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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 3, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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amy hollyfield is live at the scene. >> reporter: still no arrests have been made. police do not think these were random shootings. they do think that they were targeted. the shooting was reported near the salon and t-mobile around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. two people were shot. they were juveniled and taken to the hospital. shoppers describe a chaotic scene as people ran to get away while others sheltered in place. >> people were just running, just countless people running full speed ahead. it looked like a race. a marathon. >> our manager decided to lockdown the store and we grabbed people and we're coming into the store from the left side of the mall and my manager was pulling people in and right when we got our last person in who was a young boy, we locked the doors and turned off the lights. >> police search the mall but
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say the suspects may have jumped on a b.a.r.t. train and gotten out of the area. they did lockdown the parking lot and the mall. today they will help people retrieve anything left in the mall or get cars out of the parking lot. the mall is scheduled to open at 10:00 this morning as usual. reporting live in san bruno, amy hollyfield. >> abc7 news. >> when people arrived they had to wait hours to get into the garage. the station closure forced riders to take a bus bridge from other stations. the aftermath in crowds heading home after work made for a chaotic commute. service was back on just after 8:00 and b.a.r.t. will not issue tickets to drivers who left their cars at the garage overnight. the investigation led to police swarming the 12th street b.a.r.t. station. officers said a gun was found there but that was not correct.
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police say they had a credible lead that the suspect was traveling toward oakland and a description of the suspect so they knew who they were looking for because of the ongoing investigation they are not sharing the details. jut to be clear, no weapon was found at any b.a.r.t. station and no arrests have been made. san bruno is less than 50,000 people and that is the second time than a year the city has seen a major shooting. last april someone shot and injured people on a google campus and then killed herself. she had threatened youtube because of changes she thought were decreasing her video viewers and her ability to make money. we're able to notify you of the tanforan shooting through our news app. make sure you enable push alerts. if you are just joining us, let's get a check of traffic and weather with mike nicco. >> santa rosa on the cool end
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with 49 in palo alto. most of us in the mid to upper 60s and 63 in brentwood. like this time yesterday. just more cloud cover and mist along the coast. it is breezy along the coast and thin out the cloud cover and mid 60 frs half moon bay to san francisco. the sunshine is 72 in santa cruz. low to mid-70s around the bay for the most part and the low to mid-80s in the east bay valley and mid-80s in the north bay and low 80s toward morgan hill. so that is a look at the forecast for today. i do have changes coming toward the weekend. those are next. here aalexis. >> good morning, we're looking at a nice quiet start. i do hope or expect that we'll be light here today with the holiday tomorrow. it just seems like more and more folks are off for an extended weekend. so looking live at the san mateo bridge, 72 light volume and no incident as long that route. and we'll take a quick look at drive times. westbound 80, highway 4 to the
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maze in the green at 16 minutes, about a 10 minute drive across the bay bridge and no sign of the metering lights yet, that should be 5:20 or later and sfo in the green at 10 minutes. >> now to the crisis at the border. the overcrowded and squalor conditions in migrant centers are more widespread than first thought. >> this is according to a brand-new watchdog report from homeland security. critics call it a ticking time bomb. mona kosar joins us live from washington with more. good morning. >> reporter: and those conditions sparked protests around the country and protests want to put pressure on congress to address the immigration issue but the immigration battle between the white house and house democrats continues to heat up. thousands of protesters taking to the streets of major cities across the country. the nationwide movement comes after recent accounts of
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inhumane and unsafe conditions and migrant border facilities. >> we need emergency action. >> reporter: democratic lawmakers recounting stories of migrants sleeping on concrete floors and rooms without running water after a visit to two facilities on monday. a congresswoman on cnn sharing her experience. >> i asked the doctor at that cbp facility, did he think this is a public health violation. >> reporter: and this morning the department ofless inspector general is warning of crowding, showing adults packed into standing-room only cells for up to a week. dhs saying they treat them with the utmost dignity and respect as a federal judge blocked the trump administration policy to keep asylum-seekers detained pending cases finding it unconstitutional for a bond hearing. and trump is doubling his crackdown on illegal
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immigration. >> and abc news has confirmed that i.c.e. officials have began issuing fines of up to $500,000 to undocumented migrants who don't comply with deportation orders. live in washington, abc news. the printing process for next year's census is underway and it will not include that controversial question about citizenship. a justice department official confirms the 2020 census is without that question. the action comes days after the u.s. supreme court blocked the census bureau from adding it. critics say a citizenship question would discourage minority groups from taking part in the count. the suspected gang member accused of murdering the son of an oakland city council member will be in court next month after the arraignment was postponed. los angeles police say the 23-year-old suspect gunned down victor mcelhaney where he was a student. we spoke with his mother shortly
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after word of the arrest came down. she said the arrest is a small step forward. >> families never have the satisfaction of knowing what happened to their loved ones. this is the next step in a very long road to whatever the final resolution will be. >> well the charges against suspect ivan hernandez make him hellithible for the death penalty. an elderly woman has minor injuries after she was robbed at her san jose house. terica jones forced an 80-year-old woman into her closet after stealing her jewelry and when the suspect standing outside pushed her back in and then robbed her. he ran away but an officer found him and arrested him. jones facing robbery, kidnapping and elder abuse charges. a set back for the scooter companies. the big loss at the state capitol in sacramento. >> fireworks a fourth of july tradition but you have to look hard to find them legally in the bay area. and facebook stopping plans
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for cryptocurrency and some members of congress say it is too risky. >> it is 4:37 and you're never more than minutes away from your accuweather motorcycle. >> let's look at temperatures. like yesterday, 52 degrees. 55 for the warmest spot until you get to lake merced and 56. yesterday the warm spot was 57. so we're the same. now we do have mid to up 50ers down both sides of the bay shore and into the south bay. into the east bay until pittsburg at 62 and tracy is cooler at 59 and good morning, american candy, you're at 55. part of your commute across the bay bridge, the western span looking busy already. misty at the coast. that is your only issue driving besides needing the sunglasses. cool to warm mass transit and another small craft advisory south of the bay bridge. east bay is 56 at 7:00, mostly cloudy. but then we see increasing sunshine heading up to noon and 70 degrees and hang out in the upper 70s during the afternoon
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hours. down to a comfortable 68 by 7:00. for the peninsula, we'll shed the clouds around 9:00, 10:00. and jump into the mid-70s this afternoon. about 68 at 7:00. and san jose, same thing, we'll shed the clouds around 9:00. we'll jump into the mid-70s this afternoon with total sunshine, 68 at 7:00. so if your enjoying this reprieve from summer, a couple more days. bringing alexis in and saying good morning. and what your seeing. >> we don't have too much going on yet. and that is the team. >> yay. it is so nice talking to you. not that it isn't any other time. >> normally i'm just the bearer of bad news. but this morning carpool lanes opening up at the bay bridge toll plaza. a line in the cash lanes, not as bad on the right side and no issues if you're using fast track this morning. and a quick check of mass transit. now today most agencies are running on a normal schedule. tomorrow almost all of them are going to be at least on a modified schedule, some of them
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not even having service so check ahead. trains begin at 5:00 a.m. for b.a.r.t. and looking good here this morning. ace one out
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hmm. [cell phone beeps] hey! [police whistle blows] [horns honking] woman: hey! [bicycle bell rings] turn here. there. excuse me. uh. uh. [indistinct announcement on p.a. system] so, same time next week? well, of course.
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announcer: put away a few bucks. feel like a million bucks. for free tips to help you save, go to ♪ feed the pig >> announcer: this is abc 7 mornings. >> let's talk about the small craft advisory, starting at noon and goes until 9:00 just last week and bay bridge and san mateo and dumbarton bridge, winds out of the west.
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so not much crossing as they were yesterday when they were coming out of the southwest. but they could be gusty, up to 30, 35 miles per hour. looking around the state, increasing sunshine. 65 in monterey. eureka 63. low to upper 70s in san diego. and the los angeles with increasing sunshine. and look at the upper 80s to mid-90s through the central valley and 100 in palm springs, 70s up in the sierra and 75 sunday with increasing high clouds. natasha. >> thank you, mike, it is 4:43, a set back for e-scooter companies, regulation has stalled in sacramento. the bill faced majorosio from san francisco and oakland. scooter rental firms like bird supported the bill. the examiners reported that the bill could be revised and get passed possibly next year. the san francisco giants are joining 200 corporations urging the supreme court to rule anti-discrimination laws apply to lgbt workers.
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the giants, apple and facebook and disney have filed a friend of the court brief in three cases where workers claim they were fired because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. the court will hear arguments this fall. and disney is the parent company of abc 7. san francisco police have made a large fireworks bust. take a look. police shared photos with what they seized in the outer sunset district on friday. there were enough fireworks to fill up the back of the bomb squad truck. they found everything from bottle rockets to mortars. san francisco is a city where fireworks are illegal and as weigh poach the fourth of july, police and fire departments continue to crack down on the fireworks. >> there are only 12 local cities where some fireworks are allowed. liz croy has what you need to know about legal fireworks. >> it is time to talk fireworks. in california, fireworks are controversial. they can spark fires and they're dangerous. despite this, people are going to use them come thursday.
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so we went to san bruno where safe and sane fireworks are legal to learn where to use them and how to do it safely. >> safety fireworks are anything that does not shoot to the sky or explode. >> anything else like cherry bombs, fire crackers and bottle rockets and illegal and police don't mess around if your caught using them. >> suspects found using or possessing illegal fireworks or allowing them to be used at their party will be fined $1,000. >> reporter: in other cities the fine is more. now the only cities in the greater bay area that allow safe and sane fireworks are san bruno, pacifica, union city, newark, dublin, gilroy seaside, watsonville, petaluma and sebastian park and clover city. the best advice, stay away from anything flammable and keep a bucket of water or hose nearby and when you are done, remember this. >> prior to disposing of them, they soak in water. we have a number of fire-related calls every year just from people trying to do the right thing but throwing the fireworks
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into the trash can and the fire starts from there. >> reporter: just skip the hassle and let the professionals handle it. there are plenty of fireworks displays across the area. >> and we have a list of legal fourth of july shows across the bay area posted on the home page of our website at never more than 7 minutes away from your accuweather forecast, so, mike, the question is if you could see the fireworks. especially from san francisco. >> it is almost never good. >> you usually just see a -- a cloud. >> it is like an illuminated cloud. >> twinkling clouds. that is what we're going to have in san francisco. yeah, it looks like the cloud cover will be intense in san francisco. and a few other areas like oakland and points farther south from around the san mateo bridge. i'll show you that coming up in about 10 minutes. i have a specific forecast for that. here is a look at what is going on in walnut creek, the marine layer coming into the
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neighborhood and it is sunny even at the coast a mixture of sun and clouds and mild temperatures, just a touch below average. more clouds and drizzle just not at the coast and inland warming tend is brief. but it is coming. so here is a look at the cloud cover and how it pushes deeper to the east but here is your clock at 7:00, and notice back to the coast within a few hours and then it clears out from north to south. so let's look at the temperatures. starting down in the south bay. 72 at santa cruz, 82 at morgan hill. everybody up in the mid to upper 70s. 71 in millbrae. 76 in redwood city. the spread on the peninsula. low to mid-60s along the breezy coast and mid and upper 60s for downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. upper 70s for most of the north bay and then to santa rosa northward, sounds like a broken record. in the mid-80s. along the east bay shore, in the low to mid-70s from 71 in oakland to herk you'llys at 77 and fremont 76 and into the
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valley, pleasanton 79 and everything else in the low to mid-80s. tonight look at cloud cover and drizzle and temperatures in the 50s. my accuweather seven-day forecast, here is what we're looking at. about the same for independence day tomorrow and then there is your brief warming trend inland for friday and saturday and then temperatures taper by monday. alexis. >> good morning, mike. just unincident on the board. a situation where a vehicle hit a pedestrian on 680 between parish and marsh view. it does sound like that is contained to the marsh view off-ramp and nothing blocked on the main line of the highway. so not sure about the condition of the person who was hit. obviously a serious situation and emergency crews are on the scene. looking live at golden gate bridge. very light from the north bay. 101 either direction is looking just fine. so no major issues for you. >> thank you. well it looks like samsung ready to start selling the foldable phones again. >> we've been talking about this forever. and house democrats want
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facebook to put its cryptocurrency on hold. here is tech bites. >> in today's tech bites, the fold possibly fix. >> samsung has fixed the screen durability issues that delayed the foldable phone but bloomberg said there is no release date. samsung admits the botched launch is embarrassing. >> house democrats want liena to halt the development until regulators look into the hearings. and google has combined two of americans' favorite things, baseball and barbecues. >> you could play baseball with your favorite food as the players -- how about that -- what would you be. >> definitely the hamburger. >> i would have been the hot dog until i stopped eating meat. >> those are your tech bites. have a good one. safe travels. >> see, those of us who are plant-based now, we love talking about it. you can't not slip it in.
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>> speaking as an eight-month vegan who then reverted back to my old ways it gives you a level of self-righteousness that i miss. >> so i'm with you. contract workers want to be treated fairly. the big gap between themselves and tech leaders. >> and a solar eclipse draws viewers around the world and another within isn't that far off. and this time it is not a lwho's armed with researchal hand finally ready to roll.t.
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we do it right, too. with huge savings on the brands you want. so, happy hunting.
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. here is a look at the alameda county fair. 69 degrees with sunshine at 11:00. we have dollar rides through 5:00. and then trace adkins set for this evening where temperatures drop from the 60s into the 50s. baseball more your thing, twins and a's. the good guys won last night. 67 and the first pitch is 6:07 because it is a fireworks night. have fun. germany has imposed a $2.3 million fine against facebook for underreporting kplablts about illegal material on the website. facebook did not report the actual number of complaints about suspected illegal content including anti-semitic posts. facebook might appeal the fine. contract workers say silicon valley needs to make sure everyone benefits from the tech economy. nbc news was at this round table with ro khanna and a barista at yahoo and a bus operator and
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security officer at google discussed the pay disparity between themselves and top executives. >> they live by -- and the plantation worker live by plant aks. [ inaudible ]. >> well workers said the most iportant issues for them were better wages and greater respect from management. >> a tiny murder that locks. right now it is a just a magnet and a coil but one day it could be programmed to assemble itself into a larger device. the aim is to have them changed to do different jobs without the need to design them from scratch. mike, what could go wrong? >> mike, i'm already uncomfortable with the roomba that could plug itself back in. i'm not ready. >> to change itself. >> i'm just waiting for reggie to come in with a story of how the roomba attacked him in the morning. >> it will. >> let's talk about what is
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going on. not necessarily during the day that people are concerned with the weather but during the evening, from 9:00 on when the fireworks -- but look at the influx of fog or low clouds that will reach all the way to the east bay shoreline from about san mateo bridge to about the richmond-san rafael bridge will have the lowest visibility. elsewhere, clear in the south bay, for the east bay and the north bay. but look at temperatures at 9:00. grab a blanket or grab a hoodie, we'll be 58 in san francisco for the cool spot, livermore 66 for the warm spot. hurricane barbara got angrier yesterday. since we talked, she's almost a category five. 155-mile-per-hour winds and she's going to wink and as she heads toward the hawaiian islands sunday into monday, a cluster of thunderstorms and dangerous surf is the biggest issue. alexis. >> good morning. looking at a couple of our busiest spots this morning. there aren't many of them and they're not terrible. but hey, we have to show you something. so here is the bay area toll plaza. we have a stack up in the cast
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lanes on either side. fast track slowing down a bit. no sign of the metering lights yet. but the carpool lanes are open so there you go. all of your updates for the toll plaza if you are doing the bay bridge commute. and a quick check of drive times, a little delay out of the central valley. westbound 580 into dublin 34 minutes and dublin to mission boulevard in the green at 14 and northbound 85, 101 to cupertino open wind at 15 minutes. >> remember a private island used to promote the fire sale, the price $11 million and the private island in the bahamas was featured in the flashy promotional videos to lure rich millennials to the festival and it end on a bad note and was a bust because of bad organizational issues. >> definitely change the name of it, maybe. day turned to night in chile
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as a solar eclipse dazzled tens of thousands of people. the country is one of the few places you could see yesterday's cosmic spectacle. it lasted two minutes and draw tourists from all over the world. the next one is in december of 2020 also in south america. north america will have to wait until november of 2024. >> remember the run on that glasses. everybody wanted to get their hands on a pair. >> and then didn't bother to go outside. i can't be bothered by those things. >> i understand. i just watch it on tv. >> next at 5:00 a.m., we have new details involving pg&e plan to pay for wildfire damages. >> also cars left behind in the chaos of the tanforan mall shooting and the impact on b.a.r.t. riders at nearby stations this morning. and millions of americans hitting the road on the fourth of july and the heaviest traffic is expected in san francisco later today. >> it is 4:57, a live look
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it'it's crepe dayday for a family traditiony's. we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home with free denny's delivery. see you at
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>> announcer: news to build a better bay area, this is abc7 news mornings. now at 5:00, the parking garage at the san bruno b.a.r.t. station after drivers are returning to the mall to get their vehicles. >> we'll have much more on the shooting at tanforan. but first you're never more than 7 minutes away from the accuweather forecast. let's get over to mike. >> a couple of things to track this morning. a faster sea breeze. 28 miles per hour at fairfield. more cloud cover over our neighborhoods. and as we head deeper into today, temperatures below average. a look from


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