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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 1, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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not official until july 6th. fans we stoke with are heartbroken. >> all of us fans are sad about it. put his heart into the bay and team and sad to see him go. through life you got to look for other opportunities and i think that's what he's doing. >> we're big fans, think he should stay on the warriors, kind of a betrayal. >> gained a guard in d'angelo russell. $117 million, for four years. to afford this e they shipped andre iguodala to the grizzlies. a core part of the dynastyha nee and made five straight appearances. memphis will likely buy him out allowing him to go to another team. and sent this on our news app
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when the news broke. if you want to stay on top of the news install the app on your smart device and able bush alerts to get breaking news alerts. >> trying to stay positive. it's going to be okay. 4:31 a.m., if you're just joining us, a trek on the weather and the traffic. >> good morning, in a shaush hs natasha. low clouds and temperatures similar. 70s at the coast and 80s inland. should be in the 90s. looks like we'll hold on to this weather through most of the workweek. good morning, alexis. >> hey, good morning, lisa. looking great so far today. richmond side of the richmond san ramon bridge. wrapped up road work ahead of schedule. not saying any of those work crews out on the richmond side
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on westbound 580. only a couple vehicles coming our way. a quick check of drive times. in the yellow. the only place, though. 34 minutes for the central valley commute. southbound to mission boulevard still in the green at 14 and no delays between highway 101 and cupertino. >> thank you. drivers, prepare to pay more at the pump. right now already high gas prices in the bay area are getting higher. >> the state gas tax goes up about 6 cents per gallon starting today. our reporter is live in walnut creek to explain where that money is going. good morning, amy. >> reporter: hi. good morning, yeah. gives us a new title. now we pay more for gas than anyone in the country. that is because this new gas tax is going into effect starting today. it has now kicked in is adding n to your final bill so you will pay about 47 cents in taxes.
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we asked drivers what they think about this. >> where the money is going, it's potholes, it's in the streets. appreciate it. otherwise, paying more, getting less. >> it's a joke. high enough as it is. >> city just wants more money. >> reporter: this money will pay for road repairs and mass transit programms and designed o pull in about $5 billion is year, but some lawmakers are already saying this isn't enough to pay for all of the repairs that need to be done. reporting live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. happening now, you'll pay more to cross the golden gate bridge. starting this morning tolls go up from $7 to $7.35 for fastrakk users. and drivers in the pay as you go program will now pay $8.20, up from $8.
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so why the fare hikes? expected to raise $100 million over five years. that money will help cover a deficit and golden gate bus and ferry service. ferry riders will see a 25 cent fare hike today and bus riders going up for varying amounts as well. 4:34. happening now, final preparations underway for san francisco. scheduled to open at 6:00 this morning. crews tested the emergency public address system last week. the rooftop park will open today. still no bus service yet, and still no clear date when that service resumes. nine months since the discovery of cracked steel beams forced the transit center to close. today the gondola in operation first time carrying people from the sales force tower plaza two stories up to the park. 45 million people will use it every year. service starts at 8:00 this
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morning. say good-bye to plastic straws in san francisco. a new law takes effect today. restaurants expected to provide customers with paper or other natural fiber strays. only people with a disability or medical need can request a plastic straw. stirrers and toothpicks are also banned. napkins, condiment packages and chop sticks available upon request. pride festivities made for a busy weekenden. yesterday the 49th annual pride parade along market street celebrating the lgbtq community and its history. a protest interrupted the parade nearly an our. demonstrators chained themselves together and refused to leave. we have more on the story. >> reporter: the singer closing out the pride party at civic center to the roar of cheering hundreds of thousands out to
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celebrate. >> more love, more community, more understanding people, especially me now that i have a daughter telling me that she's bisexual. let me find out more and i'm out here supporting everybody. love is love. >> reporter: several big stages hosted two full days of activities at the civic center, united by a common cause. >> get to see everybody smile and be happy and celebrate life and pride. and equal rights. >> reporter: this woman and her friend came from brazil to experience sf pride firsthand. wanted to have fun. and see how hard lgbtq fought to build this community. >> to realize we are not alone and can build things together. >> reporter: the 50th anniversary of the stonewall uprising in new york city, many consider to be the start of the modern lgbtq move innocent in
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the u.s.e for this year's pride parade, resistance in honor of the anniversary. except for the two arrested at sunday's pride parade, a relatively peaceful pride weekend. in san francisco reporting for abc7 news. thieves break into a popular bay area toy store and leave behind a mess that will take days to clean up. >> federal investigators ready to return to the scene of this deadly plane crash this morning. their job, figure out what caused it to suddenly veer out of control. >> facebook working 0en a plan to stop misinformation aimed at keeping people from being counted in the 2027 census. and a check of the weather with leeza argen. >> natasha and liz, good morning. waking up to low clouds and fog. two-mile visibility in the north bay. clearing first there. fog pushed its way across the bay. once again, a typical pattern setting up for us. the first day of july. 55 in san francisco.
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redwood city 56 and san jose mid-50s, half moon bay. looking out from a roof camera, can't see clouds here but with us throughout the morning hours. downtown 52 in petaluma, upper 50s, concorde and livermore. managed 80s yesterday. be far inland. you can see throughout the morni morning hours, 10:00 and the fog pulls back. a little sun but on the consuol side there. mass transit, no problems. small craft advisory later on the bay keeping it breezy and north bay seeing temperatures mid-70s today. should be about 83 degrees up in santa rosa. elsewhere, 76 in concorde and talking, alexis, about folks taking the week off. i imagine a little sleepy out
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there this morning. >> sure is. try to find something to talk about here today. and, well, i guess we can always count on the supercommute out at tracee. a stretch of red. 205 to 580. down to 70 on 205. 15 at 580. a crash off on the right shoulder past north flynn road adding to this a little maybe. most is typical volume. off to a quiet start for mass transits. b.a.r.t. trans begins in soon in about 20 minutes. make sure to check the
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. >> announcer: this is abc 7 mornings. good morning. in for mike. looking at a nice day around the state. numbers warm in the central valley. low clouds and fog along the coast. low 80s in los angeles. headed to the beach, first day of july, starts out cloudy and the clouds pull back looking for temperatures in the 60s. sunny skies in marin county and eventually down through the san mateo coast. >> thank you,li. veloping news in texas. investigators are on the scene of a deadly plane crash north of dallas. te p died when a plane crashed into a hangar at a small
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airport. abc reporter has details. >> reporter: tragedy near dallas a small plane heading to st. petersburg, florida, crashed into a hangar shortly after takeoff. >> aircraft on the tower. everybody stand by. we had an accident on the field. not going out anytime soon. >> reporter: witnesses in addison say the plane veered to the left before rolling over. its left wing swashing into the building sending thick, black smoke billowing from the crash site. >> really thick. you could tell burning chemicals, gas or oil. definitely looked black enough for it to be serious. >> reporter: the eight passengers and two crew members were killed. >> we don't know a lot about the people onboard at this point. >> reporter: no one on thehurt. the hgar was empty at the tile. ntsb working to determusofhecra. investigators were trying to determine the plane's tail
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number. >> the aircraft apparently changed hands here recently. s it's not clear to us at this time what the proper tail number is. >> reporter: the ntsb says it will look into the pilot's background and says videos of the crash will be a big part of their investigation. >> we are aware of three videos and are in the process as we speak having our specialists review that footage. >> reporter: reporting for abc, new york. back here at home in the east bay a toy store owner helps in-store video will help identify who broke into her store. owner of learning express believe the thieves disabled the alarm system, cut through a door and damaged displays early saturday morning. appears they targeted items like lego play sets. >> actually very devastating. very. i already -- there's so many people wanted toome in and shop this morning, and they saw what happened and everybody was
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so sorry. >> learning the damage caused by the burglars. the store hopes to reopen by the middle of the week. >> sad news. in the south bay parents can sign up for children to get a free backpack and school supplies. sacred heart in san jose gives them away for pack a back donation campaign. they hope to donate 3,300. in the past parents lined up. this year you can sign up online. registration opens at 9:00. >> make it easier on parents seems like improvement. >> absolutely. never more than seven minutes away from more accurate forecast. over to alecia. >> slow clouds and fog pushing across the bay's in two miles visibility. since yesterday, a pattern, nothing too extreme. temperatures warm inland. take all day to get into the 80s but should be pleasant out there. a look outside with cloud cover.
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56 in san jose. it's 52 in morgan hill. another look from the city where we wake up to low clouds, fog pulling back throughout the mid-morning hours. 51 in santa rosa. good morning. looking at not only a mild to warm forecast for today but the next few days. bright and beautiful for the fourth of july. low clouds and fog, though. a challenge, of course, for fireworks and looking for the warming trend to get started into the weekend. highs today near 80 in san jose. 78 in sunnyvale. on the peninsula low to mid-70s from san mateo to palo alto. fog clears the coast by mid-morning. 78 in petaluma. 83 in santa rosa. spending time on the east bay? low 70s, oakland. 76 free mont and later on today temperatures very similar to where we've been. 83 in livermore. and accurate forecast little
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change through tomorrow. seasonal into wednesday. then as we get towards friday heat on the way towards the weekend. good morning, alexis. what's happening out there. >> not much. boy, tell you what. i think it will continue to taper off throughout the rest of the week here. maybe a few folks going to work today and tomorrow. closer to the holiday, i think we'll see things thin out. starting off great. parkway between fairfield and vacaville, a crashed vehicle. about eight feet off the roadway other side of the guardrail. getting a tow truck to the scene. no lanes blocked now. i don't think they'll have to once the tow truck arrives evening perp i'll keep an eye on that. cash lane looking busy at the bay bridge toll plaza. car pool lanes open. wait if paying cash. no issues using fastrak. metering lights shoe flip on loser to 5:20. facebook unveiling its plan to stop the spread of misinformation about the 2020
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census. >> and the army soon deploying personal drones. here's tech bites. >> in today's tech bites, facebook working to protect the upcoming census. >> developing a policy from misusing this. algorithms to find and delete misinformation. android users may soon have their own version of fast drop. >> uses bluetooth setting up a direction connection to deliver files. not sure where it will launch. finally first time ever u.s. army employs infantry with pocket-sized drones. >> part a plan to make hand-held devices standard surveillance. >> big brother always watching. happy day. >> happy july. >> technology always amazing. and a smart train dealing
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with two deadly pedestrian accidents in two days. the safety measures its now considering. and a scary close call for a family after an illegal firework blows out the back door of their home. their message for whoever was behind that explosion. "toy story 4" still on top of the box office. the unique claim disney can make about its movie making success. >> we have a trash issue here in san francisco. let's find solutions and have hard conversations. >> i feel the community failed people of color. >> and help one another. >> we can use words. not our fists. >> our concerns might be different, but we're in this together.
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good morning to you. i'm in for mike this morning taking the day off. first day of july. numbers starting out in the mid-50s in san jose. 56 there, 55 in sunnyvale. elsewhere a little cooler in the north bay. upper 50s in oakland. be in the 0s ov60s in the east through the afternoon, fog disappears. mid-70s in met luma by 2:00. and concorde climbing into the 70s. fog back through the 6:00 hous g
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to inland. >> thank you. in the east bay smoking no longer ay lewed in all units in multifamily buildings and unincorporated areas of contra valley. all part of an effort to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke. part of building a better bay area looking at safety involving smart trains in the north bay. happening today a team investigating new measures following two deadly incidents in roanoke park. friday a train hit and killed a man on a bicycle on reports lake road if you're familiar with the area. thursday ainest ga einvestigato woman was killed going under a
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warning arm. join our better bay area group on facebook. >> people thankful no one was hurt after lighting fireworks illegally and damaging a home near seattle. glass shards covered their patio and other pieces flew into the house's interior. the explosion had the homeowner wondering "what if" and terrified neighbors. >> blew that classic chair to pieces. i can't think if one of the kids was sitting in that chair. even if an accident, like it could have killed one of our kids. >> my husband and i looked at each other. our eyes got big and boom. from there both panicked. i honestly thought we were under attack. >> it is illegal to use fireworks in everitt. police are trying to figure out who did it. all right. starting with cloudy skies in oakland now. temperatures are in the 50s, but as we go through the next few hours, some clearing pup eper
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50s through 9:00. low 60s at 11:00. sunny skies on tap through the mid and upper 60s about 3:00 this afternoon. further into the east bay into the week ahead and look how little change there is. low 80s today. tuesday, wednesday, thursday. the fourth of july, still in the 80s, but looks like by the time we get to the weekend numbers spike up a little bit. just enough to feel like summer out there. >> all right. sounds good. let's check out roads this morning. we have nobody traveling on the golden gate bridge right now. gives you an idea of how we're starting off today. very light. typically light before 5:00 a.m. paying more for that toll today if you're commuting via the golden gate bridge. make sure you're prepared for that. a quick check of drive times in the green around here. westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze. 16 minutes.
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and into san francisco, 101 from the city 0 to sfo about nine minutes. >> thank you. a picture-perfect day to take in incredible works of art. abc 7 news at the 43rd summer art walk a unique open air art show over the weekend. many are local. others came from across the country to take part in this event. >> perfect weather for it, too. >> absolutely. to the spot at the box office belongs to "toy story 4." woody and company easily held off "annabel come home." the film earned more than half a billion already. the top four grossing films this year all belong to disney led by "avengers: endgame." "yesterday" and "aladdin 2".
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>> interesting factoid. top four grossing all by disney. >> go disney. california is about to have a new law having an impact on every single police department in our state. president trump making history by stepping in to north korea, but are the two countries closer to a new york with more. and pride takes over san francisco streets, but the celebration comes to a halt. why protesters decided to block the parade route. a live look outside from our exploratory camera this morning. see the fog, oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh!
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. news to build a better bay
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area. this is abc 7 mornings. good morning. coming up on 5:00 a.m. on this monday july 1st. i'm tweeting in red with a special guest. >> i'm liz and excited to be here. glad reggie gets the morning off. >> glad to have you here. lisa argen with a check of the weather. >> hey. natasha, liz. good morning. a live look from doppler 7. july 1st, you expect that. right? a twist in the atmosphere to the north of us allows us not to get too warm. keeping the sea breeze throughout the morning hours. good morning, fremont and if you like the weather from yesterday, the past couple of days, waiting for a warm-up, you're waiting all week long. mid-70s. a lot of sunshine and cool at the coast. mid and upper 80s s s not bad.


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