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tv   2020  ABC  July 12, 2019 9:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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♪ there is young john f. kennedy jr. >> john f. kennedy jr. was the last glimmer of the fantasy that there was once a spot called camelot. he was the last prince. >> some of you across the country may know, he's been named the sexiest man in the country. >> the talk now is, will john f. kennedy jr. run for something? >> ladies and gentlemen, meet "george." >> "george" magazine was his way of exploring a public forum into politics. >> when john and carolyn would walk into an event, the entire
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place would stop. >> it's the closest that we came to royalty. >> watch your back. >> photographers at their door everywhere she went. that really tore her down. >> he was definitely under a lot of pressure as a kennedy. >> flying for him was just freedom. >> i think it was the only place he could escape. >> all these rumors, john was having troubles with his marriage, he was having troubles with his magazine, the two most important things in his life. >> this is the oddest sky i've ever seen. if there's a private pilot, they're going to be in a lot of trouble. >> we're interrupting your program for some information involving john f. kennedy jr. >> i remember turning on the tv and the helicopter was over the water. >> ready? okay. >> there's a large contingent of people staked out. >> a friend of mine said, have you heard? >> no, this can't be happening.
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to understand john f. kennedy jr. and what he meant to the country you have to go back to where it all started. >> the unexpected climax saw senator kennedy the victor with a clear margin of electoral votes. at 43 years of age, he is the youngest man ever voted into office and the first catholic chief executive. >> now, my wife and i prepare for a new administration and for a new baby. thank you. >> when john was born, it was such a romantic time in our culture. the son of a president in the white house, it was a big deal.
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>> first notice of the year was that of john fitzgerald kennedy jr., soon to be the first baby of the land. america takes the kennedy family to its heart. >> it was fascinating watching the president play specifically with john, hold him, touch him, play on the floor with him, that sort of thing, throw him up in the air. there was a bond between the two of them. john was definitely the apple of his eye. president kennedy was not adverse to using the children for political purposes. whenever jackie left, he would call the photographers and have them come in. >> john kennedy says, go get the kids. and his secretary says, well, they're already in bed, they're asleep. get them out of bed. >> he had this desk in the oval office which belonged to a sea
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captain. it was made from an american frigate. and i just remember the inside, you could climb around in it. he used to give us chewing gum, because my mother didn't like us to chew gum. we would go to the oval office at night and he'd feed us gum. >> these wonderful pictures we have of the kennedy children cavorting around the oval office, almost all of those photographs were taken when jackie was out of the country. >> mrs. kennedy would come back, she'd be furious to see pictures of her children. and his press secretary told me he had to take the heat. >> from 1960 to 1964, i was assigned to mrs. kennedy and responsible for her protection, and for the children. i spent a great deal of time with them at that time. more than i did with my own children. >> we didn't really recognize how popular they would become. it became very evident that
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these people were like movie stars. they really attracted large crowds, no matter where we went. there was a large contingent of press and inning or screaming they wanted more photographs. mrs. kennedy got pretty fed up with it. >> she had huge hedges put in around the white house, because she said, i want privacy for my children and i'm tired of starring in everyone's home movies. she felt that they shouldn't be in the limelight. she wanted them to grow up to be normal children, to have the same joys and pleasures of childhood that she had. >> john f. kennedy has been in office for exactly 1,036 days.p. texas, with its 24 electoral votes, is considered critical to re-election in 1964.
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a political tour of the state is mounting. there remains only dallas. >> only a matter of minutes before he arrives. >> "as the world turns." >> here is a bulletin from cbs news. >> when walter cronkite announced jfk's death -- >> from dallas, texas, the flash apparently official, president kennedy died at 1:00 p.m. central standard time, 2:00 eastern standard time. some 38 minutes ago. >> it was such an iconic moment.
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because we were all so stunned. >> well, it's interesting, you know. john is 3, he didn't know what was going on. he could see that his mother was devastated. >> the shadow of sorrow still stretches across the nation's capital. the 35th commander in chief, in body, he's gone forever. >> mrs. kennedy and her two children, john and carolyn. >> i was seated right behind mrs. kennedy. and she turned to me and said, can you take care of john? so i took him back to a little room off the side.
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while we were there, they had him practice his salute. >> as the coffin passed by, jackie leaned down and said, now say good-bye to your father. and john delivered what would be the world's most famous salute. >> good-bye, daddy, he said. president kennedy's son saying farewell to the father whom he loved and knew for such a short time. >> i think that america's heart was broken by john's salute. >> that is the moment when john kennedy became, you know, who he was.
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>> it was john-john's 3rd birthday. >> jackie, she went to pierre salinger and said, pierre, i have nothing in life to do now, except to make sure that my children are okay. i want them to get past this terrible tragedy and not be tied forever to the memory of their father's death. i have to help them survive. >> win the election in november and we'll have a new country, a new state of california and we'll make a new day for mankind. >> robert kennedy drew great crowds at most of his stops. cheered by his own kin. >> jackie was a traditionalist. and she felt that a boy needed a male figure, a father figure. the president's younger brother seemed the perfect fit to jackie.
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>> bobby tried to, you know, fill that void. and in many ways, he did. he loved those kids. >> bobby would say, john, are you behaving? and john said, i'm a good boy. i didn't do anything wrong. >> i'm sorry, i have to -- senator kennedy is going down now to address his supporters. >> my thanks to all of you, and now it's onto chicago and let's win there. >> senator robert kennedy claiming victory in california. here's the way the vote count looks now, with almost a quarter
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of the precincts having reported in. >> ladies and gentlemen, we've kept the air on, because we've heard an alarming report that robert kennedy was shot. >> i remember that date very clearly. it was my day off. and the secret servicemen called me up and said, you have to come back to work. bobby kennedy was shot. i went in and she was in the hallway, and she said, i went through one, now i have to go through another one. what are we going to do? >> now john, at the age of 8, was old enough to understand.
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>> you can't really imagine what it would do to a young person, to have both his father and his uncle murdered in the same way. for john, i think that it made him feel that you can't waste a moment. because he didn't know how long he was going to be here. ♪ ♪ wh whatever you're craving... and whenever you're craving it... doordash has the restaurants you want. delivered to your door. r or happens to be. download doordash. the most restaurants across america. first order, $0 delivery fee.
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tragedy has struck again in the kennedy family. in the official family of the united states of america. >> bobby kennedy's death taught jackie that she could not live in the united states anymore. her family was being killed. kennedys were dying. >> my first reaction was, they couldn't do it again, not to another kennedy. >> they did it again. first it was his brother, now it's him. >> jackie's famous quote was, they're killing kennedys again. my children are next. i hate this country. i want to leave. and, indeed, she did leave america. >> this is the private mediterranean island paradise of aristotle onassis.
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>> onassis was the world's most successful shipping tycoon. she was a self-made man, and she respected that. he went after what he wanted, and she liked that. because she went after what she wanted. >> everywhere, you can see the evidence of what being one of the world's richest men can do. >> she went to greece and married aristotle onassis. >> mrs. kennedy arrived in greece for the wedding. >> jackie married onassis in part because he could provide her not only with a fabulous lifestyle, but with security. and she felt her children would be safe, so she married him. >> for most of us, it almost would have been easier if mrs. kennedy decided to marry howard hughes. >> his security people were all over anyone that were trying to get pictures of them. >> john kennedy jr. was the first kennedy to be photographed in greece. his presence also provoked the first confrontation between reporters and the onassis people.he
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relationship between jackie and aristotle onassis, during the school year, jackie lived with the children at 1040 fifth avenue, and they spent summers with onassis on the private island in greece. jackie was intent that her children have as normal a life as possible. she said, if you bungle raising your children, nothing you do in life matters very much. >> the very first time i met john was in new york city. i was in tenth grade and i went to a party. he was sitting on a couch and people said, oh, that's john kennedy, that's john kennedy. i was like, oh. i didn't really tune in to what that meant. he just seemed like a normal kid with, like, scruffy hair. he was polite, he was sweet. he was very expansive. he wanted to know everything about you, your family, where you grew up, what you did.
9:19 pm
>> john always liked to be treated like everyone else and he really didn't mind being the butt of a joke. in some respects, the most remarkable thing about john was how relatively normal he was despite his fame. >> i think he wanted to not have a constant reminder of who he was. you can imagine the monumental burden of expectation is on this guy's shoulders throughout his entire life. the kennedys were so strongly identified with harvard university. >> joseph kennedy, the product of harvard university. >> i think he felt like harvard was kind of like the defined path, it was his family's path, it was very well known. >> that always weighed heavily on him. he always wanted to distance himself, to get away from all that.
9:20 pm
>> john chose brown university, because he didn't want to be in his father's shadow at harvard. >> john felt brown would be a different way, it would be his own way. >> he was definitely under a lot of pressure as a kennedy. i remember one time, i went into his dorm room at brown, he has brought his father's chair from the white house. that was his chair at his desk. and i walked in, he was reading a book. and he says, oh, can you believe it? >> the torch has been passed to a new generation of americans. >> my father made, like, 100 speeches in his first 100 days. >> my fellow americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.
9:21 pm
>> so, i think there was an awe about what his father had accomplished. the hard academics, the hard cramming didn't come easily to him. >> at brown, he was a very poor student, but a very popular one. he was almost thrown out on several occasions, and jackie intervened, you know, to keep him there. >> he was interested in theater and, i think, most importantly, he was a natural at theater. he was incredibly talented. >> jackie went to his performances at brown. but she did not think this was the life for him. she thought he was destined for greater things. she felt it was beneath him. she wanted the traditional path politics, which was through >> he went to new york university law school.
9:22 pm
he finally did follow the dynastic imperative. >> going to law school is just a prerequisite for the things he was probably seeing his future involving. politics. >> abc news coverage of the democratic national convention. >> the kennedy night, as we called it here. we've got a couple of kennedys down there. what does the impression down there about this family in 1988? >> well, it has cast a shadow over a party as no other family has. an incredible family dynasty. and now the young man we remember playing under john kennedy's desk, with the picture of him saluting his father's coffin, is here to introduce his uncle. let's go to the podium, because -- there is young john f. kennedy jr. >> when he stepped onto the
9:23 pm
stage at the democratic national convention, this really marked the first time the american people had seen and heard jfk jr. >> thank you. >> 27 years old now. he's currently a law student at new york university school of law. >> they were afraid the roof of the arena would collapse because of the air pressure. you could feel it change. so many people gasping. thousands of people transfixed by this guy. >> national television, most of the country watching, major political convention. it was a big deal. >> i'm not a political leader, but i can speak for those of my age who have been inspired by teddy to give their energy and their ideas to their community, and not just to themselves. >> he was eloquent, articulate. it was a finally crafted speech. he wrote that speech. and he was someone who obviously suddenly saw the possibility of
9:24 pm
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right here, please. >> jackie, what would you like to see john do? >> pass the bar. >> he could have had any political office, just by saying, yes, i'm interested in running. absolutely no doubt in my mind. >> in '52, he first demonstrated his unusual vote-getting ability by winning in massachusetts, despite the national trend. >> your father was 29 when he began his political career. he was 43 when he became president. do you have any desire for politics? >> you know, there is all this sort of inevitable comparisons with myself and my father, and your question certainly implies it, and i think it is one of the
9:29 pm
reasons why a political career for me is worth taking a close look at. public service should be something that you bring wholly yourself to. and i have sort of a life to live before i want to think about that. >> john was used to the kind of attention that he got being his mother's son and his father's son. but things were different when he was voted "people's" sexiest man. i was dating him at that time, and the attention on him became much more right. >> i don't think any man would mind being on the cover of "people" magazine as sexiest man alive. that hurts my feelings. >> myself included and friends gave him total crap, like, john, does that mean, like, sexiest ever, in the history? we just went on and on and on.
9:30 pm
>> do you mind all the stuff about you? >> people can say a lot worse things about you, than you're attractive and you look good in a bathing suit. >> he was a hunk. let's be honest. he was a hunk. so, yes, women loved him. by the way, men loved him. everybody loved him. >> he was the sexiest man alive in 1988. 30 years on, it remains the best-selling sexy man cover in "people" magazine history. >> i think john was always attracted to women who were a little challenging to him. the worst thing, as a woman, you could have been was to yes him to death. >> john and i had known each other many years. we'd been friends in high school, we'd been roommates in a house at brown. >> christina, she and john made a great couple. jackie loved her. >> in the winter of 1985, we did a play together, and it's about a teenage couple who fall in
9:31 pm
love and we fell in love doing the play. >> he dated a lot of different women and not one of them has ever said anything negative about him. >> i just loved that he was kind of silly and quirky and forgetful and fun and adventurous. like a normal, humble, great guy. >> sarah jessica parker. met him at jfk airport wearing nothing but a mink coat and high heels. he had an active love life. >> john began to date madonna in the late '80s. really at the peak of her fame at that point. >> he shared a very steamy message madonna left on his answering machine with one of his roommates and he would describe madonna as a sexual dynamo. >> he did measure everybody with whom he became romantically involved by the jackie kennedy onassis standard. that made his romances very difficult.
9:32 pm
>> i think that mrs. onassis had counseled him well to stay single. >> but his romances with daryl hannah were well publicized at the time. >> daryl hannah became famous in 1984 in a movie called "splash"" >> we'd have sightings of them at one place where they had a drink, then another place where they had dinner. it would be the equivalent of brad pitt and angelina jolie. they were just a glamorous couple, and wherever they went, people were going nuts. >> i definitely think they were in love. she was really lovely. sweet, fun, funny, loved john. >> she was pretty famous in her own right, but i think she wasn't used to being the second fiddle when she went out. >> when they broke up, i was -- to be honest with you, i was surprised. i was like, why? and they just said, it's not working.
9:33 pm
>> he had an adventurous spirit. john was a man in motion. newou the time, bicycling, running through the park, playing football, kayaking. and once he said, i do that because if i ever stopped and thought about all the things that have happened to me, i would just sit down and fall apart. >> he always needed to be busy. he loved learning to fly. >> jackie, she didn't want him flying. one of the reasons for that was the horrible track record the kennedys had with flying. john's uncle joe was killed in a plane crash, his aunt kathleen was killed in a plane crash, his aunt ethel's parents were killed
9:34 pm
in a plane crash and her brother was killed in a separate plane crash. and, of course, teddy kennedy was almost killed in a very serious plane crash. >> john jr. didn't tell her that he was taking flying lessons. he finally told her, and she said, i want you to promise me that you'll stop immediately. and he did stop. jackie had a bad feeling about him flying. hey siri, play me something new. ♪ music playing ♪ ♪ it was just past one when two three men from four five ♪ ♪ step to me door like ♪ oh my gosh ♪ just throw that cash in a black bag ♪ ♪ run around the back and ♪ pull up the track, cause yaow ♪ ♪ i just learnt some jazz today, it's true ♪ ♪ you gon' learn ♪ ♪ you gon' learn ♪ ♪ you gon' learn, hey ♪ ♪
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♪ john could have gone to any law firm he wanted. his family has connections all over, and yet he went to the district attorney's office. so he did have a sense of public service. >> john worked for the new york d.a. and his office was known for
9:39 pm
being a sinecure for the children of people with famous last names. had they ever had a celebrity spawn on john's level? perhaps not. as a first job, it provided access to real life. and he used to bicycle to work every day. and, you know, don't you just love the image of john kennedy jr. on his bicycle, free as a bird, down to the d.a.'s office. someone who lives in a cage finding a way to escape. >> i believe it is what's called the lobster shift, when i first met him. it was like a late shift. we were sharing an office, and he sort of came in and he just stuck out his hand and he said, hi, john kennedy. you know, in your mind, you're saying, candidly, no [ bleep ]. it was kind of a funny little john moment. >> i do remember that he
9:40 pm
appeared before a judge in brooklyn, i think, and the judge actually had to say to his stenographer in the courtroom, try not to drool. >> assistant district attorneys were hired right out of law school, are allowed to practice law until they pass the bar exam. but they only allow two failures. >> he took the bar exam for the first time. the newspapers screamed with the headlines, the hunk flunks. and he did, the first time around. and the second time. >> yeah, the hunk flunks. uh-huh. he didn't -- he wasn't happy about that particularly. >> john hated the idea of being thought of as stupid. and hated the idea that his mother was reading those headlines. >> my recollection is that if you failed it a third time, you lose the job. but it seemed like the third time was a charm, certainly was for john. >> is it true that you passed the bar? >> apparently it's true.
9:41 pm
i got the official word not that long ago. >> jackie was elated that the third time, john passed the law boards. >> john and his mother adored each other. they had so much fun together. they had a wonderful rapport, lots of teasing and fun. they also had a really, really deep understanding of each other, of how each other worked, and a great respect. and they were just terrific to be around. the love was palpable. >> in late 1993, jackie was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma. >> jackie's long struggle against cancer had a devastating impact on john. devastating. >> he was there with her until the very end. five months after her diagnosis, jackie passed away, and it was a moving scene.
9:42 pm
>> last night at around 10:15, my mother passed on. she was surrounded by her friends and her family and her books and the people and the things that she loved. >> i remember this. people were outside of her apartment, hundreds of people, clogging fifth avenue. >> i spent the weekend with him after that funeral. it was very, very painful for him. his head in his hands on the kitchen table, saying, i just really didn't want her to die. >> jackie was laid to rest at arlington national cemetery near her late husband. >> you lose both of your parents, and that's sort of -- that's the beginning of this new phase, where you see your own mortality. yeah, it was a very, very difficult, painful loss for him. >> jackie kennedy onassis always
9:43 pm
understood that jfk jr. had this sort of legacy and legend attached to him. she didn't want him to feel the weight of responsibility as a president's son and the prince of camelot. she wanted him to have a life that was sort of mandated what he wanted to do. >> i think that she had always encouraged both caroline and i to make our own way, to not subordinate our own lives to the expectations of what we should do with our lives. >> what good advice. don't do what everybody says you have to do, don't follow the pack. >> it was good advice. >> don't even necessarily follow the family? >> yeah, i'm not sure it was that explicit, but it's just this sense of, to thine own self be true. >> and only in the '90s, when he decides to step out for the first time and he leaves the district attorney's office. he did it his own way.
9:44 pm
he didn't go into politics. >> welcome to "heart of the city," i'm john kennedy. >> john kennedy was completely associated with new york. he was a creature of the city. he actually really loved the city. it represented everything he liked about modern life in new york for a young man. the fact that he dabbled in television briefly is not at all a surprise. instant name recognition. the family's business is public affairs and politics. so, it's not a very big leap to think that he would try it. >> there is no place quite like new york. >> i had done some familiarity with john through the new york media and communications scene. >> so this is great. >> john conceived this magazine. >> his concept was a triangle. celebrity, media, and politics. >> it was called "george," but it might as well have been john iced it, it was a e. sensation. >> and there were about 300 still photographers in one room.
9:45 pm
the second he walked out, all you heard was this clicking. and then as soon as he said, good morning, it was silent. >> ladies and gentlemen, meet "george." >> what john did is different, because there were serious ideas within the pages of "george" magazine, and then there were also, you know, flashy celebrities. >> it was meant to draw people in who care more about supermodels than about presidents. >> what made it be a brand new magazine that could get that kind of attention was obviously that john kennedy jr. was the one running it. >> ultimately, this magazine is going to stand or fall on whether or not it's a good magazine, and a couple issues on down the line, my last name isn't really going to matter. >> he wanted to do something significant with his life.
9:46 pm
and "george" magazine i think was his way of sort of exploring a public forum into politics. >> when i finally asked him a question, i said, when are you going to run for public office? >> i'm doing this for as long as it takes, so i mercifully don't have to worry about that question right yet. >> while john was at the tail end of his relationship with daryl hannah, he went to buy a suit at calvin klein. there was a personal shopper there named carolyn bessette. >> she was graceful, professional, lovely. >> stunning, blond, very personable. one of their friends said, if anybody knew how to handle men, it was carolyn. >> he was very, very much in love with this beautiful girl who was unknown to the rest of the world.
9:47 pm
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♪ calvin klein was arguably the most famous american designer in the early 1990s. all manner of celebrities wore his clothes, were in his advertising campaigns. he was sort of the arbiter of what was hip and cool and fashionable. >> calvin klein's style was timeless clothing, really. it was very minimal, very elegant. not a lot of details. little slip dress. his suits, jackets, the way they were open with the slacks or with a nice slim skirt. it never was clothing that was in your face. it just was lovely and beautiful. >> john went to buy a suit at calvin klein. there was a personal shopper there named carolyn bessette. >> carolyn looked like she was plucked right off the runway. she was long and willowy. when she was draped in his clothing, she looked like someone who was really just walking off the catwalk.
9:52 pm
>> she had that style that you can't teach somebody. you either have it or you don't. and carolyn had it in spades. >> john came in to get some clothes. john knew kelly, calvin's wife, at the time. kelly introduced john and carolyn. >> there was this notion that playing a little hard to get. he didn't often encounter it. >> but no matter what, sparks flew. he ended up getting her phone number instantly. >> oh, he definitely chased her. early on, he would be frustrated. he would say, i called her and she hasn't called me back. and john did not like that. >> john was very attracted to her intelligence, her challenging manner. she had this way about her, when she looked you in the eye, you were the only person in the room. i was putty in her hands by the end. >> carolyn was a very affectionate person. she was a touch, feel person. if you had lunch with her, her
9:53 pm
hand would be on top of yours. >> i think they kept it kind of on the qt for awhile, but once it was public that they were an item, i think everybody was very happy for him to find a girl like her. >> when john and carolyn would walk into an event, the entire place would stop. >> it was the closest that we came to royalty, as far as i say. >> the amount of paparazzi that were around him were ridiculous, but john was the most gracious famous person that you could ever conceive of. carolyn was really having a hard time with paparazzi. just was a slow erosion of happiness, of privacy that she didn't know how to handle. >> i said, is this what you bargained for, and she goes, no. this was not what i thought it would be. i can't even walk the dog on the street. i can't pick up poop. there's a photographer in your face everywhere you go. >> hey, john. >> john, over here. >> 45 photographers at their door in tribeca.
9:54 pm
and everywhere she went, they were going to follow her and see her do everything. that really tore her down. >> it was taking a toll on the relationship. he was trying to protect her. but you know, they couldn't be together 24 hours a day. >> here you have one of the most pursued, hunted men in the world and ironically, the only place he felt he could be truly free was in the air. flying meant more to him than anything. it meant freedom. >> i remember john saying that when he was flying, he was away from paparazzi, he was in command. >> jackie had a very genuine fear that her son would die in an airplane crash, because of all the other kennedys that had perished that way. and she had a premonition that he would die that way. if jackie was alive, he would not have pursued getting his pilot's license, but she had died. >> when you get your private pilot's license, regardless how
9:55 pm
good you are, you're a danger to yourself and others. you're going to get into conditions that you aren't prepared for. >> the problem was, he was having difficulty mastering instrument flying. which you really need to do to solo. >> i said to john f. kennedy jr., you are in a race to get your instrument rating, because it's only at that point in time that you're truly safe. >> john hadn't put in enough hours to qualify for instrument flying, and here he goes and buys a very high performance aircraft. >> the piper saratoga, at the time, back in the late 1990s, was considered one of the premier, high performance complex airplanes. so he had a lot of airplane to deal with. >> the piper saratoga is a good plane, but it's what we call a slippery airplane. the faster you make an airplane, the more slippery it becomes, the harder it is to control. i said, john, i don't recommend you buy that airplane. and if you get into trouble, you'll get into trouble very, very quickly.
9:56 pm
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10:00 pm
john was having trouble with his marriage, he was having trouble with his magazine. the two most important things in his life. >> they were heading to a family wedding that also gave them a chance to focus on their relationship. >> john and carolyn and lauren would all meet up, get in john's plane, fly over to martha's vineyard. >> he was rushed. >> big delays from down around the brooklyn bridge. >> they were all delayed because of the traffic. he obviously saw that it was getting dark, and fast. >> all aviation accidents are an accumulation of errors. >> this is the oddest sky i've ever seen. >> he was only certified to fly in visual flight conditions. >> no visibility. you become disoriented. you don't know up from down, right from left. >> they were terribly lost. >> we're interrupting your program for some information involving john f. kennedy jr.
10:01 pm
>> by 2:00, i called the coast guard. there was nothing left to do. >> i could not understand how this could happen to him, of all people. >> ready? >> good afternoon. >> it was as if the earth had cracked in half somehow. ♪ john kennedy jr. always wanted to find somebody in the same way that his father found jackie. >> he was very, very much in love with this beautiful girl who was unknown to the rest of the world. >> that was definitely a deep love affair. he was in love with carolyn. >> carolyn was very independent. she was a strong woman, and i think he loved that. she could be his friend.
10:02 pm
she could listen to his secrets and not judge him. and i think that that was rare for john to be that comfortable doing that with someone. >> look at the birdie. >> that was a young couple, dynamic, and they were in love. it was special to see the two of them together. >> they were always giggling and laughing and kissing and hugging and they brought everyone into their circle. the magazine staff, the friends, the family, everyone was welcome in that circle. >> she had the physical presence of a grace kelly. she had the bearing, dare i say it, of his mother. she seemed a perfect match. >> for carolyn, it was kind of a remarkable moment, where he said, i'm out, i'm done, i found the one.
10:03 pm
>> john actually managed to keep his marriage to carolyn in november of 1996 a total secret. he summoned all of his friends to cumberland island off the coast of georgia. >> i was in on the secret wedding plans, yes. it was the most nerve-racking three months of my entire life. >> it was a secret among even the family. i think john called most of his family the week before. >> they went through a lot of trouble to make sure that this thing would remain private. i mean, so much so that they actually, carolyn and her friend actually printed out the wedding programs themselves in an office space on a xerox machine, because they were afraid that if they sent them to a legitimate printer, it would get out to the press. >> at one point, i was home and i jumped up, i was like, i didn't check the printer. and i ran back to the office at 1:00 in the morning, ran upstairs and there was nothing in the printer. >> it was a very simple wedding.
10:04 pm
there was no extravagant band or orchestra or catering. they just wanted to be free and relaxed and have a really nice time, and they did. >> most people didn't know that it had happened until afterwards. if people had known about it, there would have been helicopters, speedboats. >> john f. kennedy jr. marries his longtime girlfriend. >> oh, my god, what didn't we hear about that wedding? it was the hottest news. >> everybody's talking about the kennedy wedding. >> it's all over every paper, front pages. >> "the post" over here, i do, i do. >> john kennedy jr. is a married man. the 35-year-old kennedy tied the knot yesterday at a ceremony that was kept a well-guarded secret. sorry, ladies. >> he could have been a good president. he can pull off secret ops, you know. >> carolyn bessette was immediately welcomed into the kennedy family. and obviously john and carolyn
10:05 pm
were a wildly attractive couple. and they liked doing the same kinds of things. kayaking and waterskiing and all the things that life at the family compound is famous for. >> it conjures up this notion of sun-dappled summer afternoons, where the kennedy family spent their summer. >> this is the site of the famous touch football games and fireworks displays and sailboat races and all the things we associate with the kennedy dynasty, and, boy, carolyn bessette fit right in. >> i think he thought, well, once i get married, i'm just -- i'm a married guy and i'm not the world's most eligible bachelor, or the sexiest man alive anymore, i'm taken, and it will kind of die down. but it was the complete opposite. >> the minute they get married, they're a married couple. the interest wanes.
10:06 pm
with them, the press just wanted more and more of her. >> people would kill to have them come to their events. there wasn't a bigger get than having carolyn and john show up. >> probably the most glamorous couple in the room. >> it was just paparazzi everywhere. you know, tripping over themselves trying to get photos. >> and they understood that their celebrity brought a lot of attention to any event they went to. >> thank you very much, may i have your attention, please? >> the white house correspondents' dinner was a big deal. >> i think the correspondents' dinner had already started becoming that mix of hollywood meets washington. >> i really appreciate all these hollywood celebrities inviting the workaday washington press to join them tonight. >> he was so proud that "george" was represented at the correspondents' dinner. >> that was one of the funnest washington correspondents dinners. i didn't really notice anything else that was going on, it was just our own little party there. >> seated at a "george" table,
10:07 pm
where you have an ann coulter and paul begala seated with claire danes and tom ford, that was a very "george" moment. >> larry flynt was at our table, which i do not approve of, but -- oh, what the heck, it got them press. if he got attention by being attacked for bringing these people, i'm sure john was happy. >> after the correspondents' dinner, we were at the "vanity fair" party and there were these loungy chairs and she was sitting on his lap and i think it was a madly in love moment. john was so excited and so proud of "george" and carolyn was really proud of him. >> i have to be honest, that weekend was a little overwhelming. the publisher for "george" ended up leaving the magazine just a few weeks before white house correspondents' weekend. >> the novelty of the magazine had worn off. the difficulty of putting out a magazine that fundamentally is about public affairs, which is not the first thing people grab at the newsstand, is tough. >> "george" magazine was having
10:08 pm
a hard time building an audience. john cared profoundly about "george." it was his baby, his creation, his idea. and the fact that it wasn't doing as well as he hoped, it was hard on john emotionally. he was afraid it would be closed down, and end the most important venture of his life. let's see, aleve is than tylenol extra strength. and last longer with fewer pills. so why am i still thinking about this? i'll take aleve. aleve. proven better on pain.
10:09 pm
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10:12 pm
♪ john saw "george" as the perfect combination of celebrity and politics. >> so how is the magazine doing? >> the early signs are that it was well-received. we sold out in about two weeks. >> john was also savvy enough to know that he was his magazine's own best advertisement, so all of a sudden, it seems as if he was everywhere. >> we're talking today to john kennedy jr.
10:13 pm
>> he was on "oprah" -- >> didn't you feel an enormous amount of pressure? >> it's more a thing of having, you know, a fulfilling life. and then the other stuff takes care of itself. >> i thought you were a lawyer. >> i was. >> he was doing "larry king live." >> murphy brown. you must be my new secretary. >> oh, hi. >> he was even doing a cameo on the sitcom "murphy brown." >> i guess the whole lawyer thing didn't work out. >> john's whole dream was that "george" would become a place where we weren't defined by parties but where we could really come together and talk about issues and share different points of view and occasionally laugh about it, too. >> think it was an ambitious idea and maybe not a completely sane one. i mean, if you're interested in looking at cindy crawford, you might not be interested in reading about tax cuts or something arcane like nuclear missile proliferation. >> this is weird. we'll work on it. >> there was definitely a lull
10:14 pm
in advertising dollars and we were struggling. >> john came up to see me in 1999 to talk about his magazine, "george." he told me he's under pressure to find another benefactor for his publication. when i asked him, why are you up here? don't you have lots of options in the states or elsewhere? and he said, i like to operate off the radar. >> he was having trouble with his magazine. john was having trouble with his marriage. the two most important things in his life. >> they were having issues. i mean, there was a lot weighing on them as a couple. >> from the beginning, they had a volatile relationship, and unfortunately, the cameras were always there to record it. >> there were photographs of john an carolyn of them in a fight, right? >> i remember the big story, oh, my god, it ran for days. >> the last thing you want to do is have a blowout with your girlfriend in public, but that is exactly what happened between john and his girlfriend, carolyn bessette. >> if you look back on it now, with the benefit of all these
10:15 pm
years, they were under stress even before they got married. >> there was a revealing moment when they were dating and on the beach and suddenly they encountered paparazzi. >> come on, john. >> don't [ bleep ] do that. don't come up to my girlfriend when she's on the beach alone and start taking [ bleep ] photographs of her. you understand? you call the police. >> a partner who is not used to this, and she didn't ask for this. >> that made john angry. the funny thing about john, he always felt bad about lashing out. even at the paparazzi. he is also trying to save the relationship, because he was afraid that she wouldn't be able to handle it and it would lead to her leaving him. >> carolyn started to have a lot more fears and anxiety. she really couldn't go out day or night without being followed and filmed. >> hdid s best to otect her, and in fact at one point, he appealed, they got married,
10:16 pm
they were living in new york, he went downstairs in tribeca. and addressed the photographers who were waiting outside. >> so, i just ask any, you know, privacy and room you can give her, as she makes this adjustment would be greatly appreciated. >> i don't think it worked, but he tried. >> they didn't care. they were there almost every day. there was a little pack of them. >> it was tough on her. there's this one phrase that actually makes me really angry when people say, well, she knew what she was getting into. nobody knows what they're getting into until they're in it. >> i remember, i'll never forget, one day, she -- there were a bunch of them trailing her and she ran across the road to get away from them, she almost got hit by a cab. >> i know she stopped working. i don't think the company and the business could handle her being so photographed and so in the media. >> i think he was a little inability to deal with the public side of being his wife.
10:17 pm
towards the end, did not go out as much. but i think he loved her and i don't think he ever contemplated not being with her. >> in the summer of 1999, john was under tremendous pressure and stress. john had his own unique way of handling stress, and sometimes it involved taking physical risks. >> john got off taking risks. i mean, crazy risks. it was a way of relieving stress. it was just exciting to him, the danger. he just couldn't get enough of it. >> john's friends called john the master of disaster, and there was a reason for that. here was a guy who would get in his kayak and play chicken with the staten island ferry. he would, you know, swim out toward the horizon and vanish and his friends would just get ready to call 911 and suddenly he'd appear out of nowhere. somehow he always managed to show up safe and sound. in the spring of 1999, john
10:18 pm
actually asked the park rangers if he could rappel down the face of mt. rushmore. that was the kind of risks he liked to take. >> the park rangers said, no, you can't do that, actually. >> found this thing called the buckeye parachute. it's a motored parachute. a little seat under it. >> it was like a kite with a lawn mower and a fan. that's exactly what it was. and he would take off in it. >> loved it. he was flying and it was like operating something that he'd never done before and he thought it was the coolest thing he'd ever seen. >> he took off in this powered parachute on memorial day, 1999, over martha's vineyard and he crashes it. >> he called me and he said, i crashed the buckeye again and i think i broke my ankle. and i thought, oh, brother. here we go again.
10:19 pm
>> effectively, he wound up on crutches for the next six weeks. when he got off the crutches, was not much before july. >> john took carolyn out flying but with an instructor, because that was the only way she'd agree to go. she was very reluctant to fly with john in the beginning. she complained constantly about it. >> but toward the end, she started to like it. that's the only time they were ever alone, like, it was so rare that it was just the two of them that being up there in the clouds with john began to become something that carolyn bessette actually liked. >> but he was pushing the envelope, in the sense that he reached the point where he could fly at night, perhaps before he really should have done it, and pilots will tell you that that's the most dangerous point in a pilot's career.
10:20 pm
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10:24 pm
new york city is bracing for another steaming weekend. >> new york city is not immune to these hot, dry conditions. and it may not get better any time soon. >> it was friday, and it was sweltering hot in new york city. i mean, it was close to 100 degrees. and the humidity was ridiculous. a typical july in new york city. >> john and carolyn, they were that weekend going to one of his cousin's weddings. it would have been a wonderful, wonderful weekend. >> john and carolyn were headed to hyannisport for the wedding of bobby kennedy's youngest child, rory. john didn't really have a choice when it came to going to the wedding. weddings are a big deal to the kennedy family. >> it was a chance for him to be with carolyn in a pleasant circumstance, where they could enjoy their relationship and renew it and get away from the arguing that was going on. >> carolyn was not feeling that trip.
10:25 pm
they were bickering about it and going back and forth about it. i don't think it was that she didn't want to go to rory's wedding. i think she was feeling like there was so much, i mean, we just went through a timeline of trips and events and parties and i think she was just exhausted from it. >> rosemary was letting carolyn know, you have to go. if you don't go, it will be the biggest story that you didn't attend the wedding. >> i, unfortunately, said, i think you need to go. his whole family's going to be there. and so she -- she did. she went. >> i think that their last act together was an act of, we're together, we're going to make this work. >> so, the plan for the july 16th weekend was that john and carolyn and lauren would all meet up at the essex county airport in new jersey. >> carolyn's older sister lauren was really a tremendous success in her own right. she spoke mandarin, she was an investment banker. she was really going places.
10:26 pm
>> they would get in john's plane, fly over to martha's vineyard, where they were going to drop off lauren. she was going to spend the weekend with some friends, and carolyn and john would continue on to hyannis in cape cod, massachusetts, for the wedding of rory. >> oh, i met with him shortly before he went to new jersey to take the plane. >> let's do it. how do we -- >> john had a crucial meeting about the future of "george." >> it was losing money and john and i were meeting about that subject. >> i mean, it wasn't an easy thing to say, i have to get funding for my magazine, i have to keep it up and running. >> that friday, we spent a couple minutes, i said, why don't we pick this up next week? so he was rushed. i had seen him on crutches for awhile. i said to him, are you okay? he said, i'm fine to fly. >> diana, it was a nightmare. we'll take you outside and show you what we're looking at. >> it's friday in new york, which is getting out of that city on a friday afternoon, as anybody knows, is a royal pain.
10:27 pm
so there are all those pressures on him. >> he was going to go to the gym and then come back and meet lauren in the lobby and drive to the airport. and carolyn was taking a car, because she was in tribeca. >> if you begin your weekend getaway, you're going to have a lot of traffic. >> that night, as far as traffic goes, was a horrible night. traffic, you know, in and out of the city. >> big, bad delays from down around the brooklyn bridge. >> they were all delayed because of the traffic. >> this weekend is getting off to a rough start for some drivers trying to get out of manhattan. >> when john got in his car, he thought flying conditions would be fine. but in fact it wasn't. there was a haze that was developing. this night, he was going to be flying solo. his instructor he usually went with couldn't be there. so he was going to go up before nightfall. just use visual cues to make the flight, given the fact he could not use instruments to fly. >> that night, john was flying his new piper saratoga.
10:28 pm
a much faster plane, a much more complicated machine. he only had about 0.8 hours in that particular airplane without a flight instructor, and it would have been a great idea to have a flight instructor, especially for that particular night. >> at about 8:00, i saw jfk and lauren appear and went to the gas station, he got a banana and mineral water. i think he chatted with the attendant. >> the owner of that store said, at one point, he stood in the parking lot, looked up in the sky with a worried look and sighed, because he saw it was getting dark, and fast. >> at about 8:20 is when his wife carolyn arrived from the city. >> she had just gotten to the airport. she was just calling to say they were ready to take off and then she said, i love you, and i said, i know. and we hung up. it's heartbreaking. you remember the last thing you say to your best friend.
10:29 pm
>> i saw the three of them before the flight. i saw the preflighting of the airplane. i saw them get in the airplane. >> from the airport, stopping in martha's vineyard and going to hyannis, he would be traveling roughly 200 nautical miles. >> in john's airplane, that flight would typically be an hour and ten minutes, depending on the winds. john took off at 8:38 p.m. and it was just about getting dark. >> i flew out of teterboro the same night, at almost the same time john did. i was going to nav nantucket. when i flew past martha's vineyard that night, i said to my nephew, look, there's martha's vineyard. he said, i can't see it. i looked out of the airplane window, i said, i can't see it, either. >> as a pilot myself, i was concerned with flying over water at nighttime. i opted to be on the safe side and scrubbed the flight. i really did have a bad feeling, and what went through my mind exactly was, i hope he does have an instructor with him on the
10:30 pm
airplane or he's going to have a problem. >> visual flight rules, you have to be able to see three or more miles. i called and each one of the briefers said visual flight rules, six to nine miles, there's no risk of fog, have a nice night. walking out in the back of my house and looking up at the sky and telling my wife, this is the oddest sky i've ever seen. it was a yellow haze. but these conditions were not reported by the faa. john checked on the weather reports. they said everything was clear, everything was fine. >> i know, from having gone online and called three times to flight service that they said, you are going to have excellent flying conditions. john would have been expected to really hug the coastline going up toward martha's vineyard. there he could see the lights of the towns as he went up and he'd have a pretty good visual reference, and at the last
10:31 pm
minute, be able to take the turn into martha's vineyard. instead, he decided to go out over 35 miles of open water. >> mist. almost everybody's unfamiliar with it. so, what it means is this. i'm looking out there and i can see a very nice, solid horizon. i can orient myself visually. with mist, it vanishes. >> once you lose sight of land is when you experience problems, because you're losing that horizon at nighttime. >> when i landed in nantucket, i said to myself, if there's a private pilot out here tonight, they're going to be in a lot of trouble. the latest iphones. rk for and the iphone xr, with a retina display that makes everything look incredible... it's like the perfect couple - you know, the ones who look great in every picture. like the ones who always make me feel like a before photo. zoey and chris. hey guys! hey... zoey and chris! fun is that? at&t has the fastestnetwork for the latest iphones.
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10:36 pm
it was midnight and the phone rang. and it was john's friend who was at hyannis airport waiting for them and just one of those moments where the minute i heard his voice, i just knew. he didn't even have to say anything. and i just thought, this -- this doesn't make sense. i'm going to figure out what's going on, and i just started making calls. >> it was pretty late and it was carol, and i said, carol, it's rose, what's going on? and she said, they haven't landed, they're not here, something's wrong. and i said, no, nothing's wrong, what do you mean they haven't landed? >> by 2:00, i called the coast guard. there was nothing left to do. >> this is an abc news special report. >> good morning.
10:37 pm
we are interrupting your program this morning for some information involving john f. kennedy jr., the son of the slain president. abc news has reports that his plane is missing. >> a close friend of mine called me and she just said, have you heard? and i said, heard what? i was asleep. and she said, i think you need to turn on the tv right now. and that's how i found out. >> my husband just said to me, john's plane is missing. and i was so confused, i said, john's plane, with john in it? and then i just jumped, i was like, what are you talking about? >> i just said, my god. how did this happen? >> at about 0215 this morning, coast guard operations center in group woods hole in massachusetts received a telephone call from a family friend indicating that john f. kennedy, his wife, carolyn
10:38 pm
bessette, and his sister-in-law, lauren bessette, were late in arriving at martha's vineyard. >> i think, like everybody else in the world, it was just like, a gulp and a knot in your stomach, just an unbelievable sense, like, no, this can't be happening. this can't possibly be happening. >> john f. kennedy jr. and his wife and his wife's sister took off last night from an airport in new jersey. lisa stark, would you pick up the story from there? >> he took off from the airport out of essex county. >> this was different than every accident i had covered. i mean, you had a massive search. you had the military, the navy involved. this often does not happen when a private plane goes down. >> as the search continues, i want to express our family's support and offer our prayers and those of all americans. >> and in fact, president clinton was questioned on it, whether this was appropriate, and he said, look, this family has given so much to america, they have suffered so much, i
10:39 pm
think we owe it to them, basically, to do this kind of a search. >> to recap, about 275 kennedy family members and close friends have been gathered and are gathered at hyannisport for the wedding of rory kennedy. the wedding has been indefinitely postponed. we are told they have already held a mass. >> the mood inside is upbeat and hopeful. people are hoping for the best. there's constant contact between the family and the authorities who are involved in the search. thank you. >> his friends still held out hope that he might end up on an island or in some remote place along the coastline. >> i didn't believe it. i said, knowing john, he's going to show up somewhere. he's coming off a beach, he wasn't going to where he was supposed to be going and was even somewhere else, i kept saying that, that he's going to show up. >> and i kept thinking to myself, well, if there's anybody
10:40 pm
who can swim to shore, it's going to be him. i remember saying to people, well, he's a really good swimmer, and maybe they went somewhere else, i mean, he was a survivor. he could fly a buckeye into a tree. he could tread water for probably six days. >> just a little while ago, the national transportation safety board has confirmed our reports of saturday, that the piper saratoga could be seen on radar plunging toward the sea at the rate of 4,700 feet per minute. >> to put that in perspective, if you're in a commercial plane or a normal plane, that is about eight times as steep as the landing would be when you're coming in to land at the airport. >> authorities said divers would be brought in when they had something serious to focus on. the locations for the dive were pinpointed by sonar, which detected possible crash debris under 6,280 feet of water.
10:41 pm
>> we have four vessels in the area with dive teams, ten members. >> as time went on, the searchers began to find some wreckage. some wreckage began to wash up ashore, actually on martha's vineyard. >> a wheel from an aircraft has been found and a sneaker has been found. >> a suitcase with lauren bessette's name on it. a head rest from the plane. a prescription bottle that had carolyn bessette kennedy's name on it. so obviously, this was tragic, tragic information that showed this plane, in fact, had gone down in the water and had come apart. >> i remember bobby kennedy called and he said, rosemarie, john's not coming back. and i think it just sort of hit me then that this was it. >> the big question is, how could have this happened? was it a failure of the plane? was it pilot error? >> what we had learned is that during those final minutes there, the most terrifying imaginable set of flight imaginable set of flight circumstances.etwork claims are so confusing.
10:42 pm
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it was a day filled with frustration. long hours searching the water and beaches around martha's vineyard. >> i can only tell you that each one of these cases is different. and i can tell you miraculous stories about people surviving. and we're going to continue to focus on search and rescue. >> there was a search for four days. >> on wednesday, five days after the searching began, it seemed clear that this was a recovery mission, not a rescue mission. >> abc news has learned that a significant portion of the wreckage of john f. kennedy's plane has been found in the waters off martha's vineyard and that john f. kennedy's body is in it. >> my friend dave called me and said, they've recovered their bodies, and at that point, just
10:47 pm
like -- put the phone down, just lose it. >> abc's lisa stark is there. lisa? >> john f. kennedy jr. has been found. it's in about 115 feet of water where they had been looking. also a large section of the plane found, as well. they were in and around the fuselage. they were all still strapped into their seats. >> it was earth-shattering. it was unbelievable. it was as if the earth had cracked in half somehow. and i could not understand how this could happen. to him, of all people. >> it's so hard to describe how horrible and how sad and how tragic. >> you know, i was crushed. i loved him. you know, like he was one of a kind. there is no replicating that. >> i was shocked. i was hurt. i was angry.
10:48 pm
i was angry at him. why? why would you do this? >> all aviation accidents are an accumulation of errors, right? he gets to the airport too late. maybe he doesn't know how to use the autopilot as well as he should. >> was he having an emotional day? he has stress from the job at work, pressure to keep the magazine afloat. the weather's not looking good. >> he takes a course that's more dangerous than it should be. he has a damaged foot, which may have prevented him from recovering from a very unusual attitude. so all of that snowballed into one of aviation's great catastrophes. >> investigators with the national transportation safety board determined that this was pilot error. essentially john f. kennedy jr. suffered from what's called spatial disorientation. >> it's hard to think about what those last minutes might have
10:49 pm
been like, as they were terribly lost. >> so essentially he flew into a haze, it was at night, he had trouble seeing, and he was only certified to fly in visual flight conditions. >> it seems like he made some early mistakes. he's descending, he goes right, he climbs, he goes left. he comes up. >> in fog, no visibility. you become disoriented. you don't know up from down, right from left. you have to rely on your instruments, but he was not instrument trained. >> and he makes this catastrophic turn and this tremendous drop, it's like the elevator dropped out of the shaft. and it's terrifying. and one of the fatal mistakes pilots often make under these circumstances is to pull the yoke up, and this results in the graveyard spiral. it's the worst thing you can do. >> the airplane goes like this. it steepens and steepens and steepens in terms of the attitude of the airplane, and actually starts to roll over
10:50 pm
each other.of them could have ended up flying upside-down, which breaks your heart. >> even the faa says it takes 45 seconds to recover. and he didn't have 45 seconds. >> the three bodies have been brought to the surface. they've been identified, they've been taken ashore for autopsy. and now we have late word of what may happen next. >> sam, we now know that first thing tomorrow morning, the briscoe is going to weigh anchor and head for blue water for a burial at sea. >> i helped caroline any way i could to make the arrangements. it was actually a good distraction for a little while. >> john's sister caroline kennedy put on a brave face in public, but privately, she wept for hours. she not only lost her brother, she lost her best friend. john once said, it's always been just the three of us, my mother,
10:51 pm
caroline, and me. now caroline was the sole survivor. >> i feel ultimately saddened. most importantly, i think, for the family. they were just a big part of us. part of america. >> we've lost someone very special to the country. so today i feel sad. i'm starting to get choked up. >> when you come by here today and see the reality of the outpouring of feeling and love, it just -- the combination of the two really comes together. >> you have to wonder why life is the way it is, but you can't explain that. and we come here to pay our respects for john and his wife and his sister-in-law. >> their ashes will be scattered at sea. they've taken several wreaths with them to mark, at least temporarily, the spot where john
10:52 pm
jr. and carolyn and lauren will be laid to eternal rest. senator kennedy believed this would be an appropriate way for children. this is the kind of tradition that has been going on since the beginning of navies. young john did qualify to be buried at sea. in large measure, because of his public works, but also because he is, of course, the son of the president. and then tomorrow here in new york, there will be a memorial service at st. thomas moore church on the upper east side of manhattan in new york. >> we were walking up the east side of madison, and they had closed that portion of madison to traffic and there were police barricades holding people on the west side of the street. and there were tons of people. but it was eerily quiet. no one was saying anything. and the only sound that you heard were camera shutters going off.
10:53 pm
i've never experienced anything like that in new york. >> and that day, at john's memorial, ted kennedy got up and spoke in words that broke everybody up beyond imagination. >> it was phenomenally moving, and there were so many parts to bring one to tears, but i have to say, this is one of them. teddy said, we dared to think, in that other irish phrase, this john kennedy would live to comb gray hair. but like his father, he had every gift but length of years. we who have loved him from the day he was born and watched the remarkable man he became now bid him farewell. god bless you, john and carolyn.
10:54 pm
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i knew there was a vaccine available that could help protect her before she could be exposed to hpv. i knew. so i talked to my child's doctor. now that you know that hpv can lead to certain cancers, don't wait. talk to your child's doctor today. i think that my greatest fear would be to be faint of heart and feel that i missed an opportunity, or you could have taken a path less traveled that would have ended into something completely wonderful and unexpected. >> we lost that smile.
10:57 pm
we lost that energy. >> we lost a dream, we lost a legacy. we lost so many things. they were our prince and princess. >> the bessette family lost their two daughters, and it's unthinkable. how do you recover from something like that? >> he had a passion about being an american. he wanted to serve. >> and certainly, short-term, putting out "george" magazine was how he was making the country better, and i think he was. >> i'm glad that we're here, i'm glad that we got this magazine off the ground and i'm glad my career is taking the direction that it has. >> we published it for 18 months and we saw at that point it was not viable. "george" was john, without a doubt. >> he often said people keep telling me i can be a great man, i'd rather be a good one. john was much more introspective than any other member of the
10:58 pm
kennedy family in his generation. he was a natural talented politician. i think it would have been almost impossible to imagine anybody beating him in an election if he wanted to win it. >> who didn't always want john kennedy to run for office? i mean, how perfect would that have been? >> an unwavering commitment to the poor, to the elderly, to those without hope. >> i think ultimately john kennedy jr. could have been elected to any office in new york and from there, he could have gone to the white house. ♪ >> the torch has been passed to a new generation of americans born in this century. >> one of the reasons he remains a figure that captures our
10:59 pm
imagination is that his life was uncompleted and his work was uncompleted and there was that sense of promises that were left by circumstances undone. >> john was the last glimmer of hope of the fantasy that there was once a spot called camelot. a bay area neighborhood is
11:00 pm
saddened tonight after a home invasion ended tragically. a grandfather is dead. >> next, a live report from the compare comcast business to your current provider. my current service provider does not provide half of what you provide. and to know that i could save money? i'd be thrilled. this sounds like a whole business package, which would be incredible. so what are you guys waiting for? let's do it. (laughs) comcast business gives you a full suite of products with great performance and value. get fast, reliable internet on the nation's largest gig-speed network for less than at&t. that's 120 dollars less a year.


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