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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 1, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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sunshine on the way from midmorning. numbers around 70 by noontime around the bay. mid-70s inland. stay cool at the coast. sun, low 60s there. warming to the mid-70s around the bay. upper 80s inland. alexis? >> good morning, lisa. i'm just double checking's not gotten an update on this crash from chp in about 40 minutes but still have right lane blocked westbound 80 on the bridge before treasure island causing major delays from the toll plaza going back to all approaches to the bridge. coming in on westbound 80, 580, 24 and 880 backing up. there you go. a quick check what it looks like on our traffic map. does not take muff. other issues in the north bay, southbound 101 past san antonio road, motorcycle crash blocks the left lane. and on to developing news.
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president trump is back at the white house this morning after a four-day trip to asia. >> while there became the first sitting u.s. president to step on north korean soil. he's describing his meeting with the north korean leader as "wonderful." we have a live report with more. >> reporter: natasha and liz, the two leaders spent about an hour behind closed doors as president trump tries to restart nuclear talks with north korea. president trump back in washington. tweeting this video of his meeting with north korea's leader kim jong-un. history made becoming the first sitting u.s. president to step into the country. >> my friend. >> reporter: president trump made the surprise visit to the demilitarized zone following the g20 summit where he met with russian president vladimir putin and chinese president xi jinping. speaking with fox news tucker carlson, the president seemed optimistic that the u.s. and china are closer to a trade deal. >> had a very good meeting's he wants to make a deal.
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i want to make a deal. probably largest of any kind, not only trade. we got a little very well and understand each other. >> reporter: but it was president trump's meeting with kim jong-un that received the most media attention, which at times became chaotic as the two men walked back into the south korean side of the border. >> come on. >> whoa. >> come on, guys. >> reporter: in a rare move, reclusive north korean leader spoke directly to american reporters. >> translator: i believe just looking at this structure this is an expression of his willingness to eliminate all the unfortunate past and open a new future. >> reporter: the last round of nuclear talks with north korea failed, but now its state media is hailing this meeting as successful. >> sayinged u.s. will resume talks with north korea to try to get to a nuclear deal and secretary of state mike pompeo says the talks could start this month. live from new york, reporting for abc 7 news.
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back to you. >> andrea, appreciate it. thank you so much. and tracking breaking news in afghanistan. at least ten people are dead after a major explosion rocked the capital of kabul near the downtown u.s. emba morning commuters during that explosion. smoke could be seen above the city. the taliban is claiming responsibility for this attack. reports coming in say close to 65 people are hurt including 9 children. both the taliban and islamic state operate in kabul and the attack comes as the taliban and u.s. are holding talks in qatar. and police are asking neighbors for surveillance video after two dozen car break-ins. this started around 6:30 yesterday morning. two suspects caught on camera around 2:30. one wearing a hoodie, the other khaki pants and a white shirt. american canyon police are trying to find surveillance video showing the suspects between 1:30 and 4:30 a.m. happening now, you may notice how expensive it is to fill up your tank, because today
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the gas will increase another 6 cents gallon because of the state's gas tax. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live in walnut creek for us. good morning. >> reporter: hi. good morning. yeah, the tax is in effect giving california a new title. we now pay more in taxes and fees for gas than any other state. just edging out pennsylvania. alaska and missouri have the lowest gas taxes in the country. we are now paying 6 cents more per gallon starting today. the plan is for this money to pay for mass transit programs and road repairs. it's expected to bring in about $5 billion a year, but some lawmakers are already saying that isn't enough, because of years of underfunding. it isn't going to handle all of our road needs. the governor says 400 transportation projects are in the works. it is kick-starting some
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projects. a good thing, because the american society of civil engineers gave a report card for california's roads and gave us a d saying we have some of the worst road conditions in the country. reporting live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. and you could be paying more for your commute today even if you don't drive. the transit agency's increasing fares. >> california the first state to improse a new requirement that has to do with guns. >> all right. waking up to lots of sunshine here. above the marine layer. plan on not only the onshore flow but plenty of sunshine out there. so it's going to be a nice day. look for numbers in and around where they should be for most areas, but you know, we are looking at temperatures a little
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you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. abc 7 monday morning. and fog expanding around the bay. 54 now in san mateo. 56 belmont. san ramon 55. at 10:00 see 60s in the east bay and sunny. fog stacked eed you along the . by 6:00, a few 80s out the delta. upper 60s around the bay.
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low 60s on the peninsula and by the afternoon should be pleasant. temperatures 60s, 70s. a few 80s in warmer locations and looking at again the fog bank to move across the bay. little change the next several days. looking for a warm-up, have to wait to the end of the week. boy, problems. alexis, sort them out for us. >> i'll try, anyway. boy, no change for about the last hour oh soar. westbound 80 looking at a really packed bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights on an hour now. 5:10 official time. carpool lanes moving through okay. honestly, not for long. a crash on the bay bridge. still blocking that right lane before you get and coming through emeryville, 23 miles an hour from 588 from oakland and northbound 880 best
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roud co ro route now. in the yellow a short stretch and not terrible. >> thank you. speaking of commuters, if sy should know about include san francisco muni cash fares for adults. from $2.75 to $3. adult fares from $2.35 to $250. ferry riders paying roughly 3% more for trips. for example, $7 jumps to $7.20. and people buying ammunition have to go through background checks. california is the first state to impose that requirement and the state already has some of the strictest gun laws in country. another law called video and audio recording disclosure directly impacts law enforcement requiring release of recordings from body-worn cameras within 45 days of an incident including if
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officers fired their weapons or if the use of force caused injury or death. giants president and ceo larry bair returns from suspicion tomorrow and his role will look a little different. >> big birthday for a distinguished bird. the party for his big day. >> probably one of my favorite stories. day. >> likewise. >> we explain why as we look outside now. the sun is coming up. appreciate you
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all news all morning. and 6:14. larry bair returns to the team tomorrow with less power. the giants suspended him march 26th following this public altercation with his wife. sewer you've seen this year's video from tmz sports. when he returns tomorrow no longer top in charge. instead board of directors says interim ceo will continue to be the giants control person. the giants say they will focus on recorrecting with many employees and updates on all aspects of the organization. and san francisco police arrested two people protesting at the pride parade. >> a half hour after the parade start add group ofemtors got on towi as linked and refus leave. parade organizers stepped in to try to negotiate, and about an on. the group says they were
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protesting police presence and corporate involvement at pride. >> corporations taking over pride and cops being at pride are not okay. that is completely against the spirit of what pride should be. >> we want everybody to be safe, and regardless of what your, what your issue is in terms of protests, as long as everybody stays safe is what's important. >> police say water bottling were thrown at officers. one of the two arrested could face charges for battery of an officer. happening today, governor gavin newsom and his administration kick off the new fiscal year celebrating the state budget passed last year. more than $214 billion budget is the largest in california's history. it includes more spending on homeless, child care and public education. the governor is expected to talk more about the budget this morning at sek meant oh city college. 6:15. on the peninsula a popular bike shop a mainstay in downtown san mateo is closing its doors for good. abc 7 was there as owners said
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good-bye to longtime customers. the shop in business nearly 50 years known for its selection of kids bikes and specialized gear. the owner, gary moore, says it is time to retire. with his sons pursuing other careers no one to pass the torch to. a toy store is part of the empire remains open. a very distinguished bird is celebrating a big birdday in the east. see what we did there? meet lord richard and his jind wi giant wing span. he is now the oldest turkey vulture is all of california. he lives at the lindsay wildlife experience in walnut creek and lord richard was actually born at the museum in san francisco and came to lindsay as a very young age. >> a couple of volunteers worked with him 30 years and able to tell us in person how he's changed. he was definitely very different when we first got him, but now
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amazing, amazing animal ambassador. >> lord richard is more fond of people apparently than his fellow turkey vultures living there and much prefers company of human companions over any other birds. wondering what the cake was made of, baked animal and trail. >> oh. >> really hard to say it without saying it in a british accent. >> that's true. [ with british insult- ] >> both: lord richard. >> you can bake the cake. you're the baker. >> i don't know about the animal trails, tastes like a beautiful red velvet or something. for us, kind of gross. >> kind of. enjoying the weather pattern we've had? >> yeah. >> a little cool. >> a little cool. >> keep that trend going. not a lot of training for the first part of the week. in fact, going with persistence. low clouds and fog with us at the coast and clearing, but maybe not as warm as you would
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like it. that onshore flow and visibility in the north bay three quarters of a mile. and eight miles in livermore. clear in inland valleys and a look from the exploratorium camera. clouds in san francisco. 60s, afternoon, breezy onshore winds. keep it going today. again, 58 in san jose. mid-50s at the coast and lake tahoe, low to mid-30s going for 76 in south lake. beautiful in the mountains with sunny conditions today. 51, santa rosa. 52 petaluma. typically cool. low clouds and fog pull back around 10:00. cool and sunny across the bay. sunshine first at north beaches, around stinson and later on around half moon bay and pacifica. looking at the commute and out and about for the afternoon, nothing but sunshine. small craft advisory inside the bay today, but highs pleasant.
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60s and 70s for most. 65 downtown and 75 in richmond and 6 fr5 head to the delta for upper 80s. fog in the coast in check around the bay locally, backing off into the 50s tonight for a similar tuesday on tap. getting through the monday morning commute, hmm. something. right? >> yeah. started off quiet and then an issue for about the last hour and a half. finally seeing all clear here for the bay bridge commute. westbound 80 before you get inside yerba buena island tunnel, four-car crash. in that right lane a long time. no official word it's clear from chp but not seeing flashing lights. everyone moving through, no issues. southbound golden gate bridge just about six minute bridge. and this area, delays into the
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maze. . into san francisco and westbound 92 san mateo bridge coming in at about 20 minutes. problems in the north bay. looking at that next. "good morning america" is coming up at 7:00 right here on abc 7. >> our favor ginger zee live from new york city with what's ahead. so much fun with reggie friday, ginger. great to see. >> i mean, in person. you get it every day. just a special gem of a moment i had. little moments, but, yes. hopefully is getting rest now after a big pride weekend. natasha and liz, great to be with you. coming up here on "gma" heading into this holiday week, traveling anywhere east get ready. a large line of severe storms that will develop. stationary front. not going to move a lot. then talking about the heat building. talking real heat. look at tallahassee's number. 107 by the end of the week and even newark staying around 90. investigation into a deadly
6:21 am
plane crash in dallas. ten people killed after a small plane went down shortly after takeoff. it crashed into a hangar. we're live on the scene. also we've got world cup fever. team usa now two wins a way from back-to-back titles. ladies looking awesome getting ready to face-off against england tomorrow. two of the team's stars, megan rapinoe and kelley o'hara join us right here on "gma." getting ready to head to the beach? many are. protect your skin. busting popular sun screen myths. how much is enough? skintervention series. and i wear a giant, ridiculous hat. my husband says looks like i'm wearing a fortune cookie on my head. that seems to work for me. >> you've been super open with your journey in the past, helpful to many. you know you and i, in a spf life, all about it. liz, too. >> all about that and pretty much covering.
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just cover everything. >> really cute. ginger, thank you. great to see you. >> thanks. a major milestone for the royal baby. the event little archie has coming up this weekend. and taylor swift holds nothing back on her
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good monday morning to you. in for mike today. first day of july waking up to cloudy skies in oakland. upper 50s. later, 70s. richmond, mid-70s. hayward, 74. and temperatures where they should be for this time a look at the rest of bay coming up. bad blood between taylor swift and after her record category sold. >> 2006 to 2017 sold to a company scooter brown owns. the music manager ho works with artists like justin bieber and ariana grande. that means she can't own the first six in her catalog. took to tumblr saying worst-case scenario. claims ron has been bullying her for years and swift didn't know about the sale untilwent public but the wife claims the singer
6:26 am
was given a heads-up in writing. >> wow. lots of people talking about it. justin bieber defending scooter. a whole thing. we don't usually see her taking people to task this publicly. >> exactly. >> it's a big deal. >> a little messy. interested to see how it plays out. >> absolutely. a different note learned the newest royal baby will be christened sunday. >> lovely. a royal source says the ceremony will be at a chapel in windsor castle. less than 30 relatives and friends expected at this intimate and private event according to the "sunday times" archie will wear a replica gown christened by queen victoria. releasing photos after the event and we already can't wait to see him. >> another name you can say with a british accent. right? >> probably true. coming up, pay raise. bay city areas where rates are going up today. and officially back open as of 26 minutes ago. events happening there today.
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we had a crash for about an hour navr and a half on the bay
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news forbidding a better bay
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area. >> this is abc 7 mornings. a fiery cash. one one driver says happened. >> and just reopening 30at ther. what's happening at the rooftap park, also. two key warriors gone but a major addition to the team. good morning. i'm in for reggie this morning and excited to be here. >> liz, bringing the energy. great to you have. >> power red. >> it's good. lisa, don't have extremes. right? don't really have high,h temperatures, no rain on the way? keeping steady? >> yes. easing into your monday. grab the jacket heading out. need sunglasses this afternoon. it's cool. 50s now. foggy in the north bay. just in santa rosa. elsewhere clear in much of marin county. sunny skies around 9:00 for everyone, around the bay, inland 70s for you. cool at the coast. breezy again with 80s inland. just about 76 on the peninsula.
6:31 am
redwood city, san carlos and at that late sunset. 8:35 and hopefully good news for the monday morning commute. alexis? >> looking better for the bay bridge commute. can't tell looking at the toll plaza camera. metering lights on early. 5:10, official time. all due to a crash blocking for about an hour 20 minutes on the bridge before treasure island that did clear about 20, 25 minutes ago. now seeing delays on the approaches to the bridge coming in on 80 through emeryville. berkeley, 580 and 880. southbound 110 past san antonio road, novato area in clearing stages of a motorcycle crash but down to 7 miles an hour through state route 116 interchange. plan oh delays in the north bay, too. >> thank you. let you know that lanes are back open after a multicar crash on highway th cun 12:30 last night southbound 101 near tully road and san jose. four cars involved, one actually
6:32 am
caught fire in the middle of the highway. one person said she was rear-ended swerving trying to avoid a burning car and fortunately only minor injuries in this serious-looking wreck. >> drivers, prepare to pay more when filling up at the pump. right now already high gas prices in the bay area getting higher. >> yeah. state gas tax goes up about 6 cents per gallon starting today. our reporter amy hollyfield live in walnut creek explaining where all the money is going. good morning. >> reporter: hi, good morning. paying 6 cents more a gallon starting today. drivers talking to this morning are shaking their head. just can't believe it. this money is going to pay for more road repairs and for mass transit programs. it is projected to bring in a little more than $5 billion in the next year. drivers we talked to this morning, though, are a little frustrated, especially since the price of gas here is already higher than the rest of the country, and now this. >> don't have much choice.
6:33 am
i didn't vote yes for it, but i'm paying for it anyway, and i guess if we get our roads fixed i'm all for it. >> really? >> yeah. if we get roads fixed. seems we pay a lot for that and nothing really happens. so we'll see. >> reporter: lawmakers saying this increase isn't enough to pay for all the repairs that need to be done, but it will kick-start some improvements. the governor says 400 transportation projects are now in the works. reporting for abc7 news. >> thank you. happening now, paying more to cross the golden gate bridge. starting this morning, tolls up from $7 to $7.35, fastrak. non-fastrak tolls up from $8 positive $8.35. drivers in the pay as you go program paying $8.20, up from $8. why the fare hikes? expected to raise $100 million over five years. that money will help cover an
6:34 am
expected deficit and improve golden gate bridge bus and ferry service. ferry riders will see a 25 cent fare hike starting today. bus fares up by varying amounts as well. and disappointing news for warriors fans. sort of crying about this all morning. kevin durant officially done with golden state. >> got the push alert on my phone and my heart sank. this is true for so many in the nation. signing with the brooklyn nets. durant is leaving $57 million on the table by not re-signing with the warriors. he helped the team undoubtedly win two nba titles and won two nba finals mvps in his three season in the bay area. the deal won't be completely coc official until signed july 6th. fans are heartbroken. >> us warriors fans are sad. put his heart into the bay, into the team. sad to see him go but, you know, through life you have to look
6:35 am
for other opportunities. that w >> kind of a betrayal. warrior d'angelo russell. that is there. and warriors raided former finals mvp andre iguodala in draft picks to the memphis grizzlies. a core part of the dynasty that won three championships, five straight feith finals appearances. memphis will like lick buy him out allowing him to go to another team. we sent this notification out on the abc7 news app when the news broke including a move to get russell. if you want to stay on top of news as it happens install the abc7 news app on your part device and enable push alerts to get the news alerts. and opening almost exactly 35 minutes ago. rooftop park open at least. still no bus service yet and we
6:36 am
still don't know when that will resume exactly. they haven't give an date. it has been nine months since the discovery of the cracked steel beams that forced the t t trnsz it center of to close. today the gondola in operation as well carrying people from the sales force tower plaza two stories up to the rooftop park. developers estimate 450 million people will use the gondola every year. service starts at 8:00 this morning. the park reopening meaning a bunch events reopening today. a few on the website. this morning 7:30 a.m. yoga class and 8:30 meditation to clear your mind before work, and tonight something calledmond night makers, which is all about diy crafts i'm all about. >> i'm into all of that. all right. okay. city ahead on abc 7 morning, celebrating the lgbtq community and its history. ♪ >> a successful weekend of pride
6:37 am
festivities in san francisco. the presidential candidate here to celebrate. and looking live at the big board at the new york stock exchange this morning. take a look. up 264 points. going to have another update how the markets are doing coming up next. thieves break into a popular bay area toy store. the huge mess that will take days to clean up. you're never more than seven minutes awray from the accuweather forecast. beautiful picture. >> beautiful. fog deck and high clouds from the east bay hills you ha vulmer peak. sunshine in san rafael. it is 50 in morgan hill and look at the gray sky at santa cruz. 58 degrees. sunny and in the 70s later on. mid-70s. 57 in concord, livermore, 53. patchy fog around the bay that clears to the coast by mid-morning and sunshine at our area beaches. it will be cool, though. only low 60s ocean beach.
6:38 am
mid-60s in stinson and we will look at good conditions throughout your morning commute. dry out there. a little cool. grab the jacket. breezy at times out on the bay. morning commute not bad and making your way into san francisco, cool. numbers topping out around 60 degrees noontime with sunshine and just as we begin to try to make it a little warmer, the fog moves back into play. so in the city today, a little below average but used to it. right? it's been in the low 60s and we've been looking at low 70s around the bay. about 80 in san jose. alexis, a commute that's improved over the past couple of hours. should be light the next several days. many folks probably taking off for the week but not you. >> no. i'll be here. every day this week. yes. >> working instead. >> right. i thought we would be empty today. thought it would be crickets but didn't turn out that way. did have a crash on the bay bridge that slowed us down and
6:39 am
slowed down that commute. looking live where that crash was was. westbound 80, and before the tunnel, long gone. looking a lot better. starting to see residual delays on approaches to the maze having the toughest time bouncing back. 11 miles an hour through the berkeley stretch. 11 miles an hour through oakland. 580 from 24, and northbound 880 seems to have been least affected by this. 28 miles an hour for your average. a quick check of drive times. southern areas looking good. southbound 101, santa rosa to petaluma in the green. castro valley to the maze. green drive time, 20 minutes and a little stoppage through north
6:40 am
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ends sunday. sleep number. proven, quality sleep. ♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is abc 7 mornings. good morning monday morning. mike is off and starting off july with low clouds and fog. heading out of town, might be doing that. it's a holiday week. low clouds and fog down to southern california. clearing to the coast here today. we're looking at a comfortable 67 monterey. upper 80s in sacramento. lasts the next several days. little change here and outside of the bay looking for a warming trend. by the time we get to the
6:43 am
resident, it's only monday. i know. >> already looked fo eed forwar. thank you. and at the scene of a deadly plane crash in a city north of dallas. >> ten people died when a plane crashed into a hangar at the small airport yesterday. it veered to the left before rolling over and left wing smashed into the building. >> really thick. there was burning chemicals or gas, or oil. definitely looked black enough for it. for it to be serious. >> the plane was headed to st. all eight passengers and two crew members killed. the ntsb will look into the pilot's background and review video of the crash to find out what went wrong. it is 6:43. getting new details on a bad crash that killed two people on highway 24 in orinda. the highway patrol says the sut tern suv was driving the wrong way near wilder road yesterday morning and it slammed head-on
6:44 am
into a toyota with five people inside. all in their 20s. the chp says broeoth the driverd passenger in the saturn died and the five people in the toyota were taken to the hospital with critical injuries. the crash closed down lanes of westbound 24 for more than three hours. and a store was broken into and several iteming stoling from the learning express. they cut through a door and damaged displays early saturday morning. it appears they targeted item it's like lego play sets. >> actually very devastating. very. i already -- there's so many people wanted to come in and shop this morning, and they saw what happened and everybody was so sorry. >> learning express remains closed while the owner cleans up the damage caused by the burglars. the store hopes to reopen by the middle of the week. on happier news, right?
6:45 am
pride festivities made for a busy and fun weekend in san francisco. >> true. thousands turned out to celebrate several stages, hosted two full days of activities at civic center. yesterday, one of the oldest and largest pride parades in the wasarade nd democratic or and earlier spoke at pride breakfast. >> so much to celebrate. especially in these moments when the fight is so necessary and we are obviously, all of us, equipped, prepared and ready to do what needs to get done. >> the theme of this year's parade, generations of resistance in honor of the anniversary of the stonewall riots. with a big party come as big cleanup, of course. the public works department tweeting out photos of their employees hard at work. it's the biggest cleaning operation of the year and workers stayed overnight at civic center plaza cleaning up
6:46 am
as the booths were broken down. launching a games subscription service with a playstation 4 in a few weeks. games. the service is available only for xbox 1 users nearly five years begins july 24th. a live look at the new york stock exchange now. look what's going on. first trading day in july. seeing this upward momentum. up 224 points after events at the g20 summit where the u.s. and china agreed to slow additional tariffs. be 21 or older to buy cigarettes and other tobacco products at walmarts nationwide. the new policy applies at its sam's club stores. they sell tobacco to 18-year-olds in states where it's allows. you already have to be 21 to buy tobacco products in california. >> and nordstroms will officially close september 13th
6:47 am
at this mall. target scheduled to expand in much of that space. the luxury chain closing about two underperforming stores every year, most of them in malls. facebook is working to protect the upcoming census. the company saysettes developing a poems preventing users from misrepresenting the 2020 census. facebook's new policy includes algorithms to find and delete misinformation. it helps to shape districting for more than a decade. going's developing a system called fast share using bluetooth and transferring files. google hasn't said when fast share will launch. i'm sure people are eagerly awaiting it, though. we are. used air drop this morning. >> yes. dogs and people a lot alike. both like sweet treats.
6:48 am
>> nothing like sugar. dallas, can't smile but watch someone watching candy apples in florida. posting this video with the caption, look at that. paws on the storefront to get a closer look and you can see his tongue hanging out of his mouth. to that we can say, me, too, dallas. totally get it. >> too cute. look at that mickey -- >> not your standard candy apple. either. not caramel is it? >> fancy. >> he has good taste. never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. lisa, how's it looking? >> good day to take your dog for a walk and enjoy the afternoon. clear in parts of the north bay and east bay, but where we have fog visibility has been reduced in santa rosa. look at mount tam. yeah, a few high clouds, but mostly sunny skies. 55 san francisco, redwood city,
6:49 am
58. 50 in morgan hill with beautiful views here from the east bay hills camera from above where that marine layer sits at about 1,200 feet. 52 petaluma and santa rosa and applied to warm weather again. not shaking it up this monday. nice and sunny again for the fourth of july. low clouds and fog, though, here in the city for the fireworks. clear inland and warming up a bit into the weekend. we will look at not only some sunshine at the beaches but you may have the day off and want to head out there. partly cloudy. low to mds 60s ocean beach and half moon day, 76 santa cruz and upper 70s around the south bay, 80 in santa clara. 88 morgan hill. on the peninsula, mid-70, park. and 78 petaluma. 80 napa. east bay, 71 oakland. and union city mid-70s, low to mid 80s inland.
6:50 am
look ahead, little change. accuweather seven-day forecast until next weekend warming up a bit. good morning, alexis. >> good morning, lisa. main trouble spots this morning, the bay bridge commute. those metering lights are on early. 5:10 official time. finally bouncing back here. that was all due to an earlier crash on the bridge before treasure island. long gone at this point. moving to our traffic maps. not many details but a new crash reported involving four vehicles. southbound 880 before you get to industrial. definitely heavy from 238 through the 92 interchange and up to the scene. when i have more information i'll pass it along. mass transit looked great all day. 57 b.a.r.t. trains in service, no delays. ace 3, 5 and 7 on time pap quick reminder for vta users. the july service changes go into effect today. see the new schedules this morning. part of abc 7's news commitment to building a better bay area, safety involving smart
6:51 am
trains in the north bay. today a team begins investigating new measures following two deadly incidents in rhone nasoak park. a train hit and kill add man on a bicycle friday. happened at golf course drive in roberts lake road and on thursday a woman was hit and killed walking under the a gate crossing arm. the "press democrat" reports officialing are looking into hiring for safety officers to monitor the lines and stations. building a better bay area, join us on facebook. 6:51 in the east bay. a big announcement expected on a safety project in oakland the chinatown. the department of transportation says it is redesigned and intersection to cut down on crashes. the intersection is at madison and 8th street. the new design cuts crossing distances in half to pro actively prevent crashes. oakland the mayor libby shaft expected there along with other
6:52 am
transit leaders and community partners. "good morning america" is starting askintervention series. nearly half of people don't know what spf stands for or means so decided to dispel three big myths about sun screen. breaking down the convince e! difference between spf. >> sun protective factor and has to do with how long your skin is exposed to the sun before it burns. laboratory setting, spf 100 blocks 99% of uva rays and spf 5, 98% of uva rays. >> they plan to update recommendations for sun screens this fall and catch the other major myths ahead on "gma." sayo pstraws a ne l restricting plastic food ware in san francisco takes affect today. providing customers with paper or other natural fiber strauss opinions those with a dizability or medical need can request a
6:53 am
plastic straw. other single use food accessories, napkins, and chop sticks, available upon request. in the east bay, smoking is no longer allowed in all units and multifamily buildings and unincorporated areas of contra costa county. the exception for existing leases that specifically allow smoking. those leases must have been renewed before today. this is part of an effort to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke. and the minimum wage going up in seven bay area cities today. people living in alameda and fremont, minimum wages from $12 to $13.50 an hour. minimum wages in milpitas climb from $13.50 tos $15. and san leandro up tomeryville. raising minimum wage to $16.30 per hour. in the south bay, parents
6:54 am
can sign up for children to get a free backpack and school supplies. sacred heart community service in san jose gives way athousands edge fear for pack a back campaign. the organization hopes to donate 3,300 in the next month. parents used to line up to sign up. but this year you can sign up online. more information is on our website. abc7news.c take in incredible works of art. abc7 news in oakland's montclair district, for the 43rd summer artwalk brought more than 65 artists together for an open art show. painters, ph ot ce from across the country to take part in the event. cool and great weather. yeah. top spot at the box office belongs to "toy story 4" for get this, second weekend in a row. >> right. woody, buzz lightyear and company easily held off annabel
6:55 am
comes home. globally the film earned close to half a billion, shaping up to be a strong year for disney. in fact, the top four grossing films so far this year all belong to disney. led by "avengers: infinity war." and an in a bem comes home, yesterday, aladdin and skit life of pets 2. and disney is parent company of abc 7. >> i'm still get egg ov-- getti over "toy story 2." made me cry too much. >> yeah. we'll be right back.
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6:58, just joining us or headed out the door, the seven things you need to know. one, gas prices tax up nearly 6 cents per gallon. >> two, lanes open on southbound crash near tully road and san jose overnight. four cars involved. minor injuries. >> three, a crash in san mateo.
6:59 am
fully blocked due to a crash. no one getting through. four, rooftop park at the transit center back open as of an hour ago. still no bus service yet. >> number five a group of protesters temporarily stopped yesterday's pride parade in san francisco. two arrested for resisting arrest and interfering with parade routes. six, patchy low clouds to start and sunny and breezy this afternoon. 60s, 70s, mid-80s inland. kevin durant will sign with the brooklyn nets and warriors traded iguodala to bring in an ya all-star guard, d'angelo russell, on the nets, ironically. a lot of change. >> going to be okay? >> my heart plummeted. don't know when klay is coming back. tentatively, january, february. >> we'll get through this. >> yeah.
7:00 am
been a pleasure to have you on the desk. >> it's been great. thank you for having good morning, america. more than 130 million bracing for a heat wave right now as we head into the holiday week. severe summer storms stretching from the midwest to northeast. bringing dangerous twisters, hail and thunderstorms. killing two people. and now the heat wave on the way for the holiday. this stunning moment as president trump becomes the first sitting u.s. president to set foot in north korea. the surprise sitdown with kim jong-un and the chaos outside. the new white house press secretary in a shoving match with north korean security. also breaking overseas, riots erupting in hong kong. protesters smashing into a government building. deadly plane crash, ten people killed when this plane slams into a hangar. the investigation right now.


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