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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 13, 2019 1:07am-1:43am PDT

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i'm amanda del castillo in san jose. tonight, a family is without a beloved grandfather who died in a home invasion. >> i'm here in the south bay where several rallies have a common message to the undocumented community. i'm jobina fortson where a local developer signed up at this encampment offering cash for people to leave. >> now, news to build a better by area, from abc 7. tonight, police are investigating a homicide and home invasion in san jose's evergreen neighborhood. >> officers were called out early this morning to a home for a break-in. this is near the middle school. >> when police arrived, they found an elderly man deceased. >> amanda del castillo has the details. amanda? >> reporter: dan, ama, nearly 14 hours later, police still have the road taped off. they have not been able to
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provide any suspect information, just one of many reasons why neighbors here are on edge tonight. an unfamiliar sight for residents here. >> cars get broken in, kids will throw litter around the street, things like that. there have been other home burglars but nothing of this scale. >> reporter: police responded to a home break-in report here and found an elderly man dead. the results of a home invasion. neighbors say the victim a beloved grandfather. >> i'm still choked up about this. as are most of my neighbors over there. it's just hitting very, very close to home. >> reporter: throughout the day she kept in touch with her elderly father who was still home just a few doors down from the victim. it's unclear how the grand father died. those responsible got away. sky 7 flew overhead. >> this is a very quiet
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neighborhood and something like this is very sad. and i'm shaken. >> reporter: neighbors fear someone was canvassing the neighborhood and thought the house was empty. >> it was a senseless act and hard to believe that this happened in this community. >> reporter: coincidentally, there were more than 100 people arriving in small groups here to meet a world famous monk at a home within the crime scene. visitors were confused. but again, neighbors here only oncerned. in san jose, amanda del castillo, "abc7 news." i think everybody in town, we're trying to watch out for each other and trying to stay -- tell people, you know, stay where it's safe. >> i know a few, and i know they're going to lay low because they're afraid, just like everyone else. >> a developing story. many bay area residents staying inside as immigration agents gear up for raids. >> today, president trump
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confirmed a major operation to white house reporters, the bay area is a reported target. >> today, a large group of people rallied outside a software company's headquarters in palo alto. activists are accusing it of having ties to i.c.e. >> our reporter is live with the latest. >> reporter: a couple hours ago, this doorway was blocked by activists, who accuse this company of collaborating with i.c.e. two days away from sunday's announced raids by president donald trump, tensions are running high. in palo alto, roughly 100 people took on university avenue enroute to the software company's headquarters. they're accused of a $38 million contract with i.c.e. >> the software scrapes information from dozens of sources as far as like public social media profiles.
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it links up to police databases. >> reporter: immigration advocates have received reports of detentions taking place in santa clara and san mateo county sense last weekend. >> they have the right to remain silent and say that. they have the right to ask for a lawyer if they are picked up by i.c.e. >> reporter: this lawyer believes collateral arrests could take place as i.c.e. will target 2,000 immigrants. >> there's a question whether they can do that or not. i.c.e. may be picking up people based on racial profiling. >> reporter: we saw cindy flores, who was separated from her infant daughter for two months when her dad crossed the u.s.-mexico border. i'm walking against any company that support i.c.e. we contacted the company for comment and they have not returned our calls.
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>> thanks. around the country and in los angeles, nevada, and san francisco tonight, protest over the treatment of people being held in border detention centers. >> events were planned in 700 cities across the country. vice president mike pence toured two detention centers in texas today, saying the crowded areas are evidence of a system that was overwhelmed but called reports of mistreatment slanderous. >> you want more information about your rights, go to our website, action for information on immigration and how to find out more about your rights. a man was struck and killed which a strain this afternoon. authorities are calling it an apparent suicide. it happened just before 3:00 p.m. it's the fourth death on the train tracks since june 28th and the second in the past two case. officials have started
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installing more safety fencing and discussed increasing patrols. and in san bruno, another fatal accident about 6:30 tonight at the scott street crossing. a north bound train struck a person on the tracks. ♪ the family of a 2-year-old santa rosa girl says it's going to be sadly a very long recovery. they started a go fund me to raise money for the child's medical expenses. police arrested the suspect yesterday, he's in jail on felony dui and hit and run charges. >> rnb singer art kelly was picked up on two separate indictments. >> it's the worst case of piling on i've ever seen.
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it's been 75 years since a deadly explosion changed the face of the u.s. navy. more than 300 sailors were killed. >> one of the ships vaporized. the other one was blown to bits. most of the dead were african-american sailors who were loading the ships with no training in handling munitions. afterwards, 50 black survivors refused orders to resume munitions loading. some of the headlines we're following tonight. tropical storm barry is expected to make landfall in louisiana in the next few hours and the storm could become a hurricane when it does. >> and new orleans emergency officials closed the flood gates in the city for the first time in history. and issued a voluntary evacuation order for residents. >> the army corps of engineers is confident the levies will maintain. volunteers with the cajun navy are in position with rescue boats ready for action.
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>> we go out there and we rescue people and come back. >> the governor says the state is much better prepared, but officials are calling it a life threatening storm. a local developer took the homeless issue into his own hands by offering cash to get people out of here. >> 12 babies born to one northern california fire department in the last year. >> all is well now, but there were times dads weren't sure if they would ever meet their newborns. putting the sizzle back into summer. here's a look at what's coming up on jimmy kimmel live. watch this if it's the last thing you do. >> i gave her a fireworks display. >> is that w
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showed up offering homeless residents money to leave the property. jobina fortson talked with people on both sides. >> reporter: dressed in an elf outfit is local builder gene gorelick. this visit from gorelick's announcement what he called an economic gain. his solution to the homelessness crisis. he showed up at the home depot offering each $2,000 to get out. >> i mean, what you saw this morning is what the home depot customers and employees face. these people have no respect. >> reporter: this woman showed me around her home where she's lived in five years. >> makes us feel really low and demoralizes us. he just came to offer us money like we were going to jump up there and grab the money that he offered us, for what? >> reporter: the news sparked a protest, but frustration is far
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reaching. home depot is considering sloesing the store. >> it's good people. but they're being overrun. >> a lot of media says a lot of things that home depot has never expressed to us. >> reporter: what do you think is the solution, what would help people get out of here? >> i think it's a lack of resources. i think there's a lot of outreach now. but i think we need something like a resource center, a resource board. >> reporter: meanwhile, gorelick is planning to offer money again. ne jobina fortson, "abc7 news." rapper kanye west may be helping to build a better bay area. he met with potential investors in san francisco for a "star wars" prefabricated homes. he believes they could be low income housing units. he based the design on luke skywalker's childhood home. they were on the front lines of a massive fire. you'll remember, now these firefighters are on the front lines of something else.
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>> 12 babies have been born into their northern california department in just a year. julia avery has the story. >> smile. >> reporter: 12 bouncing babies, born into the redding fire department family in the past year. 12 babies, and 9 moms. that's right, do the math, three sets of twins. >> after the carr fire, after we went through something really emotional, we got together and we all figured out that we were pregnant together. >> reporter: they call it one big family. >> it's a big team effort, and very family oriented. and i think that's one thing, one of the reasons why we love this job. and being able to help each other out. family, friends. >> reporter: but the night the carr family barrelled into redding, they grew even closer. >> we communicated day and night, 24/7. it was a hard time, especially being pregnant. >> reporter: their husbands out
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on the fire line. six of the women pregnant at the time. >> that night, my husband was working. and he told me he loved me through text. a lot of us got that text. >> reporter: fearing the worst. >> you don't want to be alone raising babies. but we have a good support group here. so it's amazing, how we're bonded together. >> reporter: today, nearly one year later. a nine of new life and growth in the form of tiny fingers and toes. hope for the future. for the redding fire family. >> we're going to have a lot of play dates and a lot of little kids and probably tantrums and times together, yes. >> all right. that was reporter julia avery with a great story. >> absolutely. it seems like we have great weather for the weekend. >> we sure do. meteorologist sandhya patel is tracking it closely for us. sandhya? >> it is july, so we'll be feeling the heat.
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take a look at the timeline. you will notice the fog just going in and out over san francisco. the fog line is about 800 feet, so it has compressed. that's why like last night, it will probably be dense out there in san francisco and along the coast. and watch out for a little mist and drizzle, as well. live doppler 7 showing you socked in conditions along the coast and along the east bay. temperatures in the 50s to 70s right now. so we do have mild conditions inland, but not so much near the coast. if you want to escape the heat, you know a place to go is the beach. in santa cruz, mid 80s on saturday. bright and warm after the morning fog. slightly cooler on sunday. 80 degrees but overall, just fantastic weather. i think some people are enjoying the board walk right now as you notice in santa cruz. just walking around, the nice weather. we'll take a look at a live
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picture from our camera. you can see how heavy the fog is here in the city. dense fog, near the coast overnight. summer heat inland, and cooler days expected early next week. temperatures first thing in the morning, low 50s to the low 60s. so the fog will be pretty much confined to this area here. the coast and parts of the bay. the rest of you starting off cheer for your early morning plans. the afternoon, it's going to be a warm one. short sleeve weather will do it. 84 in santa cruz, 84 in sunnyvale. 93 in morgan hill. low 80s from redwood city to palo alto. 66 in pacifica. foggy, breezy. you know the brill. 70 in downtown san francisco. north bay, 84. low 90s in napa. 76 in union city. tis is where it's going to sizzle. inland, mid 90s. concord, fair field, 96.
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in golden gate park sunday, it's going to be foggy and perfect weather for walking. upper 50s and then coming up into the low to mid 60s and sunny. not such a great sunny picture is tropical storm barry in the gulf of mexico, going towards the louisiana coastline. it is expected to become a category 1 hurricane tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. with 75-mile-an-hour winds, dumping some heavy rain, bringing strong storm surge. the biggest concern is 10 to 20 inches of rain. isolated areas up to 25. that means flooding is going to be a concern along with the gusty winds and the tornado threat. accuweather seven-day forecast, hot inland, mild at the coast. cooling befins monday. and notice the drop back down to the confident zone. 80s inland. 60s along the coastline. overall, the pattern looks fantastic for your plans. and i will toss it back to ama
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and dan. >> thanks, spencer. [ laughter ] >> touche. >> now we're even. all right. beach food with a twist. this isn't your usual restaurant -- it's okay, sandhya. we're going to show you the makeover to taco bell tomorrow. and on sunday, july 14th, in golden gate park, the 10-k fund-raiser walk benefits dozens of hiv and aids programs. to register, call or go to
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itit's crepe for our family at denny's. a family tradition we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home with denny's delivery. see you at denny's or ♪ ♪ this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪ one of the most scenic fast food restaurants is making its official return to pacifica. >> the taco bell went through a
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remodel and tomorrow is opening as a taco bell cantina. >> it has a menu, and you can order beverages. >> that's all anthony needs to hear. >> a memorable night on the diamond. just ahead, the angels honor a teammate on an emotional night in southern california. stick around
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the a's opened the second half of the season tonight. the green and gold looking to pick up where they left off before the all-star break, as one of the hottest teams in baseball. opening a three-game set against the white sox. second inning, up 1-love. liriano, third straight game with a home run. this one to the second deck.
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2-0, a's. next batter, profar, back-to-back jacks. it's 3-0. plenty for pitcher mike fiers. mark qana with a solo bomb, making it 4-0. the a's win 5-1, the final. finals open the second half in milwaukee. fifth inning, down 2-0. not anymore. austin slater, a two-run shot. we are knotted at 2-2. the giants could take the lead in the 6th with another two-run homer. it's evan lone goria this time. 4-2. but they would fall behind in the 8th inning. tyler austin pinch-hitting. he slams his eighth of the season, making it 5-5. in the 9th, crawford goes yard. 6-5 giants. the brewers force extra innings. in the 10th, bases loaded,
1:32 am
buster posey, that's a grand slam. fifth home run of the game for the giants. most since april of 2014. they win it 10-7. what a night in anaheim. the angels playing their first home game since the loss of pitcher tyler skaggs, who died suddenly last week. his mom throws out the first pitch and they were all wearing the number 45 skaggs' jerseys. taylor cole started the game and pitched two innings, no hits, no runs. he would hand it to felix pena who did the rest. he pitched seven shutout innings allowing no hits. and they xwcombine for a team no-hitter. absolutely amazing. the san jose earthquakes taking on the galaxy. in the 61st minute, this is past the keeper making it 1-1. another nice move, bounced off
1:33 am
the keeper and in. the quakes add another goal and they win it 3-1. this abc 7 sports report sponsored by river rock casino. adding even more emotion to that night in anaheim, tomorrow tyler skaggs' birthday. would have been 28 years old. very emotional
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all right. that is it. the weekend is here. hope you have a wonderful time over the next couple of days. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. for the entire "abc7 news" team, thank you for joining us.
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tv's number one daily viral video show "right his minute." >> a husband tries to warn her. >> brake, break, brake, brake, brake! >> it's a hampton spread that can be yourprise a mere. >> 40 million there. >> an inside look at the little luxuries including an atm. it's a rare listen to hot a snake bite sounds like. all the bobbing and weaving in a three-way battel for territory.
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and tiffany jenkins finally decides to try it out. the gadget that has her determ itened to get her money's worth. >> anytime i need something silly, something went terribly wrong, hey, you might as well just quit. you see this? it just quit. oh, my gosh, stop. you're an absolute moron. stop. >> whennee start this video from china you hear her husband say brake! brake! brake! brake! brake! >> why do people who don't know how to drive go into public where they're a menace to society? >> this is not even funny. this is messed up.
1:37 am
>> you see that she went crashing into several people on their scooters. >> looks like she was aiming for them. >> there's another layer to the story. >> they actually licensed her? >> he claims to have been trying to avoid the people on the bikes. because it looks like she went right at them. >> they're investigating and haven't announced any formal charges put kr charges but she just quit. luckily this driver had full control of the situation. this comes from a dash cam in australia. >> what the heck? >> the kid goes running in front off the parents. luckily they spotted the kid and the it kid is okay.
1:38 am
>> if feels like a broken record, you need keep hearing this message over and over because it's just sad and you see these videos over and over. one from jacksonville, florida. unable to fly, unable to truly swim. it was wrapped up and guess what? all over its wing witheing witih >> for this burird, it's a luck day. >> a lot of people throw their fishing lines to the side thinking it's going toing disappear and it doesn't. and i think we can solve that problem. thankfully these guys are solving the problem for this poor sea gull and hopefully somebody who walks down the beach and sees fishing line sitting there and they'll think twice, pick it up, put it in a
1:39 am
trash can. and another reminder the record will skip again. this couple went out for a quick evening paddle to catch some waves. but instead of catching waves, look at how much plastic they're able to reach into the water and pull out. er >> no, no. >> better start taking care of this beauty or there's going to be no beauty left. >> that's so sad. >> and this is from decades of dumping our garbage in the ocean thinking e thinking we'll never see it again. it's coming back to bite us. >> it could be yours for the teeny, tiny price tag of $40 million. er >> hold on. do you have change? >> you could rent it for $300,000 a week.
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in this video from architectural digest and it's a huge foryea. >> had i first built the house and furnished it, and they all said this is it the pest house in the hamptons. >> let's start in the basement because down stairs you've got your very own two-lane bowling alley. you can party, eat, drink there. they even have an a it tm in ca you need extracash. >> you've got kids. s there it rr a theater room. they have a half price and it if that wasn't enough. >> a rock wall? >> who pays this light bill?
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>> now we're getting into some adult stuff. >> kre >> yes. a little massage after your hard day at work talking about viral videos? >> kres. yes. >> a full size baseball field. >> who are these people. >> wait, let me get my sugar daddy on the line. >> 40 million. is it worth it? >> this looks worth it. >> i must say i'm very envious of of the kitchen. >> where's the wine cellar? i didn't see a wine cellar. >> how much for the pool house? maybe i can live there. >> i think maybe if we pitch in, we could probably afford a mattress. >> girl, i'm bringing it to the hamptons.
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now you know how we say it's like red bull getting into everything? in this case it's her career. got to be there by that time, that date. we'll see what it is. a volleyball. you may notice we're in hamburg germany. they were getting stuff set up. you're seeing what it's all for once they get done jumping between and throw all of this different stuff in a shipping container area, they're going through the alleyways, over water. and they really do make the entire city their playground. unfortunately -- and before you know it, you end up on the roof. >> oh, that is weird. oh, oh. >> amazing footwork there. ♪ >> in the back of this


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