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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 11, 2019 2:42am-4:00am PDT

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some scary moments at the beach in nags head, north carolina, when a swimmer got caught up in high waves and strong rip currents. kudos to ethan the lifeguard who managed to pull that swim tore safety. this incident, of course, serves as a reminder that swimmers should always learn about rip current conditions, remember to swim parallel to the shore if you're caught up in one, and stay close to lifeguard stands and to ethan as well. >> good point. american airlines is apologizing for an incident involving a passenger who was asked to cover up or leave the plane. >> and this morning we're no here's abc's victor oquendo. >> reporter: this american airlines passenger is outraged after flight attendants allegedly humiliated her because of what she was wearing.
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she believes it only happened because she's black. >> i walked down the aisle with my head down. i didn't want to see another passenger's face. it felt like this walk of shame. >> reporter: dr. tisha rowe, a houston family physician, and her 8-year-old son, were returning from vacation, flying from jamaica to miami. the pilot, who was white, authorized her removal from the plane. >> they had pulled me off the plane to ask three times, do i have a jacket? in a tropical climate? there has to be more to this. >> reporter: she says the flight attendant, who is also black, told her to cover up. later posting these images online, drawing immediate backlash against the airline. in a statement american airlines telling abc, we apologize to dr. rowe and her son for their experice re their travel. american airlines plans on hiring a chief inclusion and diversity officer. dr. rowe says she doesn't want another woman of color to go through what she did.
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victor oquendo, abc news, miami. >> our thanks to victor. this story, records show that in kingston, jamaica, it was 94 degrees that day, 89 degrees in miami. she says she was asked three times if she had a jacket. >> a coat. like, no. >> right. >> i don't. >> not to mention she was completely covered up, it was a romper, it's summer. >> that one was a head scratcher, definitely. >> the airlines is apologizing. >> saying they're taking the steps now. >> yeah. >> so the fight always continues there. >> yes, it does. we have an update about "jeopardy!" james. >> "jeopardy!" has confirmed that james holzhauer will return for the next "tournament of champions" later this year. holzhauer won nearly $2.5 million in his 33 "jeopardy!" appearances, though he didn't beat ken jennings. 14 other contestants will take part in the tournament, including chicago librarian emma boettcher who ended the record-setting run. >> with the return of "jeopardy!" james, you know what
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that means. >> what? >> the return of my song. ♪ here comes "jeopardy!" james here comes "jeopardy!" james ♪ ♪ here comes "jeopardy!" james he will never lose ♪ >> he lost. who giggled? somebody giggled. coming up, everything you ever wanted to know about how to catch a lobster. >> our friend tom kelly is taking us on the ultimate summer vacation on the water in maine. the in-laws have moved in with us. and our adult children are here. so we save by using tide. which means we use less. three generations of clothes cleaned in one wash. anybody seen my pants? #1 stain and odor fighter, #1 trusted. it's got to be tide.
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this morning we' this morning we're going on a special excursion and learning all we ever wanted to know about how to catch a lobster. >> our friend tom kelly, who's a standup comedian and entertains the audiences at gma, he took a break from all of that to take us to maine. >> reporter: you've heard of "wicked tuna." >> take a shot. >> reporter: "battlefish." >> what's up, what's up? >> reporter: "deadliest catch."
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this is not those. >> that's to keep the lobster from fighting. >> reporter: this is "world news nowiest catch." >> we teach people everything they wanted to know about lobster fishing. >> summertime in maine is synonymous with lobster. where do lobsters come from? ♪ under the sea >> reporter: how did it get from the ocean to that sad little tank at the restaurant? and then into my belly? ♪ rock lobster >> reporter: more than $550 million worth of lobster was caught in the united states last year. three-quarters of that was brought ashore in maine. for 35 bucks to teach tourists more about lobstering than you could ever want to know. i'm going on a wicked lobster adventure. >> what we do is anything we catch on the boat we offer up for sale for the boat. you can take it home and cook it howe
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bring it to the portland lobster company, right next door to where we board. >> the first step is you've got to get ready. >> more lobsters, more crabs -- >> reporter: we didn't have much to show for our first few. >> that's it? >> this one will measure -- that just misses, a little bit small. >> aww! >> take some frozen herring and put it in a bag. then we're going to put this bag into the trap. >> reporter: lobsters love to eat herring. me? not so much. so far we have not caught any lobsters. but we did catch a bald eagle that killed a seagull. murderer! we got our first keeper. he has no claws. so i can hold him like a baby and i'm going to name him sebastian.
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what is a clawless lobster really worth? >> a few dollars anyway. >> it's so funny. >> lobster rolls and things like that. >> we've done four, five times, all we've caught is one clawless lobster. this is our last chance. >> we've got a keeper! a keeper! >> at the last port we've caught a lot of lobsters and made a lot of friends. are we ready, captain? ready and three -- >> on my three. >> on my three? your three? that was just one. >> you're going to go on three. >> this is so confusing. this is why i tell jokes for a >> reporter: for abc news, i'm tom kelly -- >> good-bye, good-bye! >> reporter: -- off the coast of portland, maine. ♪ rock lobster >> we have the most boston person who's the leader here at "world news now." >> ken.
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okay, this is getting a little weird. enjoy the go! with charmin! time for "this happened." and this really happened. someone paid a lot of money for a whole -- >> this isn't just a little bit happened. >> this really happened. in japan a bunch of 24 red grapes just sold on the auction block for $11,000. >> 24 grapes. >> so this is a very special breed of grapes, and they are prized for their high sugar content, low acidity, and juiciness. >> juicy fruit. so it's not like grapes for wine. >> no, not at all. the top bidder was a businessman there in japan. only about 26,000 of these ruby roman grapes are expected to be
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sold this year. which made me think about how when you buy grapes at the grocery store, i feel like the prices get higher and higher. for this little bunch? $8? >> because everybody else walked through the store eating all of them. >> eating the grapes. >> thanks a lot, thieves. >> that's a lot for grapes there. so this happened. in australia a man has made friends with a wild crocodile. >> friends? >> uh-huh. and get this, the 13-foot-long crocodile's name? bone crusher. that's matt wright. so-called outback wrangler. they've been friends for five years. we're told that three years ago their friendship got closer when matt found bone crusher in bad condition with half his jaw missing. >> oh no. >> he helped lead him to food, helping him survive. bone crusher is probably like, you're my friend. >> so bone crusher just crushed too much. >> yeah, i guess so. >> i'm like, you're never really
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friends with a croc. or maybe this croc is misunderstood. maybe crocs are always misunderstood and we can be friends with all of them. don't do that. then you'll be on this happened for what happened to you. >> don't do it. >> you're a meal for the croc. >> see ya later, alligator. >> after a while -- >> crocodile. this happened. abandoned iguana rescued after spending days in a franklin tree. it happened in massachusetts there. franklin resident cynthia says her family spotted the lizard in one of their trees over the weekend. >> he tried to blend in, though. >> really did. but they got the iguana down. did he want to come down? >> i doubt that he did. how out of place though, right? and an 11-year-old -- we're going to get to this last one. 11-year-old versus a panther star outjuked him on the
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football field there. >> whoa! >> got him. >> that happened.
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this morning on "wor this morning on "world news now," bracing for a possible hurricane. >> parts of the gulf coast are getting ready. a storm that has already drenched new orleans is predicted to strengthen overnight. we have the latest storm track. also this morning the security scare at buckingham palace. an intruder hopped the fence while the queen was asleep. plus the backyard encounter. a bear comes to visit but one neighborhood dog wasn't having it's one of the biggest nights in sports, the espys. superstars from different sports are all together in one place. bryant, wade, brees, plus the entire u.s. women's soccer team. it's thursday, july 11th. good thursday morning. thanks for joining us.
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a lot to get to. >> yes, the espys were on last night. apparently it was a really good show. i saw snippets of it. i also saw social media chatter being critical of our boy tracy morgan. clearly there were crickets inside the room. i guess somebody always got something to say. >> right, of course, of course. we will get to everything they're all saying. we do begin with the drenching thunderstorms swamping parts of the gulf coast. >> the storm system swirling in the gulf has already triggered a state of emergency in louisiana. and the national hurricane center predicts that system could become a hurricane as early as tomorrow. >> torrential rain has unleashed heavy flooding on the streets of new orleans. you see people in boats there. and that's fueling concerns about strength of the levee system rebuilt and repaired after hurricane katrina. >> abc's rob marciano is in new orleans with details. >> reporter: a state of emergency for new orleans. this waterspout spotted marching across lake pontchartrain. >> the whole bedroom was blown out. my wife and dog were under the rubble.
3:02 am
>> reporter: and flash floods pounding the city, dumping up to half a foot of rain, turning roads into rivers. the famed french quarter submerged. drivers forced to abandon their cars. residents getting around any way they could. this man swimming through deep water. >> this is ridiculous. this is like venice out here. everybody need a boat or something. this is really sad. >> reporter: it's only the beginning. louisiana bracing for a hurricane or tropical storm. >> we don't know yet where this storm is going to land but we know it's going to be a big storm, a significant rain and storm surge event. >> reporter: the people here taking no chances. they're stocking up on supplies. in the gulf of mexico, oil companies already pulling workers off their rigs. and along the rivers, a scramble to sandbag. the levee system facing one of its biggest tests since hurricane katrina. the mississippi projected to reach 20 feet, highest level in nearly 70 years. here at the bonnet carre spillway west of new orleans, it
3:03 am
has been open for an unprecedented second time this year, diverting about 10% of the mississippi river water flow, relieving some of the pressures of the levees downstream. but with the amount of rainfall we expect to get, anywhere between 10 and 20 inches, plus the storm surge, the mississippi river level at new orleans could reach a level where the levees begin to overtop. rob marciano, abc news, norco, louisiana. forecasters are calling for significant rainfall in new orleans over the next seven days. >> accuweather meteorologist adam del rosso joins us now with what's ahead today. >> we're continuing to track this developing storm system over the gulf, likely to become tropical storm barry by the end of today or early friday, making a path toward louisiana, making landfall potentially as a category 1 hurricane, continuing to move northward through the mississippi river valley bringing a significant flooding threat here, especially across louisiana where we're talking perhaps up you wards of 8 inches
3:04 am
of rainfall if not more than that. our accuweather local storm maximum in some spots could see upwards of 2 feet of rainfall. this storm is certainly going to be a mess as we head through the weekend and into early next week. janai, kenneth? >> definitely looks like it's shaping up to be a mess. a texas man has been charged with threatening to assassinate president trump. michael getlub was arrested in the dallas area accused of willfully making threats to inflict bodily harm and kill the president. the indictment offered no specific details about the nature of the threats. the suspect is due in court today. a legal victory for president trump. a federal appeals court threw out a lawsuit that claimed he violated the constitution by profiting from foreign guests. the suit said the trump international hotel was siphoning business from local hotels because officials were trying to curry favor with the president by staying at his hotel. labor secretary alex acosta insists he got the toughest deal he could in the case against wealthy financier jeffrey epstein, accused of molesting
3:05 am
dozens of young girls. acosta said federal prosecutors would have let epstein walk free. the former state attorney involved in the case disputes that claim saying acosta abandoned a 53-page indictment after secretly negotiating with epstein's lawyers. >> reporter: in a press conference wednesday, labor secretary alex acosta defended a controversial plea deal he negotiated with wealthy financier jeffrey epstein. >> facts are important, and facts are being overlooked. >> reporter: acosta stating that the 2008 florida case started at the state level and blamed the state prosecutor's office for initially negotiating an agreement that would have let epstein walk. >> without the work of our prosecutors, epstein would have gotten away. >> reporter: the deal acosta helped broker as a u.s. attorney in florida has come under new scrutiny after epstein was indicted this week by federal prosecutors in new york. according to the indictment, epstein lured teenage girls to his mansions in manhattan and
3:06 am
palm beach, florida, allegedly sexually assaulting them in massage rooms. some of the allegations in the new case are also part of the investigation acosta oversaw. >> a good prosecutor will tell you these cases are complex, especially when they involve children. >> reporter: epstein is currently facing up to 45 years in prison on the new charges if convicted. in comparison, under the florida plea deal, kept from his accusers until it was already done, epstein served only 13 months of an 18-month sentence in county jail, registered as a sex offender, but evaded federal charges. a judge later deeming the agreement illegal because the victims weren't notified in advance. democrats are demanding acosta step down or be fired. >> it is now impossible for anyone to have confidence in secretary acosta's ability to lead the department of labor. >> reporter: the president is standing by his labor secretary. >> i feel very badly, actually,
3:07 am
for secretary acosta. because i've known him as being somebody that works so hard and has done such a good job. >> reporter: now the democratic-led house oversight committee is looking to question acosta about the epstein case. chairman elijah cummings has invited him to testify on july 23rd. a man is in custody in london for breaking into buckingham palace. police say the 22-year-old climbed over the palace's front gates at 2:00 a.m. yesterday morning. queen elizabeth was there at the time. the intruder was not carrying a weapon and authorities say the incident is not being treated as terrorism. new york city loves winners and loves parties. >> the two came together as the big apple celebrated the world champion u.s. women's soccer team. thousands of people lined the streets along manhattan's canyon of heroes, cheering from the ground and tossing tons of confetti from the air. the route ended at new york city hall where co-captain megan rapinoe wowed the crowd even more during the team's introduction. she said the back-to-back champs
3:08 am
are all about diversity. >> we have pink hair and purple hair. we have tattoos and dread locks. we got white girls and black girls. and everything in between. straight girls and gay girls. hey! >> hey, now. >> yep. rapinoe's social message also called on everyone to love more, hate less, listen more, talk less, and realizes everyone's responsibility to make this world a better place. she's got to preach. >> as if you need another reason to love megan rapinoe and the women's soccer team. check this out, the cover of the new york daily news, megan america great again. >> there's no again on there. >> megan america great, sorry. >> m.a.g. right there. >> i see a little jab at president trump. because he and megan rapinoe have certainly gone back and forth, had their share of words. but all celebration yesterday.
3:09 am
>> a beautiful celebration in lower manhattan there. a ticker tape parade for the champions. >> yes, absolutely. coming up, the other trophy team usa won at last night's espy awards. but first the drama that played out in the backyard of a home in new jersey. a bear approaching a bird feeder for a snack until the neighbor's dog rushes in. yep. we're going to show you this. plus the heartbreaking mix-up at a fertility clinic. a woman giving birth to two boys that were not hers. that were not hers.
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we'd love some help with laundry. spray and scrub anything with a stain. wash the really dirty clothes separately. new tide pods with upgraded 4-in-1 technology
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unleash a foolproof clean in one step. aww, you did the laundry! it's got to be tide. a new jersey homeowner's security camera captured this clever bear figuring out that what looked like a hanging lantern was actually a bird feeder filled with seeds. as the bear was enjoying his little snack, a neighbor's dog rushed in, charged the bear, slammed right into the ribs. the bear ran off. good neighborhood dog. >> yeah, no kidding. >> bam! prosecutors in utah have laid out new evidence and filed formal charges in the murder of a female college student. >> they say mackenzie lueck died from blunt force trauma to the
3:13 am
head. murder, kidnapping, and other charges have been filed against a 31-year-old male suspect. cellphone records show he was the last person in contact with lueck. her charred phone was found in the backyard of his home. the district attorney became emotional at yesterday's news conference. he passed along thanks for the public's support from lueck's family. a stunning mix-up at a fertility clinic in los angeles affecting at least three families has now triggered two lawsuits and immeasurable heartbreak. >> a couple in california says they were forced to go to court to get custody of their baby from a woman in new york who had given birth to him by mistake. here's abc's adrienne bankert. >> reporter: this baby boy at the center of two families' unimaginable trauma. >> it was just -- it was heartbreaking. it was terrible. >> reporter: struggling to conceive, this california couple says they first turned to cha fertility because of claims like this. >> we have the world's best facilities.
3:14 am
>> reporter: after having a daughter in 2011, the couple returned to this los angeles-based fertility treatment center, undergoing an ivf procedure in august of 2018. it failed. months later, they were called in for a dna test, and to their horror, told that a couple in new york, who had their ivf procedure on the same day, had given birth to their biological son. >> i felt my heart beating outside of my body. i was hysterically crying. i was just lashing out. >> reporter: weeks passed before they won custody of their baby boy. >> just imagine not knowing what that child is going -- you know what that child is doing. it just drove me crazy. >> reporter: both families now suing cha fertility for medical malpractice and negligence. the unnamed new york couple claims they were expecting female asian-american twins after a successful ivf procedure. but when they delivered two male babies, neither of which was of asian descent, they were shocked. dna testing revealed the boys
3:15 am
were not related to the couple or to each other. >> at every step of the way, cha fertility has failed this couple couple and two other couples. there needs to be accountability. >> reporter: the couple tells me their child was 6 weeks old when they were finally able to take him home. now the third couple involved in this, the biological parents of the second baby involved in this incident, have not come out publicly at all. we know the new york couple, we're told, really wanted to keep these two babies but had to relinquish custody and still don't know what happened to their original embryos. cha fertility has not responded to a request for comment. adrienne bankert in los angeles for abc news. >> this is just a wild story on all fronts. all three of the families impacted. thinking about those two mothers who, yes, have their children, thank goodness, after wanting to have kids, going through ivf, but missing out on the experience of carrying their own
3:16 am
babies. then the couple, that woman who carried these two babies, thinking they were finally having twins. >> right. >> giving birth and having to give up both of them. >> excruciating. that's the only word i can even come up with right now about what these families are going through. and the fact that they're really muddying the situation even more, that state by state, we're dealing with california and new york here. and so the laws are different. and so these families are going through the legal process. >> having to fight to get their baby back. six weeks. >> so much harder here. >> incredible. coming up in our next half hour, the prickly situation for one driver in arizona. take a look at this. >> wow. >> just one word for this one, two words, wow, and ouch. >> yeah. but first the sportid's bigd up and go out. we'll check out the big winners and the big moments at this year's espy awards. sergeant. his year's espy awards. . that's next on "world news now."
3:17 am
. so we told you the espys
3:18 am
were last night. of course it was a night of a
3:19 am
thousand stars, give or take maybe a couple less last night at microsoft theater in los angeles. >> this year's espy ceremony was packed with big heroes, big moments, and a few surprises. joining us now, will ganss. >> that is right, you guys. the roster was stacked at last night's espys. megan rapinoe, dwyane wade, sandra bullock, so much action on the field. but don't worry, here's your official "world news now" postgame highlight reel. like the athletes they honor, the espys pushing things to the limit. the ladies and the men ditching their jerseys to blitz the red carpet in style. >> the sack master looking very good with those shades. >> reporter: inside the microsoft theater, the night full of sport's biggest stars. gronk, linsey vaughn, dwyane wade, who had to shout-out his wife or risk getting a technical foul. >> to drew brees, because of what you said to your wife on stage, my wife looked at me with a death stare.
3:20 am
and said, if i don't say something up here, the car ride home is going to be long. with that being said, darling, you are amazing, look incredible in the dress. >> reporter: and host tracy morgan acing some jokes of his own, even while raising money for cancer research. >> she go, tonight i'm selling food snacks for jimmy v. 20 grand a pack, so come on, dwyane wade. you look like you just dropped the r&b album, i know you got it. come on, terrell owens. well, you retired years ago, you probably ain't got no money. >> reporter: the espys also packing an emotional punch. former marine corps sergeant kirstie ennis, who lost her legs serving overseas, offering up this advice. >> let this be my message tonight. to the athletes in this room, to people in the military brotherhood, and to everyone out there watching, rest a moment less, endure a fraction more. thank you. >> reporter: bill russell winning the arthur ashe courage
3:21 am
award. the former nba player and trail kobe bryant, samuel. jackson, and former president barack obama. tonight's most-anticipated moment? sandra bullock presenting the award for best team. >> and the winner is -- all those in favor of equal pay say aye. the women's national soccer team! >> reporter: one more trophy for team usa's shelf. yeah, it sure was an epic day for the u.s. women's national team. the ticker tape parade, hair and makeup during their plane ride to los angeles, then that big win at the espys, all in a day's work, i guess. >> those women got to do what they got to do. >> and they're doing it. >> showed up looking amazing and shout-out to sandra bullock. i love her. >> love sandra bullock.e record morgan, i laughed at many of those jokes.
3:22 am
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it's time for "the mix." you know what today is. not just thursday. it's july 11th. 7/11. 7/11 day. that means -- not the beyonce song. it means you can go to a convenience store and get a free slurpee. you can go there, make a beeline for the slurpee machine, and get a free small slurpee. >> okay. >> this year they estimate they'll give away 9 million slurpees to customers. are you a slurpee person? >> i'm not -- i'm an icee person, which are pretty much the same thing. >> but bigger chunks of ice? >> i think so. >> i think so. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> yeah. >> so maybe i need to get my red solo cup. >> yeah. >> 7-eleven, you've got me thinking about the song now.
3:26 am
hey, how about this. a mom i actually think is the world's best mom. >> yeah. >> she's all about the fun. this mom here was busted for driving. yep. with the kids in the inflatable pool. >> kiddy pool. >> that's a good one. yeah, this mom from illinois was arrested for allegedly driving her suv while her daughter sat in the inflatable pool on the roof of the car. >> all right. oh. mugshot. >> she's obviously charged for endangering the kids. she told officers she was driving back from her friend's house where the inflatable -- where she inflated the pool and was using the girls to hold it down on top of the roof. >> so they had a job up there, it wasn't just a joyride. >> i thought they were just having fun, put some water in it. when i was a kid i actually thought that that signaled -- that was a symbol of wealth. >> what? >> there used to be -- back in the '80s and '90s there were limos with pools in them. >> in them?
3:27 am
they were like -- i used to think, that's wealth right there. smmg the 2019 pool. po. irthday cake mix-up. all types of mix-ups. first off, i just want you to know this woman is 25 years old. but she wanted moana on her birthday cake, shout-out to disney, the parent company of abc news. she wanted moana. look what she got. >> what she got? >> marijuana. >> oh. after she ate that marijuana-themed cake. >> there's that little my pony that also has a marijuana leaf on its bottom. >> speaking of the munchies and leafs, this one guy here was going to town like he had some marijuana cake. >> oh, that's exactly what that wombat had. at that
3:28 am
wombat had.
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news this morning on "world news now," no relief for new orleans. the city suffering a flash flood as it braces for more rain. it's part of a system that could slam into the gulf coast as a hurricane. states of emergency are in effect and evacuations are under way. also this morning, crisis at the border. this morning on "world news now," no relief for new orleans. the city suffering a flash flood as it braces for more rain. it's part of a system that could slam into the gulf coast as a hurricane. states of emergency are in effect and evacuations are under way. also this morning, crisis at the border. a new look inside a holding center for migrant children. plus a mother emotionally testifies before congress detailing the neglect she says caused her daughter's death. new this half hour, a driver is lucky to be alive. >> that's after this happened. a giant cactus slicing through his car windshield. the details ahead. and your favorite athletes swapping their jerseys for couture. from ciara and russell wilson to odell beckham jr., see who scored big and who came up short
3:31 am
on the red carpet at last night's espys. that's in "the skinny" on this thursday, july 11th. good thursday morning. thanks for joining us. >> good morning, everyone. >> a lot to get to. we do begin with a tropical system churning along the gulf coast, gaining strength by the minute. >> the radar shows storm activity that's expected to bring downpours from houston to charlotte. buckets of rain have already submerged the streets of new orleans. the water was so deep in some spots some people used kayaks to make their getaways. >> flood watches and warnings are out across the gulf, including houston where upgraded high-water rescue vehicles are ready to go. the biggest concern is whether the levees in new orleans can withstand a potential hurricane. this morning southern louisiana is preparing for a direct hit. >> i have formally declared a state of emergency as it relates to this storm. >> reporter: people are stocking up on supplies and sandbags. oil companies in the gulf are pulling workers off rigs.
3:32 am
this morning mandatory evacuations began near the mouth of the mississippi river. parts of the region could see 20 inches of rain by the weekend, putting the levee system to the test. >> be safe, be smart, take care of your neighbors, take care of yourself. >> reporter: new orleans has already been tested. wednesday 8 inches of rain saturated the city in just hours, leaving roads across the city submerged. garbage put out for pickup floating away, clogging catch basins. people forced to find other ways to get around, but taking the weather in stride. >> we're trying to get to the corner store. >> you're trying to pick up some groceries? >> yeah. >> louisiana's governor says national guard troops and high-water vehicles are getting into position all over the state ahead of more heavy rain to come. accuweather meteorologist adam del rosso joins us with today's forecast for the gulf coast. >> adam, what's the latest tracking? >> janai, kenneth, good morning.
3:33 am
we're continuing to track this tropical system over the very warm gulf waters, likely to strengthen into tropical storm barry by the end of the day. this storm's going to continue to move to the west over the gulf and eventually turn northward and make landfall potentially as a category 1 hurricane somewhere over louisiana before moving inland and weakening. still we're talking a wind threat and certainly a flooding threat as well. some spots could see upwards of 2 feet of rainfall if the storm happens to move slowly, certainly bringing a risk to life and to property. janai, kenneth? >> our thanks to adam. heightened tensions in the persian gulf. iran is accused of trying to seize a british oil tanker. u.s. officials say five small boats belonging to the revolutionary guard approached the uk flagged tanker and tried to direct it toward iranian waters. a british warship monitoring the tanker intervened. this the first provocative action since the uk seized an iranian vessel. british prime minister
3:34 am
theresa may and other officials in the uk are defending their ambassador to the u.s., who resigned under pressure from president trump. ambassador kim darroch said he could no longer work in washington. trump was angry over leaked memos in which darroch described him as inept and insecure. british leaders say he was forced out for doing his job. >> i have told him it is a matter of great regret that he has felt it necessary to leave his position as ambassador. >> prime minister may went on to say that good government depends on public servants being able to give full and frank advice. a house committee is going to consider subpoenas today over the trump administration's practice of separating families at the southern border. that comes a day after the release of video from inside the government's newest holding center for detaining migrant children. that center is in rural texas on the site of a former oil field worker camp. abc's matt gutman has details. >> reporter: these are the
3:35 am
images the government now wants you to see. migrant children, hands on hearts, reciting the pledge of allegiance, though at some point they may be deported. the ap allowed into a youth holding facility in texas where unaccompanied minors sleep on bunk beds. weave, eat catered food, play soccer on grass fields. >> the reason why we put this up, again, not to allow children to stay in border patrol stations any longer than they need to. >> reporter: those border patrol stations are migrants' first stop once apprehended. described as a ticking time bomb in an internal government report that showed dangerous overcrowding. men cheek to jowl in chain link pens. families stuffed dozens to a cell with a single bathroom. faces pressed against the glass. yasmine juarez testifying before congress. she says her daughter, marie, died from a viral infection after their detention. "it is painful for me," she
3:36 am
says, "to relive this experience and remember that suffering. but i am here because the world should know what is happening to so many children in i.c.e. detention." she's suing the government for wrongful death. for over six months we've asked homeland security to allow our cameras into those border patrol facilities where some of the worst overcrowding has taken place. every request has been denied. matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. >> our thanks to matt there. the federal reserve chair is dropping more hints of an interest rate cut. this month jerome powell told a house committee global trade tensions and the lack of a nafta replacement could force the move. the news sparked a wall street rally. the dow closed up 76 points. the price tag for president trump's july fourth salute to america is climbing. the total cost that's currently known is more than $5.3 million. that includes $1.7 million spent by the city of washington, d.c. the city's mayor, muriel bowser, says the cost has seriously depleted a fund used to pay for
3:37 am
security at special events and she's asked the president to make sure the district is fully reimbursed. rumors have been swirling about a possible royal feud between prince william and prince harry, but there are new images that seem to indicate otherwise. >> royal siblings william and harry competed in a charity polo match which is their first joint engagement since last october according to "vanity fair." >> they were cheered on by william's wife, duchess kate, and their children, george, charlotte, and louis. >> also on hand, prince harry's wife, duchess meghan, and baby archie making his first public appearance with his cousins. >> adorable. we weren't sure yesterday if the two princes were going to end up on the same team, opposite teams, for this charity event. they were in different colors. >> i think i dislike there's this whole speculation -- >> completely. >> because it's nonsense. >> right. >> i mean, these brothers went through so much at a young age. >> absolutely. >> they are very close. and it's funny because i almost feel like, kind of feeding into the speculation that's nonsense,
3:38 am
right? >> right.ter. i n'stand you but i would never let you know. never. coming up, the over the top celebration for team usa in new york's canyon of heroes. >> first the team's even bigger celebration over on the west coast at last night's espys. the big moments and the big fashion on the red carpet. plus what taylor swift just did that's left the entire kardashian clan in the dust. that's ahead later in "the skinny." did that's left the entire kardashian clan in the dust. that's ahead later in "the skinny."
3:39 am
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a driver in arizona ran into look at this, a cactus went through his windshield. police in tucson say the car went through a median, then smacked into that big plant early yesterday morning. the driver suffered only minor injuries but he's charged with dui. a huge fire caused frightening moments on a bus filled with international students.
3:42 am
>> flames and smoke poured from the back of the charter in burlington, massachusetts just outside boston. the driver said he pulled over thinking he had a blown tire, but then the fire started. everyone made it out safely and quickly. >> the smell was pretty bad. and the fire was getting bigger and bigger. and almost like -- i was really scared. >> we have military cadets on the bus. they got us to safety very quickly. >> about 20 people were on board. as we told you, everyone made it out okay. the students were from tufts university and heading to a field trip. we're learning more about the death of one of disney's brightest stars. >> the family of 20-year-old cameron boyce is sharing details of his medical condition in the outpouring of public support and sympathy. here is linsey davis. >> reporter: we're now learning it was likely a rare complication of a common condition that took the life of actor cameron boyce. for nearly a decade that freckled face with the megawatt
3:43 am
smile was a fixture on family tv. >> jax only likes bad boys. look at you. >> reporter: the disney star died suddenly in his sleep over the weekend after a seizure. the family revealing the 20-year-old suffered from epilepsy, a central nervous system disorder in which brain activity becomes abnormal, causing seizures and affecting nearly 3.5 million people in the united states. every year 1 in 1,000 adults with epilepsy dies of what's called sudep, sudden unexpected death in epilepsy. 70% of cases tend to be managed well with medication. >> maybe a new school wouldn't be the worst thing. >> reporter: the tributes to boyce pouring in, including this one from former first lady michelle obama saying she was able to recognize that not only did he have incredible talent, but also an incredible heart. a representative for boyce's family released the statement requesting privacy and also saying in part, we are still trying to navigate our way through this extremely heart-wrenching time and make arrangements for his funeral which in and of itself is agonizing. linsey davis, abc news, new
3:44 am
york. >> our thanks to linsey there. whoopi goldberg says a bout with pneumonia nearly killed her. >> the cohost of abc's "the view" tells "people" magazine she's lucky to be alive. the 63-year-old says what she thought was a cold last fall landed her in the hospital for almost a month. she tells "people" doctors said there was a 30% chance that she'd die. she's hoping her story reminds people to take care of themselves. absolutely a good reminder. the fact that she thought it was just a cold and ends up in the hospital for a month. >> again, this is all about noticing with your body if there's something wrong. >> paying attention. >> to pay attention, to take it seriously. we are so thankful that whoopi is okay. she's in our abc family. it's something we describe her as abc's "the view," but this is a woman who's part of our culture. >> right. >> oscar winner, forever it's whoopi. >> one name. >> whoopi, just whoopi. to hear her talk about something that happened to her, just so scary. >> yeah. >> and she's using that platform
3:45 am
there to tell others, make sure you pay attention to your health. >> make sure. when we come back, team usa taking home a second trophy. and the major list that taylor swift just topped. my dbut now, i take used tometamucil every it traps and removes the waste that weighs me down, so i feel lighter. try metamucil, and begin to feel what lighter feels like.
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♪ skinny just gimme the skinny time for "the skinny." we begin with a big night in sports. the espys brought out all-star athletes along with hollywood a-listers. >> superstars like linsey vaughn, dwyane wade, rob gronk, we love gronk, and the u.s. women's national soccer team, the ladies dazzling on stage when they won the award for best team at the end of the night. what you didn't see, they had to get their hair and makeup done on the airplane on the run from nyc to l.a. >> remember they had that parade yesterday morning in new york. they had to cross the country, and they did it in style. >> well, we know after seeing their talents on the field, they can do a lot. >> yes, good point. someone who wasn't too concerned with how they looked on stage,
3:48 am
st. louis blues player ryan o'reilly. he took out his front tooth before giving the acceptance speech for winning best comeback. >> one fan tweeted that ryan o'reilly taking his tooth out on the espys is the most hockey thing ever, and they would be right. >> it is. >> did it make a noise? boop! >> at the espys the athletes also scored major points from fashion critics. >> our will ganss joins us with the play by play from the red carpet. >> except i have to take out my tooth. boop! this is probably the closest i'll ever come to sideline reporting. let's go ahead and do this. ciara leveled up the red carpet in this black gown by alexander vauthier. a plunging neckline. what do you all think?. >>mang. russell doesn't look too bad th >> i'm like, russell who? >> i know, he's the athlete at the espys. >> big dollars. >> right. this next outfit has some fans
3:49 am
throwing a flag on the play. odell beckham jr. in prada and he ditched his blond hair. one tweet saying o'dell is dressed like a character from "jumanji." another tweet saying, what in the crocodile hunter does o'dell have on? >> i saw one that said he's about to sell a whole lot of thin mints. >> honestly, he could stick in thin mints in the pouch in the front there. my favorite night of the look, zachary levi in a lavender corduroy suit, i love it, it's fresh, it's summer. you're kind of in a pastel color here, janai. from couple gold to fashion gold, gabrielle union, vanessa and husband dwyane wade in louis vuitton. >> d-wade in that choker. i see you, d-wade. >> kenneth, you better wear that tomorrow. >> i already got one, i'll bring it in. >>heether.take aat drew ee hisons
3:50 am
there they are, all three of them, in matching maroon suits. they looked so adorable on the carpet. >> a family affair. >> look at them. >> looking very spiffy. >> yeah, not bad. >> all right. will, thank you, we appreciate it. >> thank you. next to the battle for number one on "forbes" list of the world's highest-paid celebrities. >> taking the number three spot this year, kanye west, after raking in $1 billion in sales for his yeezy shoe line helping him net a cool $150 million last year. >> we just said that jay-z became a billionaire. i heard this about the yeezys being worth $1 billion, incredible. a couple of years ago he talked about being in debt. you go, kanye. >> he's got the kardashians, he got the yeezys. ec cind we'sistein-l, lie $170 million last year from her cosmetics empire. >> landing in the top spot, t-swift. she earned $185 million this last year. which incidentally broke the
3:51 am
in u.s. history. >> my goodness. >> not bad, tay-tay. taylor swift was hard at work headlining amazon's livestream prime day concert. >> t-swift took the stage in new york city belting out her newest singles in the livestream exclusively for prime members. she was joined on stage by dua lipa, sizza, and becky g. in the program that was hosted by jane lynch. >> don't worry if you missed it, amazon says the concert will be available on demand, but for a limited time only. amazon prime day starts at midnight on monday, july 15th, and runs for 48 hours. >> so get all the deals. >> how long before amazon just gives us a full ecosystem to just live in, watch
3:52 am
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thank you to espn, all of thank you to espn, all of our followers, supporters around the world. it's been an incredible journey. super proud of all of these 22 fabulous ladies. so props to all of you. but thank you so much, and here's to the next world cup in another four years. >> a perfect cap to an amazing week for the u.s. women's national soccer team, winning best team at last night's espys. >> it came after teammate alex morgan won best female athlete, and just hours earlier the honor of a lifetime here in new york. here's abc's andrea fujii. >> reporter: the world cup champions were showered with adoration and confetti as they made their way through the canyon of heroes in new york city. >> it kind of shows you like keep following your dream and working hard and that's how you'll end up. >> reporter: with thousands of
3:56 am
fans screaming with excitement. the team riding on floats through battery park. >> we got the best fans in the world! >> reporter: to city hall. megan rapinoe, the u.s. women's national soccer team cocaptain, making a grand entrance at a ceremony after the ticker tape parade. and the crowds chanting. it's a subject close to the team's heart. they're suing the u.s. women's soccer federation for equal pay. >> but it's time to come together. this conversation is at the next step. we have to collaborate. it takes everybody. >> reporter: and a representative from the federation says they hear the message. >> we believe that u.s. soccer -- that all female athletes deserve fair and equitable pay. and together, together i believe we can get this done. >> reporter: crowds outside new
3:57 am
york city hall went wild for the players as they got an up-close look at the champs who thanked the thousands of fans who attended. >> thank you so much. it's not possible without everyone. we really do appreciate all that it takes to shut down the biggest, best city in the world. >> reporter: and after being showered with one last huge blast of confetti, the world cup champs partied their way off the stage. >> love it. >> i love it so much. it was such a celebration here in new york. our robin roberts was there on that stage as well helping celebrate. and also another big honor, this statue that was commemorated outside the rose bowl in los angeles there. >> brandi chastain. >> unveiled on the 20th anniversary of the watershed moment, women's world is soccer cup history now commemorated in bronze. >> i love the team taking the opportunity to talk about diversity and equal pay. love 'em.
3:58 am
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making news in america this morning, state of emergency in new orleans. hurricane watches now in effect along the louisiana coast. the city already swamped. what we're learning about the dangerous storm bearing down and concerns about whether the levees will hold. new turmoil in the ranks of the pentagon. the allegations against a military general nominated for the joint chiefs of staff. breaking overnight, a disturbing discovery in the months long search for a missing mother of four who gave birth to twins just before her disappearance. a dash for cash. an armored truck spills its load leading to this highway frenzy. how police are trying to get that cash back. roadside shocker. a mother driving with an


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