where we should be this time of year. >> we told but that facebook event to storm area 51? september. now another event popped up. this one has plans to find a mythical monster. yes, more than 21,000 people have rsvped to storm lochness. >> let's doe it. >> part of the title includes nessie can't hide from us all. 44,000 people are interested. lochness is one of the largest bodies of water in the british isles and allegedly home to the lochness monster. the plan is scheduled ford september 21st. that is one day after the storm area 51 event. >> there's a lot of events liking this popping up. >> brilliant ideas. >> but that's going to turn into a barbecue and. >> maybe. >> a lot of alcohol. that's all that's going to be. what are they going to do, lasso
4:45 pm
her and try to ride her. is she really there. >> that's why they have to go find out. >> i hope the people don't come out and trample the area and make it bad, like trash, you know. >> it will be fine. half the people that sign up, no more than 90%. >> they'll be in vegas from the day before. >> area 51, right. >> it seemed like a good idea at the time. now some divers are pulling up old tires that had been used as reefs. >> i'm 7 on your side's michael finney. did you get a letter from pg&e in the bankruptcy letters going right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles after qualifying purchases when you apply and are approved for the hawaiian airlines world elite mastercard. plus, you earn miles on everyday purchases. get closer to the travels and moments you'll remember forever with this special offer. need another reason? enjoy an introductory
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if you have symptoms of this bacterial infection, ketoacidosis, or an allergic reaction. do not take jardiance if you are on dialysis or have severe kidney problems. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. so, now what do you think? while my a1c is important, there's so much more to think about. ask your doctor about jardiance today. an effort is under wade in florida to fix what was believed to be a good idea in the '70s but wasn't. divers are removing tires placed in the gulf back then. the idea was to use them to create artificial reefs. the problem was it didn't work. and the tires are toxic. >> they for some reason thought tires would create habitat because after the space inside the tire. they don't make good reef material. they're considered garbage. >> tires are just there, not
4:49 pm
doing anything just sitting there but thing bad stuff in the water. you have like the natural reef and then he just have this trash sitting next to it. it does not belong there. >> the divers were removing it abandoned crab traps and lines on the bottom that will entangle life and aren't go good for fish pripds they hope toe have the removal project complete within a year. >> climate change may to be blame for the spread of a resistant super bug. a new study says it could be the first example of a new fungal disease emerging because of the climate crisis. it is called candid da there are confirmed had cases in 30 countries including the u.s. the climate has gotten warmer and some organisms have adapted to human's protective temperatures. >> millions of people are receiving letters from pg&e. >> michael finny, what do we
4:50 pm
need to know about them? >> they read like legalese. they connected to pg&e's bankruptcy filing. the letter is from the utility's bankruptcy attorneys and it's notifying comefrz a huge important deadline. claimants have till october 21st to file a klay against the company. ian mcdonald is a san francisco bankruptcy attorney. >> if you have a claim particularly for fire damage or any other kind of daniel, it's not all fire damage but if a pg&e truck ran over your property or something fell from a power pole on top of your house or something like that, then you would have a claim. >> reporter: some 3700 claims have been filed against pg&e tonight at 6:00, i'll look how this affects you and have advice on who should and who should not file claims. amazon coming under fire
4:51 pm
from the consumer group public citizen. public citizenas filed a complaint with the federal trade commission saying participants in amazon's associates program published product recommendations without disclosing they actually had business relationships. the program allows those people who promote products in exchange for proceeds from any sales made. amazon does tell review yours to disclose they're paid but public citizen says that is routinely ignored. >> the bopping company recalling some of its infant head and neck support accessories. there are suffocation concerns with both the epny floral and heathered gray head and neck supports. they could tilt an infant's head too far forward. the productsed were sold at several retailers including target and amazon. you can get a full refund through the boppy company. gnc will close 900 stores nationwide.
4:52 pm
the health store cited the acceleration of negative trends in traffic. and says it is focusing on mall locations to close. 28% of gmc stores are in shopping malls, 61% in strip malls. 192 locations have already closes so far this year. >> wow. big trouble. it's too easy to get supplements on line. you dit down at the computer. >> you know what you want. >> yeah, it's tough. >> reorder. thank you, mike. >> get ready for a big sugar rush. the doughnut chain krispy kreme launching some sweet, sweet, sweet menu items. it's all about the sugar. listen. they're introducing doughnut infused ice cream and milk shakes, no toppings and glasings for their already ultrasweet doughnuts, adding scoop sandwiches a layer of ice cream with doughnuts in it served betwen a sliced doughnut topped
4:53 pm
wutg vanilla or chablth. you getting all that. >> i can't keep track. >> and krispy kreme is doing a major expansion, 450 new crispy creams expected to open by the end of 2022. we want more sugar. how about a little wine and cheese-its to go with your ice cream? cheese-its. kellogg offering a combo wine box teaming up with house wine to make it happen. this is only for a limited time. you can find the new product on the house wine website starting at 2:00 p.m. on thursday and it goes for $25. i bet you that actually does very well. >> probably. i think you're right. >> so there's a mystery in the north bay. up next, the efforts to open a supposedly crack proof safe found buried in concrete in a theater. >> hmm. new at 5:00. >> some neighbors saw it happening and were willing to take a stand about it. >> an incredible moment as a community holds handston stop i.c.e. agents from arresting a
4:54 pm
father and a son. >> credit score myths. michael finny what hurts you and what doesn't. >> and the scooter commuter in the middle of rush hour. we'll have -- that's not too who's dog is this? it's my special friend, antonio. his luxurious fur calms my nerves when i'm worried about moving into our new apartment. why don't we just ask geico for help with renters insurance? i didn't know geico helps with renters insurance. yeah, and we could save a bunch too. antonio! fetch computer! antonio? i'll get it. get to know geico and see how much you could save on renters insurance.
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afternoon, we have a mystery. >> we do. it's about a small box that will survived a lot of history and in obscurity we might add till now. >> here's abc7 news reporter
4:57 pm
wayne freedman. >> reporter:. it's a study of contrasts and toil. >> is this your first? >> yes. >> i hope it's my last. >> reporter: in jurnville this summer, the sun is out is, 9 water and beach sublime. for the past week, those may as well be in another universe because of this evolving mystery inside the old river theater. >> did you know it was here? >> no. >> it's being this concrete encased hidden old safe by jerry knight and john who came in to do renovation work. as of this morning, they couldn't get it out or open. >> this was made by the herman safe company. >> those are the same people who instaualled safes for the u.s. mint. >> if you go online and collect it, you cannot news nitroglycerin, you can't drill it or cut did. >> reporter: they were teased when they found steel pennies
4:58 pm
spring offed around the safe maybe for good luck. what's inside one can only fantasize. >> $20 gold pieces, silver dollars, the deed to the town. >>. the mystery. the unknown. >> reporter: here's what we can surprise. whoever hid the safe intended remain here. anybody who takes a turn encounters suborn concrete laced with rebar. five minutes will make anybody an expert on futility. >> they got in there far in how many days? >> four days i've been working on this with jackhammers. >> reporter: finally this afternoon, small victories, the safe weighs 300 pounds. now does anyone know a verified safe cracker? in guerneville, wayne freedman, abc news. >> wayne says we already know the answer to the last question. as of this afternoon, at least four safe crack experts offered their services.
4:59 pm
>> the other question is how do we check their credentials? why didn't bring the safe cracker in in the first place? >> i don't know. >> that's going to do it for news at 4:00. i'm ama daetz. >> abc7 "news at 5:00" starts right now. >> oakland is answering this crisis with a sense of urgency. >> and the city needs a sense of urgency. new numbers show the situation went from bad to worse. >> in san francisco, searching for solutions to chinatown's crime problems. police offer answers but will they satisfy residents? >> plus, we'll get the low down on get around. that's the card share agservice or car sharing i should say. one of its vehicles was involved in a traffic accident over the weekend. >> and the emotional outpouring for a bay area man thanks to the gift that will make a huge difference in his life. now, news to build a better bay area from, abc ? >> well, the homeless problem in oakland is getting worse. anybody that goes there has seen
5:00 pm
in up close and perhaps nobody it better than mayor libby schaaf. >> no one deserves to spend a single night on the streets. >> anything that we try that is new will have risks. but i think the greater risk is to do nothing. it's emotional and the whole point of this count is also our way as a community of saying that our unsheltered residents count. >> 70% of the people that we've served have left for that road to sustainability. >> this is a moral imperative. people are not healthy without shelter. >> all this yet the numbers keep rising. i'm larry beil. >> oakland's homeless population rose nearly 50% in the last two years. the numbers show the rate is now 940 for every 100,000 people. that's higher than san francisco at 906 and berkeley 898. >>


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