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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 25, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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heard a lot about him being a hero and patriot. he was fun to be around. he had a shot temper and could turn quickly. great ray black on theure, could spend a lot of time with him. >> david wright covered senator mccain as well. thoughts on the passing of this historical figure in our lives. >> two moments stand out, one was selection of sara palin as running mate. huge surprise and he felt regret, he felt he opened door to reality tv in american politics and didn't like where it led to. that moment just a few weeks before election day, no, don't
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have to be scared of barack obama, disagree with him on the issues but he's perfectly capable of being a good president, we need to honor that. that was a powerful moment. first time i interviewed him was in 2000, when i was local reporter. camera man i was working with, jeff pierce, was a vietnam vet. they to the to chatting with vietnam, deployment and units. quickly determined where they both fit in there. mccain turned to him at end of that and said, welcome home. it was a really powerful moment. >> david, thank you. terry moran in sedona, covering what's been happening. you've talked to supporters, final thoughts as we wrap up. >> there's two things that come to mind, listening to my
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colleagues and looking at magnificent pictures. one, a life lesson, one, a country lesson. resilience, think of how much john mccain went through, how often he came back. went to war, baby one year old. came back, she was six, didn't recognize him. scared when he hugged her. he went through that, came out on the other end, positive about life. had a great political career and country lesson is the thing he was trying to teach us his last year. we don't have to be this way. don't have to hate on each other as much. in that clip where he talks to the woman who says she thinks barack obama is an arab and is scared, thing that's impressive is way he addresses her, with respect. no ma'am, no ma'am, today someone would scream at her,
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insult her. he was polite and corrected her in patriotism in which he lived. resilience personally and for his country, how he lived. >> will be many events to commemorate his life, beginning in arizona, lie in state, then washington, d.c., lie in rotunda of the u.s. capitol, then stop at vietnam war memorial, the remembrance that meant so much to him. national cathedral, then final resting place at u.s. naval academy in annapolis, maryland. desire to be buried next to fellow midshipmen from the academy. >> like to go back to our valley, hear the cottonwoods whisper in the wind. feel the sun on my shoulders,
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watch the hawks hunt from the sycamore, and take my leave, back to my old friend, cemetery, where it all began. >> senator john mccain has died at age 81. coverage continues now on, and more on special edition of "20/20." have a great night. >> i thank you for being here, for being americans. i thank you for standing up for the things that we believe in. there are people all over the world that are watching this program, that are inspired by our desire for freedom of speech, for all the good things that america is all about. we're still as ronald reagan used to say, shining city on the hill. i have loved my life, all of it.
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some things didn't work out the way i hoped they would. i had difficult moments and a few disappointments, but by god, i enjoyed it, every damned day of it. >> this has been a special report from abc news. tonight on abc7 news at 6:00, a deadly shooting forces a football evacuation, hear firsthand accounts of the terrifying moments that followed. >> complete shock to everybody, no one has been in this situation before. family stunned by sudden disappearance of a loved one hit the streets in hopes of finding her.>>act of kindness cuff turn to greed. what happened to the hundreds of thousands raised for this
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homeless man? >> good evening, thank you for being with us, i'm eric thomas. >> i'm dion lim. do begin with breaking news that senator john mccain has died. >> after year-long battle with brain cancer, passed away in family home. he discontinued medical treatment. >> a look back at political maverick. >> a political maverick and military hero, john sidney mccain iii, born on u.s. military base near the panama canal, grew up in northern virginia, middle child of three. naval academy, combat flying over north vietnam in the r. shot down, captured and tortured. 5 1/2 years in vietnamese jail
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dubbed hanoi hilton. >> you have to have faith that your countrymen are doing everything to bring you home quickly as possible. >> decorated hero turned to politics as second callingment ran for congress from arizona, home to second wife, phoenix school teacher who was his sweetheart after the war. raised three children, including adopted daughter from bangladesh. served five terms in u.s. senate and ran for president twice. >> i'm not running for president to be somebody but to do something. >> in 2000, lost the gop primary to george w. bush, then staged storybook comeback to get party nomination. catapulted sarah palin to acclaim. in shadow of unpopular
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republican incumbent, struggled to build momentum and at times strike the right tone. >> fundamentals of our economy are strong. >> overtaken by resurgent senate colleague barack obama, on a history making run. true to form, mccain didn't fade away, turning misfortunateune into role of senior congressman. july 17 no vote on the gop health care repeal, one of the several failed attempts to dismantle obamacare. budget hawk who led the charge against obamacare while trying to broker a compromise on immigration. fierce supporter of the military. >> reactions from social media. president defeated my deepest
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sympathies and respect go out to the family. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi tweeted, he was patriotic hero who served his country above all. >> republican lindsey graham tweeted, america and freedom have lost one of her greatest champions, one of my greatest friends and mentors. >> chuck schumer, meet few truly great people. john mccain was one of them. truth teller, never afraid to speak truth to power in a era where that has become all too rare. >> arnold schwarzenegger, i will miss senator mccain dearly. each must strive for dignity, service, commitment to country. he showed us the way. >> you too can share a tribute
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to senator mccain with a facebook badge on our page, abc7 news. we just had the national anthem and kickoff. then three pops. >> terror under the friday night lights. a deadly gun battle forces a football stadium to evacuate, separating family and friends in the chaos. >> happened just after 5:00 last night a block in the high school. >> 16-year-old is ade, 18-year-old hospitalized, two suspects in custody. >> cornell bernard talked to people at the game. >> terrifying. >> karen was working concession at armijo high school before the football game when chaos unfolded. >> running into the concession stand, school on lockdown, g gunfire.
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>> karen's son on the field. the pops were gunfire from washington street and bell avenue. police called it a gun balt. >> multiple shooters, appeared that groups were shooting at each other. >> sky map 7 shows how close it was to the high school. one bullet ripping through the radiator of this minivan, 16-year-old killed, 18-year-old wounded. football stadium evacuated. hundreds of spectators told to take shelter in the gym. police say the same place one of the suspects ran and hid, blending in with the crowd. >> scared to death for my son. didn't know where he was, he was in the gym and heard one of the gunmen might be in the gym. to think your child in there, never think will happen to you. >> jv team took cover in the lockerm. ciseack fhehoes had to abandon friday. >> said the dude might be the
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gym, didn't know where he was at. >> that suspect was arrested. school district doesn't know if the victims or suspects were students here. monday morning counsellors will be available to talk to students about the incident. volunteers joined search for missing palo alto resident. 66-year-old miller was las seen driving towards dunn barton bridge, mother had recently had back surgery, taking pain killers that might impair her judgment. >> don't know her state of mind. i don't believe she was upset but didn't like staying home all the time, bed rest, pain. >> take another look at her.
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described standing 5'1", weighing in about 120 pounds. if you see her or her 2002 mercedes-benz coupe, palo alto urge you to call them. couple's act of kindness to improve life of homeless man warmed hearts around the country. weaving your own shoes...rgy by out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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happening right now, take a look. live look from camera on the san mateo bridge. traffic is moving slowly after deadly crash. improvement from earlier. line stretched for miles from hayward to foster city since 3:00 p.m. east coast couple says they'll give a homeless man more of the money raised for him once he's drug-free and finds a job. kate mcclure started a fund for him. raised more than $400,000 for bob and he claims to have only received some of the money. but she and her boyfriend have taken trips but said they used their own money. ahead
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accuweather, sunny skies most of the afternoon but clouds are rolling back in from the coast. overcast night. live doppler 7 along with satellite right now.
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clouds banked up around the coastline. away from the coast, sunshine to finish out evening. east bay hills camera pointed inland, notice that haze, layer right there in the atmosphere lingering overhead, has been for days. air quality tomorrow across much of the region, moderate. take it easy if you have respiratory issues. not going anywhere soon. tropical storm lane continues to weaken, ripped apart by wind, moving west right now. 150 miles southwest of honoluluu could see additional rainfall but as it pulls away, weaken and die. hawaii is on its way to drier skies. out there right now, back here at home, 63 at oakland, 74 in san jose, 72 in san rafael.
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comfortable evening. accuweather, the cloud cover is thickening, wake up to overcast skies. 57 in san jose, 53 in san francisco. 12-hour day planner on sunday. start out with a fair amount of cloud cover early on. we will have brighten skies throughout the afternoon. been under this pattern much of august. sunshine prevailing 4:00. but comfortable, no intense heat on the horizon. warmest inland, 83 for concord, 84 for livermore. haze in the atmosphere again. 65 is high in san francisco, below average this time of year. oakland up to 68 degrees in the afternoon. accuweather seven-day forecast, go from clouds to sunshine.
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numbers take a dip even more on monday, downright cool for august. tuesday struggle to get out of the 70s inland. little changes, holiday weekend on saturday, little mild but below average temperatures this time of year. >> thanks drew. >> tonight there's
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tonight there will be a special edition of senator john mccain, then local reactions to his death. >> lot of reactions coming in since we heard of his passing. that's it for abc7 news at
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