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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 19, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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at the jail, the supervisors and department deputies and they say moral is low because of what happened with this former sheriff's captain. she said the day before she lost her job, she filed a sexual harassment complaint against a high-ranking sheriffs official on behalf of another employee. now this is news to a lot of people in the department. there were rumors about what has been happening. you know, when this story broke back on june 3rd, we had sky seven overhead taking shots of the barbecue grill and that was the excuse being given why this commander was being walked off the job because of this project that was not apparently permitted and approved by the supere r v supervie v supervisors of the jail. clearly, there is a lot more to the story. we have details and been talking to people on the job and the former commander of the jail is
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telling her side of the story. you know she actually has some plans for the future. she's thinking about running for the board of supervisors. >> you're kidding? >> perhaps also applying to be the new independent watchdog over the jails. >> okay. >> so she got let go from the jail and thinking about maybe she'll come back and watch over the jails because she knows what goes on there. >> she has a perspective, no question. >> she definitely has perspective. clearly, we're waiting ochon ou report to be ready. >> we'll come back. >> we have it now. this is the first interview, the first television interview with amy since she was removed from commander of the jail at elmed wood. >> reporter: she was a 30-year sheriff's department employee, the first female president of the peace offices association when she through her support to laurie smith for last year's eection. she appeared at campaign events. >> during the campaign, i did a lot of support for her.
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i spent a lot of hours after work going to meetings and to the community. >> reporter: after she won reelection, she put her to captain and her opinion of sheriff smith has soured. >> she's mean and vindictive and it's her way or no way. >> reporter: she wanted to build a break area for jail staff. >> i wanted to create a garden so my staff could take a break to destress so that way they can come back to work with the inmates. >> reporter: when higher ups said there was no budget, she and her husband also a correctional deputy, donated $6,000 to get the project started. the union and deputies also chipped in. >> i think the overall project cost us about $15,000 or so. >> reporter: male and female inmates took weeks to finish the project including this custom grill with law enforcement flags and office of the sheriff carved into the handles. lay provided this handle she gave deputies plaques to
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recognize their efforts and debrief inmates. they talked about learning life skills during the project. >> it's more of an opportunity for us. motivates us. at the end of the day, we want to be able to pull this off. >> reporter: just days after the project wrappe up, sheriffs officials walked amy off the job at elmwood, took her badge, gun and department vehicle. she says she was blind sided and heart broken. >> it was really hard. >> reporter: why? >> humiliating and the way i was treated. >> reporter: this letter put her on paid administrative leave knowing she made false statements when questioned about soliciting donations for the barbecue and break area. is that true? >> that is not true. that's a ridiculous and false allegation because i was very clear with them who gave me the money. >> reporter: she posted this plaque at the garden naming those who donated and thanking them. she says this is the real reason she was disciplined.
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the day before she lost her job, lay reported a sexual harassment complaint on behalf of a woman who worked for her against a high-ranking sheriff official. >> she felt harassed, sexual ll harassed and would like it to stop. i asked sheriff smith for an interview and they didn't respond to my request to speak with her but sent an email. jessica galbadon describes the removal reason as gossip and calls it a nonsensical factual deficient story. >> good morning, amy. it's a.s. doty getting back to you regarding the complaint that you called me about yesterday. >> a man identifying himself as assistant sheriff michael doty called may on 30th. >> i talked to the under sheriff and county counsel and have some info. so when you get a chance, give me a call back. >> reporter: lay provided screen shots of texts she says are from
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doty, just finished meeting with the alleged victim. sorry i kept her from you for so long. i'll talk to the under sheriff. that's rick sung, sheriff smith's right-hand man. lay lost her job the next day. were they coming after you because you spoke up too much? is that what you're saying? >> i advocate for the male -- the male female inmate in the facility and staff. i want a real change. >> amy lay says she resigned because it was clear the chips were stacked against her and she's consider running for supervisor or the independent watchdog overseeing the jails. i spoke to many supper visors at elmwood jail, they said what happened to her has been a blow to moral. >> thank you so much. well, new at 6:00 a suspicious package investigation is underway in san jose. a briefcase was left a tree branch near the santa clara county government center by first street.
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the santa clara sheriff's office has been investigating since 4:30, so about an hour and a half now and they called in the bomb squad. new at 6:00, major delays on bart. you can see the tweet listing delays in the sfo and daly city directions. bart says it's because of an equipment problem on the train. it's been miserable for drivers going southbound on 880 through downtown oakland. you're looking at the pothole that led to the closure of three lanes of the freeway. they are still closed. the four feet by three-foot -- four-foot left at least a dozen cars with flat tires. that pothole formed in one of the most inopportune places of the choke point that forms after the merge from 980. happening now, bay area residents are getting involved with a protest in hawaii over a telescope slated to be built at the top after volcano some consider sacred. a protest is starting now. the university of california is
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one of the main funders of the $1.4 billion telescope that would be installed on the highest mountain. the mountain has very little light pollution and astronomers say it could help uncover secrets of the universe. besides today's protests, there is also a protest planned at stanford tomorrow. the nationwide fight for 15 got a boost in the bay area today with a rally in san jose. yesterday, the house led by speaker nancy pelosi passed the raise the wage act which would make the federal minimum wage $15 an hour. in california, large businesses must pay $12 per hour. the current federal minimum wage is $7.25. it's hiring many local cities from $12 an hour. the rate of $16.30 is the highest minimum wage anywhere in the entire country. kris reyes is live. >> reporter: good evening, dan. about 15 mcdonald's employees
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protested behind me at lunch hour. that tells you just how important this fight is for those workers, many of them have multiple jobs so you can imagine it's very hard to take time off. many of them were here with their kids but what they told me is they weren't going to miss the chance to stand in solidarity with other employees also protesting today intensities across the country. two women, two different lives. all because maria on the left makes $13.80 an hour working at mcdonald's in oakland and maria ruiz makes $15 an hour where that minimum wage is mandated by law. this is what maria can't afford. >> the lunch for my son. to pay rent. and to help my kids on school. >> reporter: the $1.20 may seem small but made all the difference for maria ruiz. >> i'm sending money to mexico i
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couldn't help before. >> reporter: you'll hear more stories of not making ends meet. stories of two, three jobs. >> i do mcdonald's in the morning and then i do door dash in the day and i take him with me so that's the only time they are with me and at night, i do lyft. >> mcdonald's -- at this mcdonald's they are pleading for understanding raising their voices in unity with other protests across the country. >> $15 means that they can put food on the table, afford to buy clothes, pay medical expenses for their children. >> reporter: school trustee brian wheatly wanted to be here because he sees a ripple effect in his classrooms when parents can't show up for their kids. >> when you're working two or three jobs, you can't come to a parent teacher conference, you know. so we -- i totally understand but they should be able to focus on more than just working. >> reporter: for maria that lives in one room with her children, sharing her story was enough to bring her to tears.
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>> translator: i feel sometimes as failure because i cannot provide for my kids. >> reporter: the protests that happened here were organized by the fight for 15 collision and working to unionize their workers. we reached out to mcelderry done no -- mcdonald's for a comment and we're waiting for a statement. >> kris, thank you. at abc 7 news we're committed to building a better bay area and need your help. >> one woman told us about a problem she sees on her commute that hasn't been fixed for months. we find out why it's taking so long. >> good idea or bad? get the story behind these evacuation tags. i'm spencer christian, the bay area is cool by july standards now but summer sizzle is on the way. i'll have details in my accuweather for
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building a better bay area means giving you more ways to get around. today san francisco got the first hybrid electric bikes meaning they can be docked at stations or locked to a bike rack. they are part of the program formally known as ford go bike you probably recognize that name. the bikes debut in san jose and oakland over the past few weeks and will eventually spread to emeryville and berkeley. bicyclists in san francisco can use jump bikes, electric bikes uber's app. a viewer contacted abc 7 to complain about vandalism that handles part. specifically she wants to know why no one has replaced the
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windows broken out of numerous bus shelters there. eric thomas reports. >> reporter: vivian of pacificia knows public transit. she's relied on it in england where she grew up and israel where she also lived but these bus shelters have her fuming. >> why should anyone get out to sit in filthy dirt. look at it. it's horrible. >> reporter: vandalism at a transportation hub is nothing new but here is a matter of time. >> back in september 2018. >> reporter: she noticed last fall is windows in many of the bus shelters at the station had been broken out and today she showed us they still haven't been replaced. >> in this particular station, ten of the 12 shelters have at least one missing window. >> reporter: some are missing all their windows. you can enter these bus shelters just the way you always have, but thanks to the vandalism, you can leave just about anyway you want to. vivian says that's uncomfortable
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on the cool evenings so she contacted bart to find out why the shelters weren't maintained. >> the end of it was both said the other are responsible. >> reporter: so we contacted both agencies to find out who was in charge. sam trans sent us this written statement. quote, while the shelters do have sam trans branding on them, they are owned and maintained by bart. wo we've been working closely with bart in hopes of rectifying this issue. bart said quote, bart has replaced the glass a number of times at considerable expense only to have panels shattered again and again. bart has recently been exploring alternative means of offering protection from the elements including the instillation of shatter proof materials. if the shelters haven't been repaired by september, that means they will have been in disrepair for one full year. eric thomas, abc 7 news. and we did this story
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because we got a tip on it. you can submit your ideas online. go to bay area. click on the big icon and scroll down to find the form. we get them in the mailbox, those catalogs from retailers that we don't want. how now a marin county teenager is helping to build a better bay area but helping your friends and neighbors put an end to the catalogs in the mail. cornell beer nad has trnard has >> i think it's ridiculous how many catalogs we get. >> reporter: 14-year-old jackie agrees at the post office, recycling bins full of junk mail and catalogs nebraska wants. >> it's such a waste of resources and energy and paper. >> reporter: she offered a free service to help friends and neighbors unsubscribe. jackie set up this envelope in the post office where people can leave the pack covers of catalogs with their names and customer numbers. she then manually contacts the
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retailers and removes you from the mailing list. she's doing something right so far jackie has helped 70 people unsubscribe to 400 catalogs. >> it feels amazing to know i'm making a difference. >> reporter: why can't more people unsubscribe to the catalogs they don't want? short answer. it takes awhile. how long? let's go. let's say you want to stop receiving pottery barn catalogs. go to the website, school to the bottom where it says contact us. go down to catalog mailing options. they give you a choice how many you want to receive or none at all and fill out your name and address and submit. and done. we sped up the process but in realtime it took me three and a half minutes. imagine repeating that step five to ten other times with other lo o kudos in town and from sacramento. she recently got this letter from senator mike mcgwire. >> so impressive. great work, jackie. >> reporter: she hopes to inspire other teens to recycle
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and reduce the amount of all those unwanted catalogs. >> bravo. fantastic. >> reporter: nice work, jackie. in marin county, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> really nice work. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. share them by joining our group on facebook. get so many of those catalogs all the time. >> absolutely. weather is nice today. what about the weekend? >> spencer christian is here. say it's going to be nice, spencer. >> we're working on building a warmer bay area. put it that way. here is a look at live doppler 7. we have pleasant conditions out there now. mainly sunny but lots of fog has developed already along the coastline. breezy but not terribly gusty. it's just breezy everywhere else. this is the view from emeryville looking westward you can see the layer of low clouds and fog off in the distance there. it's currently 65 degrees here in san francisco. oakland 71. got 81 redwood city and san jose
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forest hill -- morgan hill 72 and new york forest hill. this is a view at the golden gate where it's not quite so foggy as you might expect this time of the evening. more temperature readings for you not 68 in napa and santa rosa. 76 and fairfield 79 and concord 74 and 81 livermore and the view looking eastward along the bay bridge and these are our forecast features. fog over the coast and bay. warming trend this weekend and we'll have sizzling heat inland most of the next week. the forecast animation shows the further development of fog along the coast overnight pushing locally inland and across the baby early morning. but it will burn back quickly to the coastline and away giving us another mostly sunny day. it will be slightly warmer tomorrow but first, let's look at overnight lows mainly mid to upper 50s. so pretty mild overnight. possibility of spotty drizzle mainly near the coastline but tomorrow's highs a different story. mid 60s on the coast. mid to upper 70s right around
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the bay shoreline and about 73 oakla oakland. 77 fremont. highs of 76 san rafael and east bay highs 73 at oakland and 77 fremont and inland east bay warmer, 83 concord and 83 livermore. it will start to warm up even more on sunday and we'll see inland locations in the upper 80s to low 90s. 91, fairfield warmer on monday and we'll see low to mid-90s inland and looks like tuesday will be sizzling inland with highs of 94 at fairfield, 97 at antioch and 92 livermore and south bay, san jose will top out at 90 tuesday and up north santa rosa 91. we have some very warm weather coming our way. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. notice monday, tuesday, mid-90s inland, low 80s around the bay shoreline and low to mid 60s on the coast. wednesday shaping up to be the hottest day inland and wednesday and thursday 98 inland both
6:21 pm
days. mid to upper 80s around the bay shoreline. mid to upper 60s on the coast. the heat eases just a bit next friday but essentially all of next week is going to be very warm. might even say hot in the inland locations. >> thank you, spencer. coming up next, a look back at what made news in 1966. an argument between two topless dancers. >> it's a story from the abc 7 you know when you're at ross and you score the perfect outfit? ooooohhhh! game on! now, that's yes for less. nothing beats getting the latest trends at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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all this year we're celebrating the 70th anniversary of abc 7 with moments from the past. some make us proud but some make us cringe a little. here is a look back at one of the cringe worthy parts from 1966 as told a few years later by abc 7 news reporter steve davis. >> topless joints on broadway were in the hay day, it was all very titillating and competitive. she sued tosha on your left for allegedly stealing her about that was bare chested with a snake so tosha counter sued for copying her hair style, honest. >> she promised me in front of witnesses she would not do this and she did it. if it was anybody that i didn't know that was girl friend was my friend, you would have no enemies. >> i never said one bad word against judy.
6:25 pm
never. >> shortly thereafter, persian national whose visa expired took her topless act to the golden gate bridge to which she threatened to chain herself in protest of her pending deportation. >> what about your clothing? will you be clothed when you do this? >> oh, what would you think? >> i'm asking you. >> which one would you prefer? >> i prefer that you be clothed? >> okay. >> so fascinating when you see that. in the end, the woman was allowed to stay in the united states. >> well, there you go. we have a lot more memorable moments from 70 years from abc 7 posted online. they are silly and serious and you can check then out any time including amazon fire. a few decades ago, the coverage of hiv and aids was a lot different than now. >> yes, next, a fresh perspective on the deadly disease that once devastated the bay area.
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everything seems impossible until it's done. and we plan to get that done. >> the head of the centers for disease control comes to oakland, how the city is playing a crucial role in ending the hiv epidemic. >> aids is still very much a threat in alameda county among the homeless population. >> abc 7 news reporter has more on how oakland expects to get to zero cases by 2030. >> reporter: alameda county is one of 50 jurisdictions with the highest number of new hiv cases. that prompted the head of the center for disease control to come to oakland. >> i want you to know alameda county will be the first county that will end this epidemic. >> reporter: it was made by barbara lee. >> to target those jurisdictions with alameda county as one. there is eight in california. >> reporter: despite the work to reduce the number of new
6:30 pm
infections, advocates admit there is a lot to do. while men having sex with men now the prep of medication to reduce the risk, women and other groups have not been targeted. >> when we don't see ourselves on posters, we don't hear about things for black women and trans women, we don't show up. >> i want to stress education is the best thing we can do. >> reporter: there are many barriers to get into a cure. one that stands out is the lack of housing and homelessness. >> you have to put feet in the street. >> reporter: so i did. i approached the people in this homeless encampment to see if they know how to fight the epidemic. do you know what prep is? >> it's some form of med kagica that prevents hiv. >> reporter: that's what i told you. did you know before? >> no. >> i had hep c but not hiv. not.
6:31 pm
intervenous drug user, yes. >> reporter: have thaw offered you any help ever? >> no. >> reporter: alameda county will get funds to get to zero new infections. >> everything seems impossible until it's done and we plan to get thisdone. >> reporter: lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. new at 6:00, the surprise in san francisco for a nurse who went above and beyond the call of duty when he was off duty. jason benson was on vacation when a nearly 80-year-old man collapsed nearby. jason performed cpr likely saving his life. [ applause ] >> today jason was recognized for his efforts and got a chance to face time with the man he helped save. jason is a nurse at kizaiser permanen permanente. they sent us this video. that is sweet. in the north bay, the napa county sheriff's office started a campaign to save lives in the
6:32 pm
vent of another major wildfire. the solution is low-tech but very efficient. abc 7 news reporter wayne fraud man has t -- freed man has the story. >> reporter: you'll find hope and yet as homeowners look to the future, they also hope to not repeat mistakes from the past. >> pull this and when you do, you hear it snap. >> reporter: when bill learned how two neighbors died because the power failed on the garage door, he resolved to teach the rest how to escape and become fire wise. a fire comes again, he'll be doing something else tieing one of these streamers to his door so first responders will know he's evacuated. >> so they are beating on the door and there is nobody living there. >> reporter: when fire came to the north bay in october of 2017, deputies in napa and sonoma counties went door to door warning people to get out but often that meant banging on already evacuated houses if only
6:33 pm
deputies could be more efficient. >> a lot of long driveways and gates to get in the way. we had to force our way into people's properties. if we could come upon that gate and see there is a tag there already evacuated, it could save us ten to 30 minutes. >> reporter: hence, napa county's campaign front in a video by under sheriff john crawford. >> the purpose of these tags is to assist us when evacuations are underway. >> reporter: napa county is the first in the nation to come up with and develop this simple low-tech idea. >> this is old school, certainly but dependable and reliable. >> reporter: now the county hopes to get one of these in every single residence. bill will be the first on his block. do you think it's a good idea? >> a great idea. >> reporter: spreading he hopes faster than the next big fire will if and when it comes. wayne freedman, abc 7 news. now abc 7 news is about building a better bay area and a new startup could help with that.
6:34 pm
it will build a studio apartment in your yard and split the profits. abc 7 news anchor dion lim shows you how it could ease our housing crisis. >> reporter: housing crisis on both sides for home own rs and re renters is very real because here the average cost of rent for just a studio apartment is just under $2,000. so joining me are the founders of rent the backyard brian and spencer. give me an idea of what your company does to alleviate the problems for both the home buyer and also the renter. >> sure. so what rent in the backyard does is build a studio apartment in your backyard at no cost to you, rent it out and split the profits with you 50/50. >> reporter: how big are these and how does this actually get made easily? >> yeah, these are about 320 to 450 square feet depending how big your lot is. they get made fairly easily in a matter of a hand full of months and minimal disruption to the homeowner. >> there is a lot in mind, 2017
6:35 pm
building 100,000 affordable housing units by 2022. since a 2016 law passed reducing regulations on the use to make more affordable housing statewide, the number of permit applications has skyrocketed. rent the backyard serves the entire bay area but says cities like san jose that cater to homeowners are shorter perm permitting times are most ideal. the owner of this home is m irks mrm the owner of this home is m irks mrmimi. give me an idea why you wanted to get the site visit done today. >> it seemed like a no brainer. i'm running a startup out of my home right now and i've been financially savvy and got into home owning early on. getting monthly extra additional income without hassle on my part seemed like a done deal. >> we think we can get most homeowners more than $10,000 a year and more expensive places like san francisco, you would be able to get closer to $20,000. >> reporter: with dozens of requests for site visits, the co-owners say they anticipate
6:36 pm
their first adu going up in about a month. in san jose, dion lim, abc 7 news. we have been celebrating history all week here on abc 7 as u.s. marks 50 years since putting the first man on the moon. >> amazing. a sneak peek at the vital role the u.s.s. hornet played getting
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>> tomorrow the world celebrates 50 years since the lunar modular made the historic landing on the moon. >> one of them is in alameda where the "u.s.s. hornet" is docked. that's the ship that recovered the as kntronauts from the ocea once they returned to earth. >> we talked to several shipmates that took part in the important mission. >> hornet, hornet. over. >> apollo loud and clear. >> we were looking at all of a sudden, it was coming down right above us. my name is john mcelderry gok ly -- i was part of the swim recovery team. this is where we were and went out and would go out and jump in. we would go from here. our job was to put the caller on
6:40 pm
the command modular. we would keep it afloat in case something went wrong. >> when it come down, the astronauts had not cut the parachutes so it turned the command modular upside down. >> the engineers were prepared and had bags they inflighted fr -- inflated it and dropped us close. they would go out and put a sea anchor on the command modular and the other two of us would jump down and put it around it and keep it afloat and another swi swimmer came to do the decontamination. >> the decontamination swimmer to the isolation car mgarmet. >> incredible. >> incredible. >> this is an excerpt from a digital only story on our website. >> you can find the full story on including an interview with another sailor
6:41 pm
that talks about his ordeal to keep president nixon from tripping on television cables. >> coming up next, a look weekend ♪ ♪ off! deep woods provides long lasting mosquito protection. so you can keep living life your way. off! live on. sc johnson. when you boo an intruder... you act fast. so do we. raid is the fastest ant & roach killer on the market. the fastest!? (spray) raid! get raid and get tough on roaches fast. sc johnson
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boy, it's tough to watch. another chain store going bankrupt. >> its deja vu all over again, michael? >> more than 1,000 stores are closing with many different brant ev brands by the end of this year. we're talking about today, it's been here before. we have been here before and it wasn't even two years ago. charming charlie is back in bankruptcy. >> have you ever shopped at charming charlie? >> yes, it's lovely. >> gift shops? >> all stuff for women. >> they are shutting down. they are going out of business. >> oh. oh, i see. >> she actually does see. big sale signs in the window, smaller signs inside. the merchandise being picked over. all the charming charlie stores are closing between now and the end of next month. gift cards can no longer be used online and accepted in stores after august 14th.
6:45 pm
gift card girlfriend shelley hunter says it's time to hustle if you have one of the store's gift cards. >> if you have a charming charlie gift card, get down to the stores and use them right away. first of all, the company is no longer selling on the website gift cards will only be acceptable in august 14th. much of the merchandise has been picked over. >> reporter: 1200 retail locations will close by the end of this year. a staggering amount and a record. shelley says don't panic, but keep that in mind. >> often times a company will close an under performing store. i don't want you to be alarmed by one brand because you see one store closing but when you see going out of business and liquidation sales, multiple stores for any company, then it is time to think about your customer reward programs, your gift cards or any other perks you have with that establishment. >> shelley says it's best to use your gift card soon after receiving them. she says those not yet used
6:46 pm
should be put in your wallet or placed next to the computer where you do your online shopping. >> have a plan and a process for your gift cards. just like you would any other financial instrument. you don't throw your debit card on the dresser as you head out each day so don't do that with your gift cards, either. >> good point. another reason to move fast with charming charlies is the store open today could be closed tomorrow which means your card would still be good at least for a couple more weeks but you might really have to drive some distance before you could use the card. >> oh. >> okay. >> yeah, good, thank you, michael, very much. to breaking news out of contra costa county. this is on vasco road. a sheriffs deputy was among those involved in a crash just before 6:00 p.m. there were at least five vehicles involved. you can see some on the tow beds there. this is a live picture. we saw tw deputy's suv put on aw truck.
6:47 pm
two people involved in the pileup were involved. it is closed because of this accident. we'll stay on top of that but right now, let's move to talk about the weather. >> warming up, spencer. >> warming up this weekend. here is a look, we had mild conditions and then during the overnight hours a little fog and tomorrow, notice high temperatures creeping up just a little bit above today's levels. some mid 80s in the warmest inland spots but look to sunday, you can see the effect of the warming and we'll see 90s, low 90s and the greater effects of this warmup will be felt inland on monday, mid-90s at clover dale and clear lake and antioch and low 90s and tuesday, upper 90s in some inland areas. 80 above the bay shoreline and mid to upper 60s on the coast. here is the seven-day forecast. it will be a week of hot weather inland. starting on monday through next friday lots of summer sizzle but
6:48 pm
mild to warm around the bay shoreline and mild on the coastline. so if you want to escape the extreme heat, get closer to the bay or a little closer to the coast. >> all right. sounds good. thank you. >> good advice there. on to sports, some baseball to talk about. >> larry. >> this is more exciting than we had anticipated from the giants. they are on a summertime sizzle that nobody saw coming and the question is can they keep it going and how does that impact their plans with the trade deadline approaching? we know how madison
6:49 pm
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good evening. when we left off last night, the giants were in the 16th inning against the mets in a marathon trailing 2-1. what followed was a dramatic comeback that has brought the giants with a game of 500, 48-49 as they get set to face the mets again. the mets homered in the top half of the 16th inning and the giants tie on a double and with the bases loaded, donovan walks it off with a single giving the giants the 3-2 win and a six-game win streak heading into tonight. madison bumgarner pitched nine strong winnings and with the trade rumors out there,the deadline looming, he's not letting the chatter get to him. >> i don't give a [ bleep ]. i'm here to win games for this team and that's what we're doing. >> he loves it here. he loves his teammates. he's excited about how we're playing and so it does mean a lot. i mean, he's not looking for
6:52 pm
anything else but to come out and help this team and give hopefully back to where we want to go and so that's, you know, what makes him special. he's not thinking about the possibility of maybe getting trade ordinary what will happen now or at the end of the year. he's just, he's just here to compete and help us win. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> that is former giants' pitcher barry zito giving fans a concert. there is a free pregame concert before each friday night home game at oracle park. to the road, a's and twins mid-90s in minneapolis. a little sweaty in there. third pitch of the game moarcus simil similar on. they get off to a good start but like yesterday, twins take the lead with one big swing of the
6:53 pm
bat. third inning, marwin gonzalez aloha. 3-2 twins, maybe want to take off -- i'm dehydrated. i knead some water. 3-2 twins in the fourth right now. >> yankees manager aaron boone is suspended one game for his rant against the home plate ump last night and savage is one of the few words i can use because most of the other letters began with f. he was upset about the young umpire's strike zone and got his money's worth. oh, brother. shock throughout the nfl when the league announced no suspension for chiefs receiver tyreek hill. hill was heard on audio tape threatening his ex fiancee. there was allegations hill broke the arm of his 3-year-old son but the nfl said they did not have enough evidence in this case to warrant a suspension. some of the biggest names in golf, they are going home early
6:54 pm
after two rounds of the british open in northern irelanirelanirn what a beautiful sight that is. tiger woods and phil mickelson missed the cut. the first time that ever happened in the 82 majors they played together. rory mcilroy disastrous eight over yesterday and six under 65. all he needed was a birdie on 18 to complete the comeback and make the cut. the hole town hero, the approach -- oh, no, down the side of the hill. he saved par but misevses the c by a stroke. four under 67 for birdie on ten. good speed. perfect line and just enough to fall. he and j.b. holms are eight under. 58 players are even or better so this could be a wild finish come sunday. here is rory and tiger on the early exits. >> it's going to be a tough one to get over. you-all probably are aware of the finish yesterday that dropping five shots in the last three holes.
6:55 pm
but i gave a good account of myself today. >> it's more frustrating than anything else because this is a major championship and i love playing in these events and i love the atmosphere. i love the just the stress of play income a major. >> tiger added all i want to do is go home. we saw him at the masters. he looked great. his back was killing him again. >> weather was tough there. >> yeah, it was cold. it's not ideal golf conditions but it just shows you how frail that he is at this stage of his career. >> right, right. good days, bad days. >> thanks, larry. join us tonight at 9:00 on kofy tv 20, cable channel 713. a woman is charged $1300 for an uber ride that should have cost $13. why experts say about linking your account with a debit card is something you need to pay attention to. that is at 9:00. many san francisco women
6:56 pm
were going abroad for fertility treatment. so many an agency has actually been set up to help them. we're going to explain why tonight at 11:00. finally tonight, a few thoughts about what really matters. 50 years ago tomorrow americans across the country and people all around the world held their collective breath. we watched with an equal measure of excitement and fear as neil armstrong and buzz slowly lowered the modular on the surface of the moon. i was in elementary school but remember walter cronkite's reaction when they touched down. his relief and pride shared with everyone watching at home done with a computer that doesn't even come close to the power of your smart phone and 20 years before we would even get the first gps system in our cars. that amazing day 50 years ago tomorrow is one of the greatest achievements in all of human
6:57 pm
history. if we're lucky, we may get another day like that in the next 15 years or so when nasa hopes to land the first people on mars. what really matters is that we're capable of such big things, such a shame when we let small things hold us back. i always love to hear from you. let me know what you think. follow me on twitter and facebook @danashley. thank you for joining us, i'm ama daetz.
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants-- a math teacher from albuquerque, new mexico... a p.r. content manager from chicago, illinois... and our returning champion-- a math professor from los angeles, california... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"--alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thanks, johnny. well, this season keeps coming up with new and exciting ways to entertain us, doesn't it? for the first time in a long, long while,
7:00 pm
a tiebreaker on yesterday's program to bring nathan back with $19,600. what will today bring kathleen and jason? they'll let us know in this half-hour. good luck. here we go. jeopardy! round today contains these categories... hey... the exact middle of each correct response will have the double "b," and finally, this. the apollo missions from the smithsonian, celebrating the 50th anniversary of humanity's journey to the moon. - and, nathan, you go first. - middle, $600. kathleen. - what is a thought bubble? - no. - nathan. - what is a bubble? bubble, yes. you added "thought."


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