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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 12, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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over five years now. >> san francisco stands behind our sanctuary city policy. we have been and will be and will continue to be a sanctuary city despite what we know our challenges we continue to face from this administration in the white house. >> abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley is live where fears of immigration raids are >> reporter: you have every age group. a lot of children represented here, multi faith clergy and labor unions and activist in opposition to federal immigration policies and want t. people aren edge in oakland. are you an oakland resident? yes. >> reporter: what's your name? >> wendy hanson. >> reporter: what do you think of the sense of the pending raids this weekend? >> it's deplorable to use that
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frightening tactic and we need to stick with our neighbors. we have to hold on to them. i can't believe anybody would try to do that. i'm so proud we're a sanctuary city. >> reporter: you look at the crowd and what do you think? >> i love everybody is here to protect the children, the families, the immigrants and we have to stick up for everyone's rights because it's totally unfair. >> reporter: like i said, the over riding feeling here is oakland is a bit on edge going into the weekend. >> with this kind of big raid, you catch a lot in the net and not just people that are intended to but innocent people that have left their families day.ut the main breadwier >> rorter: the immigrant fami d fund geang uporee busnd of phone calls and rescuing those who are detained by paying out bond money. is there fear this weekend? >> i see it amongst a lot of my family members and people that i know. they are concerned.
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>> reporter: this 39-year-old born and raised oakland resident didn't want to be identified. he said most of those he knows here in the area will be laying low and going to work hoping nothing too crazy happens. >> don't run and hide in your home because you're not going to solve anything. continue to work. continue to be in school and do well and continue to do your paperwork to become a citizen. >> reporter: these red cards are being passed around in english and spanish and tell people that they don't have to answer the door if i.c.e. agents come knocking this weekend unless they have paperwork signed by a judge. so again, an awareness here and also a concern being expressed at this peaceful vigil, back to you. >> leslie, what about people who see an i.c.e. raid in progress, what should they do? >> reporter: that's a good question. i posed that question to law enforcement here.
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i spoke to the alameda county sheriff's department. they said there is not a lot you can do. they are hands off. they don't get involved in the federal enforcement of these raids and they don't want people calling 91 1 to report raids. they want to concentrate on public safety and crime prevention. so basically, there is not a lot you can do and everyone is making their own choices how they will handle this tension, this edge going into the weekend. in oakland, i'm leslieeslieeslie to san jose, faith leaders and activists spread the word about support services available to santa clara county residents. >> our focus is helping people from the faith community perspective and letting people know not to bury their heads in the sand but be aware and know their rights and speak from a place of power and not panic. >> everyone has constitutional rights and will continue to fight and uphold everyone's
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rights. >> you can find information, legal help at the take action page preparing for the worst but hoping for the best, that is the message from san francisco city hall. >> this morning mayor was there. >> team coverage continues outside i.c.e. headquarters. >> reporter: people arrested could be brought to this locati location. there is a heavily guarded entrance and i want to bring up the mayor said about regarding the speculation she called it. this may or may not happen she said. this community has to be prepared. she added power not panic. la palma is a mexican deli that's been a go-to place for
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locals but business is down since reports first surfaced that i.c.e. would begin deports undocumented people. >> i've never seen la palma so empty. >> me, either. everyone in town is trying to watch after each other and tell people stay where it's safe. >> i know they will lay low because they are afraid like everyone else. >> reporter: surrounded and supported by sit the officials and immigration advocates, the mayor reminded people of their rights if i.c.e. shows up at their door. >> if you are arrested, you have theht to rein silent havehe right to an attorney. >> reporter: in the past week immigration advocates said they seen an increase in the number of people detained in sonoma, santa clara and contra costa counties. the chinese for affirmative action said they will be prepare in san francisco if and when the raids begin. >> advocates will monitor and
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verify enforcement activities around the clock. >> reporter: people are encouraged to report anything to the rapid response network hot line which has seen a dramatic increase in the number of calls. posters like this one with the hot line number included have been circulating around the mission. state assemblyman david chew warned i.c.e. the community will be prepared. >> if you want to come after them, you have to come through us. >> reporter: now, the mayor reminded this community this is a sanctuary city, that san francisco police will not assist i.c.e. agents. i'm live in san francisco, lyanne melendez. >> how are those workers that the deli dealing with all this? >> reporter: well, you know, that's a heavy question and i asked the owner of la palma and she told me first of all, you know, a lot of these workers have family members who are here
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illegally. so they have to worry about them. will they be detained and also they have to worry remember what i said in that report, you know, business for the last two weeks has been very slow at not at not la palma but other rest reauran. if business is slow, will i have a job? if i lose my job, what do i do? so i would say right now it's sort of a very depressing situation. >> thank you. >> to find out what happens with raids this weekend, download the abc 7 news app and we'll send outbreaking news alerts and we'll send out alerts. about 2,000 people are expected to be targeted in the sweeps and most of them have deportation orders or have failed to appear in court. president trump says the main goal is to capture criminals. that is echoed by other republicans including california congressman kevin mccarthy. >> if you come to this position,
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you've been here years. you've gone through a court system. you have been found that you need -- that you have to be deported. you have to follow the rule of law. >> it starts on sunday and we'll take people out and bring them back to their countries or they will take criminals out and put them in prison or put them in prison in the countries they came from. we're focused on criminals as much as we can. >> the pace picked up this year with 282,000 deportations through june, the highest number under the obama administration was 409,000 back in 2012. vice president mike pence toured a border patrol facility in texas today. his visit comes amid reports of overcrowding and unsanitary conditions as some u.s. detention facilities. at least six migrant children in u.s. custody have died since december. pence toured with a group of fellow republicans. he later said he couldn't be more impressed by the standard of care he saw at the facility.
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>> while we hear some democrats referring to u.s. customs and border facilities as concentration camps, what we saw today was a facility that is providing care that every american would be proud of. >> reporter:. >> the facility is near mcallen, texas. it's not one of those sited as being overcrowded and said migrants were receiving s substandard care. host immigrants are here legally. the foreign born population reached a record in 2017 of nearly 44.5 million people. that year there were 10.5 million unauthorized immigrants in the united states. not the highest number on record. this fwraf from the research center shows a study decline in the last few years and people from mexico by the way no longer make up the majority of unauthorized immigrants. as communities prepare for this weekend's raids, activist
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are fighting for the release of a 21-year-old artist that's undocumented. >> his girlfriend said he was arrested and could be deported as soon as next week. supporters are questioning whether police violated sanctuary state laws. >> liz spoke with them today. >> reporter: she has received 25 of these love letters drawn with doves, love locks and a tearful eye. the artist is her long-time boyfriend, a 21-year-old undocumented ill grant from el salvador that came to the u.s. when he was 17 to escape violence. >> i mean, he talk about how he feels inside and what we going to do after he get out of jail. >> reporter: he was stopped by police in may for a traffic violation and then turned over to immigration officials. according to his attorney, armando had a warrant for failing to show up to an immigration court hearing, which he didn't know about. he's been in detention since while she works two jobs as she
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fights for his release. >> we were living together. we were doing a life and after that, after that happened, i don't know what's going to happen after this. he go back to salvador, i'm afraid someone kill him or do something to him. >> reporter: why do you feel like you have to work so much? is that? >> because i have to support him. i have to support everything we had before. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the immigration and customs enforce the confirms i.c.e. officials arrested him in may and is in custody pending deportation to el salvador. in 2017 an immigration judge order him removed from the country. daly city police wouldn't comment but the city attorney is looking into what happened. she called it an isolated incident and does follow california sanction laws. >> in the general context of what is happening, threats and actual evidence of mass raids,
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what we're saying is that this is a clear example of how i.c.e. arrests are tearing families apart here in the bay area. still to come on abc 7 news at 6:00 a crime that triggered a massive police response in san jose and the search for the culprits happening as we speak. i want to be able to go to the park. >> only on abc 7 news a disabled woman describes the accessib accessibility issues he faced as six flags discovery kingdom. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel.
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itit's crepe for our family at denny's. a family tradition we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home with denny's delivery. see you at denny's or
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new at 6:00 a traffic stop resulted in taking weapons off the streets. officer malone recovered a loaded rifle and pistol after searching the vehicle that he had pulled over for expired registration. the driver was arrested and charged with five felonies for being a felon in possession of weapons. the family of a 2-year-old santa rosa girl who was the victim of a hit and run says it's going to be sadly a very long recovery. they started a go fund me to raise money for the child's medical expenses, which could be extensive. she's being treated at children's hospital in oakland. police say the girl suddenly ran into the street near the mall yesterday afternoon and was hit by a van. the driver took off. police arrested the suspect yesterday. hector larios is in jail for felony dui and hit and run
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charges. police say he has four prior convictions in the past six years. neighbors in east san jose are devastated after a grandfather was killed during a home invasion this morning. police were called to the home about 9:30 and a heavy police presence remains tonight after the investigation turn into a homicide. family friend of the victim said he never thought something like this could happen in a normally quiet neighborhood. >> my heartbreaks forly >> neighbors identified the victim as a beloved grandfather. right now no one has been arrested and the suspect description has not been released. governor new some fired the head of the state division of oil, gas and geothermal resources. ken harris issued twice as many permits this year compared to last. the governor has vowed to tighten state oversight to
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fracking and oil ex governor new sosom signed a bill. $2.50 fee in monthly bills that's going to be extended another 15 years. it was supposed to expire next year. all right. heating up for the weekend always we worry about fire danger this time of year of course. >> sand what is coming our way. >> you see what it looks like in san francisco. the fog will continue and we'll see the micro climates like we did today with temperatures in the 60s and 90s and will do it again. let's look at the highlights for the upcoming weekend. fog will be confined to the
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coast and sunny and hot and cooler weather awaits next week. a live picture from the east bays hill camera. watching the shallow marine layer, temperatures 60s to 90s and what is ahead and that's really nice looking weather. combination of what you're seeing now. fog is the beaches, it's not going to advance far. the hour by hour forecast will show you it pushes locally inland by tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. but the fog may be dense down on the deck like it was this morning. could see a little mist in the coast and drizzle so watch out. tomorrow evening some fog will linger near the coast for the rest of you you're looking at sunshine. temperatures in the morning mid 50s to mid 60s. clear and mild inland but we will see gray skies near the beaches. tomorrow afternoon it will be a very warm day in the south bay 93 morgan hill. 87 san jose and 84 sunnyvale and 81 in palo alto and 67 in half moon bay with the fog, breezy conditions and down ton san francisco 70 and sunset district
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66 in the north bay 84 in san rafael and low 90s heading into the east bay. 76 berkeley, oakland you'll need sunscreen inland. accuweather seven-day forecast. tomorrow will be sizzling. the hottest day wide range of temperatures for your sunday and then the cooling trend commences as we head into next week but until then, you'll have to keep cool. anything but cool in the gulf of mexico. we are tracking tropical storm berry expected to become a hurricane. you can see latest video coming out of the gulf of mexico. book two, separate qualifying stays at ...and earn a $50 gift card.
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tropical storm berry could become the season's first hurricane when it makes landfall. >> the storm continues to slowly track north and west in the gulf of mexico. this is a live shot from new orleans. you can see the camera bouncing around a little bit because it is windy and getting windier out there as the surf comes up. >> you can see those waves there. abc news report eer elizabeth i in new orleans. >> reporter: berry may be miles away but grand isle louisiana is under water and with berry still gaining strength, from new orleans to baton rouge morgan city and all along the coast of
6:23 pm
louisiana. this is normal. >> most residents preparing for berry. >> trying to secure my stuff. about to just take >> tourists are trying to get out, easier said than done. >> if i have to be suck somewhere, i would rather be stuck at home. >> authorities say on their end the work is continuing to keep everyone activating thousands of national guardsmen and clong is this afternoon. >> nobody should take this storm lightly just because it's supposed to be a category one, it's always been about the rain and that remains a very significant threat. >> reporter: with the mississippi expected to crest at
6:24 pm
19 feet, just inches from the top of the levees, the river is higher than its ever been with a storm this size approaching but officials say they remain confident the levees will not fail. authorities say because berry is not a fast-moving storm they are asking residents to stay vigilant after berry makes landfall because some areas could see rain not just for hours but all weekend. elizabeth hur, abc news new orleans. >> it will be an intense few days. sandhya patel is tracking the storm. >> significant rain expected that will lead to severe flooding and as she mentioned, the storm isn't going to move fast. let me show you live doppler 7 right now. the system is churning in the gulf of mexico and what is going to continue to happen is the warm waters of the gulf of mexico will fuel the storm so it is expected to actually strengthen. right now you can see some
6:25 pm
showers moving in, some moderate pockets around new orleans. tropical storm berry is expected to continue to move very slowly. enten intensifying into a hurricane as it makes landfall near new iberia, louisiana. because of the slow nature of the storm, it's going to dump anywhere from 10 to 20 inches of rain up to 25 inches possible in isolated areas and that obviously is going to mean river flooding, low lying flooding in this area. life threatening storm surge is going to be one of the other concerns are tropical storm berry. heavy rain into early next week not only that we're looking at flash flooding, river flooding, hurricane forced winds and tornados are possible. ama, dan? >> sand hya, thank you. coming up next a story you'll only see on abc 7 news. >> a disabled woman was denied access trying to discover six
6:26 pm
flags. this is eric thomas, 75 years ago 4600 tons of ammunition loaded on a ship killed hundreds of sailors, most of them black. details on the a
6:27 pm
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a trip to this bay area amusement park was anything but amusing for this bay area woman. >> she was denied access to some of the rides. >> she told her story to melanie woodro. >> sky diving, skiing and riding roller coasters are some of her favorite past times. >> i love to be able able able e time and satisfy
6:30 pm
>> reporter: she's a diamond elite member at six flags but says the recent trip in vallejo was more than disappointing. >> i just want equal access. >> reporter: she was there with her assistant, daughter and service dog ready but their attempts to ride batman, superman and the joker were foiled. ride operators told her she would have to walk three to five steps to ride the rides. something she says she's not able to do. she says one operator left her in a small enclosed porch lift. >> it's tight. no windows. >> reporter: making matters worse, her niece and assistant said the ride operators were disrespectful and rude. >> it was ridiculous. i mean, i've been working with her for four or five years now and, you know, we have experienced some pretty less than tasteful interactions with people, but this was like -- i
6:31 pm
had never seen someone act like this towards me and her before. >> reporter: in an emailed statement, a spokesperson for six flags discovery kingdom apologized for how the matter was handled writing quote guests with certain disabilities are prohibited from riding various rides and attractions. our accessibility policy includes ride manufacturer's dpi guidelines and the federal americans with disabilities act. the policy should have been explained with respect and compassion and team members involved will be retrained. melanie woodro, abc 7 news. >> we found this story because of a comment that she left on our facebook page. abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area and one of the major issues is housing. we were in redwood city today where they are taking the building part quite literally. the ground breaking took place
6:32 pm
for a 20-home habits beebitat f humanity development. the project had been on hold for more than a year because of a lawsuit but it's moving forward. >> building a better bay area is about finding solutions but a program city officials thought would improve public safety is ending after 14 years. the city will get rid of the red light cameras, an evaluation found public safety was no longer significantly improved and the program had become more challenging to administer. this was prompted by a yellow light timing error discovered in a camera on sarah toga drive and hillsdale boulevard. 985 citations therefore issued between december and may will be refunded or dismissed. >> i think it's time. i don't think that it served their purpose of what they originally thought it would serve and i'm all for it. i'm glad it's coming down. >> the city will focus efforts on uniform patrols and education.
6:33 pm
and then there is this, bart parking is about to get cheaper. it will cost 50 cents less next month at the north concord station by the way. bart reviews parking fees every six months. if a parking lot is less than 95% full, fees can go down. north concord is the only station where prices will decrease to $2.50 per day starting next month, august 1st. it's been 75 years since a deadly explosion changed the face of the u.s. navy as well as the rest of the military. more than 300 sailors were killed when two ships exploded at the port chicago facility. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas reports the national park service will hold a remembrance at the site next week. >> it was massive. it was a huge disaster. >> reporter: kelly english is taking me on a tour of the epicenter of the port chicago disaster of july 1944. disaster may not be a big enough world to describe the hell unleashed when two cargo ships
6:34 pm
exploded. >> there were actually two explosions one after the other and it shook the entire east bay. it shattered windows as far away as san francisco and it registered as a 3.4. >> reporter: it wasn't just property that was demolished. >> 320 men were killed. scores more were in >> reporter: one of the ships vap po vaporized. this is one example. most of the dead were after condition american sailors who were loading the ships with no training and handling and little in the way of safety measures. afterwards, 50 black survivors refused orders to go to resume loading and they were court marshalled. >> i think if we were talking about white sailors instead of black, i think there is a very good chance it would never havea >> reporter: the black sailors were convicted by mark just got a measure passed in the house that would exonerate the men. >> one of the things about this
6:35 pm
country at it's best is that we look back at what we've done at our worst. we acknowledge it and correct it and we learn from it. >> reporter: the port chicago 50 were sentenced to 15 year the hard labor but were released early. historians believe the port chicago disaster led to desegregation of the military. eric thomas, abc 7 news. well, we are months away from black friday but only days away from amazon' prime day. next, why in mid july you can find discounts better than you can get at christmas. i'm dion lim where people come from all over the globe to enjoy this beach community and what is considered
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all three major stock industries closed at record highs and rising tech stocks are part of the reason. the dow gained 243 points to close at 27,332. the nasdaq added 48 points setting a record after
6:39 pm
next week is prime day. >> midnight monday morning and gives prime users 48 hours of deals. >> leticia visited a southern california amazon fulfillment center to see how it handles the rush. >> reporter: amazon's fulfillment center buzzes with activity 24 hours aday. next week it's about to get even busier with the fourth anniversary of amazon prime day. >> starting at midnight, we'll have over a million deals available across for things like furniture, tvs, smart devices, grocery and clothing. >> reporter: however, those deals delivered from these fulfill mtd se fulfillment centers to your door are for prime members only. >> any customers that are not prime members can sign up that day and have access. >> reporter: for 48 hours, prime members will be able to shop deals. last year amazon said shoppers bought 100 million items and
6:40 pm
enrolled more prime members out doing the black friday sales. to keep up with the flood of online orders requires a coordinated effort involving the center's robots and employees. >> they are gearing up, getting inventory prepped and ready to ship out to deliver to customers in the most efficient manner. >> reporter: while you can't know all the deals prior to the date, amazon does have an assistant you can download that will allow you to track items on a wish list. >> what that does is set notifications so when the deals happen on, you'll be notified and can click to take advantage of the deal. >> reporter: prime day for those who don't know started back in 2015 to mark the 20th anniversary of amazon's founding. letic leticia. >> and i was joined and revealed a helpful tip to make sure the sale you see is really a good deal. >> one of my favorite deals is
6:41 pm
called camel camel camel and what you do is give it it link from amazon and tell you the price history of the product you're looking at to find out if it's a good deal right now or if they kicked up the price to kick it down and make you think it's a good deal. >> so this site camel camel camel will tell you three months ago was at x. >> very good to know. > amazon isn't the only place to find discounts next week. target is doing deal days. >> a lot of deals to deal with. a weekend warmup is on the way.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ pacificia is home to taco bell that is arguably one of the best in the world. >> the location reopens tomorrow along highway one overlooking the beach. >> it's something. dion lim shows you the big makeover. >> reporter: pacificia is known for a lot of things, this iconic pier, miles of beach and a taco bell? we saw taco bell cantinas and were like let's stop. >> reporter: since the 1980s tourists flocked not for locally
6:45 pm
caught fps but more for nacho chips and to soak in the sights of the most beautiful taco bell. >> i come from germany to here. >> reporter: you came from hong kong. >> yeah. >> reporter: for the past two months, this legendary taco bell with walkup takeout worker has been under renovation reopening for a grand launch on saturday as a taco bell cantina. >> it has an urban menu. >> reporter: this isn't the first cantina location, it's the first place to order an adult beverage and have it delivered to you and drink it in front of a $100,000 fireplace that overlooks a million dollar view. locals like mark have been a regular here for decades and says it's a place where the food is affordable and memories are made. >> bring your date here because it was inexpensive but romantic. some people would propose.
6:46 pm
>> reporter: it's a place they are willing to bend the food rules. >> we love taco bell and this is the best. the view, everything. >> you can jump in the water right here. >> reporter: is it funny when people ask you what you did and you tell them you went to taco bell on your vacation? >> it's maybe funny but i'm not ashamed. we're big taco bell people. >> reporter: dion lim, abc 7 news. >> that's got style. >> definitely. i think a lot of people might be heading towards the beach. >> taco bell not with standing. sand ya pat sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> nice play. nice area to hang out at the beach and going to the beach, just be prepared for fog as we're seeing now on live doppler 7. take a look at your high temperatures for tomorrow. 67 in half moon bay, a little breezy, foggy, 70 in downtown san francisco across the bay and 95 concord, fairfield 84 in san
6:47 pm
rafael and 92 in santa rosa. everything from mild to hot for your saturday. if you're going to golden gate park on sunday for the aids walk, it will be foggy in the morning and 10:00 a.m. and upper 50s and temperatures will come up to the mid 60s. your accuweather seven-day forecast does pea tofeature siz conditions saturday and sunday. mid-90s and mid 60s coast side getting people asking when will it cool off? we'll look at the workweek forecast. temperatures down to the 80s next week. >> thank you. >> all right. let's talk a little baseball. >> anthony flores is here. >> something other than basketball is here. baseball, as well. still to come, how the a's are gearing up to open the second half of the season and steph curry hitting the league. did the splash
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the oakland a's won seven of the ten and hoping time off didn't slow momentum. it's a great day when ricky henderson is there, he played first base and matt chapman had less than a break than the actual all-star game. last year the a's were 50-41 and won 97 games. this year they have the same record and hoping for a similar
6:51 pm
ending. >> there are some similarities to the years. now every year is different in the way we've gotten here is a lot different than the way we got here last year but i think we're capable of getting better. i thought that from the beginning and i think we have more confidence at this point and we have guys that will heat up and will impact the lineup as well. >> giants open the second half of the season in milwaukee. second inning alex dickerson with a foul ball to left. brawn check it out with the nice grab on the wall. that deserves another look. great play. fifth inning now. giants down 2-0. not anymore. austin slater with a two-run shot and right now we are tied 2-2 in the sixth inning. a change of heart is the reason alex burke joined the warriors. the worarriors introducing the newest member of the team. the 27-year-old guard averaged
6:52 pm
nine points and four rebounds playing for three teams last season including the sacramento kings. he was set to sign with the thunder then paul george demanded a trade to the clippers once that happened, burkes realized okc was not the right fit so he decided to sign with the dubs. >> i'm close to kansas city. that was a big fact toor, too. coach billy and sam really -- i want to say recruit but talked to me the way i like the direction it was going but things change in the league every day. so, you know, still got klayaymond and i talke to steve kerr. he sold me on it. >> from the hardwood to the fairway, steph curry for the american century championship. the modified stable. drains it from the fairway with 15 points and that approach
6:53 pm
almost going in. everyone chasing this guy, the leader tony romo had 26. birdie, steph tied for 12 but ended with a bang. birdie with 18 and fist pump. he's 11 points back. more importantly, he trails his dad so he's got some work to do over the weekend. guard inkcognito is suspendd for violating the personal conduct policy. he pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges after punching a hole in the wall during an argument with his 90-year-old grandmother last august. the raiders have hired a doctor to work with him. the expectations is that he'll be a good football player and a good person. a clash of the titans, raphael nadal and roger federer second set nadal top of your screen is all over the court. look at this. finally gets the point in the set. to the third, it's federer's turn. look at it move. he gets the point and took five
6:54 pm
match points for federer to finally close the deal and there it is. sweet victory. 6-4 the final in the fifth. he'll face the top seed novak djokovic that took care in four sets. monster overhead smash in the third set to take a 4-2 lead. on match point, the joker serving too hot to handle. he wins 6-2, 4-6, 6-3,6-3,6-3,6, seven of the tour de france. the bike ride mostly front stage that led to a frantic sprint to the finish. dillon on the left just edges out kalob less than a half a tire length. so he takes the stage in six hours two minutes and 44 seconds. okay. there is a proposal to be felt to expand the regular season to 18 games but there is a catch. individual players will play 16
6:55 pm
games so think about it. that would leave two games with the starters would be on the sidelines. i don't know about you but if i go to the raiders and 49ers, i want to see derek carr -- who is the other guy playing quarterback? i don't think that will pass. the players union says >> there was controversy when they went to 16 games. >> comes down to the dollar. the nfl trying to make money. >> thank you. join us tonight at 9:00 on kofy tv 20. trouble in paradise, how a fire on the island of maui electricity. >> an oakland real estate developer headed to a homeless camp offering residents money to move out. tonight, we'll explain how that plan backfired. and tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, it's marvel's agents of shield followed by the last days after jfk and don't miss abc 7 news at 11:00. in san francisco this sunday
6:56 pm
the epicenter of love, kindness and compassion will be in golden gate park. that's where once again thousands of caring people will gather to raise money and awareness for a cause that has touched almost everyone in someway or another. aids walk is a magical day. i've just loved being there for the past 25 years as part of abc 7's long-standing commitment to the event. things have changed a great deal since those early aids walks. what was once a death sentence is now a totally preventable and largely treatable disease that is no longer a stigmatized as it once was. i remember well when we reported something about aids and hiv almost every night on our broadcast. now, it hardly ever makes the headlines, which certainly reflects the remarkable progress we've made. the downside is that out of the headlines can mean out of mind. a cure still eludes us but every day brings medical science one step closer and what really
6:57 pm
matters on sunday is that each step aids walkers take brings us closer to that great day. i always love to hear from you, let me know what you think, follow me on twitter and facebook @dan ashley abc 7 and we'll see you on sunday at golden gate park. >> that's right that will do it for this edition of abc 7 news. thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. appreciate your time. see you at 9:00
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♪ ♪ this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants-- an engineer from houston, texas... an alcohol lawyer from west hollywood, california... and our returning champion-- a teacher from minneapolis, minnesota... whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"--alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome, everybody. heather, justin, sam, i don't mean to put any extra pressure on you, but i have a great feeling about today's game. i think it's gonna be superb.
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[ heather laughs ] [ clenches teeth ] don't let me down. here we go into the jeopardy! round. [ laughter ] ♪ all right, here come the categories you get to deal with in this first round... huh? followed by... we'll deal with... and finally... i have no idea what that's about. sam. new deal, $200. justin. - who is f.d.r.? - right. new deal for $400. justin again. - what is "macbeth"? - correct. new deal for $600.


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