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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 15, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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this is how i'll do it. sarah: there you go. making news in america this morning, go back to where you're from. president trump digs in after lashing out at some democratic congresswomen. his message after critics claim his attacks are racist. plus, what we're now learning about immigration raids across the country. barry's wrath. the first damage estimates after barry slammed ashore in louisiana devastating towns. the new flooding threat this morning. plus, the dramatic rescue as dozens of people are trapped in rip currents. mystery at the vatican. a new discovery as police try to find out whether a 15-year-old girl's disappearance is linked to a decades long conspiracy theory tracing back to the highest levels of the church. it may be the shopping event
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of the year, but now an important alert about scams on this amazon prime day. too close for comfort. see what happened when a tourist got way too close to this mama bear and her cubs. and this morning, the big news about the new james bond getting a whole new look. good monday morning. thank you for starting the week with us. we begin with president trump's explosive tweets triggering new allegations of racism. >> the president declared a group of democratic congresswomen of color should go back to the countries they came from. the lawmakers have been critical of the immigration policies of the president including a nationwide crackdown that has many undocumented families afraid to leave their homes. >> abc's mona kosar abdi has the latest from washington. mona, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, janai. good morning to you, kenneth. the president who for years pushed birther conspiracy questioning former president
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barack obama citizenship was widely criticized for telling four democratic congresswomen to leave the united states using language similar to what he's used to undocumented immigrants ahead of his deportation raids. this morning, new tweets from president trump targeting congresswomen of color still not naming names but criticizing democrats for defending the women who in an earlier tweet he told to go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came this time writing in part, quote, their disgusting language and the many terrible things they say about the united states must not be allowed to go unchallenged. >> a group of people that came -- i don't know where they came from. >> reporter: the president directing his tweets at four freshmen minority congresswomen, three of the four born in the united states, the other a naturalized citizen. democrats have been quick to condemn the president's comments calling it, quote, xenophobic and hate filled. >> i am freaking appalled that the president of the united
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states conducts himself in such a disgraceful and racist way. >> reporter: all four have been highly critical of trump's immigration policies and the president's long threatened deportation raids that launched sunday. >> they're going to take people out and bring them back to their countries. >> reporter: the major operation to arrest and deport up to 2,000 undocumented immigrants sparked nationwide protests and instilled feared in migrant communities. [ chanting ] but so far immigration groups and local officials say they haven't seen it. new york's mayor tweeting, quote, no confirmed i.c.e. activity. i.c.e., however, confirms it's out there. for the past week it was house speaker nancy pelosi who was feuding with those four democratic congresswomen over her support for the border aid package and it took the president's comments to unify the democratic party and come out as pelosi and others came out against his words, janai and kenneth. >> and notable silence from gop lawmakers neither defending nor criticizing the president's controversial tweets. mona, thank you. now to the gulf coast where experts say former
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hurricane barry has caused up to $10 billion in damage. louisiana got hit the hardest with widespread flooding of homes and businesses. fallen trees also damaged buildings knocking out power. winds were fierce enough to blow the roof off of this airport hangar, and the threat is far from over. barry has weakened to a tropical depression. but it's still dumping heavy rain. flood warnings are posted from the gulf coast all the way north to kentucky. some areas could see 15 inches by the time it's all over. we'll take a closer look at the forecast in just a few minutes. now to the case of jeffrey epstein. he's due in court today fighting for his freedom while facing sex trafficking charges. a lug will decide whether the wealthy financier will get bail. this morning, back in court, a judge is set to decide if jeffrey epstein will get bail allowing him to go back to his manhattan mansion or stay locked up while he awaits trial. the politically connected financier pleaded not guilty after being accused of hiring teen girls to give him massages at his mansions in manhattan and
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palm beach allegedly assaulting them. >> the charges are very serious and they carry with them a maximum sentence of 45 years in jail, which to someone of epstein's age is basically a life sentence. >> reporter: epstein's attorneys want him to be detained at home with a gps monitor using his $77 million manhattan mansion and private jet as collateral but federal prosecutors are blasting that request noting financialrds show epstein is worth more than than $500 million and saying electronic monitoring would merely give the defendant less than a head start in fleeing. >> we think he is a flight risk and that is why we're seeking detention pending trial. he has enormous wealth. >> reporter: abc news is getting an up close look at one of epstein's pristine properties, his private island of little st. james. the 75-acre island includes a temple, helipad, private beach, even a lifeguard stand and just this weekend more possible legal trouble for epstein. the attorney general in new
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mexico where epstein has a sprawling estate called zorro ranch told abc news in a statement that they've been in contact with survivors and they're investigating this matter and now three more women are speaking out about epstein's arrest and why he should be denied bail today. at their request we are not naming them or showing their faces and have altered their voices. >> he is a threat to to women. he is manipulative. he is very precalculated, and this is something that has clearly not stopped, so why would it stop now? >> epstein is also facing new allegations of using his money to buy silence. prosecutors claim he paid two potential witnesses a combined $350,000 to stay quiet. the remains of a decorated green beret were being returned overnight for a dignified transfer ceremony at dover air force base. sergeant major james sartor was killed in afghanistan. the taliban is claiming responsibility for the attack.
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the 40-year-old will be awarded posthumously with the purple heart and bronze star medal. it could take weeks to figure out what caused the blackout that left part of new york city in the dark this weekend. hundreds of people were stuck inside elevators and thousands stranded on the subway. abc's erielle reshef has more on the investigation. >> reporter: the city that never sleeps is very much awake. [ cheers ] after that major power outage sent a large swath of manhattan screeching to a halt. >> multiple buildings without any power. >> reporter: midtown and the upper west side of the city plunging into darkness around 7:00 p.m. on a steamy saturday night. >> we experienced a significant disturbance at one of our electric transmission stations that eventually interrupted power to approximately 73,000 customers. >> reporter: emergency crews racing to about 400 reports of people trapped in elevators. >> there's people trapped in elevators in both towers. >> reporter: this dog leading the way up a staircase by glow stick.
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early on terrorism ruled out. >> i was in contact with the new york office of the fbi. they said it was not a cyber event. there was no criminality involved. >> reporter: some subway stops partially paralyzed. many passengers stuck under ground. in iconic times square normally vibrant billboards pitch black and on broadway lights out. >> a citywide power outage. we have to interrupt this event. >> reporter: and a jennifer lopez concert at madison square garden stopped midstream. the massive venue evacuated. con edison says it has identified the location of that malfunction but hasn't determined exactly what caused it. they say that could take up to a couple of weeks to figure out. officials say everyone had power by midnight and that was their top priority. erielle reshef, abc news, new york. in colorado authorities say a hiker was killed in a lightning strike sunday. the 36-year-old was on a mountain trail near boulder when police say he was hit directly with lightning along his upper
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body. the sheriff's office says the current traveled from him to his wife who was also injured but is recovering. just two weeks ago eight other hikers in colorado were injured during a lightning strike. meanwhile, the big weather story today is in the south where the remnants of hurricane barry are causing problems. let's take a look at your monday forecast. good morning. we're still talking heavy rainfall across the mississippi river valley as barry continues to move northward. flooding a major threat as we're still expecting an additional two to four inches or so of rainfall in the region. even a couple spotty storms are possible across florida. heat and humidity not only the story across the southeast but across the southern plains as well. as we make our ways orms for ourony afternoon. i'm accuweather meteorologist adam del rosso. coming up, the construction worker who caught a baby and
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saved a life. also alable for shoppers on amazon prime day and the one thing you should do to avoid scams online. but first a civil rights activist is found dead in the trunk of a car. the mystery over what happened
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some workers in albuquerque, new mexico, are being called heroes for this, helping save two young children from a fire. look again. they caught the baby girl and a toddler dropped from a second story window by their father right there. the roofers helped alert other residents to the danger. police in baton rouge, louisiana, are searching for the kimmer of a civil rights activist and community leader. the body of sadie roberts-joseph found inside the trunk of a car not far from her home.
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the 75-year-old was the founder of the african-american history museum. her family and friends are speaking out about the killing. >> she was a very caring person, loved everybody and always trying to help. we're devastated. we're devastated that someone has actually killed her and put her in the trunk of her own car. we're devastated. >> an autopsy to determine the cause of death is scheduled for today. police say they have no motive or suspects in this case. a consumer alert this morning just as millions of shoppers head online for amazon prime day. security experts are warning people to go to amazon directly from your browser rather than through an email or link that is sent to you. that's because fraudulent links could redirect you to websites that may look like amazon's but are actually set up to steal your credit card data. amazon is promising 1 million deals over its two-day sale, and those include up to 50% off some tvs and up to 40% off select toys. walmart and other retailers are offering competing sales on big
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ticket items including tvs and computers. a stunning sight in the streets of paris. this may be the soldier of the future. an inventor showed off his flyboard soaring over the streets with a rifle in hand. the leaders of france, germany and other countries were watching down below as part of bastille day events. the french military is looking into possibly using these flyboards. >> quite a sight there. >> they're quite fly. >> good one. coming up, see how a momma bear protected her cubs from a tourist trying to take their picture. but first the moment a raft plunges over this waterfall. hear from the people who came to the rescue. was the vatican involved in the disappearance of a long teenager. a new twist in a decades old mystery next. or atopic dermatitis, you feel like you're itching all the time. and you never know how your skin will look. because deep within your skin an overly sensitive immune system
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to the florida panhandle. panama city beach police say they performed 40 water rescues on sunday alone. a group effort right there. >> incredible work. next to a mystery at the vatican. the disappearance of the young daughter of a vatican employee has gone unsolved for nearly 40 years. >> the case has been the subject of many conspiracy theories including the plot to kill pope francis john paul ii but now investigators hope a new discovery just this weekend will lead to a break in the case. this morning a growing mystery inside the vatican. investigators are searching for the truth behind the decades old disappearance of 15-year-old emanuela orlandi. she was 15 years old in 1983 when she was last seen leaving her home on her way to music lessons in rome. for decades the vatican has been accused of covering up evidence in the case which church officials have long denied. the daughter of a vatican bank employee, orlandi's disappearance fueled many conspiracy theories with people claiming the case could be tied
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to a vatican bank scandal, the mafia or even the plot to assassinate the pope. in 2012 police exhumed the body of a reputed mobster after a tip suggested the grave held a clue to her disappearance. but that search turned up no new clues. last week vatican investigators pried open the tombs of two 19th century german princesses after orlandi's family said they had received an anonymous tip that her remains might be buried there. the excavation was carried out in this cemetery on the grounds of the pontifical teutonic college next to st. peter's. both tombs were empty but the tip prompted officials to also investigate inside the college where over the weekend they made a new discovery. two containers believed to hold human bones were found under a stone slab leaving some to wonder if they could belong to orlandi. and later this week forensic investigators will open those containers to try to find out if they belong to orlandi. more problems for boeing. a new report says the company's
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737 max jet may not fly again until next year. it's been grounded after two deadly crashes. american airlines and southwest airlines have now extended their max jet cancellations into the fall. now to some dramatic video from pennsylvania. the six people in this raft you see are recovering after plunging there. 30 feet down a waterfall at a state park. their raft flipped over. park officials say the group unexpectedly went off course missing three sets of warning signs along the way and they did not have a guide in their raft. >> all six of them had their life jackets on so when they went over the falls, that was probably the thing that saved them, and that's why they're with us today. >> good news there. also over the weekend a swift water rescue in georgia. look at this. ten children and one adult had to be pulled out of that fast-moving water. it's illegal to be in the water in that area. if your vacation plans include the great outdoor,
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here's a tip. don't go near the bear cubs. one visitor to the great smoky mountains national park got too close to these cubs and their mother didn't like it. she lunged at him. the mama bear and her cubs continued to cross the street. it is illegal to approach bears in a national park. yep. >> you see momma bear. she looked to make sure that third baby got by. >> not today. >> not today. up next in "the pulse," big news about the next james bond. also ahead, the hilarious way woody harrelson stole the spotlight during wimbledon. and a message from one angry wedding photographer. ed my life. but i'm a survivor. after my heart attack, my doctor prescribed brilinta. it's for people who have been hospitalized for a heart attack. brilinta is taken with a low-dose aspirin. no more than 100 milligrams as it affects how well brilinta works. brilinta helps keep platelets from sticking together and forming a clot. in a clinical study, brilinta worked better than plavix. brilinta reduced the chance of having another heart attack...
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for the first time the iconic spy code name will reportedly be held by a woman and a black woman. >> "the daily mail" reports british actress lashana lynch will be the next 007 as james bond played by daniel craig goes into retirement. she will reportedly be introduced in the next bond film. >> you may recognize lynch from "captain marvel." one insider calls her appearance as 007 a popcorn dropping moment. history right here. >> this is empowering. a lot of times with the history of these movies, the women are demeaned. they are not the main character. >> sidelined. yeah. >> here they're doing it right. >> did we look more like charlie's angels? the wimbledon tournament wrapped up with some memorable moments on sunday. >> woody harrelson watching a lengthy match. he tried to get back to his seat but was forced to wait behind a guard. a perfect time for a sip of wine. woody's antics and facial expressions went viral online with millions of views. >> meanwhile, novak joke witch
4:24 am
celebrated his wimbledon title by picking up grass and eating it. that's a personal tradition marking his second consecutive wimbledon championship. >> congratulations. so a wedding photographer is begging people, put away your phones at weddings after a memorable moment was ruined. >> hanna stanley says her view of this father walking the bride down the aisle was blocked by a wedding guest trying to snap a photo of their own. >> she posted on facebook not only did you ruin my shot, but you took this moment away from the groom, the father of the bride and the bride. her post has been shared more than 150,000 times. live in the moment. >> but it was for the gram. finally, there is a 4-day-old baby in st. louis we know will be lucky. >> she was born on 7/11. the time of her birth, 7:11 p.m. and her weight, you guessed it,
4:25 am
7 pounds, 11 ounces. >> her mother plans to tell the convenience store chain about it. maybe she'll get a free slurpee. >> and needs to go back and play those numbers. >> oh. >> smart. >> 711, 711. >> got me open. corey is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor, which is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+/ her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole was significantly more effective at delaying disease progression versus letrozole. patients taking ibrance can develop low white blood cell counts, which may cause serious infections that can lead to death. before taking ibrance, tell your doctor if you have fever, chills, or other signs of infection, liver or kidney problems, are pregnant, breast feeding, or plan to become pregnant. common side-effects include low red blood cell and low platelet counts, infections, tiredness, nausea, sore mouth, abnormalities in liver blood tests, diarrhea,
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a woman and 4-year-old girl are pepper sprayed outside this 7-eleven store. a coast guardianship that made a dramatic drug bust at sea is set to return home. it's the day we've been talking about for weeks. amazon prime day is here. there are other big stores jumping in to try to steal the spotlight. >> they want your money. >> they do. all of it. good morning on this monday, july 15th. meteorologist lisa argen is here with a look at our forecast. >> no fog this morning. not only the clear sky. looking at mild temperatures. here is live doppler 7. you notice the absence of fog. to the north and west we're keeping an eye on this system
4:28 am
that is going to bring a cooling trend throughout the week. with those above-average readings this morning, you can see wee ear milder. how about 63 in the camera is breezy. the reason for the lack of fog is a northerly wind. we'll talk about your pleasanton weather and the week ahead. good morning alexis. your monday morning commute off to a quiet start. a lot of green on the traffic maps. one incidents on the board. southbound 880 past oracle arena, reports of a hit-and-run with no injuries. still in the green through that stretch. i'll keep an eye on that. we do have a stack-up at the cash lanes onning either size of the bay bridge toll plaza. hopefully we'll make it until 5:20 when they return the metering lights on. developing news in the south bay, an investigation is on after a woman and child were pepper sprayed at a 7-eleven.
4:29 am
>> seen anything like this before. he said he saw what appeared to be two women fighting outside here at the 7-eleven. one of the women sprayed pepper spray on the other woman and her daughter. the store clerk says that would plan and daughter ran inside the store to get water. he doesn't know what happens to the other person involved. you can see police were in and out of the 7-eleven last night investigating and questioning people as well. >> -- it's really bad. people need to solve their things like maturely, not like this, pepper spray involved -- >> reporter: we're still waiting to hear more from san jose police on exactly what happened last night. live in san jose this morning, jobina fortson, abc 7 news.
4:30 am
coming up on 4:30. let's get a quick update on weather and traffic. hi lisa. >> good morning to you. another beautiful look at the view from the east bay here where you can see it's breezy and clear. 57 in san francisco, 58 in oakland, 62 in san jose, 61 in morgan hill. really mild out there in some of our inland valleys. in the 50s santa rosa, 63 in livermore. as you step outside, some of you are mild, others will need the jacket. the coast could be a few degrees warmer in the 60s. we'll look at low 80s inland by noontime. upper 80s. that's the change today. coming down a couple degrees, out of the 90s for you in the inland valleys. looking at the commute this morning, looking great so far today. a live look at walnut creek. southbound 680 north of the 24
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