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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 20, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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w were you doing when you were 17? this teen is building a better bay area. what he's doing for the homeless that goes there's no such thing so start driving and don't stop. because no one takes off at the finish line. and the only way to get that trophy, is to take it. net generation. official youth tennis of the usta.
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a woman was attacked from behind while working out in this park. police say she was wearing head phones and didn't hear anyone coming. live doppler 7 showing high pressure to the east and will bring us warming weather in the coming days. >> i'm in san francisco. a 17-year-old is here in the tender loin trying to help the homeless. abc7 news starts right now. neighbors are calling for change after a woman was attacked in a park. >> some neighbors are fearful
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the park is still unsafe. >> live in mountain swru the very latest. >> reporter: the suspect is now behind bars. mountain view police did confirm to us that the woman was listening to a podcast. she had head phones on and did not hear anyone coming from behind her until she was attacked. on a popular creek side park trail, the noises most common are bikes, people working out and nature. last night at 9:42 p.m., a woman's plea for help was heard loud and clear. >> he came up from behind her, wrapped his hand around her mouth and attempted to lift her up. fortunately her instincts kicked in and she began kicking and screaming which alerted passers by in the area. the man became spooked and dropped her and left. >> he is sergio martinez.
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the mountain view police detained him after neighbors reported him prowling around the neighborhood. >> detectives were able to determine that the individual detained for the prowling was the same suspect involved in the attack in the park. >> last night's attack is the second one on this trail this year. >> i walk to work in the morning at 6:30. >> on february 25th, a woman was brutally attacked. >> a gentleman who was a french national staying in the area, he viciously attacked a woman. >> they have lived in this neighbor for years. they avoid the trail past 8:00 p.m. >> over the years this city is becoming less safe unfortunately. >> make it a more secure area. >> he is facing charges.
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>> what is concerning is there might be other victims out there and they ask that they come forward. >> thank you very much. taking live look right now at sfo. we got a sneak peek at a newly renovated terminal at the airport before it opens to the public. it is part one of a three-phase plan. it is named after a trail blazering san franciscan whose career was cut tragically short. it was fitting that abc7's own vick lee emceed it. he is one of the few, maybe the only tv reporters still active who covered him when he joined the san francisco board of supervisors in the 1970s.em viv euphoria, the excitement, the day he was elected to the board. the first openly gay politician
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elected in california. >> the euphoria was cut short when they were assassinated by the supervisor dan white in 1978. but it wasn't a day of sorrow. it was more of a celebration. it will open with nine gates and jet blue. >> i know we have three phases in this project for terminal one and we have completed phase one. >> it will feature 25 gates and new concessions and loading bridges. 150-year-old nonprofit spca will continue to provide shelter behavior services, post adoption support and online programs for
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the community including behavior and training videos on its youtube channel. the spca from san francisco serve an email saying in par, these changes will allow us to reach our goal of making a maximum impact in the long term. serving 5 million cats and dogs over the next ten years and we are confident we are on the best path forward. the organization's new plan for the future is called vision 2030. >> the need to combat homelessness is being addressed. >> we are introduced to a 17-year-old who spends his time making care packages for the homeless. not only that by sits down with s on to ask what their needs are how i like a care package today? >> how is your day going? >> to say he is compassionate would be an understatement.
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>> thank you so very much. at 17 he started the homeless been factor's coalition. on the weekends he spends time with the homeless. >> here's a bagel for you. >> passing out hygiene kits and food. >> i see them as true i take them as regular people. >> frank has been homeless for a decade. the fact the teen took time to talk brought tears to his eyes. >> it hurts a little but i'll take what i can get. >> why does it hurt a little? >> because he's a kid. i'm a grown man. >> it all started in the tenderloin. he used to come to visit his grand parent who own this hotel so this is essentially his community. >> to see that my son wants to come here and help the community is amazing.
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>> for me it feels good. >> i was a little nervous at first. it's not something i'm used to. not something we generally do. but you know, it has been a great experience. >> it is very nice, the way he is showing that he loves them, that he cares. >> in san francisco. >> thank you. have a great day. >> abc7 news. >> the senior in high school man's to hold more events like these throughout the year in different parts of the bay area. we have an update to another building a better bay area we first brought you last night. thor issent house in oakland has been offering houses in the last decade has been facing eviction and had a dead line today to pay $14,000 in pack rent. the communicate came through and more than 27,000 has been donated on a go fund me page.
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their rent was recently raised from $2,000 to $3,500. if you would like to donate, we have a link on our web page. you've heard about renting bikes, scooters, how about a beverage cup? >> the city of berkeley man's to launch a reusable loan services. they will partner with vessel. customers check out steel cups with silicon lids and return them within five days. they'll be fined $15 if the cup is late. by january berkeley will require vendors to only use come postable items and charge 25 cents for disposable cups. a lot of you said sounded gross. the may know role.
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>> tonight the fog is coming in and wee have the
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one small step for man. >> it was 50 years ago today that 500 million people around the world watched the moon landing on television. still single biggest event ever televised. today celebrations are going on across the country from cape canaveral in florida where the mission launched to houston, home of the mission control.
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where the flight director says it's time we keep going. >> all of a sudden we quit. it is time for america to keep moving and building the energy and patch. what america can do. >> nasa says they plan to put people on the moon again by 2024. >> now the bay area played a pivotal role in the apollo 11 mission. >> here's a look back. >> 50 years ago, the entire nation stopped to watch history in the making as apollo 11 astronauts neil armstrong and buzz aldrin walked on the moon. >> the courage and the fortitude. >> the thousands who came aboard the historic uss hornet. the ship which picked up three
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astronauts after splash down. >> it happened back on earth. the recovery was what fascinated me the most. >> i was in the right place at the right time. >> he was in the helicopter that plucked them from the ocean. emmitt all happened very fast. >> they splashed down at 5:20 and we had them back on board by 6:00. >> i was the flight surgeon. >> he was the first to community with them. he needed to know if they were okay but only hand signals would work. the noise of the chopper was too loud. >> as they came into the helicopter, i got a thumbs up. one, two, three. as i say, my life is complete. they were okay. >> what a relief. >> on board the hornet, not everything went according to plan at the mobile quarantine facility. >> several nights prior to that they painted a nice white pathway from the helicopter.
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the paint wasn't dry. >> despite so many odds and low technology, it worked. >> my phone has about 200 times computing power than was used to go to the moon and back. >> even some of the recovery crew members cannot believe they actually pulled it off. after all these years. >> by the way, that computer that mike was talking about, actually failed when they got to the moon so neil armstrong had to hand land the lunar module. >> can you imagine? that's quick responsible lt. >> that's some driving. >> for sure. better not steer the wrong way. you can ynd modul i livin room, not. >> check this out. that's the apollo 11 command module up close and personal.
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how cool is that? i think google's 3d augmented reality and you can create it anywhere you are. google apollo 11. with your device, click on the a.r. you will see it on the home page. we even had it in our they said it is the first time they've added an enjoy. >> lots of people were carrying the lunar module. >> if you can imagine, it is like us doing this and we're so cool. it at >> technology is so awesome. try it out home. it is really neat to see in it your own personal space.
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we'll have warm weather the second half of the weekend. the san francisco skyline is getting chopped in half as the fog moves in. a live look right now. showing you a foggy night over the city. we'll find some patchy fog along the shoreline. here's the accuweather highlight. it will be a warming trend that will mainly affected the inland communities. it will be cool along the coast mid-week. so our micro climates will be in full effect. it is shaping up to be a very nice forecast. 58 in the city. we've cooled off to 63 in san jose. 60, the current temperature in
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oakland. here's the story we are tracking, high pressure to the east. over the four corners will make its way to the west. that will bring the warm-up for a lot of our inland cities. the other forecast feature that isn't going anywhere any time soon, this area of low pressure over the pacific northwest is going to help to keep the coastline cool. we'll have a wide range of temperatures over the next several days. overnight, we find the fog, some coastal drizzle, mid to upper 50s. away from the coast. the sun is up here about 10:40. a love sunshine. tomorrow it will be in the 80s and 90s. 85 tomorrow with thin, high
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afternoon clouds. 72, millbrae. downtown san francisco, afternoon sunshine, 67, the high. 78 in sonoma. 80 the high in the east bay. 73 in oakland. 82, fremont. 76 in hayward. 90. concord up to 80 degrees. it continues. it is likely hitting the century mark in our warmest spots. and then we'll turn it into friday and saturday.
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>> he's very excited about that.
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this very weekend, disney and marvel studios' end game is expected to become the top grossing film of all time. >> kevin and his team announced the mile stone today at comic-con in san diego. the movie's global gross through friday was $2.78.92 billion. i need to take a break after that. that's $500,000 behind avatar which has held the top spot for the last decade. the worldwide offices expected that gap to be closed by
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tomorrow. disney is the parent coil of abc7. and marvel made some other announcements about their upcoming native. you can see a complete list announced today on their website. >> i am still trying to process all those digits. >> it is more money than all of us together will ever have. the giants have been putting up some winning numbers. >> the giants are overpowered by the mets. how many the orange and black gave up against new york. and the
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want. the bay area is home to two of the hottest teams in baseball. the a's have lost 22 of the last 27 games. they lead in home runs and are on pace for most homers in a seems. first and third batters, brett anderson faced. minnesota taking the 2-0 lead just like that. the a's couldn't get anything going until the seventh. second deck. ties it. the a's have at least eight home runs and 20 consecutive games. next batter. ramon liriano. they would trail 4-3. canada gets hit by the pitch. next batter. laureano delivers in left. canha stops at third. chris davis hits it so hard.
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it bounces into shallow right. both runners score. the a's take the 5-4 lead. over? no. they led to bases. just one out but watch this. mitch garver grounds into the game ending double play. they can take three of four with the win tomorrow. well, despite the loss to the mets, the giants are still red hot. the orange and whack are 13-3 for the month and have climbed to two and a half games out of the second wild card spot. she's having a fun time at the ballpark. cannot say the same for the second inning. the rockets went out of the yard. three for five. now 2-0. jeff mcdaniel doubles the lead with the two-run homer. samardzija, six hits, four runs. we pick the loss. new york would get two more homers in the sixth. todd frazier, the solo homer.
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then pete alonzo with a pinch-hit, three-run homer. his 34th of the season. the giants lose 11-4. there for the rebound. 1-1. the 33rd minute. off the post. watch closely. chris wondolowski is there for the goal. 2-1. then in the 79th minute, the quakes go on to win it 3-1. this abc spuf report. in the history of major league baseball, only one player has been a unanimous selection. if you can that, great. if you don't, i'll tell knew 20
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minutes. it's not babe ruth. >> don't google. >> hey! almost eight months after the camp fire, the public pool in paradise is set to reopen. plus, the school district is going to new extremes over
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good evening. thank you for being with us. mountain view police have arrested a man suspected of
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assaulting a woman while she worked out at creek side park. the victim fought off her attacker and escaped. the officers capitaltured the suspect. and the first look at harvey milk terminal one. it was named for the lgbtq rights pioneer harvey milk. jet blue will start using it next being. the facility will eventually house 25 gates. >> today marks 50 years of one of the greatest accomplishments, landing on the moon. nasa hopes to put people on the moon again by 2024. >> many will deal with life threatening heat again tomorrow.
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>> reporter: hundred of thousands in michigan are without power while many are in the triple digits. >> it is not the heat. it's the humidity. >> reporter: in new york city, the mayor is san diego the power loss last weekend. >> we still don't have a clean answer about what happened last saturday. we're keeping a very close eye on con ed. >> reporter: millions melting in the humidity. in boston where there's a heat emergency, some finding relief in water parks. and millions across the country enduring the hot conditions. >> what are you doing to stay cool? >> eating ice cream. >> what are you doing to stay
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hydrated? >> lots of water. >> and the authorities reminding people not to leave children in cars and loo loo loo loo loo loo >> check on your neighbors if you see someone in distress. and tomorrow, millions will still be experiencing brutal heat. >> this has been the last several days the heat has been 90 degrees plus in a lot of the major cities on the east coast. the highs today, baltimore hit the century mark at 100 degrees earlier. 95 the high. new york city, 97 in nashville. even boston hit 97 earlier today. and they are not done with this heat. tomorrow we still have the
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excessive heat warnings in effect of you can see it up through boston. very high heat. even a heat advisory. look at the feels like temperature tomorrow afternoon. 109 in baltimore. 104 in new york city. 100 in boston and wilmington. by monday afternoon, the storms will move the heat off the east coast. the next 24 hours, it will be pretty brutal. people will have a new place to cool off in paradise. the crews finished cleaning the pool last week. it habit been open since last november's camp fire that killed 85 people and encapsulated most of paradise. swimmers can take a dip in more than 200,000 gaza of water. >> people lost their private
11:40 pm
pools. this is the only pool that people can swim in. >> new number show paradise' population has plunged by 90%. about 2,000 people currently live in paradise. new details are emerging after a high speed police chase in los angeles. some of the bad guys are actually from the bay area. yesterday's chase reached more than 100 miles an hour. they're seeing more and more tied to the bay area. >> we have crews from the greater oakland and san francisco areas that are regularly visiting los angeles for the particular purpose of committing burglary from vehicles.
11:41 pm
we will catch you. >> the lapd captured all three suspects after they drove into a shopping mall's garage. >> investigators say a crew hit a gas line causing a leak. a crew from a utility company shut off the gas when the explosion happened. a school district in pennsylvania is facing back lash after it threatened to send children to foster care if the lunch bills were not paid. they sent this letter to a thousand parents in an effort to collect nearly $20,000 in unpaid lunch wills. it states children could be removed from their homes if the parents don't pay up.
11:42 pm
>> when i first read it, the top of my head came off. what came to my mind was, what are we putting them in cages and sending them on mexico? >> the district now admits it went too far. it is now considering filing leans on properties to get lunch bills paid. >> tomorrow is national ice cream day. one couple celebrated early. tomorrow we are tracking
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tomorrow is national ice cream day. if you're hdi out for a cone, don't take it for granted. >> tom introduces us to a couple who is cherishing every last scoop together. >> for more than 65 years, george and norma have shared life, love, and ice cream.
11:46 pm
>> every night, i say, i want ice cream before i go to bed. >> at 90, she can no longer leave the house. she's been in hospice care for months. the couple refusing to move out of their buffalo home where they raised their family. >> we're going to pass on, we pass on in the house we love. the area we loved and with our family. so here we are. >> but norma had a craving to go out for ice cream. too weak to leave the house, her son-in-law had an idea. >> maybe i can find an ice cream truck who could come by and bring the ice cream to norma. so i called sweet melody's and told them not only is this one of her wishes and she is no longer able to leave the house but it is george's nunlt birthday today and then, his 91st birthday today. >> so the truck drove up bringing ice cream and memories. >> i remember the ice cream
11:47 pm
wagons that came up at that age. and this makes me feel much, much younger. >> norma ordering two scoops of her favorite. >> chocolate and coffee. >> the whole family able to enjoy, even laugh a little during this tough time. >> now i'm sure she won't have dinner with me. so who cares? >> for a couple getting toward say goodbye, one more moment to savor. abc news. >> if you're inspired by norma and george, we have a full list of ice cream date deals on our website. abc7 >> you don't to have twist our arms for that one. the forecast that is very appropriate. >> it totally is. especially if you live around the bay. it will be rather warm. 80s and 90s in the hot he will spot. the warmest finish. >> overnight we'll see the fog is already regathering. it is spilling into the shoreline west could see some coastal drizzle. the temperatures, overnight, mid 50s to upper 50s in our warmer
11:48 pm
locations. we'll break down the day. here's the 12-hour day. we start with patchy fog. starting in the 50s. mostly sunny already in the midday. low 70s, 80s. and then by 4:00, a lot of sunshine. some patchy fog. otherwise, the 80s and 90s in our warmest city. so highs around the region tomorrow. 67, it will be breezy in san francisco. much warmer in the south bay. san jose, up to 85 degrees. 73 in owing. it is warm in concord, 81 in santa rosa. napa up to 79 degrees. here's the seven-day forecast. patchy fog tomorrow. the warming trend begins. monday into tuesday. wednesday looks to be the hottest day this week. especially inland. we'll hit 100 degrees. still, cool along the coast in the 60s. so the micro climate is in full effect. then thursday, friday, saturday.
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>> good idea. >> did you figure out the answer? >> considered the greatest closer of all time. just ahead, baseball prepares to honor its latest to the hall of fame. >> and shane
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mother nature and butterflies could be shane lowry's biggest obstacles. tee times are being moved up because of the threat of bad weather. as for conquering his nerves, h from the site of the tournament. arriving with his young daughter for round three.
11:53 pm
tony finau tied for eighth, one of the shots today, chipping this one for birdie. brooks koepka can become the first winner to come in second. in all four majors, he's tied at fourth. jamie falls to third. tommy fleetwood is in second. thanks to the five under 66. he's at 12 under par. he shot an 8 under 63. everything going his way. check out this shot. it looks like it is headed back. he would make the easy birdie. this one stopped within feet. he is your leader. 16 under par. four shots ahead of tommy fleet wu.
11:54 pm
>> the most incredible day i've ever had on the golf course. i can't explain what it was like. inwe might never have a day like the on the golf course again of let's enjoy this next half-hour. sometime the wall just bounces your way. the twins lead to majors in home runs and are on pace for the most home runs in a single season. first and third, brett anderson. just like that. the a's could not get anything going. ties the game 2-2. they have at least one home run. next batter. 3-2 a's. he gets hit that i the pitch. next up, canha stops
11:55 pm
bounces off the first baseman into shallow right. the a's take the 5-4 lead. over? just one out. watch what happens. miff garder. the a's could take three or four win w the win tomorrow. the streak is open. there was a power show. and it is hard not to be happy of well, they're m much today. he went three or four of fifth inning now. 2-saw. a two-run
11:56 pm
new york would add two more homers. a pink hit, they baseball's all time saves leader mariano rivera headlines this year's class. one of six to be inducted on sunday. he is a five-time champ. he is the first yuban must selection in the history of the hall of fame. he was asked when in his career did he think cooperstown was a possibility. >> the career was done. well, i never really thought about that. i play
11:57 pm
i opened they will tee off just before six clom a.m. when you. >> 6:00 their time. >> right now. they're starting the final round. >> greenwich meantime. all right, anthony. thank you very much. >> that's it for tonight, everybody. >> abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00.
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