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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 6, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪ now, news to build a better bay area, from abc >> it sounds like a freight train. that is last night's 7.1 magnitude earthquakeoaring near los angeles. some 140 miles' way from the quake's epicenter. it was near ridge crest in kern county. that was part of a powerful
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jolts since thursday. as people clean up, they are bracing for the next big one. the quake is blamed for causing at least three fires, likely due to gas line breaks. the ridgecrest police chief says dispatch lost communication during the quake but it's now back up and running, just under 160 people are staying in temporary shelters, and the china lake naval air station was closed to assess the damage. donya baucus begins with the latest look at the impact. >> reporter: yes, and friday's earthquake was longer and stronger than the one before. experts say there've already been more than 4500 aftershocks, leaving many to fear that the shaking isn't over yet. >> evacuate! >> reporter: the magnitude 7.1 earthquake rocking southern california. >> this has been a traumatic experience for this, not only me but for this entire area here
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that we've experienced of never experienced anything like this before. >> reporter: the violent shaking sending chandeliers swinging, throwing water out of pools, sparking fires and causing rock slides that practically blocked this highway. >> when the earthquake happened, i was in bed, so i just got in my bathroom doorway, and then i ran out here, and i just saw all the devastation. but yeah, you just heard racket, noise, things falling. >> reporter: this trailer swaying dangerously close to a 2-year-old boy. >> get up, get up. >> you see my son coming around the trailer, and it's like, there's nothing, nothing left. i just want to get him. >> reporter: the epicenter from friday's 7.1 quake just 11 miles from thursday's 6.4. some so shaken many are spending the night outdoors. >> the kids don't feel safe. my wife doesn't feel safe inside. and just to get a little more comfortable for them. so i plan out this camp out over here.
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>> reporter: experts warn there's a decent chance o powerful quakes still to come. >> probability might hit 6 is 27%. so we're likely to see maybe one or two of those in the next week. >> reporter: and governor gavin newsom is in ridgecrest this afternoon. he is touring the damage done. he's also asking the president for federal assistance. officials say they are very surprised that there has been no major, significant damage and injuries because of an earthquake of this magnitude. reporting flief reporting live, donya backes. >> as she mentioned, governor newsom toured ravaged areas. >> california's committed to this region and california's committed, in closing, to do
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more to raise consciousness and awareness around the fact that our beauty, california's extraordinary beauty, is defined in many respects by seismology. >> a rock slide blocked state highway 178 in the kern river canyon. the highway patrol's bakersfield office tweeted this picture. it appears some people tried to remove some of the rocks from the traffic lanes. highway 178 has since reopened. our sister station has been in ridge crest. we get a better sense of the impact. cory, question number one, how are the people reacting today? what's their mood? >> reporter: the mood for the most part is pretty lively, surprisingly, though. you think about this. this is what, the second earthquake in a matter of three days. a lot of damage, a lot of destruction to several communities here. but for the most part we've gone out to different parts of ridgecrest. we went to a grocery store.
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you would think it was thanksgiving the number of people standing in line, wrapped around different aisles. all of them seemed to have a smile on their face, many talking to folks standing in line with them. we also witnessed a guy yesterday when he was at the american red cross, a local chef here in town. stopped by the red cross. the shelter, to see if he could just drop off some food for some of the folks who were there. there weren't any people there at the time, but it just shows you the kindness, the way that people in the community are trying to come together to help each other. and they've got places like this, if you can turn to your left here, this is a market, you can't tell now, but earlier today, wine bottles everywhere. they've been mopping the floor, at least the last couple hours. they've removed a lot of the damage on the ground. many of those glasses, those alcohol bottles and wine bottles slammed on the floor, created quite the mess, but the owner here, actually has a number of his family members from corona
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in town just to help him clean up his business. as you can see, people in many different aspects are trying to step in to help each other. the mood very positive. a lot of folks just wanting to help those in their community. >> reporter cory james from our sist sister station in fresno. thank you so much for the report there. another city impacted is the small town of trona in san bernardino county. we're hearing more about that and we'll tell you more about that coming up. >> oh, my god, it's still going. >> a big one. >> oh, my god. >> the quake shook the big apple coaster at the new york, new york hotel in las vegas 150 miles away from ridgecrest. yesterday's quake also forced the cancellation of two nba summer league games because of a large overhead score board at the venue. there are also reports the earthquake was felt as far north as antioch. and there have been hundreds of aftershocks since yesterday's earthquake. abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma has been tracking them, and
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still a lot of seismic activity, drew. >> yeah, there is a lot, eric. we'll take you back over the last 24 hours. of course that magnitude 7.1 happening shortly after 8:00 last night. but watch what happened as we she you t show you the last 24 hours. look how much activity in the ridgecrest area. hundreds of reported earthquakes. 1,254 from this vantage point alone. a lot of these are on the magnitude of 2 or 3, so they can be hard it to feel, but some arn the magnitude of 4 or5, which you can certainly feel. but the scale is logorhythmic. we compare the 7.1 to the napa a quake of 2014, which is a 6.0, that was 44 times stronger, the one that just happened in ridgecrest, eric, than the napa
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quake in 2014. seismologists say these quakes will likely occur for the next few weeks around the ridge crest area. >> and some of them can be very strong. >> yeah. >> all right, drew, thank you very much. for ways you can prepare for an earthquake or any natural disaster, head to our website, abc 7 look for the prepare nor cal emergency resources. right there on our home page. other news now. new developments in the shootout at the mall last week. one of the suspected shooters is in custody. a second shooter is still on the run. cornell bernard is live in san bruno. shocking how young these suspects are. >> reporter: yeah, eric. the suspects just teenagers. one of them facing attempted murder charges for a shootout which played out inside this mall. >> i'm glad they finally, think caught them. >> it's great. i hope they get the other one. >> reporter: shoppers at the mall relieved to hear one of the shooting suspects has been arrested. last tuesday a shootout between two groups of teens captured on
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mall security cameras. it sent terrified shoppers running for cover. san bruno police say a 16 year old suspected shooter and 15-year-old accomplice, both of them boys, were arrested saturday at a home in san francisco. the police chief says 18-year-old dionte grant has not been found. he's considered to be armed and dangerous. >> we believe this incident generated from a dispute between two groups of people and the two shooters were shooting at each other. >> reporter: they say the dispute was minor but won't say what it was. >> the victims were associated with two groups. >> reporter: some shoppers we found were uneasy about returning. >> we were debating on even coming to tan fran, but we figured there was so much security here that it would probably be okay. >> reporter: kathy pacheco is coming back to support mall businesses. >> i'm glad they found who did this. it makes the community a little
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bit safer. at least we feel safer. i am heart broken to think that it's kids. >> reporter: but chief barberini has no sympathy for the shooters. >> i think they're old enough to know better. >> reporter: one shooting victim has been released from the hospital, the other listed in good condition. both of them have not been completely cooperative with the investigation. it's still unclear what brought the group to tan fran last tuesday. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. in an instant, an explosion leveled a florida mall. >> i looked in my rear view mirror, and it was just a dust cloud. >> coming up, a witness describes the moment when the blast tore apart the mall. and then, hoops and hope. a first of its kind basketball
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it'it's crepe dayday for a family traditiony's. we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home
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with free denny's delivery. see you at at least 21 people were hurt after an explosion okay lit rated a shopping mall in florida, the damage extensive. firefighters searched debris twice. they believe all victims have been located and taken to hospital. two are in critical condition. the mall is in plantation near ft. lauderdale. witnesses describe feeling a powerful blast then saw the damage. >> looked in the rear view mirror, felt the loudest boom that you could probably possibly feel, and i looked in my rear view mirror, and it was just a dust cloud. and i just kept driving. >> investigators suspect the explosion was caused by a gas leak but officials are still trying to confirm that. a man in a stolen oakland fire engine today took officers
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on a chase across three bay area counties. the video on twitter captured the small engine driving along interstate 80. police used a spike strip to deflate the fires when he got to vacaville and captured the suspected thief. it was stolen from oakland fire station 23 when the crew was responding to an emergency. if were you near san francisco's fillmore district today, chances are you heard it. ♪ the sounds of the fillmore jazz festival filled the air, offered up with a size of some seriously good food. highlights ahead. i'm meteorologist drew tuma. we made it into the 80s and 90s this afternoon in the warmest
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abc 7 was in san francisco, that's where the sheriff's department hosted a basketball
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skills clinic. today's clinic served children who currently live in foster care and other young people whose parents are serving sentences in jail or prison. >> i'm so impressed at the level of skill and ability i see. >> there's a lot of people who actually played college basketball. we have some players that can still play in leagues. so it's great. >> the deputies who organized the clinic hope to hold more just like it. ♪ how about a little latin jazz there? the sound of jazz filled the air in san francisco. abc 7 news was on fillmore street for the opening day of the fillmore jazz festival. this is the 36th year of the event. organizers tell us it's the largest free jazz festival on the west coast. and in case you missed it today, the fillmore jazz festival continues tomorrow from 10:00 in the morning until 6:00 in the evening. the festival covers 12 blocks
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between eddie and johnson streets. it looks like a beautiful day to attend that event. >> a nice start to the weekend, but as we head into the second half tomorrow, you'll find cooler air, more in the way of cloud cover, and those temperatures are going to stay cool for july standards for several days. here we go again. live doppler 7 along with satellite showing you high clouds, but a really nice picture as we take to the exploratorium camera, baby blue skies. plenty of sunshine. a nice afternoon and evening on the way. numbers right now, you can see in the warmest spots, 88 in concord, 81 in santa rosa. much cooler in the city with the sea breeze, 63. near 70 in oakland and san jose with a temperature of 76 degrees. overnight mainly clear skies right now. we'll see fog gather along the coastline once again, could even have coastal drizzle early tomorrow morning.
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otherwise, mainly clear skies and temperatures in the mid and upper 50s over the next 12 hours. live doppler 7 along with satellite has some morning fog. there you see high, thin cirrus clouds. the wider picture, we've been stuck in this pattern for a couple weeks. another area of low pressure off the pacific northwest is going to dive south and bring in not only some cooler air again in the afternoon but also an increase in cloud cover to start out the day. so we'll break down your 12-hour day planner. tomorrow, with a mainly cloudy start in the morning, close to the coast and patchy cloud cover for many of us away from the coast. the cloud cover will be a little slower to break down and clear back to the coastline. that's going to slow the warming process tomorrow. by the afternoon, it's a cooler end to the weekend with temperatures in the 70s and low 80s. highs in the
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menlo park stuck in the fog in half moon bay. breezy and cooler at 59. downtown san francisco, 62, cloudier and cooler in daley city at 59. 80 in petaluma. 73 in vallejo. 67 in oakland, 75 union city. the same in fremont. 76 in san ramon. no 90s in the inland east bay tomorrow. it is a cooler afternoon, compared to today. and then those numbers just continue to sink a bit. it's below a and cool for july, but monday and tuesday, little milder on wednesday, and then we'll bounce back by thursday and friday. sunshine, warm weather with our hottest spots going back into the lower 90s. even though it's cooler, a nice finish to the weekend. >> i like cooler. thank you very much. anthony flores is here with
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sports. >> a lot of nba fans woke up saying what happened? >> yeah, right. >> kawhi leonard finally chooses the clippers. who's joining the mvp in los angeles and what the deal mea
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now sports from abc 7 news. the balance of power in the nba has shifted so attornsouthe california. the two-time nba finals mvp has
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agreed to a four-year, $142 million max deal. this came as a shock to many, because some reports were saying the clippers were out of the kawhi leonard sweepstakes. oh, how wrong they were. leonard chose the clippers over joining the lakers with lebron james and anthony davis. he also decided not to re-sign with the raptors, the team he just led to their first nba championship. now joining kawhi in los angeles will be paul george. the clippers got george after he pushed the oklahoma city thunder to be traded. reports say leonard recruited george to the clippers after kevin durant turned him down. now in return, the thunder are getting two players and a record five, that's right, five, first-round draft picks. so what does this mean for russell westbrook before the thunder traded george to the clippers, they tried to move george and westbrook to toronto, but the raptors said, eh, no thanks. now westbrook and the thunder are trying to figure out what's
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the next step for his career. the thunder could be looking to unload westbrook from his four-year, $170 million contract. now once kawhi announced his decision, the nba dominoes started to fall into place. cousins has agreed to a contract with the lakers, a reported $3.5 million deal. that's less than the $5.3 million he signed last year to play with the warriors. queen cook is going to get a chance to play, maybe even start after signing a free agent deal with the lakers. this is a reported two-year, $6 million deal. he averaged 7 points and shot 30% from three-point range with the warriors. they also signed green. a huge scare for the pelicans and nba. number one park zion williamson went down with a knee injury in a summer league debut last night. it was only a bruise, but it was
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enough to end his night, and it will keep him out of the rest of the summer league. it happened in the second half when his left knee hit the knee of a knicks player. the pelicans say he's fine, and they're just keeping him out just to be safe. women's world cup, bronze medal game england and sweden, sophia jacobsson goes up 2-0. england comes back, ellen white with seventh goal, but wait. video review shows she touched with her arm. no goal, still 2-1. 90th minute, england with another glorious chance to tie, but fisher stops the for-sure goal with her head. sweden wins the bronze medal. 2-1 the final. the 106th tour de france opened today with the 120-mile stage to the city of brussels. defending champion thomas was involved in a wreck but would get up and complete the stage. he says he's fine.
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happening now, a north bay minor league baseball league is hoping to save the life of a a a
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rafael teenager. he's got a rare form of leukemia. the team hopes the story will inspire fans to step up to the plate and tonight the breaking news as we come on. a massive explosion at a shopping center. more than 20 people injured. shock waves felt a mile away. gas shut off to the entire area. firefighters digging through mounds of debris for survivors and the cause of the blast. also breaking, more quakes. a 7.1 rocking southern california. >> get under the table. >> [ bleep ]. >> oh, my god. >> anxiety spiking. 4,800 aftershocks. fires and rockslides. the new warning tonight. in politics, biden on defense. for the first time the democratic front runner apologizing about his comments on segregationists as president trump sharpens his attack on the former vice presiden


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