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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 16, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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that just can't be replaced. it started at 2:40 this afternoon on the side of the freeway. the brush fire was swept up by the wind and blew into the mini storage. 50 out of 500 units burned. giants plumes of smoke could be seen from the east bay. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. authorities have some ideas. >> the most common cause of these fires is discarded cigarette butts and smoking materials could be caused by malfunctions vehicles. too soon to know. our investigators are on scene. at this point it's clear the fire risk is very high and we need everyone to be careful. >> reporter: there is also a homeless encampment behind the storage. investigators are looking if anyone knows anything. the ramp connecting eastbound highway 4 was impacted by this blaze, as well. traffic is still very heavy around the interchange. back here live, it will take several more hours to clean up
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this area. firefighters hope it does not reignite sometime >> thank you, list sa. a pair of earthquakes rattled the area. >> they pinpointed the epicenter. the water you see in the background is north of livermore. >> the first earthquake measured 4.3. the second one was 3.5. you can see the big spike that first quake made on our abc 7 si graph when it struck at 1: 00 p.m. today. >> it was 12 to 13 kim lol tlom. that's common. >> bart briefly slowed trains after the quake stalling passengers about ten minutes. no reports of damage. these children at the school of imagination evacuated following what they had been
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taught in emergency drills. the school says they quote enjoyed a nice walk on this beautiful sunny day. >> abc 7 news reporter lessee brinkley joins us live from danville with more reaction, leslie? >> reporter: i talked to a lot of folks down here in the area, nearly everyone has a story to tell. most people did feel the shaking. for instance in the theater behind me, imagine a darkened theater and you're leaned back in the recliner chair and the screen starts to sway back and forth. >> it happened all of a sudden. it didn't last long. it was disorienting because it shook everything right away. it was big and stopped. >> reporter: it was baby daphne's first movie toy story 4 but there was no panic as people stayed in their recliner seats and the show went on. at the nearby shopping center, things quaked a bit. >> i heard glass hitting against the case and thought there was a truck in the store and i was like what the heck is that?
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then we were checking out the gal asked me do you hear the earthquake and that was when i realized it was all the glass hitting and dropping. >> reporter: what did you feel? i felt for a couple seconds it was like a big jolt and i was sitting on the second floor so yeah, i could feel it more stronger. my mother was on the first floor. she asked me what did i drop? >> i felt a big jolt and lights were shaking. >> reporter: how about you? were you home? did you feel it? >> i was home. i had a heart attack. >> reporter: at the local fire station they followed protocol and moved all the engines outside. >> it was pretty uneventful. no 911 calls and no coualls f al the community. >> i'm waiting for the big one. >> reporter: don't say that. a reminder to be prepared after all we do live in the bay area in earthquake country. in danville, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news.
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>> thank you, leslie. this quake was felt akrolsz the b -- across the bay area. here is melissa who is in san ramon. >> i felt this jolt. my front door started shaking. my dog went crazy. it was pretty scary. my heart sank to the ground. >> reporter: yeah, can be scary. sandra was near the epicenter and tweeted black hawk here felt short and strong and pictures crooked and cats bolted. i felt it in aloe alto and kathryn tweeted really felt it in concord. i thought a car hit the house. >> let's bring in abc 7 news meteorologist drew too uma for closer look. not one we hear a lot about. >> it's a quieter and lesser known fault line. we'll show you the mag constitute 4.3, the epicenter and very close to the fault line
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there. most people know the fault is here that encompasses danville, san ramon and dublin. the fault had a 5.5 magnitude earthquake in 1980. look at the shaking intensity. weak to light across the entire bay area however, this earthquake was felt as far south as san jose, as far west as san francisco and dan and ama, folks felt the 4.3 earlier this afternoon. >> interesting. drew, thanks. we sent out multiple push alerts this afternoon as first one earthquake then another hit. download the app now so you'll be in the know when breaking news happens immediately. it's been less than two weeks since a pair of earthquakes rattled southern california. a 6.4 hit on the fourth of july followed by a 7.1 the next day. the largest quake in southern california in 20 years. both were near ridge crest and caused sole damage cracking buildings and roads but causing very few injuries. abc 7 news can help you prepare
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for an earthquake or any natural disaster. go to our website, abc 7 news dot coal slash repair norcal. retired supreme court justice john paul stevens died at the age of 99. >> he died of complications following a stroke he suffered yesterday. he was appointed to the court by president gerald ford in 1975 and retired in 2010. he was considered a moderate at the time of his appointment but came to be the court's leading liberal. only abc 7 news learned that the computers of san francisco's asian art muni sseum were hacke may. the system was restored but there are still unanswered questions surrounding the cyber attack and exactly what happened. abc 7 news reporter vic lee is live with a story you'll only see on abc 7. vic? >> dan, first of all, it is an art museum is a city agency but run by a foundation which also runs the computer system here.
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the foundation answered some of our questions but not all. it happened in may. hackers who demanded a ransom launched a cyber attack that disabled part or all of the asian art museum's computer system. a representative aft agency confirmed the attack to abc 7 news saying quote, everything is now fine and that the museum never paid the ransom. san francisco police were contacted and the city's i.t. security ex ert maperts helped paralyzed computers working again but the museum would not confirm if any information was lost in the ransom ware attack. >> ransomware is definitely a problem. >> reporter: daniel brian is with electronic frontier foundation an international digital rights group that believes the asian art museum was not targeted. >> i don't think there is a shadow figure out there targeting san francisco city or its connected institutions.
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this is all opportunity criminals. >> reporter: the museum declined to say how much money the hackers wanted or how it was to be paid. o'bryan says most hackers want untraceable currency. >> it's, you know, i want unmarked bills and wherever that's unmarked bills in good old fashion cash or using a crypto currency. >> reporter: san francisco is one of a dozen cities hit with ransom ware attacks. it's fastital nightmare. some cities in florida paid the ransom, which was approved by its city counsel. >> the ransom amount of approximately 65 bit coins in crypto currency whose value changes daily. >> reporter: the 65 bit coins on the day the beach paid the ransom was the equivalent of $600,000. this is not the first time san francisco has been victimized by
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a breach in its computer system. in july 2008, san francisco made national headlines when department of technology specialists access. childs was arrested would only release the network's password to then major gavin kn childs gave it to newsom when he went to his jail cell. the city and museum declined requests for interviews but in the aftermath of the cyber attack that the city's i.t. security specialists warned all of the other city agencies about this inciden and told them to double check their security protocols, which of course, includes the backup system. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> to pay or not to pay ransom, that's the big question of course. that florida city you mentioned did pay the ransom to get the data back. you hate to give into crooks,
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but what is the conventional wisdom on this? >> well, dan, the u.s. conference of mayors approved a resolution that urges cities not to pay the ransom and of course, most law enforcement agencies also advice the same thing. now in florida in some other states you can actually or cities can actually buy a cyber attack liability insurance which may pay those ransoms if the cities choose to do so. dan, ama? >> that's interesting. thank you. at abc 7 news we're covering stories that helped build a better bay area. two of the biggest issues, homelessness and challenges on bart have come to ahead. we have an in-depth look at the problem this year staying at the airport until 2:00 in the morning to meet the last bart train to sfo which carries sometimes dozens of homeless people hoping to spend the night in an empty terminal. now bart is going to make four changes paid for by the airport. abc 7 news reporter leah melendez joins us live to
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explain. leeann? >> reporter: sfo said this is a place for passengers with tickets. it is not a prailace for the homeless. let's show you four major changes. >> the first thing that's going to happen is the airport will get access to these closer to tv monitors which we never had access to before. that gives us another set of eyes on the problem here. >> right. number two? >> the next thing is radio communication with the bart police officer. we're going to be supplies portable radios to the bart officers that work inside this station. so gives us a line of communication that we didn't have today. >> right, and that's something that's really important because what's happening here, they need to know. >> absolutely. exactly. >> number three. >> number three is addition of another bart officer here inside the station so there is already one bart officer for the entire 20-hour period the station is open. we're going to be reimbursing bart for the presence of a second officer in the states and
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if you look at the amount of space they have to cover, it's a lot of facility to cover. it really enhances effectiveness. >> number four is really physical changes to this area right here. so we're going to be installing five-foot high glass barriers in place of what you see now. you can tell what you have here is very easy to jump over. very easy to evade a fair with the presence of five-foot high glass it will be difficult to evade a fare here. >> that's a five-year plan? >> that's correct. >> let's see how it works out. >> what else do we need to do differently? is it working? kind of changes do we need to make? >> okay. so the question is when? i'm told as early as august 1st. the taller gates will be installed in about six to 12 months. i'm live in san francisco, lyanne melendez, a brks krrbc 7 thank you. safety are some of the
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topics we cver. when we talk about building a better bay area, housing is another. >> one group wants to turn a block of abandoned greenhouses into new housing but the neighbors aren't on board. we're live with the debate next. i'm spencer christian and still mainly sunny across the bay area but fog is on the way and change is in our pattern. i'll have
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itit's crepe for our family at denny's. a family tradition we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home
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with denny's delivery. see you at denny's or building a bay area takes building. to make homes in san francisco,% developers face a debate with the people that live nearby. the plan is to turn the site of
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an old plant nursery on street into greenhouse gas. neighbors are not ready to see them torn down. we have both sides of the story. >> reporter: neighbors want to make this a historic landmark not because of these buildings these are originals from the 1920s but the nursing industry and people that contributed to it. the developer believes there is a better way to honor that history. looking from sky 7, this piece of land with its buildings may not look like much. >> the neighborhood absolutely loves this sort of beautiful decay. >> reporter: to elisa and her neighbors, it's irreplaceable. >> we don't want it to stay in a state of decay. we want to make something new and better but retain what's here. retain the history. >> reporter: this is a nursery, the last left of more than 20
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local italian and italian american nurseries in the district. >> so that's the steam house that they would use to generate heat. >> reporter: in 2012, she and neighbors started a campaign to buy the property and turn it into a community park farm and flower garden. but they couldn't come up with the money and in 2017, a d developer bought it for $7.5 million with plans for a 63 unit housing development. now neighbors have applied to make this a historic landmark. >> it is historic. it's a piece of history and it is the last one standing in the whole city and so for that reason, it felt important to have that recognized by the city. >> this is the condition of the site now. >> reporter: eric is developing the site and took me inside. >> these are your greenhouses. >> reporter: he says he wants to dedicate part of the site to preserving its history while adding much-needed housing 20% affordable. >> i think it's more powerful if we can auayse the
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that we would raise to build the use than to try totorical convert this back into some type of farm that's hard to say can be viable with the toxic hazardous materials in the ground. >> reporter: he hopes his company and neighbors can find a compromise. >> we're very proud agricultuing agricultural heritage. >> reporter: neighbors say their vision for the space is to make it a commercial farm. they will grow flowers and produce and sell to local restaurants and make it an education space for kids and teenagers but this is far from over. the first hearing is tomorrow at 12:30. >> thank you. checking on the weather, it's been pleasant. >> nice and looks like it will continue. spencer christian is here with the forecast. >> we have a couple hard days
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but temperatures are moderating here. it's been mainly sunny everything so far but there are low clouds offshore and they will eventually work their way up to the coastline. we have a few high clouds right now. lots of sunshine as you can see looking westward. current temperature readings are 65 degrees here in san francisco, oakland 71 and 78 redwood city and 82 morgan hill, 59 at half moon bay. check out this view from atop mount tam. mainly clear. 88 right now up north in santa rosa and 83 and 87 in fairfield and concord 84 and 79 in livermore and the golden gates with a few passing high clouds and traffic and these are our forecast features. fog will develop during the overnight hours and minor cooling at the end of the week mainly friday and saturday with a warming trend beginning again on sunday. overnight as fog reaches the coast, pushes locally across the bay, low temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 50s, it will be relatively mild. cooler at the coast where we'll see some low 50s and speaking of
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nighttime, looking at the night sky, the early evening sky, you'll see the moon rise that will occur at 8:40 and called the full buck moon because in this month, the month of july, that's when antlers appear on deer bucks so the buck moon. every full moon gets an aim it seems. down in the south bay, nice and mild to warm with high temperatures at 84 degrees in san jose, 87 morgan hill and 85. on the peninsula, highs around 80 degree mark about 79 to 80 and cooler at san mateo. look for highs in the low to mid 60s on the coast and tomorrow breezy conditions and 68 south son fran 71 tomorrow. up in the north bay, highs of 84 and napa 88 and santa rosa 81 and san rafael and berkeley 76 and 80 in fremont and inland east bay, usually our warmest region it will live up to that tomorrow we'll see 90 at concord
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and 92 brentwood and walnut creek. here is the seven-day forecast. it's going to be a mainly bright seven days ahead. a few extra clouds will come into the sky toward the end of the week. notice the gradual cooldown tomorrow through friday. holding steady through saturday with partly cloudy skies but highs inland only in the mid 80s and low 70s along the bay shoreline. warms up on sunday. in fact, quite a bit on sunday. low 90s on sunday, monday and tuesday and inland areas mid 70s around the bay shoreline and low 60s on the coast. >> very nice, though. >> thanks. >> looking good to me. >> setting a record without winning anything. >> next, why you don't have to wait for the award ceremony to see any hist
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amazon is offering sales on more than a million items.if you're looking for the best deals -- use the website camel shopping experts say if you're looking for the best deals, use the website camel, camel, camel. it tracks price history on any amazon prime item. amazon may not have the lowest prices on everything. look at target, walmart and best buy. prime day ends at midnight. a certain records. >> ameila clark "game of
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thrones". >> "game of thrones". >> you got the idea. "game of thrones" received 32 nominations including for outstanding drama series. there were also some nominations for shows you see here on abc 7, anthony anderson and vie oola ds are up and kimmy kimmel live is up for outstanding talk series and "shark tank" is nominated for structure reality program. the awards will be given out in september. >> congratulations to all the nominees. crash card or crypto currency. >> among the options, we'll get another choice from facebook. there is skepticism not just in silicon valley. >> a couple moves into their first home with a new baby to find out there is no heat so why didn't their home warranty company help out?
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stocks broke a winning streak today all of the big three industries were down dropping from record highs set
6:29 pm
recently, technology companies posted some of the biggest losses. >> stock and facebook dipped a little today but the larger issue for the world's biggest social media network is the uphill battle it faces to create its own crypto currency. >> executives are meeting with executives in washington. how this could impact facebook users around the world. >> on capitol hill facebook getti getting grilled over efforts to launch libra. this exchange between a ohio senator and facebook executive david marcus some of the comments made today during a senate committee hearing. >> senator, if your question is whether i would trust all of my assets in libra, the answer is yes, i would because -- >> my question was do you trust this enough to make your compensation paid fully in your currency? >> senator, i would because it is backed 1 for 1 with a reserve. >> despite those assurances,
6:30 pm
some are already skeptical. >> crypto kecurrency doesn't dot for me because it isn't real. >> reporter: it would make it possible to send money around the world with little to no fees. it could be appealing because digital currenies are free from control. >> they know the trust is missing. and they cannot do it by themself. >> reporter: cybersecurity expert engineering professor is glad the u.s. government is taking a closer look at libra. >> not be abused by for example, the money laundering or human trafficking or the tourism using this kind of technology. that's the main concern for the government. >> libra would enable more transactions between facebook users and businesses on platforms that could generate more ad revenue for the company. some say any impacts on monetary policy are at this point over blown. >> from the perspective of again
6:31 pm
people transferring money overseas, fees for doing so right now are fairly high and that might bring in some competition into that market. >> reporter: facebook executives will appear before a house committee on wednesday. in silicon valley, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> the house of representatives voted to condemn comments president trump made about four democratic congress woman. he tweeted the four women of color should quote go back to their home countries. all four are u.s. citizens and three were born in the united states. the president and capitol hill's leaders claim this weekend's tweets weren't about race but focused on socialism. one of congress women he criticized dismissed that. >> they are trying to pivot and excuse it and the majority leader is >> i have clips here, the most viral, horrible statements about
6:32 pm
our country. >> today's vote largely followed party lines with every democrat adopting the measure. four republicans and one independent sided with the democrats. the governor of puerto rico is being called to step down with private chat messages. protester haves been demanding governor ricardo's immediate resignation. over the weekend, puerto rico's center for journalism published 90 ocho papages of text. the messages include profanity, homophobic and sexist remarks. >> i'm not proud of it and the comments were hurtful. so i apologize for what i have done but again, i need to move forward. >> several of the leaders who were apart of the chat have either resigned or been fired. >> new at 6:00 a swim inl evstrr
6:33 pm
arrested for child pornography possession. he's bailed out. the sheriff's office says they found child pornography on his devices when they served search warrants this month. he works as a swim instructor at the wave in dublin. new details now on yesterday's helicopter crash in hayward that killed a flight instructor. the national transportation safety board says the 44 crashe were hovering over the runway. they were in contact with air traffic control but there was no distress call before the crash. the investigation could be complicated by the fact there is no black box which could have helped explain what was happening at the flight controls. the ntsb expects to release a preliminary report in two weeks time but a full report won't be finished for about a year. jurors heard from the final witness in the ghost ship trial
6:34 pm
today and now attorneys will get ready to deliver their closing arguments later this month. ghost ship master tenant derick almena and max harris both face involuntary manslaughter charges in the death of 36 people. an oakland police officer testified for the prosecution today he claimed he shut down an illegal party inside the warehouse two years before the deadly fire in 2016. defense attorneys accuse him of lying. jury deliberations may begin on august 5th. the city counsel is meeting and tonight, they will vote to formally approve an rv safe parking site. it's been operating since may. the lot provide as safe place for people who live in rvs to park and bathroom services and security guards. it cost the city more than $117,000 to renovate the space. 12 years ago, san francisco became the first city in the nation to ban plastic bags. today a supervisor wants to
6:35 pm
stretch that law. abc 7 news reporter luz pena has the story. >> reporter: san francisco is one step closer to saying good-bye to plastic produce bags and hello to more expensive paper shopping bags. >> i see you carrying your own bag. >> yes, indeed. >> why is that? >> you know, try to be a little more environmentally friendly. >> reporter: brown introduced what she calls plastic bag ban 2.0. >> thank you everyone in san francisco for recycling but now we have to refuse. >> reporter: refuse to use plastic produce bags. >> people are using them and then they are throwing them in their compost bins and it contaminates everything. >> reporter: it will increase the cost of paper bags from the current 10 cents to 25 cents. >> there might be an increase for these four paper bags, 25 cents, what do you think about that? >> i would probably pay that if i had to but i really wouldn't want to. >> reporter: the idea according to supervisor brown is for more
6:36 pm
san franciscoens to bring their own bags. represents the tender loin was part of the unanimous vote today but he says he has some concerns. >> i'm also concerned that we're just sort of falling back on this raise the fee approach that is not necessarily proven and will have the greatest impact on people who are low income. >> reporter: the legislation also includes a requirement for grocery stores to provide recyclable or compostable bags as other options. >> our small grocers, we're going to give them free bags to give to their customers to say can you start using this? >> reporter: the next step is for a second hearing in front of the board of supervisors. after that businesses will receive a 90-day notice to make the changes. in san francisco, luz pena, abc 7 news. you see us, we're we'ring our circle 7 pins and the
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apollo 11. >> incredible. today marks the 50th anniversary of the mission that allowed two men to become the first to walk on the moon. earlier today on abc 7 news at 4:00 nicole, the director of moving images joins larry beil and explained why the 1969 lunier landing remains relevant today. >> i think the moon sparks our imagination in space travel and i think the moon is so important to us in different cultures for different reasons but we have so many things that we can learn from it and i think there is so much more to learn. >> the u.s. may go back to the moon. nasa is working on plans to use the moon as a station to support missions to mars. this year is the 70th anniversary of abc 7 and we're celebrating with a look back at memorable moments from the past and one was a creation of an iconic logo you may have seen once or twice. the circle 7 pin.
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a big part of the identity was the circle 7 created by a san francisco graphic designer named dean smith. >> dean came up with this brilliant design of a circle 7. the infinity circle of this station will go on forever. >> the logo appeared on the new set and microphones and added to the vehicles. there was even a special circle 7 item for station executives. >> this is a cuff link. you have to remember in the 1960s, men wore french cuffs and likeed to had to have them show they wore them to a network meeting and such a hit, the logo was adopted for other abc owned stations. >> as you may have noticed in honor of the 70th anniversary, we've all been wearing circle 7
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when you buy a new home you may feel more secure with a home warranty because everything is covered. >> or is it? you really do need a heater that works. >> 7 on your side michael finney is here with their story. >> near i levly every used home in the bay area comes with a warranty. watch this. this couple and their 18 month old daughter moved into their first home adopt the city's highest feet mount davidson and has a gorgeous view but a lot of fog and wind and as it turns out, the family needed help right away from that warranty. it's a warm summer day atop mount davidson but that's not how it was last winter. >> it was frigid cold in this house without any heat. >> pierre, his wife and baby girl moved into their new home just as winterset in. two weeks later, it happened. >> the furnace started to act up. we tried turning it on. nothing happened.
6:46 pm
>> an inspector warned the furnace could blow. >> he said this needs to be replaced and it's unsafe, which was our biggest fear. >> thankful i luck the house came with this old republic home warranty so they called. >> it started this kind of back and forth. >> we weren't getting any response. it was like a void. >> all this time, it was freezing cold and we didn't have any heat. >> finally, old republic sent a technician. >> he didn't do anything. all he did was take a look at invoices. >> they said you're good. when in fact it still wasn't working, we were freezing. >> we bundled ourself even going to bed. we have space heaters in the whole entire house. >> all those space heaters drove their energy bill to $800 and they could be change rodangerou little kid. >> they said we'll call you in 48 hours. i said we're freezing cold. >> winter past and old republic denied the claim saying it had a previous condition. they contacted 7 on your side.
6:47 pm
we reached out to old republic and things changed. >> it's terrible. we're sorry you went through this. >> old republic did not provide a statemnt for the story but did provide the family with a new furnace. in april, just as a heat wave hit. >> the flowers came out and gray skies were gone and we had a new furnace. >> the weather is beautiful. we rarely use the furnace. >> but just wait until next winter. >> i can't tell you how thankful we are for everything you've done. >> the couple said it was strange to finally get the furnace right in the middle of a heat wave despite the 90 degree weather they cranked it up to be sure it worked. now i want to hear from you. my 7 on your side hot line is open from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. by know you should know the number. you can also reach me on my facebook page and through >> smart. like they say, dig your well before your -- [ laughter ]
6:48 pm
>> thanks. >> exactly. all right. we need one last check on the weather. >> spencer christian is here with that. >> things are looking clear at the moment but fog is developing offshore. here is a live look at doppler 7. as we look at the forecast animation, fog forming along the coastline and moving locally over the bay overnight and there might be patchy coastal fog so early morning commuters could have diminished visibility. it will burn back quickly giving us sunny skies along most of the coastline as well as inland areas. overnight lows will be mainly in the mid to upper 50s. a bit mild overnight and a full buck moon because it occurs when antlers begin to appear on deer bucks. tomorrow look for a nice mild to warm day and highs from mid 60s to near 90 inland and the accuweather seven-day forecast shows a cool down into the weekend but temperatures bounce back on sunday so sunday, monday, tuesday we'll see inland temperatures back in the low 90s
6:49 pm
again. it will be warm again. >> all right. it is summer. thanks, spencer. >> all right. giants' baseball to talk about. >> larry beil is here with that. >> only one -- >> thankfully. [ laughter ] >> thankful of that. most thankful of it. really talking about the giants as a possible play-off contender? really? i mean, they are still in last place but
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good evening. the giants started this season so poorly nobody expected they would be mentioned in any serious play-off talk but won eight of the last ten since june. three games out of the wild card despite still residing in last place. giants and rockies tonight at coors controversy in the sports department. dipping pizza in ranch like this guy? i say no, it's wrong and this became contentious but i suspect ama is a dipper. i have that feeling. i knew it. i knew it.keitrbi double. joe panik up the middle. peter got a glove on it and that actually cost them a chance at making a play. it was a huge mistake like dipping your pizza in ranch and here is a diving brandon crawford robbing ryan mcman of a base hit. they were in the fourth inning and the giants are leading 2-0. we're talking giants, pablo sandoval is nominated for mlb's
6:53 pm
heart and hustle awart. the panda is always smiling. 11 homers, becoming a useful utility player. the heart and hustle award is the only award voted on by former players recognizing passion, desire and work ethic on and off the field. the a's nominee is shortstop marcus siemian. he's one of the best in the american league defensively which nobody would have expected a few years ago hitting ov over .270. he's played in all 94 of the a's games this season and we expect he'll be there for '95 tonight with the a's hosting the mariners in oakland. the a's acquired bayiley. the single a affiliate expected to throw 70 pitches. the a's ace recovering from shoulder surgery. former baseball commissioner bud has a book coming out entitled for the good of the game. keep in mind he was in charge during the steroid era.
6:54 pm
didn't do much to stop it. he blames the players' union for stalling on drug testing. he talked about barry bonds today on the dan patrick show saying in his mind bonds is not the real home ring king despite the 762 home runs. >> in my mind, even though bonds broke the record, i said records are records, i think you know how i feel about henry. >> henry earns the all-time home run king in your opinion? >> yes. >> alan iverson scoffed at practice. practice? we're talking about practice? golf star brooks feels pretty much the same way. tiger woods texted him about playing in a practice round never got a textbook and today we found out why. tiger was talking about practice and said he doesn't bother with that unless it's major so we
6:55 pm
assume he's practicing this week because the they begin thursday. >> do you mind if i tag along and play a practice round? i heard nothing. [ laughter ] >> just practice before the majors. i mean, if you see me on tv, that's when i play golf. >> just show up and be great, you know. he finished in the top two with the masters pga championship and the u.s. open this year. >> not easy to do without practice. >> no practice, dan, save us here. are you dipping your pizza in ranch? >> no. >> here is the thing, if it's a cheese pizza, it's like cheese stick things which you would stick in pizza sauce or ranch, so -- >> for celery, vegetables, okay. come on, ama. >> lord. thanks, larry. >> yes. >> just unnatural. [ laughter ] >> thank you. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on kofy tv 20. the company that claims you can
6:56 pm
make food out of thin air, how they do it and what it tastes like at 9:00. >> on abc 7 news at 11:00 helping the environment one dish at a time. the award just given to bay area chef. >> catch "the lion king" can you feel the love and at 9:00 modern family followed by the goldbergs, modern family and blackish. stick around, jimmy kimmel live comes on at 11:35. >> good lineup tonight. that is this edition of abc 7 news. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for larry spencer and the whole team, we hope you have a great evening. >> see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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leave the bench warming to your tennis bag. ♪ this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants-- a community volunteer from petaluma, california... a lawyer from mar vista, california... and our returning champion-- a teacher from minneapolis, minnesota... whose 4-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"--alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. we are getting very close to the end of a season which has featured some very bright, young champions-- case in point, sam here.
7:00 pm
what were you looking up in the skies for? correct responses? i think there might be a bird in here. i don't... yeah. okay. [ laughter ] j.j., peter, welcome aboard. pick up those signaling devices. hopefully you get to use them often with these categories in the first round of play today. aha! next... most of it is, anyway. and finally... - sam, off you go. - let's try wicked! for $200. peter. - what is naughty? - yes. wicked! for $400. - peter. - what is rotten? - that's the word. - wicked! for $600.


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