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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 7, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, it's sunday july 7, i'm chris nguyen here is a first look at the accuweather forecast. hi, francis. >> hi, everyone. we have a little cooling our way. show you live doppler 7 and satellite image. there's a system to the north and we'll see increasing clouds today and tomorrow. temperatures mostly in the 50s. san francisco 54 degrees, san jose 57. hoes here is what you can expect for the day ahead with our 12-hour planner. mostly in the 50s, cloudy along the coast this afternoon and then we'll climb into the mid-80s inland.
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we'll be cooler than yesterday. we'll see heat index passing through. around the bay look for low 70s at the coast keeping it cool in the 50s. chris. >> francis, thank you. governor newsom toured one of the cities hit hard by not one but two earthquakes this week. he and others are glad it's not worse but aren't bleething a sigh of relief yet. aftershocks could occur at any time. it was stronger than the 6.4 earthquake that struck the region on thursday. it was felt from mexico to sacramento. there have been no reports of death or major damage but still plenty of cleanup to do. abc news reporter has the late e est. >> reporter: the magnitude 7.1 earthquake rocking southern california. >> this has been a traumatic experience not only for me but the entire area, never experienced anything like this before. >> violent shaking sent
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chandeliers swinging, water out of pools and rock slides on the road. >> i got in my doorway. i ran out here and saw the devastation. you just heard racket, noise, things falling. >> this trailer swaying dangerously de los a 2-year-old b boy. >> get up, get up, let go. >> i seen my son coming around. there was nothing left but i wanted to get him. >> 11 miles from thursday's 6.4. those that live near the epicenter are so shaken, many are spending night outdoors, afraid their homes aren't safe with the aftershock. >> my kids don't feel safe. just to get a little more comfort, just camp out. >> experts plan there' a decent chance of powerful quakes to
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come. >> likely 27%, one or two in the next week. >> abc news, los angeles. >> everybody okay did you get hurt? >> prfs taken inside an albertson's grocery store. the power was knocked out. as the camera goes through the store you can see everything that came off the shelves and wound up on the floor. quite a mess. cracks highly visible in trona, east of ridge crest. pavement lifted causing portions to crumble. >> the earthquake. >> that was reaction from disney land. you can see lights swing. the market evacuated people from new millennial falcon ride and temporarily shut down others
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rides including space mountain. we've seep roads cracking from the earthquake. caltrans is already at work trying to fix them. this was taken friday night where they are trying to patch the gaps wherevr they could. there also have been several lock slides that have sense cleared. governor sues om says the damage could pass hundreds of millions of dollars and aftershocks could cause more damages. abc news 7 louis pena w w w w >> aftershocks breaking roads and cracking buildings. in ridge crest, this dramatic scene. people running out of the laundromat. a young boy carrying a little girl in his arms. >> this is a wakeup call, not for this community, it's a reality for this community but a wakeup for the rest of the state. >> the governor visited and declared a state of emergency
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and requested for president trump to issue an emergency declaration so the state could receive federal aid. >> your daughters at school, sons at camp, you had some consideration you can't just pick up your phone and all reconvene. you think in a worst case scenario we can't talk we're going to this site. >> earthquakes are the price to living in california. geophysic geophysic ficist confirmed. >> the depth about 10 miles. all of those aspects are very, very similar. what could happen on this type event. >> but how prepared are you? >> i feel very unprepared. i don't know when it's coming, what's going to happen. >> the fire chef said having supplies for 72 hours are just some of the essentials. >> the most important feature
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would be drinking water, the very most important thing. a set of gloves, maybe some goggle some nonperishable-type food items. >> so far no deaths or major injuries reported. >> governor newsom mentioned statewide earthquake alert, said it's still in the works and will be ready shortly but did not give specifics on the time line. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. the governor was asked yesterday if he was surprised by the lack of major damage following these two earthquakes compared to the damage after the 1989 loma prieta quake. it killed more than 60 people and knocked out parts of san francisco and oakland. despite that it showed him how some areas can escape damage. >> i remember sitting in the marina district, said the entire bridge collapsed. i was under the city. i assumed the bridge collapsed. i was in the middle of it.
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iconic buildings had buckled, i was walking down the block. i assumed the rest of the city looked like that. i was amazed when i walked the city 99% of it was in good shape. so we're remarkably resilient. for ways you can prepare for an earthquake or any natural disaster, head to the website, look for prepare norcal emergency resources. it's right on our home page. time now 5:07, to our top stories. a man who shot sheriff's deputies say he shot and killed 32-year-old kofi of san francisco. investigators say kofi attacked a security guard and ran down a woman with the guard's truck before he was shot. he shot him three times, remains in critical condition and faces
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criminal charges. the sheriff's department says a video of the stunning events will be released soon. police are making progress into a shooting at the mall which sent terrified shoppers running for cover last week. plays say one of the suspected shooters is in custody along with an accomplice. a second shooter at large. abc 7 reporter cornell barnard has the details. >> reporter: last tuesday the unthinkable at the mall, a shoot-out between teens captured on security cameras. it sent terrified shoppers running for cover. >> i heard four pop, pop, pop, pop. people were yelling, get out of the mall. >> a 16-year-old shooter and 15-year-old accomplice, both the boys were arrested saturday at a home in san francisco. >> diondre gant remains at large. >> police chief barberini says the 18 shooter involved has not been found.
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he's considered to be armed and dangerous. >> we believe this incidegenera between a dispute between two people and the two shooters were shooting at each other. >> police say the dispute was minor but won't say what it was. the two teens wounded in the gunfire. >> associated wallet two groups. >> they were uneasy about returning to tan fran. >> we debated coming but figured so much security, it would probably be okay. >> this woman coming back to support the businesses. >> i'm glad they found who did this. it makes the community a little safer. at least we feel safer. i'm heart broken to think that it's kid. >> the chief has no sympathy for the shooters. >> discouraged a little bit that we see this type of activity from anybody inside a mall but just a complete disregard for public safety. >> reporter: one shooting victim has been released from the hospital, the other in good
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condition. police say both of them have not been completely cooperative with their investigation. still unclear what brought the group to tan fran. cornell barnard, abc 7 news. a man in custody after killing a man he knew in contra costa county. a badly injured man found on the street friday. the victim 29-year-old man died at the scene. b.a.r.t. police detained the suspect erin good at the b.a.r.t. station. contra costa authorities believe he killed him during a dispute and both men knew each other. at least 23 people hurt after an explosion destroyed part of a shopping mall. they believe all victims have been located and taken to the hospital. right now two in critical condition. f
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lauderdale. witnesses described feeling a powerful blast when they saw the damage. >> just in my rearview mirror we felt the loudest boom you could probably possibly feel. i looked in my rearview mirror and it was just a dust cloud and i kept driving. >> investigators suspect the explosion was caused by a gas leak but officials are still looking to confirm that. time now 5:11. meteorologist here tracking the forecast. a slight cooldown compared to yesterday. >> yes. stella beautiful day but we'll notice increasing clouds later this afternoon and stronger on-shore flow. a live shot from the exploratorium camera looking at downtown san francisco. you see those low clouds right now. that will clear this afternoon but i'll let you know what you can skpept fexpect for your hig >> new details, taking a firefighting truck for a joy ride. the last chance for
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new details about a bold crime in east oakland. someone broke into a fire station and actually stole a wagon truck, those rigs often used when fighting wildfires. firefighters don't know how the thief did it. lisa has more on those who called in the theft to police. >> asked what i'm doing here, i'm helping, what you need. no, you're not helping her. so basically she took her own actions and that's when it happened. pulled off in a fire truck. >> she told her niece to dial 911 after she confronted a man sitting inside of this rig. her nephew also saw the suspect. >> he had civilian clothes and he was sagging, too.
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he had regular clothes on. he didn't have the right, proper thing. heooked kind of like he was mental. >> all this happened just moments after a crew left station 23. the place was empty when the suspect got inside the locked building, found the keys to the rig and busted out. >> somehow they hit here, this whole thing bent here. >> after the suspect took off in the rig and tore through the door, it had to be fixed. that's when the station was out of service for nearly four hours. meantime the wagon blowing past drivers on i-08 and this cell phone video. vacaville, some 50 miles from oakland, chp order add spike strip put out. >> looks like the right rear tire is blown. >> eventually slowed down and rolled into a car near the plaza. >> driver door is open. >> the suspect was immediately taken into custody back in oakland. sadness fills the fire station. >> disappointing and a little
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let down this happened to our fire station. we're here for the community and our citizens. i would say a letd weeks to repair, in oakland, abc 7 news. a federal government study looking into an alarming decline of the country's honeybee population has been sidelined because of budget cuts. the usda has suspended data collection for honeybee colony. researchers say it's detrimental because it eliminates an important wave understanding what happened. bee keepers lost 40% of colonies in the last year. an 11-year-old girl hopes someone will return her pet rabbit after it was stolen while being displayed at the marin county fire. someone took them thursday. a fair goer alerted security guards after witnessing the theft. guards searched the fair ground but did not find the rabbit. fair officials say the girl is
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devastated. she had raised snowball since birth. they have made changes to prevent future animal thefts. happening today, it's your last chance to enjoy alameda county fair this summer. it opens at 11:00 in pleasanton. take's event include cooking, demolition. vince neil of motley crue will perform. in san francisco yesterday the sheriff's department hosted a basketball skills clinic at saint ignatius college preparatory. the clinic serve children who currently live in foster care and other young people whose parents are in jail or prison. sheriff hennessy the kids. >> we have people that play in adult leagues, some people coach in different schools in the
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city, so it's great. >> the deputies who organized the clinic hope to hold more like it. time 5:17. this is one competition to take part in if you want to achieve long lasting couple goals. you're looking at grueling obstacle course called wife carrying competition in finland. they do actually what it says. wade through waist high water to finish in one minute and six seconds. despite the name athletes don't have to be married to compete. male contestants can steal a neighbor's wife if they don't have a companion. let's send it over to meteorologist francis -- not lisa, i'm used to saying that. >> that was fun to watch. the satellite image, we're starting to see increasing clouds. that's going to bring cooler temperatures today. you can see that om moisture aloft on the coast and
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drizzle tonight. here is what it looks like. pretty picture, downtown san francisco, we see low clouds there on top of the sales force tower. temperatures in the 50s. san francisco 54, oakland 59, san jose 57. this is a shot of walnut creek. some of those heat index are going to start creeping in and pushing through the bay area this afternoon. santa rosa is one of the cooler spots at 52 as well as petaluma at 51 degrees. as we take a look at the winds, they are pretty gusty in the hills right now. anywhere from 25 miles per hour to 26 in mount diablo. still calm at the surface but winds will pick up with onshore gradient. it will be breezy at the coast throughout the day. another live shot in san rafael. beautiful heat index moving through. this is all due to a system to 's going to our north by tremedi da and ow. temperaturesro tomoow.
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not too much tomorrow. that stronger sea breeze again brings us cooler temperatures. in fact, it's so strong overnight we'll see fog develop, even patchy drizzle for tomorrow morning. then we have a warming trend tuesday in through friday. here are the wind gusts this afternoon. pretty breezy especially along the coast, near 30 miles an hour in san francisco. also gusting 18 to 20 miles per hour this afternoon. then temperatures today, you'll notice they are going to be cooler compared to yesterday. so if you like it a little bit milder, you can expect more comfortable numbers in san jose, 77, morgan hill 80, santa cruz 70 with those clouds sticking to the coast. that's going to keep temperatures on the cool side. half moon bay 59, low 70s through redwood city down through mountain view. san francisco grab a jacket, especially if you're headed to the golden gate bridge. sunset . cooler than average warming up to low 60s this afternoon. it will be mild in parts of the north bay, 80 pet petaluma, mid
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to upper 80s in sonoma and napaa 66 in berkeley, 67 in oakland, warming to 75 in fremont. we saw some 90s yesterday in the inland areas. today will climb into the mid-80s, even some 70s, 77 in pleasanton for the last day of the alameda county fair. so the fog pushes in overnight. we could see make drizzle early tomorrow morning. temperatures will mainly be in the 50s. here is your accuweather seven-day forecast. so a cooler afternoon today. temperatures continue to dip a little bit more tomorrow. we'll be below average once again and then we have a warming trend tuesday, wednesday, thursday temperatures rising near 90 by friday. plenty of sunshine. kidsoolheea thenorexkeing ke a littl cng or a touch cooler. >> a wide temperature spread depending where you are in the bay area. >> definitely. >> thank you. inspiring stories in a weekly
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digital series called "more in common." this week, should you get married surrounded by sharks? ocean ramsey did and now she's teaming up with a shark attack survivor to save prehistoric creatures and the oceans they live in. >> i remember brushing my fingertips on the water that morning. subpoenas i made that motion, a large tiger shark came up underneath me and grabbed onto me. i woke up an amputee. >> i'm a photographer and shark advocate. >> nothing like the presence of a shark. 450 years of evolutionary perfection. i couldn't imagine something more beautiful. alo who, i'm ocean ramsey. a lot of people don't care they are being killed because people are afraid of them, they don't have cute, cuddly appearance. >> we're off the coast of hawaii where these braves divers are jumping in.
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new this morning disney channel camera cameron boyce has died. he died from a seizure from an ongoing medical condition. boyce was known for his roles in descendants and "jesse." he was just 20 years old. disney is the parent company of abc 7. stevie wonder announced he would be getting a kidney in the fall. he announced in england. he'll do three more shoes and undergo the surgery in september. he told fans he didn't want them to hear rumors after recent
5:26 am
reports of health issues. he says he has a donor and, quote, it's all good. a big die at windsor castle as baby it's usually a photo-op but archie was on the quiet side. >> unlike his cousins with a role on the world stage, it's not expected he will be on the world stage. although his parents are, not expected he will be. >> he wore a replica of the same christening gown as harry. the queen did not make it to the event. the oldest woman in the united states celebrated her 114th birthday. friends and family gathered for a party in harlem, new york, to bring in ano life. despite oldest in the country,
5:27 am
she's 6th oldest in the world. her family attribute it to her faith in god. >> it's wonderful. i'm glad she's here and pretty much the right mind. we hold conversations, laugh, have fun. >> for a little perspective, she was born when teddy roosevelt was president. that's seven years before the "titanic" sank and nine years before the start of world war i. still to come on abc 7 mornings rebuilding after a magnitude 7.1 earthquake. a look at some of the most terrifying experiences in ridge crest. plus a big announcement. the major milestone
5:28 am
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good morning and thanks so much for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. mild conditions to start the day but there are changes on the way. francis lawson with a preview of
5:30 am
the forecast. >> hi. those changes due to an area of high pressure to the north that need to sweep through, bring increasing clouds and temperatures. we could see drizzle overpass and through tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 50s. san francisco 54 and oakland currently at 59. here is the 12-hour day planner. we have low clouds and heat index moving through. the 7:00 hour temperatures in the 50s. by lunch time we'll start to warm up in the 70s for inland areas. this afternoon we won't hit the 90s for inland areas, just the mid-80s around the bay, pretty comfortable on the mild side in the upper, low 70s. at the coast we're going to keep it cool with breezy conditions. temperatures in the upper 50s. chris. >> francis, thank you. this morning dozens are waking up in shelters following a magnitude 7.1 earthquake. friday's quake was so strong it was felt in some places in the
5:31 am
bay area. to give you an idea, rinl crest is about a seven hour drive from san francisco. in ridgecrest with how people are beginning the road to recovery. >> many people are coping by cleaning up and getting back to normal. this market is one place there is one place in this market that is a good reminder of what happened. racing for safety, this new video shows the moment inside a ridgecrest laundromat frantically running outside the door during an earthquake. a little boy inside seen picking up a little girl and carrying her in his arms. seconds later parts of the ceiling collapsed. it captured a cry from a selma native. we show with her about the frightening experience. >> i never had that before. twa us a hard, hard shake. >> the damage even took a toll on highway 178.
5:32 am
parts of the roadway during the day buckled again after the quake. as crews patched the crack, i was nearby on facebook live showcasing their work, that's when a 4.4 magnitude aftershock rattled the ground. >> oh, my gosh. it's moving. it's moving. it's moving. >> things are starting to move up in trona. the small town in the dark for nearly eight hours and nearly 50 struck yours were damaged by the quake. now power has been restored, the only challenge is no running water. >> it was hectic. everything was moving. the walls were moving. never seen something like that. >> back in ridgecrest cleanup efforts under way in the market for the second time in three days. >> i know how much the store means to my dad. i knew it had such a profound impact on him. that got me devastated. >> however, out of town family members are stepping in to help. >> drive here, try to help. it's going to be very difficult to start. but some -- two hands better
5:33 am
than one hand. >> unfortunately the owner says he does not have earthquake insurance. as you can imagine, he's taking quite the hit financially from all the damage he's experienced over the last couple of days. he does say, though, he is relying on his faith just to get him through the hard time ridge7 news. celebrity chef jose andres sent his team to serve to earthquake victims staying in red cross shelters. organizers with world central kitchen say tlsh close to 400 people in shelters. last night's dinner included a salad and roasted chicken over rice. the group provided first responders with meals. this isn't new for andres organization. world central kitchen also responded after natural disasters in haiti and puerto rico. we've been sending push alerts like this one as the situation in ridgecrest and the surrounding area develops. if you want alerts like this in the future, the abc 7 news app is free. be sure to enable notifications.
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new this morning iran announced new reductions to its nuclear commitments giving the world a 60-day window. according to an iranian spokesperson in tehran, iran will cross the uranium enrichment cap today. this marks the end deadline. u.s. backed out but condemned actions. iran's foreign minister says it still wishes to uphold the deal and wants another 60 days. a billionaire investigator who mingled with bill clinton, prince andrew has been arrested on sex trafficking charges. allegations against manhattan hedge fund manager jeffrey epstein date back to t the 2000. he's already a sex offender stemming from a florida case where he pleaded guilty for soliciting a younger person for prosecution. he spent 13 months in jail.
5:35 am
he's expected in manhattan court tomorrow on the latest allegations. former vice president joe biden is once again apologizing for comments he made about working with segregationalist during his time in the u.s. senate. the democratic presidential helpful delivered the apology on the campaign trail yesterday and in south carol his views had evolved. biden also defended his record will fighting for civil rights and racial justice in america. >> now, was i wrong a few weeks ago to somehow give the impression to people that i was praising those men who i successfully opposed time and aga again? yes, i was. i regret it. i'm sorry for any of the pain or misconception they may have caused anybody. >> california senator and democratic presidential candidate kamala harris pounced on biden's situation on the debate stage saying his positions were out of touch. coming up on "this week"
5:36 am
acting department of homeland security secretary will talk about the humanitarian crisis at the border and future immigration policy. you can watch the full interview with george stephanopoulos. a new community offering hope to the home less. we take a tour inside the newest tough shed community in oakland. first as we head to break, a look outside from mount tam camera as the sun gets ready to rise on the beautiful sunday morning. a
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we tell you every day that abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area and we do stories that back up that claim. the issue of homelessness is one that we focus on because it affects all nine bay area counties. oakland is working on a solution making villages of tuff sheds to house the homeless. it built the first in 2018. sky7 flew over the latest community near interstate 580. abc reporter wayne freedman i o spoke to people who called places like these a home. >> reporter: you might call it a social experiment, a row of cabins. not prime real estate but postal worker will take it after all she's been through. >> it is noisy but beats having to be out there on the streets in a tent. >> reporter: hence the problem that has led to a solution. in the caltrans maintenance yard near 808 freeway, the opening of
5:40 am
another community cabin site as alternative to homeless camps. >> this community is voluntary. we cannot force anyone to move in here. however if they decline the invitation, we will have them move outside of the area. >> there was a the mayor, fighting noise and dust and pointing to units that will provide housing for 76 people living in nearby streets. oakland's director of services says programs like this have been working in cities like portland to seattle. >> i talked to people who said i could never have gone from a tent into a housing unit. i needed this interim step. >> it looks like a tuff shed with window and bed. when new residents move in tomorrow they will have signed six-month contracts and won't be time spent idly. >> we provide wrap around services, mental health, jobs.
5:41 am
>> people aren't healthy without shelter. we are in the wealthiest region in the world. >> reporter: in oakland tonight roughly 3,000 people will sleep on the streets. carmen a randallson is grateful she's no longer one of them. >> when you look back on this 10 or 15 years from now, will it be a good memory or a bad memory. >> a good memory. something good come out of it. so that's a good thing. >> in oakland, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> every county in the bay area has released updated data on the homeless from this year's homeless census. we've mapped out each county and percent change since last census was taken in 2017. in the east bay alameda, contra costa increases of 43%. wow. santa clara's homeless population, santa clara county's homeless population rose by almost a third. it's closed to 10,000 people
5:42 am
total. san mateo saw a double digit percentage increase. only two counties saw the homeless population go down, marin and solano. you can gig into the data where you live online. we have information about nine counties and numbers that go back a decade. go to and search homeless census to find it. >> time 5:42, a lot goingoon. francis is here tracking accuweather forecast. >> cool, in the 60s. grab a jacket if you are heading to fillmore festival. looking out at mount diablo, you see clouds cascading over hills. you see clouds, cooler temperatures. i'll have yours coming up. only two innings after getting
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that leave therea lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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welcome back, everyone. time right now is 5:44. we're taking a live look outside from a very quiet golden gate bridge. you can see cloud cover. a slight breeze as the flag is flapping a little bit to the right side of the screen. francis dinglasan with the workweek coming up. klay thompson celebrating the release of his latest shoe showcasing his love of newspapers. here is a look at the shoe covered in newspaper clippings about some of thompson's biggest performances. we've seen long lines for steph curry's shoes and we could see the same in oakland for these. the first 150 people at the oaklandish store in downtown oakland get the opportunity to buy the shoes for $180. they also get a subscription to "east bay times." the event starts at 11: a.m. in sports giants and a's looking to close out first half of the season before the win with the
5:46 am
all-star team. giants take on cardinals at or cal park, a's battle mariners, first pitch there 1:10. giants pitcher madison baumgartner left last nighted game early after taking a line drive off his pitching arm. anthony flores with more in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everyone. madison sbaubaumgartner had his shortest outing of the season. after a line drive on his pitching arm. happened with the second batter of the game. jose heartes with a come-backer, would be safe at first. baumgartner would be checked out and stayed in the game. you can see the damage. cards would get the run, an rbi. two innings, one on fourth, two strikeouts. spaces are negative but a bruised elbow. if he stayed, he would have gotten run support.
5:47 am
joe pops up, should have been an out. tyler o'neil misplays it. the grand slam, 5-1 giants, seventh inning. runners on base for pablo sandoval. he gets it over the fence. that's his 11th of the year. the giants win it 8-4. a's and mariners in seattle with the fans feeling really good. oakland led 1-0 in the third. matt olsen doubles with solo bomb, his 18th of the season, 2-0 athletics. but the wheels came off in the fourth. daniel crushes this off chris bassett. that's a two-run shot, ties it. two batters later, kyle hits another two-run homer. the mariners take 4-2 lead. bassett gives up six runs on seven hits 4 1/3 innings he would take the loss after bases loaded loss in the fifth create
5:48 am
5d-2. how about this. pop-up in foul territory, a great diving catch, a run scores on sac fly, mariners go on to win 6-3. for someone who doesn't say much kawhi leonard has everyone talking. friday night he sent shock waves through the league, clippers over raptors. the finals nba mvp agreed to a max wh the clippers. this came as a shock to many. leonard chose clippers over joining lakers with lebron james and anthony davis. he also decided not to resign with the raptors, the team he just led to their first nba championship. once kawhi announced his decision, nba dominos started to fall in place. cousins a one-year free agent contract with lakers. a reported $3.5 million deal. way less than $5.3 million
5:49 am
contract he signed last year to play with the warriors. with the lakers cousins will be reunited with former teammate anthony davis. to the pitch, earthquakes hosting real salt lake. 15 minutes no score. a deep shot. look at this, knocked away by daniel vega, five saves in the match. second half stoppage time. when it looked like a scoreless draw. danny will redirect it, fourth goal of the season and quakes win it 1-0. that's a look at your morning sports. i'm anthony flores. have a great sunday. happening today the united states women's national team is one match away from being crowned world cup champion. u.s. met england last week in epic semifinal showdown to announce the finals against netherlands. rapinoe said she's ready to play after a hamstring strain. they hope t s title and fouh ov. the match starts at 8:00 this
5:50 am
morning. 5:49, to francis with the forecast. good morning to you. >> good morning. if you're heading to watch parties today, you'll need to grab a jacket. it's getting cloudy and also cooler. you can see with live doppler 7 satellite image, shrouds moving through. doppler picking up moisture off the coast. we could see drizzle tomorrow morning. a live shot as we look towards the tower and gray skies over san francisco. low clouds at the coast, heat index moving through. san francisco 54, oakland 59, san jose 57 and morgan hill 53. check out this shot in the east bay looking towards mount diablo. we have heat index moving through as well today. temperatures are going to be cooler compared to yesterday. right now some of the cool spots are in the north bay. santa rosa 52, concord 58 degrees. also pretty gusty at the hills right now.
5:51 am
we have gusts up to 29 miles per hour over mount diablo. it's calm at the surface but winds will pick up especially at the beaches this afternoon. this is a pretty shot as well from mount tam looking out south there. we see more clouds. so partly cloudy conditions today. this on-shore flow is also going to bring us cooler temperatures that will continue to drop tomorrow as well. and with this stronger sea breeze, we could see this onshore push bring us patchy drizzle overnight into tomorrow morning. after that we've got a warming trend tuesday through friday. so here are the temperatures. you can expect it to be pretty mild in parts of thth bay. san jose 77, santa cruz 70 degrees. look for low 70s on the lower part of the peninsula. at the coast and at the beaches only getting upper 50s today with the clouds sticking around throughout the day. in fact, san francisco will be pretty breezy and cool, sunset district only 60 degrees. 63 downtown daly city 59 degrees. more sunshine in the north bay with temperatures coming up into the low 80s through petaluma,
5:52 am
santa rosa 82, breezy as well through the delta, mid-70s through parts of sonoma and napa. look for mid-60s from richmond to mid-70s as we head farther south along the east bay. 71 in hayward. inland areas hitting the mid-80s today. they are coming down from the 90s yesterday. look for 77 in pleasanton and walnut creek 79 degrees. now, the clouds will start to push in along the coast and the fog as well. this evening and overnight. so we could see some drizzle, some possibly measurable precipitation along the coast. san francisco dropping to 53. san jose 56. here is accuweather seven-day forecast. so we've got a cooler afternoon today. temperatures drop a little bit more tomorrow as well. we'll be below average once again. the warming trend starts on tuesday. plenty of sunshine, milder on wednesday. thursday temperatures are rising. then friday inland temperatures hit the low 90s around the bay.
5:53 am
upper 70s and at the coast warming into the mid-60s. looks like we'll be slightly cooler into next weekend but very comfortable and mild. cool weather towards the end of the week. i hope you enjoy the last day of the fourth of july weekend. >> not too bad. francis, thank you. next pandemonium at the zoo in taiwan. the big birthday this not so little cub is celebrating. lwho's armed with researchal hand finally ready to roll.t. we do it right, too. with huge savings on the brands you want.
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so, happy hunting. covergirl has created trublend matte made foundation. it's transfer resistant, so it stays on you. and nothing else. new trublend matte made foundation, in 40 shades. from covergirl.
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welcome back, everyone. here are winning numbers from last night's $165 million powerball drawing. 4, 8, 23, 46, 65, the powerball number 1. nobody picked all six. wednesday night's jackpot goes up to $180 million. the winning numbers from last night's $59 million superlotto plus drawing 3, 22, 28, 35, 46,,
5:56 am
mega number 16. no one picked all six in that drawing either. wednesday night's prize increases to $60 million. a giant panda celebrated its sixth birthday at taipei zoo in taiwan. got to mumplg on a special birthday cake made of ice and decorated with fruits and carrots. he's the only child given to the zoo in 2008. the zoo has been working since 2015 to help the pair conceive again. so far no new brothers or sisters. up next, governor newsom declares a state of emergency following the massive 7.1 earthquake. a look at the damage and whether it's a sign of mo are to come. plus a man breaks into a fire station and takes a company truck on a ride. video of the daring theft and video of the daring theft and what witnesses had to say co
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good morning, it's sunday july 7, i'm chris nguyen. we're looking ahead to pleasant weekend across the bay area. here is meteorologist francis dinglasan with the forecast. hi, francis >> hi, everyone. we have increasing clouds to the north. you can see it here with live doppler 7 and satellite image. on-shore flow will bring cooler temperatures. pretty live shot, with sunrise a few minutes


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