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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 20, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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from victim to suspect. why jussie smollett is now facing a felony charge. i'm in downtown san jose where 100 artists are building a better bay area. we have what you need to know about the oakland teacher's strike. abc7 news starts now. >> we're just hours away from oakland teachers walking off the job after last-minute negotiations failed. >> reporter: dan, scenes like these could be spotted all around the communities. we're told to expect a large showing of teachers, parents, students and other supporters. both the union and the school district are hoping for a short
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strike but that means they have to come to an agreement first. >> in the morning, the buses just come in from scott road and they'll come down this path. >> reporter: the principal supports teachers, but is worried about the impact of their looming strike. >> ac transit being a union organization. the drivers have decided not to cross the picket line. two-thirds of our teachers take this. >> reporter: that's students and teachers with no transportation. so you may be asking yourself, what else do i need to know about thursday morning's strike? we've got the rundown for you. schools will be open but on an adjust schedule. tell player teachers are getting $300 a day. emergency teachers will be able to work outside the credentialed area. there are also safe spaces for students. this group is strike ready. passing out signs and money. >> the majority of our students
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are on free or reduced support so they'll need that support. >> i feel like we're getting to the point where people are starting to understand the nature of our struggles. >> reporter: teachers are asking for smaller class sizes. >> these the picket signs. >> reporter: we walked through the once stuffed basement to get a look at the picket signs they spent making for the site. their now almost gone. >> reporter: the union will go back to the table on friday morning. and abc7, we have a resources page available for parents discussing everything you saw in the story and throughout our coverage. abc7 news. >> all right. thank you. and three dozen oakland principals made an unprecedented move, traveling to sacramento to devege to law school. it was a plea for more funding on the eve of the teachers' strike at home. the teachers had three requests.
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an increase in per pupil spending, forgiveness of $36 million debt from state loans. >> we are drastically overfunding our prisons compared to our schools. compared to other states, we're underfunding our students. >> he was receptive. he's asking for $5 billion for k-12 education across the state. meantime basketball playoff games went off as scheduled. >> for spring sports like baseball, swimming, track and field, all games will be post podium until the strike ends. >> for complete coverage, head tower website. there you can see a full breakdown of the strike by the numbers. you can find the latest on the issues, negotiations, and a resources page for parents. >> be sure to down led to app and enable the push alerts. we will send you information with the strike and let you know as soon as an agreement is
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reached. an armed carjacking ended. hayward police say the woman stole a woman's car at gunpoint. police spotted the car with the victim still inside on i-880 and started to chase it. the car crashed into other vehicles that was near the winteron avenue exit. officers daughter suspect before he could get away. a sheriff's body cam video captured a deadly encounter. you may find the victim we're about to show you disturbing. >> roll down the window. roll down the window. shots fired, shots fired. t dep returned fire, as you hear and see and killed javier hernandez
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morales. it happened sunday night. the deputy wasn't hurt. >> she responded accordingly. we are proud of of his composure during this event and her fight to save her life. >> and she was checking on morales after seeing his car parked alleged rural road. he had been arrested several times in the past. those charges included assaulting a police officer. the deputy is a third generation member of the napa county sheriff's office. >> the investigation into the alleged attack on jussie smollett has taken a major turn tonight. chicago police confirmed to abc news that they are working the actor's attorneys to turn himself in. abc reporter elizabeth hur has that story. >> reporter: he is being charged with disorderly conduct for filing a false police report. new surveillance video shows the
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two brothers at the center of the investigation, buying a red hat and ski masks. items allegedly used in an attack that the two brothers claimed they were paid to stage. they have spent on the smollett's attorneys but their smoltill waiting to reenter vie the actor. smollett has ensissed he was the victim of. attack. >> how do you not believe that? it's the truthful. >> reporter: the fbi investigating, they're looking to see if smollett sent this threatening letter to himself a week before the alleged attack. >> the return address said in big red caps, magazina. did i make that up, too? >> reporter: we are learning smollett was once accused of giving false statements to the lapd, according to court documents from 2007. the actor was suspended of driving under the influence while allegedly giving his brother's name when police pulled him over. smollett reportedly pleaded no contest to reduced charges and
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completed an alcohol treatment program. in chicago, smollett is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow afternoon for a bond hearing. elizabeth hur. a u.s. coast guard officer will appear in court to answer to domestic terrorism charges and plotting against house speaker pelosi. christopher paul hasan assembled this arsenal inside his maryland home. it included 15 guns and more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition. he is accused of assembling a hit list targeting journalists. he is also being described as a white supremacist. actors spoke on day two of the my brothers keeper conference in oakland. they told young people in the audience that working together is the key to creating a powerful story. >> if you want to build anything that will affect people, anything that will, has the
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potential of existing long after you have gone from this place, you've got to do with it other people. >> look to your left and your right. look behind you. those are your peers. they're talented. get to know them. >> their film black panther is up for an award. they are calling to bridge the gap for young men of color. he studied under dr. martin luther king jr. and has been front and center for decades. >> he is a fixture in san francisco life and politics. tonight he celebrated a birthday that came with a big surprise. >> kate larson has the story. >> reporter: it started like 90 wednesday night bible study at third baptist. but as reverend amos brown was wrapping up with a song, children in the congregation paraded in with a birthday
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banner. pops of confetti stunned him when he said he was a bit suspicious when friends arrived from out of town. he was showered with gifts on this his 78th birthday. including a proclamation for mayor london breed that februar 20, 2019, is amos brown day. jane brown, his wife of 53 years, said she threw the party to bring more people to the church. >> i felt that more people needed to hear what he has been saying. >> reporter: it turns out the party wasn't the only surprise. he was gifted with a remodel of the aging bell tower. >> you should have your birthday more often. >> my hope and wish is that people are inspired to get involved and to turn around the low achievement of black children in the school system.
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>> reporter: in the meantime, san francisco's third baptist church will get a new tower as soon as the rainy season is over. >> reporter: in down san jose, this mural is just one of 100 meant to build a better bay area. that story next. a tow truck driver comes across a chp officer being attacked. what he did next that has people calling him a highway hero. >> and check this out.out.out.o. a hail storm. the chill is settling in. i'll show you how throw temperatures will go. >> all that's ahead. first, what's coming up on jimmy kimmel live. >> do you hate to read? you're in luck tonight. >> before you go, i got you a good luck charm. it is a hobbit foot. you carry that with
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in the south bay, 100 art i haves are building a better brush strobay area one brushshsh at a time. it is more than just a beautification project. >> 100 independent artists, 100 murals. it is perking up people walking through this once gray alley way along 1st street. >> i've lived here all my life and i've seen it go from something good to something really bad. to see it revitalized is something i've dreamt of. >> soon, each space will get a splsh of color, an opportunity
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for artists and the bay area. >> this becomes a little bit safer. >> she's the founder of the exhibition district, an art bay start-up in san jose. she said 90% are local. many working sun up to sun down. each will be working for. >> it's problem solving. >> even after sunset, he continued paymenting, balancing a brush in one hand, a lantern in another. his work, a welcome sight. >> it is so nice to see the city being transformed. >> the work should wrap up by the end of the month. you'll have to wait until the march 1st unveiling of the
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project. >> we want to hear your better bay area ideas. use the #to join the conversation. a truck driver is being praised as hero. t >> a female driver suddenly attacked after pulled her over, along i-5. 21-year-old christian melendez was driving by and stopped to help. >> i turned her over, got one arm, put one arm on. >> the good samaritan, he put his life on the line. we appreciate what he did. >> he works for a company where drivers are trained to spot officers who need help, interestingly enough. the suspect, haley neil denies stabbing the officer. we are on storm watchful we've seen some spotty showers
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and even a little hail. >> check this out. the small hail storm lasted aboutiv minutes or so. >> let's get a check on the weather. >> we're not going to see a rerun of that hail. that's for sure. i had a few reports earlier this afternoon. here's a look at live doppler 7. it has quieted down. look at this. this is just snow that has been piling up in las vegas and this is just a recent incident where they saw the snow. it is happening again. climate is changing and we are certainly experiencing those changes. here's a look at the sierra nevada where we are seeing snow showers. it is not a lot but certainly some snow. this is a cold system which is why we saw the hail in the bay area. some snow over mt. hamilton. a mix of rain and snow over mt. diablo and the chill is now with
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us. look at these tls. 30s and 40s by tomorrow morning. you're going to need to bundle up with the heavy coats or the jackets. 34 in livermore, 35, fairfield, down to 33 degrees in napa, 38, san jose, owing, 44 degrees, 42 in santa cruz. it's winter. we expect it to be cold but it has been unusually cool in the afternoons as well. if you're tired of the cold weather, i want to show you youu m sampling. the temperature goes up. it will be a sign of spring. so really we'll be changing up the pattern if you look at the middle of next being. until then, it is a little breezy outside. we have a beautiful view looking along the embarcadero. soere's a look at you 12-h 7:00 a.m., 30s, 40s for many of
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you. the sun will be out, breezy and wright and when the sun goes down, the temperatures will fall again. looking at sunshine, mid 50s around san francisco, fremont, san jose, 55 in concord, 58 in santa rosa. the chinese new year parade, dry this year in san francisco. 53, sun and clouds at 5:00 p.m. later on in the evening, you will need an extra later. the temperatures will be dropping from the low 50s to the upper 40s. if you're going to the parade, have a great time. we'll be tracking some rain and more snow in the mountains. this is really taking you right through tuesday where we'll see some showers lingering and possibly a change flower pattern. a look at the accuweather forecast. sunny, breezy for friday. enjoy dry pattern most of the weekend. oscar sunday night, a chance of some showers but a better
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opportunity monday into tuesday. you can download the app and track live doppler 7 any time you want. >> thanks. tomorrow on good morning manager, alex trebek is live to chat about jeopardy that leave therea lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun.
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you might remember new flavours, the sound of an old friend's laugh, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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sam sung unveiled several new products today including a foldable phone. the galaxy fold has a tablet size screen that folds up. it packs a total of six cameras and two batteries. you can use up to three apps at the same time. the nearly 2,000 device goes on sale april 26th. what will i do with six cameras at once. three apps at once. >> that's a lot to juggle. >> the self-ies will be amazing.
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>> in 3d. the next lebron. what happened tonight shocked everybody. speaking of shocking
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warriors return from the all-star break tomorrow night. boogie cousins against his old team. it was set at 25 minutes per game when he came back. up to 30 now. almost aier following his achilles' tendon surgery. he can still dunk on your head.
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those numbers should go up with increased playing time. so much hype going into tonight as he duke/north carolina game. the tickets were going for $260 a piece. you see zion williamson and 30 seconds and that happens. he goes down, 6'7", 285. the freshman, it exploded. they tweeted, we're sorry, and then he tweeted, it never would have happened in our shoes. they took that down. meanwhile, duke was devastated emotionally. carolina rolls 88-72. how about stanford? visiting asu. the dreaded curtain of distraction. that guy just ruined the whipped cream. this isn't helping. josh, not distracted. posting up. 7 of 7 from the field. the team high 17 for the
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cardinal. the smooth cognac between the legs to lawrence. that is really pretty. and he did it twice. the first time wasn't a fluke. what a finish locally. james logan, division one semifinals. risk thompson, deflected. from curry land as time expired. good night. game over. drive home safely. 86-83. logan advances to the d-1 final. that finish was nuts.
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an update on the forecast. >> let's look at the seven-day forecast. enjoy some bright sunshine the next few days. oscar sunday night, may see some showers. >> good tv watching night. >> that's our report.
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we appreciate your time. >> from all of us, thank you for watching. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- oscar nominee viggo mortensen, from "one day at a time", rita moreno. guillermo at super bowl opening night. this week in unnecessary censorship and music from summer walker. and now, stay put, jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: thank you! welcome! how are you doing? thank you for watching. thank you for coming. everyone that's relatively dry, very nice. i'm glad you're here. sometimes you don't know if
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people will show up.


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