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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 10, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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from the picture behind us, kind of gray out there mike. >> yep, it is. and it is good news, though, it is not nearly as moist as it was earlier in the week. so i'm not hearing much in the way of drizzle. petaluma and over the golden gate bridge so around through the entire morning commute. temperatures milder this morning. 57 to 64 degrees. we'll hang out in the low to mid-60s at the coast with limited sunshine. the rest of us will become mostly sunny and 71 to 75 at noon and a spread. 76 to some low 80s from the bay to inland neighborhoods at 4:00 and check out the low to mid-70s at 7:00. 90s on the way. i'll have an update coming up. here is alexis. good morning. looking live at san jose, 101 and 880 and 101 starting to increase but overall the south bay has been quiet this morning. takek you into a problem that has been here since 5:00, a six-vehicle collision before san pablo avenue, they're trying to get everything cleared. it sounds like almost all of the vehicles involved in this have been cleared to the san pablo
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avenue off-ramp and they are still getting one or two more vehicles off the hillside involved but very quickly everything was pushed to the shoulder. however, we do have stop and go traffic from highway 4. so we'll check that out in a few. and san francisco police are looking for two burglars accused of a hit-and-run. >> the investigators say they purposely ran down a tourist outside of the legion of honor museum in front of his son. jobina fortson is live and what led up to all of this. >> reporter: natasha and reggie there is glass all over the ground here and in other areas of the parking lot. it is not clear if it is from the incident from yesterday, but police tell us a father and his son had their car burglarized here. and then the father started to take pictures of the thieves and this is when police say the thieves rammed the getaway car into the father in front of his son. at last check, the father was in stable condition at the hospital. there is an sfpd sergeant and
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officer with him and his son right now. police describe this incident coordinated with the victim's family members to pick them up from the airport. >> they have the support of our command staff and every officer in this agency and sometimes we forget doing the small things of making sure that the child is eaten and that he has something to drink and that he could contact his family. those are very important things. >> reporter: mind you this father and son are tourists. police can no longer chase cars for misdemeanor crimes so their advice is to not leave anything of value inside cars. reporting live in san francisco this morning, jobina fortson, abc7 news. >> thank you. a church in the east bay faces major work after a car plowed into it. you could see the vehicle went totally inside of grace baptist church in oakland last night. the church is at 98th and walter avenue.
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paramedics took the driver to the hospital and it didn't end there. bt look at what happened to an officer blocking the street. [ yelling ] >> the officer was inside of that vehicle when it got hit. it is unclear if the officer was hurt. he was taken to the hospital in a police cruiser and the driver of the car that hit it was also taken to the hospital. developing knew in the east bay, a livermore police are looking for the man suspected of killing a 16-year-old after an argument. the suspect is 21-year-old jorge tayes. police served a search warrant on his livermore home yesterday and he wasn't there. he's accused of shooting and killing a 16-year-old boy outside of the taco bell on stanley boulevard and police have not released the victim's identity but friends say he was a football player and a musician at livermore high school. this morning we're learning of possibly the first death from the ridgecrest earthquakes. the sheriff's office in nye county, nevada, said a man was found dead under a jeep he was
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working on. authorities say the man was last seen alive on july third, one day before the first of two powerful earthquakes hit. the victim was found in pahrump, about 100 miles northeast of ridgecrest. we do know the earthquakes were felt as far away as las vegas. and abc 7 news could help you prepare for an earthquake. we have tips on what to pack in your emergency kit on our website at mike pence is flying to california in the vent ral valley where he will stop in kings county for what he's calling a trump victory luncheon. pence will then visit a farm and give a speech about u.s. trade with mexico and canada. later this afternoon pence will visit the vandenberg air force base before heading south to san diego. top democrats are calling for secretary of labor alexander acosta to resign in the wakef the indictment of disgraced financier jeffrey epstein. he's facing new charges of sex
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trafficking underage girls, also amid the allegations are part of an old investigation into epstein for a decade ago where acosta was the prosecutor. p epstein struck a deal with acosta registering as a sex offender and serving just 13 months in county jail. one of epsteins alleged victims said she was kept in the dark as the deal was reached. >> they were already signing the secret plea agreement and keeping me out of the loop. >> joe biden and kamala harris, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren are among the presidential candidates calling for acosta to step down. and speaking of the democratic presidential candidates, abc news is hosting the third democratic primary debate. it is scheduled to take place in houston sent 12th and 13th. the format will be a-- a a a at a later date into the upsetting thing that happened in a san francisco woman's home. a new warning for pet owners. things found in human food that
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is deadly for dog news and a live picture from new york city. take a look. the big crowd waiting for the parade celebrating the team. they will start in 30 minutes. if you are headed out of the door. we'll have full coverage of the parade on and the app, it starts in 24 minutes, mike. >> can't wait to see that. less than two days away from temperatures 15 degrees below averag
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>> announcer: this is abc 7 mornings. a mild morning waits outside. look at temperatures, low to mid-60s in the south bay and everywhere except for fairfield at 59. along with half moon bay and san francisco at 58. and bodego bay 56 degrees. at pier 39, quiet morning out there. if you have some yardwork to do, do it now before the heat arrives. it will be calmer and milder at beaches with a touch of sunshine today. and if you are out and about, that is where the strong sunshine is going to be. north bay will shed the clouds after 9:00. full on sunshine and many high clouds this afternoon. upper 70s to low 80s. east bay, the low clouds hang around through 11:00 and they'll start to disperse and through 1:00 brighter this afternoon as we reach the mid-60s. even a few upper 60s on the bayside. we're going to take a look at the hot accuweather seven-day forecast in less than seven
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minutes. we'll bring alexis in. how is the traffic. still looking okay. checking out the north bay with fog in some area this is morning. not bad at this camera position, though. in san rafael and southbound 101. you are cruising along there without any issues. once you get to golden gate bridge, a much different story. you are socked in so a dense fog advisory in effect there. and as promised, we'll look at this issue. since 5:00 a.m., westbound 80 before san pablo, six-vehicle collision on the shoulder, still sounds like we have a couple of vehicles left trying to clear but folks slowing down to look at that. 27 miles per hour, 22 miles per hour and if you are coming from highway 4 in hercules down to the maze, that should take 20 minutes. happening today, kaiser officials are striking for one day to demand more staffing for patients to access mental health care. psychologists and therapists and social workers need help to provide basic services and reduce long waits for appointments. they say 70% of group therapy
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programs have been eliminated because they don't have enough workers. they'll start picketing at 7:00 this morning. and kaiser has cleared a big hurdle to build the new headquarters in oakland. last night the city council approved the sale of a public parking garage at 1200 telegraph avenue. the garage will be sold to developers for $28 million. a developer plans to tear the garage down and instead build a 29-story office complex by 2023. kaiser has promised to ooze t--e the building as the new headquarters. from parks to the bay area city where pets have it good. >> and teen partying sparking fears about wildfires. why neighbors are particularly out.ied about the popular as w h
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welcome back. well abc7 news is committed to building a better bay area and that is focused reporting on issues like housing, quality of life and crime. one woman who lived in san francisco fdecades is fed up after her home was broken into and ransacked and now ready to leave the city. so take a look. angela padilla came home last week to find her historic castro home burglarized. jewelriy and clothing and family heirlooms were missing and she found heroin and a needle on her dining room table and the
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burglars even used her dishes to then have a meal. >> i'm done. i'm really -- i think i am done with san francisco. there is just -- the city has become too chaotic. it is a cesspool. there seems to be no hope in sight. >> angela has put in a high powered security system and also hired a former san francisco police officer to watch her house at night. so far no arrests have been made in this case. well in the north bay,s e s another wildfire in santa rosa. it is happening in the fountain grove neighborhood where flames ravaged the area in 2017. neighbors are becoming anxious because teens are hanging out at the top of the world, near sky farm and flintridge drive and they say it is the smoking that worried them the most. >> using their lighter and throwing out their cigarettes and cigars in the brush, so we're pretty concerned about the
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potential for 2019 fire. >> we understand the frustrations of the residents and the santa rosa police department is committed to making sure they are not re-victimized. >> police promising more patrols cruising in that area on a regular basis. the fda is warning dog owners about the dangers of an artificial sweetner found in human foods. zytol could be fatol to dogs. it is used in household products including nut butter and chewable vitamins, mouth wash and toothpaste. the fda is also advising dog owners to check the label of human foot or treats they are planning to give their pet. if you think your dag -- your dag has a good life, which city is the friendliest for pets and the east bay is the place to be. pets in oakland have it better than other pets in the bay area. it said two and four-legged citizens are happier in oakland because they could join the
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human friends at more places and also plenty of animal shelters and parks. only two other california cities made the list and they include santa clarita and laguna niguel in southern california. >> there you go. oakland has good weather and gorgeous parks. they don't lie. >> i'm not going to argue that. >> good for oakland. that is nice to know. we're going to have good weather this afternoon. for doing exactly that. let's take a look. and you could see at sfo we do have delays because of the low clouds but it will turn mostly sunny away from the coast with the continuation of our warming trend. it will be mild again tonight with patchy fog forming and our hottest afternoon is friday, saturday and sunday. here is the pattern that low that brought us that stiff onshore breeze and the temperatures that have been cooler than average, sunday and monday and yesterday. it is retreating to the north and then in the wake high pressure is building in with the clockwise flow. you could see it steering the heat up toward us. in fact, you could see it in morgan hill and gilroy with upper 80s.
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our hottest temperatures today. the rest of the south bay 78 in milpitas, san jose 72 to 83 in los gatos and 77 in santa cruz with sunshine. temperatures on the peninsula very nice. mid to upper 70s. low to mid-60s along the coast and not as blustery. upper 60s to low 70s and downtown san francisco and sausalito. low to mid-80s in the north bay and upper 80s, cloverdale northward and east bay shore mid to upper 70s and into the east bay valley 82 at pleasanton and brentwood nearing 90. here is my accuweather seven-day forecast. the low to mid-60s stay at the coast. but starting tomorrow we'll be in the 80s around the bay and 90s inland. peaking with low to mid-80s around the bay and almost 100 in some of the east bay valleys by saturday. monday and tuesday will feel nice after that. alexis. >> thanks, mike. >> one issue to talk about in daly city. this is the southbound side of 280 past route 1, a solo vehicle crash that spun out and facing
6:19 am
sideways in the far right lane. so the third lane there if you are coming over from the left side, not much of a back-up but keeping an eye on that. that could start to cause one. and the good fle-- the good news you could use route 82. and bay bridge toll plaza, 5:22 the time this morning and we have our normal back-ups in the maze if you are paying with cash or fast track and mass transit is looking good but we have an issue with golden gate ferry, the mechanical issues continuing from yesterday. to the 7:30 to san francisco trip will be a 45-minute crossing and the 8:50 8:50 8:500 be ten minutes late and today it should just be those two. "good morning america" coming up. >> good morning. great to be with both of you today. we're following the tropical
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threat developing in the gulf of mexico and it is strongening today. we'll show you how it will affect the texas, louisiana and florida panhandle coastlines. i'm tracking it all. also new details on the sudden passing of disney star cameron boyce. now his family is revealing his private health battle. dr. jen ashton is here with insight. and gma on the red carpet with the cast of the "lion king" at the premiere and there is blue ivy and beyonce with incredible new music to share with you, they just released it. plus rolling into texas, live from michael's home town of houston, celebrating remarkable young hero and of course they say everything is bigger in texas. so we've got a super-sized deal and steals for you from the steamy upper texas coastline. natasha and reggin ald.
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>> can i start calling you reggin old. >> and that is about it -- and my dad when i'm in trouble. >> mr. aqui. >> we know the bay area isn't the great place for first-time home buying but one city ranks least affordable of them all. >> and look up, that is a helicopter carrying goats in slings. multiples of them. we're going to explain exactly what is going on here. >> are they okay? >> i don't know. as you get your day into gear, a live look but me and crunchy here make a great team. we even finish each other's... babybel: (to crunchy)you're supposed to say sentences... crunchy: ---sentences. babybel: well not now.
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welcome back. 6:24 on this wednesday. it is going to get warm to hot as we head from thursday into the weekend. but the air quality is going to stay on the good side. so go outside and enjoy the heat without spare the air. i have more bad news about housing affordability. we're focusing on that in our effort to build a better boyer so there is a new wallet hub study ranking 300 cities for first-time home buyers and we're not doing amazing. the study took into account cost of living and property crime rates and berkeley you win -- or
6:25 am
lose. depending on how you look at this. you're at the very bottom of the affordability list. oakland not much better ranking 297 out of 300 and san francisco you're there, 284. antioch 222 and look at santa rosa at 218. we want to hear your ideas but building a better bay bridge and share them by joining our group on facebook. well happening tonight, paul mccartney will be in the bay area. he's performing at sap center in san jose part of the freshen up tour. the concert includes songs from the 2018 album "egypt station" so if you want to see sir paul tonight tickets are still available and they range from $134 in the upper sections, $460 lower section and on the main floor it is going for about $1,200 on stub hub right now. >> do you have $1,200 for me? not today. coming up at 6:30, a show that aired for ten years is
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getting pulled from netflix. what you'll not be able to binge any more. i'mancer hassan in san pablo. what police are saying about an investigation and what they are asking from the community. anda new name for the dixie school district and school. what people will now be calling them. and it is 6:26. taking a look -- that is megan rapinoe. >> do you see her sunglasses. >> this is cool. this is a helicopter shot of manhattan as they are getting ready to have this ticker tape parade for the world cup winners and i'm just astonished that we're able to zoom in that much to see her. >> look at that today, life-changing technology from abbott
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now at 6:30, police are trying to figure out who killed a 22-year-old man. >> a controversial 911 call and both sides of the story after a san francisco story called police on an african-american man waiting outside of his building into celebrating team usa. a live look in manhattan as the big parade is about to step off in new york city. >> you could hear it. can you
6:30 am
[ cheering and applause ] >> there it is. and the purple hair. >> good morning on this wednesday, july 10th. >> you could keep playing that. never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. mike nicco. >> we don't mind a laugh track. >> if it helps, absolutely. puts us in a good mood too. talk about what is going on outside. we have fog. >> yeah. >> a little bit out there. and grayness showing up on live doppler 7 and good news is it is not nearly as thick as it was earlier. at least in places like santa rosa and petaluma so patchy and on the move and a heavenly shot from mt. tam this morning. absolutely gorgeous. let's talk about what is happening today and breaking down the 12-hour accuweather planner. 57 to 64. the milder temperature we talked about. there it is. we'll hang out in the low to mid-60s with partly sunny conditions, not as breezy at the coast but 71 to 75 and bay and inland and partly cloudy and climbing highs back to average,
6:31 am
mid-70s to 80s at 4:00. we'll talk about the heat coming up next. here is alexis. looking good this morning. no major issues so hopefully we'll continue that trend. just looking at the normal delays starting to build on the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge so westbound 580, about a 15-minute delay on to the span and of course all of that due to the emergency road repair. bay bridge toll plaza looking slow unless you are using those carpool lanes, those are looking good and a quick check of drive times. westbound 580 tracy to dublin hanging on to the yellow. that is decent for this time of the day. 50 minutes for you. westbound 4, antioch to concord in the yellow at 28 and no delays southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco and it is fog yu by the drive just taking 17 minutes. and developing now, san pablo police want to find the person who shot a 22-year-old man in his car. >> officers tried to save him but the man died. the shooting happened around 9:30 last night on stanton near giant road. ancer hussan is live for us at
6:32 am
police headquarters. >> reporter: good morning. police are now telling me that they think this is a targeted shooter. shooting video from a few hours ago. police say this happened around 9:30 last night on stanton avenue new giant road which is a residential area. police say when they arrived on the scene they found a 22-year-old man in the middle of the road suffering from at least one gunshot wound. officers immediately issued life-saving measures until paramedics arrived and police say that the man died on scene. now the scene has been cleared and the vood -- the road is now open. police say there are no other victims. police have not released the identity of the man or any possibility of a suspect or suspects. investigators are asking anybody with information to contact san pablo police. reporting live,. nancisco, shooting in the bay view has left one man dead and another
6:33 am
man hospitalized. officers were calledthe scene in front of the united council of human services on jennings street just after 11:00 st yomite and keith street. it is unclear if the two crimes are related. no other details are available. 6:33. ghost ship founder derick almena will return to the stand and in day two he said the landlord told him the structure could be build for using studios and offices and residents but he didn't know until his preliminary hearing one year after the fire that the building had been registered for storage only. he said he was deceived. he did admit during cross-examination though that he did not read an attachment to that email explained exactly what the building could be used for. almena is charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. and we've been tracking the ghost ship trial since it began last month. install the abc 7 news app on your smart device to find out when the case goes to jury and
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when a vaccinaterdict is reache the u.k. ambassador has resigned. kim darroch resignation comes after diplomatic emails were leaked when he called trump insecure and incompetence and described his administration as dysfunctional and inept and trump said he wouldn't work with drroch and in his resignation letter he said it is the responsible course. a viral video showing a san francisco father calling police on an african-american man waiting outside of his building. >> i remember -- >> calling your friend on the call box and have to come down. >> you don't have to do that. you could just walk away. >> call the police. >> daddy, don't. >> that is christopher sucker who called the police and now he wanted to explain his side of the story. in the a entertainment posted to medium said that wesley mitchell
6:35 am
caught the door and tried to enter the building without using the call box. he also explained that his father was murdered by a trespasser outside of his berkeley home. we caught up with michel and asked him what he thought about the video viral reaction. >> it shows how polarized people could be just by looking at one video. there is two sides to the story. >> do you think he was being casist when he called police? >> i think that his actions show exactly what he felt at that time but the best way to answer that is that my friend that was coming in, he never asked for i.d. >> well mitchell said it would be educational for him and christopher cukor to sit down and talk. supporters of a name change argue the word dixie is linked to slavery in the confederate south. they approved a new name last night and voted to rename the only elementary school from
6:36 am
dixie to lucas entary. >>w york city is filled with soccer fans as the u.s. women's world cup winners are being honored. take a live look from -- or maybe not. well, imagine a lot of people getting ready for a ticker tape parade for the four-time championships. andrea is live with the action. >> reporter: reggie, so much anticipation out here. the parade tarted a few minutes ago and in less than an hour it will end here right outside of city hall. and the crowds here are growing by the minute. i could tell you they are so excited to see the world champs. [ crowd chanting ] >> reporter: team usa in celebratory song as they made their triumphant return home. and as they get ready to be honored in new york city. it has been a heroes welcome back to the u.s. after winning the fourth world cup title. >> come on, fans packed into
6:37 am
the gma studio tuesday morning for a first interview with the champions. >> do you like that word dynasty? >> yeah. >> if the shoe fits, you gotta put it on. >> reporte tuned into see them clinch the sunday championship game over the netherlands. the road to victory starting with an early win against thailand where they dominated 13-0. with 26 goals in total, the u.s. team now holds the record for the most goals in a women's world cup. and the one that sealed it all, scored by newcomer rose lavelle. >> it has been unreal and i think it is such a long journey for all of us to get here. >> reporter: and this morning the team will receive a ticker tape parade as they ride up the canyon of heroes up battery park to city hall and showered with hopes this will spark a movement toward equal pay for women's soccer. >> i think the conversation
6:38 am
needs to move it and should we have equal pay and what can we do now. >> reporter: after the parade there is a ceremony here at city hall and then no rest team they jump on an airplead l.aor . abc7 news. back to you. a live look at the parade route as you could see there, getting started right now. >> there they are. >> oh, well, there is someone. >> people that have some relation to the people that we want to see. >> oh, i think i see rose lavelle in the back. no, maybe not. >> we should be parade commentators. except don't give any ad wnj w? >> and here comes the -- oop -- >> we don't know. they're wearing the shirts.
6:39 am
>> but at some point garfield will come down as a giant balloon a santa claus is how it ends. >> anyway, veryust heard andrea, after this is over, the temperature has to then hurry up to get to the airport and fly clear across the country to l.a. to make it probably just in time for the espys. tracy morgan is hosting the award show tonight. you could watch it right here on abc7 news at 8:00 p.m. so hidden hotel fees. there is a new lawsuit against marriott that could impact travelers worldwide. >> a live look at the big board of the new york stock exchange up 124 points and that is coming up next. >> friends will not be there for you any more. but the popular show isetu ha>>o och the xct for me.went
6:40 am
i chance to get into it. >> there was like a monkey on it and ross -- >> i don't think he'll do it natasha. >> we'll convince him. >> good luck. here is a look at our current temperatured compared to 24 hours ago. 13 degrees warmer so where does that put us? in the low to mid-60s on the bayside of the peninsula, mid to upper 50s half moon bay pacific and a daly city. low to mid-60s everywhere else except for 58 in santa rosa and los gatos 57. here is a -- a look at your commute. it is hazy out there with the clouds. fog along highway 101 with the golden gate northward and on the bay cloudy this morning to sunny with lighter breezes. east bay valley, we're in the clouds through 9:00 and 67. we break out in the near 80 by 1:00 and hang out in the mid-80s this afternoon. with sunshine, here is a look at the peninsula. we're in the clouds through 9:00 and then mostly sunny, 11:00 as we hit the 70s. and mid to upper 70s with almost
6:41 am
full on sunshine this afternoon. and as we look at the south bay, clouds hang around through 9:00 and so do the 60s and then reaching for the 80s this afternoon with a mostly sunny sky. so temperatures back to average today. but we're going to keep going. we may not stop until at least a neighborhood or two reaches 100. my accuweather seven-day forecast, i'll be back with that. first how is the commute going this morning. >> we're doing really well. i hope i don't jinx anything here but we still don't have major problems today and thank you, mike, knocking on wood. southbound 280 in daly city, sounds like we do still have the solo vehicle crash facing the wrong way blocking one lane. and really have remained in the green through that area. a couple of other slow spots. westbound 92 through the toll plaza there for the san mateo bridge, so about 24 miles per hour and southbound 880 heavy through hayward into fremont as well at about 25 miles per hour. but nothing blocking along either of those stretches. those are just a couple of red
6:42 am
spots that stood out to me. mass transit is looking good today. 53 b.a.r.t. trains in service, no delays, ace 3, oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box. honey, this gis ridiculously fast. we are seriously keeping up with the joneses. keeping up with the ford's. keeping up with the garcia's.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. flooding in new orleans, waterspouts and tornados ant we don't have a tropical storm but more than likely going to happen and look at louisiana.
6:45 am
one to two feet of rain down around lafayette and lake charles. a bad issue with flooding there. for us, dry weather, 110 in palm springs, 74 to 80 with afternoon sunshine in san diego and los angeles. 97 in fresno. nearing 90 in sacramento and chico oner 60s along the coast and near 80 in the sierra. we'll be in the mid-80s friday and saturday. but the breezes will drop us to 81 around tahoe on sunday. nice weekend all in all. take a look at this. a huge robbery on the fourth of july involving 60 young people at a philadelphia walgreens. surveillance shows them running into the show and knocking items off the shelves and stealing merchandise. some threw items at employees to hurt them. the group caused $7,000 in damage and no one has been arrested. san francisco police want to find the two burglars who hit a tourist with their car outside of the legion of honor museum. >> and the man was with his son
6:46 am
at time. now sfpd is helping them both while the man is in the hospital. jobina fortson live with what led us to all of this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie, look at the glass that we found on the ground here. it is in other areas of the parking lot as well. it is not clear if it is from the most recent ins debt but police tell us a father and son who are tourists had their car burglarized here and other people did too. police saw the father caught the thieves and started taking pictures of them and then that is when the thieves rammed their getaway car into the father in front of his son. the father was rushed to a nearby hospital. and at last check is in stable condition. and sfpd officer are sitting with him and his son. the police department said the seas -- the son needed time to feel safe and they arranged to pick up the family from the airport. >> think about this child seeing
6:47 am
the father injured, and not being familiar with the area, i wanted to make sure that that child felt safe and make sure that the father felt safe recouping and i wanted to make sure that the family feels safe. >> reporter: police are not placing any blame on the father. but do recommend not leaving anything of value in the car and also not taking pictures. reporting live in san francisco, jobina fortson, abc7 news. >> thank you. and now on to your morning money report. one of the country's biggest hotel chains is facing a lawsuit. >> the attorney general is suing marriott by not including mandatory resort fees in the rates displayed online. michael finney was just talking about this. they claim the hidden resort fees could increase the cost of the hotel by as much as 5i$95 a day. travelers could call the hotel ahead of time to ask for the fee
6:48 am
to be taken off the bill. san francisco based levi straus taking a hit after missing profit exp second quarter profit fell 63% compared to the same period last year. they are blaming high costs from the ipo in march. the company wants to expand the focus from jeans to other items like shoes and outer wear. a live look at the new york stock exchange, trading underway at 6:48 in the morning. at the green at the 170 points, a difference from the down days we've been seeing in the last couple of days now. and this is of course coming after some remark from the federal reserve chair that investors are watching from yesterday. apple just raised the starting price of owning one of the computers. the least expensive mac is now $1,099. apple unveiled the new mac book air and 13 inch pro laptop and it appears the $999
6:49 am
have been removed from the apple store. two popular tv shows leaving netflix. at&t will pull "friends" off of netflix and stream on its own service instead. the company owns the rights to "friends" and nbc is do the same with "the office" and two ike on onic shows -- >> did you know "the office" is the number one show on netflix. >> i believe that. it is the perfect length and perfect number of seasons and beloved and it is the best. >> and it is about to be gone. >> bye-bye. disney's "lion king" feeling the love. >> the first reactions that hits theaters next week and people are liking it. beyonce and disney celebrated the world premiere last night in hollywood and she has a new song out called "spirit." beyonce is the voice of nala in the remake. billy ikener and seth rogan also walked the red carpet and talked
6:50 am
about singing hakuna matata. >> you guys sounded great. >> we worked hard on it. it is a classic and it is hard to -- we tried to inject our own flair into it, i guess, as much as possible. >> those who saw it are giving it thumbs up. one person tweeted you'll be smiling and crying the whole time. >> that is a big promise. >> the new movie hits theaters nationwide july 19th and disney is the parent company of abc 7. there is blue. >> hey, blue. >> there she is. so we've been playing that throughout the morning. >> it is great. >> during commercial breaks. i love beyonce's new song. check it out. i just tweeted it out. from new york city, the parade for the u.s. women's soccer team underway. >> there they are. having a good time on the floats. and look, a big crowd showing up. so i love to see that. if your headed out of the door, we have full coverage of the parade on and on
6:51 am
our abc 7 news so you could continue to watch. >> well deserved. awesome. when will we see the confetti fly. near the end of the parade route. i see a little bit. that ticker tape. >> recycled paper. >> need to think about the environment. about 80 degrees there on the way to 90. so it is -- >> we saw the reporter fanning herself with the program. >> hopefully they have water on the floats. >> uh-huh, i'm sure they do. >> i'm sure. let's move on. talk about what is going on. stay hydrated here with water also. as we head into the weekend. here is a look from mt. tam, a heavenly sunrise right now. we need the sunglasses every at the coast and not as much as it is partly sunny for you. temperatures back to average. low clouds, patchy fog again tonight and the bill is coming due for this calm weather with the heat that is on the way. here is a look at cloud cover. quickly pulling back by noon to the coast. we'll still have a couple of fingers across the san bruno gap across the golden gate bridge
6:52 am
and those dry up and you could see the clouds stubborn at the coast and not as breezy as it has been. so a -- feeling better outside and not as aggressive. milpitas to 89 in morgan hill and the warm backing up from the desert southwest to us. very comfortable on the peninsula today. 73 to 78. about 62 to 65 along the coast. 67 in downtown san francisco. we'll hit the 79 degree mark at san rafael and everybody else heading northward, low to upper 80s. along the east bay shore, oakland one of the cool spots at 73. hercules 79 and fremont 78. and maybe the last day we don't use the air-conditioner inland, 82 in pleasanton to 90 in brentwood. low 60s tonight and notice highs tomorrow all the way through the extended low to mid-60s at the coast but starting tomorrow we'll be in the low to mid-80s through sunday around the bay and low to upper 90s inland. taking a look at roads this morning. we have not had very many
6:53 am
incidents to talk about but oakland before the 980 split, a two-car crash reported. it sounds like one lane blocked but chp was not there yet so they couldn't tell us which one was blocked but causing a delay through the oakland stretch. you could take 580 for an alternate to avoid that. bay bridge toll plaza looking good. metering lights on since 5:22 so for an an hour and a half. no major delays into san francisco and the drive times are looking good as well. southbound 680, highway 4 to walnut creek 10 minutes and westbound 24 to highway 13 and back in the yellow here, westbound 580 tracy to dublin coming in at 49 minutes. the once popular andronicos is coming back. safeway is rebranding four of the bay area stores with the iconic name by the end of the year. safeway purchased the store in 2016 and switched the name to safeway community market and the name isn't the only thing
6:54 am
changing. the new andronicos will have more food options and upscale delis. two are in berkeley and others in los altos and san anselmo. you could order a bheer beer in taco bell. >> it will reopen as a taco bell cantina. look at the location. new menu and art work and beer from local breweries if you prefer something stronger there is twisted freeze margaritas. this restaurant makes the restaurant debut on saturday and due to the scenic location on the beach, it is sometimes called the most romantic taco bell around. wildlife officials in washington state airlifting the mountain goats. look at your screen. please look at your screen. okay, this is what they're doing. they're moving them from the olympics mountains to the cascades because they're numbers have gottenn slings and
6:55 am
they're taken in a hadn't for a ride. then they travel by truck to the new home and there is one brave goat making his way out of the little pens first. and the other ones are like -- >> where are we? >> what just happened. i was in the air. i could see everything. from hundreds of feet up. >> beautiful animals. >> and they're like, it is really cold here. >> yeah. >> i love goats. >> i know you do. that is your favorite animal. >> it is. >> it is weird to see them spinning. is this a ride? coming
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
it is 6:58 here are the seven things to know before you go. a witness to car burglaries so now in the hospital after he got run over by two men. the victim is a tourist from oregon videotaping the suspects. and number two, san francisco police are still investigating a deadly shooting in the bay view district. one man was killed another wounded last night on jennings street. number three, ghost ship founder derick almena will return to the stand for the third day. he said he didn't know that the building had been registered for storage only. almena said he was deceived. number four, britain ambassador to the u.s. has resigned after commented were
6:59 am
leaked showing he called president trumpin secure and incompetent. no response from president trump. number five, we begin today with low clouds, fog and milder temperatures in the upper 50 toss mid-60s. temperatures back to average level this is afternoon with sunshine away from the coast. number six, our biggest issue right now is the skrash -- this crash in oakland, northbound 880 near broadway, not sure how many vehicles are involved but emergency crews just arriving on the scene causing a 10-minute delay. and then number seven, a live look at new york city where the u.s. women's national team is being honored after the fourth world cup win. the ticker tape parade will end at city hall with the team receiving the key to the city. you could watch a live stream of the parade by going to you could also watch it on our abc 7 news app. it is beautiful to see the sheer crush of crowds to show up for that team this morning. i love it. >> they are so popular. buying their
7:00 am
>> "good morning america" starts right now. good morning, america. we appreciate you starting your day with us, and we're watching what's potentially a big storm developing in the gulf right now. on alert, the tropical threat brewing in the gulf strengthening today. florida, louisiana and texas on alert. our team tracking the very latest. new fallout this morning from the jeffrey epstein case. the multimillionaire charged with preying on minors, now calls growing for labor secretary acosta to resign for cutting a deal with the sex offender more than a decade ago. the president's response this morning. midair scare. caught on camera, a delta plane's engine blowing. this piece flying around inside. passengers told to brace for an emergency landing. the investigation under way. private health battle.


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